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03:16 zefanja hello! When I try to import patrons in the current stable version (16.05) I get this error: Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl5/5.22/ line 2083
03:17 zefanja I already did and koha-upgrade-schema libraryname
03:20 zefanja I'm running Koha on Ubuntu 16.04
03:23 rangi ahh you musta missed the release notes where it says, dont run 16.05 with ubuntu 16.04 (because of mysql 5.7)
03:23 rangi
03:23 rangi 16.05.01 has been released, but I don't know if it fixes the problems that mysql 5.7 introduced
03:24 papa not entirely, just signed off Robin's fix
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03:25 zefanja oh...I really missed that. Ok, I'll try to downgrade to Debian or Ubuntu 14.04 than. Or is there a fix already for Ubuntu 16.04?
03:26 rangi there is a patch, can you remember the bug number papa ?
03:26 rangi zefanja: it should be fixed by 16.05.02 which will be out jul 22nd ish or you could try to apply the patch manually
03:27 papa 16664
03:27 rangi bug 16664
03:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16664 major, P3, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , SQL issues in 16.05 preventing installation in MySQL 5.7
03:27 zefanja rangi: Tanks! I'll try that
03:27 papa but that would not be array issue
03:27 rangi zefanja: when you are importing the patrons, do you have a blank column for cardnumber maybe?
03:28 zefanja no. I'm not able to open the import page in Koha tools.
03:28 zefanja I get the message before I'm able to upload any data
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03:29 rangi hmm yeah i suspect there is something else causing that, but it may well be related to the mysql issue as its doing something with the DBI module
03:33 pastebot "zefanja" at pasted "Log" (5 lines) at
03:34 rangi ah yeah, thats another mysql 5.7 change
03:35 rangi you might like to report a bug for that, and hopefully we can get that fixed shortly
03:35 rangi in theory you could turn that mode off in your mysql conf file
03:35 rangi this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by
03:35 zefanja rangi: Ok, I do that later.
03:36 zefanja rangi: thx for your help!
03:36 rangi so if you figure out how to change that sql_mode in your mysql config that might make it work for you, until we fix the sql itself
03:36 zefanja rangi: thx. I'll try that later.
03:37 rangi cool, good luck
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03:47 mtj hey #koha, a fun read ->[…]w-york-libraries/
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04:40 BobB nice find mtj
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06:46 alex_a bonjour
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06:59 reiveune hello
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07:12 gaetan_B hello
07:12 fridolin hie
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07:15 akawa hello #koha
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07:41 drojf1 morning #koha
07:48 LibraryClaire hi drojf
07:48 drojf hi LibraryClaire :)
07:49 eythian hi
07:49 drojf morning eythian
07:49 drojf i had a question for you but i forgot
07:49 eythian that's handy because I can't remember the answer.
07:49 drojf please answer anyway. video tutorial preferred
07:49 eythian I'll send the video to you in PDF
07:50 drojf awesome. put it in the google group
07:50 eythian /dcc drojf tutorialvideo.xls
07:50 * drojf ping timeout
07:51 eythian[…]e-graduation.html <-- wow
07:58 drojf awesome boss knows how to handle things. lol
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08:37 mveron-away Hi #koha
08:38 mveron-away Can anybody reproduce Bug 16832 ?
08:38 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16832 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Patrons categories fails due the Switzerland number format
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09:23 * andreashm waves
09:24 drojf oh, meeting at 20 utc https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]neral_IRC_meeting
09:24 drojf hi andreashm
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11:20 drojf anyone else got a junk mail with koha links inside?
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11:30 oleonard Hi #koha
11:49 oleonard Meeting in 8 hours 10 minutes
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12:02 fridolin Joubu: hie dear developper
12:02 fridolin do you have a minute ?
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13:18 Joubu fridolin: yep
13:18 fridolin Joubu: coucou
13:18 fridolin I have issues on 3.22.08 plus plack
13:19 fridolin Joubu: since Bug 15809
13:19 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15809 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Stable , versions of CGI < 4.08 do not have multi_param
13:19 fridolin Joubu: i test on  wheezy + 3.22.08 + plack
13:19 fridolin without plack i works
13:19 fridolin maybe for plack the redefine deos not work
13:19 Joubu What's the error?
13:20 fridolin Joubu: compilation failed, no methode CGI multi_params
13:20 fridolin Joubu: I see there is a redefine in the psgi file
13:21 fridolin use CGI ...
13:22 Joubu fridolin: did you try to c/p the redefine lines to the psgi file?
13:22 fridolin Joubu: not yet but it was my idea
13:22 Joubu it should work
13:22 fridolin Plack is still foggy to me
13:22 fridolin Joubu: we need a new BZ so ?
13:22 fridolin pb exists in master
13:23 Joubu yes, please open a new bug report
13:23 Joubu link it to 15809
13:23 Joubu but I don't have wheezy to test
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13:29 fridolin Joubu: okiii, I seems so odd nobody has this issue
13:29 fridolin looks like everybody have upgraded :D
13:29 fridolin Joubu: thanks for your help
13:30 Joubu hehe, yes I think almost everybody uses jessie
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14:35 drojf Joubu: have we deprecated wheezy? i think not yet. but we should
14:37 Joubu There was a discussion on koha-devel about that
14:37 Joubu http://lists.koha-community.or[…]March/042498.html
14:40 drojf Joubu: yeah but we never agreed on an end of life or anything, right?
14:40 drojf i'm not really fond of doing a koha version for wheezy. because it will lack a lot of the new stuff
14:41 drojf unless there is some proof that there is a lot of wheezy with koha around, which i doubt
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14:44 eythian drojf: in my experience, if you're finding supporting wheezy to be too hard to do, you just need to step up and say "as of this release, wheezy will not be an option any more."
14:46 Joubu drojf: I think we need to follow what Galen suggests: announce the deprecation, then deprecate it.
14:46 drojf eythian: sure. but i don't think it's too hard, i rather think it's not much use
14:47 drojf if there is a lot of demand, why not. keep a stable version with only wheezy things. but is there?
14:48 drojf Joubu: yes, we should definitely announce it, not abandon it suddenly. but if we want to, we would decide to do it
14:48 drojf maybe we should talk about it at the next dev meeting
14:49 drojf finding out how much wheezy is in use at support providers would be interesting maybe
14:49 drojf and if any, for what reasons
14:50 Joubu fridolin: ^ ?
14:50 wahanui i heard ^ was what I think too
14:52 fridolin Joubu: yep we have some wheezy but we are migrating to ubuntu xenial
14:52 fridolin jessie is indeed the current stable
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15:05 drojf Joubu fridolin eythian i put it on the agenda for 13 july https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ting_13_July_2016
15:06 fridolin Joubu: ahhh
15:06 fridolin ive found : Bug 16645
15:06 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16645 minor, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Plack: Add the multi_param fix from Context in koha.psgi
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15:14 reiveune bye
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16:23 gaetan_B bye
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17:04 bag morning
17:07 drojf hi bag
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17:07 * mveron waves
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17:35 LibraryClaire evening #koha
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18:11 tcohen hi
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18:13 tcohen 921FE5CB-76D6-428D-AEB9-3087F4​95C836-32841-0001F55B42FDC8F3
18:14 tcohen ?
18:14 tcohen pianohacker:
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18:24 bag nice password tcohen
18:26 drojf nah it's a windows 95 key
18:27 pianohacker tcohen: nice start!
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18:32 tcohen hi bag drojf pianohacker
18:32 tcohen i tried to paste the screenshot, only to check what the IRC client would do :-D
18:33 bag drojf: I was just teasing ;)
18:33 tcohen pianohacker: i used Data::Printer sort_keys => 1; plus Text::Diff
18:33 tcohen i would just love to remove the @@ line
18:33 tcohen s
18:33 tcohen (without writing code for it of course hehe
18:38 pianohacker prolllllllllly some options to turn that off
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18:40 * drojf heads home
18:40 nengard found an ugly one today https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=16865
18:40 huginn Bug 16865: critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , marking branchcode unwanted breaks self registration
18:46 tcohen nengard: :-(
18:51 tcohen pianohacker: this did it
18:55 pianohacker sweet.
18:55 pianohacker pfft
18:55 pianohacker new Tomas
18:56 pianohacker $tomas->sign_off_my_pach
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19:50 drojf meeting in 10 minutes? anyone here?
19:51 mveron Hi drojf :-)
19:52 * LibraryClaire is here
19:52 drojf hi mveron :)
19:52 drojf ok that's not so many people ;)
19:56 mveron drojf: Football...
19:57 drojf i don't mind it being over fast. we can't postpone because we have to do one thing
19:57 drojf or, well, we can. we only need a date for the next meeting. and the ending for kohacon 2017 bidding is a week after that
20:00 drojf it's meeting time. i will give it 5 minutes
20:00 drojf if nobody else shows up, are you mveron and LibraryClaire ok with postponing to next month?
20:01 LibraryClaire drojf: yes
20:01 mveron drojf: Yes
20:01 drojf we have no urgent things on the list. no RM or RMAINT to give updates. only important thing is next date/end of bidding period
20:01 bag sounds good to me too
20:01 mveron Shortest meeting ever...
20:02 LibraryClaire ^^
20:02 drojf oh look the RM
20:02 drojf a speech, a speech!
20:02 bag I gots nothing to report :)
20:02 bag been on vacation and at trade shows - just getting back to work now :)
20:04 drojf ok, by the power invested in my by the mighty cait, travelling today and asking me to chair, i hereby declare the meeting postponed
20:05 drojf date options for next month: 3rd or 10th, any preferences?
20:05 thd drojf: 10th is too close to IFLA
20:05 drojf (that's august)
20:05 drojf ok, any objections to 3rd?
20:06 thd August is next month
20:06 drojf time would be 10 UTC
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20:06 drojf yes
20:06 thd 10 UTC 3 Aug?
20:06 drojf yup
20:06 thd That is fine with me.
20:07 drojf if nobody says no in a minute
20:07 thd Have not enough people appeared?
20:07 drojf nope
20:07 drojf no people, no agenda. just setting date and thereby setting date for end of kohacon 2017 bidding period
20:07 drojf alright, august 3, 10 UTC it is
20:08 thd drojf: Does "nope" mean "yes"? :)
20:08 drojf thanks everyone for your attention
20:08 LibraryClaire thanks drojf
20:08 mveron Thanks, drojf, and good night / daytime everybody :-)
20:08 drojf best meeting ever ;)
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20:09 drojf so end of kohacon bidding is august 10, 10 UTC
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20:09 drojf bye mveron
20:09 drojf hu that was fast
20:11 drojf thd: ah yes, it's right, there were hardly any people there. i think… 3?
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20:45 nuentoter is there anyway get a script to pull records based on biblio number and display barcode in a different column?
20:47 kidclamp what do you mean by 'pull records' nuentoter?  Or you want to input a list of biblionumbers and get their barcodes?
20:49 nuentoter right now im running a report for duplicates based upon isbn, i would really like it if there was a barcode column that way i could easily print it out and go physically see which one is on the shelf. I have about 200 records with duplicate items that were mostly (but not all) catalogued wrong a decade ago
20:50 nuentoter if i could input biblio's and get out barcodes that would work as well, but i was hoping for something i could just run and print,
20:53 kidclamp does it need to be each barcode in a line? or can they be grouped?  assuming the report does some sort of grouping and counts where there is more than one bib per isbn you should be able to do "GROUP_CONCAT(items.barcode) AS Barcodes"
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21:00 nuentoter kidclamp may i pm you my script and maybe you could help?
21:01 pastebot "nuentoter" at pasted "script" (7 lines) at
21:02 nuentoter nm didnt see the paste link
21:03 * cait waves
21:05 drojf hi cait
21:05 cait ahthedrof
21:05 cait drojf:
21:06 cait i can't type anymore
21:06 nuentoter hello cait
21:06 cait hi nuentoter
21:06 drojf cait: what? :D
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21:11 cait ah the drojf!
21:11 nuentoter uugghhhhh only 122 records left to check by hand, then I believe my catalog will be finally 100%!!!                   for now lol!
21:19 kidclamp sorry nuentoter had to make a call
21:23 pastebot "kidclamp" at pasted "Updated dupe report (untested)" (8 lines) at
21:23 kidclamp nuentoter, something like that^
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21:27 nuentoter nope gives an error, im just learning sql as a go here, so adversity is a teacher
21:28 kidclamp what's the error?
21:29 LibraryClaire hi cait
21:30 rangi morning
21:30 LibraryClaire hi rangi
21:34 pastebot "kidclamp" at pasted "Better updated dupe report" (8 lines) at
21:34 kidclamp nuentoter^ try that
21:37 cait hi LibraryClaire :)
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21:40 nuentoter sorry took a bit, kidclamp i could hug you!
21:41 kidclamp :-)
21:41 nuentoter you just saved me a trip back and forth to the computer for every 4-5 books, probably at least a few miles of wear on my shoes lol
21:42 kidclamp reports are powerful, they definitely pay you back for all the time spent learning sql
22:00 wizzyrea hm, I feel like we should have some quick click settings for installing the sample data, something between all and none
22:00 wizzyrea meh.
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22:16 tombell Hello
22:16 tombell i am a koho user
22:16 wizzyrea \o/
22:16 wizzyrea hi
22:17 * cait waves
22:18 tombell i want to create a account on
22:18 cait tombell: registerand let us know when you have
22:18 cait the registrations haveto be moderated
22:19 edveal joined #koha
22:19 cait ifyou are quick, i can do that
22:19 tombell I have requested a account already but not received any confirmation email
22:19 tombell Please create a account for me
22:20 cait we can't create it for you
22:20 rangi have you checked your spam folder? because it is definitely sending mail
22:20 rangi 3 other people just signed up
22:21 tombell yes i have checked
22:21 cait hm
22:21 cait i can confirm the account you requested
22:21 cait but you might need the email it sends then
22:22 cait if you pm me the email you used, i can chck if it's the same
22:22 rangi it should be accepted now
22:23 tombell my email id is -
22:27 rangi it's confirmed now
22:27 tombell okay thank you
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22:28 tombell can i login now?
22:30 rangi try and see
22:30 tombell But i don't have my password
22:36 rangi tombell: there's no way for me to find out your password, or to reset it for you, without you being able to get it via email
22:38 tombell But i am not able to find out the actual reason, why email is not coming from your side
22:38 rangi i did a reset, but if you arent getting the email
22:39 rangi then nothing i can do
22:39 tombell can you make me a test email
22:39 rangi i dont have a login to the server
22:39 rangi so no
22:39 rangi i did a reset, from the wiki, thats all i can do
22:39 tombell okay
23:17 cait nate?
23:17 wahanui nate is at brendans house?
23:18 cait nate?
23:18 wahanui i think nate is at brendans house?
23:18 cait nate?
23:18 wahanui nate is at brendans house?
23:18 bag NateC?
23:18 wahanui I LIKE SPACE AND MY WIFE
23:18 cait aah
23:18 bag hehe
23:18 cait he mighthave to extend thatagain :)
23:25 drojf his wife?
23:29 chrisvella__ joined #koha
23:48 drojf good night #koha
23:52 Dyrcona joined #koha

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