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00:05 kathryn eythian and then you spake that the lotus notes data was ok but not really
00:25 eythian[…]bm_ask_us/cuhp4ej <-- reminds me of this
00:26 eythian @wunder ams
00:26 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Schiphol, Badhoevedorp, Netherlands is 0.2°C (1:24 AM CET on February 16, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: 0.0°C. Pressure: 30.48 in 1032 hPa (Steady).
00:27 eythian I think I'll leave the heating on when I go to bed
00:27 eythian which is now
00:27 eythian later
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00:36 * Francesca waves at dcook
00:36 * dcook waves at Francesca
00:36 Francesca sup dcook long time no see/talk
00:38 dcook Oh, beavering away at a huge heap of work :)
00:38 dcook You?
00:38 wahanui You are welcome
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02:12 dcook In hindsight, I wish that I'd handled the Icarus development a bit differently...
02:12 dcook As it's basically a "Task scheduler"
02:12 dcook And we already have a link for that in Tools...
02:12 dcook :S
02:14 dcook I guess that can come out in the wash a bit..
02:18 wizzyrea well that task scheduler is pretty dumb.
02:18 dcook Word
02:18 dcook I could replace it...
02:18 wizzyrea it ... you should.
02:18 dcook It would be super easy
02:18 dcook In theory :p
02:18 wizzyrea if you already have a better solution
02:19 wizzyrea something with queuing.
02:19 dcook Yeah, I have a scheduler which can wrong things at a certain time
02:19 dcook It doesn't handle repeated tasks super super well yet, but..
02:19 dcook I mean... it can repeat tasks but only in X second increments right now.
02:19 dcook But the "Task scheduler" seems to be for one offs, yeah?
02:20 dcook s/wrong/run/
02:22 dcook Tempted to create a bug report for the scheduler... and then handle the OAI tasks in 10662..
02:23 dcook Might be less monolithic of a patch if I separate it I suppose..
02:38 wizzyrea there should be a bug for "replace the task scheduler" already
02:38 dcook Ikr?
02:38 dcook Of course, we'll probably want to replace my scheduler at some point too
02:39 dcook Once we hopefully add it :p
02:39 wizzyrea https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=14712
02:39 huginn Bug 14712: new feature, P5 - low, ---, eivin, ASSIGNED , Feature for controlling cron jobs/cmd line scripts from staff client
02:39 dcook Interesting
02:39 wahanui i heard Interesting was sometimes good and sometimes bad
02:40 dcook I don't know what "trigger cron" means exactly but interesting
02:40 dcook Might add a comment..
03:41 jcamins It's in the 2000s, I think.
03:41 jcamins (replace task scheduler)
03:41 jcamins @search task scheduler
03:41 huginn jcamins: (search <word>) -- Searches for <word> in the current configuration variables.
03:41 jcamins @query task scheduler
03:41 huginn jcamins: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3935 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, chris, NEW , Schedule tasks periodically
03:41 huginn jcamins: Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14712 new feature, P5 - low, ---, eivin, ASSIGNED , Feature for controlling cron jobs/cmd line scripts from staff client
03:41 huginn jcamins: Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10662 new feature, P3, ---, dcook, In Discussion , Build OAI-PMH Harvesting Client
03:41 huginn jcamins: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1993 major, P3, ---, sophie.meynieux, In Discussion , Task Scheduler Needs Re-write
03:41 huginn jcamins: Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14774 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, In Discussion , Task Scheduler not working on Ubuntu/Apache2.4
03:42 jcamins Close. bug 1993.
03:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1993 major, P3, ---, sophie.meynieux, In Discussion , Task Scheduler Needs Re-write
03:42 dcook Ah, neato
03:42 * jcamins goes to enjoy his novel.
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07:48 reiveune hello
07:48 wahanui hi, reiveune
07:54 * magnuse waves
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08:03 alex_a bonjour
08:06 magnuse @wunder boo
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08:14 gaetan_B hello
08:14 cait hi gaetan_B
08:31 Joubu hi
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09:07 cait ah no drojf
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09:35 cait hey petter :)
09:35 petter hey cait!
09:35 petter How are you?
09:37 cait i am good, thx, and you?
09:38 petter I'm fine
09:38 petter Waiting for winter to pass:)
09:40 cait same here - although there was not much of a winter
09:40 cait lots of rain, almost no snow at all :)
09:40 cait any update on the oslo project? :)
09:41 petter Well, its going forward, but quite slowly in my opinion
09:42 petter The current plan is to go live in september
09:42 cait big projects tend to do that is my feeling
09:42 petter Sure
09:42 cait but then things happen fast in the end :)
09:42 petter Estimation in software developement is a guessing game
09:43 petter Actually, today Paul Poulain is visiting us for a two day staff training session
09:43 * magnuse waves to petter
09:43 petter hei magnus
09:43 cait oh say hi then :)
09:43 magnuse say hi to paul from us :-)
09:43 petter will do!
09:43 cait petter: will you or someone else be attending kohacon?
09:44 * magnuse thinks someone from opl should
09:44 magnuse :-)
09:44 petter Noone have decided, I'm not sure we have discussed it properly yet
09:45 petter I wouldnt mind going to Greece :)
09:45 cait I think the presentation deadline is end of this month
09:45 cait so woudl be good to put it on the next meeting agenda :)
09:45 petter OK I will ping our boss about it
09:45 magnuse yay
09:46 magnuse i'm guessing people would be interested to hear about the stuff opl is building around koha
09:46 petter Yeah, there are some nice ideas, but its quite a mess still
09:46 petter Software is always a mess I guess
09:48 magnuse hehe, yeah
09:48 magnuse just talk about the ideas ;-)
09:49 cait lessons learned etc. is also interesting
09:51 petter true
09:52 petter What about you - goind to kohacon?
09:52 petter goig
09:52 petter going
09:52 * Francesca would like to go to greece
09:52 Francesca one day maybe
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09:53 cait yes
09:54 cait I will also be at the berlin hackfest
09:54 magnuse cait++
09:54 cait hope many others will join :)
09:55 cait there will be a cadmandu workshop in berlin too as it looks like
09:55 magnuse that is very cool!
09:56 magnuse perl4lib ftw!
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10:17 LibraryClaire morning #koha
10:21 cait morning LibraryClaire
10:23 LibraryClaire hi cait :)
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10:29 LibraryClaire can I ask a question about kohacon?
10:29 cait you can always ask :)
10:32 LibraryClaire just looking at booking flights etc... the 'hackfest' part at the end - I presume that is for developers rather than librarians?
10:33 LibraryClaire or to put it another way, would be too techy for me
10:33 cait i think we could also help you with testing Koha
10:33 cait or signing off patches you want to work on etc
10:33 cait it's usually working in groups with different interests
10:34 cait don't have to be a developer to pick up useful things :)
10:35 cait sometimes there are presentations, it's not as planned out as the conf usually
10:35 LibraryClaire hmm, ok
10:36 LibraryClaire I'd like to do more signing off (not had a lot of success so far)
10:37 cait you shoudl bring a laptop and questions
10:37 Joubu you don't have to be tech to help during the hackfest :)
10:37 Joubu we need librarians to test patches as well
10:37 LibraryClaire cool, I didn't want to potentially stay and then not be much use
10:38 LibraryClaire will have to speak to the powers that be here, my manager is going, but just for the conference days
10:38 Joubu In Cordoba, at least half of the attendees were librarians iirc
10:38 cait the other plus is that you get to be there for the day in between
10:38 cait which is coolto get to kow people
10:38 LibraryClaire yeah, that would be nice!
10:40 LibraryClaire thanks! Will see what I can wrangle... :)
10:40 cait in Marseille there is always a big group of librarians too - lots of testing and keeping devs on their toes :)
10:40 LibraryClaire Ah cool, ok
10:40 LibraryClaire When is that normally?
10:41 cait normally in march so far, but was pushed to october this year i think
10:41 LibraryClaire ok
10:51 cait LibraryClaire: rangi also says you have to come - talking to him on twitter, can't get on IRC from India it seems
10:54 cait he taught me all about git at my first KohaCon hackfest :)
11:27 LibraryClaire cait: sorry was in a meeting - cool! Just getting it pushed through management at the moment so fingers crossed :)
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11:30 LibraryClaire cait: gonna need a better laptop...
12:03 cait LibraryClaire_away: i need one less heavy... will see if i manage :)
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12:46 tcohen morning
12:47 cait morning tcohen
12:54 tcohen hi cait
12:54 cait hi tcohen :)
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13:04 spooner Hello guys! Please i'm having problems installing koha on my system.... I need some help
13:08 spooner Unable to locate package koha-common is  the response i'm getting from the terminal
13:08 spooner Any response would really be appreciated.
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13:12 cait which OS are you installing on?
13:12 cait did you add the koha repository?
13:12 cait which instructions are you following?
13:12 spooner Ubuntu 15.10
13:12 spooner Yes... I added the repository
13:13 spooner Instructions on the koha website
13:13 cait packages?
13:13 wahanui packages is at
13:13 cait this one?
13:13 wahanui well, this one is cool as long as someone *wants* acknowledgement
13:14 spooner Yes
13:17 spooner After adding the repository and updated it, running the apt-get install koha-common returns that message
13:22 cait jajm: around?
13:22 cait spooner: hm maybe some typo, can you paste how the entry looks like?
13:22 cait paste?
13:22 wahanui I eat paste! It's tasty!
13:22 jajm cait, hi
13:23 cait can i ask you something about the koct plugin
13:23 cait ?
13:23 jajm you can ask, i don't know if i will be able to answer ;)
13:23 cait i was just wondering how and where the data is stored
13:23 cait the circs and the parameters you enter
13:24 cait for our documentation
13:24 spooner Okay...
13:24 NateC joined #koha
13:25 jajm cait, i don't know, but since there are some SQL queries involved, i think there should be a SQLite database somewhere in the browser's profile data
13:26 cait hm yeah that's what i thought
13:26 cait let me see
13:27 cait trying to navigate windows...
13:27 pastebot "spooner" at pasted "Koha problems" (5 lines) at
13:28 Joubu spooner: you should follow the wiki page :
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13:28 Joubu spooner: you have missed the first step : "Set up package sources"
13:29 spooner i did that already
13:29 cait jajm: i will get ther i hope...
13:29 cait do you know if the connection data gets stored there too?
13:30 spooner it was successfully added to my sources list
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13:31 jajm cait, i really don't know, sorry
13:31 spooner when i updated the repository using the apt-get update, it was amongst the list
13:31 cait jajm: thx anywy, i will try to dig a bit deeper :)
13:31 cait jajm: who is maintaining it atm?
13:32 spooner but won't install using the apt-get install koha-common
13:33 cait spooner: what i meant earlier was showing your sources file - to see if that looks right
13:33 spooner but if i check the software center, it is listed but with a message saying "There isn't a software package called koha-common in your current software sources
13:34 spooner Yeah.... i checked that and this is wat was added to it: deb stable squeeze main
13:35 cait hm
13:35 cait the website itself leaves out the squeeze bit
13:35 cait deb stable main
13:35 cait
13:36 magnuse yeah, "stable squeeze" os one too many
13:36 magnuse s/os/is/
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13:39 spooner Okay.... I'm trying now without the squeeze
13:41 jajm cait, i don't know for sure, we (BibLibre) can upload new versions to, but the source is in contrib repository, so potentially anyone can contribute
13:42 pastebot "spooner" at pasted "Koha problems" (15 lines) at
13:42 cait jajm: thx - i found the offline circ operations
13:43 cait still trying to figure out where the config goes
13:43 jajm cait, where are they stored ?
13:44 cait in an sqlite in the firefox profile
13:44 cait offlinecirc.sqlite :)
13:45 cait hmcould it be a cookie?
13:45 magnuse spooner: maybe this can help https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_apache2-mpm-itk.
13:47 spooner okay...I'm checking it out
13:48 jajm cait, the code seems to use a "component" named "preferences-service", maybe that can help you
13:48 cait thx
13:49 jajm cait, prefs.js ?
13:52 cait jajm: yep!
13:52 cait exactly there
13:52 cait thx!
13:53 cait hm not encrypted
13:54 cait jajm++ thx alot
13:55 jajm yay security at its best :)
13:57 kidclamp Joubu - 15736 - fatal: sha1 information is lacking or useless (circ/
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13:58 Joubu kidclamp: sorry, I have forgotten to squash the 2 patches I have on my local branch!
13:59 kidclamp np
13:59 kidclamp :-)
14:00 Joubu kidclamp: updated!
14:04 kidclamp Joubu:signed off!
14:04 kidclamp awesome!
14:04 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, kidclamp
14:05 Joubu thanks
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14:06 kidclamp Joubu if you have a sec can you explain what behaviour you want on bug 14752, I think I understand it as: If autobarcode is one, put a placeholder into barcode (AUTO1, AUTO2, etc)
14:06 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14752 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , Add multiple copies to a basket at once
14:07 kidclamp and then fill those in when the items are actually saved to the db?
14:07 oleonard Hi #koha
14:07 Joubu kidclamp: I'd say: leave it empty and it will be autogenerated if the pref is set
14:08 Joubu but we need a note on the form to alert the user about this behavior
14:08 kidclamp okay, but in the case of a barcode entered and multiples generated, with authobarcode off, don't generate the next?
14:08 Joubu kidclamp: I don't think it makes sense to generate the barcode in JS, as we already have a perl sub
14:08 npls joined #koha
14:08 kidclamp I understand not wanting to duplicate code in js/perl, but the whole function here is that
14:09 edveal joined #koha
14:09 Joubu if autobarcode is off, no don't generate the next barcode, that's the point of the pref isn't it? :)
14:10 kidclamp true, that was my original intention, but then I confused myself
14:10 kidclamp thanks Joubu and cait
14:11 Joubu kidclamp: so, to be clear: you should not have to write lot of code! :)
14:11 kidclamp indeed
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14:27 spooner magnuse: i tried with the link you provided, but still can't get the apache2-mpm-itk to install
14:27 nengard_cafe morning all
14:32 spooner i managed to get libapache2-mpm-itk following a post from the launchpad but it still requires i install apache2-mpm-itk
14:33 oleonard off topic, but does anyone know what's going on with this error message? Debian on Virtualbox: "kernel:[11709.621147] BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 22s!"
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14:50 cait oleonard: looks scary, but haven't seen that so far
14:51 oleonard Even with  AllowRenewalLimitOverride set to "Allow" I don't get the option to override the renewal limit when scanning a barcode in or
14:52 oleonard Oh wait I do on
14:52 nengard_cafe heh
14:52 oleonard But not on
14:52 nengard_cafe and it's a tiny checkbox at the bottom of
14:52 nengard_cafe on the left
14:52 nengard_cafe or was
14:52 nengard_cafe bad design ....
14:52 oleonard nengard_cafe: That doesn't work when scanning the barcode. Only when using the checkboxes.
14:52 nengard_cafe oh - true
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15:00 cait hm does someone know... item history and record history pages... htey pull from statistics?
15:00 cait where you see the number of circ total and at which branch etc
15:00 * cait goes digging again
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15:03 cait hm issues and old_issues
15:06 cait guided reports appears to use statistics... maybe
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15:17 patito29 hi
15:17 wahanui que tal, patito29
15:17 patito29 :)
15:17 cait patito29: be careful, wahanui is just our sometimes too clever bot :)
15:17 patito29 i just wanna practice my english
15:18 oleonard Are you a Koha user patito29?
15:18 patito29 nop
15:18 patito29 i dont even know what koha is
15:18 oleonard Please find another place to chat.
15:18 patito29 :(
15:18 oleonard This channel is for users and developers of Koha.
15:18 cait it's a very specific topic channel
15:18 patito29 is a programming language?
15:18 cait but if you want to practive maybe find a topic you are interested in?
15:19 cait a software for libraries
15:19 patito29 its like java, or C#?
15:19 oleonard patito29: Try here:
15:21 patito29 left #koha
15:21 oleonard Of all the channels to look for chat...
15:26 cait koha hat a nice soudn to it? :)
15:27 * oleonard is grumpy about
15:27 cait what did it do?
15:27 cait shall i talk to his parents? :)
15:27 nengard_cafe HA
15:28 oleonard I think it should work like Show a list of things you've processed.
15:28 cait hm sounds reasonable
15:29 oleonard But that's hard, and it won't happen. So now I'm grumpy about it.
15:32 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 9021: DBrev <[…]9a3f8d0859e161001> / Bug 9021: Save the provider even if the sms number is not modified <[…]9aa58832aaff2140e> / Bug 9021: Fix conflict with bug 15446 (type vs _type) <[…]oha.git;a=commitd
15:33 oleonard Weird link in the confirmation dialog on /cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/​ber=11157&biblionumber=5433&bi=Koha::Schema::​Result::Biblioitem=HASH(0x8a58338)#item11157
15:36 cait hm that looks like a bug
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15:42 Joubu oleonard: I can provide a patch, did you open a bug report?
15:43 oleonard I will file one now Joubu
15:43 Joubu oleonard: thanks, please assign it to me
15:44 cait ah Joubu - did you see the other renewal bug i filed by chance?
15:44 Joubu no
15:44 cait maybe oleonard coudl verify, i see it on our test system
15:44 cait bug 15817
15:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15817 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Checkboxes for renewing items missing in OPAC
15:44 cait in the opac patron account, ther eis the link to renew selected... but no way to select
15:50 oleonard cait: I see checkboxes in my system
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15:52 oleonard cait: I wonder if there is some combination of settings which is causing the problem.
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16:24 oleonard The "show/hide" columns setting isn't working for me on the checkouts page. Can anyone confirm?
16:24 oleonard It doesn't persist.
16:25 Joubu oleonard: How do you want it to persist? I don't think we store the value in cookies or session
16:25 oleonard Oh then I misunderstood its purpose.
16:25 oleonard I assumed it was stored in a cookie.
16:25 Joubu oleonard: you can define the column to display in the admin area
16:26 Joubu and yes, we should store the user preferences locally
16:26 Joubu but I don't think it's implemented, it's a todo
16:32 cait oleonard: hm thx for testing - i was wondering htat, but don't see what it could be
16:34 cait ah gah
16:34 cait it's me
16:34 cait closng the bug invalid
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16:42 cait oleonard++ :)
16:42 oleonard khall around?
16:42 cait I guess that's a good moment to go home :)
16:42 khall yo
16:42 cait bye all -cya at the meeting
16:42 cait oh
16:42 cait i didn't send a reminder
16:42 cait could someone else maybe?
16:43 oleonard I'm getting an error when doing renewals "DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::_dbh_execute(): Unknown column 'me.sms_provider_id' in 'field list' at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/circ/ line 61"
16:43 cait khall: could i maybe volunteer you?
16:43 khall oleonard: ack! I forgot to update the dbrev. I'll have that fixed in a second
16:44 khall oleonard: please pull from master and try now!
16:47 oleonard Working now thanks
16:47 oleonard meeting?
16:47 wahanui rumour has it meeting is in two days, i thought was tomorrow. plenty of time then
16:47 cait https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_16_February_2016
16:49 oleonard And I can actually attend. Good news.
16:49 cait :)
16:50 cait it would be nice if yomene could email - leaving now for a while
16:50 cait left #koha
16:50 oleonard Though most of it will be over my head.
16:51 oleonard I will send an email cait, unless khall is already doing it
16:51 khall oleonard: please do
16:51 * oleonard copies and pastes cait's last email about a developer's meeting
16:54 reiveune bye
16:54 reiveune left #koha
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16:54 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 9021: Update to DBrev <[…]adf6b658e81462789>
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17:00 Joubu oleonard: at the OPAC there is "Post or edit your comments on this item"
17:00 Joubu Is the plural ok for comments?
17:01 Joubu ok got it, forget that :)
17:01 Joubu "post a comment" or "post your comments" I guess
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17:04 Joubu bye #koha
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17:17 Sirenia joined #koha
17:23 gaetan_B bye
17:27 cait joined #koha
17:32 cait oleonard++ thx a lot
17:36 * cait runs off to make dinner
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18:27 indradg @seen rocio
18:27 huginn indradg: rocio was last seen in #koha 13 weeks, 0 days, 23 hours, 42 minutes, and 31 seconds ago: <rocio> haha
18:29 rocio hey indradg!
18:29 wahanui hmmm... indradg is the one who told me.
18:29 rocio :-)
18:34 * cait waves
18:34 cait 25 minutes to meeting
18:35 cdickinson__ joined #koha
18:37 magnuse oh dev meeting?
18:41 cait yep
18:42 magnuse yay
18:43 magnuse i'll keep an eye on it while i upgrade to 3.22.3, then
18:46 indradg hi #koha
18:48 cait hi indradg
18:48 cait meeting in about 10-15 minutes
18:52 cait pianohacker: around?
18:52 pianohacker cait: yar
18:53 cait see pm :)
18:53 pianohacker I sees
18:56 mtompset joined #koha
18:56 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
18:56 kyr joined #koha
18:56 mtompset Meeting in 4 minutes, right?
18:56 magnuse according to cait, yes
18:57 magnuse pianohacker: is it talk like a pirate day?
18:57 * druthb blames cait, and finds a seat in the corner from which she can kibitz as needed.
18:57 mtompset Greetings, magnuse druthb
18:57 pianohacker magnuse: arrrrways
18:57 mtompset Greetings, pianohacker
18:59 kyr is here the right place to ask a quick question about koha or should i take it to the mailing list?
18:59 bag greetings
18:59 kyr hello hello
18:59 nengard hola
19:00 barton kyr: go ahead!
19:00 kyr oh great! thanks
19:00 * khall will be missing the meeting, baby dr appointment ; )
19:01 magnuse khall: accepted ;-)
19:01 khall_away : )
19:01 * bag thinks maybe you should see an adult doctor khall_away
19:01 bag :P
19:01 bag we train em young where khall_away lives :)
19:01 cait am here one sec
19:02 oleonard Actually kyr we are about to start a meeting so you should probably wait until after
19:02 * barton imagines a baby wearing a lab coat, with a stehescope hanging over its neck.
19:02 indradg lol
19:02 cait #startmeeting Development IRC Meeting 16 February 2016
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19:03 cait #topic Introductions
19:03 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
19:03 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: Development IRC Meeting 16 February 2016)
19:03 tcohen #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Theke Solutions
19:03 kyr been using koha on ubuntu via package instalation. want to stay on 3.18.11 atm but the "oldstable" has been changed to 3.20. So, if i i apt-upgrade it will install 3.20 (scary on my wanna be production system without any testing). Any straightforward way to stick to 3.18 (and be able to update to say... 3.18.13 and so on)?
19:03 cait please introduce yourself following wahanui's example
19:03 oleonard #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries
19:03 nengard #info Nicole Engard, ByWater Solutions
19:03 bag #info Brendan Gallagher, ByWater
19:03 kyr ooops, was typing while you told me to wait :S
19:03 magnuse #info Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
19:03 jajm #info Julian Maurice, BibLibre
19:03 barton #info Barton Chittenden, Bywater, Louisville, KY, USA
19:03 cait today's agenda can be found at
19:03 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_16_February_2016
19:03 talljoy #info JOy Nelson ByWater Solutions USA
19:04 tcohen hm, nicole and brendan messages asre suspiciously aligned
19:04 pianohacker oh hey meeting
19:04 pianohacker #info JEsse Weaver ByWater Solutions USA
19:04 mtompset #info Mark Tompsett
19:05 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
19:05 barton pianohacker does the studlyCAps.
19:05 indradg #info Indranil Das Gupta, L2C2 Technologies, India
19:05 bag bbias
19:05 cait RM runs away... :)
19:06 cait should we do a round of announcements?
19:06 tcohen just in time ;-)
19:06 blou #info Philippe Blouin, Solutions inLibro
19:06 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11081: (followup) Rebuild debian/control <[…]038ec3350a1ecf94f>
19:07 pianohacker brb
19:07 cait noone is speaking up
19:07 cait more running away...
19:07 cait let's move to thenext topic
19:07 tcohen I want to mention something i'm working on
19:07 cait aah
19:07 cait #topic Announcements and news
19:07 Topic for #koha is now Announcements and news (Meeting topic: Development IRC Meeting 16 February 2016)
19:07 tcohen but maybe "big sutff..." ?
19:07 tcohen ok
19:07 cait use the opportunity and say it now :)
19:08 bag back
19:08 tcohen I'm working on some classes for handling Koha instances
19:08 tcohen the idea is to fully rewrite the CLI scripts with that
19:08 tcohen it should make life easier for rollback, recover, etc
19:09 laurence left #koha
19:09 tcohen it will also make Koha instances aware of their creation options
19:09 larryb joined #koha
19:09 kidclamp #info Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
19:09 tcohen it should make maintenance easier
19:09 cait #info tcohen is woring on classes for handling Koha instances
19:09 tcohen read: upgrade path would be more manageable when adding new entries to the config file, etc
19:09 barton tcohen: do you have a bug number for that?
19:09 tcohen barton, I don't :-D
19:09 mtompset tcohen: How would that affect bug 15088?
19:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15088 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Notice when koha has been installed with --request-db instead of --create-db
19:10 tcohen it will be several of them
19:10 cait maybe a wiki page?
19:10 tcohen yes
19:10 tcohen mtompset: i haven't looked at it, but it could merge what's done there, at some point
19:11 mtompset I was just about to test an sign off. :)
19:11 larryb tcohen, if you're working on the maintenance scripts, I have a suggestion
19:11 larryb can we make the instance maintenance mode a flag, like for email, instead of editing and looking at the apache config files?
19:11 tcohen i would also like to mention it is also in line with srdjan's work
19:11 tcohen larryb, that's the whole point :-D
19:12 larryb cool
19:12 kathryn joined #koha
19:12 tcohen i'll put a YAML file for CLI controled options
19:12 cait #idea make maintenance mode a flag, like for email
19:12 tcohen and will probably migrate the koha-conf.xml entries there too, at a later stage
19:12 tcohen as rangi always says, step n
19:12 tcohen by step
19:12 larryb the other issue I often run into is I put a site into maintenance, so that visitors get that page, but then I can't actually do anything to the site, like upgrade it or run a rebuild, because those don't run against instances in maintenance
19:13 tcohen the idea is to make things more solid
19:13 tcohen less error prone, etc
19:14 barton plus 1.
19:14 tcohen ok, that's it
19:14 cait thx tcohen
19:14 tcohen i will write some stuff on the wiki
19:14 cait bag: something from the RM?
19:14 larryb thanks
19:14 tcohen and fill several interdependent bugs
19:14 cait #action tcohen to write up a wiki page
19:14 bag not much of an update
19:14 bag I have a little catch up to play in the next 2 weeks :)  get the queue low again
19:15 cait #action tcohen to write up a wiki page ... about using classes for handling Koha instances
19:15 bag As always I’m looking for people to test Elastic Search - I’d love to keep moving on that
19:15 cait #info People needed for testing Elastic search!
19:15 cait is there a public test instance available at the moment?
19:16 bag yes
19:16 cait link? :)
19:16 * bag looking for it
19:16 pianohacker demi-RM note: I'm learning a lot of the RM stuff on my feet (making DB updates, etc.) so don't be afraid to check my work and let me know if I make a mistake :)
19:17 tcohen pianohacker++
19:17 fredericd #info Frédéric Demians, Tamil (passing through)
19:18 cait I suggest we will see how far we get until about :45
19:18 mtompset pianohacker++ # willing to accept feedback -- awesomeness. :)
19:18 cait with the coding guidelines
19:18 cait so some time is left for the topics at the end this time
19:18 Kyr_ joined #koha
19:18 pianohacker +1 to that
19:18 cait might need to push something to next meeting again, but we will see how it goes
19:19 pianohacker cait: want to start with followups from last time?
19:19 cait i tihnk they are at the top anyway
19:19 pianohacker kk cool
19:19 bag #link
19:19 cait ah
19:19 cait now we can move on
19:19 cait #topic Review Coding Guidelines
19:19 Topic for #koha is now Review Coding Guidelines (Meeting topic: Development IRC Meeting 16 February 2016)
19:19 cait the current coding guidelines can be found at
19:20 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]Coding_Guidelines
19:20 cait Please refresh the wiki page if you have the agenda already open
19:21 cait the suggested wording for the new "Code plack friendly" guideline is:
19:21 cait Forbid global state variables in modules and CGI scripts, and discourage their use elsewhere. (see[…]ested_Subroutines for context)
19:21 cait i think most rules coudl do with some examples, but let's vote on the basic wording?
19:22 cait i suggest to keep it simple again today with a +1 indicating a yes, -1 for no and 0 for... <fill in the english word i forgot>
19:22 pianohacker neutral?
19:22 mtompset abstain?
19:22 cait ah abstain
19:22 cait yep
19:22 nengard :)
19:22 pianohacker ah that's better
19:22 cait i think both are valid
19:23 cait any change requests on the wording?
19:23 pianohacker cait: I think the link is probably better than an example, as  it has examples there and the issue is subtle
19:23 cait ok
19:23 cait i am +1
19:23 cait :)
19:23 mtompset I'm +1 for it as is.
19:23 cait please vote
19:24 barton +1
19:24 mtompset +1
19:24 pianohacker +1
19:24 * cait hands out some coffee
19:24 kidclamp +1
19:24 * nengard prefers tea :)
19:24 talljoy +1
19:24 nengard +1
19:25 * cait hands out some tea too
19:25 nengard :)
19:25 * mtompset grins at nengard, "I was thinking that too."
19:25 * barton hands out chocolate.
19:25 nengard oooo ....
19:25 cait ok, ending vote :)
19:25 cait #agreed New coding guideline "Code Plack friendly". Wording: Forbid global state variables in modules and CGI scripts, and discourage their use elsewhere. (see[…]ested_Subroutines for context)
19:25 pianohacker dirty chais with chocolate, everybody!
19:25 cait the next point on the agenda is a suggested workflow for handling disagreements
19:25 mtompset barton: Is it
19:26 pianohacker proposed wording at , but the basic idea is to close the feedback loop between coding style concerns and the coding guidelines
19:26 barton mtompset: that looks like it would do the trick.
19:26 cait pianohacker: we should move from the paste to the wiki later maybe - paste gets lost when the server is restarted
19:26 cait I'd like to suggest a generalisation
19:26 pianohacker cait: agreed, just couldn't figure out how to do so on the agenda with decent formatting
19:26 cait this is about the qa team member vs dev currently
19:27 mtompset While I think it is a good idea. The problem I've found is sometimes I seek feedback on the mailing list and get none.
19:27 cait i tihnk maybe we could say 'community member' and developer?
19:27 pianohacker cait: that's a good idea
19:28 mtompset But then again, I'm assuming it is a QA person doing the seeking not the community member?
19:28 cait it says mailing list - should we include dev meetings too?
19:28 pianohacker cait: I'd say mailing list then bump to dev meeting if no response
19:28 cait mtompset: i was thinking if the first tester disagrees
19:28 nengard that makes sense pianohacker
19:28 cait can we bring the dev meeting into it some way?
19:28 pianohacker cait: why the first tester specifically?
19:28 cait into the wording?
19:28 cait not especially
19:28 cait just another possibility
19:29 cait the potential sign offer looking at it
19:29 cait before qa
19:29 cait or just someone interested in the development
19:29 pianohacker cait: I think if we generalize it to "any community member" as you suggested that takes care of that
19:29 cait i just didn't want ti limit it to disagreement between qa/dev
19:29 cait yep
19:30 mtompset I concur, "any community member", if we are trying to include those who sign off as well.
19:30 pianohacker so, to formalize what we've said:
19:30 pianohacker Amend the first part of the wording to "If a community member has concerns with a patch that:"
19:31 cait then the patch and concern should be brought up on the development mailing list _and/or the developer irc meeting_ so a new coding guideline can be added. ?
19:32 pianohacker that seems reasonable
19:32 mtompset Something like that. Can we get an amended paste, so those of us who are visual can see it all. :)
19:32 pianohacker mtompset: one sec
19:32 larryb left #koha
19:33 pianohacker I'm also simplifying "patch and concern" to "concern"
19:33 pastebot Someone at pasted "new wording" (13 lines) at
19:34 cait can we vote?
19:34 mtompset I think so.
19:34 cait ok, please vote :)
19:34 mtompset +1 for the amended version.
19:34 pianohacker +1
19:35 oleonard +1
19:35 nengard +1
19:35 cait +1
19:35 kidclamp +1
19:35 jajm +1
19:35 tcohen +1
19:35 talljoy +1
19:35 tcohen gotta run, sorry!
19:35 mtompset Take care, tcohen
19:36 cait #agreed New coding guideline for handling disagreements: If a community member has concerns with a patch that: * Are specifically about coding style (not stated functionality or regressions in other code) * Are not covered by an existing coding guideline - then the patch and concern should be brought up on the development mailing list and/or next development IRC meeting so a new coding guideline can be added. (Rationale: While it is reasonable for c
19:36 cait sorry for the messsy paste
19:36 cait but the paste is not safe, so i wanted to have it in the logs
19:37 cait so we got time for one more i hope
19:37 cait [khall] All methods should take a single argument, bit it an object, an  id, or a hashref. This makes future modification of parameters for  subroutines far simpler and less error prone, and reduces the changes  needed.
19:38 cait this is a new one - while the last 2 were follow-ups from last meeting i think
19:38 cait or more we didn't get to discuss it last time
19:38 cait please discuss :)
19:38 mtompset I'm not sure how an id might allow for future proofing, where as objects and hasrefs are self-evident.
19:39 pianohacker I've run into enough pain with the positional style that I like this idea
19:39 cait i think the id would be something like an itemnumber, issue_id or similar
19:39 pianohacker mtompset: I think that's there as a sanity escape hatch
19:39 cait but it might cause problems when a second parameter is added maybe? not sure
19:39 pianohacker there's some methods that won't ever need more than that, like Koha::Objects->fetch
19:40 pianohacker but I think it's worth codifying that if you need two or more, just use named arguments
19:40 pianohacker otherwise you get a ModBasketHeader or AddReserve mess
19:40 cait do those requiere parameters in sequence?
19:40 pianohacker ohhhhh yeah
19:41 pianohacker ModBasketHeader has 8 and I have two patches to add more
19:41 barton namedarguments++
19:41 mtompset namedarguments++ # second that.
19:41 pianohacker are we ready to vote on this one?
19:41 mtompset Okay, so what we are saying is...
19:42 jajm i think we all agree we do not want another AddReserve. however should we enforce passing a hash(ref) as soon as we have two parameters ?
19:42 mtompset we don't care about the single parameter type.
19:42 cait bit it an... be it an? just for the agreed
19:42 mtompset but a second parameter must be hash ref or object?
19:42 mtompset (to keep it to only one parameter physically)
19:42 cait ihm i think we had a discussion about that we should use hashrefs
19:42 cait iirc
19:43 pianohacker mtompset: do you mean enforcing ($a, {...}) or ({...}) ?
19:43 cait i think the latter
19:43 mario joined #koha
19:43 pianohacker okay cool
19:43 pianohacker even if it kind of looks like an alien emoticon
19:43 barton yeah, good for extensibility.
19:43 nengard ha
19:43 mtompset I mean f($a)... adding $b becomes f($h{ a=> $a, b=> $b})
19:44 pianohacker jajm: how does the above look?
19:44 mtj hi folks... i kinda like the idea myself
19:44 cait hm it does... look like an alien... with helmet ears and 3 eyes
19:44 nengard :)
19:45 pianohacker cait: exactly :)
19:45 cait ok, do we have an amendment/change suggestion for hte wording?
19:45 mtj oops, i was replying to an old scollback msg - please ignore
19:45 mtompset Oh, and it says methods.
19:46 cait is that a change request? :)
19:46 mtompset methods technically have 2 parameters, self, and parameter. ;)
19:46 pianohacker mtompset: that can be clarified with an example I think
19:46 barton @examples++
19:46 huginn barton: I suck
19:46 cait i just need to know, can we vote as is or do oyu want to swtich out words? :)
19:47 pianohacker but question: if submitting a patch (after today) that would add a new parameter to a function with a bunch of positional ones, is that patch required to change the existing method to named-argument style?
19:47 pianohacker or does this only apply to new methods?
19:47 pianohacker (or functions)
19:47 pianohacker cait: I think we should correct methods to methods/functions for clarity
19:47 cait I'd like to see refactoring to be honest
19:47 jajm what about subroutines that take a list as arguments ? (like $sth->execute for example)
19:48 cait because otherwise you are just making it worse... possibly
19:48 pianohacker oh, hm.
19:48 mtompset A list is a single parameter.
19:48 cait but... might depend on the case
19:48 cait definitely for new ones
19:48 pianohacker mtompset: Perl makes that a tricky statement ;)
19:48 barton jajm -- an arrayref?
19:48 mtompset true enough, but in the simplest case, it is. :P
19:49 pianohacker cait: I'm gonna try to write up a new version that incorporates all of this
19:49 cait ok
19:49 cait i will give you 1 minute :)
19:49 jajm barton, why not, but that case should be in the guideline
19:50 mtompset but an arrayref is a single parameter.
19:50 pianohacker "All methods and functions should take a single argument: either a database ID, arrayref, or hashref with named arguments."
19:50 mtompset I think the goal is to avoid f($a,$b,$c,$d, etc. etc.)
19:50 cait ok, thx pianohacker
19:50 pianohacker (the oxford comma pains me but it's needed here)
19:51 cait please vote
19:51 pianohacker +1
19:51 barton +1
19:51 nengard +1
19:51 mtompset +1
19:51 mtj +1
19:51 kidclamp +1
19:51 cait +1
19:51 talljoy +1
19:52 * talljoy loves the oxford comma
19:52 jajm 0 (i don't think this is needed as a guideline, but i won't oppose)
19:52 drojf joined #koha
19:52 cait #agreed New coding guideline: All methods and functions should take a single argument: either a database ID, arrayref, or hashref with named arguments.
19:52 cait we are over time - but i'd like to note something about the next one
19:53 cait [khall] I think we need something about limiting the use of the html filter to prevent XSS attacks (post Bug 13618)  [Joubu] New test added to the QA script, is it enough?
19:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13618 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, BLOCKED , Prevent XSS in the Staff Client and the OPAC
19:53 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, broken internet connection
19:53 cait the bug sadly had to be reverted
19:53 cait hm the patches had to...
19:53 cait the general solution doesn't work - I'd be really happy if someone could write up some guidelines about when to use the |html filter
19:53 bag :(
19:53 cait to keep xss problems from happening
19:54 indradg joined #koha
19:54 cait any volunteers?
19:54 pianohacker I think we need to fix the general solution... There's way too many cases where the |html filter is needed
19:55 cait not sure if we can, but it would be awesome if possible
19:55 cait from what Joubu told me it's too much of a performance hit with the number of variables on some pages
19:55 cait like it 'broke' adding an authority via z39.50 i think
19:55 cait maybe we should mov eit down to 'bugs in discussion' for next time
19:55 cait and see about other possible solutions?
19:56 pianohacker yeah
19:56 mtompset I was going to suggest reordering... because I think the Perl12 one will go quickly. ;)
19:57 cait #info General solution to prevent XSS problems (bug 13618) had to be reverted - other possible solutions to be discussed next time
19:57 pianohacker mtompset: I think we're outta time for coding guidelines for this meeting unfortunately
19:57 mtompset for the record, perlcritic doesn't complain about missing $VERSION until -2. :)
19:57 cait we said in the beginning to move topic at :45
19:57 mtompset I know.
19:57 cait that would put us to General development discusion next
19:57 mtompset :(
19:57 pianohacker mtompset: could you note that on the agenda for next time?
19:57 cait yes please
19:58 cait #action mtompset to add note about PERL12
19:58 cait :)
19:58 cait #topic General development discussion
19:58 Topic for #koha is now General development discussion (Meeting topic: Development IRC Meeting 16 February 2016)
19:58 pianohacker volunteerification complete
19:58 cait [Joubu] Merge borrowers and deletedborrowers tables
19:58 cait #link http://lists.koha-community.or[…]nuary/042207.html
19:58 nengard I don't understand this one ... why are we doing this? ... oh a link
19:59 cait i tihnk one of the problems is fk constraints in the database
19:59 nengard I worry that some of our larger libraries will see significant slow downs in patron management with a change like this
19:59 cait if we delete a borrower, the data is moved to deletedborrowers - so 2 tables
19:59 nengard the patron search is a sql search after all
20:00 cait some tables reference borrowers - but also contain deleted borrowernumbers
20:00 cait you can only have a FK to 1 table
20:00 nengard we have 2 tables for biblio, biblioitems, and items too
20:00 cait i hope i described that correctly
20:00 pianohacker Even having written painful reports, as barton describes, I'm still leery of this for performance and general DB cleanliness concerns
20:00 cait ... and whie we are talking about this... we really really should have a timestamp on borrowers and a script to delete from deletedborrowers after X days or at least anonymize
20:01 cait it's quit a privacy problem as is right now
20:01 cait timestamp on borrowers/deletedborrowers so it's easy to see hwen last  changed/deleted
20:01 nengard i would love that cait
20:01 mtompset Wouldn't it be better to add a "DELETED" marker on the biblio, etc., and then make the queries aware of this?
20:01 nengard i think i have a bug open about that
20:01 barton timestamp would be good.
20:02 cait yes, 2 bugs - one for the script and one ofr the timestamp :)
20:02 nengard timestamp
20:02 wahanui timestamp is usually the last time that row was touched
20:02 nengard https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8926
20:02 huginn Bug 8926: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , deletedborrowers should have a timestamp
20:02 nengard #link https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8926
20:02 huginn Bug 8926: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , deletedborrowers should have a timestamp
20:02 cait now you beat me to it
20:02 pianohacker mtompset: my concern with that approach (which is the same as the one proposed for borrowers) is that EVERY query needs to be made aware of that
20:03 pianohacker and there's a lot of existing queries and reports out there that would have to be changed
20:03 nengard #link https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=13667
20:03 mtompset But we now have Koha::Patrons.
20:03 huginn Bug 13667: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Provide script to regularly clean deletedpatrons table
20:03 nengard and am i wrong about the patron searching?
20:03 mtompset Yes, I see that it is a large job, but eventually shouldn't we reach there?
20:03 nengard for some schools for example, they are deleting patrons all of the time ...
20:03 pianohacker nengard: no, I think you're correct, though a periodic cleanup script helps with that
20:03 cait #info concerns about perfomance with one big table
20:04 cait pianohacker: you still might want to keep for a year - so better statistics
20:04 nengard also i should mention one other bug if we're going to do cleanups and thats the one to put patron category in stats
20:04 mtompset actually, isn't the concern too much to change if one big table?
20:04 barton we should benchmark that [not that I'm volunteering]
20:04 nengard #link https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7021
20:04 huginn Bug 7021: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mathsabypro, ASSIGNED , patron category in the statistics table
20:05 mtompset Oh... right... performance... never mind.
20:05 cait #info concern, about having to change a lot of the code, sql queries etc to exclude deleted patrons etc.
20:05 nengard cause those stats need to be kept if you're going to clean out the table regularly
20:05 pianohacker I also worry about a lot of librarian concerns while reports/code is being ported over about "my patrons aren't actually deleted?!"
20:06 cait not talking about it doesn't make it much better heh
20:06 mtompset pianohacker: Yes, there is that too.
20:06 barton it might help if the borrowers table was better normalized...
20:07 cait i guess that could be a step later.. if we decide to combine
20:07 cait like borrower_phones, borrower_addresses?
20:07 barton exactly.
20:08 pianohacker cait: I think this needs to be bounced back to Joubu so he can expand/clarify the problematic parts of his proposal :)
20:08 cait we have talked about concerns
20:08 cait positive sides
20:08 cait ?
20:08 cait less complicated sql reporting?
20:08 nengard data all in one place is always easier :)
20:08 nengard yup
20:09 pianohacker aside from the reports that this makes more complicated, it makes some reports less complicated :)
20:09 cait #info plus: less complicated sql reporting
20:09 pianohacker (though snark aside, it's a net gain)
20:09 cait ok, moving discussion to next meeting with this one?
20:09 cait it owuld be nice if people could add notes to the agenda
20:09 barton I am generally in favor of merging borrowers and deletedborrowers, but I recognize that there could be performance issues that would block.
20:10 pianohacker cait: agree, move to next meeting
20:10 cait i'd like to skip the next one - as Joubu isn't here
20:10 cait and we are almost end of time
20:11 barton seconded.
20:11 cait ... and next one is from me
20:11 cait [kfischer] Performance issues: Benchmark for 3.22, Bug 15242
20:11 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15242 blocker, P5 - low, ---, nick, Pushed to Master , Missing subroutine in
20:11 cait oh
20:11 cait i got the bug number wrong... once again
20:11 cait let me find the right one
20:12 pianohacker after making poor kidclamp's eyes go wiiiide
20:12 cait bug 15342
20:12 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15342 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, NEW , Performance 3.22 - Omnibus
20:12 cait that one
20:12 wahanui hmmm... that one is down more often than up
20:12 pianohacker wahanui: forget that one
20:12 wahanui pianohacker: I forgot that one
20:12 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]enchmark_for_3.22
20:12 kidclamp hah
20:12 cait looking at the benchmarking Joubu did it seems like we have a decrease in performance with each version :(
20:13 cait plack makes it better, but it's stillmoving up
20:13 cait drojf and some others have identified some possible problems
20:14 cait i'd encourage to look at those bugs with some priority
20:15 cait ... did i scare everyone off with those bugs?
20:15 pianohacker bug 15350 would be great great great to fix
20:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15350 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, NEW , DBIx::Class Startup speed
20:15 mtompset No, just exhausted. :)
20:15 jajm pianohacker, +1 to that
20:15 cait #info Please give some priority to performance related bugs - linked to the omnibus bug 15342
20:16 cait oh good, got the bug number right this time
20:16 * magnuse wanders off
20:16 pianohacker cait: but to do alot of the changes suggested there, It seems like we have to start maintaining the schema files ourselves, no?
20:16 cait ready to end meeting?
20:16 cait pianohacker: i can't say much about hte bugs - i get a bit lost there
20:16 cait i'd just like to see more work in that direction and feedback
20:16 pianohacker does anybody else know?
20:16 cait it seems like not much discussion about performance right now - while libraires complain
20:17 pianohacker I'd like to at least figure out if that's something we need to put on the agenda for next meeting
20:17 cait maybe we could split out the bug you mean?
20:17 cait which one is it?
20:17 pianohacker 15350
20:17 cait can i make you add that to next agenda? :)
20:18 cait #action pianohacker to add 15350 to agenda for discussion at the next meeting
20:18 cait you didn<#t say no fast enough
20:18 cait ;)
20:18 pianohacker okey doke :)
20:18 cait i'd like to move on to setting hte time of the next meeting :)
20:18 cait another 2 weeks ok?
20:19 cait march 1st?
20:19 pianohacker yeah, agenda is still overloaded
20:19 pianohacker 15 UTC next time?
20:19 cait the gneral meeting is at 9th
20:19 cait so no collision
20:20 cait hm would work for me
20:20 barton works by me.
20:20 cait please vote - next meeting to take place at march 1st, 15 UTC
20:20 cait oh
20:20 cait #topic Date and time of next meeting
20:20 Topic for #koha is now Date and time of next meeting (Meeting topic: Development IRC Meeting 16 February 2016)
20:20 cait oups
20:20 cait please vote :)
20:21 pianohacker +1
20:21 talljoy +1
20:21 nengard +1
20:21 cait +1
20:21 drojf +1
20:21 barton +1
20:21 bag +1
20:21 cait #agreed Next developer meeting will be on March 1st at 15 UTC
20:21 cait #endmeeting
20:21 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to the IRC home of Koha | Code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/ | Please use for pastes | Installation guide for Koha is
20:21 huginn Meeting ended Tue Feb 16 20:21:53 2016 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
20:21 huginn Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-02-16-19.02.html
20:21 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]6-02-16-19.02.txt
20:21 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]16-19.02.log.html
20:21 cait thx all
20:22 kidclamp cait++
20:22 barton cait++
20:22 pianohacker cait++
20:22 jajm thanks cait
20:22 oleonard cait++
20:22 cait we will have to keep going back to the monster agenda for a bit longer i guess :)
20:22 cait but some things sorted
20:22 barton I like having dev meetings every 2 weeks.
20:22 * oleonard is disappointed he didn't get a chance to slip in a 7-hour "2-space tabs or 4" discussion at the end.
20:23 barton oleonard++
20:23 cait oleonard: I migh thav eto miss the meeting with that on the agenda
20:23 barton kohacon? ;-)
20:23 drojf we should vote on that kohacon style, with limesurvey and proposals on the wiki
20:23 cait lol
20:23 oleonard An entire KohaCon devoted just to that question.
20:24 cait drojf: i am tempted to give you negative karma for that ;)
20:24 cait but also because you never answered my question yesterday
20:24 cait :)
20:24 drojf heh
20:24 drojf huh?
20:24 drojf what question?
20:24 wahanui question is "What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?"
20:25 barton what answer?
20:25 wahanui answer is, like, always go back to sleep or 42
20:25 cait i will ask again in pm :)
20:27 npls joined #koha
20:30 mario joined #koha
20:52 Francesca joined #koha
20:56 * Francesca waves
20:59 mario joined #koha
21:00 wizzyrea hi Francesca
21:00 Francesca hey I'll be in  sometime today
21:02 cait hi Francesca
21:03 Francesca hi cait :)
21:07 irma joined #koha
21:11 wizzyrea coolio
21:17 Kyr_ left #koha
21:58 dcook @later tell oleonard 4-space tabs four-ever!
21:58 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
21:59 Dyrcona Just use actual tabs, and then you can set the indent level to whatever you like in your editor.
21:59 * Dyrcona ducks and runs.
22:00 dcook lol
22:10 irma joined #koha
22:32 nengard left #koha
22:42 pianohacker jajm: am I missing something, or does not fetch the values of additional fields for existing subscriptions?
22:49 wizzyrea there was a bug about that a while back I thought
22:53 chrisvella joined #koha
22:56 pianohacker wizzyrea: heh, okay. I'm extending that module to aqbasket, so it's more curiosity than anything
23:27 wizzyrea joined #koha
23:40 talljoy joined #koha
23:59 chrisvella joined #koha

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