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00:30 mtompset I can't for the life of me get the one option to work.
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01:15 kivilahtio mtompset: best way to figure Koha out is to dig in the debugger and start debugging. There is not easy way. Ofc the manual is also excellent, but cannot possibly cover everything.
01:15 kivilahtio code never lies (except when it comes to Serials-module and subscription actually meaning a serial)
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02:11 wizzyrea @later tell pianohacker tyvm <3
02:11 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
03:10 mtompset dcook: What do you think of the patch idea? Good enough?
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04:31 mtompset Well sucky about .raw. Though, rangi, wouldn't that mean we should be limiting its use?
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04:44 * Francesca waves
04:47 mtompset Greetings, Francesca.
04:47 mtompset How are you?
04:47 Francesca hot but cheerful
04:48 Francesca you?
04:50 Francesca @wunder wlg
04:50 huginn Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 24.0°C (5:30 PM NZDT on February 11, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 38%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
04:55 mtompset Freezing and sniffling.
04:55 mtompset @wunder l7e5y5
04:55 huginn mtompset: The current temperature in Pleasantville, Richmond Hill, Ontario is -12.9°C (11:46 PM EST on February 10, 2016). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: -16.0°C. Windchill: -16.0°C. Pressure: 29.85 in 1011 hPa (Rising).
05:07 mtompset Sorry for a slow reply, Francesca. :)
05:07 Francesca no worries :)
05:08 Francesca brrrr so cold
05:08 Francesca is it snowing?
05:08 mtompset It was this morning.
05:08 mtompset It's midnight here. :)
05:09 Francesca ah
05:09 Francesca shouldn't you be sleeping?
05:09 Francesca midnight is very late to be up and working
05:10 Francesca or very early
05:10 wahanui i heard very early was 3 ;)
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05:25 drojf morning
05:36 mtompset I'm just tinkering.
05:36 mtompset Greetings, drojf.
05:36 drojf hi mtompset
05:37 mtompset Looking for the occasional signoff.
05:37 mtompset Sadly failing qa one or two.
05:37 mtompset What's new with you, drojf. It's been a while. :)
05:38 mtompset Did you see the NorwegianPatronDB thread in the mailing list, drojf?
05:39 mtompset I'm going to collapse into unconsciousness now.
05:40 drojf things are alright. working a lot. trying to lure libraries into using koha. how about you?
05:40 drojf what time is it at your place?
05:40 mtompset Wishing my colleague would find more clients. Wishing another would merge my pull requests.
05:40 mtompset It's 12:40AM.
05:41 mtompset I haven't been sleeping well lately.
05:41 drojf sorry to hear that
05:41 mtompset Too much to do, too little time.
05:41 mtompset So, now to grab some before chauffeur duty hits.
05:41 drojf have a good night mtompset
05:42 mtompset Have a good day (24 hour period), drojf Francesca #koha.
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07:02 Francesca daring cicada rescue complete
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07:26 marcelr hi #koha
07:32 Francesca heya
07:34 cait morning all, will be back in a bit
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07:42 reiveune hello
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07:58 alex_a bonjour
07:58 wahanui que tal, alex_a
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08:10 lds hello
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08:14 * magnuse waves
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08:22 cait hi all
08:31 magnuse hiya cait
08:32 cait hi magnuse
08:32 cait @wunder Konstanz
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08:35 Joubu hi
08:35 wahanui kia ora, Joubu
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08:37 gaetan_B hello
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09:02 cait @seen khall
09:02 huginn cait: khall was last seen in #koha 18 hours, 46 minutes, and 41 seconds ago: <khall> I wonder if there is a way to only trigger the auto escape when the var is actually used
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09:25 * magnuse suspects khall triggered the auto escape
09:42 * magnuse wonders what a "temptation engine" is :-)
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10:01 * andreashm waves
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10:03 andreashm contry-specific forks of koha? oh my...
10:03 andreashm country
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10:18 drojf is there a koha demo site with the ebsco plugin available?
10:48 cait Joubu++ ribasushi++ drojf++
10:48 cait and also magnuse++ - good mailng list mail
10:48 cait coming back from a meeting and lots has happened :)
10:54 drojf done. handing over to QA :)
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12:11 drojf Joubu: i hope it's the expected behaviour this time ;)
12:12 Joubu heh, yes it is :)
12:17 drojf awesome. I saw the error withe the same name and thought that is what we want…without realizing that i did not change anything in opac  ;) i blame lack of coffee :P
12:25 cait ashimema: do you have time to qa on bug 15760 mabe? (security)
12:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15760 is not accessible.
12:26 * drojf has coffee
12:26 drojf ha!
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13:05 DD hi
13:05 wahanui hey, DD
13:06 tcohen ho
13:07 DD I need help on cataloguing loose issues without acquisition and withot creating marc record for every loose issue
13:07 DD serials
13:07 wahanui serials is scary :(
13:07 cait DD: i think usually all issues are attached to the serial record as items
13:08 cait with the numberin in 952$h
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13:10 DD yes but without acquisition directly putting on cataloguing creates marcs.. ideally there shd be one marc of a title and loose issues with barcode..
13:10 DD as i wil go live on monday without serails being migrated
13:11 cait i think there is a misunderstanding there somewhere
13:11 DD ?
13:12 DD how can i quickly just barcode a loose issue and chk out? .. is my problem
13:13 oleonard Sounds like Fast Cataloging? To quickly add a record upon checkout for something which was not cataloged?
13:15 DD yes thats the only option...
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13:18 oleonard DD: Is that not a satisfactory solution?
13:18 DD no because it willl create those many marc records..
13:19 DD ideally title should bo one marc and its loose issues shd not be
13:19 cait an item in koha can't exist without a link to a record
13:19 drojf you can't calaogue without creating records
13:19 cait so you either create many or have one for each serial.. or one for all of them... there is no way around it
13:19 DD hmm
13:20 cait a record can have mulitple items
13:20 drojf oops. *catalogue
13:22 tcohen morning
13:22 DD marc (=periodical title) multiple items(=loose issues)
13:22 DD but i anticipate rush in the library- users asking for periodical issues.. which are yet not in mysystem
13:23 DD hence all this.. anyway no other option then
13:23 drojf hi tcohen
13:23 DD Thank you all
13:23 oleonard DD: Sounds like you may need to use Fast Cataloging in the interim and then process issues properly upon return
13:24 drojf or go live when the import is finished :P
13:24 DD Yes will do that
13:24 DD naaaa cant wait now....
13:24 oleonard cait did you see Bug 15791?
13:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15791 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Don't delete a fund if existing orders are linked to it
13:25 oleonard cait I though you might know the answer to my question about whether it should be possible to delete funds with linked orders.
13:26 cait i ugess that's one of the things wehre an answer gets complicated :(
13:27 cait I guess some libraries might get rid of old orderst aht way
13:27 cait not something we do here - acq information is basically kept forever
13:27 oleonard cait: If there are cases where it is okay, we can focus on making the error more informative.
13:27 cait but i have seen that biblibre proposed a script to clean out old acq data - so that might be something that other libraries handle differently
13:28 cait maybe the wording needs to be scarier too :)
13:28 cait i wouldn't mind not allowing it- but my feeling is that it might have a reason
13:29 cait so your suggestion and maybe a more informative error (number or oders, scarier...) would be good
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13:36 drojf is it correct that nowhere on is information available about 1) currently supported branches 2) release life cycles?
13:37 cait hm give me a sec
13:37 drojf i found that annoying regarding elasticsearch, but i think we are not any better
13:39 drojf i told somebody to upgrade from 3.16 if they want to do proper tests because it is unspoorted, but i think they are correct that this information is available nowhere besides the release team wiki page for 3.24 maybe, which is not a place i'd expect people to search for it
13:39 drojf *unsupported. i really can't type today
13:42 cait drojf: under about
13:42 cait[…]release-schedule/
13:42 cait but we probably shoudl update a bit
13:42 drojf i found that, it's not what i mean and out of date too
13:43 cait ah
13:43 cait you are right, i misread
13:43 drojf on the main page we have Introducing Koha 3.22. it should also say something about 3.20 and 3.18 being supported
13:43 cait because we don't have a s trict rule
13:43 cait as long as somene wants to maintain...
13:43 drojf and a generall overview would be nice too
13:44 oleonard We don't have a strict rule but we do know at any given time which branches are being maintained, so we could say which.
13:45 drojf yes, and we should
13:45 drojf :)
13:45 cait file a website bug? :)
13:45 cait and i agree too
13:45 cait just have to rmember to keep it updated
13:45 cait maybe something to add to a release list
13:46 drojf i will, just wanted to make sure i do not miss something obviuos
13:46 drojf obvious
13:46 oleonard @wunder 45701
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13:49 drojf @wunder thessaloniki
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13:50 drojf woah. can we go now?
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13:56 nengard @wunder 78754
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13:57 nengard wow - much nicer in greece
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13:59 cait tcohen++
14:01 * andreashm waves
14:01 drojf nengard: do you know if the ebsco plugin for koha is bound to certain versions of koha? i think it says 3.16+, is it safe to use with 3.18, 3.20, 3.22?
14:03 oleonard Does this dialog need an 'ignore' option so that the "cancel hold" doesn't /seem/ like an ignore button?
14:03 oleonard Or should the 'cancel' button be in the middle? Doesn't feel right to have it on the left.
14:04 cait oleonard: hm don't we usually have an ignore...
14:04 cait ah, probably only when hte hold is not waiting yet
14:04 oleonard We do sometimes with holds. Not sure why not always.
14:04 cait then it doesn't set to waiting... could also be clearer i guess
14:04 nengard drojf it works on 3.22 - but does have some graphic gliches
14:04 cait oleonard: should the icons be font awesome?
14:05 oleonard I'm working on a big patch for that, but now worrying its too big.
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14:05 drojf nengard: does it look better in 3.20?
14:06 nengard nope
14:06 nengard hehe
14:06 nengard it's a header thing
14:06 nengard let me get you a screenshot
14:07 nengard it's the breadcrumbs showing at the top
14:07 nengard it's such a tiny issue and they know about it and are fixing it
14:08 drojf ah ok. that is not the worst thing i could imagine ;) thanks!
14:09 nengard exactly
14:09 nengard hehe
14:09 cait oleonard: confirm does nothing, right?
14:09 cait oleonard: so having a cancel and a confirm would probably be the same action?
14:10 cait in that case i think 3 options is confusing enough :)
14:12 oleonard I'm going to move it to the middle.
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14:24 tcohen @later tell gmcharlt dependencies on unstable packages need attention
14:24 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
14:24 marcelr thx tcohen
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15:34 cait khall: around?
15:34 khall what's up?
15:35 cait did you see my message about the coding guideline changes?
15:35 cait :)
15:37 oleonard Oh i've got one for khall after cait
15:37 khall cait: yes, I looked them over and agree with you
15:38 khall about the rule merging
15:38 cait so proof reading ok?
15:39 khall yep!
15:39 cait i think the numbering scheme is a bit problematic with changes - not sure how to fix that
15:39 cait maybe they should just have a 'name' or 'topic'
15:39 khall cait: I think you are correct about that
15:39 cait but now i can relax until the meeting and then talk about that :)
15:39 * cait hands khall over to oleonard
15:40 cait ;)
15:40 khall ; )
15:40 oleonard khall: is it the case that holds--or at least hold limits--depend on there being a biblio-level itemtype?
15:41 khall oleonard: yes, in some cases
15:41 oleonard Yes just for hold limits, or are there other issues you're aware of?
15:42 khall oleonard: another example that jumps out is for article requests ( which is still in process )
15:43 khall you need to have record level itemtypes so you can request for records that have no items
15:44 oleonard Okay... Trying to decide what to do about the old bad data we've got in biblio-level itemtype for a lot of records.
15:45 khall oleonard: you can always clear it out and then rebuild it if it is needed for anything
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16:09 Joubu bye!
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16:17 oleonard Ugh... Internal server error when submitting a bug?
16:21 drojf joined #koha
16:41 oleonard Bugzilla giving errors, but then doing what it was told anyway.
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18:09 gaetan_B bye
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18:32 Nemo_bis Hi
18:33 Nemo_bis I'm trying to run the zebra indexer with systemd... where is the code that is supposed to eventually run? :/
18:36 Nemo_bis It still requires the external library? https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]g.cgi?id=8519#c14
18:36 huginn Bug 8519: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, CLOSED FIXED, Make koha-index-daemon run on startup
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18:37 pianohacker Nemo_bis: check debian/scripts/koha-start-zebra
18:42 Nemo_bis pianohacker: thanks; the installer doesn't move that into the install directory though
18:43 Nemo_bis AFAICS, that script launched the "zebrasrv" command
18:43 pianohacker yup
18:44 Nemo_bis So if I handle launching zebrasrv myself I'm all set, right?
18:45 Nemo_bis https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]dex_configuration gives two commands but I don't understand why
18:53 pianohacker Nemo_bis: the first (zebrasrv) is the important one. As long as you have the rebuild-zebra cronjob set up the second isn't required
18:56 Nemo_bis pianohacker: thanks, but I don't think I have such a cronjob: what script should the cronjob run?
18:58 Nemo_bis Ah! bin/migration_tools/ ?
18:58 pianohacker Nemo_bis: I want to confirm: you're installing from tarball, and I'm guessing that means you're not on Debian
18:58 pianohacker ?
19:00 Nemo_bis pianohacker: yes
19:00 pianohacker Nemo_bis: which distro?
19:00 Nemo_bis pianohacker: fedora 23
19:00 pianohacker ah, okay. That's at least somewhat sane :)
19:01 Nemo_bis My configuration is being tweaked at
19:02 pianohacker Nemo_bis: you'll want to run the rebuild_zebra script with -z -a -b -x (process queued updates to authorities and biblios using XML-formatted records)
19:02 pianohacker Nemo_bis: and make sure that those cronjobs are run with the correct user and values of $PERL5LIB and $KOHA_CONF
19:03 Nemo_bis Hm there is also a -daemon option
19:04 Nemo_bis No errors but also no noticeable effect, looking for logs
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19:13 pastebot "Nemo_bis" at pasted " does nothing after staging MARC records" (33 lines) at
19:26 Nemo_bis pianohacker: I've staged some MARC records for index but when I go to manage the staged marc records there is no "Clean" button http://translate.koha-communit[…]top/#managestaged
19:26 bag .
19:26 pianohacker Nemo_bis: have you imported those staged records into the catalog?
19:27 Nemo_bis pianohacker: the current status of the batch is "imported" but I'm not sure the import really succeeded
19:28 pianohacker Nemo_bis: are you comfortable with mysql?
19:29 Nemo_bis pianohacker: enough
19:29 pianohacker Nemo_bis: connect to the Koha database and run SELECT COUNT(*) FROM biblio;
19:30 Nemo_bis pianohacker: 4701
19:30 Nemo_bis (multiple import attempts plus 1 test record created manually)
19:31 Nemo_bis zebraqueue has 5681 rows
19:31 pianohacker Nemo_bis: select done, count(*) from zebraqueue group by done;
19:31 pianohacker Your records are imported, at least
19:32 pastebot "Nemo_bis" at pasted "show table status" (178 lines) at
19:32 Nemo_bis |    1 |     5702 |
19:33 pianohacker Nemo_bis: and nothing not done?
19:33 Nemo_bis pianohacker: nothing
19:33 pianohacker are you positive there's not a cronjob running?
19:33 pianohacker in cron.d, perhaps?
19:33 pianohacker and are searches working (assuming zebrasrv is running)?
19:34 Nemo_bis no cron in /etc/cron.d either but i tried running the rebuild multiple times and I'm not sure whether some of the times something got done
19:34 Nemo_bis If I search for a title I find the staged record, but nothing outside the stage area
19:34 pianohacker that's probably the case
19:35 pianohacker Nemo_bis: try running a full rebuild
19:35 pianohacker same command as before, but with an -r instead of a -z
19:35 pianohacker bbl
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19:35 Nemo_bis ok
19:36 nuentoter i have a quick question, I tried to google it but I guess I cannot word it correctly to get to the answer I want.
19:37 Nemo_bis Seems to be doing something but silly me neglected to add -v
19:37 nuentoter When doing a batch record delete, I can upload a file of the records. where/if can koha create this file
19:44 oleonard nuentoter: You could create a report to generate the list
19:45 oleonard nuentoter: Report results can be downloaded as a csv or spreadsheet
19:46 nuentoter ok thats what i was curious about, i didnt know if it would output the format correctly (one record per line)
19:47 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15760: Fix order by direction for shelves <[…]f59e89a4f28e0dd3f> / Bug 15760: Avoid SQL injections <[…]4baa5db333ed2f585> / Revert bug 13618 - "Prevent XSS in the Staff Client and the OPAC" due to performance... <
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20:20 wizzyrea nuentoter: it will if you tell it to
20:20 wizzyrea i.e. select biblionumber where <conditions> will do one biblionumber per line
20:20 wizzyrea there shoudl be a from in there
20:20 wizzyrea it's early.
20:21 wizzyrea also good morning.
20:23 Francesca morning
20:24 Dyrcona Good afternoon. ;)
20:26 pianohacker Nemo_bis: success?
20:26 wahanui success is a good thing jenkins
20:27 Nemo_bis pianohacker: the rebuild did something, not sure what though :) no visible effect
20:27 pianohacker Nemo_bis: and you still can't search? Are you positive you're searching the catalog? (catalogue/
20:27 pianohacker try looking at the error logs for zebra (which may be in journalctl -u zebra.service for you)
20:28 wizzyrea is your zebra running?
20:28 wizzyrea you can rebuild all you like, it won't matter if zebra isn't running.
20:28 pianohacker den ya betta go catch it!
20:28 pianohacker nyuk nyuk
20:28 wizzyrea ^.^
20:28 wizzyrea <3
20:28 Nemo_bis pianohacker: the catalogue search never returns any result
20:29 Nemo_bis pianohacker: only the search bar at cataloguing/ finds records (from the staged area)
20:29 wizzyrea if you do a framework test, is it all ok?
20:29 wizzyrea i.e. you didn't unmap biblionumber or something did you
20:30 pianohacker Nemo_bis: check ze logs!
20:30 pianohacker and ps ax | grep zebra
20:30 Nemo_bis Sure that's the first thing I did
20:30 Nemo_bis 18:43:36-11/02 [server] Adding threaded listener on unix:/var/run/koha/zebradb/bibliosocket id=1 PID=18015
20:30 Nemo_bis 18016 ?        Ss     0:00 /usr/bin/zebrasrv-2.0 -D -T -p /var/run/ -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml -l /var/log/koha/zebrasrv.log
20:31 pianohacker Nemo_bis: okay, cool, just wanted to check. Is there anything else in the log?
20:32 Nemo_bis Not really
20:34 Nemo_bis hmm is the pid right
20:36 pianohacker Nemo_bis: you could try running zebrasrv yourself with -D, -T and -l ... omitted and -v debug added
20:36 pianohacker that way you can see if the searches are coming through and if so what they do
20:41 Nemo_bis no longer happy... 20:41:03-11/02 [server] Adding dynamic listener on /var/run/ id=0 PID=19274
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20:42 trea hi
20:43 thatcher how goes it
20:43 nengard WOA!!!!
20:43 nengard Hi thatcher
20:43 nengard :)
20:43 thatcher o/
20:43 bag happy birthday thatcher
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20:44 thatcher hbd bag
20:44 pianohacker hi thatcher !
20:44 NateC Hey Thatcher!
20:44 thatcher how goes it NateC, pianohacker
20:44 NateC good good!
20:45 edveal Hi thatcher!
20:47 thatcher edveal hi
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21:09 drojf not sure why i did this, but here is an ascii graph of koha releases 3.04 and later.[…]koha_releases.png
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21:21 drojf good night #koha
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21:41 gmcharlt drojf++
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21:45 Nemo_bis I'll probably need this https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]zebra_permissions
21:45 Nemo_bis But tomorrow :)
21:49 eythian Hi
21:50 wizzyrea hi
21:50 wahanui privet, wizzyrea
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22:50 alex_ Hi wizzyrea. I got Koha working for a while but when I tried to apply a patch I went to the localhost and could not see the applied patch. Therefore I thought I would reload the kohadevbox and vagrant from the external harddrive I had backed up a instance of ubuntu on. But for the first time ever I had a external hard drive fail. So I had to go back through all the steps you helped me with to load koha again. But I keep getting this error af
22:50 alex_ ter I try to run “vagrant up”
22:50 alex_ “The following plugins were installed with a version of Vagrant
22:50 alex_ that had different versions of underlying components. Because
22:50 alex_ these component versions were changed (which rarely happens),
22:50 alex_ the plugins must be uninstalled and reinstalled.
22:50 alex_ To ensure that all the dependencies are properly updated as well
22:50 alex_ it is _highly recommended_ to do a `vagrant plugin uninstall`
22:50 alex_ prior to reinstalling.
22:50 alex_ This message will not go away until all the plugins below are
22:50 alex_ either uninstalled or uninstalled then reinstalled.
22:50 alex_ The plugins below will not be loaded until they're uninstalled
22:50 alex_ and reinstalled:
22:50 alex_ vagrant-cachier
22:50 alex_ Run 'vagrant plugin install vagrant-cachier' to speed up provisioning.
22:50 alex_ Bringing machine 'default' up with 'virtualbox' provider...
22:50 alex_ There are errors in the configuration of this machine. Please fix
22:50 alex_ the following errors and try again:
22:51 alex_ vm:
22:51 alex_ * The following settings shouldn't exist: post_up_message
22:51 alex_ * The box 'bento/debian-7.8' could not be found.
22:51 alex_ shell provisioner:
22:51 alex_ * The following settings shouldn't exist: run”
22:51 alex_ I talked about this problem with Francesca the other day and she suggested I installed your version of kohadevbox which didn't have a error (bug) as the Koha Wiki suggested version does. After writing in
22:51 alex_ rm -rf kohadevbox        (to remove the old faulty kohadevbox)
22:51 alex_ And then installing your kohadevbox version from, and following the normal configuration steps I still got the same error.
22:51 alex_ What would you suggest I do now?
22:51 alex_ Alex
22:51 wizzyrea hi alex_ I didn't see you arrive - I saw your messages :)
22:51 wizzyrea you probably need to install the vagrant cachier plugin for virtualbox
22:52 pianohacker alex_: if you're gonna put a lot of text into channel, please use :)
23:05 wizzyrea I am pretty sure it's in the instructions.
23:05 wizzyrea about vagrant cachier
23:10 alex_ Yes it is but I forgot to mention after I install vagrant cachier and then vagrant up I get another error saying..
23:10 pastebot "alex_" at pasted "Bringing machine 'default' up" (6 lines) at
23:10 pianohacker alex_++
23:10 alex_ Bringing machine 'default' up with 'virtualbox' provider...
23:10 alex_ There are errors in the configuration of this machine. Please fix
23:10 alex_ the following errors and try again:
23:10 alex_ vm:
23:10 alex_ * The box 'base' could not be found.
23:50 wizzyrea alex_: was that from my github or the digibib one?
23:51 wizzyrea mine shouldn't have that problem
23:52 alex_ It is from
23:54 wizzyrea are you inside your kohadevbox directory?
23:54 alex_ Yes
23:56 wizzyrea How frustrating. In you vagrantfile, what does your line 15 say
23:56 wizzyrea your*
23:59 alex_ Line 15 says "# The url from where the '' box will be fetched if it" but line 13 says " = "base""

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