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03:34 reza Hello
03:36 reza I'm trying to move the Koha mysql database from the local machine to another server which has SSD hard drive. Besides koha-conf.xml how many other file shall I modify and change the database settings?
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04:01 reza I'm trying to move the Koha mysql database from the local machine to another server which has SSD hard drive. Besides koha-conf.xml how many other file shall I modify and change the database settings?
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04:01 dcook Hey, rangi, are you still around?
04:01 dcook Have a quick question about bug 3144
04:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3144 normal, P5 - low, ---, mjr, Pushed to Stable , anti-spam for opac-suggestions
04:02 dcook @later tell barton Bizarre!
04:02 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
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04:56 reza I'm trying to move the Koha mysql database from the local machine to another server which has SSD hard drive. Besides koha-conf.xml how many other file shall I modify and change the database settings?
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05:56 irma hi mtj how are you going ... still going ... given up ... ??
05:56 irma we are going to close the day soon and will be back tomorrow morning early
05:56 irma friends are coming over for dinner so better get some food sorted
05:57 irma goodnight all in #koha too ;-)
05:58 dcook night irma :)
06:11 Francesca argh sooooo hot
06:11 Francesca @wunder wlg
06:11 huginn Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 23.0°C (7:00 PM NZDT on February 03, 2016). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
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07:45 reiveune hello
07:48 * magnuse waves
07:48 magnuse @wunder boo
07:48 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -2.0°C (8:20 AM CET on February 03, 2016). Conditions: Light Snow Showers. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Windchill: -8.0°C. Pressure: 29.03 in 983 hPa (Rising).
07:49 magnuse 15 cm of fresh snow on the ground this morning!
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08:14 gaetan_B hello
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08:15 Francesca hi
08:15 wahanui kia ora, Francesca
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09:03 Joubu hi #koha
09:11 bag hi there
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09:27 Joubu magnuse: could you confirm my comment on bug 15697 comment 4 about NORMARC please?
09:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15697 trivial, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , Unnecessary comma between title and subtitle on
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09:37 magnuse bag: HI
09:37 wahanui kia ora, magnuse
09:37 bag hey magnuse
09:37 wahanui magnuse is afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
09:42 magnuse Joubu: the qa followup looks good. and yes, marc21 and normarc are very similar in most regards
09:44 Joubu magnuse: thanks!
09:53 jajm hello
09:56 cait hi all
09:58 thd Hello cait
09:59 cait meeting in one minute!
09:59 * thd is very happy that his right hand is working again after straining it closing luggage hastily after the ALA conference.
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10:00 thd s/working/working without pain/
10:00 cait #startmeeting General IRC meeting 3 February 2016
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10:00 cait Welcome all!
10:00 cait #topic Introductions
10:00 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
10:00 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 February 2016)
10:01 cait Please follow wahanui's example and introduce yourself with #info
10:01 bag #info Brendan Gallagher - ByWater
10:01 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
10:01 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
10:01 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_3_February_2016
10:02 ikourmou #info Giannis Kourmoulis - Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
10:02 cait jajm, thd, Joubu?
10:03 cait oh sorry, thd - overread your entry
10:03 jajm #info Julian Maurice, BibLibre, France
10:03 jajm thanks cait  :)
10:03 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart
10:03 cait quiet morning
10:03 cait let's move on
10:03 cait #topic Update on Releases
10:03 Topic for #koha is now Update on Releases (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 February 2016)
10:03 cait as bag is awake... I will hand over to him
10:04 bag cool
10:04 bag I’ll be quick
10:04 bag not much to report - I’m pushing
10:04 bag good dev meeting yesterady
10:05 bag next dev meeting in 2 weeks
10:05 bag that’s it - unless people have questions?
10:05 cait I will make changes to the coding guidelines as agreed on yesterday - please keep an eye on that page (hopefully before the end of the week)
10:05 cait not a question, just a note :)
10:05 bag :)
10:05 Joubu just a quick hint: there is a critical PQA, bug 15687
10:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15687 critical, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Passed QA , Syntax errors in misc/translator/
10:06 Joubu the translate script is broken on master
10:06 bag thanks!
10:06 cait If you are running master, there is a new dependency for the XSS fixes that needs to be installed from CPAN currently, but will hopefully be packaged soon as well - the web installer will prompt for it
10:06 jajm and in stable versions too I think (at least 3.22.2)
10:06 bag I looked at that the other day but didn’t finish
10:06 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin, Germany
10:07 cait jajm: hm our 3.22.2 seems ok - how does it show?
10:07 jajm cait, you can't run ./translate update xx-XX
10:07 gmcharlt #info Galen Charlton, Equinox
10:07 cait hm i did
10:07 cait on git
10:08 jajm cait, hmm ok, so I'm probably wrong, which is a good thing :)
10:08 cait i can retest after the meeting - we update the po files on our branch for some changes in xslt
10:08 cait ok, moving on?
10:09 Joubu (confirmed, ok on 3.22.2)
10:09 cait jajm: any update on 3.22.2?
10:09 cait if not that's ok, writing the topic change line :)
10:10 cait #topic INSTALL.debian is outdated
10:10 Topic for #koha is now INSTALL.debian is outdated (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 February 2016)
10:10 cait #link http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.[…]ed-td5861347.html
10:10 jajm cait, nothing to report
10:11 cait If I see it correctly, this is about the instructions we ship with Koha
10:11 cait the current file was last changed in 2012
10:11 cait the proposal is to
10:12 cait 1) delete it
10:12 cait 2) replace it with content from the wiki page
10:12 cait 3) Include a link to the instructions on the wiki page
10:12 ashimema 3++
10:13 cait which wiki page would we link to?
10:13 Joubu 2++ :)
10:13 Joubu and sync it on releasing (RM job)
10:13 cait bag? :)
10:14 bag 3++
10:14 bag but I’d be fine with 2 :)
10:14 cait 0++ - don't have a clear preference, all are fine for me
10:15 cait it's a draw
10:15 jajm 1-- (no preference between 2 and 3)
10:15 cait ah, no, 2 then - anyone else here to vote? :)
10:15 drojf i don't have a preference either
10:15 cait ok, so not 1
10:15 drojf a link is probably best in my opinion
10:15 cait we will make this easier, who is going to make the change?
10:15 drojf or, well. no i say 2
10:15 drojf sorry .D
10:15 drojf otherwise offline install is impossible
10:16 Joubu that's the point, of course
10:16 cait ok, so 2.
10:16 Joubu and it seems easy to keep it up-to-date once every 6 months
10:16 cait #agreed Update the INSTALL.debian file with content from the wiki
10:16 drojf can we scrape the wiki page? that should not be too hard
10:16 cait who is going to do it?
10:17 cait it would be good to add it to some kind of pre-release list
10:17 cait update about page... update installation instructions... etc.
10:17 bag I can update that file in koha
10:17 cait #action bag to update the file in Koha
10:17 cait thx bag
10:17 cait hm i shoudl have specified which filee :)
10:18 * bag adds it to release notes checklist
10:18 cait #action bag to update the INSTALL.debian file in Koha from the wiki (scratch the other action item)
10:18 cait moving on
10:18 cait #topic Hackfest in Berlin
10:18 Topic for #koha is now Hackfest in Berlin (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 February 2016)
10:18 cait drojf?
10:18 wahanui drojf is from Germany and developing Koha on a raspberry pi!
10:18 drojf i just wanted to use the opportunity to say: there is a koha hackfest in berlin the week before kohacon, i'd propose 25--27 may as the the core time but i have the room from 23 to 27 may if that is not enough. i will be leaving to thessaloniki saturday afternoon.
10:18 drojf i suppose people are planning/booking their kohacon travels now so it's probably a good time to mention it. if you plan on coming, it would be good to know about it. some people have expressed interest but don't want to decide until others say they are coming. which is a bit problematic ;)
10:19 drojf there is a wiki page with some info here https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]hacon_Warmup_2016 so think about it :)
10:19 drojf that's about it i think
10:19 cait thx drojf :)
10:20 bag cool it’s tempting
10:20 drojf HA!
10:20 drojf :)
10:20 bag :)
10:20 cait lots to see in Berlin - and good food
10:20 * cait can recommend :)
10:20 cait moving on to the next event
10:21 cait #topic KohaCon16
10:21 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon16 (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 February 2016)
10:21 ikourmou hello everyone
10:22 ikourmou i think i should give some info
10:22 ikourmou we have the kohacon16 site up and running...
10:22 ikourmou
10:22 ikourmou with a lot of information already
10:23 ikourmou (should i copy this information to a wiki page also?)
10:23 drojf ikourmou: the page is fine
10:23 cait ikourmou++ kohacon16-team++ very nice website
10:23 drojf no need to dupicate
10:23 cait #link
10:23 cait if you'd want you could add a link maybe
10:23 drojf ikourmou++
10:24 ikourmou ok, i will do this. I would like to encourage everyone here to register...
10:24 ikourmou and submit presentation proposals.
10:24 cait maybe a kohacon16 page that points to your website - to help get it more visible
10:25 magnuse #info Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
10:25 ikourmou also if you have any comments / suggestions on the presentation topics
10:25 ikourmou
10:25 ikourmou i will be happy to read them
10:26 drojf i have a question
10:26 ikourmou and general suggestions or comments - regarding kohacon
10:26 drojf is it possible to register without google forms?
10:26 drojf because there was a lot of personal information, like food allergies and stuff
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10:26 ikourmou you can send an email, containing only the info you wanna give...
10:27 drojf cool
10:27 cait #info Please register and submit presentation proposals - forms are on the website
10:28 cait so if the form doesn't work, send an email?
10:29 ikourmou If anybody can't reach the form or doesn't want to fill in all that info, they can send an email
10:29 cait #info If anybody can't reach the form or doesn't want to fill in all that info, they can send an email
10:29 cait just clarifying for the minutes
10:29 ikourmou if there are no comments / suggestions, I would like to ask a few things...
10:29 cait please ask
10:29 drojf i had something else with the forms but i forgot, sorry
10:30 drojf i will send you an email if it comes up again
10:30 ikourmou do we need to define a keynote speaker / topic?
10:30 ikourmou do you have to suggest sth?
10:30 cait hm
10:31 bag hmm is right
10:31 cait trying to remember :)
10:31 drojf i think traditionally there is a koha history talk at the beginning? but that depends on people handing in a proposal for that
10:31 cait I think sometimes someone from the institution hosting it said a few words in the beginning
10:31 cait and sometimes the current release manager
10:31 drojf oh yes, bag, tell us a story :)
10:32 cait I think there is no strict rule
10:32 bag well I could have already released in May drojf
10:32 cait it's up to you on how you want to do it
10:32 drojf oh. true
10:32 bag and who knows if I’ll do a second one ;)
10:32 ikourmou ok, so depending on the presentation prposals we could choose the keynote speaker / topic.
10:32 cait good point heh
10:32 drojf i'd say wait for the proposals and see what you get
10:33 bag but I do love to talk :)
10:33 cait and if you have something you'd like to do - try it out :)
10:33 ikourmou ok, thanks
10:33 cait bag:  you could still talk about 3.24 - or the funding... or... lots of things :)
10:33 bag yeah I like the try whatever you want to try attitude
10:33 drojf funding is probably not a great warmup topic
10:34 drojf ask them once they love koha (in case they are new to it)
10:34 drojf ;)
10:34 cait maybe at the end ):
10:34 cait :)
10:34 drojf should be the case after three days :)
10:34 cait ikourmou: do you have another question?
10:34 ikourmou also, do you think it would be interesting to have some case studies with Koha implementations around the world?
10:35 gmcharlt +1
10:35 bag yes
10:35 thd ++
10:35 drojf yes. preferably done by librarians, not support providers
10:35 magnuse yes
10:35 drojf or library staff
10:35 cait +1, by libraries for libraries :)
10:36 magnuse the story of the public libraries in turkey might be an interesting one, for example
10:36 drojf if they release the code…
10:36 drojf :P
10:36 ikourmou i think we could ask some people (based on the list emails) to give presentations about their libraries (ie - I have Turkey and Saudi Arabia in mind)
10:37 thd Any suggestions on how to fly cheaply from the US?
10:37 bag thats cool
10:37 ikourmou @magnuse exactly!
10:37 huginn ikourmou: I've exhausted my database of quotes
10:37 cait ikourmou: i think Turkey would be great
10:37 gmcharlt would still be interesting (just as yet unclear whether good example or horrible warning of making customizations to a GPL project ;) )
10:38 drojf from my point of view, it is a fork with unclear license at the moment
10:38 drojf i'd prefer that to sort that out before they become the center point of a koha conference ;)
10:38 magnuse :-)
10:38 cait I think getting in contact with the project woud possible answer a lot of questions :)
10:38 drojf *to be sorted out
10:38 drojf but i'm curious too, of course :)
10:39 thd The horrible warning is also a lesson for projects about how to do better for managing contributors to avoid losing their contributions in an unnecessary fork.
10:39 drojf what about a nice agpl talk? *hides*
10:40 drojf ikourmou: do you need help with the proposals once the cfp is over?
10:40 ikourmou that;s a cmplication i haven't thought of
10:41 ikourmou I should see the detail before inviting anyone to present.
10:41 drojf i asked on the list, joann did too. there was no reply so far about the code changes
10:42 cait yeah :(
10:42 cait we have other known forks tho
10:42 gmcharlt hopefully somebody can make a personal contact
10:43 cait how do we want to proceed? could we do something to help clear this up?
10:43 thd The reasonable suggestion has been that if we had been using git much earlier we would have more contributors and fewer forks.
10:44 cait hm i don't believe that git is the issue
10:44 cait there are quite new forks, because people rapidly add features they need urgently
10:44 bag heh
10:44 mkuhn joined #koha
10:45 cait i think sometimes the pace of a project makes people fork, possibly there are other reasons too
10:46 gmcharlt time for next agenda item?
10:46 bag thanks
10:46 Joubu The Turkey fork contain a lot of specific dev, Turkish related, not sure they are candidate for inclusion in master
10:46 ikourmou drojf: of course. as soon as cfp is over i will let you know
10:46 ikourmou just a couple of things:
10:46 ikourmou next step will be a call for sponsorships
10:47 cait sounds good
10:47 ikourmou we 'll have a page for that
10:47 cait #info Call for Sponsorships coming soon on the website
10:47 bag cool
10:47 ikourmou with all the budget planning etc
10:48 thd ikourmou: Do you have any special insight to low priced flights from the US?
10:48 cait Could you maybe discuss in PM and share results later?
10:48 ikourmou thd: I dont have atm, but i could take a look and send you an email
10:49 ikourmou cait: sure
10:49 cait thd: maybe share on the wiki what you find out?
10:49 ikourmou I would like to finish with this:
10:49 thd Certainly
10:49 wahanui it has been said that Certainly is confusing.. thanks for bringing ashimema's attention to it.
10:49 cait forget Certainly
10:49 wahanui cait: I forgot certainly
10:50 drojf i liked certainly :/
10:50 ikourmou any comments / suggestions are more than welcome (concernig every aspect of kohacon16)
10:50 bag :)
10:50 cait thx a lot ikourmou
10:50 cait ikourmou++
10:50 cait drojf: you can teach him something new :)
10:50 ikourmou please register and add your proposals for presentations!
10:50 cait heh, moving on now :)
10:50 cait #topic KohaCon17
10:50 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon17 (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 February 2016)
10:51 drojf thanks ikourmou, looking forward to kohacon :)
10:51 cait there is currenty one proposal from the Philippines
10:51 cait shoudl we talk about setting an end date for the bidding already or does this have more time?
10:51 drojf i dont think there will be any more before next kohacon. we are very early with this now
10:52 bag more time
10:52 drojf much more time
10:52 cait ok
10:52 drojf just because we allow proposals immediately now does not mean we have to decide earlier
10:52 cait so not forcing this now :)
10:52 cait yep makes sense to me
10:52 bag :)
10:52 cait #info end of bidding date to be decided much later
10:53 cait #info currently only one proposal from the Philippines
10:53 cait so the voting process - any progress there?
10:53 drojf i tried to add some options we had to the wiki
10:53 drojf https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_conduct_the_vote
10:53 drojf they are pretty basic, but that is what we discussed last time, i think
10:53 cait #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_conduct_the_vote
10:54 drojf i think others should have look and add pros and cons
10:54 cait we have very low attendance today - shoudl we schedule a deifnite vote for the next meeting?
10:55 cait with a reminder on the mailing list maybe?
10:55 drojf i would say we vote around next kohacon?
10:55 cait or that, just before the bidding closes maybe
10:55 thd Would proposals 2 and 4 have some risk of a proximate if not actual tie?
10:55 drojf so we can discuss this once people thought about it
10:55 cait #info voting mechanism for next KohaCon vote to be decided - please take a look at pros and cons of methods listed on the wiki page
10:55 drojf and there is the problem of fakes
10:56 thd fakes is the more important issue.
10:56 drojf we had about 10% on each side last time. with a very clear result it does not matter, but if it were close…
10:56 cait #info please also take a look at the notes about handling fake votes
10:57 cait moving on?
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10:57 thd The idea of giving personal names along with other info seems helpful as a control.
10:58 cait shall we add preferences to the wiki page as notes?
10:58 drojf i would not want to limit it to institutional email addresses really, but it would be an option (which excludes a lot of people)
10:58 drojf it would be nice if people add their thoughjts to the wiki
10:58 drojf so we can sum it up in one of the next meetings
10:59 cait #info Please add your thoughts directly to the wiki page for next meetings
10:59 cait #topic Update from the International Koha Fund Committee
10:59 Topic for #koha is now Update from the International Koha Fund Committee (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 February 2016)
10:59 cait gmcharlt?
10:59 wahanui gmcharlt is an expert in all things library technology.
10:59 gmcharlt wahanui: forget gmcharlt
10:59 wahanui gmcharlt: I forgot gmcharlt
10:59 cait i liked gmcharlt!
10:59 gmcharlt so, the fundraising committee last met on 27 January
11:00 gmcharlt and the main topic of discussion was draft rules for a Grants committee that will disburse money collected by the funds
11:00 gmcharlt the draft is still being discussed among the fundraising committee, but will be put out for general comment shortly after 10 February
11:01 cait #info last fundraising committee was on 27 January
11:01 cait #info draft rules for Grants committee still discussed but available for general comment shortly after 10 February
11:02 cait I see in the action items from last stime:      bag to ask how much has been raised so far
11:02 gmcharlt I believe we're awaiting an update from THT; we'll nudge again
11:02 cait ok thx
11:03 cait questions or comments?
11:03 gmcharlt one other point for an upcoming general meeting
11:03 cait yes?
11:03 gmcharlt is that we will be proposing a change to the terms of reference ( to allow majority vote rather than unaminty in article 4
11:04 gmcharlt the specific proposed change to the wording will be sent out well beforehand
11:04 * magnuse has to run off for a bit
11:05 cait #info  A proposed change to the terms of reference ( to allow majority vote rather than unaminty in article 4 to be decided at another meeting. Proposed change to the wording will be sent out well beforehand.
11:05 gmcharlt and our general aim is to attain community approval by April or thereabouts so that we'll be in a position (assuming that the money is there) to start a cycle of disbursing grants from the fund later this year
11:05 cait hm coudl you info that for me? :)
11:05 gmcharlt we are also refining some material to use to encourage poeple to donate
11:05 wahanui okay, gmcharlt.
11:05 bag and to do fundraisers too :D
11:06 gmcharlt heh
11:06 bag drojf: more time (I think is appropriate here)
11:06 bag :P
11:06 gmcharlt #info The fundraising committee aims to attain community approval of the procedures for collecting and disbursing funds by April (or so)
11:07 gmcharlt #info Tentative aim is to do a fundraising and grant disbursement cycle later in 2016
11:07 cait thx for the #info and thx to the committee
11:07 gmcharlt and, I think that's it unless bag cares to add anything
11:07 bag great job gmcharlt - you got everything :D
11:07 bag gmcharlt++
11:09 cait :) moving on then
11:09 * gmcharlt stumbles off in search of coffee
11:09 cait do we need more brainstorming?
11:10 drojf oh coffee
11:10 drojf good idea
11:10 khall left #koha
11:10 khall joined #koha
11:10 cait ok,
11:10 cait i think no brainstorming :)
11:11 cait #topic Actions from last General meeting
11:11 Topic for #koha is now Actions from last General meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 February 2016)
11:11 cait funding committee met, asked for update about the current donations... that leaves
11:11 cait khall asked nicely to add another mock-up for an overview kind of page
11:11 cait khall, around?
11:11 khall somewhat ; )
11:12 cait see above ^
11:13 cait the topic was the issuing rules revamp from the last meeting
11:13 khall referring to the circ rules revamp? We haven't completed the mock-up yet
11:13 cait where a second page to the input page was discussed
11:13 cait ok
11:13 khall : \
11:13 cait i will action you again :)
11:13 cait #action khall asked nicely to add another mock-up for an overview kind of page
11:14 cait #topic Next meeting
11:14 Topic for #koha is now Next meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC meeting 3 February 2016)
11:14 cait hm wednedsy
11:14 cait March 2nd
11:14 thd 9th?
11:14 Joubu maybe another time? :)
11:14 cait 10 UTC
11:15 drojf we had 10 utc today
11:15 cait ah sorry
11:15 cait 20utc
11:15 drojf i don't mind, but others may :)
11:15 cait me and timezones... i can't be trusted
11:15 drojf if that works for you? i think you said its your birthday
11:16 thd What about 9th March.
11:16 thd ?
11:16 cait well... yes it is
11:16 cait 9th would work for me - but also somene else coudl chair :)
11:16 drojf i don't see why we should not take 9
11:16 thd I prefer not the first Wed of the month.
11:16 cait ok
11:17 cait so suggestion: Wednesday 9th, 20UTC
11:17 cait +1
11:17 drojf +1
11:17 cait March...
11:17 wahanui somebody said march was often the month with the most snow here...
11:17 thd +1
11:17 cait #agreed Next IRC meeting will be held on 9 March, 20 UTC
11:17 cait #endmeeting
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11:17 thd Snowy 9th ;)
11:17 cait thx all
11:17 cait off for lunch
11:17 Joubu thx cait
11:19 drojf wiki page added
11:20 drojf i deleted debian install and fundraising, and copied the rest. i hope that was correct
11:21 drojf updated https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]neral_IRC_meeting too
11:22 drojf cait++
11:33 drojf liw: around?
11:33 liw maybe...
11:33 wahanui hmmm... maybe is a momentaneous error
11:34 liw drojf, what's up?
11:35 drojf you were talking about doing a debian packaging workshop. are you going to hand in a proposal for kohacon?
11:36 liw drojf, I could do that, though right now it needs to be tentative, as I have various upheavals in my work life coming up during the next two months and this might ruin everything
11:38 drojf oh, i hope it won't ruin anything!
11:40 drojf liw: just wanted to say if greece won't work for you or the organizers, maybe berlin the week before would. don't know how that would work with funding (i think rangi mentioned that), but maybe it's an option for you
11:42 tcohen joined #koha
11:53 liw drojf, ack, that's good to know
11:54 liw drojf, I thnk what I would like to do is hold on for a couple of weeks before submitting proposals, and if the work thing looks positive, I'll submit something
11:55 drojf liw: i think cfp for greece ends end of february. it would be more of a hackfest thing, so i don't know if that matters
11:56 khall cait:[…]2-03+06.54.35.png
11:56 khall cropped:[…]06.56.44.png?dl=0
11:57 liw drojf, the thing I would like to do is take 2-4 hours, spend a bit of time on theory (to give people the big picture view) and then go through a packaging exercise of a simple program with the participants (everyone makes a package, alone or in pairs), and then maybe look at some of the Koha Debian packaging
11:57 liw drojf, not sure how that'd fit into a conference or hackfest the way Koha does them
12:01 drojf liw: sounds great to me. i have only been to one kohacon so far. there were only shorter things at the hackfest. but there were always groups discussing things and  general dev work in parallel, so i don't see why it should not fit in, as long as there is some space aside the main group to gather
12:03 drojf i have no idea how many people are interested in the topic. i only know i am :)
12:05 liw my goal with the tutorial would be to get people up to speed so that they can a) build the Koha Debian package themselves b) make small packaging changes as needed c) help maintain the packages (always good to not have to rely on a single person)
12:05 drojf liw: as for berlin, i don't do a cfp, it will all be very casual. there might be a catmandu workshop if they can't go to greece too. it's in an "open source coworking space" so there might be non-koha people that would like to join.
12:06 drojf yeah that would be very good
12:06 Joubu That would be a great workshop for the hackfest
12:06 drojf and packing other dependencies would be a helpful skill too
12:07 liw one of the problems is that I hvaen't actually paid any attention on Koha or its Debian packaging, on a technical level, since 2010, and i have no idea what I'm doing
12:07 cait khall: options for sorting and hiding columns would be great
12:08 cait khall: hm columsn and rows maybe, like ... show all that is there for library A
12:08 khall cait: yep! this is just a basic mockup
12:08 khall cait: agreed, i put that suggestion on the wiki page already ; )
12:08 khall https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ackend_Revamp_RFC
12:08 cait cool :)
12:09 khall not sure if we should show the rule selected for all of them at once, or only show it when the cell is clicked.
12:09 khall doesn't really need to be decided just yet at least
12:10 drojf liw: i think a general workshop would be nice and helpful, if you can't look into the koha specific parts
12:10 cait hm not sure i understand that bit :)
12:10 liw drojf, *nod*
12:10 khall The top cell of Loan period is like it would look if you clicked on that field
12:10 khall it shows the rule selected ( Library A / All / All ) and a quick link to the rules editor
12:11 khall probably best to keep the rule hidden until clicked,
12:11 khall at least most of the time.
12:11 khall we could have a 'show all rule selectors' checkbox as well
12:12 cait aah, so the table shows the explicit rules for each combination- the cell shows the single rule?
12:12 khall right
12:12 cait and only 'more information' on klick
12:12 khall exactly
12:12 cait coudl also maybe be a checkbox on top
12:12 cait to show or not show
12:12 khall yep, that's what I'm thinking
12:13 cait drojf++ thx for adding the next page already
12:14 drojf cait: maybe we should put the fundraising back on? it would probably be good to have that as a regular topic
12:14 cait yep sure
12:14 cait i just added the page to too
12:31 oleonard joined #koha
12:32 oleonard Hi #koha
12:40 cait hm is there a way to change the color of the icons in the opac navbar?
12:42 oleonard Not in the OPAC, where the icons come from an image sprite
12:44 oleonard Sorry to miss the meeting. No power at my house this morning :(
12:45 cait oleonard: thx for confirming :)
12:45 cait sorry to hear about the power problem
12:46 oleonard My kids were excited to eat breakfast by candlelight
12:46 drojf heh
12:49 meliss joined #koha
12:49 * magnuse waves
12:56 oleonard Don't we have a bug for adding fontawesome icons to the OPAC?
12:57 oleonard Oh there it is
12:57 oleonard Bug 15287
12:57 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15287 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, francescalamoore, NEW , Use font-awesome on the OPAC
13:09 ericar joined #koha
13:22 Dyrcona joined #koha
13:45 NateC joined #koha
13:48 paul_p magnuse = are you around ?
13:49 * oleonard waves to paul_p
13:49 paul_p hi oleonard. Good morning !
13:50 paul_p oleonard (when is the vote in OH ? here we've heard a lot of iowa !)
13:50 * cait waves too
13:51 cma joined #koha
13:52 oleonard paul_p: Not until March. And I'm sure you've heard way too much about Iowa!
13:53 oleonard Prepare to hear way too much about New Hampshire next.
13:53 paul_p oleonard ;)
13:53 paul_p oleonard for sure, we heard much more about that than about what's happening in Burundi, and it's much much more important (this country falling in civil war again)
13:54 * paul_p has very very good friends in Burundi...
13:54 oleonard I agree, not that a Trump presidency wouldn't be a disaster for everyone.
13:55 paul_p trump as president of the US. That could be fun (in a movie only...)
13:57 edveal joined #koha
14:01 JoshB joined #koha
14:16 magnuse paul_p: i'm around for ~15 more minutes
14:25 mario joined #koha
14:36 slef hello everybody
14:40 slef Does anyone have tips on serials for where you get multiple copies at one branch?  In particular, is there an easy way to set up different routing lists for each copy, or does each copy have to be its own subscription?
14:41 oleonard_ joined #koha
14:41 * oleonard_ waves to slef
14:41 * slef waves at oleonard_
14:57 cait slef: currently only one routing list per subscription
14:57 cait you you'd have multiple subscriptons - one for eachcopy
14:58 cait i thnk there is a bug about enabling mulitple routing lists
14:59 amyk joined #koha
15:00 slef cait: thanks. bug 7957 perhaps?
15:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7957 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Routing lists: manage several routing list for each subscription, and export them as CSV
15:01 cait yes, that was the one i was thiking about
15:01 slef ok thanks
15:01 cait ... and sorry for the typos :)
15:02 slef I have no legs.
15:02 cait ?
15:02 slef[…]a-leg-to-stand-on
15:03 slef as in, I can't criticise it because I typo often.
15:04 slef It's a mangled idiom ;)
15:08 cait thx :)
15:16 kidclamp joined #koha
15:22 andreashm joined #koha
15:24 * andreashm waves
15:34 slef bbl
15:41 tcohen joined #koha
15:47 * kidclamp waves
15:49 * cait waves
15:50 * oleonard waves, and wonders what we are waving about
15:50 hbraum joined #koha
15:53 kidclamp y'know, just a "Good morning" type wave, but exctied, like Kermit, both hands in the air, crazy arms, big smiles!
15:54 oleonard "Yaaaay!"
15:55 drojf joined #koha
15:58 ericar_ joined #koha
15:59 oleonard Bug 13715 makes "limit to available" 100% useless.
15:59 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13715 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , "limit to items available" hides records with multiple items where 1 is not available (checked out) but others are
16:02 jcamins oleonard: bug 4481
16:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4481 major, P1 - high, ---, koha.sekjal, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, Search's Limit to Available filters out many available items
16:02 oleonard I was just wondering if you were really around jcamins
16:03 jcamins Nope.
16:19 oleonard khall, alex_a: I still can't get Bug 14695 to apply on master
16:19 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14695 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Needs Signoff , Add ability to place multiple item holds on a given record per patron
16:20 khall oleonard: will double check
16:20 alex_a oleonard: let me try
16:20 khall alex_a: thanks!
16:22 oleonard barton please check out the discussion on Bug 15551 when you get a chance
16:22 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15551 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , checked out items not showing on
16:23 alex_a oleonard, khall: No problem for me
16:23 alex_a oleonard: Did you use git bz?
16:23 oleonard Yes
16:23 barton oleonard: looking.
16:25 rocio joined #koha
16:29 alex_a oleonard: mmh weird. It does not apply on biblibre sandboxes ...
16:29 alex_a But it's ok on my local master
16:33 norbertDD_ joined #koha
16:33 norbertDD__ joined #koha
16:34 Joubu alex_a: apply and reattach the patch on the bug report
16:34 norbertDD__ left #koha
16:34 Joubu then try again
16:37 pianohacker joined #koha
16:38 paul_p joined #koha
16:43 alex_a oleonard: Looks like it works now (applied on biblibre's sanbox)
16:43 alex_a thx Joubu
16:44 drojf joined #koha
16:45 oleonard Yes, it applies for me now too alex_a, thanks!
17:03 drojf what is a save place to put xslt files in koha? it deleted my stylesheet from the regular folder
17:04 drojf after an update
17:04 drojf safe
17:10 ericar_ joined #koha
17:13 drojf i guess it's a translation feature. i only had it in /de-DE/, which probably gets deleted before the translation is updated
17:18 eythian drojf: I'd use somewhere in /var
17:18 eythian That's really also where translations from the packages should go, imo
17:27 tcohen joined #koha
17:31 drojf makes sense. but all the {langcode} stuff would have to be changed
17:37 drojf koha-us++ #finally
17:43 oleonard But no formal announcement?
17:44 drojf i thought i had missed it, but if you have not seen one too…
17:45 cait drojf: we put them in en and let translate run over them
17:46 cait drojf: with the added trick of having all strings pre-translated in an include file that does not end in .xsl and is just copied over untranslated
17:47 cait if you name it something not .xsl the translation script doesn't touch it...  :)
17:47 drojf the second part sounds confusing ;) thought it won't be translated if there is no po file anyway
17:49 cait hm i remember now
17:49 cait it's a copy of the standard file - so the standard strings i want it to translate and the additions go into the included file...
17:49 cait which has the only benefit of me not having to maintain the po files
17:50 cait i just run koha translate update to that the file gets picked up
17:50 cait it sounds somehow too complicated :)
17:52 drojf i think i understand it ;)
17:53 cait scary :)
17:54 drojf we do not have an automatic update of the standard marc framework, do we?
17:54 cait hm in which way?
17:55 cait I think we included database updates in the patches for the new fields, but only for the default framework
17:56 drojf that would be enough, the rest could be customized. i was wondering about the new files, like rda stuff
17:56 drojf and i thought i had not all fields in an older install
17:56 Joubu bye #koha
17:57 drojf have to check again
17:57 * barton wonders if the bibliographic data for "Das Kapital" would be stored in a MARX record. ;-)
17:57 oleonard :P
17:57 * druthb groans
17:57 drojf lol
17:57 * druthb throws tomatoes at barton
17:58 barton how many hard core communists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
17:59 barton eh. no one's biting...
17:59 barton none: the lightbulb contains the seeds of its own revolution!
18:00 barton [ok, i'll stop]
18:00 amyk-PHONE barton lol
18:01 cait heh
18:01 cait bye all :)
18:01 cait left #koha
18:06 drojf joined #koha
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18:26 tcohen joined #koha
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19:25 nengard joined #koha
19:25 nengard Hello #koha I'm in a demo say hi to the librarians!
19:26 onre hi, librarians! we are the internet
19:26 nengard tgoat you there???
19:26 nengard Say hi to McKinney!!
19:27 TGoat Hi McKinney!
19:27 nengard vikki from flower mound says hi
19:27 nengard she is a glutton for punishment
19:27 nengard demo #5
19:27 nengard hehe
19:27 TGoat Hi Vikki!
19:28 TGoat I feel like I'm on romper room but I can't see anyone :P
19:28 nengard hehe
19:29 Francesca joined #koha
19:32 magnuse joined #koha
19:37 cait joined #koha
20:09 aleisha joined #koha
20:21 kathryn joined #koha
20:22 kathryn hi everyone
20:24 TGoat HI Kathryn
20:25 TGoat neeed any help?
20:25 kathryn thanks for asking :) I just lurk here a lot
20:25 kathryn I always need help, but I didn't break Koha today
20:25 kathryn I work at Catalyst in NZ
20:38 barton @later tell oleonard I closed bug 15551; kidclamp opened bug 15736 in its stead.
20:38 huginn barton: The operation succeeded.
20:41 amyk joined #koha
21:12 mario joined #koha
21:50 tcohen joined #koha
22:05 cait joined #koha
22:09 cait hm forgot to turn the chat client back on :(
22:10 pianohacker @later tell cait omfg you deleted koha
22:10 huginn pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
22:10 pianohacker sorry, forgot to tell you sooner
22:10 cait ?
22:12 pianohacker :)
22:16 reza_ joined #koha
22:19 irma joined #koha
22:26 mario joined #koha
22:35 eythian kathryn: hi
22:35 eythian Also everyone else
22:35 kathryn hi eythian :)
22:35 kathryn thanks for my birthday wishes t'other day
22:35 eythian 😀
22:37 aleisha hi eythian how's things
22:38 eythian Hi aleisha. Things are good here.
22:38 aleisha good to hear!
22:38 eythian Be nicer to be out of winter though
22:38 pianohacker winter--
22:47 bklein joined #koha
22:52 bag hola
22:53 chrisvella joined #koha
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23:10 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15358: Fix authorities merge <[…]75a3d9afc8da6e007> / Bug 15687 [QA Followup] - Tidy sub to remove tab characters <[…]ceab6374627aeb95c> / Bug 15687: Fix syntax errors <[…]diff;h=70112cfb81
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