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00:05 pianohacker bye all!
00:05 dcook laters pianohacker
00:05 pianohacker heh, hibye dcook
00:05 dcook Who waha
00:05 wahanui somebody said waha was refusing to learn.
00:06 dcook Hmm bad timing pianohacker..
00:08 dcook @later tell pianohacker The problem will be with your /etc/zebradb/retrieval-info-bib-dom.xml file.
00:08 huginn` dcook: The operation succeeded.
00:09 dcook @later tell pianohacker You're probably using an old version, so update it from master.
00:09 huginn` dcook: The operation succeeded.
00:11 dcook @later tell pianohacker Format xml will get you the indexes as "index" is the default element as it's the first retrieval element mentioned for XML. You're probably missing <retrieval syntax="xml"/> declared before it. You may also need <retrieval syntax="xml" name="zebra::*" /> at the bottom although I think <retrieval syntax="xml"/> as the first xml retrieval element should do the trick.
00:11 huginn` dcook: The operation succeeded.
00:12 dcook I should write that somewhere...
00:13 dcook @later tell pianohacker Unless you're using authorities and then obviously the problem is with /etc/zebradb/retrieval-info-auth-dom.xml
00:13 huginn` dcook: The operation succeeded.
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00:23 dcook @later tell pianohacker You can take a look at 7.6 in I think older versions didn't have access to the special elements as I think we're probably overwriting some internal config for the xml syntax with our retrieval config...
00:23 huginn` dcook: The operation succeeded.
00:24 dcook Torn between creating a new import service... or making match checks be able to support additional comparison operators...
00:24 dcook The latter would probably be smarter...
00:25 dcook So you'd only replace Bib X if the 005 of the version you're importing is newer...
00:25 dcook Ah, but that's problematic too..
00:26 dcook As someone may have updated the local version... but you really do want to replace it with the incoming version...
00:26 dcook I suppose for OAI, I could maybe put the OAI-PMH datestamp in a different field...
00:27 dcook I dislike the idea of making a table of OAI identifiers and datestamps just to check if the incoming record is newer than the last processed OAI record..
00:57 dcook Ah except the OAI-PMH datestamp isn't necessarily going to be that granular..
00:58 dcook It theoretically could be YYYY-MM-DD...
00:58 dcook Boo OAI-PMH...
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01:27 wizzyrea Hm, I wonder if we should change "build a new report" in the report module from the guided report maker
01:28 wizzyrea to the create report from sql
01:28 wizzyrea because I think people use "create report from sql" more than the report builder?
01:28 kidclamp I concur
01:28 wizzyrea oh! someone with an opinion!
01:29 kidclamp but I have never used the report builder
01:29 wizzyrea I'd kinda like to take the report builder out entirely
01:29 JoshB joined #koha
01:29 kidclamp I have always told people, ask for a report, don't use that
01:29 wizzyrea yeah
01:29 wizzyrea same
01:29 kidclamp I don't even understand hwo it works
01:30 wizzyrea well that's not necessarily a reason to nuke it
01:30 wizzyrea :)
01:30 kidclamp get rid of acquisitions too by that standard
01:30 wizzyrea but it is decently confusing for people
01:30 kidclamp I would be curious to hear from someone who does use it, and get sgood results
01:30 wizzyrea I think it might be good to de-emphasise it though
01:31 wizzyrea more research needed I think
01:32 dcook Remove acquisitions and serials! :D
01:33 kidclamp remove all the things! all the sysprefs!
01:33 dcook Yeah I don't know if people using the report builder even get good results... but they might not know what is good or bad..
01:33 wizzyrea ^ this is really a concern
01:33 dcook Silent problems are the worst :(
01:33 * dcook is trying to figure out some silent problems of his own atm
01:34 wizzyrea I remember we had some reports at my old job, and the statistics were out for a year because of a guided report built report
01:34 * dcook shudders
01:34 wizzyrea things got a lot better once we understood wtf the report wasn't doing
01:34 wizzyrea or wasn't counting, or was double counting
01:35 wizzyrea I feel like the report library is much safer.
01:35 rangi in theory
01:35 wizzyrea especially when people contribute their reports
01:35 dcook The report library is a monster though
01:35 dcook I never use it anymore
01:35 rangi some of those reports are broken
01:35 dcook ^
01:35 wizzyrea they are
01:35 rangi and don't do what people who wrote them thought they do
01:36 rangi it really needs someone to go through and tidy them all up
01:36 wizzyrea true - dk how you prevent that sort of thing though
01:36 wizzyrea besides curation
01:37 kidclamp I always think it would be nice to have some stock reports kept in koha, but checking them against each db version would be tedious at best
01:37 dcook Yeah updating data after an upgrade blows..
01:37 * dcook looks at the marc frameworks
01:37 rangi there isn't a way, if they are going to be the recommended way to do reporting, it should be someones job ot curate it
01:37 dcook Sounds reasonable to me
01:37 dcook Finding someone perhaps less easy
01:38 dcook What about a few different checks?
01:38 dcook Like... the curator checks them once a month or something
01:38 dcook But the creator can also self-check
01:38 dcook Obviously a self-check isn't enough... but...
01:38 kidclamp rangi:I feel like there's someone who often says 'great are you volunteering?' to statements like that...who am i thinking of?
01:38 wizzyrea I'm envisioning a system by which people thumb up or thumb down reports so the bad ones disappear
01:39 kidclamp :D
01:39 dcook wizzyrea: I like that
01:39 kidclamp that's a good idea wizzyrea
01:39 wizzyrea idk if it would work on the wiki
01:39 rangi they should be versioned to
01:39 dcook ^
01:39 wizzyrea well I'm quite sure it wouldn't
01:39 wizzyrea yes.
01:39 rangi theres no reason they have to stay on the wiki though
01:39 wizzyrea "tested on version xxxx"
01:40 dcook ^ to what rangi said
01:40 wizzyrea yeah nah, if we had a solution like that it'd not be on the wiki
01:40 dcook Just had a flashback to high school math...
01:41 dcook If Task 1 is moving at this speed, and Task 2 is moving at this speed, at what speed will things get updated out of order?
01:41 dcook Err what time will things be updated out of order*
01:41 kidclamp how would you version tested on master?
01:42 rangi you dont
01:42 dcook ^
01:42 rangi because no one runs master in production
01:42 rangi no one sane that is
01:42 dcook ^
01:42 kidclamp heh, true
01:44 rangi if we did it at
01:44 rangi with an api
01:44 rangi then you could click something in koha to import
01:44 rangi etc
01:45 rangi and it could even go, you're running 3.20, that report isn't tested for that are you sure?
01:45 rangi and some way to click "this works in 3.20" to report back
01:46 rangi we just got our first motion sickness casualty from how much our building is wobbling in the wind
01:47 kidclamp that sounds terrifying
01:47 wizzyrea it was pretty intense earlier
01:47 wizzyrea I think it's getting better slowly
01:47 rangi its only averaging 57kmph at the mo
01:47 rangi still gusting over 100 tho
01:47 wizzyrea definitely a "is it wind or earthquake" day
01:48 wizzyrea answer: wind.
01:52 dcook Interesting... I didn't know that we did a "diff" for imported records
01:52 dcook Doesn't look like it's UTF8 safe though..
01:53 dcook Then again..
01:54 dcook Yeah, it looks like it's butchering the imported record.. maybe that's my data..
01:54 * dcook officially doesn't care atm
01:56 dcook I'm actually liking this match check idea...
01:56 dcook Although maybe it wouldn't be used very often..
01:57 dcook But in theory it might be nice to only import records if the 005 is more recent..
02:00 dcook Maybe all my thoughts on time relate to edge cases anyway..
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03:15 dcook Hmm SRU is disabled by default, yeah?
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03:39 Amit_Gupta hi
03:39 wahanui bonjour, Amit_Gupta
03:39 Amit_Gupta all
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07:48 * magnuse waves
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07:54 reiveune hello
07:57 lds hello
07:57 wahanui hey, lds
07:58 magnuse ouch[…]-wall-in-auckland
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08:00 sophie_m bonjour
08:00 alex_a bonjour
08:00 wahanui what's up, alex_a
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08:25 drojf morning
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08:36 gaetan_B hello
08:36 wahanui hey, gaetan_B
08:37 Joubu hi
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09:18 LibraryClaire happy Friday #koha
09:18 cait happy friday LibraryClaire :)
09:20 * LibraryClaire waves
09:22 LibraryClaire @wunder LHR
09:22 huginn` LibraryClaire: The current temperature in London / Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom is 6.0°C (9:00 AM GMT on January 08, 2016). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.54 in 1000 hPa (Steady).
09:23 magnuse @wunder boo
09:23 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -13.0°C (9:50 AM CET on January 08, 2016). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: -18.0°C. Windchill: -22.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
09:23 magnuse @wunder kautokeino
09:23 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Kautokeino, Norway is -12.0°C (10:00 AM CET on January 08, 2016). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: -15.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Falling).
09:23 LibraryClaire you win ;)
09:23 magnuse @wunder karasjok
09:23 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Banak, Norway is -16.0°C (9:50 AM CET on January 08, 2016). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: -18.0°C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
09:23 magnuse lucky me!
09:23 LibraryClaire hehe
09:23 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
09:23 huginn` drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 3.0°C (10:20 AM CET on January 08, 2016). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: -1.0°C. Pressure: 29.47 in 998 hPa (Steady).
09:24 drojf oh, it's + !
09:24 magnuse yay
09:25 LibraryClaire woop
09:25 LibraryClaire We must have hit 0 overnight, there was ice on the line so my trains were all delayed -.-
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09:26 cait @wunder Konstanz
09:26 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Friedrichshafen, Germany is 5.0°C (10:20 AM CET on January 08, 2016). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
09:26 cait quite warm here for winter
09:27 LibraryClaire it's pretty ridiculous
09:29 drojf LibraryClaire: over here, as soon as you can see a snow flake in the sky, public transportation gets problems. during the last years it has become a tradition to label all regular weather "unexpected", "worst winter in years" and whatnot. like, OMG, snow in january, who would have expected that?
09:31 LibraryClaire drojf: hah, oh dear. That does seem to happen here a lot. We had problems in autumn because there were 'leaves on the line'. Now it's ice... the joys of commuting
09:34 cait leaves... htat#s new :)
09:35 ashimema happy friday LibraryClaire
09:35 LibraryClaire hey ashimema :)
09:36 LibraryClaire cait: I was surprised to say the least, hehe.
09:37 drojf LibraryClaire: "deutsche bahn" used to advertise that even in deepest winter, trains just work. unfortunately that was a long time ago, before they made a lot of cuts in maintenance to maximize profits. and they do part of the local transport in berlin too, which has not been running as scheduled for… at least 3 years now. every time there is some kind of weather (omg it's cold, oh it's too warm), they blame it on that :/
09:38 LibraryClaire drojf: I was going to say, they always worked well when I lived in Munich and used them to get to school. But no idea what they would be like now...
09:43 drojf LibraryClaire: a few days ago there was a train stuck in northern germany due to ice, it took about 20 hours for 40 kilometers. and that only got attention because some politician was on board and tweeted about it. lol
09:45 LibraryClaire drojf: ouch! :/ well that sucks!
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10:02 ashimema ouch
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11:23 janPasi__ help! :D
11:23 janPasi__ we have a problem with kohas sip-server
11:23 janPasi__ when a client tries to self-checkout his/her reservations, the sip server doesn't respond
11:24 janPasi__ causing a timeout and the self-checkout machine to hang
11:45 Joubu janPasi__: see bug 15006 maybe
11:45 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15006 normal, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Signed Off , Need to distinguish client timeout from login timeout
11:51 cait janPasi__: which koha version?
11:51 wahanui rumour has it which koha version is that
11:59 janPasi__ cait: this is 3.16
12:00 cait hmm we didn't use that version... so hard to tell
12:00 cait i'd say it works in later versions - we are on 3.18 - but only because i haven't had a report about it so far
12:00 janPasi__ according to logs koha seems to hang at "performing checkout" and it never responds to the sip-message
12:08 janPasi__ I need to attend a meeting now, but I'll be back after a little while
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12:15 tcohen morning
12:15 Joubu tcohen: heh, good timing :)
12:15 Joubu tcohen: hi
12:15 wahanui bonjour, Joubu
12:15 tcohen ?
12:15 Joubu tcohen: using kohadevbox:ansible, plack + nytprof (not sure it's nytprof related), I get Could not compile /home/vagrant/kohaclone/ Can't locate Authen/CAS/Client/Response/   ./Authen/CAS/Client/Response/ Permission denied at /usr/share/perl/5.20/ line 97.
12:15 Joubu just after the login
12:16 Joubu did you already see that?
12:16 tcohen i hadn't seen that
12:22 Joubu ok it seems that I have started plack with root
12:22 tcohen ah, instead of koha-plack
12:24 Joubu I have used koha-plack but logged as root
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13:00 khall cait: it looks like your input is needed on bug 14244
13:00 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14244 normal, P5 - low, ---, misilot, Signed Off , viewing a bib item's circ history requires circulation permissions
13:00 cait khall: thx, i know - it's on the todo list
13:00 khall cool
13:01 cait please feel free to add your opinion too
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13:16 oleonard Hi #koha
13:19 LibraryClaire hi oleonard
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13:50 * andreashm waves
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13:58 * cait waves at andreashm
13:58 cait happy new year :)
13:58 andreashm happy new year cait
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14:41 Joubu I have generated some benchmark using nytprof that I would like to share. Does someone could provide me an access to a server where I could upload them (with webserver if possible)
14:50 ashimema they come out as plain html do they not?  Perhaps a github pages space?
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15:02 Joubu ashimema: I will try that, thx
15:03 ashimema just seemed like it might be the quickest route to goal ;)
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16:05 reiveune bye
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16:13 bag morning
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16:26 cait test_plans++
16:26 cait working on a list of new features in german... so helpful
16:27 bag :)
16:31 * ashimema looks forward to seeing Joubu ntyprof results
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16:38 gaetan_B bye
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16:50 Joubu ashimema: not so exiting I am afraid
16:50 Joubu ashimema:[…]f/dbic/index.html
16:51 Joubu not sure I have finished neither it's understandable, but I have to go
16:51 Joubu the number of statements / execution time, which appears at the top of the page are very weird sometimes
16:51 ashimema I'll have a read..
16:51 ashimema looks like a good start though for the very quick look
16:51 Joubu for -160ms (of 5.97ms), executing 286 statements and 82537 subroutine
16:51 Joubu -160ms ???
16:52 laurence left #koha
16:53 Joubu Have a good w-e #koha
16:56 pianohacker hi ashimema
16:57 ashimema hi pianohacker
16:59 ashimema Nice work on those Profiles Joubu
16:59 ashimema yes more can be done to really understand them.. but you've made a great start..
16:59 ashimema really proes that dbic should deffo not be used with cgi like use cases.. i.e. with the load_namespaces call being done often..
17:00 ashimema once at startup = OK.. with every request = Hell no!
17:00 ashimema[…]profhtml.20401_2/ #This one makes me wonder what Koha::Objects::search is doing on top of the dbic::search?
17:02 ashimema oh no it doesn't.. I'm reading the flamegraph wrong ;)
17:06 pianohacker dcook++
17:06 pianohacker @later tell dcook Thanks much, that worked
17:06 huginn` pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
17:07 pianohacker , for reference
17:27 bag @later tell paul_p  Happy Birthday Paul!!!
17:27 huginn` bag: The operation succeeded.
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