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07:54 bora hello i am looking for help
07:54 bora on koha update
07:54 bora i want to update from koha version 3.14 to koha version 3.22
07:54 bora anyone please help
07:54 bora i am appreciate this
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08:42 libtech hello i need help on update from koha 3.14 to koha 3.22
08:42 libtech so anyone can help me how to make an update on this ?
09:51 * ashimema wonders why people just disappear after asking questions before getting a reply
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11:15 liw ashimema, siesta? dinner? lunch? sun is shining, beaches are open? impatience?
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12:13 drojf hi #koha
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18:53 rangi morning
18:54 liw good morning, rangi
18:55 magnuse kia ora rangi and liw
18:56 drojf evening
18:57 magnuse drojf: would moin be out of place at this hour (in europe)?
18:57 drojf magnuse: in northern germany (especially hamburg) moin works all day (and night)
18:58 magnuse ah, moin drojf then
18:58 drojf but it confuses others :D
18:58 magnuse lulz
18:58 drojf hei magnuse :)
18:59 magnuse "Oblique title", eh?
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19:09 drojf :D
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21:28 wizzyrea @later tell eythian
21:28 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
21:30 drojf the problem with the NA part of the name seems to be hard to understand from a US perspective
21:30 * drojf giggles
21:31 eythian What's with the weird transition thing?
21:31 eythian drojf: yeah it's a bit odd
21:34 eythian First exciting European crime experience this evening! Accidentally took the wrong way back to the station and got pick pocketed for my phone. Fortunately noticed and got it back.
21:40 cait1 wow
21:42 wizzyrea !
21:42 wizzyrea I am impressed by you.
21:45 drojf that's europe!
21:47 * cait1 was never pick-pocketed
21:53 drojf me neither
21:53 eythian cait1: let me know when you're next here, I can show you where it can happen.
21:53 cait1 I think i can live without the experience
21:54 drojf come on, do it for fun! bring an old phone
21:54 eythian Heh
21:56 eythian Or maybe put a mouse trap in your pocket
21:56 liw . o O (it'd be possible to a pickpocketing honeypot by baiting them with tracking devices)
21:56 drojf you get stabbed for that in some parts
21:57 eythian Not if you stab them first!
22:04 rangi that thread just keeps on failing
22:05 rangi now its been suggested its KohaAmerica .. which will annoy not only the other north americans, but all the south americans too
22:07 drojf annoy everyone! :D
22:07 rangi just call it the world series of Koha
22:07 eythian > (for many, travel outside of the U.S. is prohibited).-- I know what they mean, but I want to make a Soviet Russia reference of some sort.
22:11 wizzyrea yeah I think they'd probably find that... hm.
22:13 eythian To close to home?
22:13 eythian *Too
22:14 wizzyrea yes.
22:18 drojf good night
22:18 eythian I'm sure if they're in good standing with the Party they can get the required paperwork.
22:20 wizzyrea buuuurn
22:21 wizzyrea oh, I don't know what's with the weird transition thing. Flipping kangaroo though.
22:30 eythian
22:30 cait1 ?
22:35 wizzyrea lolol
22:36 eythian cait1: you know how we went to Switzerland to play mini golf?
22:36 eythian I was talking to the daughter of the owner of that place this evening.
22:37 cait1 the world is really small :)
22:38 eythian Indeed :-)
22:40 eythian Especially the mini golf world...
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22:41 dcook You could say the world is... mini
22:41 dcook :O
22:42 eythian I wouldn't though
22:42 eythian That'd be a terrible thing to say
22:42 dcook Hehe. Indeed it would.
22:42 eythian :-D
22:42 cait1 eythian: did you get any vouchers? ;)
22:43 eythian Haha no
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22:47 dcook Everyone is up late!
22:47 dcook Well, relatively late
22:47 Francesca joined #koha
22:53 * magnuse waves drowsily before falling asleep
22:54 eythian magnuse: I have Norway tickets booked, but had to chop a day out, so probably can't get up your way :-/
23:23 wizzyrea I think I've been picked as Paul's pedant target
23:25 wizzyrea His pedantry is markedly less pleasing than some I've been exposed to.
23:25 dcook :(
23:32 eythian wizzyrea: just markov chain my old emails and reply with them
23:33 wizzyrea :) that had occurred to me actually
23:33 wizzyrea I just wish he'd actually read and look at the things he feels compelled to comment on.
23:33 wizzyrea it's pretty clear he didn't look at the example
23:34 wizzyrea because if he did, he'd know how it works because it's bleedingly obvious.
23:36 eythian It's obvious from the emails. He adds nothing to the conversation.
23:37 papa joined #koha
23:39 eythian http://lists.koha-community.or[…]ember/042142.html <-- now he's gone from old unsupported koha to old unsupported frankenkoha
23:39 eythian Hi papa
23:39 * eythian goes to sleep
23:39 dcook Oh snap. I did read that one recently..
23:39 * dcook hopes eythian doesn't get listserv nightmares
23:40 dcook "modding the relevant lines gives rise to supplemental errors"
23:40 dcook Nooooooo!
23:40 dcook I wonder what he would do if I told him Perl 5.14 was technically no longer supported
23:40 dcook O_O
23:40 dcook Wait, nevermind, that wouldn't do anything
23:41 dcook Because that doesn't mean anything
23:41 dcook (to him)
23:52 dcook Oh neat, the Debian installer for 8.2 lets you choose which DE you want

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