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01:53 tcohen hi
02:19 wizzyrea HI
02:19 wizzyrea er, hi.
02:19 wizzyrea lol.
03:03 bag evening
03:08 tcohen hey
03:42 bag stupid streaming app is messing up!
03:42 bag argggghhh
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07:14 reiveune hello
07:26 * magnuse waves
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07:48 fridolin hie
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07:55 alex_a bonjour
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08:12 gaetan_B hello
08:12 wahanui salut, gaetan_B
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08:30 mydsls wants to upgrade 3.18 to 3.20
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09:05 * cait waves
09:14 * magnuse waves too
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09:25 ashimema hugs all round
09:26 cait :)
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11:13 drojf hi #koha
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11:23 drojf SWIB is streamed live in case anyone is interested. or to play in vlc[…]60p/playlist.m3u8
11:23 drojf it's lunch break right now though
11:29 cait are you there?
11:33 drojf ufortunately, no. too many things to do, not enough time for a 3 day conference :(
11:33 drojf *unfortunately
11:33 drojf would have liked to take part in a workshop. well, next year
11:34 cait next year. :)
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12:24 * magnuse misses hamburg
12:29 drojf let's all go next year :)
12:29 drojf and hei magnuse
12:34 magnuse moin drojf!
12:34 magnuse yeah, let's!
12:34 magnuse well, i'll probably skip the conference and just get hamburg ;-)
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12:43 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:53 tcohen hi
12:53 wahanui hi, tcohen
12:53 oleonard Hi tcohen
12:54 magnuse kia ora oleonard and tcohen
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13:14 barton hi oleonard!
13:14 oleonard Hi barton
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14:34 magnuse have fun #koha
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14:50 oleonard Since when does the check-in screen not include not-checked-out-items in the list of things which were scanned?
14:51 oleonard Oh, since Bug 14821
14:51 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14821 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Don't show item in checked in list, when it wasn't checked in
14:52 * oleonard disagrees :(
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14:56 bag morning
15:01 wnickc morning bag
15:02 bag morning wnickc
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15:51 mtompset Greetings, #koha
15:56 oleonard Hi mtompset
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16:00 mtompset Greetings oleonard
16:00 mtompset Have you ever had the pleasure of configuring email for your Koha server, oleonard? :)
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16:01 oleonard I don't administer "real" servers mtompset , only testing VM's
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16:02 mtompset In otherwords, you kicked it into working, and just kept going because it was testing?
16:02 mtompset Greetings, TGoat pianohacker
16:02 pianohacker good note to come into channel to
16:02 mtompset pianohacker: I was asking oleonard if he ever had the pleasure of configuring email for his Koha server.
16:03 mtompset We were running Ubuntu with 3.14.x, and I just followed some instructions online for postfix.
16:03 mtompset I'm upgrading the server to 3.20.x, but I don't really want to just follow some instructions online.
16:04 mtompset I'm worried about actually configuring something a little more secure than that.
16:04 mtompset (oh, and switching to Debian)
16:05 mtompset So, have you played with email configuration, pianohacker?
16:06 pianohacker I messed around with postfix waaaaay back in the day
16:06 pianohacker it's been long enough that the main thing I remember is that configuring postfix was far nicer than exim or sendmail
16:06 pianohacker also, hi oleonard!
16:06 oleonard Hi pianohacker
16:07 pianohacker very glad to see you're back man
16:08 reiveune bye
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16:10 mtompset pianohacker: That seems to be my impression too. I did get nullmailer configured for my personal account on GMail. The problem is the mail server I really want to configure it on uses a self-signed certificate, and that causes nullmailer to barf.
16:13 oleonard Thanks pianohacker, I'm glad to be back.
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16:22 xarragon What kinf of query is this (CCL, CQL, PQF)? Control-number:12086320
16:24 barton @seen chris_n
16:24 huginn barton: chris_n was last seen in #koha 8 weeks, 5 days, 21 hours, 21 minutes, and 12 seconds ago: <chris_n> liw: LOL... my thoughts exactly
16:24 barton hm.
16:26 * chris_n looks about
16:27 barton ohai chris_n! :-)
16:28 barton I'm trying to figure out what fonts were used prior to the addition of the <ttf> ... </ttf> section in $KOHA_CONF.
16:28 barton we recently upgraded a server/koha version for one of our libraries, now they're saying that the fonts have changed.
16:28 chris_n "built-in" microsoft fonts
16:28 chris_n at least that's where they originated long ago
16:29 chris_n they were very basic and limited in scope iirc
16:30 pianohacker xarragon: that's definitely not pqf (you'd see an @attr in there), but I always forget which of ccl/cql uses colons
16:31 xarragon yeah well, I am just trying to figure out hjow to use getrecords.. But I am just putting warns everywhere now so i shiould have the info I need ina  few moments
16:32 pianohacker xarragon: ah, okay. That's not any of the above, but just the syntax Koha uses
16:33 chris_n barton: its been a long time since we made that change, and I'm not certain what to say other than the original code used the default set of pdf fonts
16:33 xarragon pianohacker: It runs that query through ZOOM::Query::CCL2RPN() it seems
16:34 barton ah... those are probably postscript fonts.
16:34 xarragon pianohacker: So I'd guess CCL..
16:36 chris_n barton: actually, no; they were ttf fonts
16:36 * chris_n wishes he could remember the particulars
16:37 chris_n not embedded
16:37 chris_n but local
16:37 barton hm.
16:38 xarragon Hmm, getRecords(9 wasn't that hard to use once you dumped the parameters
16:39 xarragon Now I jsut need to figure out what I get back
16:39 chris_n you could have a look at the guts of PDF::Reuse and probably figure it out
16:40 barton Ok. I'll give that a gander. thanks chris_n.
16:41 chris_n sorry I can't be of much more help atm
16:42 * chris_n heads back out for what will probably be another 8 week hiatus
16:44 pianohacker xarragon: yar, but it does a :/= replacement first
16:44 pianohacker and boolean operators get handled strangely
16:46 xarragon Wee, now I get results
16:46 xarragon was just missing querytype = 'ccl'
16:47 xarragon pianohacker: But yes, I does perform magic on it first.
16:47 xarragon pianohacker: Sorry for asking, in this case it was just easier to debug it a bit i guess
16:47 pianohacker I think calling anything does "magic" is a stretch... more like dark trickery
16:48 pianohacker xarragon: rubber duck debugging :)
16:49 xarragon Hmm, but I still just get a MARC record and a hit rating.. I need item information, is there som magic search that allows me to use the same input but get item info?
16:50 xarragon Guess I can look at opac-detail since it lists holds?
16:50 pianohacker xarragon: out of curiosity, what are you trying to do?
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16:51 xarragon I need to get availability info for an item, given an identifier in the Control-field MARC record.
16:52 xarragon Since Zebra has indexed that field, I use that to look it up.
16:52 pianohacker ahh kk
16:52 xarragon People here directed me towards SimpleSearch, but I only get the MARC record. I need to map it the items database somehow (using ISBN was my first idea) but now I am looking to see if someone has already done that
16:53 xarragon Since the OPAC details page shows item info anyway.
16:53 xarragon My hope was that the getRecords function would return it, since it took like half the known universe as parameters
16:54 pianohacker xarragon: I think SimpleSearch will return the item information, since it's added as 952s to the record when it's exported to Zebra
16:54 xarragon Not sure if ISBN is the best approach to map it though, since apparently it can have multiple numbers in it.
16:55 xarragon pianohacker: Oh, that would be great. I have not looked in detail on the entire MARC record
16:55 pianohacker in fact, you can amend that "think" to "am 99% confident"
16:55 xarragon Wouldn't be the first time I have overlooked something right in front of me.
16:56 pianohacker it's not an obvious thing :)
16:57 xarragon But does that info get updated and reindexed whenever item informatio changes?
16:58 xarragon Well, I'll look at the XML contents before flapping my yap any further
17:01 pianohacker xarragon: it's updated as often as zebra is reindexed (which may be really often if you have the daemon enabled), but if it needs to be super up to date, it may be better to extract the biblionumber from the record using C4::Biblio::TransformMarcToKohaOneField then get the items using GetItemsInfo (in C4::Items)
17:07 xarragon pianohacker: Oh, that function sounds exactly like what I was looking for.
17:09 xarragon pianohacker: I don't seem to have much in the way of 9xx series MARC fields though. I guess they are a special class?
17:10 xarragon back soon, need to catch train home
17:13 gaetan_B bonne soiréebye
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17:29 oleonard Every once in a while we get an item which is on hold for someone but no notification comes up when we check it in.
17:29 oleonard Anyone else get that?
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17:30 tcohen hi
17:34 bag hi
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18:56 oleonard Wow it's really time to rethink that wide-ass table for setting circulation rules
19:08 rangi it sure is
19:08 pianohacker oleonard: we have a dev on the horizon to improve that and the backend behind it drastically
19:08 pianohacker rfc before the end of the year
19:08 pianohacker I'm _so excited_ to start it
19:09 oleonard Great
19:09 bag yeah oleonard what pianohacker should totally help that problem - I agree it’s way too unwieldily
19:09 oleonard I look forward to seeing the proposed new design
19:10 oleonard Koha's interfaces are getting a little too out of control, pattern-wise.
19:11 pianohacker yes
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19:34 bag hey rangi is the econtent cpan module out on cpan?  or is that still in a tarball
19:34 bag sorry that’s vague-ish
19:34 bag the one that we’re working on for overdrive
19:35 bag cool - I’ll ask later
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19:35 rangi[…]Service-ILS-0.01/
19:36 bag awesome thanks much rangi
19:36 bag sweet
19:36 bag loves the JSON option ;)
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19:56 oleonard Bye all. See you in a week.
20:32 wizzyrea Is your zebra running? is <reply>[…]-1335553706-6.gif
20:32 wizzyrea Is your zebra running?
20:33 wizzyrea Is your zebra running is <reply>[…]-1335553706-6.gif
20:33 wizzyrea is your zebra running?
20:33 wizzyrea hrmph.
20:40 wnickc hah
20:41 wnickc at the image, not your troubles :-)
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20:50 pianohacker wahanui: wahanui?
20:50 wahanui i am canadian
20:50 pianohacker wut
20:54 pianohacker hahaha did people see the post about $t being uneditable in the frameworks?
20:54 pianohacker that's the silliest bug
20:55 wizzyrea hehe I figured wnickc
21:10 pianohacker >_<
21:11 pianohacker marcel, why did you use numeric error codes in Koha::Upload...
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21:12 * pianohacker looks around for the large fishbot
21:16 wizzyrea no!
21:16 wizzyrea no troutslapping!
21:16 * wizzyrea is firmly anti-fishslap.
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21:18 pianohacker ... numeric error codes are old school enough to warrant an old school troutslap, wizzyrea, in my mind
21:19 wizzyrea nope.
21:19 wizzyrea https://starsandstethoscopes.f[…]petopus.gif?w=300
21:20 pianohacker that's way too many nopes for a mere troutslap
21:20 pianohacker your troutslap opinions seem to be more a single firm "nope."
21:20 pianohacker that's a bibframe number of nopes
21:21 wizzyrea hehehe
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22:17 rangi pianohacker: its an adblocker thing i think (that's the word im hearing) the t thing
22:18 pianohacker hahahahaha
22:18 wahanui well, hahahahaha is there someone else we should ask?
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22:49 * dcook enjoys pianohacker's cackling
22:49 pianohacker hi dcook :)
22:50 * cait waves
22:50 dcook hey pianohacker and cait :)
22:51 dcook Either of you know how to build an unmodified rsync for Android? :p
22:51 pianohacker hi cait !
22:51 * dcook stayed up way too late trying to get it to work
22:51 pianohacker dcook: busybox have rsync support?
22:51 dcook Yeah
22:51 dcook But I don't want to use busybox :p
22:51 * dcook likes doing things the hard way for some reason
22:51 dcook Actually, busybox might not... I think it does
22:51 dcook kbox, an add-on to busybox, definitely does
22:52 dcook And the person who did kbox said they built an unmodified rsync, so I just emailed them
22:52 dcook Found a git repo with a version of rsync that did build, but it looks like they've been patching rsync themselves for years... that's a bit of a nope for me
22:52 pianohacker what the crap are you doing?
22:52 dcook hehe
22:52 dcook Well, so far, nothing
22:53 dcook The idea is to schedule an rsync to run periodically to backup certain directories from the phone to a server
22:53 dcook Photos and such in case the next time I go to the beach my phone is nicked or winds up in the drink
22:53 rangi have you seen git annex assistant?
22:53 thatcher ^^
22:54 dcook No, but I'm intrigued to the max
22:54 rangi
22:54 dcook I am still intrigued to the max
22:54 dcook cheers rangi and thatcher
22:54 dcook Mind you, I don't necessarily want it to be synchronized :/
22:55 rangi yep you can have it works that it just archives
22:55 rangi too
22:55 dcook I'd like to do dumps. If I wipe my phone, I don't want it to wipe the archive
22:55 dcook Ooo
22:55 dcook I like when people have thought of things :)
22:55 dcook rangi: you've used it?
22:55 rangi theres not much joey hess hasn't thought og
22:55 rangi of
22:55 rangi yep
22:56 dcook That name sounds familiar..
22:56 dcook Ah, I was thinking Joel Spolsky. Completely different name..
22:57 dcook Ooo even targets the Android version I want..
22:59 dcook hehe... it comes with rsync as well...
22:59 dcook I wonder if it actually uses busybox..
23:03 rangi[…]g.cgi?id=13505#c2   <-- this is like the most corner case ever
23:03 huginn Bug 13505: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , No advanced constraints for subfields $t
23:05 cait i know right? :)
23:05 cait it took a while to figure that one out
23:06 dcook So he wrote the thing in Haskell... pre-processes with CPP... and compiles it to C in the end? :S
23:06 dcook Actually I'm not even going to go down that rabbit hole..
23:10 mtompset_ joined #koha
23:10 dcook Mmm love the shared secret. That's something I wanted to do as well..
23:10 dcook Love when people smarter than me do things that I want done
23:13 dcook Hmm the git-annex archiving doesn't seem to be a thing for Android unless you're using Amazon Glacier...
23:13 dcook Maybe I'm reading these instructions wrong..
23:17 wizzyrea that bug though.
23:25 dcook Ohh... that is a handy screencast...
23:25 dcook rangi++
23:29 dcook Hmm, looks like development halted bacck in April 2014 though..
23:30 rangi its pretty much feature complete
23:30 dcook It says Android is still in beta, but I imagine it must be a case of it being feature complete overall?
23:31 rangi most likely yeah, i havent had any issues
23:31 dcook What Android version are you running?
23:31 rangi 5.1
23:32 dcook Ah nice
23:32 bag happy birthday thatcher
23:32 dcook So a bit newer than the latest targeted release
23:37 dcook rangi: How often does it try to sync?
23:37 dcook I imagine this could kill your battery?
23:38 rangi i havent noticed it being a problem
23:39 rangi i pretty much just forget ive got it
23:39 pianohacker trea++
23:39 dcook Sweet :)
23:39 dcook Ahh, looks like he is still working on the git-annex core. Just not really on the webapp or assistant.
23:39 dcook[…]t_kept_on_giving/
23:40 dcook Or might be working on the core..
23:40 dcook last commit was 4 hours ago... so I'm guessing yes
23:40 pianohacker ahhhhhh, I've wanted this for years; I now have automatic switching between line/block cursor in insert/command mode in both vim and zsh-vi-mode... within tmux
23:40 pianohacker (within urxvt)
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23:50 dcook That feeling when someone changes a HTML system preference and busts things, and there is no action_logs to let you find it easily..
23:51 dcook Actually the second support call regarding malformed HTML in two days..
23:51 cait dcook: hm but shoudn't it be in the logs?
23:51 dcook It looks like the logs are turned off :(
23:52 cait ah
23:52 dcook Actually, it looks like they're on?
23:52 dcook That's weird..
23:53 dcook Also looks like you can't disable the log for system preferences... but there are no logs for the past 5 years :S
23:53 dcook Wait, I'm an idiot :p
23:53 * dcook shouldn't have stayed up so late last night
23:54 dcook Hmm, changed all the preferences... that helps :p
23:57 dcook A single missing </a> destroyed the whole layout
23:57 dcook Same thing as yesterday for a different site actually..
23:57 papa joined #koha
23:58 * wizzyrea pats dcook gently
23:58 dcook :)
23:58 dcook Gentle pats are appreciate
23:58 dcook d
23:58 dcook hehe
23:58 dcook I guess that's how one leaves off the closing </a>
23:59 dcook Might not be a bad idea to actually run the HTML preferences through a HTML syntax checker...
23:59 wizzyrea or use the wysiwyg
23:59 dcook or that
23:59 dcook Did that get in?
23:59 wizzyrea I think so yeah
23:59 cait yes
23:59 * dcook should pay more attention to his own bugs

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