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00:29 Francesca @later tell rangi - when you're ready and around theres a merge request waiting
00:29 huginn Francesca: The operation succeeded.
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01:35 Francesca @wunder wlg
01:35 huginn Francesca: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 17.0°C (2:00 PM NZDT on November 23, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
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02:30 dcook Is it just me or does 'eval { require "$FindBin::Bin/../" };' not actually do jack?
02:30 dcook Ah, just for a git install i guess..
02:31 dcook Buuurn
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03:32 Francesca bags packed, tablet loaded, not long to go now!
03:32 * Francesca is road tripping to auckland
03:36 rangi have fun!
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06:47 mydls having this error -  <b>Please check each of your frameworks to ensure your non-public item notes are mapped to items.itemnotes_nonpublic. After doing so please have your administrator run misc/ </b>)
06:48 mydls anyone please help pleas
06:56 mydls anyone there?
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07:27 marcelr hi #koha
07:28 * magnuse waves
07:41 reiveune joined #koha
07:43 reiveune hello
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07:45 mveron-away Good morning / daytime #koha
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07:56 alex_a bonjour
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08:00 mydls having error while upgrade to 3.20 - ERROR 1005 (HY000) at line 260: Can't create table 'koha_libraryname.aqbasket' (errno: 150)
08:01 mydls while restoring database
08:03 mydls can anyone please help?
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08:16 gaetan_B hello
08:16 wahanui hello, gaetan_B
08:20 sophie_m joined #koha
08:21 mydls hi
08:21 wahanui hola, mydls
08:21 mydls having error while upgrade to 3.20 - ERROR 1005 (HY000) at line 260: Can't create table 'koha_libraryname.aqbasket' (errno: 150)
08:21 mydls having error while upgrade
08:22 mydls can you please help
08:28 mydls hi  wahanui
08:30 mydls is anyone there?
08:30 sophie_m mydls: upgrade from which version ?
08:30 mydls 3.18.12
08:31 sophie_m aqbasket is an old table, upgrade shouldn't try to create it
08:32 sophie_m mydls: are you sure your database name is well defined in koha-conf.xml ?
08:32 mydls let me try it again
08:32 mydls thanks sophie_M
08:33 sophie_m check your $KOHA_CONF environment variable
08:44 cait joined #koha
08:47 sophie_m #koha,
08:50 sophie_m I've got a problem with and bug 12529. Before this patch, overdue notices procedure took less than one hour and now it takes more than... 7 hours. It is not possible to run it every day in this condition
08:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12529 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Pushed to Master , Overdue notices do not respect holidays
08:50 sophie_m Should I file another bug or comment on bug 12529 ?
08:52 cait dcook: hey :)
08:53 cait still there?
08:53 wahanui i guess there is no way to add items to a list?
08:53 cait sophie_m: file a new bug and link them please
08:53 cait 7 hours.... which system is this? i have never seen it run that long
08:53 sophie_m ok cait
08:54 cait is it slow even without the new preference?
08:55 sophie_m cait : it's because date interval was removed from sql query so every current issue is checked 3 times. For big library, it's just awful
08:55 sophie_m rather than juste overdues
08:56 cait hm 3 times because for every letter?
08:57 sophie_m cait : yes every issue is checked for every level of overdue
08:58 cait i am not sure it can be done otherwise becuase of the holidays
08:58 cait but maybe it could work the old way if the prf is off?
08:58 cait hm or you'd calculate the intervals looking at the holidays first
08:59 sophie_m cait :that sounds good to me
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09:10 * magnuse waves again
09:14 cait sophie_m: checking the holidays is rather important for us
09:15 cait sophie_m: but i hope the performance problem can be fixed
09:15 sophie_m cait : I understand, but the way it is done is not possible for big libraries
09:15 sophie_m I'll try to find something else to propose cait
09:16 cait thx sophie_m
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12:50 tcohen morning...
12:50 tcohen cait: pong!
12:51 meliss joined #koha
12:56 magnuse kia ora tcohen
13:01 mydsls joined #koha
13:01 mydsls hi
13:01 wahanui hey, mydsls
13:01 mydsls ERROR 2013 (HY000) at line 226: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
13:01 mydsls got this error whole restoring database
13:02 mydsls can you please help me wahanui
13:04 wnickc joined #koha
13:06 sophie_m mydsls: wahanui is a bot
13:07 sophie_m mydsls: it seems that you have problems with your database server configuration
13:08 mydsls ok
13:08 mydsls how i can correct it
13:09 mydsls sophie_m
13:09 wahanui sophie_m is looking for a .mrc file to import into the catalog
13:09 oleonard joined #koha
13:10 oleonard Hi #koha
13:10 sophie_m mydsls: How did you install ? with packages ? was is running ok in 3.18
13:10 sophie_m was it
13:10 drojf joined #koha
13:10 drojf hi #koha
13:10 sophie_m mydsls: did you change anything in etc/koha-conf.xml file ?
13:11 mydsls it was working ok & didn't change any
13:24 mydsls joined #koha
13:25 mydsls sophie_m can you help me regarding this
13:26 sophie_m why do you speak about restoring database
13:26 sophie_m mydsls:  ?
13:27 mydsls mysql configuration issue
13:27 mydsls yes
13:29 sophie_m mydsls: if you want some help, you have to describe you problem and you configuration more precisely
13:31 mydsls while restoring database it takes more time - more than 15-20 minutes
13:32 mydsls and while i tried to upgrade database through browser installer steps - same problem
13:33 mydsls it won't moves to second step
13:34 mydsls sophie_m  : while restoring database it takes more time - more than 15-20 minutes |  and while i tried to upgrade database through browser installer steps - same problem  | it won't moves to second step
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13:36 sophie_m mydsls: you've got to look in mysql log files or ask your system administrator to have a look
13:38 mydsls ok
13:46 marcelr hi oleonard
13:46 marcelr hi drojf: saw my last question on the uploads?
13:48 drojf marcelr: yes, thanks. i set the URL parameters after i used it. i have not had time to try again yet. i will try later today
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14:04 drojf marcelr++ # you were right, thanks :)
14:05 marcelr ah
14:06 alex_a joined #koha
14:07 drojf marcelr: oh btw, is there a way to Koha::Upload->get without doing ->new before? i use Koha::Upload->new->get now to get a filename for a hash of an upload. that works, but it looks funny :)
14:08 marcelr not sure, iirc it is not
14:08 drojf ok then i'll leave it that way
14:11 edveal left #koha
14:13 drojf marcelr: another thing i noticed. when you connect to 856 and choose a file, then open the plugin again, there seems to be no way to choose a different file? you can 'choose', 'download' and 'delete', but delete actually deletes the file from the server. that was a little unexpected. (you can just clear the field in the marc editor before opening the plugin though)
14:13 drojf or am i missing something?
14:14 marcelr back button?
14:14 bag morning
14:14 marcelr hi bag
14:14 drojf there is no back button, the plugin opens in a popup
14:15 bag :)
14:15 drojf bag button :D
14:15 bag HA
14:16 Oak joined #koha
14:18 tcohen hi bag drojf marcelr
14:18 drojf hi tcohen
14:18 marcelr hi tcohen: when is the big day ?
14:18 oleonard Hi bag, tcohen
14:18 tcohen drojf: did u have any luck with adam?
14:19 magnuse bag: HI
14:19 wahanui privet, magnuse
14:19 tcohen marcelr: next thursday
14:19 bag hey oleonard
14:19 wahanui i think oleonard is not really here.  He said so.  He did!
14:19 marcelr he is here !
14:19 bag magnuse: !!! HI
14:20 tcohen hi oleonard!!
14:20 oleonard :)
14:21 drojf tcohen: not finished the patch yet. wanted to do that before bothering him. a million things to do right now :/ end of the week probably
14:21 tcohen drojf: its ok!
14:21 drojf hi oleonard
14:22 drojf when is 3.22 going to be released?
14:22 drojf not ölooked at translations either
14:22 drojf i need another me doing the work
14:22 hanthana joined #koha
14:24 drojf oh translation is done already :)
14:24 drojf mveron++
14:24 drojf cait++
14:25 tcohen drojf: next thursday :-D
14:26 tcohen Joubu: around?
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14:29 xarragon Is there an easy way to map the output of a SimpleSearch result (seems like it is the MARC record) to a set of biblioitems?
14:31 tcohen xarragon: there's no API for that
14:34 janPasi__ joined #koha
14:34 tcohen bug 14598
14:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14598 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , itemtype is not set on statistics by C4::Circulation::AddReturn
14:35 tcohen cait?
14:35 wahanui go to bed
14:35 xarragon tcohen: So extreact something like ISDN from MARC and query it from the SQL database I guess? Or is there a better field?
14:35 xarragon s/ISDN/ISBN/
14:35 tcohen xarragon: what is the goal?
14:35 wahanui i guess the goal is to be more useful, not less.
14:36 xarragon tcohen: Availability lookup based on MARC Field 001/Control-field.
14:36 xarragon tcohen: Guess some other search function already does the merging though?
14:36 bag ha cait go to bed (that’s funny)
14:36 tcohen when you said biblioitems you menat items then?
14:37 xarragon tcohen: Oh.. Yes, sorry. I got them confused.
14:37 tcohen are you trying to fix a bug or introduce a new feature?
14:37 xarragon New feature.
14:39 xarragon The swedish national catalogue expects an API to be able to query individual item's status on local libraries.
14:39 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 15062: Holds queue with Transport Cost Matrix will transfer item even if transfer... <[…]959e2f3c2df30856b> / Bug 15062: Regression tests <[…]8dac8428e93ea4221> / Bug 15198: Change wording of OpacSuppression system preference <http://git.koha-community.or
14:39 xarragon They have their own numbering based on MARC field 001 and I can successfully search that.
14:41 drojf xarragon: i think bsz uses sru in koha and a self built DAIA server for that. maybe ask cait
14:42 drojf xarragon:
14:46 magnuse tcohen: when should translations for 3.22 be done?
14:46 xarragon For starters I have to figure out what exactly SimpleSearch returns to me
14:46 magnuse (done = finished)
14:46 tcohen release date is Nov 26th
14:46 xarragon I thought i was the MARC record but it might contain item info..
14:47 drojf magnuse: better start now :D
14:47 tcohen xarragon: it only returns an array of records and the hits count
14:48 tcohen but remember item data is coded in 952/955
14:48 magnuse drojf: i'm working on it...
14:48 magnuse tcohen: thanks
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14:57 wnickc can someone else confirm is throwing an error on master?
15:04 janPasi__ joined #koha
15:14 amyk joined #koha
15:30 wnickc nvm, my bad
15:31 rocio joined #koha
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15:47 Oak joined #koha
15:48 tcohen wnickc: that's good news :-D
15:48 wnickc well, then I decided it wasn't :-) but I submitted a patch
15:50 amyk joined #koha
15:50 * Oak waves
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16:04 reiveune bye
16:04 reiveune left #koha
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18:17 tcohen hi
18:17 * tcohen suspects everyone is translating
18:22 * oleonard is trying to remember how to koha
18:22 bag I am always translating TGoat ’s typos
18:22 tcohen oleonard: heh
18:45 rangi morning
18:54 bag morning
18:54 tcohen hi rangi
18:54 tcohen thx btw
18:54 tcohen :-D
18:54 tcohen bbl
18:55 tcohen cya guys
18:55 rangi cya tcohen
18:55 bag @wunder pdx
18:55 huginn bag: The current temperature in Vancouver Heights, Vancouver, Washington is 4.3°C (10:55 AM PST on November 23, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Windchill: 3.0°C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
18:55 bag brrr
18:56 rangi @wunder wlg
18:56 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0°C (7:30 AM NZDT on November 24, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
18:58 oleonard Hi rangi
18:58 rangi heya oleonard ltns, how's things?
18:59 oleonard Things are good. I'm out of my Koha blackout, yay!
18:59 rangi yay!
19:00 bag :)
19:00 oleonard I'm not used to looking at Koha and thinking, "Hey where did that come from?"
19:01 bag that is cool
19:07 oleonard I see we have an "Actions" menu in the staff client cart now, but only one menu item, "Modify."
19:07 oleonard Is another action forthcoming?
19:10 rangi no idea
19:16 rangi whoa
19:16 rangi i think the network is the least of that guys problems, running a production machine under virtualbox ... eek
19:17 gaetan_B bye
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19:59 oleonard Bye #koha
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20:09 waa haiiii team
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20:25 mveron Good evening / daytim #koha
20:25 mveron daytime...
20:31 mveron Running t/db_dependent/Reserves.t fails with: not ok 14 - for generous library, its items fill first hold request in line (bug 10272)
20:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10272 critical, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, CLOSED FIXED, CheckReserves returns not respecting ReservesControlBranch
20:31 mveron Can anybody confirm? - See Bug 15244
20:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15244 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , t/db_dependent/Reserves.t fails with test 14
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21:06 cait t
21:06 cait @wunder Upfingen
21:06 huginn cait: Error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
21:07 waa left #koha
21:15 pianohacker @wunder 80401
21:15 huginn pianohacker: The current temperature in 16 1/2 St & Washington Ave, Golden, Colorado is 16.5°C (2:12 PM MST on November 23, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 15%. Dew Point: -10.0°C. Pressure: 29.99 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
21:15 pianohacker also hi
21:15 pianohacker holy cow, that's two blocks away
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21:18 * cait waves
21:19 bag heya cait
21:20 cait hi bag
21:21 * mveron waves
21:22 bag heya mveron
21:22 mveron heya bag
21:22 mveron and hi cait
21:22 mveron :-)
21:25 cait hi mveron :)
21:25 cait anyone seen tcohen today?
21:25 bag he was here really quickly cait
21:26 bag @seen tcohen
21:26 huginn bag: tcohen was last seen in #koha 2 hours, 30 minutes, and 59 seconds ago: <tcohen> cya guys
21:27 cait ah ok
21:27 cait just wondering about the release :)
21:41 * mveron is tired from hunting intext html tags
21:42 mveron Good night / daytime #koha
21:46 cait oh i missed oleonard!
21:47 pianohacker same :/
21:48 pianohacker but he says he's back :)
22:01 * wizzyrea is so excited that he's back
22:01 wizzyrea also hi
22:03 magnuse cait: <tcohen> release date is Nov 26th
22:03 magnuse thursday
22:04 cait thx magnuse :)
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23:33 dcook bug 15198
23:33 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15198 minor, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Pushed to Master , Make OpacSuppression work even if there are no records suppressed
23:33 dcook Hurray!
23:33 dcook I'm so looking forward to not having to include OpacSuppression in the list of things to check when troubleshooting problems
23:42 pianohacker @dcook++
23:42 huginn pianohacker: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
23:43 dcook Hey, pianohacker
23:43 wahanui regexes are AWESOME
23:43 dcook How goes it?
23:43 dcook hehe
23:43 pianohacker it goes good, just been a very long day for teacher-pianohacker
23:43 pianohacker covered two lectures plus my own, and doing office hours now for a total of 4 hours spent teaching today
23:43 pianohacker and unfortunately I have to run off to the latter
23:44 pianohacker but take it easy and have a good 'un
23:44 dcook Yikes...
23:44 dcook You too!
23:44 dcook Well, take it easy at some point
23:45 dcook Good luck!

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