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01:19 cdm does anyone know why the cart button is misaligned? im using koha 3.20.x - example img:
01:43 jcamins Another batch of cookies _and_ cupcakes in the oven.
01:50 jcamins Actually, I meant to say that on another channel.
01:50 jcamins But now #koha knows, too.
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02:55 jcamins Hrm. I don't suppose wizzyrea is around for some reason?
03:02 jcamins I have one vote for cookies instead of parfait, and no wizzyrea for advice, so looks like cookies it is.
03:08 Francesca ohhh cookies
03:08 Francesca I like cookies
03:14 jcamins That brings me up to five varieties of cookies for tomorrow: triple chocolate raspberry, volcanic chocolate chip, oatmeal-maple, peanut butter, and rosemary shortbread.
03:15 jcamins I think I will not ice all the cupcakes tomorrow, just those that I want to put out.
03:15 jcamins I can't figure out how to transport 80 iced mini cupcakes
03:16 jcamins (for during the week)
03:17 jcamins Francesca: any suggestions regarding what to do with ~100mL of coconut milk?
03:17 Francesca not that I can think of
03:17 Francesca drink it?
03:19 jcamins That seems kind of...  unexciting, doesn't it?
03:22 jcamins Another pudding would be good.
03:23 jcamins Coconut chocolate pudding?
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03:41 Francesca coconut chocolate pudding sounds good'
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16:14 mveron Hi #koha
16:39 cait hi mveron :)
16:39 mveron hi cait :-)
16:43 mveron Still about 70 files left for the C4::Dates removal...
16:43 cait I admire your patience
16:44 mveron Thanks :-) - I hope to get it done for the next release. Any help is appreciated... :-)
16:46 mveron What a looong journey for having something as simple as the dates...
16:47 cait i know :(
16:47 cait but hopefully a worthwhile one
16:48 cait cleaning up another part of Koha for good
16:48 * cait has pizza in the oven - with brokkoli and bacon
16:48 cait leftovers from the fridge...
16:49 * mveron ...had leftovers from a neighbourhood-meeting we did yesterday
16:53 cait :)
16:55 dojobo i'm having pizza too actually
16:55 dojobo cait i assume callapizza is throughout germany?
16:56 cait callapizza? :)
16:56 cait maybe germany has pizza sundays... while in norway it's fridays...
16:56 cait magnuse?
16:56 wahanui well, magnuse is a Norwegian giant.
16:56 cait magnuse?
16:56 wahanui magnuse is probably afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
16:56 dojobo callapizza is a chain i've seen in the munich area
16:56 cait aah
16:56 cait haven't seen them here
16:57 dojobo they might be local to here, i dunno
16:57 cait we have a few local ones and a joey's
16:58 * mveron fetches some 'Linzertorte' :
17:00 dojobo that sounds nice
17:03 cait mmh linzertorte... but noone beats my mum there
17:03 cait she makes the best
17:08 mveron cait: We had it from a local bakery, it is almost like home made.
17:09 * mveron would like to compare with cait's mum's Linzertorte ...  :-)
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17:12 cait you will have to visit me then around christmas :)
17:13 mveron :-)
17:15 mveron dojobo: If you like to bake a Linzertorte:
17:17 dojobo thanks, i'll try it out :)
17:18 dojobo i've never seen red currant jam before, do you think it's something easily found in grocery stores in southern germany?
17:18 dojobo (i'm from the states, we don't really eat currants there)
17:19 cait ah yeah, it should be easy in a bigger super market
17:19 cait how long have you been in germany now? :)
17:19 mveron dojobo: Or take cranberries:[…]erry-linzer-torte
17:20 dojobo a week yesterday
17:20 dojobo thanks mveron :)
17:20 cait oh!
17:20 cait and how do you like it?
17:20 cait so far?
17:21 dojobo i like it, i was in a small room for several days that didn't have a kitchen (what happens when you look for accommodations last minute during oktoberfest)
17:21 dojobo but yesterday i moved into this nice 2-room flat with a kitchen (and wifi!) and i'm much more comfortable
17:22 dojobo so far i've enjoyed the weather and the food, though i know it's going to get much colder
17:23 dojobo i don't know much german yet but i've been able to get by with english
17:23 dojobo and most people are nice about it, so long as i give german a try
17:24 dojobo started work on thursday, i like the job so far
17:25 dojobo i'm working at an astronomical library, european southern observatory
17:30 cait sorry got distracted by the pizza being done
17:31 cait glad to hear you like it :)
17:32 cait is the apartment temporary?
17:32 dojobo yeah unfortunately, my employer is providing it for a few months, then i need to find something more permanent
17:33 dojobo however since i'm a one-year fixed contract i'll probably try to get something furnished
17:33 cait ah
17:33 cait munich is a difficult area - very expensive
17:34 cait i will keep fingers crossed - but having time and being there already will certainly help :)
17:34 dojobo thanks :)
17:38 cait what's your job about?
17:38 dojobo the title is library technology specialist
17:39 dojobo it's a small library, the only other staff is my boss, the librarian
17:40 dojobo so it's a mix of things, systems librarian + acquisitions + (light) cataloging + maintaining/extending a custom bibliographic database
17:40 dojobo the database is to track published papers that use our org's data/instruments
17:42 dojobo it scrapes a NASA DB for likely-relevant papers, which the librarian and i review, and hits are published to our db
17:45 cait cool
17:48 dojobo what kind of library are you at?
18:08 cait ah sorry, working on something - getting distracted
18:08 cait I work at a library service center
18:09 cait providing services for libraries, archives and museums
18:11 cait ... and koha hosting and support
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18:25 dojobo ah, cool
18:25 dojobo we use PTFS for our hosting
18:30 mveron plugins?
18:30 wahanui plugins are just enabled or disabled with Wordpress, aren't they?
18:34 cait I know :)
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18:41 dojobo ah is that who you're with cait?
18:41 cait nope :)
18:42 cait ptfs europe is another company located in the uk
18:43 dojobo right, i didn't know if they had other offices or something
18:43 dojobo i was guessing at your "i know" comment (not sure if it was addressed to me though :)
18:44 cait ah, I just try to keep track a bit of the koha's in germany :)
18:45 dojobo gotcha
18:47 cait hm the kohas
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21:18 Francesca good morning
21:18 wahanui well, it's morning somewhere, yes
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21:49 mveron Oh, it's getting late...  Good night / daytime everybody...
21:53 eythian hi
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