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12:00 ribasushi hi everyone
12:01 ribasushi I am finally trying to get the vagrant box and diagnose the DBIC issues you folks are having (*terribly* sorry for the insane delay)
12:01 ribasushi something isn't working...
12:02 ribasushi
12:02 ribasushi ashimema: ^^
12:02 ribasushi how do I proceed
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12:13 ribasushi I guess I came in at the wrong time :(
12:30 * ribasushi edited Vagrantfile s/chef/bento/, let's see how far this goes...
13:42 ribasushi nope, I just can't get things to run
13:44 ribasushi here is where I am giving up:
13:44 ribasushi Vagrant 1.6.5 (debian jessie)
13:44 jcamins Someone said something about that problem recently.
13:44 jcamins logs?
13:44 wahanui logs is
13:47 ribasushi hm... cursory search through does not help
13:47 ribasushi I'll just re-try late tonight or tomorrow
13:47 jcamins ribasushi: no, nor me.
13:47 ribasushi ashimema: ^^ please see if you can get this stuff running, leave me backlog what was borked
13:47 jcamins dojobo just said he was going to change the same thing you were, but didn't indicate whether he fixed it.
13:57 dojobo huh
13:57 dojobo oh, yeah
13:58 dojobo sorry, it's an interesting time for me, jetlagged and running on 2 hours of sleep :)
13:58 dojobo while moving to another country
13:58 dojobo i didn't fix it because i ran into another problem
13:59 dojobo
14:02 dojobo getting it running isn't quite critical to me atm, i'm really just trying to learn the ropes, so i put it aside to read the manual
15:38 ribasushi I had an issue locally
15:38 ribasushi I got a little bit further, cloning the repo now
15:38 ribasushi ashimema: ^^ nothing to see here for now, big repo is big ;)
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16:42 ribasushi ok I got somewhat further, but am now really stumped
16:42 ribasushi I am following on a lead from 3 months ago:
16:43 ribasushi the thing is that the referenced sha (d76c9f4850c9ba7605f2c405838f973c70a70b61) is contained neither nor git://
16:44 ribasushi ashimema: ^^ leave me some crumbs how to proceed / reproduce issue locally
16:44 * ribasushi will resume tomorrow &
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