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01:53 wizzyrea tcohen++ for being very funny
02:14 dcook Hmm I thought there was a ".success" in bootstrap...
02:14 dcook And I thought we were using bootstrap in the staff client..
02:15 dcook Ahh maybe that's just for tables..
02:15 dcook Do we have anything for indicating a good result?
02:19 dcook Interesting...
02:19 wahanui well, interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
02:20 dcook It doesn't look like the bootstrap.min.css in the staff client is the real one...
02:20 dcook For one, it's not really that minified..
02:21 dcook Maybe Koha just couldn't handle it all..
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03:53 dcook Hmm...
03:53 dcook Yeah, I think it's definitely a bug in 3.14 that adds "collection" to the OAI-PMH response..
03:53 dcook But I don't see where :S
03:54 dcook Or is it my fault?
03:54 dcook That seems more likely :p
03:56 dcook Yeah... about 99% sure it was my idiocy on that one
03:57 mtj hey dcook, a nice idea re: .success class ^
03:57 dcook thanks :)
03:57 dcook There should alreayd be a ".text-success" class with Bootstrap
03:57 dcook But it doesn't look like we use the full thing in the staff client, alas
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03:58 mtj ah, ok... its a new area for me
03:58 dcook I sent out an email about it :)
03:58 dcook I'm pretty new to Bootstrap as well.
03:58 dcook Except when it comes to IE 7 O_O
03:59 dcook Especially with Bootstrap 3. Then I'm familiar...
03:59 * dcook grumbles about IE
03:59 dcook Turns out MARC::Record->as_xml and MARC::Record->as_xml_record are quite different methods... silly dcook...
03:59 * dcook wouldn't assume that as_xml() would use a collection wrapper, but there you go. Pays to do more tests and read between the lines in the docs
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04:02 mtj aah, nice option :)
04:03 mtj i have been trying to follow your PMH progress on irc, dcook :)
04:04 dcook Oh?
04:04 dcook I think I might have something to post later today :)
04:04 mtj its something im a bit curious about... it seems useful :p
04:04 dcook I'm not super happy with it... but that's why one seeks feedback!
04:04 dcook yeah, in theory it should be useful :)
04:04 dcook It originated in 2013 when we wanted to find betters ways of getting records from DSpace into Koha
04:04 mtj aaaah
04:04 dcook But there's been more interest in using it to get MARC records into Koha from other MARC systems
04:05 dcook Like union catalogues and cataloguing software
04:05 mtj im keen to take a look at your stuff, signoff.. etc :)
04:05 dcook :D
04:05 dcook Lovely to hear :)
04:05 dcook I'm most keen to get feedback on the user interface, and the import mechanism
04:06 dcook Well, more so the UI
04:06 mtj woo, sounds nice
04:06 dcook Oh, it's awful, haha
04:06 dcook Functional is probably a kind description
04:07 dcook Beating myself up about it not being good enough actually :/
04:07 mtj did you pinch code from the 'bib import' feature?
04:07 dcook So I really should post it so that people can improve it
04:07 dcook Nah
04:07 dcook Originally, yes
04:07 dcook But it was too unwieldy
04:07 * mtj would have :p
04:07 dcook hehe
04:07 dcook I still might go that route to be honest
04:07 dcook I didn't like the idea of people being able to manually un-import things though
04:08 dcook Or selectively un-import, re-import, etc
04:08 dcook As it could cause harvesting problems
04:08 mtj yep, sure... it gets tricky huh
04:08 dcook So I pretty much hard-coded it in
04:08 mtj keep it stupid, for starters :)
04:08 dcook That was my thought as well. Hehe
04:09 dcook I don't want to give people rope to hang themselves
04:09 mtj s/stupid/simple/
04:09 dcook That reminds me that I need to double-check a problem..
04:10 dcook I hope that once I get the code out there that other people will get more involved as well
04:10 dcook I kind of like having it as my baby, but it's a lot of responsibility :S
04:10 dcook Or rather...
04:10 mtj hey #koha, has anyone got a good example of an 'atomic update' patch?
04:10 dcook I rather have more eyes on it than just mine
04:10 dcook I don't have enough data to make it good enough
04:10 dcook Anyway, I'll stop jabbering. Hopefully end of today I'll have something up
04:12 dcook Actually, this one will be :)
04:12 dcook Here's what I wrote:
04:12 dcook installer/data/mysql/atomicupdate/bug_1066​2-Build_OAI-PMH_Harvesting_Client_tables.sql
04:13 pastebot "dcook" at pasted "OAI atomic update" (51 lines) at
04:13 dcook mtj: ^
04:15 mtj nice dcook
04:22 dcook Hmm... now do I want to decide the metadata with the OAI wrapper or not..
04:22 dcook It would be easier without it..
04:50 dcook It would be nice if we had somewhere for XSLTs other than the intrahtdocs...
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05:09 putti Good morning! :)
05:16 * magnuse waves
05:18 * putti waves back !
05:24 * dcook seems to have problems around the time that magnuse gets up in the morning :p
05:24 dcook Coincidence? I don't know...
05:49 dcook Blah...
05:50 dcook XML::LibXSLT... why are you removing the encoding...:S
05:53 dcook Ahh, because I'm a dummy
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05:57 dcook magnuse: Maybe your arrival coincides not with the problems but with the solutions...
05:57 dcook Btw, the <collection> thing I was facing yesterday... totally my fault
05:57 dcook Not a mainstream 3.14 thing. I was using "as_xml" rather than "as_xml_record" on our modified OAI server
05:57 * dcook facepalm
05:57 wahanui facepalm is a tiny member of the Arecaceae family whose preference for warm, humid environments makes it a perfect choice for cultivation in the human nasal cavity.
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06:28 magnuse dcook: i am a bringer of both problems and solutions - just to make your day more interesting ;-)
06:29 dcook hehe
06:29 dcook Only 30 minutes left in my day!
06:29 dcook So looking forward to tonight's beer
06:29 dcook I was hoping to finish the first draft of this OAI thing today but I don't think it's going to happen
06:29 dcook Let's see though!
06:29 * dcook focuses
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06:31 reiveune hello
06:31 putti reiveune, hi
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06:44 alex_a bonjour
06:49 putti Hi.. Do we have any other database tool than Something where one can search for table and column names / descriptions
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06:55 magnuse putti: there's always the source code, but schema.k-c is probably your best bet
06:56 putti okay
06:56 kivilahtio maybe we could have the schemaspy generate a pdf?
06:56 kivilahtio I think it does
06:57 kivilahtio putti: you can generate it yourself with schemaspy
06:57 kivilahtio putti: if making searching for keywords is what you need
06:57 putti I think many people need that
06:58 kivilahtio putti: maybe. You can always write a cookbook recipe to the kohawiki on how to generate stuff with schemaspy
06:58 magnuse but does schemaspy include any info that is not in kohastructure.sql? why not just search that file?
06:59 kivilahtio magnuse: good point :)
06:59 kivilahtio magnuse: schemaspy might have better syntax for human reading, but difference in miniscule
07:01 ashimema morning..
07:01 ashimema kivi.. was that presentation really for me..
07:02 ashimema all about updatedatabase?
07:02 ashimema kivilahtio
07:02 wahanui i guess kivilahtio is working to integrate our SMS provider to Koha
07:02 ashimema just reading it now anyways..
07:03 kivilahtio ashimema: heh, not really, no. But since you hapened to be there on the very same moment...
07:03 * ashimema notes he uses DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler in his latest apps for doing this sort of thing.. so it's likely that's what he'll compare to ;)
07:03 ashimema hehe.. I'll have  aread anyways.. looks interesting ;)
07:03 kivilahtio ashimema: I will take a look at deploymenthandler
07:04 ashimema it's a challenge to get your head around to start with to be fair..
07:04 kivilahtio maybe what I did was all pointless
07:04 kivilahtio I hope so :)
07:04 ashimema but it does lead to some beautiful upgrades/downgrades
07:05 ashimema deployment handler utilises a bunch of the dbic underlying stuff to build the basic upgrade/downgrade paths for you automagically.. but it also adds in allot of framework to allow you to write custom additions to the migration paths..
07:05 dcook Ok, I'm oout
07:05 dcook later magnuse
07:05 dcook and co :)
07:06 ashimema for instance, my favourites, perl scripts during migration that can use dynamically built dbic classes.
07:06 kivilahtio dcook: bye!
07:06 ashimema see ya dcook.. long time no chat.
07:07 ashimema does running already do something clever to not apply already applied updates?
07:07 kivilahtio ashimema: Well do let me know if I could rewrite the internals to utilize DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler
07:08 kivilahtio ashimema: problem is that I don't think the DBIx really works that well yet with our DB upgrade process
07:08 ashimema or are you just assuming your updates are written of the form that will mean they don't apply if already applied.. like ALTER IGNORE and the likes?
07:08 Joubu Bonjour #koha
07:08 ashimema dbic deffo isn't all that nice with our system yet..
07:08 kivilahtio ashimema: the AtomicUpdater takes care not to apply same updates twice
07:09 ashimema Joubu.. will grab you later for a chat.. didn't mean to offend with my koha::object comments.
07:09 ashimema awesome.. I've not played with it all that much yet :)
07:09 kivilahtio ashimema: we have some very complex update scripts, which need some perl scripting to transform data. Thus we cannot simply depend on SQL checks
07:09 dcook miss you, ashimema! We'll have to chat one of these days!
07:09 * dcook goes for real now
07:09 ashimema how does AtomicUpdater 'know' if an atomic update has already been applied.. do you have to makr the sql scripts somehow.. If so i'm sure we're getting it wrong here at ptfs at the minute ;)
07:10 ashimema :)
07:10 ashimema hugs dcook :)
07:10 kivilahtio ashimema: there is a koha.atomicupdates -table
07:10 kivilahtio ashimema: that stores the ISsue identifier, eg. Bug73432
07:10 ashimema ooh.. shiny.. hadn't noticed that
07:10 ashimema coolios..
07:11 kivilahtio ashimema: the Issue identifier prefix is configurable, so you can use you internal ticketing system tags as well
07:11 kivilahtio like we have in our Jira KD-54
07:11 kivilahtio or our new Redmine with Koha SSO, :)    #54
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07:12 kivilahtio ashimema: check out the -script to see the available options. There is are the test cases
07:12 gaetan_B hello
07:12 kivilahtio to show how to use the internal API functions
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07:13 ashimema nice
07:15 ashimema breakfast time
07:17 fridolin hie
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07:29 magnuse kia ora fridolin & cait
07:29 magnuse @wunder boo
07:29 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 10.0°C (9:20 AM CEST on September 01, 2015). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Steady).
07:29 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:29 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille / Marignane, France is 21.0°C (9:00 AM CEST on September 01, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: 18.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Rising).
07:31 putti Bye! :)
07:34 fridolin bonjourno magnuse
07:35 magnuse buongiorno fridolino!
07:37 kivilahtio tervemenoa magnuse, fridolin
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07:44 magnuse ah kia ora paul_p - long time no see!
07:45 paul_p hi magnuse & others
07:45 paul_p back from one month AFK today. I was in Madagascar.
07:45 magnuse oh wow!
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07:45 magnuse what was that like?
07:46 paul_p magnuse winter ;-) (24°C during the day, but less than 10° at night)
07:46 kivilahtio probably too epic
07:46 magnuse sounds lovely
07:46 paul_p magnuse outside from that, it was an awesome experience. Will publish photos soon ;-)
07:46 magnuse yay
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08:03 Joubu Hi paul_p :)
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08:40 * andreashm waves
08:50 * magnuse waves bac
08:50 magnuse k
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09:18 andreashm I've been around for almost an hour, and Magnuse has not exclaimed NCIP once.
09:19 * andreashm is amazed.
09:23 magnuse ncip! ncip! ncip!
09:23 magnuse there, i said it
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11:15 cait i think heh as other headaches right now probably :)
11:15 * cait waves to andreashm and magnuse
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12:22 tcohen morning
12:22 andreashm hey tcohen
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12:40 ashimema afternoon
12:40 wahanui afternoon is good
12:42 tcohen good <tz_specific_greeting>
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12:50 tcohen @later tell eythian packages should build on wheezy now
12:50 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
12:51 magnuse hiya ashimema and tcohen
12:51 tcohen hi magnuse
12:51 andreashm I spent last night reading up on the last dev meeting, about the REST API. Interesting stuff.
12:52 andreashm Also, tcohen, I found your stuff on Koha:RecordProcessor and Koha:MetadataRecord interesting!
12:52 tcohen andreashm: great
12:52 andreashm I'm I correct in understanding that this would help Koha use other metadata schemas than marc?
12:53 tcohen andreashm: that's the whole point, and refactoring the code on a step-by-step basis, into a more sane codebase
12:53 andreashm woho!
12:53 andreashm tcohen++
12:54 tcohen Joubu: good afternoon
12:54 wahanui the only good  time in the afternoon is beer o'clock
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12:58 Joubu heh :) A bit early for a beer
12:58 tcohen heh
12:58 magnuse 3pm? nah...
12:58 tcohen Joubu: do u remember who tested moving koha-conf.xml stuff into YAML?
12:58 * magnuse doesn't drink beer at all
12:59 Joubu tcohen: hum, not really
12:59 tcohen i was thinking about the idea of having an instance-registry, with creation information for Koha instances
13:00 tcohen and remembered someone did tests on removing the config section from the XML file
13:00 tcohen (it doesn't really belong there, as it is the zebra configuration file)
13:01 tcohen anyway
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13:42 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
13:42 mtompset @seen tcohen
13:42 huginn mtompset: tcohen was last seen in #koha 41 minutes and 41 seconds ago: <tcohen> anyway
13:42 tcohen hi mtompset
13:43 mtompset tcohen: I don't understand how you are suggesting changing the loop.
13:43 mtompset Because I want to run the loop.
13:43 tcohen what is the point if the deps are not met?
13:44 tcohen lets start over
13:44 tcohen what do u want to do?
13:44 mtompset I want to test offsets of 0 to 23 hours, but I can't if the dependency isn't installed, so I still want to test the 0 case.
13:45 tcohen uff, i'd say test the 0 case, then add the loop, inside the SKIP bolck
13:46 tcohen more lines, but people will figure what it is doing better
13:46 mtompset I was going for an optimized loop, not necessarily readability. :P
13:46 tcohen i know :-D
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14:11 mtompset tcohen: Do you have a preference on how to do constants in Perl? :P
14:11 mtompset I know we removed ReadOnly.
14:11 mtompset Trying to make my tests perlcritic -2 friendly. ;)
14:12 tcohen mtompset: look at
14:12 tcohen (not C4/
14:12 mtompset I don't care about the $VERSION.
14:13 mtompset I care about my 115 not being clear.
14:13 mtompset Or my 24 not being clear. :P
14:13 mtompset (like people don't know the number of hours in a day)
14:14 mtompset I'll just leave it. :)
14:14 tcohen i'd just put a ironic comment saying that days still obviously have around 24 hours
14:14 cait sometimes a minute more or less... :)
14:14 tcohen cait: exactly
14:14 tcohen hi cait
14:15 cait hi tcohen
14:17 * drojf throws leap-seconds to confuse everyone
14:18 tcohen hi drojf
14:18 cait hi drojf
14:18 cait i was waiting for you :P
14:19 drojf that sounds scary ;)
14:23 andreashm haha
14:27 cait not THAT scary... right?
14:27 druthb drojf!  cait! tcohen! mtompset!
14:27 * druthb waves excitedly.
14:27 mtompset druthb: You're a millionaire and going to make a huge donation?!
14:28 * mtompset grins.
14:28 druthb *snrk*
14:28 mtompset OH OH!
14:28 mtompset You found the love of your life?!
14:28 druthb nope.  Didn't win the lotto or anythin'.
14:28 mtompset Oh. :(
14:28 druthb Nope, that either, though I *do* have a date on Friday.
14:28 druthb first time for *that* in quite a while.
14:29 mtompset blind date?
14:29 cait :)
14:29 druthb no, not blind. :) We've been kind of casually flirting with each other for a while.
14:29 mtompset Okay, well... have fun. :)
14:29 druthb I finally got mah nerve up and asked them out.
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14:30 mtompset tcohen: Should I ask Indranil to re-sign the patch?
14:31 tcohen i think so
14:32 mtompset Looks like I need more testing.
14:35 tcohen mtompset: no rush, take your time so you are sure it shines as you want it to
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14:45 tcohen gmcharlt: did u get my email?
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15:14 * tcohen likes the libreoffice homepage
15:19 * tcohen likes bug wrangler-mode Zeno
15:20 mtompset tcohen: Is it pretty enough now? :P
15:22 bag magnuse: HI
15:24 cait @seen ztajoli
15:24 huginn cait: ztajoli was last seen in #koha 47 weeks, 5 days, 4 hours, 21 minutes, and 45 seconds ago: <ztajoli> Koha vesrion tested: master from sandbox
15:24 cait ztajoli++
15:25 * cait likes him too
15:25 tcohen ztajoli++
15:32 drojf @seen tajoli
15:32 huginn drojf: tajoli was last seen in #koha 6 days, 0 hours, 22 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: <tajoli> I see only Olli's work are many new files
15:32 drojf ;)
15:32 drojf druthb!
15:33 tcohen tajoli++ # then
15:34 cait tajoli++
15:36 tcohen cait: is it true that patrons can edit items from another branches even with independentbranches=on?
15:38 cait yes and no
15:38 cait indybranches does stop it to some degree
15:38 cait but htere are holes
15:38 cait like the edit items links on the items table
15:38 cait i filed a bug for that
15:39 cait which means... that the page itself doesn't seem to block it - but there is some logic on the edit links on the edit items page
15:39 tcohen cait: number?
15:39 wahanui number is going down too fast
15:39 cait does that make sense?
15:39 cait trying to find it
15:39 tcohen cait: yes, it seemed to me that we hide the links (some of them ,not all of them) but we can got there and edit the items :-D
15:39 cait bug 14354
15:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14354 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Only superlibrarian should see edit links for other branches' items in staff detail
15:43 tcohen oh damn
15:43 pianohacker cait: I have a question regarding bug 14510; there's an unspoken assumption that the kohafield mappings in the default framework are what hold regardless of what the actual frameworkcode is. Is that safe to assume for the purposes of that bug?
15:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14510 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Failed QA , Allow column visibility in to be customized
15:44 cait hm
15:45 pianohacker cait: I'm purely using it in this case so I can connect the columns to some actual name
15:45 cait yeah then no
15:45 cait I think you should respect the framework
15:45 cait and also the hidden values there
15:45 pianohacker hm, okay
15:46 cait for example - FA is a lot shorter for us then DEFAULT
15:46 cait and if you set fields to inogre currently.. they will also be hidden in the form above
15:46 cait tab = ignore
15:46 cait I wonder - why not check the 'editor hidden' flags?
15:47 pianohacker yeah, I remember we had talked about this before... I brought this back to the original partner and they did want visibility settings independent of the hidden setting. Ignore, though, will still hide the column in both places
15:47 cait libraries... ;)
15:47 pianohacker cait: (amen) it's really tricky with how the columns settings work to even use the hidden settings as a default :/
15:48 cait I think i don't like the idea of having it separate from the frameworks
15:48 cait it seems like breaking something up that belongs together
15:48 cait at least right now
15:48 cait i think what i'd like best would be having it configurable as another checkbox
15:49 cait if you really need to have it separate
15:49 cait but that's just my feeling
15:50 cait heather++
15:53 pianohacker cait: yeah, but having it in the frameworks adds a number of issues
15:54 pianohacker first and foremost, unless I just hack in another db column, adding that to the hidden settings is an absolute nightmare
15:54 cait there are still unused values :P
15:54 cait and that ominuos 'flagged'
15:54 pianohacker positively unused? are you sure? :)
15:55 cait there are soe numeric ones that are documented for 'future use'
15:55 cait but the way it works... you'd need to touch alot of stuff probably :(
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15:55 pianohacker exactly :/
15:55 cait
15:55 fridolin joined #koha
15:56 cait btw - don't forget to update your rancor demo installation for thursday :)
15:56 pianohacker plus, if you put it purely in the frameworks, you lose the ability to show/hide columns at runtime without a lot of extra work
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15:56 pianohacker I _think_ it's up to date but I need to try to fix the lingering issues by then
15:58 pianohacker cait: I don't think there's really an ideal solution given that I'm mixing the columns config stuff and frameworks, so I went with the simplest possible way
15:59 pianohacker so while it may not be ideal it's at least straightforwardly wrong :)
15:59 cait if the ignore still works...
15:59 pianohacker ignore will, yes
15:59 cait maybe that's the best we can do
15:59 pianohacker hidden has never affected the table, so that at least isn't _changing_
15:59 cait but i am still not a fan of separating those too - it hink it could lead to confusion easily
15:59 cait we will redirect all questions to you :)
16:00 pianohacker the main use case of this is to be able to hide certain columns by default (like itemnotes) that can explode the table
16:00 Joubu I am not sure those 2 things are related
16:01 Joubu you can also add a field which is hidden in the edit item table, don't you?
16:01 pianohacker nope
16:01 Joubu ha :)
16:01 pianohacker you can set it to ignore, but that's it
16:01 pianohacker and that hides it in both the form and the table
16:02 Joubu ok, forget me, sorry for the noise
16:02 pianohacker Joubu: I _think_ there's a framework issue I need to account for that's breaking this for you. Thanks for the sandbox link
16:03 pianohacker cait: but yeah, I mean, if you have a framework without one of the columns that has been hidden, it will just continue not to exist :)
16:04 pianohacker and having it not be hidden by default won't make it suddenly appear in a framework where it's missing. Does that make sense?
16:05 cait yep
16:05 cait raining heavily... ok, i am ging to work a little longer
16:08 drojf starting here now
16:08 drojf now that i am done here
16:08 drojf :D
16:11 reiveune bye
16:11 reiveune left #koha
16:13 pianohacker Joubu: another thing that's hurting bug 14510; I noticed that a lot of the item fields in UNIMARC don't seem to be mapped to item fields. Do you know if there's a reason for that?
16:13 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14510 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Failed QA , Allow column visibility in to be customized
16:13 cait pianohacker: i thik it's just that the default framework is not good
16:13 cait pianohacker: there is a bug about that even i think...
16:14 pianohacker Hrm :/
16:14 cait why is it a problem?
16:15 cait i think you'd look at the 995 fields form the frameworks, wouldn't you?
16:15 cait there can always be unmapped fields
16:15 cait because we have the feature to store in more_subfields_xml then
16:15 cait it's not a bug, it's a feature :) but the description would still have to be defined in the framework
16:16 pianohacker yeah, but with the way that the column stuff works, it needs a name for a column in order to have settings for it
16:16 pianohacker I used the database column
16:16 cait hm i thought it always did that currently
16:16 pianohacker It's not necessarily a killer, but it means that it's impossible to use the columns stuff for unmapped columns
16:16 cait ah
16:17 cait does it currently show the additional non-mapped fields in the table?
16:18 pianohacker cait: in fact, for most of the tables in the columns stuff, it's only a coincidence that the names are similar to the database column
16:18 pianohacker because they work purely on order
16:18 pianohacker obv that can't work for the items table
16:18 cait you lost me a bit
16:18 pianohacker cait: it will, yes
16:19 pianohacker cait: so, the columns code currently depends on there being a fixed set of columns in a fixed order
16:19 pianohacker the name in the column editor is purely for the human
16:19 cait so maybe... ti won't work
16:20 cait because items is not fixed
16:20 cait you can add additional item fields...
16:20 pianohacker cait: I worked around that by using the kohafield to give the columns code something to connect the two
16:21 pianohacker and you'll be able to show/hide the extra columns, but not set default settings for them
16:22 Joubu Absolutely no idea
16:22 Joubu pianohacker: Absolutely no idea
16:22 pianohacker okay, thanks regardless
16:25 Joubu pianohacker: I haven't deep into the code, to know how it could be possible to do, but maybe it will be quite difficult to implement
16:25 Joubu and maybe it could be... considered as a configuration issue
16:25 pianohacker It's doable, but the default settings part of the columns config can really only work for mapped fields
16:27 Joubu bye #koha!
16:27 pianohacker bye :)
16:34 tcohen bye Joubu
16:40 drojf swimming home
17:02 cait left #koha
17:21 tcohen how do i short-circuit to a login page in a controller script if i find permissions are not complied?
17:22 tcohen I know get_template_and_user does that
17:22 tcohen but it is not enough
17:22 pianohacker tcohen: checkauth?
17:22 tcohen pianohacker: i'm adding a check for itemnumber->homebranch == user homebranch
17:23 tcohen for the independentbranches config, and not superlibrarian of course
17:24 tcohen checkauth is not designed for that
17:24 tcohen ashimema_: ?
17:24 pianohacker tcohen: yeah... you could always call it with a nonsense permission
17:24 pianohacker or superlibrarian => 1
17:24 ashimema_ hi
17:24 tcohen pianohacker: that's not kosher
17:25 ashimema_ erm..
17:25 ashimema_ let me just fix somthing else.. then I'll remind mysefl how our auth code works ;)
17:26 * tcohen gives the Auth module maintainer some minutes to prepare :-D
17:28 tcohen pianohacker: BTW, your solution would work heh
17:28 pianohacker the nonsense permission, or superlibrarian => 1
17:29 pianohacker because the latter is _vaguely_ sane :)
17:31 * tcohen feels dirty, but it works
17:44 rocio1 joined #koha
17:52 cait joined #koha
18:04 rocio joined #koha
18:22 tcohen gaetan_B: i think we should cache the XSLT's instead
18:22 gaetan_B tcohen: aah that's interesting
18:22 gaetan_B i have seen that xslt is a place we lose a lot of time in search
18:22 gaetan_B i am not able to understand this more deeply though
18:23 tcohen gaetan_B: i haven't had the time to invest on that, but my idea is that we should have a general XSLT cache
18:23 gaetan_B not sure to understand what you mean by caching the xslt, or what Julian's patch is doing actually
18:23 tcohen so we stop loading files from the hard disk all the time
18:23 gaetan_B ah do we load it for each result ?
18:23 tcohen no, we do it for each run
18:24 tcohen but we also traverse the records (in MARC::Record form)
18:24 tcohen applying the frameworks-defined visibility for each (sub)field
18:24 tcohen then translate into XML ->as_xml()
18:24 gaetan_B would that be the reason why a search with a lot of results is dog-slow, even though we only display 20 ?
18:24 tcohen and apply XSLTs on top of that
18:25 tcohen gaetan_B: have you disblaed the zebra facets?
18:25 gaetan_B i mean, i am still struggling to understand why a search with a couple hundreds of results is so much faster than a search with tens of thousands
18:25 gaetan_B zebra facets are disabled yes
18:26 gaetan_B querying zebra directly, there's pretty much no difference, and zebra answers blazing fast anyway actually
18:26 tcohen gaetan_B: my tests showed that removing much of the searchResults processing (which was actually meant fro non-XSLT display) meant a major improvement in rendering speed
18:27 tcohen that's also why I'm focusing on Koha::RecordProcessor right now
18:27 gaetan_B so it seems like there is something in koha that slows down processing of results, and that it is linked to the number of results you get
18:27 gaetan_B but this is all way above my head on the technical side unfortunately
18:28 tcohen because we should just get raw XML from zebra/ES and pass it through several (cached) XSLTs without taht many serialization/de-serialization steps
18:28 tcohen gaetan_B: i'd say it is related to the size of the actual records being processed (not the search results, but the offset we are rendering)
18:29 * tcohen expects to end his RM term to actually have more time to code!
18:52 wnickc joined #koha
18:57 magnuse tcohen: good plan :-)
18:57 magnuse lots of big, bold things happening in koha now - interesting times
18:58 magnuse i just wish i had more time to keep up with it
18:58 magnuse maybe next year
18:59 tcohen magnuse: I hope you get that time!
18:59 tcohen btw, can we talk for a minute about kohadevbox?
19:00 tcohen do u think it is important to have the option to skip webinstalleR? :-D
19:03 magnuse tcohen: maybe not essential, but it does make things more streamlined...
19:06 tcohen magnuse: i suspect you read my answer to zeno
19:07 tcohen on wheezy and trusty, the new koha-plack scripts/tools require installing a backport of the apache server
19:07 tcohen would u agree that I added those repos (conditional on the distribution)
19:08 magnuse sure, as long as things keep working :-)
19:09 * cait wavdes
19:11 cait tcohen: gbsd is on thursday :)
19:11 gaetan_B bye
19:11 tcohen really¡?
19:11 tcohen bye gaetan_B !!
19:11 tcohen cait: really?
19:11 gaetan_B :)
19:16 cait 3rd
19:16 cait gbsd?
19:16 wahanui somebody said gbsd was[…]bug_squashing_day
19:19 tcohen cait: i was rushing to finish the kohadevbox
19:19 tcohen heh
19:19 tcohen @later tell eythian please packaaaaage
19:19 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
19:20 tcohen magnuse: I think i will push what i got so far into my github fork of your kohadevbox
19:20 tcohen and once we agree on how far i got on the implementation, will send you a pull request
19:20 tcohen ok?
19:21 tcohen no point to have on my local machine only
19:24 magnuse tcohen: sounds like a plan
19:24 magnuse i might not have time to look at a pr for a while, but i think the opl people are looking out for kohadevbox too
19:24 tcohen ok
19:25 magnuse maybe we could have different branches in the official repo too
19:25 magnuse an "official" plack branch
19:25 tcohen ah, yes :-D
19:25 magnuse dunno
19:29 magnuse any LDAP pros here at the moment?
19:30 magnuse i can't for the life of me get branchcode into the data that goes into creating a new borrower, and it fails with DBIx::Class::ResultSet::create(): Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`koha_svf`.`borrowers`, CONSTRAINT `borrowers_ibfk_2` FOREIGN KEY (`branchcode`) REFERENCES `branches` (`branchcode`)) at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 770, referer:
19:32 magnuse i do have <branchcode is="department">XYZ</branchcode> in the mapping, and i have also tried <branchcode is="">XYZ</branchcode>, <branchcode>XYZ</branchcode>
19:32 magnuse <categorycode is="department">XYZ</categorycode> works as expected
19:33 magnuse and category and branch XYZ is defined
19:34 cait hm silly idea
19:34 cait have you checked there is no space after your branchcode?
19:34 cait or maybe switched places of categorycode and branchode in the config file to see if it's then complaining about the other one?
19:35 cait we once had a space after the branchcode in koha... and that led to all kinds of fun
19:38 magnuse no extra spaces
19:39 magnuse the order of categorycode and branchode in the config file does not matter, it is always the branchcode that is missing
19:41 magnuse gah, resterted memcached and now it works!
19:43 magnuse happydance!
19:47 cdickinson joined #koha
19:52 tcohen cait: there are 195 countries right now
19:55 * tcohen loves the postman app for chrome
19:57 magnuse koha countries?
19:58 cait 195 cool :)
19:59 magnuse this guy has visited 198 countries:
20:00 cait um...?
20:01 magnuse oops, battery running out! have fun #koha!
20:01 cait bye magnuse :)
20:09 cait magnuse: still there?
20:09 wahanui there is no way to add items to a list?
20:29 paul_p joined #koha
20:42 magnuse joined #koha
21:00 bag heya cait
21:01 cait @later tell tcohen should Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy  be a mandatory dependency now? just pulled from master
21:01 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
21:01 cait hi bag
21:04 pianohacker *blink*
21:04 rangi morning
21:05 cait morning rangi
21:11 aleisha joined #koha
21:14 cait eythian: missing Elastic search on the gbsd page ... would be nice for beginners with the available demo installation
21:14 mario joined #koha
21:19 nengard left #koha
21:28 mtompset_ joined #koha
21:34 jwellner joined #koha
21:34 jwellner left #koha
21:37 tcohen joined #koha
21:37 tcohen hi kiwis
21:38 wizzyrea hi tcohen
21:38 tcohen cait: i wasn't sure… but as it is available on the supported platforms…
21:38 tcohen and we want to bring plack to everyone...ç
21:38 tcohen hi wizzyrea
21:39 cait just wondering :) it installed fine
21:39 tcohen vagrant ssh wheezy
21:39 tcohen damn, it always happens :-D
21:39 wizzyrea teehee
21:39 wizzyrea could be worse, could have been your password
21:41 pianohacker ... I did just sent nengard my computer password this afternoon, actually
21:41 tcohen yeah, that ISNT my password
21:41 pianohacker _that_ was a hurried passwd
21:43 tcohen vagrant provision wheezy
21:43 tcohen you have to be kidding
21:43 tcohen i will probably go offline
21:43 tcohen both my old a new password pasted here
21:44 ibeardslee go have coffee and come back once you have done that ;)
21:44 * tcohen already has a cup of coffee, just moved the temrinal no another workspace
21:45 ibeardslee a shot (or two) of brandy in the coffee then?
21:45 tcohen ibeardslee: i like you
21:48 cait coffee?  that doesn't sound right
21:54 wizzyrea brandy helps all things.
22:01 tcohen cait: BTW, once eythian builds the new master packages the dependency issue should not be anymore
22:01 * wizzyrea made a tactical error in copying a git repository. Jebus, the files. All the files.
22:02 cait heh
22:03 tcohen wizzyrea: heh
22:03 * cait donates some icecream to #koha
22:04 * tcohen waves while shutting everything down
22:04 tcohen byeeeeee
22:14 cdickinson_ joined #koha
22:18 Francesca joined #koha
22:19 Francesca anyone got any ideas as to why a mouse would suddenly vanish inside a vm?
22:20 cdickinson_ try rebooting the VM?
22:20 cdickinson_ ugh
22:21 * Francesca laughs
22:21 cait cats?
22:21 wahanui cats are endlessly entertaining. or cuddly and cute
22:22 Francesca I like cats
22:22 Francesca though mine were attempting to destroy the washing when I left
22:24 cdickinson ^ that should be the third part of that sentence
22:25 cdickinson or something
22:25 wahanui somebody said something was sketchy
22:25 Francesca lol
22:27 cait wahanui botsnack icecream
22:27 wahanui :)
22:27 Francesca didn't know there was botsnack icecream
22:28 cait wahanui botsnack caramel pudding
22:28 wahanui :)
22:28 cait he doesn't really care what it is :)
22:29 ibeardslee wahanui botsnack pile of poo
22:29 wahanui thanks ibeardslee :)
22:29 cdickinson ninja'd
22:29 ibeardslee strange tastes
22:29 cdickinson wahanui botsnack wahanui
22:29 wahanui :)
22:29 Francesca LOL
22:29 Francesca wahanui botsnack cdickinson
22:29 wahanui thanks Francesca :)
22:30 cdickinson :(
22:39 cdickinson joined #koha
22:39 cdickinson you know what shouldn't be a thing
22:39 cdickinson Ctrl+Q
22:39 Francesca lol
22:44 eythian hi
22:44 Francesca joined #koha
22:49 Francesca someone remind me
22:49 Francesca how do you export something as a png from inkscape?
22:52 eythian Bestand -> PNG-afbeelding exporteren...
22:52 JoshB joined #koha
22:55 cait heh
22:55 cait hi eythian :)
22:55 eythian hallo cait
22:55 cait did you see my question about elastic and gbsd?
22:55 eythian I did, but I haven't really had a chance to think about it.
22:56 eythian I should do that though
22:58 cait yep
23:00 cait @see kathryn
23:00 huginn cait: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
23:00 cait @seen kathryn
23:00 huginn cait: kathryn was last seen in #koha 13 weeks, 6 days, 20 hours, 52 minutes, and 4 seconds ago: <kathryn> thanks mtj
23:00 cait kathryn++ :)
23:05 cdickinson so kathryn was on IRC at some point
23:05 cait yes, but it seems she has gone missing
23:08 kathryn joined #koha
23:08 kathryn hi #koha :)
23:08 kathryn eythian said you were talking about me ;)
23:09 kathryn he didn't tell me what you said though!
23:09 eythian I couldn't possibly repeat it
23:10 cait gave you karma for the email :)
23:10 cait and hi kathryn :)
23:10 kathryn oh HI CAIT !!
23:10 kathryn nice to be here
23:10 cait nice to see you
23:11 kathryn I just turned 'auto-connect on start-up' back on
23:11 kathryn if I turn it off again, it's cos I did a really embarrassing WW
23:12 cait WW?
23:12 kathryn hopefully that doesn't happen :)
23:12 kathryn wrong window
23:12 eythian
23:12 cait aah
23:12 cait rangi: do you know what saved_sql was supposed to be used for?
23:13 cait or was used for... i am looking at a bug removing it
23:14 rangi in what context?
23:14 cait guided reports it looks like
23:14 eythian @later tell tcohen your durned master packages are uploading now! :)
23:14 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
23:14 rangi surely if someone wants to remove it they have researched what it was for, and documented why removing it is ok on the bug right?
23:14 cait bug 14435
23:14 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14435 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , The table saved_reports is never populated
23:14 rangi anything else is just being crap
23:14 cait they have researched since when it is no longer used 14be4400d84b28369d095b3b0bfa79c3396f44d4
23:15 * rangi is incredibly sick of people 'tidying' by making bigger messes because they dont understand what they are doing
23:15 cdickinson A+ for effort?
23:16 wizzyrea more like C-
23:16 Francesca oh no
23:16 Francesca c- is baaaad
23:16 cdickinson they wouldn't get into any prerequisite courses with a grade like that
23:16 Francesca nope
23:16 Francesca I had to have a b+ to get into some of my papers for this tri
23:17 cait the one they linekd to looks like quite a rewrite *sigh* and ooold
23:17 cdickinson B-average over all my papers for first year in engineering
23:17 cait from atz
23:17 cait um
23:17 cait and i didn't mean saved_sql earlier... they remove saved_reports
23:18 cait just noticed my confusion
23:18 rangi so they arent removing saved_sql
23:18 rangi they are removing saved_reports
23:19 cait yes
23:22 rangi so yeah this is not fully right
23:22 cait the only sql i can find referring it is in store_results() and that is commented out everywhere it looks like
23:22 rangi yep that part of the patch is fine
23:22 rangi but as always
23:23 rangi they went further
23:23 rangi and removed stuff from the template
23:24 cait y
23:25 cait do you see something obviously wrong?
23:26 rangi wizzyrea: with the task scheduler is there still an option to save the results?
23:26 wizzyrea hm good q
23:26 wizzyrea 2 shakes I'm looking at that rightnow
23:26 cait thx all :)
23:27 wizzyrea there is an option for "url" instead of email
23:27 wizzyrea 1s looking to see what that means
23:27 rangi yeah it used to send you to a page with the results
23:28 rangi someone probably 'refactored' that until it didnt work
23:28 cait my guess is that it got broken long ago
23:28 wizzyrea yeah, I don't see that in the code anywhere
23:28 wizzyrea only email
23:28 cait in some rewrite
23:28 wizzyrea should probably go away
23:28 rangi fucking refactorers
23:28 rangi do it properly
23:28 rangi or just piss off
23:28 cait heh
23:29 rangi seriously
23:29 rangi what a waste of time that was
23:29 cait so the question is.. do we want to restore... or better start from scratch after carefully tidying?
23:29 cait testing around reports right now, so far no explosions detected
23:29 rangi just tidy it, who needs actually useful features if we can spend time pissing round with cataloguing instead
23:30 * rangi is over this
23:31 wizzyrea scheduler's broken atm anyway :(
23:32 cait ew
23:32 wizzyrea thing that fixed it last time, scope creeped into other stuff, now it's busted again.
23:32 cait thought we had just fixed it up
23:32 papa joined #koha
23:32 cait i think i tested it in... 3.18?
23:32 cait is there a bug report?
23:33 wizzyrea not at the moment, no, I'll probably be filing one shortly.
23:34 cait ok
23:35 Francesca arghhh header text image allingment
23:35 Francesca why does nothing work!!!!!!!!
23:35 pianohacker @css++
23:35 huginn pianohacker: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
23:35 pianohacker css++
23:35 pianohacker css--
23:36 Francesca normally I like css
23:36 Francesca not today
23:36 pianohacker kathryn: hi! We've exchanged emails but never been introduced
23:36 pianohacker I'm Jesse Weaver with bywater
23:36 Francesca he hacks pianos
23:36 kathryn hi pianohacker ! I did not know you were jesse :)
23:37 pianohacker kathryn: I'm breaking the koha convention by having a nick not based on my name :)
23:37 eythian what convention?
23:38 Francesca theres a convention?
23:38 kathryn ...right on queue eythian
23:38 Francesca I just use my name so people know who I am
23:39 papa pianohacker: welcome to the club
23:39 cdickinson there is a Koha convention for that?
23:39 pianohacker eythian: you, papa and chris are some of the few exceptions :)
23:39 cdickinson the only reason why I'm cdickinson is Callum was taken
23:40 cdickinson but I ditched aliases in general a long time ago
23:40 wizzyrea hm, there are a fair number of people with sorta named based nicks
23:40 eythian like wahanui is wahanui's real name
23:40 Francesca lol
23:40 pianohacker wahanui lies about everything else
23:40 wahanui pianohacker: what?
23:41 pianohacker better believe it
23:41 Francesca wahanui: cats
23:41 wahanui cats are endlessly entertaining. or cuddly and cute
23:41 Francesca he doesn't lie about cats
23:41 cdickinson wahanui truthfully believes in his false teachings
23:41 wahanui cdickinson: i'm not following you...
23:41 cdickinson see?
23:41 * Francesca facepalms
23:42 Francesca faceplate
23:42 wahanui faceplate is wizzyrea's new favourite way to express that.
23:42 Francesca ^that is also true I think
23:42 wizzyrea I wish I remembered where that came from.
23:42 Francesca me
23:42 pianohacker[…]n-a-plate-007.jpg ?
23:42 Francesca my auto-correct turned facepalm into faceplate
23:43 wizzyrea I was thinking maybe it was a night of drinking.
23:43 Francesca hahahahahahaha
23:43 Francesca oh god that image is amazing
23:43 cdickinson that's what I used to do when I was waiting for dinner and it was delayed
23:44 wizzyrea faceplate is <reply>[…]n-a-plate-007.jpg
23:46 Francesca yus a small victory
23:46 Francesca my nav is no longer shoved off to the side
23:49 eythian @later tell dcook -- 29th right after lunch
23:49 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
23:49 papa hey pianohacker, that overdrive thing, did you get a chance to change that return url on their support site?
23:49 pianohacker oh, shoot! Sorry, I forgot to do that
23:50 pianohacker papa: one sec
23:59 pianohacker bye all

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