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00:37 mtompset Have a good day (24 hour period), #koha.
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02:58 eythian @wunder nzwn
02:58 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0°C (2:30 PM NZST on August 20, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Steady).
03:04 dcook @wunder syd
03:04 huginn dcook: The current temperature in Sydney, New South Wales is 19.0°C (12:30 PM AEST on August 20, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Falling).
03:04 dcook Damn. Why am I inside...
03:04 dcook It's actually quite nice looking outside..
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03:59 BobB_ hey dcook:
03:59 BobB_
03:59 BobB_ time to start worrying about summer :)
04:01 dcook Worrying?
04:01 * dcook likes summer :)
04:01 dcook My wife is still using a heater, so I'm rather keen for summer to get here if only to lower the electricity bill :p
04:11 eythian elasticsearch is a sponsor of OSDC2015. I wonder if that's good or bad for the chances of my talk being accepted :)
04:12 dcook hehe
04:13 dcook I think I might end up coming out just as an attendee
04:13 dcook Plenty of time left for figuring that out I suppose
04:14 BobB_ dcook my suggestion was if its going to be 25 in August then it may not be too flash in February, but time will tell :)
04:16 dcook BobB_: But August is summer and Frebruary is winter!
04:16 * dcook will adjust to the southern hemisphere one day perhaps...
04:16 dcook :p
04:16 dcook February*
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04:21 wizzyrea dcook: how long have you been in AU?
04:26 BobB_ lol ; check your orientation dcook :)
04:27 eythian dcook: why would you want a cold christmas? What a waste of beach time.
04:29 dcook wizzyrea: This'll be year 4 :p
04:29 wizzyrea :D
04:29 wizzyrea cold christmas is totally for the birds.
04:29 wizzyrea to eat the birds.
04:29 dcook eythian: That's true, although usually Christmas isn't cold back home.
04:29 wizzyrea turkeys, mostly.
04:29 dcook Snowy - yes
04:30 wizzyrea on the beach.
04:30 dcook We have a lack of beaches back home though
04:30 wizzyrea similar story for kansas. no beach. No mountains.
04:31 wizzyrea and usually, it's just cold as, with no snow.
04:31 dcook :(
04:31 dcook Last Christmas was actually quite nice
04:31 dcook We hosted and it was just such a nice time
04:31 dcook My favourite moment was when my wife, myself, and our friend won Articulate with my wife shouting "cabbage!!!!!"
04:32 dcook We didn't hit the beach until January I think..
04:52 BobB_ the water's not warm until January
04:52 BobB_ but then it stays warm till May
05:17 * magnuse waves
05:17 eythian you're early, magnuse
05:17 magnuse yup
05:17 dcook Whoa
05:18 dcook @wunder boo
05:18 huginn dcook: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 14.0°C (6:50 AM CEST on August 20, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Falling).
05:18 dcook Ah 7:18... guess that's not THAT early :p
05:18 * dcook still thinks magnuse should go back to bed
05:18 magnuse rest of the family is having a bit of a sleep-in, i gotta chip away at the ncip things
05:23 magnuse or rather nncipp
05:25 rangi the code has finally been signed off for production use, so it's fully functional for ILL .. just need to merge/tidy it and keep out regressions now
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05:26 dcook rangi++
05:35 magnuse rangi: talking about the ncipserver?
05:35 rangi yep
05:36 magnuse Dyrcona has done a lot of changes that break things for your koha parts
05:36 magnuse gonna take some work to make it work again
05:36 magnuse i have done some of it, but you'll need to do lots of testing
05:38 rangi yeah, I probably wont merge the changes in the near future
05:38 rangi at least not to be used in production
05:38 magnuse ok
05:38 rangi took literally years
05:39 rangi to get it tested and signed off
05:39 rangi in no hurry to break it :)
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05:39 rangi but i do plan to merge the changes at some point, and get it working again
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06:09 magnuse ncip! ncip! ncip!
06:11 eythian stop swearing.
06:12 magnuse lulz
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06:23 * cait waves
06:24 magnuse kia ora cait
06:24 magnuse and Viktor
06:24 Viktor kia ora magnuse and cait
06:25 cait hi Viktor and magnuse  and everyone
06:25 eythian hi cait
06:26 cait hi eythian
06:27 liw @wunder Heidelberg
06:27 huginn liw: Error: No such location could be found.
06:27 magnuse kia ora liw
06:27 liw magnuse, hi there
06:27 magnuse @wunder Heidelberg, germany
06:27 huginn magnuse: Error: No such location could be found.
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06:28 liw eythian, btw, Debconf16 is in South Africa, about July or August 2016; just so you know, if you want to participate :)
06:28 eythian @wunder EDFM
06:28 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Mannheim, Germany is 17.0°C (8:20 AM CEST on August 20, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
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06:28 eythian hmm, close
06:29 eythian liw: I had not given that any thought, interesting idea though.
06:32 liw eythian, I'm at Deconf15 myself right now, so the thought is close to me
06:32 magnuse huh, why would i suddenly be getting lots of "DBD::mysql::st execute failed: MySQL server has gone away at /home/magnus/kohaclone/C4/ line 2159"? this is using ncipserver, while koha on the same server has no problems
06:33 eythian magnuse: ah, that's a known thing
06:33 eythian we don't handle persistant connections well
06:34 magnuse restarting ncipserver seems to have fixed it (for now?)
06:34 eythian yeah, for now
06:35 eythian so, the connection is timing out or something, but that's not being realised.
06:35 eythian we need a real connection pooling thing.
06:35 magnuse but this was ncipserver failing, not koha
06:35 magnuse so not a big worry for koha this time, methinks
06:36 eythian it's a problem for koha under plack
06:37 cait think there are soem bugs right now about the connections
06:38 cait not sure any of them would fix, but probably good if it had more eyes on it :)
06:38 dcook eythian: I've wondered about persistent database connections with plack/mod_perl...
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07:01 marcelr hi #koha
07:01 Joubu morning
07:03 magnuse hiya marcelr and Joubu
07:03 marcelr hey Joubu magnuse
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07:13 marcelr Joubu: bug 3333
07:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3333 normal, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , item status for "not for loan" by item type / item is different
07:15 Joubu marcelr: ok, thanks for your reply
07:16 Joubu marcelr: but what does mean "for reference"?
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07:17 marcelr well i would interpret it as you can read it in the library but not take it
07:17 marcelr or something like that
07:18 Joubu in this case, why does it work without your patch?
07:18 marcelr the xslt is better than non-xslt, i guess
07:18 marcelr they have gone their own way in time..
07:18 marcelr we should dismiss the non-xslt
07:19 marcelr it was discussed before
07:19 Joubu yep but, I did not find where the flag "reference" was set
07:19 Joubu select="key('item-by-status', 'reference')
07:20 Joubu Anyway, I will retest the patch today
07:20 marcelr ok, will have a look again for reference
07:24 marcelr Joubu:  $status = "reference";   see sub  buildKohaItemsNamespace   (why did I forget that :)
07:25 Joubu so obvious...
07:26 Joubu should we remove the itemtype check from this sub?
07:26 Joubu hum no, we could introduce a side-effect
07:26 marcelr i think no
07:28 marcelr Joubu: why is patch 13324 still holding? anything particular?
07:28 marcelr bug 13324
07:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13324 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , The fund values must be based on tax included values
07:28 marcelr oh a depends
07:28 marcelr bug 13321
07:29 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13321 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Tax and prices calculation need to be fixed
07:29 Joubu yep, on the "big one"
07:29 Joubu should be NQA
07:34 kivilahtio Joubu: do you remember has there been any discussion about having a database table which keeps track of which DB updates have been triggered for the database?
07:35 kivilahtio Joubu: now we have atomicupdate which is great, but I am still missing the knowledge on when and if a specific bug upgrade has been done
07:35 marcelr kivilahtio: there has been a lot of discussion
07:36 marcelr and a lot of patches..
07:36 kivilahtio marcelr: because to maintain our own fork, we need to be able to know which of the 200+ patches we have in production have been upgraded
07:36 marcelr kivilahtio: a production machine does not have atomic updates
07:36 Joubu kivilahtio: you don't want to know
07:36 marcelr the RM moves them to updatedatabase
07:36 kivilahtio marcelr: a preproduction machine has :)
07:37 marcelr ok
07:37 Joubu (bug 7167)
07:37 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7167 new feature, P1 - high, ---, jonathan.druart, CLOSED WONTFIX, updatedatabase improvements
07:37 marcelr kivilahtio: the most simple design has been implemented; i once wrote something additional too that did not make it
07:37 kivilahtio marcelr: Joubu: I am sorry for that
07:38 marcelr if a db rev can be executed more than once without blowing up Koha, there is no problem :)
07:39 marcelr just ignoring warnings ..
07:39 kivilahtio marcelr: it can but the problem is that repeatedly running causes a heeluva lot of unnecessary warnings
07:39 marcelr so true
07:39 kivilahtio marcelr: also due to the nature of how we deal with DBIx we cannot use DBIx introspection features before we have done the DB modifications
07:39 kivilahtio I have had a LOT of trouble with DBIx
07:39 kivilahtio a LOT
07:39 marcelr DBIx is another pain dossier
07:40 kivilahtio I feel like development times are down to 1/4 because of it
07:40 marcelr we only implemented it a little bit..
07:40 kivilahtio especially since the DB structure of Koha in Serials doesn't have strinf foreign relations and DBIx needs them
07:40 marcelr we are doing half work and run after something else again..
07:41 kivilahtio marcelr: I was thinking of making Koha::Object compatible from DBI, thus alleviating this pain a lot
07:41 kivilahtio marcelr: yes
07:41 kivilahtio marcelr: DBIx and Koha::Object have very strong issues
07:41 marcelr sounds good
07:42 kivilahtio marcelr: Especially when it comes to joins
07:42 kivilahtio marcelr: They are really hacky
07:42 marcelr yeah
07:42 Joubu Are you always rambling?
07:42 kivilahtio marcelr: for some reason I cannot get deep join going through a chain of subscription => {serial => { serialitems => 'items'}}
07:42 kivilahtio to work
07:43 kivilahtio Joubu: I will give you a DBIx challenge :)
07:43 kivilahtio one moment
07:43 Joubu kivilahtio: I don't want it
07:43 Joubu The first thing to do is to rewrite dirty parts
07:43 Joubu if you start with adding complexity on top of the existing dirt, it cannot work
07:44 kivilahtio Joubu: well maybe the patterns that are about to be included to master should actually be used to implement something moderately complex first?
07:46 Joubu I just meant that the serial/subscription module is a mess, and also the table structures
07:46 Joubu so it sounds normal to have issue if you try complex stuffs with DBIC in this area :)
07:47 Joubu s/issue/issues/ ;)
07:47 kivilahtio Joubu: I asked few days ago from our RM that would he sign off my rewrite of the serials module :)
07:47 kivilahtio he said no
07:47 kivilahtio :)
07:47 kivilahtio but I don't have to do do that anyway
07:47 Joubu bug#?
07:48 marcelr kivilahtio: the RM will probably not sign off on more patches too; he is last in the queue
07:48 Joubu ok you didn't write it yet
07:49 Joubu marcelr: I think kivilahtio is just trying to find testers :) It seems they are quite busy atm...
07:49 marcelr there is not much signoff activity in august..
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07:50 kivilahtio marcelr: :)
07:50 kivilahtio Joubu: SELECT serialseq, notforloan, onloan FROM subscription su LEFT JOIN serial s ON su.subscriptionid = s.subscriptionid LEFT JOIN serialitems si ON si.serialid = s.serialid LEFT JOIN items i ON i.itemnumber = si.itemnumber WHERE su.branchcode = 'CPL' AND su.biblionumber = 2123 ORDER BY serialseq DESC LIMIT 5;
07:50 marcelr Joubu: bug 11759 does not apply but if i read the report, you will not spend more time on it
07:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11759 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Batch checkout
07:51 Joubu will try
07:51 Joubu marcelr: will try :)
07:52 Joubu marcelr: I would say it depends on your interest in the patch, is it to switch to PQA/FQA or does not apply?
07:52 Joubu or let it to SO if I rebase it
07:53 marcelr if it does not apply, i do not start QA
07:53 marcelr i did not look further
07:53 kivilahtio marcelr: do you remember the bugnumber of your atomicupdate improvement?
07:53 marcelr search for sandbox
07:53 marcelr and look at obsolete patches
07:53 kivilahtio :)
07:54 marcelr it was pushed in a simplified way
07:54 marcelr but bug 7167 even had a table
07:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7167 new feature, P1 - high, ---, jonathan.druart, CLOSED WONTFIX, updatedatabase improvements
07:54 kivilahtio marcelr: I was planning to have a table which would automatically infer the bug number/ID from the filename and the output of the upgrade script
07:55 kivilahtio so you dont need a YAML to map what needs doing
07:55 marcelr kivilahtio: there is always room for improvements
07:55 kivilahtio marcelr: that should be a rapid development
07:56 marcelr just open up a new report :)
07:56 kivilahtio I like your style :)
07:57 marcelr kivilahtio: look at bug 13068 in obsolete patches
07:57 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13068 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, paul.poulain, Pushed to Master , New feature for DB update and sandbox
07:57 kivilahtio after that I implement a backwards compatibility layer for Koha::Object, totally pulling the carpet from the intent of it ;)
07:58 marcelr like this one:[…]ment.cgi?id=32300
07:58 marcelr could you also add PostgreSQL support kivilahtio LOL
07:59 kivilahtio :)
07:59 kivilahtio marcelr: do you need it?
07:59 marcelr no it is just such a topic..
07:59 kivilahtio Hmm, looking at Bug 13893, the atomicupdates are always executed when is ran?
07:59 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13893 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , Add ability to execute perl scripts in atomicupdates
07:59 kivilahtio marcelr: you should know since you was part of it
08:00 marcelr yes my variant did not do that see bug 13068
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08:00 marcelr i also wanted to prevent rerunning it when backporting..
08:02 kivilahtio marcelr: that is against the original design idea of atomicupdate
08:02 marcelr well it was obsoleted..
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08:05 kivilahtio marcelr: the original design idea was obsoleted?
08:05 kivilahtio marcelr: or your bug was obsoleted?
08:05 marcelr no my patch
08:06 marcelr original_design_ideas++
08:06 kivilahtio marcelr: I wonder why the atomicupdate dile extension needs to be .perl
08:06 marcelr i favor .pl too
08:07 kivilahtio I guess it makes it easier to distinguish them with find and grep, but then why .sql is not .sqlang  for ex
08:07 marcelr it is just perl code so pl would be fine
08:07 kivilahtio marcelr: that one subroutine dealing with atomicupdates has so many issues in it. I mean how many issues can you have in 10 lines of code :)
08:07 marcelr but .perl should be some perl snippet
08:08 kivilahtio marcelr: I think the idea was that they are perl snippets
08:09 marcelr Joubu: bug 11625 with a counter patch ;)
08:09 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11625 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Default to logged in library for circ rules and notices & slips
08:09 marcelr QAing can be so nice
08:10 marcelr This script is a house of cards
08:12 kivilahtio marcelr: do you like failing QA a lot?
08:12 Joubu yes, that's why I don't like the first patchset, too complex to be sure no regression will be introduced
08:12 kivilahtio Joubu: how about writing regression tests?
08:13 cait marcelr++ thx for the library tour :)
08:13 Joubu kivilahtio: it's a perl script, we should rewrite completely the script
08:13 kivilahtio Joubu: we have plenty of rewrite bugs lying around which rewrite this and that, none has regression tests
08:13 Joubu kivilahtio: ? which ones?
08:13 Joubu all the ones I write have tests
08:13 kivilahtio Joubu: really?!?!
08:14 Joubu I think so :)
08:15 kivilahtio Joubu: Like... Selenium... tests?
08:15 Joubu no
08:15 Joubu I have tried, nobody cares
08:15 Joubu I stopped
08:15 kivilahtio well we just started
08:16 kivilahtio Joubu: And have endured a lot to build the infrastructure to make it much much more easier
08:16 kivilahtio Bug 14536
08:16 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14536 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, olli-antti.kivilahti, Needs Signoff , PageObject-pattern base implementation
08:17 Joubu kivilahtio: but really, I don't want to write selenium test for old scripts, they have to be rewrite, with tests
08:17 kivilahtio Joubu: they work well in most cases. Sometimes you need to add some id-attributes to target specific action elements
08:17 kivilahtio also PageObject-Pattern changes the way you think of Selenium tests. If you are not familiar with it I recommend you read about it
08:18 kivilahtio The way the community started to write Selenium tests was rather crude
08:18 kivilahtio and very prone to gui changes breaking everything everywhere
08:18 Joubu Joonas around?
08:18 kivilahtio this pattern fixes it
08:19 kivilahtio atleast to the degree humanly possible :)
08:19 Joubu kivilahtio: "Joonas Kylmälä" is a Finnish name?
08:19 kivilahtio Joubu: yes
08:20 kivilahtio Joubu: his nick is putti
08:20 Joubu Is he one of your collegue?
08:20 kivilahtio he is sitting right next to me
08:20 kivilahtio why?
08:20 Joubu cool :)
08:20 putti what about me
08:20 Joubu putti: Hello!
08:20 Joubu putti: you forgot to change the bug status for bug 14696
08:20 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14696 minor, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , useless use of String::Random in catalogue/
08:20 Joubu and thanks for your signoffs btw ;)
08:21 kivilahtio putti: they are much appreciated
08:21 putti Joubu, I wasn't sure what's the deal with when to change the status: after one or two sign-offs.
08:22 Joubu putti: the rule is one
08:22 Joubu especially when it's for small patches
08:22 putti alright
08:22 Joubu can be 2 if it's a new big ft/enh
08:24 marcelr putti++
08:24 putti marcelr, ++?
08:26 marcelr putti: your balance increased with one
08:26 putti wow !
08:26 marcelr :)
08:26 Joubu @karma putti
08:26 huginn Joubu: Karma for "putti" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
08:26 Joubu putti++ :)
08:26 marcelr even better
08:26 wahanui even better is, like, what oleonard said just after that
08:31 marcelr @later khall please look at bug 11625
08:31 huginn marcelr: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
08:32 marcelr @later tell khall please look at bug 11625
08:32 huginn marcelr: The operation succeeded.
08:33 marcelr better
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08:40 * andreashm waves
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09:25 marcelr thx Joubu++ # 3333
09:34 Joubu Jul: did you plan to update the hea website with the new commits?
09:35 Jul Joubu, We try it yesterday but there is some bugs to correct before ;)
09:36 Joubu Jul: ok, let us know when it's done!
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11:09 Joubu @later tell rangi Do you think it is easy to add the signoffer info on a bug report? It would be the last NSO=>SO change which is not the assignee.
11:09 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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11:55 marcelr If the user is sophisticated enough to specify an index, turn off field weighting, stemming, and stopword handling
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12:40 marcelr Joubu around
12:41 Joubu marcelr: yep
12:41 marcelr batch checkouts
12:41 marcelr if i am adding staff as a category
12:41 marcelr i do not get the right form
12:41 marcelr still normal checkout
12:42 Joubu it should be a category type
12:42 marcelr ok
12:42 Joubu the ones defined in admin/
12:42 marcelr have to look better :)
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12:47 tcohen morning!
12:47 marcelr hola tcohen
12:48 tcohen Hoi marcelr
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12:54 marcelr Joubu: the categorycode S was fine; I just some looked over the Batch tab at the left side
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12:57 Joubu marcelr: yes sorry, it's the category code, the one defined in admin/cat :)
12:57 marcelr just did not see the tab
12:58 Joubu actually S is not a good choice, there is a categorycode S and a category_type S
12:58 marcelr just testing
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13:34 putti Has anyone idea of what kind of files we can stage here: cgi-bin/koha/tools/
13:35 Joubu a marc records file
13:36 Joubu can be get using the export button on biblio detail page
13:36 putti but there is 10 different types of MARC files.
13:36 Joubu or using the export tool tools/
13:36 Joubu save as MARC utf8 should be fine
13:36 putti utf-8, not utf-8 standard?
13:37 Joubu not sure to know the difference...
13:37 putti with utf-8 it worked good, but with the standard everything died, if I remember right..
13:38 putti I think we should change the script to only accept the right type of MARC file. Joubu, do you agree?
13:38 Joubu "everything died" needs to be defined :)
13:38 xarragon Nuked from orbit?
13:39 putti the fields values didn't come with the staging
13:40 putti ah, hard to explain because I don't even know what I'm trying to fix here :D
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13:46 putti Please, someone, tell me which type(s) of files are allowed to stage in script. I tried to look every manual entry but they just say "import a MARC file".
13:48 marcelr Joubu: if bug 14544 gets signed, i will be interested in looking further..
13:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14544 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Move the list related code to Koha::Virtualshelves
13:51 Joubu thanks marcelr!
13:56 Joubu putti: both worked for me
13:56 Joubu But the .marcstd file does not contain the item info
13:57 putti Ok. That's why there was problem with the .marcstd
13:57 Joubu putti: note the records are certainly imported using the default framework
13:58 Joubu and thanks again marcelr for the batch checkout :)
13:59 putti works fine, but for example,, doesn't know what type of file it's handling and it causes anomalies.
14:00 putti Either need to be fixed to handle all the different types of MARC or to accept only one type of MARC
14:00 Joubu pianohacker: around?
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14:05 grharry Hello There! I am now on Debian Jessie and Koha 3.20.02! My LOGS are Full of the "CGI:error" warning  ... "CGI::param called in list context from package main line 448, this can lead to vulnerabilities." !!! :P Is there a way to get rid of this ??
14:06 tcohen grharry: nope
14:07 Joubu which scripts?
14:07 Joubu see bug 14121
14:07 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14121 minor, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Pushed to Stable , Silence warnings t/db_dependent/Auth_with_cas.t
14:12 grharry :-/
14:12 grharry left #koha
14:13 grharry joined #koha
15:02 xarragon Is there an easy way to test overdue messages?
15:03 xarragon Ah, wait maybe I can set a due date that has passed when loading?
15:03 xarragon Last time I just changed it with mysql.
15:05 kivilahtio_ joined #koha
15:05 Joubu xarragon: set a due date should work
15:06 xarragon Yeah it just needed a confirmation.
15:08 xarragon I tried to get koa to email me by running the script but so far no luck
15:08 xarragon Not sure if it accepts local mail
15:10 pianohacker Joubu: I am now :)
15:10 Joubu pianohacker: I was waiting for an answer on a bug, don't remember which one...
15:11 Joubu ha, maybe the column stuff on the items table
15:12 pianohacker oh, right, lemme respond to that
15:16 lari joined #koha
15:19 pianohacker Joubu: there you go.
15:20 Joubu thx
15:22 Joubu pianohacker: for instance stocknumber is not mapped by default, but can be mapped
15:23 pianohacker hrm, decent point.
15:24 pianohacker Joubu: based on my patch, and your work with the datatables stuff, even if I throw in all those columns it will only show the ones that are actually visible in the "show/hide columns" menu, and in the correct order, right?
15:26 Joubu I think so, yes
15:26 Joubu that's the point, I think it's better to show all columns
15:26 pianohacker agreed
15:27 Joubu and display them either the order on admin/ either the DB order
15:27 Joubu DB order ie. kohastructure.sql
15:27 pianohacker yeah, to be consistent with something
15:28 pianohacker Joubu: all right, have that on my todo list.
15:29 pianohacker going dark for the day, bye all!
15:29 pianohacker left #koha
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16:29 Joubu ++
16:33 tcohen joined #koha
16:51 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14181: MARC21 773 -- Display when ind1 = 0 or blank <[…]64b810b4038e6d70e> / Bug 14484: warns when changing patron pw <[…]8c157719dcf33a040> / Bug 14646: Koha::RecordProcessor should accept more than one filter <
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19:41 Topic for #koha is now RULE #1 DONT BE NEWBS, LOCK YOUR TOPIC lmao SUCKERS
19:41 DKD :)
19:41 DKD left #koha
19:44 Topic for #koha is now #koha Welcome to the IRC home of Koha | Code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/ |  Please use for pastes | Installation guide for Koha is
19:46 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to the IRC home of Koha | Code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/ | Please use for pastes | Installation guide for Koha is
19:48 sophie_m joined #koha
19:52 Dyrcona What a lamer.
19:53 liw it hit two other channels I'm on; lamer seems right
19:55 wnickc but he was totally 733t
19:56 liw very leet. such skillz. much hacker.
19:57 sophie_m left #koha
20:02 Dyrcona he
20:02 Dyrcona heh
20:35 magnus_afk joined #koha
20:40 rangi @later tell joubu not sure what you mean, add the info where?
20:40 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
20:45 * magnus_afk waves at rangi then falls asleep
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21:50 Francesca joined #koha
21:50 Francesca Hello
21:50 geek_cl joined #koha
21:51 Francesca rangi are you around?
21:54 Francesca joined #koha
21:58 Francesca joined #koha
21:58 Francesca Hey rangi just letting you know I might not get in today
21:59 Francesca my mac has crashed and won't boot up so I'm going to have it looked at.
21:59 rangi ahh bummer
21:59 rangi im in a training thingy all day anyway
22:01 Francesca ok. Theres a chance I might get in late afternoon but thats only if we can get the computer running again
22:05 Francesca joined #koha
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23:39 * dac wonders what Debian will do when they run out of Toy Story characters...
23:42 wizzyrea on to Nemo!
23:42 wizzyrea Debian Nemo has a nice ring to it.
23:42 wizzyrea Debian Dory.
23:42 wizzyrea Debian Marlin.
23:42 dcook hehe
23:42 dcook I like
23:42 * wizzyrea plays spot the parent
23:43 dcook :P
23:43 bag HA  -  ginny will love Nemo
23:43 dcook I've never actually seen Finding Nemo... it's like the one kids movie I haven't seen
23:45 bag it’s fun - like all of them
23:45 bag the turtles are the best part IMO
23:45 wizzyrea it is fun
23:45 wizzyrea It's also not super sonically dense
23:45 bag they are sort of like hippy stoners
23:45 wizzyrea so it doesn't drive you insane watching it over and over
23:46 wizzyrea wall-e is good for that too
23:46 wizzyrea actually wall-e would make more sense for debian releases
23:46 wizzyrea debian eve - that sounds nice.
23:46 dcook hehe
23:46 bag that would be really cool
23:46 bag but they’d have to change the start up noise for wall-e
23:47 wizzyrea they hyphenated names are potentially problematic :P
23:47 wizzyrea so scratch that :)
23:47 bag hmm I’m flying in the morning - I think I will download that movie for the plane - thanks wizzyrea
23:47 wizzyrea wall-e is awesome.
23:47 bag totally
23:48 bag trea’s back has been hurting the last week or so - he’s had to sit a few games :(
23:48 bag get better buddy
23:48 wizzyrea
23:48 wizzyrea ^ that's the end credits of wall-e, for those of you uninitiated
23:48 wizzyrea possibly the best end credits ever.
23:49 wizzyrea it's a whole movie in itself.
23:50 dcook Mmm I do love the end credits
23:50 bag bbias
23:50 dcook I think I watched that on my old netbook before it got stolen..
23:50 dcook I remember the end credits were a bit jerky, so I was trying to find a way of making VLC run better on the low end hardware..
23:51 dcook Fortunately someone stole the computer and that led to me buying a better one that has no problem with video now :D
23:53 bag sorry to hear about the netbook - some people man…  why do that?
23:53 bag doesn’t make sense to me
23:53 * dcook shrugs
23:53 dcook I can think of a few reasons, but it does suck :/
23:54 bag pros and cons though :)
23:54 dcook Felt a little bit bad that the stuff they stole wasn't worth much, so sort of a waste of their time
23:54 dcook Of course, they absolutely trashed the place, so hard to feel too bad for them :p
23:54 bag pros and cons
23:54 bag HA
23:54 dcook haha
23:54 dcook Yeah I just got that
23:55 bag heya trea - happy birthday man!
23:55 * dcook was waiting for the bday message
23:55 bag :D happy birthday to you too dcook
23:55 wizzyrea smh
23:55 dcook bag: I have been thinking about celebrating my bday at a different time of year
23:55 wizzyrea half birthdays :)
23:55 dcook wizzyrea: Alas, that's around Christmas :/
23:56 wizzyrea hm, my halfbirthday is close to spud's
23:56 dcook Maybe February would be good..
23:56 bag when is your birthday dcook ?

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