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00:32 mtj hey #koha
00:33 mtj i really like the attention to facial hair in your link, rangi :0)
00:43 mtj oh wow, ive just clicked to what pixton actually is
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02:28 wizzyrea I need some frikkin RDA records, anybody have some that they'd share?
02:28 wizzyrea suppose I could just go find some from LoC
02:28 dcook What do you need specifically about them?
02:29 wizzyrea Preferably RDA native (not converted), with all of their fields
02:29 wizzyrea nice to have is an importable format.
02:30 wizzyrea where "all of the fields" is "the fields that RDA records do differently from AACR" and where "native" means this was a new or originally catalogued RDA record.
02:31 * dcook has no idea :/
02:33 cait1 not yet
02:34 cait1 still waitin to get test data from our union catalog
02:34 cait1 can share probably once i got some
02:35 wizzyrea that would be sweeeeet cait1 <3
02:37 cait1 remind me in a week or so?
02:37 * wizzyrea makes a note
02:41 wizzyrea cait1: because I am weird, I was trying to get huginn to schedule an alert next week (you can't do that, btw) but I noticed that you have huginn messages waiting for nicks cait: cait. and cait,
02:41 wizzyrea :)
02:41 cait1 they will be a bit german, so yo might also keep looking for other test data :)
02:41 cait1 hm can't name myself that
02:41 cait1 nick cait,
02:41 cait1 invaid nicks
02:42 wizzyrea bother :)
02:42 eythian cait1: go back to bed
02:42 wahanui[…]9rdlo1_r2_400.gif
02:43 wizzyrea best turtle.
02:58 dcook Sometimes, I doubt my Perl skills... and then I look at some really really bad code and I feel better... and tell myself that I need to get better because there might be people who are better at coding than me who think the same thing I'm thinking now... but about my code.
02:59 dcook This is pretty bad though...
03:02 dcook I suppose I was told that this script was written by someone who didn't understand the purpose of the script, so... that probably explains it a bit too
03:13 wizzyrea a koha one?
03:13 dcook Thankfully not :)
03:13 wizzyrea \o/
03:14 dcook It's a reminder though that when people say "I'm hardcoding this for now..." in a patch on Bugzilla, I should really say, "No... just... please no."
03:15 wizzyrea we should automatically create a bug like "make thing more flexible because it's hardcoded" after every one pushed like that.
03:16 dcook hehe
04:01 eythian authorities/ is some pretty bad looking code
04:24 wizzyrea is it making you depressed?
04:25 eythian well, it's small, it has that going for it.
04:26 wizzyrea[…]bv.96952980,d.dGY
04:26 wizzyrea ew
04:26 wizzyrea
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06:38 reiveune hello
06:40 * magnuse waves
06:41 magnuse meting in 3 hours 20 minutes?[…]eting_8_July_2015
06:49 * dcook has no idea
06:57 magnuse hiya dcook
06:59 dcook hey magnuse :)
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07:01 alex_a bonjour
07:03 magnuse @wunder boo
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07:04 dcook salut alex_a
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07:04 dcook Hmm, I could handle being in Marseille about now...
07:04 dcook Pretty warm for 8:30am though, no?
07:13 magnuse yeah, it will probably get hotter...
07:13 magnuse yup, supposed to reach 32 in the middle of the day
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07:18 dcook Nice!
07:18 dcook En tout cas, I have to head home!
07:20 dcook Ciao folks\
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07:38 gaetan_B hello
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08:27 drojf morning
08:27 magnuse moin drojf
08:27 drojf hei magnuse
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09:02 magnuse cait: not too bad, yet?
09:02 cait it might be ok today
09:03 cait there was some rain last night
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09:15 cait drojf: i win ;)
09:16 Joubu Hello #koha
09:19 cait hi Joubu :)
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09:48 indradg kia ora #koha
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09:50 magnuse meeting in 10 minutes?
09:51 magnuse[…]eting_8_July_2015
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09:55 cait1 huh
09:58 cait1 well... better a restart before the meeting than n the midst of it
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10:00 cait1 ok
10:00 cait1 everyone ready?
10:00 thd I could be more ready.
10:00 cait1 #startmeeting General IRC Meeting 8 July 2015
10:00 huginn` Meeting started Wed Jul  8 10:00:52 2015 UTC.  The chair is cait1. Information about MeetBot at
10:00 huginn` Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
10:00 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 8 July 2015)
10:00 huginn` The meeting name has been set to 'general_irc_meeting_8_july_2015'
10:00 cait1 #topic Introductions
10:00 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
10:00 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 8 July 2015)
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10:01 cait1 Please introduce your self with #info, following wahanui's example
10:01 cait1 #link[…]eting_8_July_2015
10:01 cait1 #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ Germany
10:01 Jerwyn fist timer here
10:01 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
10:01 Brooke welcome Jerwyn
10:02 schnydszch #info Eugene Espinoza Rome
10:02 cait1 welcome :) the #info will make your name show up in the list of attendees in the meeting logs
10:02 Jerwyn hello Brooke
10:02 davidnind #info David Nind, Wellington, New Zealand
10:02 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart
10:02 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin, Germany
10:02 Jerwyn #info Jerwyn Fernandez, Manila, Philippines
10:03 cait1 i will wait a little longer
10:05 cait1 ok, let's moveon
10:05 cait1 #topic Announcements
10:05 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 8 July 2015)
10:05 magnuse #info Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
10:05 khall #info Kyle Hall, ByWater Solutions
10:05 cait1 i knew it! heh
10:06 cait1 there is always someone just after changing the topic :)
10:06 drojf internet is crazy, brb
10:06 cait1 any announcements?
10:07 Brooke yep
10:07 Brooke If anyone's in the DC/Baltimore area mid August, there's a Code4Lib meetup
10:07 cait1 link?
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10:08 Brooke not terribly useful but
10:08 Brooke #link
10:08 cait1 ok, let's move to the next topic
10:09 cait1 #topic Update on releases
10:09 Topic for #koha is now Update on releases (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 8 July 2015)
10:09 cait1 i think tcohen is not here yet - quite early in argentina
10:09 cait1 any of the RMaints?
10:10 cait1 could be a quick meeting :)
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10:10 cait1 afaikt everything seems to be on track
10:11 cait1 we had a security release
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10:12 cait1 some follow-up patches fixing some side effects of the security fixes will be in hte next releases i think
10:12 Joubu I think 3.18.x is still buggy: not possible to add/update a vendor
10:12 cait1 yep
10:12 cait1 there is also a proble with item search i think,  but the patches are ready
10:13 cait1 thx Joubu
10:13 cait1 ok,moving on
10:13 cait1 #topic KohaCon15
10:13 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon15 (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 8 July 2015)
10:14 cait1 #link
10:14 cait1 i think today there is noone here from Nigeria
10:14 cait1 any questions or comments you want to have show up in the logs?
10:14 Jerwyn 3.18 - 3.20 inventory is bug
10:15 cait1 #topic KohaCon16
10:15 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon16 (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 8 July 2015)
10:16 Jerwyn[…]haCon16_Proposals
10:16 thd People from Greece have not added or not linked a detailed proposal.
10:16 Jerwyn show Greece
10:16 cait1 #info we got 2 bids right now, one from Aristotle Universtiy in Greece and another from National Library of the Philippines
10:16 cait1 #link[…]haCon16_Proposals
10:17 cait1 thx Jerwyn
10:17 thd Anyone here from Aristotle University?
10:17 cait1 i don't think so - but votes only open in september
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10:17 cait1 but votes are not before september, is what i meant
10:18 cait1 #info Voting will take place in September
10:18 cait1 maybe we could schedule something before in an irc meeting for people with questions?
10:18 Brooke I'm glad we have 2 bids from places we've not yet been :)
10:18 thd At some point a reminder may be needed for Aristotle University in case they are all on holiday.
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10:18 Jerwyn if ever can we change the venue for the National Library Kohacon2016?
10:19 cait1 Jerwyn: i think you can still edit the wiki
10:19 Brooke the temporary demise of their banking system is prolly a bit more pressing than a KohaCon bid at present...
10:19 cait1 maybe add a note that it changes to be more visible
10:19 * thd has not been following the news closely :)
10:20 cait1 Jerwyn: do you want me to put a note in then minutes? what's the new location?
10:20 schnydszch_ #info we're having a hard time contacting the national libeary. They seemed are busy with transferring. But we're hoping national library of phils. Cooperates
10:20 Jerwyn got that cait they are renovating the building dont know when they will finish it.
10:20 cait1 you can also say it might change due to renovations or something... no problem changing the bids before the voting i think
10:21 Jerwyn cait have to check with the National Library Staff when they will finish the renovation.
10:21 schnydszch_ #info noted cait
10:21 cait1 #info The venue in the Philippines bid might change due to renovations of the building
10:22 schnydszch_ #but it will still be in the national capital
10:22 Jerwyn thanks cait
10:22 cait1 anything else?
10:22 schnydszch_ Or within the vicinity
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10:22 schnydszch_ #info but it will still be in the or within the vicinity
10:23 cait1 ok :)
10:23 cait1 moving on then :)
10:23 cait1 #topic Next steps in Fundraising
10:23 Topic for #koha is now Next steps in Fundraising (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 8 July 2015)
10:24 cait1 i think first we need to take a look at the bylaws / TOR
10:24 drojf joined #koha
10:24 cait1 is someone from the fundraising committee here?
10:25 cait1 #info bylaws = Terms of Reference
10:25 cait1 #link
10:25 cait1 any comments?
10:26 Brooke I will state that I hope in future we reach out to Mozilla or similar to get ideas for our governance rather than reinventing the wheel
10:26 drojf if there is nobody here, will we postpone it to the next meeting?
10:26 cait1 i first want to check if htere are open questions
10:27 cait1 i will leave it up to the meeting if we have a vote, if people are comfortable we can, if there is still need for discussion, we might postpone
10:27 khall I think we should go ahead and vote if nobody has any questions
10:27 davidnind Seems okay to me
10:27 thd While I agree somewhat with Brooke, borrowing complete documents from allied communities works somewhat less well than using the GPL in common.
10:27 khall I've read through it and it seems pretty straight forward to me
10:28 Brooke It's missing a lot of safeguards.
10:28 cait1 Brooke: safeguards?
10:28 Brooke I also hope that geography and diversity will be a bit of a bigger factor next yearish
10:29 cait1 i think it's hard to write that up - anyone can candidate
10:29 indradg #info Indranil Das Gupta
10:29 thd Brooke: what safeguards would be helpful apart from the issue of encouraging diversity?
10:30 khall cait1: is correct, these are simply the people who volunteered for the job
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10:32 cait1 Brooke?
10:32 wahanui I'M TAKING THE PISS OUT OF 'EM. or a ratbag.
10:32 drojf sorry my wifi hates me
10:32 khall Brook, can you be more specific?
10:32 khall Brooke: ^
10:32 Brooke sorry I'm having a discussion on the side.
10:33 Brooke Yes, specifically I'm worried that our bylaws are not strong enough on conflicts of interest, and I would like to see that bit flushed out much more.
10:33 khall Brooke: in what way?
10:33 Brooke I am not saying don't vote, I'm just saying I hope that people take the process as one of continuous improvement.
10:34 khall Brooke: absolutely, continuous improvement is what we're all about ; )
10:34 thd If the vote is delayed currently then there should be further opportunity to propose changes before first use.
10:34 cait1 #link[…]licts_of_Interest
10:35 cait1 #idea improve paragraph on 'conflict of interest'
10:35 khall If there are no questions, shall we vote then?
10:36 cait1 first i'd like to ask: is there anyone here opposed to voting today?
10:36 davidnind There has been over a month already to provide feedback, more time allowed at last general meeting..
10:36 cait1 i am preparing the vote statement now, giving you b it more time
10:36 cait1 always need a bit to get that right
10:37 indradg dumb question - membership means a member of the fundraising committee?
10:37 cait1 ... and it needs to be phrased as a question
10:37 cait1 i'd say so
10:37 khall indradg: that is correct
10:37 Brooke yep
10:37 cait1 Committee members shall be elected via vote in a Koha General Meeting
10:37 indradg ok
10:38 cait1 can someone help me phrase that vote as a question that makes sense? :)
10:38 khall how about "Do we approve the International Koha Fund Fundraising Committee Terms of Reference?"
10:39 khall cait1: the signatories were already approved in a previous vote, correct?
10:39 cait1 not quie
10:39 cait1 with one exception
10:39 cait1 paul_p added his name after the initial election
10:40 khall ok, let's cast a bigger net
10:40 cait1 so he has not been elected
10:40 schnydszch_ I move that we vote on the international koha fund raising committee term of reference
10:40 cait1 schnydszch working on it, one more moment please
10:40 khall "Do we approve the Fundraising Commitee and International Koha Fund Fundraising Committee Terms of Reference?"
10:40 cait1 #vote Koha Fund Fundraising Committee Bylaws/Terms of Reference as stated on the wiki today. Do you approve? (yes,no)
10:40 schnydszch_ my bad..
10:40 cait1 hm
10:41 cait1 that wasn't it
10:41 thd I have a question.
10:41 cait1 #vote Do you approve of the Koha Fund Fundraising Committee Bylaws/Terms of Reference as stated on the wiki today?
10:41 cait1 yes?
10:41 cait1 and please help me get the vote started someone...
10:41 indradg #vote yes
10:41 Jerwyn #vote yes
10:41 schnydszch_ #vote yes
10:41 cait1 sorry, it's not started correctly yet
10:41 cait1 i will have it now
10:42 cait1 thd: your question?
10:42 thd How would the conflict of interest clause not affect most members thus preventing a quarum?
10:42 cait1 yeah, i think that's a problem :)
10:42 cait1 #startvote Do you approve of the Koha Fund Fundraising Committee Bylaws/Terms of Reference as stated on the wiki today?
10:42 huginn` Begin voting on: Do you approve of the Koha Fund Fundraising Committee Bylaws/Terms of Reference as stated on the wiki today? Valid vote options are Yes, No.
10:42 huginn` Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
10:42 cait1 ok, now please bote
10:42 cait1 vote
10:42 khall #vote yes
10:42 thd no
10:42 schnydszch_ #vote yes
10:42 davidnind #vote yes
10:42 thd #vote no
10:42 Jerwyn #vote yes
10:43 magnuse #vote yes
10:44 cait1 #vote abstain
10:45 indradg #vote abstain
10:45 cait1 i am giving this a bit longer to make sure everyone has voted
10:46 drojf joined #koha
10:46 drojf grr
10:46 cait1 could someone look for the link to the email thread about the support vendor listing meanwhile?
10:46 cait1 drojf: vote is still open
10:46 drojf let me check the log what we are voring on :)
10:47 laurence joined #koha
10:47 mtj #vote yes
10:47 drojf #vote abstain
10:47 cait1 the abstains are not counted by the bot, but will note them in the minutes
10:47 drojf cait1: thanks for waiting btw :)
10:47 cait1 ending the vote now
10:48 cait1 #endvote
10:48 * mtj waves from his fone
10:48 huginn` Voted on "Do you approve of the Koha Fund Fundraising Committee Bylaws/Terms of Reference as stated on the wiki today?" Results are
10:48 cait1 hm no results...
10:48 indradg bug?
10:48 wahanui bug is it stores biblionumber not itemnumber
10:49 cait1 #agreed. Results of the vote are: yes (6), no (1), abstain (3)
10:49 cait1 i hope i have counted correctly
10:49 cait1 please check
10:49 cait1 khall: i suggest we add voting on paul_p to the next agenda?
10:49 khall cait1: I will double check
10:49 cait1 he isn't around
10:50 cait1 and it seems not time criticial
10:50 khall cait1: is there a specific reason, or just that he's not around?
10:51 cait1 maybe just that it's not been on th eagenda :)
10:51 cait1 i always feel a bit uncomfortable doing votes that haven't been announced
10:51 davidnind the figures add up !
10:51 cait1 thx davidnind
10:51 khall that's fine by me, like you said, probably not time critical
10:51 cait1 i will add an action
10:52 cait1 #action cait to add voting on Paul P for the fundraising committee to the next agenda
10:52 cait1 ok, moving on?
10:52 drojf a general remark: i would like to see people attend the meetings if they want the meeting to vote on things.
10:53 cait1 i second that... it would be a lot easier with someone involved around to answer questions and comments
10:53 khall let's vote on it!
10:53 khall ; )
10:53 cait1 #topic Support vendor listing on the website
10:53 Topic for #koha is now Support vendor listing on the website (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 8 July 2015)
10:54 cait1 does someone have th elink to the email thread?
10:54 Brooke I want to keep it. It's one of the most frequently asked questions.
10:54 cait1 I often refer to it too... so I would like to have something like that at least
10:54 cait1 but i can understand the problems that have been raised
10:54 khall cait1: did you find a link to the mailing list thread?
10:55 cait1 not yet
10:55 davidnind still looking..
10:55 cait1 got it
10:55 cait1 #link[…]-July/043138.html
10:55 davidnind[…]-July/043138.html
10:55 cait1 so far we have i think 2 ideas
10:55 davidnind I'm too slow!
10:56 cait1 #idea proposal to remove the 'paid support' list
10:56 cait1 #idea move the 'paid support' list to the wiki
10:56 magnuse i think "koha has 40+ support companies all over the world" is something of a unique selling point for koha, so i'd like to keep it, in some form
10:56 magnuse moving it to the wiki sounds good to me
10:56 mtj Me too
10:56 drojf moving it to the wiki sounds bad to me
10:57 cait1 it's also more neutral if you can say other vendors can be found there... instead of having to give someone a list or maintain one yourself
10:57 drojf if it is all evil now, why would it be ny good in the wiki?
10:57 drojf any
10:57 cait1 i think the idea was to have it less official there
10:57 magnuse i don't think it is all evil now
10:57 davidnind I think it should be kept, I think it is clear to me that there is no 'official support providers'
10:57 magnuse yeah, the wiki would be less official
10:57 indradg we have a baby and bathwater problem
10:58 Brooke nope, we have a tempest in a teapot problem. :P
10:58 cait1 stop confusing the chair please
10:58 davidnind I am happy to help maintain if more help is required - the criteria are quite clear, and what it means is quite clear as well
10:58 drojf i think it is not my problem if people consider it an official list, why it says otherwise. i don't care. it's not the lists fault
10:58 schnydszch there should be a disclaimer in the wiki that it is not an official list
10:59 cait1 i think one of the problems raised was possible legal issues removing a company that no longer links back or offers koha services
10:59 Brooke anyway, I think we basically have some of this information redundantly on the wiki since the Users' pages sometimes have a vendor included in the table for the installation sites.
10:59 drojf what i find problematic is all the maintining work and what comes with it. people getting insulted and so on
10:59 khall It seems that moving it to the wiki is the best middle ground idea. I
10:59 thd Is there a claim that the website listings are not being updated quickly enough?
10:59 khall thd: vendors are using the website listing as proof they are an 'official' Koha vendor
10:59 cait1 #link
10:59 drojf and moving it to the wiki would just move the craziness. do we want to have edit wars there because some people can't behave?
10:59 schnydszch and so is the current koha support list page
10:59 cait1 please note that there is a disclaimer already, but people still seem not to read it...
11:00 indradg khall: not just the vendors, even the end users are looking at it as official list
11:00 Brooke we can't be responsible for folks just not reading.
11:00 drojf if it is in the wiki, it is the official list in the wiki, for those who want it to be
11:00 khall From Tomas:
11:00 khall Some places, notably India and others, expect some kind of
11:00 khall official certification for service providers, and people are referring to
11:00 khall being listed on the site as a way to certify their validation as service
11:00 khall providers.
11:00 drojf khall: and they will refer to the wiki from then on
11:00 khall The list is being abused, simply put
11:00 drojf i don't see any win
11:00 thd khall: I recognise the previous complaint from indradg .
11:01 khall A wiki is specifically editable by anyone, so in my mind it loses a lot of "status"
11:01 drojf if we don't want to keep it, i'd say delete it, link to the dashboard, done
11:01 drojf khall: what status does the other list have in your mind?
11:01 khall drojf: "other list"?
11:01 cait1 from our current disclamer: "Inclusion on this directory implies no “official” status  whatsoever.  Any organization who claims to be an “official” Koha  support provider is misrepresenting their relationship to the Koha  project."
11:01 drojf khall: the list now, as it is. and compare that to others peoples minds that are the problem right now ;)
11:02 mtj Drojf. You have a better idea than the wiki?
11:02 Brooke I've to go to work. Cheers, folks.
11:02 drojf mtj link to the dashboard to find companies that contribute
11:02 khall the problem is we all have the "curse of knowledge" in regards to what the list really is
11:02 thd I think that a stronger disclaimer on the website would be better than relying solely upon the wiki.
11:03 cait1 might lead to a lot of typo fixes heh
11:03 cait1 davidnind: i read you#d be willing to help out?
11:03 Jerwyn actually I registered our company to be put in the list. For some reasons the paid support maintaining body is not updating it. On the contrary I have no problem with it. :)
11:03 drojf i really do not see how moving it to a different place will change anything for those that don't understand what the list now is. it will be exactly the same. plus people editing each others entries
11:03 khall I also don't think lines of code is a good single-factor way of saying who's contributing
11:04 khall for example, the entire manual done by nicole
11:04 mtj Drojf. Ah OK. Sorry.. Irc is laggy
11:04 drojf true
11:04 schnydszch i second the motion khall
11:04 khall and what about when one company hires another? Case in point, the elastic search development
11:04 cait1 also companies are different size/offer differnt things
11:04 cait1 we don't have a full time koha dev... but we are still involved
11:04 thd Relying solely on the wiki may lead to the opposite impression of an official endorsement ... namely no presumption that possible wiki spammers have been excluded.
11:04 davidnind I would be happy to help with requests.  I think it is better to keep list as it is - to make sure that at least the criteria for listing are met.
11:04 cait1 just doens't show in lines of code
11:04 khall plus it ignores all the support everyone gives on the mailing list gratis
11:05 schnydszch you certainly hit it khall.
11:05 cait1 #action davidnind is volunteering to help out maintaining the current list
11:05 davidnind Having a dashboard of contributors would also help - this could be linked from the paid support providers list
11:05 cait1 davidnind: could you maybe get in contact with wizzyrea about this?
11:05 davidnind cait1: will do
11:06 indradg davidnind: vendors wanting to get listed are complying when listing up. Once done, the pages are being changed to reflect an alternate 'reality'. Are we ready to police that?
11:06 drojf true. but does that actually change anything in reality? who does the manual, who does support on the list? bywater is certainly in the dashboard, so are others. how many companies are there that exclusively answer questions on the list?
11:06 drojf (and do not a single signoff, for example)
11:07 thd davidnind:  What would a dashboard be?
11:07 schnydszch and how about those people who asked other people directly and not directly in in Koha community? gratis and that's how other people who have known other Koha people ask and goes into Koha
11:07 drojf not saying it is the best possible idea. just trying to think in a direction away from what we have now
11:07 davidnind As part of maintaining the list, could have a regular review of those listed e.g. annually
11:07 cait1 #idea a dashboard showing contributions/contributors instead
11:08 Jerwyn should be a least quarterly
11:08 drojf Jerwyn: are you volunteering?
11:08 davidnind thd: proposal for a dashboard to show the organisations/individuals are contributing to Koha development
11:09 khall I don't know if this is a terrible idea, but maybe there could be a registration fee paid to some entity and that entity would use the money to do the 'policing'. I don't think we're ready for that yet
11:09 cait1 khall: maybe once we get the fundraising sorted...
11:09 khall cait1: agreed
11:09 Jerwyn drokf: can be
11:09 cait1 also it seems a bit contrary to our basic principles hm
11:09 drojf when people pay they are entitled to be listed. or do you want to make them pay for the check and not list then?
11:09 davidnind khall; probably a terrible idea, don't think we are ready for that
11:09 thd Any attempt to objectively quantify contributions will ultimately be necessarily unfair and an extremely poor substitute for investigation on the part of libraries wanting services.
11:10 khall cait1: yes, it's kind of an icky thought, but would solve all the problems
11:10 cait1 khall: not sure, some will happily pay and still be evil :)
11:10 khall thd: I definitely agree
11:10 khall cait1: but at least they will be evil within the rules ; )
11:11 thd A dashboard is what people at LibLime introduced in 2009? as a means of diminishing their competitors unfairly.
11:11 cait1 i think it was the reason we said we have a low barrier and not many checks - it's just too hard to judge failry
11:11 Jerwyn #idea let the paid support donate something from the community fundraising
11:11 davidnind I think the dashboard idea was so that this could more easily verify vendors claims that they 'contribute extensively' to Koha development
11:11 mtj A dashboard is great. But its a different thing than a vendor list
11:12 davidnind mtj: agreed, complementary but different, and for different purposes
11:12 mtj It doesn't help someone find koha support in their area
11:12 khall davidnind: I'm generally be down with the idea in that sense, but mtj is right
11:12 schnydszch thd like what I've said how can you quantify gratis answers from people who asked you, that instead of focusing with primary work, you answer their questions even though you already told them that there is this koha community
11:12 thd davidnind: The idea of a dashboard is only good in abstract principle.  There is no practise which would not lead to even unintended unfairness.
11:13 cait1 i tend to agree, such a think would be really hard to get right
11:13 davidnind How do we come some conclusion/way forward for this?
11:14 cait1 good question
11:14 thd There are some problems for which the possible remedies are worse than the problem itself.
11:14 cait1 we have collected some ideas
11:14 khall indeed, I think we have three options at the moment
11:14 khall 1) Do nothing
11:14 cait1 maybe a next step would be to flesh them out on the wiki ?
11:14 khall 2) Delete it
11:14 khall 3) Move it to the wiki
11:14 mtj We should at least try a wiki method. If we have problems. Then do dething else
11:14 cait1 #idea keep it like it is - some help in maintaining it was offered
11:15 khall do we have any more ideas of merit that are actionable?
11:15 indradg #idea - a compromise: move the list to wiki... anyone can edit and place their names on it. And website links to dashboard.
11:15 thd Would adding a wiki page redundantly be helpful?
11:15 khall Right now I count 45 listings
11:16 drojf i get junk mails from india now because of that list, btw. »I hope this email finds you in good health and high spirits. We're a team of creative geeks based out in India!!«
11:16 Joubu $
11:16 * Joubu should not clean his kb...
11:16 cait1 a downside of the wiki might be that all we can do is sort alphabetically... maybe list by region
11:16 khall really, policing that many wouldn't be super difficult, except for the language barrier, which is a very high barrier itself
11:16 davidnind My suggestion: continue to maintain the list with more help and make sure vendors meet the criteria; add RFC to wiki to flesh out the ideas suggested here
11:17 drojf davidnind: +1
11:17 cait1 yep that sounds good
11:17 cait1 i thik a list of options for the next meeting
11:17 cait1 and maybe we can then make a decision
11:17 thd Would adding a wiki page redundantly be helpful in addition to having the same content also in a web page which has been checked for spammers more completely?
11:17 cait1 does that sound ok?
11:17 indradg khall: India has has the highest number of listed vendors, at least 3 - 4 are pending inclusion and more are ready to pop up
11:17 drojf thd: have the same list twice? or am i misunderstanding?
11:18 khall in that case I think we'll need a team of watchers who cover all the languages those websites are available in
11:18 thd yes droijf
11:18 cait1 i like thelively discussion
11:18 davidnind I don't think you would want two lists
11:18 thd yes drojf
11:18 drojf thd: then we have all prossible problems of both places
11:18 cait1 but i think we need to move on now to get this meeting to an end at some point :)
11:18 drojf all the work with the maintained list and the edit wars ;)
11:19 davidnind cait1: agreed
11:19 cait1 #action Everyone to help add a list of options on how to proceed with the vendor listing to the wiki for the next meeting
11:19 cait1 davidnind++ for your offer of helping out - thx!
11:19 thd drojf: I agree with your argument that redundancy would be bad.
11:19 cait1 i will try to start an agenda later - please feel free to add to it!
11:20 khall #idea a team of volunteers covering all the languages needed to review the websites periodically
11:20 cait1 i will just try to give a starting point to make it easier for you all
11:20 cait1 to go in and add
11:20 cait1 ok, moving on
11:20 cait1 #topic GBSD
11:20 Topic for #koha is now GBSD (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 8 July 2015)
11:21 cait1 i had proposed to magnuse to have another gbsd, maybe in combination with a qa sprint
11:22 cait1 but we are both in doubt a bit, because: The last Global Bug Squashing Days have not generated a lot of signoffs.  Why? How can we get more people excited and ready to contribute?
11:22 cait1 citing from the wiki
11:22 cait1 magnuse: still there?
11:22 wahanui there is no way to add items to a list?
11:22 drojf wahanui: what?
11:22 wahanui drojf: wish i knew
11:23 cait1 now everyone has gone quiet heh
11:23 cait1 i think the gbsd in the evergreen community seems to be a bit more successful right now
11:24 khall cait1: any idea what they are doing that we aren't?
11:24 cait1 but i haven't checked how they are exactly organized
11:24 cait1 not yet
11:24 thd What is done differently with Evergreen GBSDs?
11:24 cait1 #idea have people suggest bugs they want to test beforehand and make sure they apply/are sandbox ready
11:24 drojf khall: take part? :P
11:25 khall lol
11:26 drojf apart from announcements i did not have much of a GBSD feeling the last times. did not seem that people are really doing this together, they just continued to do everyday work
11:26 cait1 it doesn't look really different - maybe it#s just newer, getting more attention?
11:26 cait1 #link[…]ug-squashing-day/
11:26 cait1 drojf: yeah... but how can we change that?
11:26 cait1 another diea maybe
11:26 davidnind My thought is it depends on the underlying purpose: encourage contribution (including coaching new participants) or getting things done -- or both
11:27 cait1 #idea offer a beginners tutorial on that day - like helping people set up a kohadevbox
11:27 thd davidnind++
11:27 indradg cait1++ for the idea
11:27 davidnind Should it be made regular event? e.g. every month, or six weeks
11:28 khall cait1: one thing of note I see are they set up pre-configured sandboxes by request beforehand
11:28 cait1 #idea encourage contribution - including coaching new participants
11:28 davidnind cait1++
11:28 cait1 khall: yeah, something we could do too i think - maybe elastic, accounts rewrite etc.
11:28 cait1 that could get people to come out a bit more
11:28 khall cait1: I think I can help with that, I was already planning a server with many preconfigured test sites
11:29 khall assuming I can convince larry to give me more disk space ; )
11:29 schnydszch those are goof ideas cait, i want to attend GBSD in e the near future
11:29 cait1 #idea set up pre-configured sandboxes beforehand
11:29 cait1 schnydszch :)
11:29 khall I can spin up a test site with the default sample data and a bug applied right quick
11:30 schnydszch great ideas
11:30 khall but it won't have any ability to add a sign off until I write that part
11:30 cait1 khall: we have some sandboxes where you can do that - maybe you could use the code
11:30 Jerwyn_ joined #koha
11:30 khall but I imagine I can steal that code out of biblibre's sandbox code
11:30 cait1 i think it's in our gneeral repo, the sandbox stuff
11:30 khall excellent
11:31 cait1 might be worth checking if it's the most current version, but i think i saw it there
11:31 cait1 also ashimema and Joubu might be able to give pointers
11:31 drojf it is in there
11:31 cait1 so people are in favour of trying again with the GBSD? :)
11:31 Joubu yes repo contrib
11:31 indradg yep!
11:31 indradg cait1: +1
11:32 davidnind yes
11:32 thd Maybe I should comment on why I have never participated in a GBSD.
11:32 cait1 i think i could try and get people to add some 'events' - like find someone to run a tutorial
11:32 khall pelase do
11:32 cait1 not sure i could run one myself
11:32 khall cait1: are you meaning virtual?
11:33 thd I do not do real time programming well, however, there may be other tasks which could engage me on such days.
11:33 schnydszch dumb question with the bug list, is there a way by browsing by bug number, not by category then bug nos. and I approve for another GBSD
11:33 cait1 but it might get early august then for a date - as I don't have a lot of time currently
11:33 cait1 schnydszch sorry, not sure i understand
11:34 khall I'd be willing to do a virtual bootcamp over gotomeeting or whatever is available
11:34 schnydszch browsing of bugs in wherein you can browse from the latest bug number, regardless of component
11:35 cait1 hm what i have is a saved search for all open
11:35 cait1 and then sort by bug number
11:35 Jerwyn_ +1 to virtual bootcamp
11:35 drojf khall: i may or may not do a second try with a webinar software, which we could use for stuff like that. i had some technical difficulties the last time though
11:35 khall cait1: for the sandbox stuff we need a form somehwere like this:[…]YF3MUm8Y/viewform
11:35 cait1 i think that might be the easiest way
11:35 cait1 #action khall to run a virtual bootcamp during GBSD
11:35 schnydszch ok thanks cait, i'll take note of that
11:35 khall cait1: if we could get more bootcamp volunteers to get better timezone coverage that would be best
11:36 cait1 khall: we can do a google doc or an etherpad
11:36 schnydszch +2 to vitual bootcamp
11:36 cait1 maybe
11:36 cait1 and also ask on the mailing list
11:36 cait1 #idea run a webinar
11:37 cait1 thx all for the enthusiasm and offering help :)
11:37 cait1 would the first week of august work as a first idea for this?
11:37 cait1 i know we are running into vacation time in europe... but i guess hard to avoid running into vacation time somewhere
11:38 drojf i just wanted to say that august is probably not great for europe…
11:38 khall early august is bad for me and bywater peeps in general
11:38 cait1 ah
11:38 cait1 hm
11:38 cait1 another proposal?
11:38 khall we have KohaNA and then a ByWater staff retreat
11:38 schnydszch i'm in europe, but I approve august, no vacation for me
11:39 cait1 last week of july maybe?
11:39 drojf too soon maybe
11:39 cait1 the last 2 weeks of august are bad for me... but that of course shouldn#t stop anyone from squashing bugs :)
11:39 drojf if you want to get new people involved
11:39 cait1 just a bit hard to be there then
11:39 khall how about late august?
11:39 khall sorry cait1 didn't see your comment
11:40 cait1 that's alright
11:40 khall what about early september?
11:40 indradg joined #koha
11:40 drojf when is kohacon?
11:40 Jerwyn_ last week of july
11:40 khall that would give me plenty of time to figure out my sandbox stuff
11:40 cait1 i could try to help organizing, but probably wouldn't make it to attend - so someone should be there to see things go smoothly
11:40 cait1 drojf: october :)
11:40 drojf then i'd say early september too
11:40 cait1 with early september we are running a bit close to the deadlines... but it should still work
11:40 cait1 ok
11:40 schnydszch early september
11:41 cait1 #idea have a GBSD event early september
11:41 indradg +1 for early september
11:41 thd early September++
11:42 cait1 ok, let's try to keep this one moving :)
11:42 cait1 #action cait to send an email proposing a date early september and asking for tutorials on the list
11:42 Jerwyn_ first week of September would do
11:42 cait1 i think picking bugs needs to be a bit closer to the date probably
11:42 indradg yes
11:42 cait1 but we could get some general thins on the agenda early on
11:43 cait1 moving on?
11:43 Jerwyn_ +
11:43 cait1 #topic Actions from last meeting
11:43 Topic for #koha is now Actions from last meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 8 July 2015)
11:43 cait1 just reading the bylaws - which we hopefully have done before voting
11:43 cait1 #info all done
11:43 cait1 #topic Next meeting
11:43 Topic for #koha is now Next meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 8 July 2015)
11:43 thd Would we not pick a date for GBSD?
11:44 davidnind Recent meetings: 8 April 2015 19:00 UTC -- 6 May 2015 10:00 UTC -- 10 June 2015 20:00 UTC -- 8 July 2015 10:00 UTC
11:44 cait1 we could do it now and i'd run it then on the mailing list
11:44 cait1 what about wednesdays?
11:44 cait1 any day preference?
11:44 Jerwyn_ cant on wednesday
11:44 cait1 fridays?
11:44 wahanui fridays are too difficult heh
11:45 Jerwyn_ Thursday
11:45 khall any weekday should work for me
11:45 cait1 thursday sounds good
11:45 khall September 3 then?
11:45 schnydszch thursday +1
11:45 cait1 i am not going to do the vote thing again,... but september 3rd please vote :)
11:45 cait1 +1
11:45 thd What day of the week has been usual for Koha GBSDs?
11:45 Jerwyn_ September 3 +1
11:46 khall +1
11:46 cait1 ithink we had different days
11:46 cait1 but haven't checked closely
11:46 davidnind +1
11:46 schnydszch +1 Sept. 3
11:46 thd 3 Sep. +1
11:46 khall afk
11:46 cait1 #agreed Proposed date for the next GBSD is September 3rd - suggestions and help organising welcome!
11:46 Jerwyn_ sorry to ask in what time?
11:47 cait1 usually they run the full day
11:47 cait1 in whatever time zone
11:47 cait1 what we could do this time with the tuturials is set some specific times
11:47 schnydszch start time? for the tuts
11:47 cait1 so there are some events during the day maybe
11:47 Jerwyn_ I mean for the virtual bootcamp
11:47 cait1 i tihnk it would depend on the one doing it
11:47 Jerwyn_ will just wait for further announcements
11:48 cait1 next meeting is 20 utc i think
11:48 cait1 august 5th or 6th maybe?
11:49 Jerwyn_ 6th
11:49 cait1 quick, people :)
11:49 Jerwyn_ still Thursday
11:49 laurence joined #koha
11:49 davidnind Wednesday 5th
11:49 thd Have we skipped old business?
11:50 cait1 nope, therw as no old business according to the meeting logs
11:50 schnydszch vote for 6th
11:50 cait1 quick vote please - 5th or 6th
11:50 cait1 now
11:50 cait1 you got a minute :)
11:50 Jerwyn_ 6th for me
11:50 thd Wed. 5th
11:50 cait1 6th +1
11:50 davidnind vote for the 5th to keep consistent
11:51 thd I prefer not the first Wed.
11:51 cait1 hm - that#s a point
11:51 davidnind otherwise up to the chair
11:51 thd I prefer 12th
11:51 davidnind generally try to have in the first week of the month
11:51 cait1 i'd like to keep the distance not too long as it seems lots to discuss recently
11:52 cait1 i am going with 5th - the consistency got me  (being QA and all..)
11:52 cait1 #info next meeting will take place on Wednesday, 5 August, 20 UTC
11:52 cait1 #endmeeting
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11:52 huginn` Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]08-10.00.log.html
11:52 davidnind cait++ thanks for chairing the meeting,
11:52 cait1 thx all for attending!
11:53 cait1 davidnind: got quite late for you davidnind - thanks for staying around :)
11:53 Jerwyn_ I always have bible studies every wed's
11:53 Jerwyn_ nice meeting you guys!
11:53 davidnind I'm normally up this late, so not too bad
11:54 * thd did not sleep the night before.
11:54 Jerwyn_ we just have typhoon here in the Philippines that is why I was able to attend today.. :)
11:54 davidnind I think as soon as you say it will be a quick meeting, it isn't..
11:54 cait1 heh yeah
11:54 cait1 i should bite my tongue next time
11:55 cait1 Jerwyn_: thx for attending :)
11:55 davidnind Jerwyn_: that doesn't sound good
11:56 Jerwyn_ cait1: until next time :)
11:56 meliss joined #koha
11:56 thd caitl: On a trivial note maybe you missed advancing the agenda for the meeting log to picking a date and time for next meeting.
11:56 Jerwyn_ davidnid: yeah its been raining for almost a week
11:57 cait1 thd: hm i think i did
11:57 cait1 (13:43:49) huginn` hat das Thema zu Next meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting 8 July 2015) abgeändert
11:57 davidnind Jerwyn_: stay safe
11:58 Jerwyn_ davidnin: thanks man
11:58 thd I hope to be faster with an announcement for the next meeting ...
12:00 thd ... I have been helping a friend avoid eviction and will resume working on the wiki when he seems safe from eviction which may not be until mid-August.
12:14 drojf cait++ # chair stuff
12:18 thd Sleep at last.
12:23 davidnind left #koha
12:24 tcohen joined #koha
12:25 tcohen morning #koha!
12:35 * magnuse apologizes for disappearing
12:38 Dyrcona joined #koha
12:39 magnuse ¡hola tcohen!
12:50 NateC joined #koha
12:55 barton I wonder if it would be possible to add a script to huginn` which woujld look for new nicks (perhaps after a few days on #koha) and send a @later inviting the new member to put their nick and name on
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13:12 JoshB joined #koha
13:13 cma joined #koha
13:29 JRJML_Director so yeah. our library used to have two branches and one of them is now closed. what do i do with all these notices and slips?
13:29 JRJML_Director i've basically got 3 copies of every one. one for my branch, one for the old branch, and one for "all libraries"
13:30 JRJML_Director theoretically i could remove everything and keep the "all libraries"
13:31 JRJML_Director is that correct?
13:36 tcohen can anyone from the QA team take a look at 14453?
13:38 nengard joined #koha
13:40 tcohen joined #koha
13:46 tcohen back
13:55 amyjeankearns joined #koha
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14:08 carmen joined #koha
14:19 cait1 bug 14453
14:19 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14453 major, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Signed Off , kohaidx is missing for id in authority-koha-indexdefs.xml
14:20 cait1 khall: do you have a moment for that maybe?
14:20 khall sure!
14:24 kmlussier joined #koha
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14:45 AmitG joined #koha
14:45 AmitG heya indradg
14:48 reiveune left #koha
14:52 tcohen hi AmitG
14:54 AmitG hi tcohen
14:54 rocio joined #koha
15:01 barton indradg: I just ran across the vim buffer where I was looking at C4/ -- did you figure out what you needed with regard to the message transport types?
15:12 paul_p joined #koha
15:24 JRJML_Director joined #koha
15:24 JRJML_Director So. Trying to generate printed 60 day notices
15:24 JRJML_Director i have the trigger set, i have a notice template set
15:25 JRJML_Director what other magic tricks do we have to do to get this stuff to actually print.
15:26 JRJML_Director where does koha know which printer to use? how does it all work?
15:26 JRJML_Director oh ok. my IT guy says you have to put a command line to
15:28 JRJML_Director we want to know the exact definition where to specify the notices directory for sending these jobs to a queue so we can make a script to print from that directory
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15:46 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
15:47 mtompset nengard: Did you see my comment on bug 12329?
15:47 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12329 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Inventory setting date last seen to 0
15:47 laurence left #koha
15:47 mtompset @seen nengard
15:47 huginn` mtompset: nengard was last seen in #koha 1 day, 19 hours, 24 minutes, and 22 seconds ago: <nengard> hola #koha
15:47 nengard just saw it now
15:47 nengard am catching up after being away for a few days
15:47 tcohen mtompset: we are loosing the coding guidelines for the help pages, because Nicole copy/pastes from the manual, otherwise is too much work
15:48 mtompset tcohen: Broader context? I kind of forget everything I have done. :)
15:49 tcohen you failed qa a bug in which nicole was adding documentation for the new features in 3.20
15:49 mtompset Oh... the help pages. There was a bug...
15:49 tcohen exactly
15:50 mtompset Would anyone object if I fix the whitespace issues, and sign off?
15:50 tcohen don't waste your time!
15:51 tcohen or teach nicole how to do it almost-automatically
15:51 tcohen because this will happen again and again
15:51 mtompset Good idea... I'll note the git settings to auto-fix.
15:53 druthb It's getting really hot and stuffy in here.  Our team's meeting room was really bad, as the sun hits that wall directly at this time of day.
15:56 mtompset tcohen: I noted our conversation here, quoted you, and signed off the bug. -- Oops... forgot to attached signed off version.
15:59 mtompset Sounds like time to go home for lunch, and work from home if possible, druthb. :)
16:00 tcohen thanks mtompset
16:00 tcohen and
16:00 tcohen nengard: good job
16:00 nengard what for ... what'd i miss
16:00 druthb very tempting, mtompset
16:00 tcohen 3.20 docs
16:00 mtompset updated help files. :)
16:01 nengard oh! thanks tcohen - i did try to run a plugin on the manual to clean up all the spacing and capitalization ... it crashed
16:01 nengard hehe
16:01 tcohen we are good
16:01 mtompset nengard: I mentioned some git settings which should help in the future on the bug.
16:01 nengard oh cool
16:01 nengard okay
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16:29 CanuckPaul joined #koha
16:32 CanuckPaul Absolute newbie -- am I connected?
16:32 pianohacker CanuckPaul: yup, we hear you loud and clear
16:33 CanuckPaul Thanks - clear blue skies on the shores of Lake Ontario. On Koha lists I sign as Paul.A
16:34 AmitG @bug 14472
16:34 huginn` AmitG: Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14472 major, P5 - low, ---, amitddng135, Needs Signoff , Wrong ISSN search index in record matching rules
16:37 mtompset Have a great day, #koha pianohacker CanuckPaul nengard tcohen.
16:40 AmitG Good night all!!!
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17:37 tcohen matts_away: around?
17:48 cait1 too late here i think
17:48 cait1 it's almost 8pm
17:48 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 14453: (followup) Fix shipped XSLT files <[…]9bd9fc1a05f4861cf> / Bug 14453: kohaidx is missing for id in authority-koha-indexdefs.xml <[…]1cd0c2152a6def06c> / Bug 14326: XSLT Syntax error in MARC21slimOPACResults.xsl <
17:52 hankbank joined #koha
18:02 CanuckPaul Ping?
18:02 wahanui Using deft allegory, the authors have provided an insightful and intuitive explanation of one of Unix's most venerable networking utilities.[…]oks/dp/0448421658
18:18 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 3206: (RM followup) DBIx updates <[…]ec3a95fe14635714d> / Bug 3206: DBRev <[…]1afc1eb8b7b82cf17> / Bug 3206: (QA followup) OAI repository deleted records support. <[…];h=6d91e791cdf852
18:22 tcohen ok, leaving home right now, have a nice (rest of the) day #koha
18:26 drojf joined #koha
18:38 wnickc joined #koha
19:10 cait1 davidnind++
19:11 cait1 #adding agenda for next meeting
19:21 nengard left #koha
19:26 francharb joined #koha
19:27 francharb Hello #koha!
19:27 drojf hi francharb
19:27 francharb How is everything?
19:27 francharb I was wondering
19:27 francharb Has anyone experienced xslt translation issues with koha 3.20?
19:29 francharb I try to update to po files (translate update fr-CA) and I just find a couple of strings from compact.xsl and plainmarc.xsl
19:29 francharb Is there a new way to translate the xslts?
19:32 cdickinson joined #koha
19:39 cait1 francharb: they are probably in separate po files now
19:40 cait1 francharb: we now have marc specific po files
19:40 francharb Hi cait!
19:40 cait1 so you no longer need to translate normarc:)
19:40 francharb I checked that
19:41 cait1
19:41 francharb but those are for the marc frameworks
19:41 cait1 hm, not sure
19:42 cait1 actually the marc frameworks are also separate
19:42 cait1 a level above the version po files
19:42 cait1
19:42 cait1 marc21 SQL Files
19:44 cait1 i don't think bernardo has some ready for the unimarc/normarc files yet
19:44 francharb Thanks! I should have paid more attention on this one. When I checked, i understood it was cataloguing specific
19:44 francharb but obviously, I was wrong
19:44 francharb I just checked and I can find the xslt strings
19:44 francharb wouhou!
19:44 francharb Thanks cait1 !
19:45 francharb You're right, it's all in the database
19:45 francharb why did I think it could be in a po file??
19:47 cait1 maybe we cause we started to do that - just didn't get to make it for all frameworks i guess
19:47 cait1 francharb: are you using marc21 in canada?
19:48 francharb yes cait1, marc21
19:48 cait1 because when you translate the po file for the marc21 frameworks here you can then download translated framework files
19:48 cait1 from here
19:48 cait1 and use that to make a patch
19:48 francharb thanks for the tip
19:49 cait1 they update automatically, but i am not sure how often
19:49 cait1 bgkriegel++
20:02 mtompset joined #koha
20:02 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
20:02 mtompset How do I trigger opac grouped search results?
20:05 cait1 i am not sure it's currently possible
20:05 cait1 it was related to pazpar2
20:05 cait1 which to my knowledge is not fully functional currently
20:05 cait1 you can try switch the syspref
20:05 cait1 but it migt break search
20:07 mtompset which sys pref?
20:08 mtompset Found it.
20:08 mtompset Does anyone actually use parpaz?
20:08 pianohacker mtompset: you'll also have to set up pazpar2
20:08 mtompset I'll leave the bug then. :P
20:08 pianohacker mtompset: I used it for rancor's original metasearch, and my first try at bug 10486
20:08 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10486 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Failed QA , Allow external Z39.50 targets to be searched from the OPAC
20:09 mtompset I was looking at bug 14259.
20:09 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14259 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, ASSIGNED , OPAC system preference BiblioDefaultView is ignored
20:09 mtompset Realized I fixed the wrong file. :)
20:09 mtompset So got the fix working.
20:09 pianohacker it did what it said on the tin but was difficult to understand, hard to set up, broke occasionally in hard-to-diagnose ways, and introduced breaking config changes in bugfix releases
20:09 mtompset Then realized it is broken in as well.
20:10 pianohacker so I'd recommend not touching the grouped results stuff :)
20:10 mtompset like I said... I'll leave the bug. :)
20:10 mtompset Now to write up a decent test plan, and I should have something to post for the non-XSLT stuff. :)
20:20 cait1 if you are looking for another - 14508 looks interesting :)
20:21 rangi morning
20:44 andreashm joined #koha
20:48 rocio1 joined #koha
20:58 * magnuse shouts "kia ora rangi", then falls asleep
20:58 cait1 morning rangi
20:59 * cait1 wanders if this magnuse is a bot
21:00 liz joined #koha
21:01 pianohacker cait1: really dang slow one if so :)
21:02 cait1 oh i missed andreashm
21:02 mtompset He was running on a 300baud modem connection with a 8Mhz cpu? ;)
21:02 * mtompset goes to check out his vehicle.
21:09 tcohen joined #koha
21:09 tcohen hi
21:09 wahanui hola, tcohen
21:11 carmen left #koha
21:11 NateC left #koha
21:15 cait1 hola
21:15 wahanui privet, cait1
21:20 tcohen hola Katrina, ¿como estas?
21:23 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 3206: (QA followup) missing comma on sysprefs.sql <[…]a85ad4a5f3c0b9f42>
21:26 cait1 bien
21:26 eythian hi
21:26 cait1 y tú?
21:30 andreashm joined #koha
21:30 * andreashm waves
21:31 liz hi
21:31 wizzyrea_ hi again
21:32 cait1 hi andreashm :)
21:32 andreashm hi cait, double-hi wizzyrea_
21:33 cait1 just read your email
21:33 cait1 i will check the etherpad tomorrow if that is ok?
21:34 cait1 i am travelling from friday to sunday so probably can't do much until next week - but will try to send some comments before :)
21:34 andreashm cait: no problem whatsoever.
21:35 cait1 :)
21:35 andreashm I've been terribly slow with this, you are the fast one. =)
21:36 cait1 not really
21:36 cait1 but i think as long as we figure it out before august it's ok :)
21:37 andreashm yeah, I'm not to worried.
21:40 tcohen cait1: muy bien, encontrando bichos no deseados
21:40 cait1 bichos no deseados?
21:43 tcohen unwanted bugs
21:43 cait1 oh
21:48 edveal joined #koha
21:56 wizzyrea_ invoices in Koha are basically arbitrary, right?
21:58 tcohen lots of things are arbitrary in KOha…
21:58 tcohen :-P
21:58 rangi yep, they kinda have to be
21:58 tcohen hi rangi
21:58 rangi cos no 2 places ever does them the same
21:58 tcohen taxes, discounts, etc
21:58 rangi yep
21:59 rangi if you can get the world governments to agree on taxes .. then we can simplify that bit ;-)
21:59 wizzyrea_ yeah, that's on my to-do list
21:59 wizzyrea_ ^.^
21:59 eythian I bet it's way down
21:59 tcohen eythian: :-P
22:03 wizzyrea_ just pondering the question of "I have to receive shipments without having a physical copy of the invoice"
22:03 wizzyrea_ physical/digital
22:03 wizzyrea_ I think the answer is "give the invoice a meaningful name that you can match up later."
22:04 wizzyrea_ because you can't decouple receiving from Koha generating an internal invoice.
22:05 rangi yeah just call it donation - blah blah
22:05 rangi or whatever it is
22:06 wizzyrea_ yep sweet, my thinking is not daft.
22:11 NateC joined #koha
22:26 JoshB joined #koha

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