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00:25 wizzyrea hi
00:30 eythian
00:31 dcook O_O
00:32 dcook @later tell tcohen thanks :)
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00:32 dcook @later tell pianohacker thanks :)
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00:32 dcook Hmm that looked generic...
00:32 eythian @later tell dcook it did
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00:33 dcook @later tell eythian But it was the same sentiment!
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00:34 wizzyrea many lulx.
00:34 wizzyrea lulz.
00:34 dcook ^_^
00:38 wizzyrea ...I just realised that I don't know how one "un-receives" a serial.
00:38 wizzyrea I feel like you just change the status back to "expected"
00:38 dcook Hmm, could be. Might need to do something with the items too if it was made automatically?
00:42 wizzyrea valid point
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01:11 wizzyrea @later tell nengard documentation suggestion: write down what to do if you make a mistake receiving serials. :)
01:11 huginn` wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
01:11 * dcook thumbs up
01:12 wizzyrea (though I'll probably have something that kind of maybe says what to do in the next day or so.)
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03:28 AmitG hi all
05:00 * dcook looks forward to the day when Koha ships with Plack by default
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05:51 * magnuse waves
05:51 dac Is it already that time of day?
05:51 * dac waves to magnuse
05:52 * magnuse waves back
05:52 magnuse guess it is
05:53 * magnuse hates to be the bringer of bad news
05:54 dcook Oh, I don't mind
05:55 dcook Feels like a long day :p
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06:01 * magnuse wonders how we already got to the 29th
06:01 magnuse @wunder boo
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06:01 dcook I wonder that too
06:01 dcook I think we only have 2 more months of winter here...
06:01 * dcook isn't sure that Bodo has figured out it's summer yet though
06:02 magnuse nope, something failed this year, so far...
06:03 dcook :(
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06:44 fred_pt Good morning everyone! Can someone please spare some minutes helping me resolve a problem with my current Koha server?
06:44 fridolin hie
06:45 ashimema ask away.. someone is likely to try and answer
06:45 ashimema (though it's breakfast time for me.. so I'm about to head offline for a bit for that ;) )
06:46 fred_pt Thanks for the kind reply
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06:47 fred_pt My problem is really the ldap link to my domain controller. I have spent a few hours trying to solve this but no luck,
06:47 reiveune hello
06:47 wahanui bonjour, reiveune
06:47 fred_pt I need to be able to read the domain accounts as we have +800 users and growing fast.
06:49 fred_pt I have searched for documentation, tried several ways and if i use a tool like ldapsearch i can connect and read the user data, within koha it always fails either by saying no results returned or by saying logon error.
06:49 fred_pt Is anyone able to give me a help on this please?
06:49 fred_pt Thanks!
06:50 ashimema What Koha version are you using..
06:50 ashimema and what documentation have you followed thus far..
06:51 ashimema are you doing auth by bind?
06:51 fred_pt If  i try to use to test like: userid=***** password=******  it returns Can't locate C4/ in @INC (you may need to install the C4::Auth module)
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06:53 fred_pt Ok now responding to your questions: koha version 3.14.16 - the documentation was the official one on koha site and ldap with bind.
06:54 fred_pt Can i poaste here the config i have in koha-conf.xml?
06:54 fred_pt *post
06:56 fred_pt Oh and the windows server doesn't accept anonymous bind.
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06:59 alex_a bonjour
06:59 wahanui niihau, alex_a
07:01 fred_pt Good morning
07:01 wahanui the only good morning is a dead one
07:02 fred_pt This ldap thing is killing my last 2 mornings... :(
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07:04 drojf morning
07:05 fred_pt userid=***** password=******  it returns Can't locate C4/ in @INC (you may need to install the C4::Auth module) anyone knows what is this error?
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07:07 AmitG alex_a around?
07:07 alex_a AmitG: yep
07:08 AmitG can you please check
07:08 AmitG @bug 6810
07:08 huginn` AmitG: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6810 enhancement, P4, ---, amitddng135, Needs Signoff , Send membership expiry reminder notices
07:08 drojf fred_pt: don't know what yoiu are doing, but that looks like missing environment variables
07:09 fred_pt i am trying to put the ldap connection between koha and windows domain controller - it works with serachldap but not with koha
07:09 drojf have you tried doing it in koha-shell? (if you are on a package installation)
07:11 fred_pt now you got me - just found i have a shell.... let's try to use it...
07:12 * dcook waves and peaces out for the night
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07:15 cait morning #koha
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07:19 marcelr hi #koha
07:22 cait hi marcelr :)
07:22 fred_pt Does the ldap in koha writes to any log file?
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07:23 cait fred_pt: what kind of information are you looking for?
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07:23 fred_pt i need to find out why my ldap connection is not working between koha and windows server
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07:25 cait error messages might show up in the usual logs
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07:25 cait do you know wher your koha logs are?
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07:26 gaetan_B hello
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07:29 fred_pt ok
07:29 fred_pt after having a better look into it i found the log i was looking for: LDAP Auth rejected : invalid password for user 'falmeida'. LDAP error #16: LDAP_NO_SUCH_ATTRIBUTE
07:30 ashimema well done fred_pt
07:30 cait morning ashimema :)
07:31 fred_pt so i think i am missing something between the query i make and the fields in ldap server?
07:32 fred_pt LDAP Auth rejected : (sAMAccountName=frederico almeida) gets 0 hits, referer: http://trvlib.library.trivago.[…]koha/
07:33 fred_pt does this means that i was able to log into windows ldap and it didn't find the user i tried to login with?
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07:36 cait um maybe somethin in your mapping? is  the name with the space the user login?
07:38 fred_pt i tried several ways but the proper one should be "falmeida" as this is the pc login username
07:38 fred_pt if i try falmeida i get: LDAP Auth rejected : invalid password for user 'falmeida'. LDAP error #16: LDAP_NO_SUCH_ATTRIBUTE
07:39 fred_pt but looking at this awser it seems it can't find the password to match against or i see this wrong?
07:40 fred_pt in ldap the "name" is "Frederico Almeida" but sAMAccountName is "falmeida"
07:42 fred_pt also i get this second line in the log: The request referenced an attribute that does not exist
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07:42 fred_pt I have koha working wonderful just miss this step to "sell" it to my company for our new library...
07:43 cait hm i think the second looks more promising - maybe then it finds the user name but just the passwords are not matching?
07:44 cait i have never set up ldap myself - so not much help here
07:44 cait might be worth trying the mailing list
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07:48 ashimema whats your config look lke?
07:48 ashimema
07:48 ashimema obviosly *** out anything personal ;)
07:51 pastebot "fred_pt" at pasted "LDAP config" (24 lines) at
07:52 cait hm wondering, do you need to match password?
07:52 fred_pt i'm kind of new to this ldap thing so i may give stupid awsers :) and i just need to have the users from windows domain to authenticate to koha interface
07:53 cait i am just guessing around - you better listen to ashimema :)
08:04 * magnuse will have to set up ldap soon, so is all ears
08:04 kivilahtio @later tell pianohacker. I think I made a translation mistake in my head. When I said my work, I meant my job ... :)
08:04 huginn` kivilahtio: The operation succeeded.
08:38 ashimema oops..
08:38 ashimema sorry.. I missed the paste there... just reading it now
08:39 ashimema ooh.. you probably want auth_by_bind.. I've hardly ever seen that set to '0'
08:41 ashimema not many ldap directories will allow the password to leak out.. so bind mean you send them username + password to the ldap and letting it 'bind' for you..
08:41 ashimema with auth_by_bind turned off, instead koha asks for the password and then does the comparision our side
08:42 ashimema or at least that's my understanding
08:42 ashimema So.. in your current flow..
08:43 cait fred_pt ^^
08:43 ashimema koha will attempt to login to the ldap server with your 'service user', (as per the username and password contained within the <user></user><pass></pass> block
08:43 kivilahtio ashimema: speaking of LDAP, can you tell me in two sentences what is the difference between LDAP and CAS and Shibboleth?
08:44 kivilahtio apparently LDAP and Shibboleth are pretty muc hthe same?
08:44 ashimema it'll then perform an ldap search to find the user that's trying to login.. (i.e samaccountname)..
08:44 ashimema it will all ask what their password is.. then compare it to what they gave you
08:44 kivilahtio ashimema: And If I was to implement a single sign on system for our Issue tracker and Koha librarians, which method would you recommend?
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08:45 ashimema OK.. they're all authentication systems (which can double up as authorization handlers)
08:45 ashimema it's the order in which the calls happen which is important.
08:46 kivilahtio ok
08:47 ashimema LDAP...  User inputs username & password into KOHA.. koha then sends these to ldap server and asks "Are they OK?", LDAP then replies with OK and other details if configured to give those (from which you can build new users, update existing users)
08:47 kivilahtio yup
08:48 ashimema Shibboleth: Koha asks browser 'Do we have a logged in user?', Browser replies with yes or no, if no then user can ask to authenticate, koha says 'OK, go over there and authenticate, then bring me back a secret handshake'. (So, the big thing here is koha NEVER see's the users username and password).
08:48 magnuse how does ldap work if the user has never signed into koha, but comes to check out a book? can koha then get the patron data without the user's password?
08:49 ashimema similarly to ldap, the shibboleth secret handshake can include lots of extra details from which you can build a koha user from/update an existing user from.
08:49 cait magnuse: not yet, but i think there is apatch lingering somewhere in koha
08:49 ashimema right now magnuse, no..
08:49 ashimema but that's an enhancement I'd love to do..
08:49 magnuse cait, ashimema: oh
08:49 ashimema sorry..
08:49 cait magnuse: you'd tell them to go log into the opac once
08:49 ashimema if those user account are already in the koha end they can...
08:49 cait then they can chek out
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08:50 cait if you do the 'create users via ldap' thing
08:50 magnuse gotcha
08:50 ashimema but if your relying upon ldap to populate your users, then that will only happen at first login
08:51 cait ashimema: hm differences between ldap and shib...
08:51 ashimema CAS i'm not 100% sure how it works..
08:51 cait with shib you can authenticate at the... campus portal and then you are automatically logged into koha as well - can you do that kind of thing with ldap?
08:51 ashimema I think it sort of sits in the middle of those two methods
08:51 kivilahtio cait: I think in Koha we could easily add a borrower from the information LDAP returns
08:52 cait kivilahtio: we do
08:52 cait already
08:52 cait it's just an optional feature
08:52 cait also updating the user everytime they authenticate
08:52 kivilahtio really? I haven't seen that in C4::Auth?
08:52 cait maybe because it happens elsewher? :)
08:52 kivilahtio mm, mybe it is on C4::Auth_LDAP
08:53 cait i think in the ldap module
08:53 cait yep
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08:53 cait only the ldap does that so far -ashimema has patches for it to happen with shib too
08:53 kivilahtio ashimema: when can you take a look at the authentication rewrite?
08:53 ashimema C4::Auth_with_ldap kivi
08:53 cait shibboleth is very common here - to build single sign on solutions
08:53 magnuse http://perldoc.koha-community.[…]th_with_ldap.html
08:53 cait also for accessing electronic ressources
08:53 ashimema yup..
08:54 ashimema Shibboleth is SSO.. LDAP is SLO
08:54 cait slo?
08:54 kivilahtio single log on
08:54 cait aah
08:54 kivilahtio ?
08:54 cait so that would be the main difference i guess
08:54 kivilahtio single-sign on vs single log on
08:54 ashimema SSO = Single Sign On (i.e sign in once on one app, be signed into all other apps at the same time)
08:54 ashimema SLO - Single Log On (i.e sign in to each app individually, but using the same set of credentials each time)
08:55 ashimema I 'think' CAS is also SSO..
08:55 ashimema but matts would be able to better comment
08:55 kivilahtio CAS only want a PT-http parameter
08:55 ashimema there is also Persona and APK support in koha..
08:55 cait i think persona is dead kind of
08:55 ashimema along with local auth over BASIC or Params
08:55 kivilahtio I thought Persona was part of CAS
08:55 cait it probably still workds tho
08:55 cait no
08:55 cait todally different
08:55 ashimema persona is a firefox thing
08:56 ashimema Firefox acts as your identity keeper..
08:56 kivilahtio in C4::Auth there is only one check for PT-parameter in context of Persona, and the PT leads to CAS
08:56 ashimema it sends a 'special token' which koha then binds on
08:56 ashimema nah.. that's just because the varialbe are all messed up and re-used all over the shop ;)
08:57 ashimema it's not CAS..
08:57 cait
08:57 kivilahtio ok
08:57 ashimema yeah.. Auth is a mess ;)
08:57 kivilahtio ashimema: you still didnt tell me when you have time to take a look at the rewrite?
08:57 kivilahtio I will work on it more now
08:57 ashimema there's more persona stuff in some files in /opac/svc
08:57 ashimema at the minute. I can't easily judge..
08:57 kivilahtio but if we could agree on a datetime for a review, that would be aswesome
08:58 ashimema I have sic months worth of back log for paying customers here at the minute :(
08:58 matts We miss a modular auth stack in koha
08:58 kivilahtio matts: working on it
08:58 kivilahtio ashimema: I understand
08:58 matts that's nice to hear :)
08:58 kivilahtio matts: want to review my work?
08:58 ashimema I'd say go for it kivi..
08:58 kivilahtio matts: it is stil WIP but I need people to support it so we have any hope of getting it pushed
08:58 ashimema I'll dip in as often as I can to comment..
08:58 matts kivilahtio, sure, where is it ?
08:58 ashimema matts, would be really good to get your input too ;)
08:59 kivilahtio matts: It is a critical part of the REST API development to get a sane authentication framework for all the various ways  of authenticating to Koha
08:59 kivilahtio[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7174
08:59 huginn` Bug 7174: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, paul.poulain, NEW , Authentication rewriting
08:59 kivilahtio matts: there is a gdoc link for my spec and some WIP commit for people to see where this is heading
09:00 matts Okay, will look at it !
09:01 cait kivilahtio: thinking of apis....
09:01 cait native Koha, CAS, LDAP, Shibboleth - also SIP, ILS-DI, svc
09:01 cait are the ones that come to mind
09:02 cait the way SIP does authenticate is nto very clean right now... i got a bug for that somewhere
09:03 kivilahtio cait: I dont think it really authenticates :)
09:03 kivilahtio atleast it doesnt persist the authentication
09:03 ashimema why persist it ;)
09:03 kivilahtio the sip speficiation claims that each message can be a stand-alon message
09:04 kivilahtio so we get the authentication information on each message that reasonably needs authentication
09:04 ashimema that's exactly what REST is all about too kivi
09:04 ashimema auth with every request..
09:04 kivilahtio ashimema: yes I understand, but we need to support the CGISESSID as well
09:04 kivilahtio so normal Koha-users can benefit from it
09:04 ashimema and in fact.. anyone that tells you cookies means this isn't the case doesn't understand this stuff either ;)
09:04 kivilahtio it doesn't make it any more non-REST
09:05 ashimema cookies.. get sent with every request.. thus.. they are sending all authentication detail with every request.. thus they are prefectly restful
09:05 kivilahtio not sure if we agree or disagree
09:05 ashimema they're onyl not restfull if you store stuff like search history in them..
09:05 kivilahtio ashimema: thanks for clairification ,we agreee
09:05 ashimema temporary variale that are only setup for a shorter period of time.
09:06 ashimema :)
09:06 ashimema So.. in effect SIP is jsut RESTful in nature..
09:06 ashimema it sends auth details with every request.
09:06 kivilahtio every request needig auth
09:06 ashimema right.. back to auth..
09:07 kivilahtio well I'll just keep working on it
09:07 kivilahtio its very interesting :)
09:07 kivilahtio PAM for Koha :)
09:07 ashimema ooh.. are you a PAM man?
09:07 cait PAM?
09:08 kivilahtio ashimema: nope
09:08 ashimema Linux Pluggable Authentication Modules
09:08 kivilahtio I hate linux PAM
09:08 ashimema lol..
09:08 kivilahtio well I have no clue how to use it and I am not going to replicate it for Koha
09:08 ashimema basically cait, pam is a standardised API that apps in linux can hand off to for authentication..
09:08 kivilahtio but the Idea is to have authentication subroutines, but they wont need configuring :)
09:09 kivilahtio "convetion over configuration"
09:09 ashimema there are standard pam modules for all sorts of things.. and basically the api is as simple as..
09:09 ashimema is x authenticated? yes/no
09:11 cait ok
09:11 ashimema kivi.. what you likely need for a central auth module is a sub 'authenticate' which accepts username:password:other_hashref
09:11 ashimema with a simple yes/no as the response
09:14 ashimema set_userenv is non-restful.. though I actually have no issue with using such caches.. they just need to be transparent from the client.
09:15 ashimema your last step.. Check if haspermission..
09:15 ashimema that would actually be far better factored out.
09:15 ashimema i.e.
09:16 ashimema if one just needs auth.. then check_auth should be the one way to get it..
09:17 ashimema if one needs a particular permissions.. then a check_perm($permission) should be the definative call (and it may well call check_auth internally as the first step ;) )
09:18 ashimema I'd like a fallback path written into a re-write too..
09:18 ashimema so.. at the moment.. koha says.. 'if CAS enabled try CAS, if LDAP enabled, try LDAP, try Loca..
09:19 ashimema woudl be better to be able to make this explicit..
09:19 ashimema Try CAS, then LDAP, then Local..
09:19 ashimema Try LDAP, Never fallback to Local..
09:19 ashimema etc. etc
09:19 matts yep, and be able to define an order would be nice
09:20 kivilahtio ashimema: my modifications ai to be 100% backwards compatible. So we can rewrite portions in steps
09:20 kivilahtio see the _check_version for ex.
09:20 kivilahtio sorry, need to review a press release :)
09:20 ashimema all good
09:21 kivilahtio I'll make it better today, I got some nice ideas this weekend I am eager to put into practice
09:21 * magnuse cheers kivilahtio on
09:25 ashimema I really like the way[…]n::Authentication and[…]in::Authorization are laid out
09:25 ashimema I'm reasonably confident they could be used for inspiration ;)
09:26 kivilahtio ashimema: thanks, I'll take a look
09:26 ashimema I've used the authentication one as an inspiration for writing my own.. and I use the Authorization one out of the box ;)
09:26 kivilahtio ashimema: lucky me I already had to go to significatn depths on how Mojolicious works to make logging work and extend pluginss
09:26 ashimema basically.. they just allow one to plug on routine to do the actual authentication and authorization.. but they give a nice framework for holding it all together
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09:35 vfernandes hi guys
09:35 vfernandes problem in Koha 3.20.1
09:35 vfernandes when adding categories :  DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Incorrect date value: '' for column 'enrolmentperioddate' at row 1 at /KEEPS/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/admin/
09:38 magnuse vfernandes: i can't reproduce...
09:38 vfernandes if I fill the enrolmentperioddate : DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'enrolmentperiod' at row 1 at /KEEPS/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/admin/
09:39 vfernandes the enrolmentperiod and enrolmentperioddate can be NULL in the database
09:43 cait vfernandes: what are you doing to trigger the errror?
09:43 cait ah sorry, missed that
09:43 cait .... when adding categories
09:44 vfernandes i'm adding a categorie with a defined period time of 12 months (for example)
09:44 cait hm yeah that shoudl work
09:44 cait magnuse: but works for you?
09:44 vfernandes but I get the following error in the logs : DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Incorrect date value: '' for column 'enrolmentperioddate' at row 1 at /KEEPS/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/admin/
09:45 cait did you just update?
09:45 cait translated templates or english templates?
09:45 vfernandes english templates
09:45 vfernandes fresh install
09:46 cait hm
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09:48 cait wonder if it could be a difference between updated/new installation
09:49 vfernandes I don't know... this is the first time I've installed a version up than 3.16
09:54 cait vfernandes: maybe best to file a bug report
09:54 cait worht noting it's a fresh installation
09:56 rangi i cant reproduce either
09:56 rangi on a fresh install
09:56 rangi and on one upgraded from 3.20.0
09:57 cait heya rangi
10:02 drojf vfernandes: do you try it in the english version or translated?
10:03 drojf oh you said english templates, sorry
10:03 vfernandes english version
10:04 vfernandes "An error occurred when inserting this patron category. The patron category might already exist." this is the error on the interface
10:04 vfernandes i've tried on Firefox and Chrome
10:05 drojf can't reproduce
10:05 vfernandes could be something related to SO version or Perl version?
10:06 vfernandes debian 7, perl 5.14.2
10:07 drojf i have the same. it is an upgraded installation (from 3.18) though
10:10 pastebot "vfernandes" at pasted "Code of" (33 lines) at
10:10 vfernandes looking at the code I don't see where the problem is
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10:11 vfernandes $input->param("enrolmentperioddate") = '' if enrolmentperioddate is not filled
10:12 vfernandes I think I know what it is...
10:13 vfernandes MySQL doesn't have an option to controll empty values?
10:15 drojf do you mean it has to be NULL, not ''?
10:16 vfernandes STRICT_TRANS_TABLES
10:18 vfernandes MySQL documentation : "If a value could not be inserted as given into a transactional table, abort the statement. For a nontransactional table, abort the statement if the value occurs in a single-row statement or the first row of a multiple-row statement. More details are given later in this section."
10:18 vfernandes removing that option it works :D
10:21 vfernandes thanks magnuse, cait, rangi and drojf
10:23 kivilahtio vfernandes: I am happy you found your solution
10:24 kivilahtio sounds like a very hard to debug thing
10:28 vfernandes kivilahtio: if the code was working for rangi and for drojf, the problem only could be software related (perl, MySQL, etc...)
10:30 vfernandes then I've remembered that MySQL has mecanisms to block inserts with incorrect values...  the option STRICT_TRANS_TABLES is responsible to that block ('' (empty string) is not a valid date, '' is not a valid number...)
10:31 cait vfernandes: sounds like soething we still should fix properly :)
10:33 vfernandes cait: the control of the data inserted could be done by the software code or by the database... Usually it's done by the software code, but in some MySQL installations the option STRICT_TRANS_TABLES comes as default
10:34 drojf vfernandes: does it work when you use $input->param("enrolmentperioddate") = 'NULL' if enrolmentperioddate is not filled
10:34 drojf ?
10:35 cait bbiab
10:35 vfernandes drojf : I didn't tried to change the code, because disable that option worked for me
10:36 drojf vfernandes: where do you set it? in my.cnf?
10:37 vfernandes yes
10:39 drojf "after 5.6, the server default will include STRICT_TRANS_TABLES." that should be fixed properly :)
10:41 marcelr hi drojf: hope your monday is better :)
10:42 drojf hi marcelr :)
10:42 drojf it's ok so far ;)
10:59 vfernandes can anyone help me configuring koha public Z39.50 server?
10:59 vfernandes[…]s_a_Z39.50_server
11:00 vfernandes i've uncommented the lines refered in that wiki and i've restarted zebra server
11:00 vfernandes <listen id="publicserver">tcp:@:210</listen>
11:03 vfernandes when trying to access the Z39.50 with yaz-client (yaz-client -c /KEEPS/koha/etc/zebradb/ localhost:210/biblios) I get the following error:
11:03 vfernandes Connecting...error = System (lower-layer) error: Connection refused
11:04 Viktor joined #koha
11:12 drojf vfernandes: does your network/ server actually allow to use such a low port? have you tried 9998 or something?
11:12 vfernandes let me try
11:14 vfernandes with 9999 I've the same problem
11:14 vfernandes I think this is a server configuration problem
11:16 drojf it may not be reachable at all from the outside due to firewall or something
11:16 drojf oh but you tried localhost so that should not be it :)
11:16 vfernandes how to pass username/password?
11:18 drojf man yaz-client (aka i don't know :) )
11:32 vfernandes <listen id="publicserver">tcp:localhost:9999</listen> it works, <listen id="publicserver">tcp:@:9999</listen> not
11:39 AuroraSkywalker joined #koha
11:40 AuroraSkywalker Hi I'm trying to install koha, on Debian.  Followed the instructions but nothing is showing up at the domain it is suppose to.  Can't really find any troubleshooting links.  Tried to install stable, using local mysql.  When I check to see if service koha-common status it returns  Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/koha-common)
11:40 AuroraSkywalker Active: active (exited) since Mon 2015-06-29 06:09:27 CDT; 17min ago
11:43 AuroraSkywalker Now it has some fatal issue when I restarted the process, at least it is showing an error now.
11:46 magnuse AuroraSkywalker: did you create an instance?
11:47 AuroraSkywalker Yes, though I haven't configured mysql yet I usually do that when the page shows up
11:48 AuroraSkywalker I think maybe I got something wrong in the config file.  I don't know I'm trying to look at my logs to see if it says anything
11:48 AuroraSkywalker Thanks for replying
11:48 magnuse[…]e_a_Koha_instance
11:48 magnuse can you paste the config file?
11:48 magnuse paste?
11:48 wahanui I eat paste! It's tasty!
11:49 AuroraSkywalker sure one sec
11:49 magnuse (not koha-conf.xml, but the one you gave to --configfile)
11:49 meliss joined #koha
11:50 magnuse (or the default one)
11:54 pastebot "AuroraSkywalker" at pasted "koha config" (61 lines) at
11:55 AuroraSkywalker the only things I changed were the domain and the defaultsql
11:57 atheia joined #koha
11:59 AuroraSkywalker when I look at the system status it says something like thearchives-koha-zebra: fatal: failed to become a deamon: Resource temporarily unavaliable
12:06 AuroraSkywalker I'm getting a bunch of mails from cron about the mysql database, guess it probably wants one set up before the program will even load the page.  I'll try that and see if I can make any progress.
12:07 pastebot "AuroraSkywalker" at pasted "cron messages" (162 lines) at
12:07 drojf the comment for the serials table is "patron's opac search history"? that does not seem right :)
12:11 AuroraSkywalker ok
12:18 magnuse AuroraSkywalker: DEFAULTSQL="mysql"
12:18 magnuse do you have a file called "mysql"?
12:19 magnuse looks like the database is empty
12:19 AuroraSkywalker no I thought that's what it needed for a mysql config.  I removed it so its back to default.  No more errors but it's still not there.
12:23 magnuse AuroraSkywalker: do you get the "it works" page or just nothing?
12:24 magnuse is dns set up correctly?
12:24 * magnuse gotta go afk for a bit
12:29 AuroraSkywalker No I go to the page and it says something like err_name_not_resolved.  May be the DNS settings I will look into that. Thanks
12:29 ashimema joined #koha
12:34 tcohen joined #koha
12:35 AuroraSkywalker I'm going to troublshoot this more later.  Thanks for your help so far.
12:35 AuroraSkywalker left #koha
12:35 tcohen morning!
12:40 kivilahtio matts: Are you M.Tompsett?
12:40 matts kivilahtio, nope, I'm not. I'm Matthias Meusburger
12:41 kivilahtio ok, I wonder who M.Tompsett is
12:41 matts kivilahtio, :)
12:41 kivilahtio thanks
12:42 Stompro joined #koha
12:43 cait tcohen: morning!
12:44 tcohen hi cait!
12:45 nengard joined #koha
12:58 magnuse hiya nengard and tcohen
12:58 nengard morning magnuse
12:59 tcohen hi magnuse nengard
12:59 magnuse nengard: new colours?
12:59 marcelr hi tcohen
13:00 tcohen hey marcelr
13:00 wahanui marcelr is, like, talking with tcohen about it
13:00 marcelr lol
13:00 tcohen heh
13:00 tcohen what was that supposed to be about?
13:00 marcelr bug 6874 probably
13:00 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6874 enhancement, P3, ---, julian.maurice, Passed QA , Attach a file to a MARC record (Was: File upload in MARC)
13:00 tcohen ah, yes
13:00 tcohen it is next on my list
13:01 marcelr i found a third upload mechanism too in picture-upload
13:01 marcelr we really should have one uploader
13:02 mario joined #koha
13:02 nengard magnuse?
13:02 wahanui magnuse is a Norwegian giant.
13:02 tcohen well, picture-upload should be a REST webservice
13:03 nengard you mean my hair? actually that's a pic from a couple months ago - but I do have new colors now :) hehe
13:03 tcohen paul_p: hea misses to show library type and country distribution
13:04 paul_p hi tcohen.
13:04 tcohen hi :-D
13:04 paul_p tcohen yep, that can/will be a future improvement.
13:04 paul_p (if only days had 40 or 45 hours...)
13:04 * tcohen was excited to add his recently moved to 3.20 libraries
13:16 cma joined #koha
13:20 magnuse nengard: ah, kewl anyways!
13:23 nengard :)
13:23 carmen joined #koha
13:23 magnuse @wunder boo
13:23 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 11.0°C (2:50 PM CEST on June 29, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
13:23 magnuse ooh, double digits!
13:23 nengard @wunder 78754
13:23 huginn` nengard: The current temperature in University Hills, Austin, Texas is 24.4°C (8:23 AM CDT on June 29, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 99%. Dew Point: 24.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
13:24 magnuse whi knew such a thing was possible...
13:24 nengard LOL
13:24 magnuse @wunder marseille
13:24 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille / Marignane, France is 30.0°C (3:00 PM CEST on June 29, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 32%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 30.08 in 1018 hPa (Falling).
13:24 nengard wow!! warmer than here
13:24 nengard that's surprising
13:24 magnuse marseille can get real hot, apparently
13:24 * magnuse has only been there in early spring, thanks goodness
13:24 nengard ditto for me
13:29 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
13:29 huginn` drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 26.0°C (3:20 PM CEST on June 29, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 34%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Steady).
13:29 drojf huh. i should leave the house from time to time
13:36 * magnuse wanders off to barbeque som whale
13:44 wicope joined #koha
13:46 amyjeankearns joined #koha
13:52 tcohen @later tell marcelr would you agree the feature should be renamed "Attach files to biblio records"?
13:52 huginn` tcohen: The operation succeeded.
14:01 druthb @wunder 77098
14:01 huginn` druthb: The current temperature in Montrose (Mandell Place), Houston, Texas is 27.8°C (9:01 AM CDT on June 29, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: 25.0°C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016 hPa (Falling).
14:02 druthb Muggy now, soupy later.
14:04 sophie_m1 joined #koha
14:35 reiveune joined #koha
15:00 talljoy joined #koha
15:05 pianohacker joined #koha
15:05 AmitG joined #koha
15:08 pianohacker hallo
15:09 cait hi pianohacker
15:11 kivilahtio hi tehre!
15:13 khall @later tell joubu can I get your feedback on bug 9011?
15:13 huginn` khall: The operation succeeded.
16:00 AmitG joined #koha
16:06 reiveune bye
16:06 reiveune left #koha
16:13 kivilahtio pianohacker: ashimema: matts_away: magnuse: care to take a new look at Bug 7174? Is it pfft again? This time I remembered to include all new files.. I hope.
16:13 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7174 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, paul.poulain, NEW , Authentication rewriting
16:28 laurence left #koha
16:30 AmitG @bug 14472
16:30 huginn` AmitG: Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14472 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, amitddng135, Needs Signoff , Wrong ISSN search index in record matching rules
16:36 gaetan_B bye
16:38 eskaaren joined #koha
16:43 drojf joined #koha
16:52 Dyrcona joined #koha
16:55 JoshB joined #koha
17:29 atheia left #koha
17:36 * magnuse gives the evening wave
17:40 Callender joined #koha
18:51 cait joined #koha
19:15 sophie_m joined #koha
19:33 p_vdk joined #koha
19:34 p_vdk left #koha
20:03 indradg joined #koha
20:03 indradg kia ora #koha
20:04 cdickinson joined #koha
20:14 nengard_phone left #koha
20:24 rangi i saw a lot of rewrite discussion last night
20:25 rangi ill just leave this here
20:25 rangi[…]no-not-like-that/
20:30 * cait grumps about keeping things simple ;)
20:41 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
20:41 huginn` drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 22.0°C (10:20 PM CEST on June 29, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 53%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Rising).
21:45 drojf i did not pay attention to my balkony for a few days and now i have 2m long raspberry shoots growing all over the place :)
21:45 drojf balcony even
21:45 rangi heh
21:46 cait be careful, they can be mean :)
21:46 drojf first koha on a raspberry bush would be awesome
21:47 rangi heh
21:47 cait night :)
21:47 rangi cya cait
21:47 cait left #koha
21:47 drojf too fast for me
21:49 Francesca joined #koha
21:51 Francesca joined #koha
21:55 drojf so i bothered the national library about their SRU server config and in the end the problem was that koha eats the tilde you have to use to provide an access token in the base url. it has to be encoded as %7e and apparently it worked without that in earlier versions
21:55 drojf but i learned a lot ;)
21:55 rangi interesting
21:55 wahanui rumour has it interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
21:57 magnuse joined #koha
21:58 drojf did not help that yaz-client works out of the box for loc and gbv (german library network) but not for them. i should have read more on ZOOM before having funny ideas :P
22:04 eythian hi
22:04 wahanui what's up, eythian
22:05 drojf hi eythian
22:06 pianohacker hi eythian
22:06 drojf has there been any info on the thessaloniki bid for kohacon 2016 or did they just sneak it into thew wiki?
22:07 drojf *the
22:08 rangi they are working on a full website to go with the wiki bit
22:08 rangi probably a bit distracted at the moment though
22:09 drojf yeah i can imagine. i'd be happy to help rebuild the country with a visit to kohacon ;)
22:10 rangi exactly
22:10 rangi take money, spend it with local businesses
22:10 rangi kick any bankers you see
22:10 rangi :)
22:10 drojf hehe
22:12 pianohacker rangi: ot, but do you know of any documentation on how to use (or something else, if I'm barking up the wrong tree) to generate a starting .po file? I'm working on bug 4503
22:12 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4503 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, frederic, NEW , Javascript files in js directory are not translated
22:12 rangi the person i would ask is bernardo
22:13 pianohacker okay, thanks.
22:13 rangi do you have his email?
22:15 pianohacker kk, will do, thanks guys
22:15 drojf oh too slow
22:15 cdickinson joined #koha
22:17 drojf 36°C on saturday. meh
22:17 rangi thats pretty warm
22:17 drojf lol exactly
22:17 drojf i found 26°C today to be pretty warm
22:17 drojf 10 more will be horrible
22:18 rangi any wind with it?
22:19 drojf we'll see. probably humid and sticky
22:19 drojf and no wind at all
22:19 rangi yuck
22:20 drojf i should have bought more of that buckwheat beer
22:23 cdickinson @wunder nzwn
22:23 huginn` cdickinson: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 11.0°C (10:00 AM NZST on June 30, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
22:23 cdickinson it's actually pretty nice today here
22:26 papa joined #koha
22:32 drojf 11° sounds alright, i'd like that too right now
22:35 rangi yeah blue skies
22:35 rangi quite a nice day
22:37 eythian sounds like you've got yourself a project then :)
22:37 rangi nice!
22:40 pianohacker teaching intro computer science is a lot of fun :)
22:40 pianohacker and on that note, I have to leave to do just that
22:40 rangi cya later pianohacker
22:42 eythian yeah, teaching is pretty good. Makes you get all your thoughts in order, to start with.
22:45 drojf i could use that from time to time ;)
22:46 Francesca joined #koha
22:46 * drojf drinks an ouzo… to the people in greece
22:49 eythian so you're taking their booze from them? That's pretty terrible! ;)
22:51 drojf no, i'm choosing their booze over german booze, to weaken our economy in solidarity :P
22:52 rangi :)
22:52 rangi whats the closest german drink to ouzo?
22:52 wizzyrea ^ this question is relevant to my interests.
22:52 drojf kaloyiannis-koutsikos distilleries, 1st industrial zone of volos, 68e. that's a fantastic address
22:53 drojf probably küstennebel
22:53 eythian like Germany makes something other than beer.
22:53 drojf küstennebel is star anise liquor
22:54 drojf i have not even thought about that in ages
22:57 mtj hey #koha
22:57 mtj i too am interested ^
22:58 drojf
22:59 drojf not very much information ;)
23:00 mtj topic, how about this for a poss. Koha feature...  checking for valid UTF when saving stuff?
23:01 wizzyrea that seems on-topic to me.
23:01 drojf as a cosy complement to beer. lol. germans
23:05 mtj rangi, eythian. im hoping to start adding Koha::Cache to the holidays code, later this week
23:05 eythian sweet
23:05 rangi excellent
23:05 eythian mtj: I think input validation everywhere possible is always a good thing, all the time, ever.
23:07 mtj thanks for the brainslap, btw :0)
23:08 mtj eythian: i think the utf 'feature' might drive some users crazy... but hey
23:11 eythian mtj: it's better than invalid data getting in which causes strange explosions in 6 months time.
23:15 mtj agreed :)
23:21 drojf good night #koha
23:25 Francesca joined #koha
23:28 rangi
23:29 eythian joined #koha
23:42 eythian
23:42 rangi heh
23:44 chrisvella joined #koha
23:51 indradg joined #koha

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