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00:06 cait default is html, if ... are not given?
00:07 cait if you don't give any option - it's html if you give something and want 2 different formats at once, you have to be explicit?
00:07 cait hm it's too late for thinking in english
00:07 eythian it's very unclear
00:08 cait bug 11603 in case you were wondering
00:08 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11603 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Gather print notices: add csv and ods export
00:08 cait i like the additions, need more time to play with it
00:09 eythian is having a slow day, I'm only getting 40kB/s from it.
00:12 eythian 29 minutes to download koha-common. I might go get lunch while it thinks about what it's doing.
00:16 cdickinson that's just like my Internet as a whole at home right now
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01:02 chrisvella Hi everyone. Does anyone know if an effort is being made to make the staff client responsive? I couldn't find anything in bugzilla.
01:05 eythian I'm not aware of anything like that having been talked about.
01:05 eythian there has been talk of making it more and more API driven though, which would mean you could have a mobile app for specific tasks.
01:06 chrisvella ah okay. thanks eythian
01:07 chrisvella Eythian does what you are talking about have a ticket in bugzilla?
01:08 eythian I don't think so
01:08 eythian I don't think anyone is actively working towards it yet, it's more what we'd like to do.
01:08 eythian We're in the process of defining a standard way of doing APIs at the moment.
01:09 chrisvella fair enough. thanks for the guidance
01:09 wizzyrea really I think only catalogue lookups, reserves, and circulation would be feasible for anything responsive.
01:09 wizzyrea anything acquisitions, serials, cataloguing... just no.
01:10 eythian yeah
01:10 jcamins wizzyrea: for saying that, you're going to be required to do all your cataloguing on an iPhone from now on.
01:10 eythian ha ha
01:10 BobB did you stamp your foot then wizzyrea?  :)
01:11 wizzyrea do I need to?
01:11 BobB our client wants to catalogue on the train, I am told
01:11 BobB get a life?
01:11 wizzyrea they should tether their laptop.
01:12 * wizzyrea makes the spectacular privileged assumption that they have one.
01:12 chrisvella clever solution
01:12 BobB there's an idea!
01:12 wizzyrea it's so easy to do on android.
01:13 chrisvella Don't some carriers block tethering in the US?
01:13 jcamins Better idea: stop working when you're on the train! Read a YA novel!
01:13 chrisvella I haven't seen anyone do it here in Australia
01:14 wizzyrea I'm not sure how they would, tbh.
01:14 wizzyrea you might not because their phone would be in their pocket.
01:14 wizzyrea :P
01:14 wizzyrea or maybe, people just elect to do other stuff on the train.
01:15 jcamins Like read YA novels.
01:15 * jcamins considers doing this.
01:16 eythian they can, because they compare TTLs on data coming out.
01:16 chrisvella wizzyrea its possible...
01:17 chrisvella eythian: or the user agent apparently
01:17 eythian I've heard of US carriers doing it, and I know that VF NZ doesn't do it.
01:17 eythian then you couldn't detect it if they were using a VPN.
01:18 irma this librarian gets to and from work by train and each journey lasts 70 minutes. She uses her android tablet not her mobile phone. Accessing the Internet is not the issue. She wants to run reports, communicate with patrons via the patron module OPAC note, sort out circulation issues etc. ...
01:19 irma anyhoooow thanks for the feedback everyone :-)
01:19 BobB well printing reports ain't gonna happen?
01:20 chrisvella microusb to usb female adapter --> printer with battery pack = could be possible
01:20 irma "viewing" reports .... BobB
01:20 BobB k
01:21 irma The CALYX team is very chatty today! Too many rainy days in-doors?
01:22 eythian[…]s/2011/01/620.jpg <-- portable printer
01:22 eythian (well, portable computer with built in printer.)
01:22 jcamins I still think that reading YA novels is a much more fun way to spend train rides.
01:23 BobB jcamins +1
01:23 chrisvella What are YA novels jcamins?
01:23 jcamins I've recently discovered Rick Riordan.
01:24 chrisvella hahaha I need to get that printer. Looks like its straight out of a 80's hacker film
01:25 eythian Epson HX-20 from 1981
01:25 wizzyrea irma: most of those things fall into things I"d consider making properly responsive someday.
01:25 wizzyrea ;)
01:26 wizzyrea just not acquisitions, cataloguing, serials, most of the tools...
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04:56 eythian 3.18.06 packages uploading
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06:03 mveron Good morning #koha :-)
06:04 mveron Oh, Koha 3.18.6 released :-)
06:10 * mveron always appears with several name variations in the release notes :-)
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06:47 fridolin hie there
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06:53 alex_a bonjour
06:53 wahanui bonjour, alex_a
07:00 * fridolin releasing 3.14.15
07:00 fridolin essentially for translations
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07:13 cait morning #koha
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07:14 * magnuse waves
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07:16 marcelr hi #koha
07:19 cait hi marcelr
07:19 marcelr :)
07:19 cait only a little more time before the deadline left i think
07:20 cait 4 hours or so
07:20 marcelr feature freeze
07:20 wahanui well, feature freeze is friday :)
07:21 marcelr wrong wahanui
07:21 * marcelr restarts chatzilla one more time (lost my preferences)
07:21 cait forget feature freeze
07:21 wahanui cait: I forgot feature freeze
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07:22 magnuse the time on cordoba, argentina is 04:22[…]argentina/cordoba
07:22 magnuse so 4 hours and ~50 minutes, i think
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07:24 marcelr that is better
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07:27 gaetan_B hello
07:27 wahanui salut, gaetan_B
07:29 marcelr hi gaetan_B
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07:34 reiveune hello
07:35 nlegrand Hey #koha
07:37 marcelr hi nlegrand
07:40 nlegrand hey marcelr
07:40 wahanui hmmm... marcelr is looking for a signoff on follow up 6786
07:40 marcelr bug 6786
07:40 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6786 critical, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---,, CLOSED FIXED, False detection of index names in Search; make index names case insensitive
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07:41 cait forget hey marcelr
07:41 cait marcelr?
07:41 wahanui marcelr is looking for a signoff on follow up 6786
07:41 cait forget marcelr
07:41 wahanui cait: I forgot marcelr
07:41 marcelr 2011
07:45 cait ashimema: coudl you take a look at hte latest comment on bug 9303?
07:45 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9303 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Passed QA , relative's checkouts in the opac
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07:50 cait marcelr: you are qa contact on 13345 - did you start already there?
07:50 marcelr bug 13345
07:50 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13345 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Choose the format when sending a basket/list by email
07:50 marcelr no not yet
07:51 marcelr go ahead if you want to qa it
07:51 cait i will try to take another look at the reports logs first
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07:53 cait hm
07:53 cait mveron: around?
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07:55 cait ok, i see it#s not in my queue :)
07:57 * cait is poking bug 11603 instead
07:57 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11603 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Gather print notices: add csv and ods export
07:58 * mveron waves to cait
07:59 mveron ...and hello again to everybody
08:03 mveron cait: I did a mistake with obsoleting previous patch on bug 14024. De-obsoleted now...
08:03 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14024 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Needs Signoff , add reports to action logs
08:05 cait hm?
08:09 mveron cait: I obsoleted the patch that was signed-off by accidence. I restaured it.
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08:34 * cait just got the old gatzer_print_notices working
08:50 gerundio good morning
08:50 gerundio I'm following the instructions for patch submission from[…]eptance/Rejection
08:50 gerundio #3 states that "The patch must apply to the current HEAD of the master branch of the code"
08:51 gerundio all patches must be submitted to the master branch?
08:53 gerundio I want to submit a patch for bug 14036, which I'm currently testing on 3.1805100
08:53 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14036 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , "Date::Calc::Add_Delta_YM(): not a valid date" error when accessing subscription detail
08:54 gerundio using the master branch I got a message to upgrade the DB to version 3.1900026
08:55 gerundio so I simply performed "git checkout 3.18.x" to change to the branch I wanted to test it in
08:56 cait gerundio: they should really be sent in to master
08:56 cait gerundio: could you dump your database - update and then reimport it?
08:56 cait that's hwat i ususally do for testing
08:56 gerundio cait, I've done the patch on branch 3.18.x
08:56 cait we will have to check if it also applies on master
08:57 gerundio what's the correct (and fastest) way to move the change to the master branch?
08:57 cait you could check out a new master branch and cherry pick it
08:57 cait or checkout out the master branch and see if your patch file also applies there
09:11 magnuse 3 hours to go :-)
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09:22 cait magnuse: thx for making me panic ;)
09:26 magnuse cait: no problem, my pleasure ;-)
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09:37 cait wb marcelr
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09:37 marcelr_ mveron++
09:38 mveron Graag gedaan!
09:43 * marcelr suffering from unstable network weather probably ;)
09:43 andreashm hi all
09:43 marcelr hi andreashm
09:44 andreashm kivilahtio around?
09:44 andreashm hey mercelr
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09:52 magnuse @later tell nengard where did i get "show" from then, i wonder? weird! thanks for pointing it out!
09:52 huginn` magnuse: The operation succeeded.
09:54 magnuse oops, anyone else tried to upgrade to 3.18.6 yet?
09:54 cait someone on the mailing list
09:54 cait reported a problem
09:55 cait what's happened?
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10:01 magnuse it explodes
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10:02 magnuse yeah, i am seeing the same thing as Arslan on the mailing list
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10:07 magnuse anf when i try to access a site on the server i get "Can't call method "do" on unblessed reference at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 816."
10:08 magnuse where's eythian when you need him, eh? ;-)
10:09 magnuse i see this: unable to open '/usr/share/koha/opac/htdo​cs/opac-tmpl/lib/yui/skin.css.dpkg-new': No such file or directory
10:10 magnuse so maybe it's related to bug 13759
10:10 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13759 major, P3, ---, mirko, Pushed to Master , git-build-snapshot misses YUI and dies of sorrow during build
10:10 magnuse (love the title on that bug, btw)
10:11 magnuse drojf++
10:11 magnuse oh well, bbl
10:12 * cait too
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10:25 jvr good morning
10:25 cait good morning
10:26 jvr I have try this script in intranetuserjs but it do not render correctly in Koha version 3.18.2 .4 or .5.
10:26 jvr What is wrong in it?
10:27 cait morning khall
10:27 cait which script? and did it work before?
10:27 khall mornin cait!
10:28 jvr Can't send script
10:29 jvr ('Português' == $('#i18nMenu li.navbar-text span.currentlanguage').text()) ? $('#searchterms select.advsearch option[value="se"]').text('     Título da coleção') : '';
10:29 jvr If you don´t have portuguese just change the value to 'English'
10:30 cait hm that doesn't ook correct
10:30 jvr why?
10:30 cait where does the first ( end?
10:31 gerundio cait, right before the ternary question mark
10:31 cait hm
10:31 cait jvr. what are you trying to do?
10:32 gerundio translate a term in the intranet interface
10:32 jvr Translate Título de Periódicos to Título da coleção
10:33 cait hm why not something like
10:33 cait $("seelctor....:contains(Titulo de Perio...).text("titulo da...);
10:33 cait ok, missing a ) :)
10:34 cait and instead of checking the navbar
10:34 cait you could do smething like
10:35 cait if ($('html').attr('lang')=='de-DE') { } - but if you look for the portugese string you wouldn't need that
10:35 cait for example that renames a string on the patron update form in german: $("#opac-patron-update label:contains('Adresse:')").text('c/o:');
10:36 cait does that make sense?
10:37 jvr cait in OPAC all the scripts work correctly, but in the BACKOFFICE it doesn´t render
10:38 jvr I emant in opacuserjs
10:38 cait i use the ame tricks on both sides
10:38 cait in 3.18
10:38 cait sometimesif you have one little typo - it won't work altogether
10:38 cait try emptying out your pref and going step by step
10:39 jvr see you later
10:43 gerundio cait, I've checked that the bug affected the master branch too
10:43 gerundio just made the commit
10:43 gerundio but didn't link it to bz I guess
10:44 gerundio I did mention 'Bug 14036' in the commit message
10:44 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14036 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , "Date::Calc::Add_Delta_YM(): not a valid date" error when accessing subscription detail
10:46 gerundio how could I reference the commit in bz?
10:46 cait sorry gerundio, not sure i understand
10:47 gerundio following our previous chat earlier this morning
10:47 gerundio I commited this patch on the master branch, after checking that it was also affected by it
10:48 cait ok, so you got a working patch on the master branch?
10:48 cait then you should put the bug number first line - into the subject
10:48 gerundio is there any way to reference the commit number on the bug report on koha's bugzilla?
10:48 cait you want to reference the bug number in your commit and then upload a patch file to bugzilla
10:48 gerundio I did reference the bug number in my commit
10:49 cait so now you need to upload it then
10:49 cait if you don't have git-bz you can do something like git format-patch HEAD^
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10:49 gerundio ok, will do
10:51 cait once the patch is up, change the version on bugzilla to master
10:51 cait and the status to needs sign-off
10:52 jvr cait just retyped everything still the same, I believe intranetuserjs is not running
10:53 jvr same code in chrome developer console works fine
10:53 cait jquery?
10:53 wahanui jquery is client side, so it doesn't have anything to do with the templating system
10:53 cait jquery library?
10:53 wahanui i think jquery library is found at[…]ki/JQuery_Library
10:53 gerundio cait++
10:53 cait jvr: you need to trigger it - see the first code line on the page there?
10:54 cait $(document).ready(function(){ <multiple statements go here> }); < do you have that?
10:59 jvr Thank you very much cait...
11:01 cait did it work?
11:02 jvr YES
11:02 cait :)
11:09 andreashm cait: is bug 11759 set for QA?
11:09 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11759 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Batch checkout
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11:11 cait it's waiting for qa yes
11:14 andreashm cait: ok, good to now.
11:14 andreashm know
11:15 cait andreashm: it probably won't make it into 3.20 - the deadline is running out
11:23 andreashm cait: I kind of figured.
11:23 andreashm it's just our away to deadline right? or minutes?
11:23 andreashm hours
11:23 andreashm can't write today.
11:24 andreashm The Oslo heat yesterday probably got to my head. or maybe it was all the marc vs linked data discussions that did it. =)
11:24 cait minutes more...
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11:25 gerundio I'm trying to install an addition language but running into this error message "/usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/prog/en/: Input must be a directory."
11:26 gerundio "(Symbolic links are not supported at the moment)"
11:26 gerundio the "/usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/prog/en/" doesn't even exist in my setup
11:27 cait how are you trying to do it?
11:27 gerundio koha-translate -i language-code
11:28 gerundio the process results in that error
11:28 gerundio but eventually if I run "koha-translate -l" the language is listed as installed
11:29 gerundio "koha-translate -u language-code" results in the same error
11:30 gerundio I'm working on a development server
11:30 gerundio but I've just checked the production server and that directory doesn't exist there either
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12:02 cait khall: could you fix the sign offline on bug 13834? first time sign-offer - it reads vagant
12:02 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13834 trivial, P5 - low, ---, veron, Passed QA , News: Wording not consistent for Publication date / Creation date
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12:35 * cait puts the smoking keyboard down
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12:39 * magnuse waves again
12:39 NateC morning #koha :)
12:39 magnuse kia ora NateC
12:39 gerundio I just got some comments on bug 14036
12:39 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=14036 major, P5 - low, ---, rolando.isidoro, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, "Date::Calc::Add_Delta_YM(): not a valid date" error when accessing subscription detail
12:39 cait morning NateC
12:39 gerundio and it's been marked as duplicate of bug 13109
12:39 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13109 major, P3, ---, mtj, Passed QA , Serial failure for received and general viewing
12:39 cait but it isn't?
12:39 NateC Hiya magnuse and cait!
12:39 gerundio cait, it doesn't seem to be
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12:40 cait I'd add a comment saying that you found it's needed too
12:40 NateC what up tcohen
12:40 cait good morning tomas
12:40 tcohen hi NateC
12:40 NateC :)
12:40 gerundio this follows our discussion yesterday (or the day before) with Joubu
12:40 cait i think maybe mtompset was a bit too fast there
12:40 cait don't let it discourage you
12:40 * tcohen is 30 minutes delayed
12:40 gerundio they are very similar but occur in different parts of the code
12:41 cait tcohen: i don't mind :)
12:41 * cait just put down her qa hat
12:41 * tcohen hopes noone added like 10 more enh during that period
12:43 tcohen ashimema: did u find something useful about the broken packages? i'm about to start fixing it
12:43 tcohen ashimema: good morning :-D
12:48 * magnuse is happy he tried updating the least important koha server first
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12:52 magnuse andreashm: you went to visit Deichman?
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13:00 ashimema hi tcohen
13:01 ashimema Unpacking replacement koha-common ...
13:01 ashimema dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/koha-​common_3.18.06-6ptfs_all.deb (--unpack):
13:01 ashimema unable to open '/usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac​-tmpl/lib/yui/reset-fonts-grids.css.dpkg-new': No such file or directory
13:01 ashimema those are the only error messages you end up with during install time
13:01 ashimema then of course the obligitory:
13:01 ashimema Errors were encountered while processing:
13:01 ashimema /var/cache/apt/archives/koha-​common_3.18.06-6ptfs_all.deb
13:01 ashimema E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
13:01 andreashm magnuse: yup
13:02 ashimema i'll move this to private chat.. no point spamming here.
13:02 andreashm magnuse: had a nice day in Oslo. 18 C
13:03 andreashm and some good discussions too
13:05 magnuse cool!
13:05 magnuse and now you are ready to conquer the world together? ;-)
13:06 andreashm magnuse: of course!
13:07 andreashm er...
13:07 magnuse yay!
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13:09 andreashm magnuse: how was emtacl?
13:09 andreashm and your presentation with Paul?
13:09 indradg joined #koha
13:10 magnuse emtacl was good. quite a bit of interest in koha. i did not hear any of the presentations, though... too busy answering email and stuff
13:10 magnuse paul_p did the presentation - it was great
13:10 magnuse good intro to biblibre and the kinds of free software people should be looking into
13:12 andreashm ah, I though it was you two together holding the presentation
13:12 magnuse no it was just 15 minutes, so one person was enough :-)
13:13 andreashm I heard some of my colleagues met Paul at the conference
13:13 andreashm yeah, 15 min just gets silly to split up on two
13:19 magnuse andreashm: yeah, there were quite a number of pople from sweden there
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13:47 Joubu khall: sorry to bother you again with bug 11625 but I have submited a counter patch for the letter page, I would like you to have a look to be sure I am not wrong.
13:47 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11625 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Default to logged in library for circ rules and notices & slips
13:48 khall Joubu: np! I'll take a look!
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13:56 cait khall++ Joubu++ great work all
13:57 Joubu NSO queue down to 27 :)
13:57 Joubu heh
13:57 cait it's green
13:57 Joubu cait++
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13:57 cait but some bigger 'architecture' patches still waiting
13:57 cait woudl be good to try and get them in shortly after release -
13:58 cait and the needs sign-off is really high :(
13:59 Joubu which ones?
13:59 wahanui which ones are lighztning talks?
13:59 Joubu the architecture patches
13:59 cait was thinking of modules for sysprefs... kill C4:Dates etc.
13:59 cait ... and taxes
14:00 khall Joubu: your counter patch doesn't quite work. With it, you can no longer choose the all libraries rules when DefaultToLoggedInLibraryNoticesSlips is enabled
14:00 Joubu yes, it would have been great to get bug 13967 into 3.20
14:00 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13967 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , System preferences need a package
14:01 Joubu khall: erk
14:02 Joubu khall: but don't you think it's better to set the code at this place, and make it more readable?
14:02 Joubu s/set/put
14:05 khall Joubu: I suppose so, if it worked ; )
14:06 cait marcelr++ # sru with dnb :)
14:06 Joubu it's because of the $branchcode ||= q||; everywhere :-(
14:06 Joubu it's a mess...
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14:06 kivilahtio Does anybody have issues with the SIP worker thread losing connection with the DB?
14:07 Oak joined #koha
14:07 khall yep
14:07 kivilahtio DBD::mysql::st execute failed: MySQL server has gone away at /home/koha/kohaclone/C4/ line 599.
14:07 kivilahtio DBD::mysql::st fetchall_arrayref failed: fetch() without execute() at /home/koha/kohaclone/C4/ line 600.
14:07 kivilahtio khall: w have been using the SIP server more or less reliably for almost a year now
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14:08 kivilahtio khall: but today the worker thread cannot keep the onnection up for more than 15 minutes
14:08 khall kivilahtio: did you just upgrade?
14:08 kivilahtio there is nothing flunky in the SIP transactions based on the tcpdump
14:08 kivilahtio khall: no, we are using 3.16
14:09 kivilahtio looks like the thread gets corrupted
14:09 khall so did anything change with your sip server code or configuration before the problem started?
14:09 kivilahtio I added three more check-out machines
14:09 kivilahtio in the SIPconfig.xml
14:09 kivilahtio I just stress tested the SIP Server with 3 scripts pushing 1000 check-out/ins each
14:09 khall are they the same type you've had? Or new models?
14:10 kivilahtio managed to survive that, but in real life the thread get mangled
14:10 kivilahtio they are not in use yet
14:10 cait could it be timeouts?
14:10 kivilahtio we are migrating a new library group tomorrow, so this issue comes at a really awkward time
14:10 kivilahtio SIP worker losing connetion to the DB?
14:10 kivilahtio and cannot get it back up?
14:13 kivilahtio hmm
14:14 purple joined #koha
14:19 jvr joined #koha
14:20 * jvr slaps jvr around a bit with a large fishbot
14:28 cait anyone seen a HOLD notice not being generated for one item but for the other? 2 different patrons, both have emails, both have the same messaging settings, items and patrons are from the same branch...
14:34 indradg joined #koha
15:07 tcohen hi khall kivilahtio
15:08 khall hi tcohen!
15:08 kivilahtio hi tch
15:08 kivilahtio hi tcohen
15:08 tcohen hi olli
15:09 kivilahtio I think I will run each self-service device in a separate port on a separate SIP Server
15:23 cait left #koha
15:26 fridolin left #koha
15:27 nengard QA folks I'd like to just put out a wish to see[…]_bug.cgi?id=14024 make it in to Koha 3.2 :)
15:27 huginn` Bug 14024: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, veron, Signed Off , add reports to action logs
15:27 nengard 3.20
15:49 codavid joined #koha
15:49 codavid left #koha
16:01 reiveune bye
16:01 reiveune left #koha
16:13 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13790: (RM followup) DBIx updates <[…]7b09100f91eb3a4ed> / Bug 13790: DBRev <[…]0f0a1a75582a5f2a6> / Bug 13790 [QA Followup] - Disable auto increment on old_issues after pk values are... <[…]?p=koha.git;a=com
16:15 indradg joined #koha
16:28 gaetan_B bye
16:33 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 13606: DBRev <[…]b9543ed6086e2ba17> / Bug 13606: (RM followup) DBIx updates <[…]721a16dc94f334969> / Bug 13606: Add tests and fix existing ones <[…]d470f6be5b4e3a3a3
16:40 tcohen Joubu: un, deux ??
16:42 Oak joined #koha
16:43 * Oak waves
16:43 tcohen hi Oak
16:43 Oak hello tcohen !
16:43 Oak what happened to mailing list archives?
16:44 tcohen ah?
16:44 wahanui well, ah is that what goes after the last
16:44 Oak wait.
16:45 Oak
16:45 Oak
16:46 Oak and sent a message to today, got the acknowledgement, but no idea where did the message go.
16:47 tcohen it hit the list
16:47 tcohen about problems with the 3.18 upgrade?
16:50 tcohen Oak: do u have the original package?
16:51 tcohen i need it to try fixing this
16:51 Oak Yes, I did not get the message. And can't access the web archives. Not found here:
16:51 Oak tcohen, it must be in the cache of my server.
16:52 Oak aptitude's cache.... yes?
16:52 Oak I can get it tomorrow and share with you if it
16:52 Oak 's there
16:53 Oak I'm at home, and no access to server.
16:53 tcohen np
16:53 p_vdk left #koha
16:55 tcohen @later tell eythian please build a package with the patch reverted
16:55 huginn` tcohen: The operation succeeded.
17:16 Oak time to sleep. later guys.
17:18 wnickc joined #koha
17:20 eskaaren joined #koha
18:10 TGoat joined #koha
18:23 gerundio joined #koha
18:44 wicope joined #koha
18:50 cait joined #koha
19:09 mveron joined #koha
19:09 mveron Hi again #koha
19:09 mveron @wunder Allschwil
19:09 huginn` mveron: The current temperature in Basel, Switzerland is 12.0°C (9:00 PM CEST on April 23, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
19:10 indradg joined #koha
19:13 cdickinson @wunder nzwn
19:14 huginn` cdickinson: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 8.0°C (7:00 AM NZST on April 24, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Windchill: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.42 in 1030 hPa (Steady).
19:37 wnickc @wunder quechee vt
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19:46 meliss joined #koha
19:47 mveron Joubu++ for Bug 11464
19:47 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11464 minor, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Saving preferences - Nothing to Save
19:49 wnickc seconded Joubu++
19:50 wnickc and cbrannon++ for reporting a thing I grumbled at but never thought of as a bug
19:50 cait :)
19:59 * mveron copy-pasted so many times things e.g. to OpacUserCSS and always had to hit space or somthing else to make it save...
20:01 mveron ...and blamed the Browser...
20:03 pianohacker joined #koha
20:09 indradg joined #koha
20:10 cait now can we fix next when it says it saved things while you have been looged out?
20:10 cait that's been my nemesis
20:10 cait i am logged out, but it still pretends to save
20:26 nengard left #koha
20:38 wicope joined #koha
20:44 wnickc bye #koha
20:56 magnuse @wunder boo
20:56 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 4.0°C (10:50 PM CEST on April 23, 2015). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Windchill: 2.0°C. Pressure: 29.33 in 993 hPa (Steady).
21:01 rambutan left #koha
21:24 wizzyrea oh joubu++ so much joubu++
21:25 wizzyrea cait: usually when I get that, the messages are actually correct it says something like "data not saved, session expired"
21:26 wizzyrea but it's in the messages, not in your face.
21:26 cait nope
21:26 cait i get 'saved'  - but we are still on 3.12 mostly
21:26 cait i have to see if it happens in the new version stoo :)
21:26 wizzyrea ah yeah we are mostly 3.14+ now
21:31 eythian hi
21:49 cait hi eythian
21:50 rangi morning
21:50 eythian hello cait
21:50 cait hi rangi
21:51 eythian rangi was very, very late today
21:54 wizzyrea *snerk*
22:18 eythian wahanui: techno is
22:18 wahanui OK, eythian.
22:20 trea joined #koha
22:26 BobB joined #koha
22:26 wizzyrea that reminds me of a friend I had in uni.
22:28 cait left #koha
22:30 bag we just started with upgrades to 3.18
22:30 bag and also hola everyone
23:34 JoshB joined #koha

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