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02:55 indradg hiello #koha
03:02 rangi @later tell ashimema yeah im not sure what mojolicious wins us, apart from the api being unable to run as cgi anymore, i would have thought that writing it so it could run as both like the rest of koha would be better, but thats what happens at hackfests
03:02 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
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08:00 drojf morning #koha
08:00 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
08:00 huginn drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 9.0°C (8:50 AM CET on March 08, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.30 in 1026 hPa (Steady).
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21:39 gmcharlt @quote random
21:39 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #276: "oleonard shakes his fist and shouts taaaarbaaaaaallll!" (added by gmcharlt at 02:48 PM, September 10, 2013)
21:39 gmcharlt huginn: did you have a good nap?
21:39 huginn gmcharlt: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
21:42 eythian hi
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22:47 * cait waves
22:47 * dcook waves
22:47 cait night :)
22:48 dcook morning :)
22:48 eythian hi cait
22:48 eythian g'day dcook
22:48 * eythian also speaks australian
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22:50 dcook hey eythian
22:50 * dcook doesn't quite speak australian yet
22:50 dcook I maintain the only people who say g'day are my wife and folks over 50
22:50 dcook And I'm not sure about the latter
22:51 eythian heh
22:51 eythian "g'day mate"...better?
22:51 dcook hehe
22:51 dcook I don't know that many Australians who say mate either
22:52 dcook I think it's usually immigrants I hear saying mate
22:52 dcook Mind you, maybe that's also an Australia regional thing?
22:52 eythian oh no, they so do
22:52 eythian I've been there
22:52 dcook hehe
22:52 dcook I think sometimes that I'm exposed to a very small number of Australians
22:53 dcook I've heard that Sydney can be a bit genteel
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22:58 dcook You know it's a family recipe book when:
22:58 dcook "There is no table of contents, no index, and no logical order to the recipes in this book."
23:02 dcook Hmm, looking back at my birthday cake from when I was 7
23:02 dcook Looks like Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper are wedding cake toppers...
23:03 dcook :O
23:03 dcook There's also Star Trek ships on the cake. Mixing my fandom from an early age.
23:05 eythian there's a graffitti art thing around here called Darth Cupcake. It's Darth Vader holding a cupcake.
23:08 dcook hehe
23:08 dcook For some reason I want to say I've seen a photo of that...
23:16 BobB wizzyrea about?
23:16 * wizzyrea waves
23:16 wizzyrea sup bobb
23:16 BobB hi, I've been careless
23:16 BobB I've lost the minutes of the last irc meeting
23:17 BobB in fact, I've lost all of 2015 so far:
23:17 BobB
23:17 wizzyrea oops
23:17 BobB do you know how the minutes get from the meetbot to the website and wiki?
23:18 wizzyrea well I assume there's some kind of automatic process that gmcharlt looks after, since he runs huginn
23:18 BobB huginn's fault?
23:18 BobB cool, not mine  :)
23:18 wizzyrea -> (
23:19 wizzyrea maybe fallout from the most recent reboot?
23:19 wizzyrea though not sure how that would be a thing.
23:19 wizzyrea were you doing something that would make them go away?
23:20 BobB no, but I chaired the meeting on 14 Feb ...
23:20 BobB and wanted to look up when the next one is (this week, I expect)
23:21 wizzyrea gmcharlt, about?
23:21 BobB I migjht drop an email to gmcharlt?
23:21 wizzyrea he might be around. :)
23:21 wizzyrea though, it's sunday.
23:21 wizzyrea for him.
23:21 * BobB wishes it was Sunday here
23:22 * wizzyrea too
23:22 BobB thx wizzyrea, I will email Galen
23:23 wizzyrea he'd really be the only one who knows.
23:23 wizzyrea sorry :(
23:23 BobB np
23:50 mtj
23:50 mtj BobB:  that might work.. ^
23:50 gmcharlt BobB: wizzyrea:
23:50 wizzyrea I... I suppose I should have thought to try that.
23:50 wizzyrea >.<
23:52 * gmcharlt has now also updated index.html for
23:54 wizzyrea \o/ thanks gmcharlt
23:54 wizzyrea gmcharlt++
23:55 gmcharlt only 67 days late...
23:57 wizzyrea pft
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