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00:00 rangi ghent isnt that far from marseille
00:00 rangi (in the scheme of things hehe)
00:00 eythian MARC converts to JSON and embeds some JSON-MARC (to coin a standard), which then gets converted back to MARC on searching for display
00:00 eythian this is mostly so it fits in with the existing framework.
00:01 tcohen does catmandu provide the bridge back to Koha from ES?
00:01 eythian I think less so
00:01 eythian can't remember if we use it at all for that or not
00:01 tcohen i'll be back to argentina by 9th?
00:01 rangi ah bummer
00:02 rangi we dont currently
00:02 rangi currently we are doing the same workflow as with zebra, export index, search, get full record from database
00:02 rangi however
00:03 rangi as elasticsearch hands back json .. we could switch to quite a different search/display in the next phase
00:03 rangi even something like using angularjs to display results .. ajax search
00:04 tcohen yeah, was just thinking about that
00:04 rangi but for now, we want something that works pretty much the same as zebra
00:04 rangi so we can test it
00:04 rangi and then we can move forward
00:04 rangi if that makes sense?
00:04 tcohen it makes alot of sense
00:04 tcohen the only problem might be policy
00:04 tcohen about what to show/hide
00:05 rangi *nod*
00:05 tcohen that might put Koha in the middlle
00:05 eythian also working this way it's possible to switch out implementations fairly cleanly
00:05 rangi or make that be an index
00:05 rangi theres options :)
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00:06 eythian for policy you'd put a filter in
00:06 rangi its a shame we cant make it to the hackfest
00:06 eythian so you'd have "and somethingsomething must-not equal 1", and the query would work within the results of that.
00:06 eythian (OpacSupression currently not implemented, as it's done in a really bad way in zebra.)
00:07 tcohen eythian: i was thinking about the frameworks
00:07 tcohen and per-branch authorized va
00:07 tcohen lues
00:07 eythian oh, well right now what works just like zebra I think
00:07 eythian i.e. it's all done after the fact.
00:08 rangi yep, thats a in the future thing
00:08 rangi /svc/authorised_values/ccode/FISH
00:08 rangi etc
00:08 rangi that would be a super simple service to write :)
00:08 dcook tcohen: I was thinking about that a bit even with Zebra... I think the frameworks might need to be refined some more?
00:08 rangi maybe ill save that for next students
00:09 dcook As sometimes you'll want to export the full record and sometimes you don't...
00:09 rangi an authorised values service
00:09 rangi for opac and staff
00:13 tcohen dcook: don't know what are you talking about
00:14 tcohen eythian: for some stuff we should be doing some stuff on indexing-time
00:14 tcohen rangi: I agree
00:14 dcook tcohen: Oh well, it probably doesn't matter.
00:15 * dcook got cooked this morning by a server
00:15 dcook A/C didn't turn on due to a bad hub... so my brain might still be scrambled
00:15 dcook Or is it poached?
00:16 tcohen dcook: my condolencies
00:16 dcook thanks ;)
00:16 tcohen (for the server)
00:24 wizzyrea poaching is a pretty gentle cooking method.
00:25 wizzyrea was there warm-ish oil or water involved? because otherwise you're baked or broiled #cookingpedant
00:27 wizzyrea oh. I should check master but I think if you don't want opaccustomsearch to nuke your search box even if empty, you have to enter "NULL" in it
00:27 wizzyrea just leaving that here.
00:27 wizzyrea for no real good reason except "ugh annoy"
00:30 tcohen wizzyrea: fill a bug? please :-D
00:31 wizzyrea yeah probably will do once I've checked that actually happens on master :)
00:31 wizzyrea unless you just did and can confirm  (which btw I'm not asking you to)
00:38 dcook opaccustomsearch?
00:38 dcook Yeah, probably baked
00:39 eythian rats
00:40 eythian I wanted to know what tcohen thought we should be doing at indexing time
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00:51 wizzyrea it probably had something to do with unicorn giraffes.
00:51 wizzyrea yes, I do get a little more random every day.
00:52 eythian no, that was quite deterministic. Also, they're not giraffes, they're long horses.
00:52 wizzyrea hehehe
00:56 eythian[…]67111339366047744
00:58 wizzyrea haha
01:26 eythian new master packages uploading
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02:01 jcamins cait?
02:01 wahanui somebody said cait was happy about some example opacs :)
02:01 jcamins cait?
02:01 wahanui i think cait is regretting a bit that we didn't offer this as an option first... or on a test system for people to see
02:01 jcamins cait?
02:01 wahanui cait is lookign forward to the API discussion
02:01 jcamins cait?
02:01 wahanui somebody said cait was very pale, and needs lots of sun lotion.
02:01 jcamins cait?
02:01 wahanui i guess cait is from germany. Ask me about germany.
02:01 jcamins cait?
02:01 wahanui cait is very pale, and needs lots of sun lotion.
02:03 eythian look what you did jcamins
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02:19 dcook hehe
02:19 dcook "activate berr reporting"
02:19 dcook I read that as "activate beer reporting"
02:19 * dcook was rather happy for a second there
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04:29 dcook Hmm, I didn't know that "sort" had a "-h" switch
04:29 dcook That's rad
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06:13 cait hi #koha
06:36 magnuse joined #koha
06:36 * magnuse waves
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07:39 reiveune hello
07:39 wahanui hi, reiveune
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08:03 alex_a bonjour
08:03 marcelr joined #koha
08:03 marcelr hi #koha
08:04 sophie_m joined #koha
08:06 Joubu hello
08:07 magnuse bonjour france!
08:08 magnuse @wunder marseille
08:08 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Saint Victoret, France is 7.2°C (9:07 AM CET on February 16, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Windchill: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
08:08 magnuse @wunder boo
08:08 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 2.0°C (8:50 AM CET on February 16, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 56%. Dew Point: -6.0°C. Windchill: -4.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
08:08 magnuse above 0? i don't think so
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08:13 gaetan_B hello
08:17 drojf joined #koha
08:17 drojf hi #koha
08:39 magnuse moin drojf
08:40 drojf hei magnuse
09:08 paul_p joined #koha
09:08 magnuse bonjour paul_p
09:09 magnuse just 2 weeks now... :-)
09:28 * ashimema is seeing delays on his passport renewal.. that puts Marseilles in jeopardy for him :(
09:29 drojf1 joined #koha
09:29 Joubu ashimema: that's not a good news!
09:30 ashimema no.. it's rather annoying..
09:30 ashimema I'm wondering if it doesn't come through in time how I can partake remotely.
09:34 magnuse ashimema: can't you get a temporary passport?
09:35 * magnuse has been to marseille 3 times without showing a passport
09:37 Joubu magnuse: UK is not in the schengen area...
09:37 ashimema what Joubu said
09:38 ashimema we don't have ID cards in the UK so we need a passport even for europe.. I could wing it on a ferry, but flights tend to be allot more strict in my experience.
09:38 ashimema can't believe I forgot it needed renewing.. 10 years is a long gap between renewals I suppose
09:40 drojf what about the temporary passport option magnuse proposed? it's common in germany too.
09:40 drojf i had to do it once when they found my passport was out of date while i tried to leave the country :/
09:41 magnuse ah, guess being outside schengen changes things, yeah
09:41 magnuse fun fun fun
09:41 magnuse yay me - first signoff of the year (waaay too late, i know)
09:43 drojf there should be some kind of video conferencing at the hackfest anyway ^^
09:46 ashimema indeed
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10:06 magnuse we should try and make it a week of intense qa work for everyone involved, not just the ones that can go to marseille, in my opinion
10:06 magnuse hiya irma
10:07 irma Bonjour/bonsoir magnuse :-)
10:08 irma magnuse Is Marseilles on your agenda this year?
10:08 magnuse irma: yes it is!
10:08 magnuse really starting to look forward to it now
10:08 irma Quelle chance!
10:08 irma magnuse your French must be improving  too ...
10:08 magnuse lol
10:09 magnuse from 0.0 to 0.00001
10:09 irma version control? ah ... version progress ...nice and steady, I see :-)
10:09 magnuse yeah
10:10 magnuse i have survived
10:10 irma We were in Europe in December so can't make it back to the old continent in March $$
10:10 magnuse managed to buy food, groceries, pain au chocolate...
10:10 magnuse oh, and you didn't drop by me? :-(
10:10 magnuse ;-)
10:11 irma :-( tried but hum ... missed the train heading north from Frankfurt
10:12 magnuse oh noes :-)
10:13 drojf don't know if it is an option for people in marseille but i have a webinar server that could use some testing. it's not capable of hosting a gazillion clients, but i suppose it would work for streaming talks to a few people in here that want to take part
10:15 ashimema :)
10:21 Joubu Cheeses cannot be tasted/smelt by streaming...
10:22 drojf Joubu: i'm very thankful for that :D
10:41 magnuse cheese!
10:41 wahanui hmmm... cheese is delicious, but cait just had butter.
10:48 drojf magnuse: you can have it all :)
10:50 cait joined #koha
10:50 cait hi #koha
10:52 magnuse thanks drojf :-)
10:52 magnuse kia ora cait
10:54 magnuse every time i say "kia ora" i am reminded of the roadtrip from bucklame to wellington - happy times!
10:54 cait yep :)
10:55 cait it was great
11:12 cait cya #koha
11:26 paul_p for the 1st time it seems we will have someone from (north) africa at the "hackfest in Europe"
11:28 drojf nice
11:28 paul_p casablanca university, using Koha 3.16
11:45 drojf later #koha
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12:25 Joubu kivilahtio: could you please have a look at bug 13540?
12:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13540 critical, P2, ---, olli-antti.kivilahti, Failed QA , Item's permanent_location is set to CART|PROC if an Item is edited when it's location is CART|PROC.
12:25 kivilahtio Joubu: ok
12:26 Joubu khall: could you please have a look at bug 10382?
12:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10382 critical, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Failed QA , collection not returning to null when removed from course reserves
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12:53 magnuse ¡hola tcohen!
12:54 tcohen hola magnuse
12:54 tcohen its carnival holiday here
12:54 tcohen so, preparing for marseille :-D
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12:57 paul_p joined #koha
13:01 magnuse tcohen: sounds good! :-)
13:01 magnuse @wunder marseille
13:01 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Realtor, CABRIES, France is 12.7°C (1:49 PM CET on February 16, 2015). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
13:02 magnuse bring warm clothes :-)
13:02 tcohen brrrrrr
13:03 tcohen gotta run
13:03 tcohen later #koha
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13:29 vtk i am trying to convert excel data into marc but for one title if multiple items are there those many bibliographic records are generated. What is required to attach all items in one bibliographic record while mapping data from excel in deliminted text wizard
13:40 magnuse vtk: which tool are you using? marcedit?
13:40 magnuse the trick is that you need to have one 952-field per item
13:44 vtk joined #koha
13:44 vtk i wish to know in my excel sheet for the same title if i have more than one barcode where should that barcode be in my excel sheet
13:45 vtk and it should be mapped how while using in delimited text wizard
13:53 magnuse vtk: what do you mean by "delimited text wizard"?
13:54 vtk sorry delimited text converter
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14:11 magnuse vtk: is that a thing in marcedit or something else?
14:12 vtk yes in marcedit Delimited Text
14:12 vtk where we can add source file as excel file
14:13 vtk and then map each column to marc tag and convert that excel data to marc file
14:17 drojf that is probably a question for something like a marcedit forum. i don't think people here use it much
14:18 vtk oh ok
14:18 drojf there seems to be a mailing list for marcedit
14:19 drojf
14:20 vtk ok tx
14:20 vtk also one more query i have abt publisher authority
14:21 vtk when i try to add publisher in authority in which tag nos in authority i should enter name of publisher, place and address of publisher
14:21 drojf getting something to eat, later #koha
14:34 ashimema_ joined #koha
14:35 ashimema_ question.. where does robots.txt live in packages?
15:00 drojf joined #koha
15:02 magnuse ashimema_: /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/robots.txt
15:02 ashimema_ I found it ;)
15:02 ashimema_ but thanks anyways :)
15:02 magnuse so did "locate robots.txt" :-)
15:06 * magnuse prepares to go outside and get sushi
15:18 cait joined #koha
15:19 cait hi #koha
15:22 drojf hi cait
15:25 cait at the hotel now
15:25 cait i only got a little bit lost :)
15:26 drojf sounds good
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15:45 talljoy good morning #koha
15:59 JoshB joined #koha
16:01 cait hi talljoy
16:01 talljoy hiya cait!
16:03 reiveune souebye
16:03 reiveune left #koha
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16:19 chris_n @wunder raliegh
16:19 huginn chris_n: Error: No such location could be found.
16:19 chris_n LOL
16:19 chris_n @wunder raleigh
16:19 huginn chris_n: Error: No such location could be found.
16:19 chris_n wow
16:19 chris_n @wunder 28334
16:19 huginn chris_n: The current temperature in C and L Farms, Dunn, North Carolina is -2.0°C (11:10 AM EST on February 16, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 26%. Dew Point: -19.0°C. Windchill: -5.0°C. Pressure: 30.32 in 1027 hPa (Rising). Winter Storm Warning in effect from 4 PM this afternoon to noon EST Tuesday...
16:20 * chris_n was beginning to wonder if his curren location was non-existent....
16:20 cait @wunder Berlin
16:20 huginn cait: Error: No such location could be found.
16:20 cait @wunder Berlin, Germany
16:20 huginn cait: The current temperature in Berlin Tegel, Germany is 1.0°C (4:50 PM CET on February 16, 2015). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Windchill: -6.0°C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Steady).
16:20 chris_n @wunder raleigh, nc
16:20 huginn chris_n: The current temperature in Five Points - The Circle, Raleigh, North Carolina is -4.3°C (11:19 AM EST on February 16, 2015). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 22%. Dew Point: -23.0°C. Windchill: -4.0°C. Pressure: 30.34 in 1027 hPa (Rising). Winter Storm Warning in effect from 4 PM this afternoon to 9 am EST Tuesday...
16:20 * chris_n passes cait a cookie
16:25 cait thx :)
16:25 cait can someone help me out? thought we were workingon a batch patron delete
16:26 cait khall: batch deleting patrons form the gui... do you remember if we have a bug for this? thought there was one related to patron lists... but not sure now
16:31 Joubu cait: bug 10612
16:31 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10612 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Add ability to delete patrons with batch patron deletion tool
16:32 Joubu @later tell cait bug 10612
16:32 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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19:07 talljoy joined #koha
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19:40 * magnuse waves
19:43 edveal joined #koha
20:00 tcohen joined #koha
20:04 tcohen hi
20:04 wahanui hello, tcohen
20:13 mtompset joined #koha
20:14 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
20:19 wnickc joined #koha
20:22 talljoy1 joined #koha
20:24 magnuse @later tell rangi did you get my patch for koha-kudos?
20:24 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.
20:25 rangi hmm did you do you do a merge request?
20:26 rangi ill check in a second
20:28 magnuse rangi: i did a git-send-email to you bigballofwax email
20:28 magnuse but it's been a long time since i did that, so things might not be set up properly,,,
20:30 talljoy joined #koha
20:30 rangi ahh ill check
20:32 rangi nope not that i can see
20:36 rangi if you do a merge request in gitorious .. that should work .. if thats possible for you?
20:41 magnuse working on it now :-)
20:42 magnuse rangi: there
20:42 rangi yep that emailed me too
20:46 rangi its quite easy to deal with too
20:46 rangi for this you just do
20:46 rangi git pull origin refs/merge-requests/1
20:47 rangi and done
20:47 rangi
20:47 wahanui are the better stats to optimise
20:47 rangi hows that now?
20:48 Viktor joined #koha
20:48 wizzyrea wow look at that - fancy!~
20:48 magnuse rangi: deichmanske is better - libriotech is sadly missing (yet) ;-)
20:49 magnuse kia ora Viktor
20:49 rangi heh yeah it can't create patches for ya :-)
20:49 Viktor kia ora magnuse
20:49 magnuse hm, maybe i can do a patch for that ;-)
20:50 rangi you hackfesters
20:50 rangi should check this out
20:50 rangi[…]ses-krikri-0-1-3/
20:51 rangi actually oslo should check that out
20:52 magnuse Banca D'Italia - how cool is that!
20:52 rangi its pretty cool eh
20:52 rangi the reserve bank of nz run koha too
20:52 rangi thats 2 central banks that i know of
20:53 magnuse yay
20:53 rangi im working on getting hannah from rbnz to sign off a patch
20:53 magnuse they could just print us some money when the stuff from ebsco runs out ;-)
20:54 magnuse @later tell akafred seen[…]ses-krikri-0-1-3/ ?
20:54 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.
21:03 * magnuse is running out of battery - have fun #koha!
21:05 rangi cya magnuse
21:08 andreashm joined #koha
21:12 cait joined #koha
21:20 andreashm hi #koha
21:21 rangi hi andreashm
21:22 * cait waves
21:22 Viktor Hi andreashm
21:23 andreashm reading up on the irc log from today. interesting stuff about ES.
21:26 rangi you can test it now if you want :)
21:26 andreashm oh, cool
21:28 eythian hi
21:28 andreashm rangi: how, where?
21:29 rangi do you have a dev install up and running? you can apply the patches on bug 12478, joubu has written some notes on there too
21:29 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12478 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, robin, NEW , Elasticsearch support for Koha
21:30 eythian the patches are a bit out of date, better is to use the Catalyst repo
21:31 andreashm sorry, our dev isn't up yet (I think).
21:31 andreashm guess I'll have to wait for the hackfest
21:33 cait alater tell Joubu thx!
21:33 cait @later tell Joubu - thx!
21:33 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
21:45 andreashm left #koha
21:58 drojf joined #koha
21:58 magnuse joined #koha
22:33 dcook eythian: What's the intensive part of using ElasticSearch?
22:33 dcook Perl dependencies?
22:33 * dcook is pondering how it might work in a non-Debian based system
22:33 eythian what do you mean by intensive?
22:33 dcook Good question
22:33 dcook You mentioned how you couldn't really install it on any current stable systems, yeah?
22:33 dcook That it would only work on Jessie and maybe a newer Ubuntu?
22:33 dcook Well, not ES, but the Catmandu stuff
22:34 eythian oh yeah
22:34 eythian the dependencies are complicated and it's dealing with quite new libraries.
22:34 drojf1 joined #koha
22:34 eythian I did get it going on the non-LTS current ubuntu
22:34 eythian but, jessie will be a lot easier in general
22:35 dcook Might be good incentive to move over to Debian, I suppose..
22:36 eythian yeah. You could probably get them all with cpan without too much difficulty, but I prefer having OS packages.
22:36 dcook Yeah, I like OS packages too
22:37 dcook There was something I had to package the other day...
22:37 dcook Oh, it was for a local customization
22:38 dcook I suppose I could've used CPAN for that, but... I figure there's more control packaging it yourself as well
22:38 dcook Or if a new version does come up in the Debian repo..
22:38 dcook Or could upstream it, or...
22:39 chrisvella joined #koha
22:40 eythian I think I lost track of what you were saying half way through :)
22:43 dcook I certainly would have
22:43 dcook Maybe I did
22:43 dcook It's warm in here
22:44 cait is your brain still broiled?
22:44 cait sorry, read back in the logs erarlier :)
22:44 dcook I think so!
22:44 cait ineresting cooking discussion :)
22:44 dcook You must be reading a lot of logs!
22:44 cait mine is frozen
22:44 cait or what do you call what happens to frozen food?
22:45 cait nah, not regularly
22:49 cait wizzyrea: around?
22:50 eythian cait: I think she's lunching
22:51 dcook I am so confused
22:51 dcook Oh, your brain
22:51 dcook I thought you meant your logs were frozen
22:51 dcook Yes, my brain must be broiled... or boiled... or baked...
22:52 * dcook just had breakfast and is so ready for lunch now
22:52 cait eythian: ah too bad
22:53 cait someone else can explain the difference between holds to pull and holds queue for a single banch library?
22:53 cait hm i think i see it
22:54 cait or no, still confused:)
23:00 cait hm and the paging on the holds to pull one is broken
23:00 * cait will file a bug later
23:02 eythian I think it's always been confusing.
23:02 eythian It really needs some clarification, better naming, whatever.
23:03 cait some style work too
23:04 eythian well, probably a redesign so that they have the same UI but more clarity about the difference between them, or something along those lines.
23:11 dcook Holds to pull is for materials that need to be pulled and held aside for patrons
23:11 dcook Holds queue...
23:11 wahanui i think holds queue is to do with that table
23:11 dcook No idea
23:12 dcook It might list all holds?
23:12 dcook Even ones that aren't ready to pull?
23:13 dcook I suppose a minute or two and I might be able to tell you..
23:13 dcook Hmm, I'm definitely wrong about that
23:14 dcook "Holds queue: This report will show you all of the holds at your library."
23:14 dcook :S
23:19 dcook cait: holds queue shows what's in `tmp_holdsqueue`
23:19 dcook Which depends on C4::HoldsQueue::CreateQueue
23:19 dcook Which...
23:19 wahanui it has been said that which is why it is strange that it BROKE... after upgrading like that.
23:20 dcook Seems like a rather convoluted process
23:21 cait heh
23:21 cait i am wondering if there is a main difference if you are a single branch...
23:22 cait i think the built one is more if there are multiple items that could fill the hold in multiple branches?
23:22 cait helping to pick the library that has to?
23:26 dcook Mmm
23:28 dcook There may be no purpose for a single branch?
23:30 dcook I'm looking at a multibranch library..
23:30 dcook Hmm, it seems right according to Koha, but it looks weird..
23:31 dcook Dunno, other things to do, alas
23:38 cait thx :)
23:38 cait time here to sleep n- night all
23:50 wizzyrea gah, cait are you still here?
23:50 wizzyrea cuz I'm back now >.<
23:50 wizzyrea the holds queue assigns an item to a reserve
23:51 wizzyrea I just wrote an explanation of this not long ago, let me see if I can find it
23:52 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "holds to pull vs. reserve queue" (3 lines) at
23:53 eythian see, they really need to be combined into one sane interface
23:54 wizzyrea yeah, they do. Reserves queue does some fancy-ish mapping of items to reserves
23:54 wizzyrea it can do stuff like weighting near branches higher, deals with local hold item types
23:54 wizzyrea holds to pull just vomits out everything and expects the human to deal with it
23:55 wizzyrea for a single branch, the reserve queue doesn't make a lot of sense
23:55 wizzyrea except that it is much more succinct than holds to pull.

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