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00:00 wizzyrea I did!
00:00 eythian oh
00:00 eythian well that was a good idea then
00:00 wizzyrea :D
00:07 wizzyrea <insert the usual internal drama about naming things that are too long for mysql>
00:08 eythian oh
00:08 eythian I think we should patch that so it's not a problem
00:10 eythian ah, it's documented but not enforced.
00:10 eythian > Note: the instance name cannot be longer that 11 chars.
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00:28 wizzyrea oh, I didn't actually *do* it
00:28 wizzyrea because I recalled that :)
00:39 * jcamins can't decide what to bake. :(
00:39 jcamins Ooh!
00:40 jcamins Szechuan pepper!
00:40 wahanui szechuan pepper is righteously spicy - but I think not as spicy as the thing I had last night. Jeez.
00:40 eythian wahanui: you're a bot, you don't have reactions to spicy things.
00:40 wahanui eythian: huh?
00:40 jcamins lol
00:41 jcamins The only problem is that Shari wanted cookies, so then I'd have to make two varieties.
00:41 jcamins ... did I say "problem"?
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00:43 eythian all I heard was "solution"
00:43 jcamins eythian: ah, good.
00:43 jcamins I thought I might have misspelled it.
00:43 jcamins Whoops.
01:29 jcamins The pepper is steeping.
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02:12 eythian[…]ations-idi,18705/ <-- exhibit A
02:12 eythian[…]-in-the-air-to-wa#.np0y4JRKGO <-- exhibit B
02:14 * dcook facepalm
02:14 wahanui hmmm... facepalm is a tiny member of the Arecaceae family whose preference for warm, humid environments makes it a perfect choice for cultivation in the human nasal cavity.
02:15 dcook Apparently this is how it's done:
02:15 dcook I think the problem is that they just weren't Canadian :p
02:16 dcook That's actually in front of the SaskPower building in Regina... not really sure why they would do it there...
02:17 dcook Interestingly, it's actually been really warm in Canada this year...
02:17 dcook Rivers are melting and it's raining
02:18 dcook eythian: Neato burrito ([…]h::SearchBuilder)
02:19 eythian yeah, thought that might be of interest
02:19 dcook Certainly interesting!
02:21 wizzyrea well you don't throw the water *into* the wind, for one.
02:22 wizzyrea also throwing it over your head, probably not the smartest ever.
02:22 wizzyrea nope you're right, that's just an accident waiting to happen.
02:22 eythian isn't it just hot water making a lot of steam as it evaporates?
02:23 wizzyrea[…]ase_transition%29
02:23 wizzyrea I think it's that
02:24 wizzyrea so, boiling water -> steam -> snow
02:24 eythian ah OK, that makes sense
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02:51 jcamins They were doing that last year. It was really annoying.
02:53 wizzyrea you could probably achieve the same effect by just taking your kettle outside and letting it boil.
02:54 wizzyrea *electric kettle.
02:55 jcamins wizzyrea: people in New York don't have generators.
02:56 jcamins Or outdoor outlets.
02:56 wizzyrea they probably do have extension cords though?
02:56 wizzyrea is the power out?!
02:56 wizzyrea how are you on the internet ?!
02:57 dcook :S
02:57 eythian there's no answer, I think he's just realised the power is gone
02:57 eythian like a cartoon character who doesn't fall off a cliff until he looks down.
02:58 wizzyrea eythian++ for funniness
02:59 jcamins wizzyrea: of course the power isn't out.
02:59 jcamins There's not really much snow.
02:59 dcook Is NY experiencing a rather warm winter as well?
03:00 wizzyrea yeah you're a bit south of the main storm?
03:00 jcamins And actually, New Yorkers don't generally have extension cords.
03:00 jcamins dcook: not really.
03:00 wizzyrea why not?
03:00 wizzyrea houses are too small?
03:00 dcook wizzyrea: I find small houses need even more extension cords.
03:00 wizzyrea houses/apartments
03:00 wizzyrea me too, they have fewer outlets.
03:00 * dcook loves how Australian builders assume that no one ever needs to plug anything in...
03:00 jcamins Houses are generally unavailable.
03:00 eythian yeah, I have a small house, and have cords all over the place.
03:01 eythian dcook: same here :/
03:01 jcamins And apartments don't have direct exits to the outdoors most of the time. :(
03:01 dcook eythian: Australians must've built your houses... I'm sorry.
03:01 wizzyrea I agree with noticing trend of oceanic small houses with few outlets
03:02 dcook jcamins: What about the NYC fire escape that we all expect every apartment to have?
03:02 dcook iconic NYC fire escape*
03:02 wizzyrea well that sucks.
03:02 dcook Are you telling me that TV has lied to me all this time?
03:02 wizzyrea omg, tv lies?
03:03 eythian shush don't say that be quiet
03:03 wizzyrea if it's on TV it has to be true.
03:03 dcook wizzyrea: That's what I figure
03:03 jcamins lol
03:03 dcook I have yet to see a talking kangaroo, but I'm sure they're around
03:03 dcook Or maybe they're all overseas...
03:03 dcook I can't say I watch enough tv to keep track
03:04 eythian dcook / jcamins: how does zebra know what type a particular authority is, or does it not and just searches the particular field when you select the type?
03:04 jcamins There's an index.
03:05 eythian and what does "authority type: default" mean?
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03:05 eythian oh, so it sticks "TOPIC_TERM" or whatever into a place?
03:09 jcamins It means not set.
03:09 jcamins And yes.
03:10 eythian hmm
03:11 eythian I guess I'll have to figure out how to do that.
03:14 eythian oh
03:14 eythian it's already in 942$a
03:14 eythian well thta makes it easier.
03:17 eythian hmm, I already have mappings built, but they're not being applied.
03:17 eythian tricksy
03:18 eythian I bet I'm never telling it that biblios and authorities are different things when indexing
03:24 eythian hrm, no, that's not it
03:26 eythian oh. It's totally working, I was just reading the output wrong :/
03:28 wizzyrea I have the perfect but completely unpolitically correct reaction gif for that.
03:28 eythian heh
03:36 dcook Hmm? Someone said my name?
03:37 dcook Ah, looks like all is cool
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06:50 paxed i've deleted all from auth_header - but running link_bibs_to_authorities doesn't remove the links. Even though LinkerKeepStale syspref is "do not keep"
06:56 * magnuse waves
06:58 dcook yo magnuse
06:58 dcook Sorry, paxed. Don't know. Haven't looked at authorities in ages.
07:02 BobB paxed is CatalogModuleRelink set to 'do not? and LinkerRelink to 'do'?
07:04 magnuse yo yo yo dcook
07:04 * magnuse knows next to nothing about authorities
07:04 BobB hey dcook, you missed out on a knighthood yesterday?
07:17 paxed BobB: oh, CatalogModuleRelink should be "do not"?
07:18 BobB I'm not sure, but it seems to make sense .... worth a try?
07:18 paxed tried it, no effect.
07:19 BobB ok, anyway understanding what those prefs do does my head in
07:20 paxed i feel like i've tried all the combinations
07:20 BobB I've never tried to remove all links ....
07:20 BobB you may have found a bug?
07:22 paxed link_bibs_to_authorities needs an explicit --delete option
07:25 BobB ok, I've learnt something, thank you  :)
07:26 cait paxed: it might be they are still indexed?
07:26 cait did you try to do an authority search?
07:27 paxed cait: wait... so it's not enough to delete them from auth_header, relinking uses zebra for looking them up?!
07:27 cait afaik yes
07:28 cait hm no ashimema
07:29 cait bbl
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07:32 magnuse reindexing is definitely worth a try
07:36 magnuse "ensure that everything still works like it should and that there are no regressions of any kinds anywhere in the system" lulz!1!!
07:51 paxed blah. apparently doesn't obey the url fragment for showing the tab.
07:52 paxed (eg. going to /cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/MARCdeta​ doesn't show the 1 tab)
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07:55 reiveune hello
07:55 wahanui what's up, reiveune
07:58 Joubu hello
07:58 magnuse bonjour france
07:58 magnuse @wunder marseille
07:58 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Realtor, CABRIES, France is 7.3°C (8:55 AM CET on January 27, 2015). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
07:58 magnuse @wunder boo
07:58 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 2.0°C (8:50 AM CET on January 27, 2015). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: -5.0°C. Pressure: 29.39 in 995 hPa (Steady).
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08:02 alex_a bonjour
08:02 wahanui bidet, alex_a
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08:10 paxed blah. nope, reindexing didn't help
08:13 cait have you checked the authority search really doesn't work now?
08:13 cait i remember there once was a problem about resetting to empty - not sure if that's still the case
08:16 paxed auth search works.
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08:16 cait hm so the index is still there?
08:16 paxed actually. looks like zebra returns the old results.
08:16 paxed wtf
08:17 cait i am not sure how to force reset it
08:17 cait but you could try adding 1 new auth and reindex
08:17 cait that shoudl do it
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08:35 cait morning ashimema
08:35 ashimema morning peeps
09:12 ashimema queit in here this morning.
09:14 cait yeah everyone is busy
09:16 kivilahtio yeah
09:20 magnuse yup
09:21 nlegrand Hey.
09:23 magnuse howdy!
09:49 Joubu yep!
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09:50 cait hi Joubu
09:50 cait discussing with ashimema the allowonshelfholds/opacitemholds bug
09:51 cait i think you did the force itemholds dev?
09:52 cait bug 5786
09:52 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5786 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, srdjan, Failed QA , Move AllowOnShelfHolds and OpacItemHolds system preferences to the Circulation Matrix
09:52 cait looking for opinions on how the 'force item hold' should work in the new constellation with multiple itemtypes
09:54 magnuse is there a good description of UsageStats and Hea, aimed at librarians, anywhere?
10:02 Joubu magnuse: I tried to complete the wiki page 2 weeks ago:[…]KohaUsageStat_RFC
10:03 magnuse excellent! sorry i missed that
10:05 Joubu cait: will try to have a look asap
10:13 cait Joubu: thx, trying to keep it moving
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11:04 eth0__ Hi koha
11:05 eth0__ About my problem with haproxy / z3950
11:05 eth0__ DAEMON_OPTS="-l /var/log/zebrasrvUNIMARC.log -u www-data tcp:"
11:05 eth0__ it was tcp:@6:9999
11:06 eth0__ (pebcak), so z3950/zebra serve behind and haproxy
11:07 eth0__ like this
11:07 eth0__ listen z3950 :9999
11:07 eth0__ mode tcp
11:07 eth0__ option tcplog
11:07 eth0__ option clitcpka
11:07 eth0__ server z3950 check
11:07 eth0__ jcamins: cait ↑ Thanks :)
11:12 cait eth0__: still no idea sorry
11:18 eth0__ cait: it works now ! ;)
11:18 cait oh!
11:19 cait cool
11:19 eth0__ the problem was  tcp:@6:9999
11:19 eth0__ s/tcp:@6:9999/tcp:
11:20 eth0__ So for information, zebra can work behind a reverse-proxy/load balancer(haproxy)
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11:32 bsa is it possible to display price when books are searched in koha admin
11:33 bsa how to enable price field in opac as well as in admin page
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11:44 cait bra: I think it's not possible, the price from the item is only visible inthe marc view
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11:44 cait bsa...
11:45 bsa ok
11:45 bsa i wanted to enable it in admin
11:45 bsa when records are search along with price, isbn, pages, publisher, year
11:45 bsa if i could get price
11:46 cait do you mean in z39.50 search?
11:48 bsa no
11:49 bsa in kohaadmin when books are searched it shows title, author publisher
11:49 bsa along with that i wanted price
11:49 cait if you mean the staff search - those displays are made with xslt
11:50 bsa yes staff search
11:50 cait you could add your own set of xslt in configuration, but it requires a bit of programming / putting files somewhere accessible by the server
11:50 bsa oh
11:50 cait it's not possible with some quick configuration changes
11:50 bsa if only one xslt file needs to be changed i can try
11:51 bsa but if several files then i wont prefer that
11:55 paxed huh. i gave --auth-limit='authid >= XXX' where XXX is the authid of the first existing authority... and _then_ the script removes the bib links to auths that do not exist.
11:55 paxed without that, it did nothing.
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12:52 cait nice surprise: you can hide the restricted status information in the opac easily with css :)
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12:59 oleonard Hi #koha
13:10 tcohen hi oleonard #koha
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13:16 cait hi oleonard
13:17 cait do yu have a moment for a little jquery?
13:17 cait i am looking for a good way to get the biblionumer on the normal view staff detail page
13:17 cait i want to add a link to another page where i need the number for
13:18 cait the 'add link to display' bit is working, just not sure about where best to get the biblionumber
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13:19 magnuse cait: i have done something similar, let me check
13:20 magnuse i think i took it from <abbr class="unapi-id" title="koha:biblionumber:1911"><!-- unAPI --></abbr>
13:20 cait hmm
13:20 cait using regex?
13:20 wahanui using regex is like using black magic
13:20 cait agreeed wahanui
13:20 cait do you have the jquery snipped maybe?
13:20 Joubu cait: if it's a detail page, there is only 1 biblionumber
13:20 Joubu why don't you get it from the TT var?
13:20 cait Joubu: adding something with jquery
13:20 oleonard Joubu: Custom JS
13:20 cait yep
13:21 magnuse var id = $(".unapi-id").attr("title");
13:21 Joubu var biblionumber=[% biblionumber%] ?
13:21 Joubu ha
13:21 cait i have a library with lots of custom item fields and the marc items tab is the only place we display those
13:21 cait so trying to add a shortcut :)
13:21 cait so they can go to that page with less clicks and it's more prominent
13:21 oleonard magnuse: Is that in the staff client?
13:21 magnuse no, opac
13:22 magnuse ah, dang
13:22 cait yeah was wondering
13:22 magnuse i missed the staff client bit...
13:22 cait i mean there are plenty of urls with it as parameter
13:22 cait but not sure how to extract it fromthe url
13:22 Joubu cait: you should certainaly can get it from the url
13:23 Joubu hum, my connexion lag...
13:24 cait still trying to figure out how
13:24 cait hints welcome
13:24 Joubu location.href?
13:25 cait the bit i need form the full url :) is the one i am missing
13:25 cait googleing around a ibt
13:28 magnuse cait:[…]using-jquery.html ?
13:28 nengard morning #koha
13:28 nengard I almost have the 3.18 manual finished after a day of working on it yesterday :)
13:28 cait hm oh i have another idea
13:28 cait i use the link as is for the marc view and append my tab anchor :)
13:29 magnuse nengard++
13:32 magnuse after upgrading to 3.16.7, the dropdown for creating new patrons on the "Patrons" page (/cgi-bin/koha/members/ shows the hardcoded list of general patron categories, not the list the library has actually created themselves... anyone else seeing that?
13:32 cait hm it was fixed in 3.18 i think
13:32 cait or shoudl have been
13:33 cait it's a pref thing and we crated a problem there with the new patron search... which is not in 3.16? confusing
13:34 magnuse yeah, it looks ok in 3.18.3
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13:44 tcohen cait: are you saying it got fixed as a side effect?
13:44 cait more broken by a side effect
13:44 cait we have fixed it on master with a patch only doing that
13:45 cait bug 13458
13:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13458 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Stable , Add new patron shows default / hardcoded patron categories after search
13:45 cait btw, the finished hack:
13:45 cait var biblionumber = $("#catalog_detail #menu a:contains('MARC'):first").attr('href');
13:45 cait $("#holdings a:contains('Auswahl aufheben')").after(' | <a href="' + biblionumber + '#tab10XX">Exemplardetails</a>');
13:45 cait i know it's hacky... but refining will have to wait
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13:53 cait magnuse: did you check the ocnfig?
13:53 cait magnuse: that it wasn't changed by accident?
13:58 magnuse what config would that be?
13:59 cait patronlist i think
13:59 magnuse ah, AddPatronLists
13:59 magnuse that does not affect it
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14:02 nengard am i understanding the chats right - we're going to be removing  OPACFallback  ?
14:02 nengard do I document it?
14:04 cait it stays
14:04 cait it has still use if you want to add your own templates
14:07 tcohen OPACFallback has no use right now, as we have only one theme
14:07 tcohen but if the user had a custom theme... it would show there
14:08 tcohen its purpose is to provide a way to choose to what theme to fallback when you have a partial theme, like CCSR was
14:08 tcohen it had a hardcoded 'prog' as a fallback, that now is handled by that syspref
14:08 tcohen and is set to bootstrap by default
14:09 cait thx tochen :)
14:11 tcohen np ciat
14:11 nengard okay, so i'll document it :)
14:17 carmenh morning #koha :D
14:17 cait hi carmenh
14:20 * ashimema has his test writing hat on again
14:21 cait pretty hat
14:21 * ashimema is adding tests to the shibboleth enhancement patches
14:21 * ashimema hopes someone might find time to test them once he's done
14:22 nengard okay #koha - the last system preferences I have to document!!! OnSiteCheckouts -- explain to me why we need these because I'm confused
14:22 nengard after that I might be done with the 3.18 manual!!!
14:24 nengard uh oh ... i scared you all away
14:25 ashimema Joubu.. care to explain OnSiteCheckouts?
14:25 ashimema it's for recording uses of items that are not loanable I beleive
14:26 ashimema for stats purposes for example..
14:26 ashimema librarian walks round at the end of the day.. picks up all the books that have been left out (reference or otherwise) and does an OnSiteCheckout to record the use..
14:27 ashimema it's a while since I read that bug though to be fair.. I might be barking up the wrong tree.. what the pref itself does I have no idea.
14:27 ashimema cait?
14:27 wahanui i think cait is regretting a bit that we didn't offer this as an option first... or on a test system for people to see
14:27 * ashimema is getting more and more annoyed that you need a very specific database to run testws again adn expect them to actually pass!
14:30 ashimema Joubu..
14:30 ashimema wasn't there a bug with a db attached we can use to test against?
14:30 ashimema I can't seem to find it :(
14:31 * ashimema watches tumbleweed roll on by
14:34 cait ashimema: hm i think you are confusing with local use :)
14:35 cait ashimema: the difference is those really go on the patron account, but are not supposed to leave the house
14:35 cait ashimema: libraries i have talked to would use it for rare items, manuscripts - when someone goes tot he libreary to study the items there
14:36 magnuse that is the understanding i have of it too
14:36 nengard Yeah, I'm seeing that now in the screenshots
14:36 nengard it's for closed stack items basically
14:36 nengard let people read the materials in the library and track who is using them
14:36 nengard it's a great idea
14:36 nengard need to figure out how to document this to be 100% clear
14:36 cait yeah, you can also see a red note in the reading lists for thos eitems
14:36 ashimema that's right
14:36 wahanui no it's not.
14:36 ashimema thaks for the clarification cait
14:36 cait and instead of checked out it says 'in local use' in opac and staff
14:37 Joubu ashimema: bug 10337 :)
14:37 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10337 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , UT: The unit tests cannot be launched by everyone
14:37 cait and missed that the question was from nengard - should read all the way back up first :)
14:37 ashimema cheer joubu
14:38 * magnuse is faced with translations again and seriously considers moving to an english speaking country
14:39 Joubu nengard: did you get a correct answer about your on site checkout question?
14:39 cait heh
14:39 nengard i think so - it's used to checkout items that don't leave the library
14:39 nengard so you can track who has them
14:39 Joubu nengard: yep, that's it :)
14:39 nengard working it in to the manual now and then I might be done for 3.18!!!
14:40 nengard which means a bunch of help file patches coming soon
14:40 cait i might try and work out how to have the library set the due dates manually if they want to
14:40 cait but not sure when :(
14:40 cait right now the due date is always set to the end of the day
14:41 nengard Joubu one question
14:41 nengard OnSiteCheckoutsForce
14:41 nengard what's the point of this one?
14:42 nengard if I have onsite enabled and force disabled it kind of makes no sense ...
14:42 Joubu nengard: the librarian will be able to force the on site checkout even if the patron is restricted, or have a limitation (number of checkout, etc.)
14:42 nengard so it's kind of like an override?
14:42 nengard allowing the librarian to check out the item even if the patron is restricted?
14:44 Joubu yep
15:03 Joubu magnuse: I have just submited a followup for 3.16.x on bug 13458
15:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13458 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Stable , Add new patron shows default / hardcoded patron categories after search
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15:44 nengard holy cow - i think i'm done with the 3.18 manual
15:44 nengard I mean ... it's never "done" but I think it has all the new stuff in it
15:53 cait nengard++
15:55 ashimema api advice ..
15:55 ashimema for monetary transactions..
15:56 ashimema should I create one route /svc/transaction for example that handles both invoices(debits) and payments(credits)
15:57 ashimema or two routes.. say /svc/payment  and /svc/invoice
15:57 cait hm no strong preference
15:57 cait i think transaction might be a bit too global perhaps?
15:57 cait not strictly thinking about money then
15:57 tcohen ashimema: think REST, OO, and do it on /api/v1/
15:57 ashimema my guts sort of telling me the former.. leads to more DRY code I hope
15:57 tcohen :-P
15:57 ashimema Oh.. it's certainly OO and RESTful..
15:57 tcohen let's give /api the
15:58 tcohen first kick
15:58 ashimema and yes it's also being done in a new namespace
15:58 ashimema we actually discussed this the other day tcohen.. not sure you were there..
15:58 tcohen i wasn't
15:58 ashimema yeah.. cait that was my one dislike regarding transaction.. needs a more descriptive route
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15:59 cait accounting?
15:59 wahanui accounting is important.
15:59 cait not sure
15:59 cait wahanui botsnack cookie
15:59 wahanui thanks cait :)
15:59 ashimema We suggested perhaps we have a bug that shift all /svc into /svc_old or somthing to try and get people to realise there 'is a new way' with the new api's I hope to promote
16:00 ashimema[…]/New_REST_API_RFC
16:00 ashimema that was the result of our initla thoughts tcohen
16:00 ashimema woudl be interested in your thoughts too ;)
16:01 tcohen i would only add that I'd rather choose a new namespace (/api) and that it should be versioned
16:03 ashimema I agree with the new namespace..
16:03 ashimema I'm less enamoured by versioning
16:03 Dyrcona Whee! Sixty-six centimeters of show and it isn't finished, yet.
16:03 cait it would make future changes easier... but might lead to have lots of copied code?
16:03 ashimema my question regarding versioning is at what point is a version 'done'
16:04 cait Dyrcona: ?
16:04 ashimema yeah.. cait
16:05 ashimema I've rather see a sensible set of guidelines/rule drawn up for what goes into our new namespace and see that things going in there remain strictly within though guidelines..
16:05 Dyrcona s/show/snow/
16:05 tcohen I think versioning is important for a second stage
16:05 ashimema thereby allowing the api to be continually enhanced but remain backward compatible as such without restricting us to versions
16:05 tcohen once we have a mature API, and people want it to evolve
16:05 tcohen we might as well choose not to support them
16:06 tcohen but I think no harm keeping as an option from the beggining
16:07 ashimema I'd almost prefer we version on a route by route basis.. save needing to ad /v1/route /v2/route's all over the urls
16:07 ashimema hmm.. though I know what you mean..
16:07 ashimema versioning does have it's upsides
16:08 tcohen for ourselves, it makes sense to just stick to /svc or /api
16:08 tcohen but think of people from other projects
16:09 Joubu that's why we decided not to submit koha-restful into the Koha codebase
16:09 ashimema ok.. perhaps I'm happy to version..
16:09 ashimema just reading up on versioning
16:10 ashimema version via url or header though..
16:11 ashimema added versioning to the wiki RFC ;)
16:11 ashimema I'm sold
16:12 ashimema i effect we're versioning lareday by making a breaking change with the move from svc whatevr goes to a restfull /api space ;)
16:12 ashimema just the versioning will be /svc = v0 and /api = v1 ;)
16:12 ashimema anywho..
16:13 ashimema I should get back to me transactions route... though I have a horrible feeling I'm quickly going to run into the territory of overlapping with the account re-write..
16:13 ashimema which I really don't like the idea of running into
16:15 TGoat joined #koha
16:24 fridolin left #koha
16:36 cait left #koha
16:41 nengard bug 13088
16:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13088 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , Allow the user to specify a max amount of facets to show.
16:42 nengard says there is a new pref in Koha - but I don't see it in my install of Koha
16:42 nengard what happened to it?
16:42 nengard I'm reading through the releaes notes to make sure the manual is up to date
16:54 reiveune bye
16:54 reiveune left #koha
17:03 carmen joined #koha
17:32 nengard anyone know what's up with  ?
17:32 nengard I know it's been down for a while ...
17:44 tcohen joined #koha
17:45 tcohen nengard: maxRecordsForFacets
17:45 nengard yeah?
17:45 tcohen also, is being moved, and the manual has been moved to the translate site
17:45 tcohen
17:46 tcohen i'm sorry, the introduced syspref was FacetMaxCount
17:46 nengard oh! thanks - now I see it
17:47 nengard and as for the manual - WOW - it's gorgeous
17:47 nengard what happened to the PDF though?
17:47 nengard and how often is the HTML generated?
17:47 nengard is generated nightly
17:47 tcohen you'll need to wait for bgkriegel to be back from vacation
17:48 nengard @later tell bgkriegel when you're back from vaca ping me about the manual, i'm wondering how often the html is generated and where the PDF links are - is generated nightly just fyi
17:48 huginn nengard: The operation succeeded.
17:58 schnydszch joined #koha
18:02 schnydszch Hi Julian! I'm trying out again the koha connector in drupal. I've already set up the content type to publish automatically however everytime i do the drush harvest the contents does not publish. I'm using the latest opac and koha connector modules. Thanks in advance and cheers! :)
18:08 tcohen joined #koha
18:12 liw joined #koha
18:30 thd-away joined #koha
18:30 oleonard schnydszch: Is the person you're trying to talk to here?
18:31 schnydszch Oleonard, just testing messaging, it's for jajm ;)
18:32 tcohen joined #koha
18:33 cbrannon joined #koha
18:35 cbrannon Can anyone tell me, when I look at the timestamp of an item in the deleteditems table, does that timestamp reflect when that item was deleted?
18:38 oleonard cbrannon: I would say the answer is "probably," since it's not likely that the record was modified by any other means
18:39 cait joined #koha
18:40 cbrannon Thanks oleonard.  Trying to incorporate some stats from that table.  Proving to be challenging considering when items are deleted.  Hopefully this will be more accurate when I am done.
18:41 cbrannon I just wasn't sure if the timestamp is something copied with the record to this table when the item is deleted.
18:42 oleonard To my understanding, if the timestamp column is of timestamp type it is automatically updated on creation or edit
19:02 gerundio joined #koha
19:05 * cait waves
19:16 mtj hiya cait
19:16 cait hi mtj :)
19:18 mtj who can tickle jenkins_bot peeps
19:19 laurence left #koha
19:20 tcohen hi mtj
19:22 thd-away` joined #koha
19:22 mtj heya tcohen,  thanks for the jenkins help
19:22 mtj i missed your PM msg a few days ago..
19:22 tcohen np, do u need something right now?
19:22 mtj nope :)
19:23 mtj i'm all good, thanks
19:27 mtj random Q... how many people on #koha are using SSD drives for dev and/or prod systems?
19:27 cait not currently
19:27 tcohen +1
19:28 tcohen (dev)
19:28 mtj ive had one in my lappy for ... 1.5 years? - its been great
19:28 cait i tried to replace the one in my laptop with ssd... but the one i have gave me lots of trouble lst time i tried
19:28 mtj ..but ive only just added one to my dev 'server' thingy
19:29 cait well maybe it's not even the ssd, but the cd drive... because i failed getting ubuntu on it
19:29 cait have to try again with a usb stick to boot from sometime
19:29 mtj ah, bummer cait :/
19:29 tcohen cait: let's give it another try
19:29 cait yeah but not tonight :)
19:29 * cait is going to do the dishes now :)
19:29 mtj it made an amazing difference on my old/slowish lappy
19:30 tcohen on recent hw, i found that it was troublesome to boot ubuntu from sticks
19:30 tcohen but, typing "live"+<enter> did the trick
19:30 tcohen before that it got stuck on some weird grub error message
19:31 mtj the thing i wanna see is how much faster mysql stuff is, on a ssd
19:32 mtj hmm, i wonder what the SSD speedup for long/slow mysql stuff is
19:32 mtj data/bib clenaup stuff, or marc imports, etc..
19:33 mtj would be a pretty easy thing to test :)
19:35 mtj i'm quite curious about the results of that ^
19:37 mtj i vaguely recall a bunch of articles some years ago, saying ... "dont run DBs on ssd drives, you will break the SSD!"
19:38 cbrannon mtj: what about a hybrid?
19:39 mtj yes, for sure :)
19:39 mtj but for me, i take the faster/smaller prue ssd
19:39 mtj pure
19:40 cbrannon I haven't tried a hybrid myself.
19:40 mtj well, have both types of drives, really
19:40 mtj i have both, fwiw
19:40 tcohen joined #koha
19:42 mtj i recently bought a big/old HP server, with 64g of RAM
19:42 * magnuse waves
19:43 mtj ..i was planning on running a test mysql db, on a huge ramfs 'disk' with it
19:44 mtj i was curious about the speed difference for reaaaaally slow imports, on a mysql/ramdisk setup
19:44 * mtj hasnt got round to it yet
19:44 * magnuse waves to JesseM in french
19:45 JesseM hiya magnuse :)
19:45 JesseM few more weeks
19:45 JesseM cheese!!
19:45 wahanui cheese is delicious, but cait just had butter.
19:46 magnuse lol
19:46 magnuse yeah, the cheese is the main thing ;-)
19:46 magnuse come for the cheese, stay for the hacking
19:46 mtj sounds pretty exciting stuff
19:47 JesseM :D
19:47 mtj hey JesseM, keep the camera ready for some cheeses, yeah
19:47 JesseM oh yeah
19:48 mtj cheese is great to photograph :p
19:49 JesseM until we all dig in!  :P
19:53 * magnuse upgrades customers to 3.18.3
19:54 tcohen magnuse: yay!
19:55 * magnuse will blame tcohen if things go belly up
19:55 magnuse ;-)
19:57 mtj lol
19:57 cait magnuse: tell me how it went, we will soon too :)
19:57 magnuse will do!
19:58 * magnuse looks forward to meeting lots of cool people in marseille
19:59 thd-away joined #koha
20:00 pastebot "magnuse" at pasted "errors related to old themes, from running apt-get upgrade" (7 lines) at
20:00 magnuse not sure if that ^ is to be expected
20:03 magnuse i get that for each language installed
20:06 cait HM
20:07 cait haven't seen those
20:07 cait hm at least I think we didn't
20:08 wizzyrea yeah I think the translation fixes got lost along the way, eythian thought they were fixed when I saw them too.
20:12 * magnuse is not too worried
20:14 cait @later tell ashimema could you take a look at bug 13544? Joubu and me are out
20:14 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
20:15 magnuse bug 13544
20:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13544 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , admin/ does not compile in older perls
20:31 rocio joined #koha
20:36 schnydszch joined #koha
20:43 David_H joined #koha
20:45 David_H Greetings!  Working through the upgrade of Koha on our Ubuntu server from 3.18.02 to 3.18.03.  The instructions seemed pretty simple: just run "sudo apt-get install koha-common".  Is there another step to the process?  Do we need to stop/restart the MySQl database?  Should we have stopped it first?
20:46 magnuse David_H: nope, ""sudo apt-get install koha-common" should be all you need
20:46 magnuse or "sudo apt-get upgrade"
20:46 magnuse but that will of course upgrade other stuff too
20:46 magnuse it really is that simple :-)
20:47 David_H excellent.  I just recall us having significant issues on the last upgrade and I thought there was more to it
20:47 wizzyrea it's really that simple.
20:48 David_H thanks!
20:48 wizzyrea you might need to do an apt-get update to let apt know there's a new version
20:48 wizzyrea but other than that.
20:49 gmcharlt David_H: if you have a cat handy, you could always use it to randomize the keyboard input
20:49 gmcharlt that is, if you want the upgrade to be slightly more difficulty ;)
20:50 magnuse ooh, that is some good advice
20:51 magnuse maybe rangi should add it to the notes for 3.18.4?
20:52 nengard Hi David_H
20:52 nengard excited to see you here :)
20:54 magnuse disney?
20:57 * cait waves
21:03 * magnuse wanders off
21:06 David_H Sorry, yes...stepped away.  Quick [additional] question - how do we backup our database prior to doing future upgrades (just in case)?
21:07 David_H Interesting: when we launch Koha it still shows the version as 3.18.02
21:10 David_H Hey Nicole, come visit!
21:12 cait David_H: hm it should show the new version
21:12 cait maybe the update didn't happen yet?
21:12 David_H We thought so to.  Checked the Koha Admin About and it still had the old one
21:17 pianohacker joined #koha
21:37 eythian hi
21:37 wahanui hola, eythian
21:40 tcohen joined #koha
21:49 wizzyrea did it maybe hold back your package and not install it?
21:49 pianohacker joined #koha
21:52 JoshB joined #koha
22:08 dcook hehe
22:08 dcook magnuse and gmcharlt are sadistic
22:09 dcook <gmcharlt> David_H: if you have a cat handy, you could always use it to randomize the keyboard input
22:09 gmcharlt dcook: I like to view it as sharing...
22:09 gmcharlt (... the pain)
22:09 dcook hehe
22:09 dcook Caring is sharing :)
22:09 dcook Good to see you around, gmcharlt ^_^
22:14 nengard left #koha
22:20 schnydszch joined #koha
22:22 JoshB joined #koha
22:36 dcook Got to love the moment when someone updates a function to a better style... but before your patch is pushed : p
22:38 eythian that's always annoying
22:40 dcook And now I'm also a bit confused about how to proceed...
22:40 dcook Pass the argument just in the hashref according to the new style
22:40 dcook Or also add a parameter to the list in the old style...
22:40 * dcook is tempted just to use the hashref
22:40 eythian why is the old style still an option?
22:41 dcook That's a good question
22:41 dcook I suspect someone didn't want to bother refactoring the old code
22:41 dcook I've seen it in patches before, but I think this is the first time in a pushed patch..
22:42 pianohacker massive map nerdery:
22:44 dcook That's pretty neat, pianohacker
22:44 dcook I always enjoyed a good Mercator
22:44 dcook Mostly because it looked nicest hung up on my wall
22:44 dcook ... and it was the only map I had :p
22:45 dcook You know you're from the country when you spend your spare time staring at maps instead of... well... doing anything else
22:46 pianohacker dcook: check out guyou :)
22:48 eythian need a mercator centred around the south pole really
22:48 dcook wth...
22:49 dcook So the old style doesn't include the latest change to the parameters available to the function either...
22:49 mtj
22:49 mtj hiya, another good one ^
22:50 mtj its impressive stuff
22:51 pianohacker pretty
22:51 mtj im curious about the reasoning for various layouts
22:52 mtj i cant see the point in some
22:53 pianohacker as far as I can tell, the answer to that for some of these is "because a mathemetician got bored". XKCD got me into[…]uncial_projection , for instance. I _finally_ coded up an implementation a couple weeks ago, there's some difficult numerical code I had to steal/port :P
22:53 tcohen dcook: changing the API of a function can lead to lot of work on the rest of the code
22:54 tcohen not everyone has the time, when they are fixing something
22:56 mtj pianohacker:  aah yes... 'bored math nerds' explains it well :)
22:58 dcook tcohen: Yeah, I know. It's pretty new code anyway though :p
22:58 dcook tcohen: I'll follow the precedent and just make my change to the hashref style. Sound good?
23:05 tcohen new style :-D
23:05 schnydszch mtj I'm using ssd servers in prod and testing. Because that's what is stated by my service providers
23:06 schnydszch Anybody from biblibre here? Coz I have a question :)
23:08 pianohacker tcohen: I'm working on a patch series for 13630
23:08 pianohacker bug 13630
23:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13630 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Angular-based circulation client
23:09 tcohen pianohacker: awesome
23:18 dcook tcohen: Any tips for catching errors in unit tests?
23:18 tcohen use Test::Warn
23:19 dcook Hmm
23:19 dcook I'm not sure that's quite what I want
23:19 dcook Rather, I want to make sure warning X isn't happening
23:20 dcook I'm thinking of using Test::More's pass() and fail()
23:20 dcook Depending on the result of the eval/$@
23:20 dcook Hmm, that doesn't seem recommended though
23:22 pianohacker dcook: really? I'm not much of a perl expert, but I thought that was the best we had for catching exceptions (outside of CPAN)
23:22 dcook The pass()/fail() I mean, pianohacker
23:23 pianohacker ah, kk
23:23 dcook Maybe I'm just trying to test too much?
23:24 tcohen dcook: can u elaborate on the use case?
23:24 dcook Well, I'm adding that $parameters hashref to XSLT_Handler
23:25 dcook But XML::LibXSLT only takes a hash
23:25 dcook So if I try to dereference something that isn't a hashref, it'll warn
23:25 dcook I suppose the thing to do is make sure that I have a hashref before trying to dereference
23:26 pianohacker yeah, seems easiest
23:27 chrisvella joined #koha
23:28 dcook Mmm, I think I've got it.
23:31 chrisvella joined #koha
23:31 dcook I'll still add a test just to show that you don't have to add parameters..
23:32 dcook Or that empty parameters don't break it..
23:34 papa joined #koha
23:37 dcook Cool. tcohen you should have an updated patch in a moment :)
23:37 dcook tcohen: Does it need to go through sign off and QA once again?
23:59 dcook hehe
23:59 dcook "We could even add support for
23:59 dcook 'format=usmarc' if you want to use that as your formatting method. I'm sure
23:59 dcook someone somewhere likes that idea.
23:59 dcook "

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