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08:29 gaetan_B hello
08:29 wahanui hi, gaetan_B
08:41 Joubu info: bug 11944 breaks the installer, follow-up coming soon
08:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11944 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Cleanup Koha UTF-8
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09:00 magnuse who can reset that for the new year?
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09:04 Joubu whaou
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09:04 magnuse hehe
09:04 Joubu better :)
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09:13 cait hm i think there should be an IRC meeting about now
09:13 cait my meeting got cancelled, will be back in 5 mins if we want to have one
09:16 ashimema ooh.. meeting
09:16 Joubu * AGREED: The next meeting will be held on 14 January 2015 at 10 UTC
09:18 cait hm is that now or later?
09:20 cait aah it's at "11" - 40 minutes
09:25 ashimema done
09:26 ashimema sent a reminder to the list.. bit late but hopefulyl some may see it
09:26 magnuse ashimema++
09:27 cait ashimema++ thx!
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09:34 thd ashimema: Could we discuss your ideas for the wiki?
09:51 ashimema hi thd
09:51 ashimema did you just call?
09:51 ashimema i was in a call and a colleague picked up.
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09:52 thd Yes ashimema
09:52 wahanui well, ashimema is on qa now .)
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09:53 ashimema i'll be about for another 20 mins or so.. then I have another call so will be trying to dip in and out of the two meetings :(
09:53 thd ashimema: I suggest that we try to reach a consensus or at least a common understanding about  the wiki.
09:53 jransom hi everyone: jo ransom, horowhenua (nz)
09:54 thd ashimema Is there some time we could talk on telephone?
09:54 ashimema Hi jo.. meeting hasn't quite started yet.. but when it does  stick an #info infront of that ;)
09:54 jransom cheers
09:54 ashimema sure thd.. erm.. remind me. where are you based?
09:55 thd ashimema: I am based in New York City but would be happy to call you wherever.
09:55 ashimema I can skype out to you to keep the costs down.. as I said I'm a little tied this morning (UK time)
09:56 ashimema hmm.. your lateish afternoon over there right now right..
09:56 thd ashimema: I saw your criticisms while I was in California but I did not have any opportunity until now to try to communicate with you properly.
09:56 thd It is 5 am in NYC.
09:56 ashimema they were meant to be constructive btw.. hope they're werent too nasty sounding..
09:56 ashimema oh.. 5am.. i was thinking it was 5pm..
09:57 thd Nothing was nasty and you have some good ideas
09:57 ashimema early riser then ;)
09:58 thd I have the time to implement any good ideas or at least I expect to start to have proper time from mid-February.
09:58 ashimema cool..
09:58 thd ashimema: I think you are also a little confused about the function of some installed extensions.
09:58 wahanui okay, thd.
09:59 thd ashimema: When would be a good time to talk on telephone?
09:59 cait ok, it's about meeting time now but i might get called awy...
09:59 cait who is around for the meeting and would maybe be willing to take over chair/chair?
09:59 ashimema I should be free for a chat between 7am and 11am your time today if that helps
09:59 ashimema i was just working that out ;)
09:59 ashimema i'm getting called away any minute too cait :(
10:00 thd ashimema: I suggest we defer decisions about wiki management until the next general meeting while we discuss options.
10:00 BobB hi all
10:00 ashimema I'm fine with that.. makes reasonable sense..
10:01 cait ok, i wil start it and we see what happens?
10:01 ashimema especially as neither of us has too much time at the minute to start implementing anything we discuss/decide upon.. delaying a decision won't delay the action.. yet
10:01 thd ashimema: What number should I call at 7 am EST?
10:01 cait #startmeeting General IRC Meeting, 14th January 2015
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10:01 cait #topic Introductions
10:01 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
10:01 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 14th January 2015)
10:01 BobB ashimena there is only one meeting today: a decision of the last meeting'
10:01 cait please introduce yourself with #info
10:01 BobB #info Bob Birchall, Calyx Australia
10:01 thd ashimema:  I am at +1 212-674-3783
10:01 cait #link[…]g_14_January_2015
10:02 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
10:02 Joubu #info Jonathan Druart, BibLibre
10:02 jransom #info joann ransom, horowhenua, nz.
10:02 ashimema #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe
10:02 paul_p #info Paul Poulain, BibLibre
10:02 ashimema cheers thd.. I'll call you :)
10:02 thd #info: Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
10:02 paul_p (hello all, and good morning, evening, afternoon, or night night)
10:03 BobB hi paul_p
10:03 cait ok, moving on :)
10:03 cait #topic Announcements
10:03 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 14th January 2015)
10:03 cait paul_p: hackfest maybe? :)
10:04 paul_p cait what kind of announcement would you like ? ;-)
10:04 BobB #info Asian Cup:  Australia 4 Oman 0
10:04 cait heh
10:04 cait that there is one .)
10:04 cait but i will take anything
10:05 paul_p as already announced on koha-devel : Hackfest in Marseille will take place in March, 2nd-6th. It will take place in 2 locations (20mn distant), so we should have a lot of space
10:05 paul_p bag told me that he expect to have ElasticSearch search working & ready to be tested for the hackfest
10:05 cait #info The hackfest in Marseille is from Marc 2nd - 6th and will take place in 2 locations (20 mins apart)
10:05 ashimema I'm just booking hotels and flights paul_p.. just bending colinc's arm, alex will be there for the whole period and I hope to join for at least half (with baby on the way that's a bit up in the air ;) )
10:05 paul_p there are already many registrations, and that will be a great time :D
10:05 BobB sadly not us
10:05 paul_p ashimema ++++ !
10:06 cait paul_p: google doc? ;)
10:06 ashimema will register properly once I know exact details of our lot this end
10:06 paul_p cait should come soon
10:06 cait hotel is booked for me,still waiting for the train tickets - were not available last time i tried :)
10:06 cait ok, something else?
10:06 paul_p I don't think so.
10:06 cait #topic Updates on Releases
10:06 Topic for #koha is now Updates on Releases (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 14th January 2015)
10:07 cait I think we are a bit short on RM and RMaints this meeting
10:07 cait but it looks like all is quite well on track I think
10:07 BobB mtj about?
10:07 mtj hi all
10:07 BobB #info I know Mason is on track to release 3.16.7 on 22 Jan
10:08 cait #info UTF-8 patches got pushed to master yesterday - keep an eye out for any encoding problems
10:08 mtj ..sorry, didnt realise a meeting was on
10:08 BobB ah sorry mtj
10:08 * fridolin i'm here
10:08 cait updates on the releases? :)
10:08 * mtj reads the scrollback
10:08 Joubu cait: installer is broken, patch sent this morning
10:09 cait ah ok
10:09 fridolin i m adding only a few patches on 3.14.x to keep a stable version
10:09 cait do you have the bug number for testing?
10:09 paul_p I'd like to see HEA backported to previous versions. And maybe activated by default (because, for now, there's "no-one" that has activated it : only 53, most of them -if not all- come from BibLibre)
10:09 fridolin since there is 3.16;x and 3.18.x
10:09 cait paul_p: i think activating by default is highly critical
10:10 Joubu cait: bug 13577 fixes the installer problem
10:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13577 blocker, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , The correct COLLATE set to all DB tables
10:10 Joubu blocker, NSO
10:10 paul_p cait what do you mean by "highly critical" ?
10:10 cait #info please test bug 13577 to fix a problem with the installer
10:10 cait we shoud not have a koha that calls out to another website by default
10:10 mveron joined #koha
10:11 cait i know we don't transmit personal information, but it shoudl still be opt-in
10:11 mveron #info Marc Véron, marc veron ag / Koha Support Schweiz
10:11 ashimema ooh.. thanks for the reminder paul..
10:11 ashimema I've been meaning to activate our 3.18's
10:11 paul_p ashimema ;-)
10:11 cait maybe we could put it in the newsletter?
10:11 mtj #info i'll be pushing some commits to the 3.16 branch over the next few days
10:11 Joubu paul_p: Maybe a mail on the koha ml + the news letter could be useful
10:11 cait today was the call
10:11 paul_p cait + Joubu ++ !
10:11 paul_p Joubu I let you drop an email about that, OK ?
10:12 Joubu paul_p: k
10:12 cait ready to move on to the next topic?
10:12 cait #action Joubu will send info about HEA to the mailing list and the newsletter
10:12 cait paul_p: also a thing to keep in mind - many people might not have updated to 3.18 yet
10:12 BobB cait, joubu ++
10:13 cait will take us some more time too
10:13 cait #topic KohaCon15
10:13 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon15 (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 14th January 2015)
10:13 paul_p cait yes, of course. And that's why that would be good to have it backported !
10:13 mtj paul_p:  i'd be keen to backport HEA to 3.16
10:13 paul_p and we've already done it for 3.14
10:13 paul_p (as most of our customers are using it)
10:13 mtj awesome ^
10:14 paul_p let's submit the patch then ;-) ( Joubu  / fridolin = can you take care of that pls )
10:14 cait mtj: want an #action? :)
10:14 BobB #action mtj to backport HEA to 3.16
10:14 mtj yes please :0)
10:14 cait #action Joubu or fridolin to submit HEA patches for 3.16
10:14 Joubu will have a look, yes
10:14 cait #action mtj to backport HEA into 3.16
10:15 cait I'd also like to see a statement on the hea page about what is /can be stored
10:15 fridolin ok, whe have a 3.14 version indeed
10:15 fridolin squashed patches
10:15 Joubu cait: aleisha is working on Hea
10:15 cait Joubu: cool
10:16 cait ok, nothing for kohacon i think?
10:16 cait I will move on?
10:16 cait #topic Actions from the last meeting
10:16 Topic for #koha is now Actions from the last meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 14th January 2015)
10:16 cait we got the roadmap on the agenda
10:17 cait BobB: I saw you did some work on it?
10:17 BobB #link:[…]/Roadmap_for_Koha
10:17 BobB So that is the proposal I guesss:  needs feedback ...
10:17 BobB and if it is ok, folks can start to populate it
10:18 cait i like the text - read it before the meeting
10:18 cait BobB++
10:18 paul_p sorry, about the KohaCon, i've something to say !
10:18 paul_p (was AFK due to another call...)
10:18 BobB go ahead paul_p
10:18 cait let's talk about the raodmap first and come back to the con?
10:19 paul_p fine !
10:19 BobB ah, sorry , what cait said
10:19 paul_p (as I just receive an email about the kohacon15 NOW !)
10:19 paul_p reading it...
10:19 cait BobB: shoudl we put the wiki page on the mailing list?
10:19 cait asking people to add?
10:20 BobB yep, ok, will i do that?
10:20 ashimema added 5 libraries to HEA for you paul_p ;)
10:20 ashimema will get collegues to keep going through the list
10:20 cait BobB: it would be nice if you could
10:21 BobB #action BobB to email the list to ask for contributions to the Road Map
10:21 cait #action BobB will send an email about the Roadmap wiki page to the mailing list
10:21 cait ah
10:21 cait heh
10:21 BobB Is everyone here ok with the idea / text?
10:22 cait i am :)
10:22 cait +1
10:22 mveron +1
10:22 ashimema +1
10:22 BobB ok, cool
10:23 thd +1
10:23 cait :)
10:23 cait #topic KohaCon14 (cont.)
10:23 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon14 (cont.) (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 14th January 2015)
10:23 cait paul_p: nwo :)
10:23 cait now even
10:23 paul_p chris & I have some emails with ppl from Ibadan. The organisation is moving on. The proposed location cost quite a lot of money (international & diplomatic location). So we're wondering whether that's the best option. Other locations (like in a university) would be much cheaper, but ppl could fear about security.
10:23 paul_p so, still to be decided, but things are moving ;-)
10:24 cait #info things are moving, location still to be decided
10:24 thd cait: Should that not be KohaCon15?
10:24 cait yes... it should be
10:24 paul_p hehe...
10:24 cait don't tell me doesn't happen to all of you currently :)
10:24 cait #info topic should be 15 ... not 14.
10:25 cait anything else?
10:25 thd paul_p: What is indicated that fear for security would be warranted at a university location?
10:25 paul_p what is you opinion about the location : a very safe one, in diplomatic area, with all safety, but cost 150USD/day all included
10:25 cait paul_p: for the participant?
10:25 paul_p or the university, where security would be more "standard" (the ibadan area being not in the unsafe part of nigeria)
10:26 cait thd: if you read up a bit about nigeria there are some warnings
10:26 paul_p cait = yep, 150USD for room, lunch, dinner,...
10:26 paul_p + 1800USD/day for the conference room, that will have to be sponsored by someone
10:26 cait i see
10:26 paul_p cait = yep, 150USD for bedroom, lunch, dinner,...
10:26 thd cait: Yes, I know the general reports.
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10:27 cait paul_p: not sure - it's quite a bit of money, bit worried about the local participation
10:27 paul_p anyone an opinion that I could feedback to the team ?
10:27 paul_p yep, that's also my 1st reaction : local or non nigerian but african participation.
10:28 jransom nigeria was on the 'no travel' list ladt time I looked on nz foreign affairs page so insurance is going to be imposdible. the secure place would be my preference but price is so high.
10:28 cait i thnk it's hard to tell from here - the organizers will know best about the local situation
10:28 paul_p 150USD/day is fine for me, that's what costed the KohaCon in Nevada or Argentina, roughly.
10:28 cait jransom: similar here
10:28 ashimema same here jransom
10:28 paul_p cait organizers say it's safe. but of course they're black & nigerian...
10:29 thd I would like to know more about the specific security concern at a nearby university as distinct from known problematic places in Nigeria.
10:29 paul_p here it's "orange", which is better than "red" (northern part or nigeria), but worst than green or yellow...
10:29 paul_p OK, I'll feedback that to organizers.
10:30 thd paul_p: Where is the colour coded map?
10:30 BobB the problem is that you know the security situation now: you don't know what it will be in Oct
10:30 paul_p thd[…]ys/nigeria-12319/
10:30 BobB I would urge an abundance of caution
10:30 paul_p probably wise BobB ...
10:30 BobB There are Work Health and Safety issues for employers, just sayin'
10:31 jransom I agree.
10:31 paul_p thd click on "securité" tab
10:31 cait something we should add to the logs?
10:31 cait or minutes, it's all going into the logs of course
10:32 thd paul_p: Where is it green or yellow?
10:32 paul_p thd see argentina for example :[…]/argentine-12200/
10:32 jransom I fear it will an either /or situation: affordable and high local participation vs exp and moderate number of foreigners
10:32 paul_p thd mostly green, some parts yellow
10:32 Joubu no green or yellow in nigeria :)
10:32 Joubu or :-/
10:32 paul_p Joubu right...
10:33 paul_p maybe I should ask you : let's suppose it's tomorrow. would you go if it were in the diplomatic area ? would you go if it were in the university ?
10:34 thd paul_p: You should ask what might be done to mitigate the security concern at a local university.
10:34 jransom if tomorrow I would go to diplomatic area but not university
10:34 cait paul_p: I think it's unlikely I will go this year - not giving a vote
10:35 paul_p cait = imagine you've the budget, the time and the agreement from you boss. It's just to poll ;-)
10:36 jransom I guess the organisers will have to the best judgement calls they can, put together the package and offer up to the community.
10:36 cait jransom++
10:36 Joubu What about Africans? Are they ready to come?
10:36 Joubu Africans from other countries I meant
10:36 paul_p Joubu don't know.
10:36 magnuse #info Magnus Enger, Libriotech
10:37 magnuse (sorry, was busy with other things)
10:37 thd Certainly, they ought to try to poll people who may be likely to come if they do not know how to decide otherwise.
10:38 paul_p OK, will report all that to organizers. Thanks for questions/advices/opinions
10:38 jransom if it was in ghana or kenya or south african, a university no problem, but nigeria has known security issues that have to be taken into consideration. is a different
10:38 cait ok
10:38 cait moving on?
10:39 cait #topic Set date and time for the next meeting
10:39 Topic for #koha is now Set date and time for the next meeting (Meeting topic: General IRC Meeting, 14th January 2015)
10:39 thd If relatively few people would come in any case and those people would have sufficient funding then the issue may be easier to decide.
10:39 cait i'd like to propose february 11th, 19 UTC
10:40 cait i feel like we used to have good attendance at 19 UTC in the past, but might be wrong
10:40 oleonard joined #koha
10:40 cait and it would be 8horus from now, so shoudl get some of the people missing today
10:40 BobB worth a try
10:40 cait vetos? +1? :)
10:40 cait other suggestions?
10:41 cait i am bad with timezones, so hope my thinking is not wrong :)
10:41 thd Yes, I think we should take some measures to avoid worst times which have had almost no attendance.
10:41 oleonard +1 to not this time
10:41 cait 19UTC oleonard?
10:41 cait 11th february?
10:41 Joubu cait: not 10 UTC for oleonard :)
10:42 thd oleonard: There are worst times than this hour for you :)
10:42 cait don't leave me alone now people - please vote :)
10:42 thd +1
10:42 oleonard 19UTC works fairly well for me
10:42 Joubu +0 # not a good time, too late for me
10:43 BobB ouch will be 6am here
10:43 BobB but good in nz
10:43 cait hm moving it to 20utc better?
10:43 cait ah no
10:43 cait not for joubu
10:43 BobB 18 UTC is ok
10:43 cait 5am?
10:43 wahanui 5am is probably early for me, with luck i'd have insomnia ;)
10:43 Joubu cait: the idea was to alternate, so it's good
10:43 BobB sorry I meant 19
10:43 thd BobB would adjusting the time to 21 UTC work better?
10:44 cait shoudl we try 19 and see how it works out?
10:44 BobB there is no time that is good for everyone in the world
10:44 cait i think ideal is not achievable sadly
10:45 cait #info Next meeting is scheduled for 11th February, 19 UTC
10:45 BobB all good
10:45 thd BobB: Yes, we cannot  make it good for everyone but we can make it least bad for many.
10:45 cait we can still discuss on ml if it causes bigger problems
10:45 cait #endmeeting
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10:45 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]14-10.01.log.html
10:45 cait thx for attending everyone
10:45 Joubu cait: yep :)
10:45 BobB thank you cait
10:46 BobB We did not discuss the matter of the Wiki Curator and Communications manager
10:46 BobB Discussion on those topics is ongoing
10:46 BobB I will list them for next meeting
10:47 jransom and the funded position / fundraising / donatons.
10:47 BobB yes jo, also ongoing
10:47 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.18.0 is released! Welcome to the IRC home of Koha | Code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/ | The next Koha General IRC meeting is 11 February 2015 at 19 UTC | Please use for pastes | Installation guide for Koha is
10:47 BobB I think bag will be sure to list it for next time
10:48 jransom cool. I have an agenda to put tigether next week for trustees otherwise next month.
10:48 BobB jransom, bag and I are working on a paper for you this week
10:49 Joubu BobB, jransom: there are not in the agenda:[…]g_14_January_2015
10:49 BobB by what day do you need it?
10:49 thd BobB: ashimema and I are going to discuss ideas about wiki management.
10:49 Joubu s/there/they
10:49 jransom I know paul and brendan are eagef to get this cracking aling.
10:49 BobB joubu that is correct, I'm saying we'll add them for next meeting
10:50 BobB thx
10:50 cait i was not sure who would be around, so i kept the agenda open
10:50 jransom if we want it to got jis month I neeed
10:50 jransom scrap that ...
10:50 thd BobB: He had raised some criticisms but I could not communicate with him properly while I was away in California.
10:50 BobB yep, all good
10:51 BobB best we get these things right, rather than rush them
10:51 paul_p left #koha
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10:51 jransom I need to have anything by next thursday if we want it on this month's agenda
10:51 thd BobB: Communications manager needs a better definition or understanding of the intended role.
10:52 BobB ok jransom, that is enough time for us
10:52 BobB will get it to you by mid-week
10:52 * magnuse waves to jransom
10:52 * BobB waves to magnuse
10:52 thd BobB: It may be difficult to attract volunteers for a role for which the responsibilities are unclear.
10:53 BobB agreed, yes
10:54 thd BobB: The issue of ambiguity about what the Communications Manager would do was raised if I remember correctly again at the first meeting last time.
10:55 * magnuse waves to BobB
10:55 BobB feel free to email me (or the list) with any thoughts thd
10:55 thd BobB: What did the Maouri word which I do not remember but thought of as something like Communications Manager do that is different from your conception of communications manger?
10:57 BobB heaven knows, the only Maori I know is on the Koha wiki
10:57 magnuse kaitiaki?
10:58 magnuse nah, maybe not
10:58 thd magnuse: yes
10:58 BobB anyway, its bed time for me folks
10:58 BobB good night all
10:58 thd BobB: Do you remember when Koha had a kaitiaki?
10:58 thd Good night BobB.
10:59 BobB yes I do, nice concept, but don't get me started on governance at this hour, we'll both regret it  :)
10:59 BobB night folks
10:59 ashimema back
10:59 thd jransom: Were you once the kaitiaki?
11:02 thd ashimema: You may have missed the discussion of no yellow or green bits on the security map for Nigeria.
11:02 magnuse hm, it looks like kaitiaki = guardian, so that might be more apt for jransom and hlt than for a "Communications Manager"?
11:02 * magnuse needs lunch
11:03 thd magnuse: I had thought that one of the functions had at one time been to publicise Koha when it was less well known.
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11:35 gaetan_B i have a question on futureholds and the ConfirmFutureHolds syspref (bug 9761)
11:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9761 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, CLOSED FIXED, Make it possible to confirm future hold requests at checkin time
11:35 gaetan_B i think i got it but not sure
11:36 gaetan_B does this mean that, if the value in this syspref is 3
11:36 gaetan_B and i place a hold with a date in the future (20th of january for instance)
11:36 reiveune left #koha
11:36 gaetan_B if the book is checked in on the 18th, the librarian will get an alert and will be able to confirm the hold and set the book aside for me
11:37 gaetan_B if the book is checked in on the 16th there will be no message and the book will be back on the shelves for normal circulation ?
11:37 gaetan_B extra question if i got this right : what about checking the book in on the 17th?
11:42 reiveune joined #koha
11:58 laurence left #koha
12:15 jwagner joined #koha
12:28 mveron joined #koha
12:31 tcohen joined #koha
12:32 Joubu bug 13577 needs QA :)
12:32 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13577 blocker, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , The correct COLLATE set to all DB tables
12:39 oleonard joined #koha
12:40 oleonard Hi again #koha
12:42 magnuse kia ora oleonard
12:50 meliss joined #koha
12:51 cait hi again oleonard ;)
12:51 NateC joined #koha
12:52 magnuse hiya meliss and NateC
12:52 meliss hi magnuse
12:55 cait mveron: rotating collections doesn't seem to appearin the help files - so we shoudl be done with your patch :)
12:55 cait mveron++
12:56 mveron hi cait  :-)
12:58 cait mveron: can we rename other things too? medientyp to exemplartyp? :)
13:04 tcohen hi koha
13:08 mveron cait:What would be the new names for Medientyp and Exemplartyp?
13:09 cait Exemplartyp instead of Medientyp
13:09 cait because people always thing it has to do witht he materialtype shown in the record
13:09 cait hi tcohen
13:11 mveron cait: Ach so... I will ask librarians here. Maybe we could ask others on German list?
13:19 cait mveron: last time i got only one answer and lost :) but more people around now
13:20 cait maybe worth trying again
13:23 ashimema_ joined #koha
13:25 tw joined #koha
13:28 tw hello , everybody ! I want to know koha & elasticsearch (current state)
13:28 cait tw: it's still in development
13:28 cait that's what my impression is
13:29 cait you can find a bug on bugzlla that links to a branch with some/all? the work i think
13:29 tw thanks,  cait
13:30 ashimema_ what she said
13:32 tw and then, i want to ask  plack for koha (it's also  in development)
13:32 tw right!
13:33 ashimema_ plack is closer I think..
13:33 ashimema_ but turning it on is still not the most straight forward or documented thing
13:34 tw koha have turn to mvc framework
13:34 tw some new ides
13:34 tw some new idea!
13:35 tw like ruby on rails, php on laravel and some on....
13:35 oleonard No. We are not going to re-write Koha in another language.
13:35 ashimema_ if you have an infinite amount of money and time to do such a migration.. go for it ;)
13:35 ashimema_ lol
13:45 JoshB joined #koha
13:59 phasefx joined #koha
14:00 carmen joined #koha
14:05 Joubu ashimema(', ashimema_?): Did you see my private msg?
14:06 ashimema_ sorry Joubu.. not seen it yet..
14:07 ashimema_ on the wrong computer at the minute whilst on the phone
14:07 Joubu ashimema: k :)
14:07 ashimema_ will try to finish this phone call soon
14:20 nengard joined #koha
14:35 maryj joined #koha
14:48 carmen joined #koha
14:53 amyjeankearns joined #koha
15:00 talljoy joined #koha
15:12 nengard oleonard around?
15:12 oleonard Yes
15:13 nengard got a sec to help me with a jquery headache? :)
15:13 oleonard Sure
15:13 nengard woo hoo
15:13 nengard one sec i'll paste
15:14 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "jquery for oleonard" (5 lines) at
15:20 Dyrcona joined #koha
15:47 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12792: C4::Reserves breaks my vim syntax color <[…]9704846b126b0c214> / Bug 13408: Tell librarians they may continue scanning while checkouts table is loading <[…]0fbc0fe14368e6985> / Bug 13566 - Change translation for 'Rotating collection' in German web
15:56 rocio joined #koha
16:00 TGoat joined #koha
16:07 reiveune bye
16:07 reiveune left #koha
16:19 hanthana joined #koha
16:21 fridolin left #koha
16:30 irma joined #koha
16:46 gaetan_B bye
17:12 cait left #koha
17:20 carmen joined #koha
17:26 DigitalZen joined #koha
17:30 DigitalZen hello
17:31 oleonard Hi DigitalZen
17:32 DigitalZen hi olenoard, I have a question about koha could you help me?
17:33 oleonard You can ask any question you like, and anyone who knows the answer can respond
17:33 DigitalZen awesome
17:33 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, DigitalZen
17:36 mveron Bye #koha
17:38 DigitalZen I am trying to import a MARC file into Koha but the 952 tag is not being imported, how can i solve this issue? I am running Koha 3.18 on Debian
17:41 oleonard DigitalZen: How are you creating the MARC file?
17:43 DigitalZen I am exporting them from an Athena system then using MARCedit I changed the 852 tag into 952
17:43 oleonard DigitalZen: Perhaps you could paste the text of an example MARC record at ?
17:46 hanthana_ joined #koha
17:49 DigitalZen ok done
17:52 oleonard You'll have to share the link with us DigitalZen
17:53 DigitalZen http://paste.koha-community.or[…]bmit=Format+it%21
17:55 oleonard I notice it doesn't have $a (home library) or $b (holding library)
17:57 DigitalZen oh ok, I have another MARC file from the same place but I used a perl script to format it would you like that one too
17:59 pastebot "DigitalZen" at pasted "This one I used a perl script to convert the fields" (26 lines) at
17:59 oleonard DigitalZen: For what it's worth, when I import the record you pasted it imports with an item
18:02 DigitalZen when you imported it did it have a barcode?
18:03 oleonard Yes
18:03 oleonard 34014000074551
18:07 DigitalZen ok I think i see what my problem was, thanks for the help sorry I am new to asking for help on IRC :p have a good day
18:07 oleonard What was the problem DigitalZen?
18:12 DigitalZen I kept looking for the 952 tag in the MARC view on koha. The imports I did in the past was with a perl script that removed my barcodes so I tried doing it without it and I knew the Barcode was in 952p but when I didn't see the 952 tag in the marc view on koha and after searching on google alot i decided to ask for help in IRC.
18:16 oleonard DigitalZen: And now you see item information for your imported records?
18:17 DigitalZen oleonard: Yes I do
18:21 DigitalZen oleonard: I got to go Thanks again
18:21 jenkins_koha Starting build #590 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
18:21 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #590: SUCCESS in 4 min 1 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/590/
18:21 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update budget image
18:21 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: split add budget section
18:21 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: add second way to duplicate budget
18:34 jenkins_koha Starting build #591 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
18:34 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #591: SUCCESS in 1 min 31 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/591/
18:34 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: update dup budget info
18:59 ashimema_ joined #koha
19:04 jenkins_koha Starting build #592 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
19:04 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #592: SUCCESS in 1 min 24 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/592/
19:04 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: add new section for closing a budget by Denise Hannibal
19:07 cait joined #koha
19:07 cait hi #koha
19:10 bag hi cait
19:10 cait hi bag
19:11 bag meeting?
19:11 wahanui meeting is probably not today... but tomorrow
19:11 bag meeting notes?
19:11 bag note?
19:11 wahanui it has been said that note is not visible in opac i think? but in staff?
19:11 bag notes?
19:11 wahanui notes is the key :D
19:11 oleonard wahanui: Forget all that stuff.
19:11 wahanui oleonard, I didn't have anything matching all that stuff
19:11 oleonard wahanui: forget meeting
19:11 wahanui oleonard: I forgot meeting
19:11 oleonard wahanui: forget notes
19:11 wahanui oleonard: I forgot notes
19:12 oleonard wahanui: forget note
19:12 wahanui oleonard: I forgot note
19:17 bag @later tell ashimema  congrats and good luck :)
19:17 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
19:40 Francesca joined #koha
19:46 brandon_ joined #koha
19:51 ashimema_ joined #koha
19:54 ashimema_ joined #koha
20:00 tom joined #koha
20:05 jenkins_koha Starting build #593 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:05 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #593: SUCCESS in 2 min 42 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/593/
20:05 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: update budgets section with links
20:07 wnickc joined #koha
20:07 wizzyrea hi
20:08 edveal joined #koha
20:08 nengard hi
20:25 nengard left #koha
20:57 cait academy_students++
21:18 wizzyrea oh cait
21:19 wizzyrea regarding "report a security bug could be bigger" - it's quite huge here:
21:19 cait wizzyrea: it shows really small for me
21:19 wizzyrea on that page?
21:19 cait let#s see if my server has come back so i can show you
21:19 wizzyrea it's a giant blue link.
21:20 cait
21:20 cait i disagree :)
21:20 wizzyrea yeah, that one's on every page
21:20 wizzyrea look up at the top of that page.
21:20 wizzyrea Report a security issue in Koha
21:20 cait ah
21:20 wizzyrea that is a link
21:20 cait that link
21:21 wizzyrea :)
21:21 cait I thik i just thought it was a heading
21:21 cait instead of the linkt to report
21:21 wizzyrea that's legitimate
21:21 cait could we make the link at the bottom look linky? (blue?)
21:25 * wizzyrea sics an academy student on the problem
21:26 cait :)
21:30 edveal joined #koha
21:32 anonymous joined #koha
21:38 wizzyrea 12352 illustrates the importance of a good bug report.
21:41 cait bug 12352
21:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12352 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, ASSIGNED , Update patron records -page should have a link to patron details
21:50 NateC joined #koha
21:53 wizzyrea any other website-y things?
21:53 wizzyrea sections you'd like added?
21:53 wizzyrea removed?
21:54 cait wizzyrea: did you see my update on the bug?
21:55 wizzyrea yeah, really helpful
21:55 wizzyrea the original though, it could have been clearer.
22:03 carmenh left #koha
22:03 eythian hi
22:04 * dcook waves
22:06 wizzyrea cait: your bug reports are always awesome. :)
22:07 cait i wish :)
22:08 wizzyrea pft.
22:17 JoshB joined #koha
22:26 cait night :)
22:26 cait left #koha
22:34 fredericd joined #koha
22:35 wizzyrea later cait :)
22:38 rangi bag: you about?
22:41 bag for a sec
22:42 JoshB joined #koha
22:43 bag rangi:
22:44 bag ok I have a meeting I’m running too - catch you later rangi
22:44 bag rangi: if it’s something urgent - shot me an email - I can check that on the go
22:46 rangi righto
22:47 rangi just wanted a test baker and taylor username to test a bug
22:52 anonymous can you check kohaacademy wizzyrea?
22:52 wizzyrea sure :) sorry was afk for a moment
22:55 anonymous no worries
23:29 barton hey #koha, I've just done a major overhaul on the 'Notices and Slips' page on the wiki. Please take a look. I'm soliciting comments (feel free to leave me a @later if I don't respond).
23:30 barton[…]Notices_and_Slips
23:32 dcook You know... if LoC cared so much about RDA, you think they'd add a "r" value to the Leader's 18 position... although I'm sure we all know LoC doesn't actually like RDA anyway..
23:32 barton Even better, if you have the ability to read perl code and some extra time and attention, follow the link at the end of the page and help me fill in some of the details.
23:33 dcook barton: I can't say I've had any of the problems you mention with Outlook :S
23:33 tcohen joined #koha
23:33 dcook But I'm also on the newest version, I think..
23:34 barton Oh, actually that's the legacy part of the page ... atll the stuff that I added was in the 'Notice Markup' part of the page, and down.
23:35 dcook Mmm
23:35 dcook Neato
23:35 barton It wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft has made their html handling much more robust since that page was written.
23:36 dcook If you don't mind me asking, is the wiki page intended for librarians or developers?
23:36 barton yes.
23:36 barton ;-)
23:36 dcook lol
23:36 dcook :p
23:37 barton It's meant to be a resource for the entire Koha community.
23:38 barton I'd like to add a link to the messaging rewrite RFC:[…]aging_rewrite_RFC
23:38 barton ... unfortunately, that page is fairly out of date as well.
23:38 dcook I was just about to ask if anyone was working on that one :p
23:38 dcook I agree about what you said about messaging being one of the most public parts of Koha though
23:39 dcook It would be good to have all the public parts be the most robust and well documented..
23:41 barton Sing it, brother!
23:42 chrisvella94 joined #koha
23:43 irma_ joined #koha
23:44 tcohen joined #koha
23:44 barton I would like to see a) the formatting done via template toolkit (I'm not in *love* with template toolkit, but we need something that we don't re-write every time we add a new message type).
23:46 barton b) much more of the letters logic pulled into C4::Letter (or write Koha::Messages ...)
23:47 jenkins_koha Starting build #32 for job Koha_3.18.x_U14 (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:47 dcook Hmm, using template toolkit could probably be a bit risky
23:47 dcook Totally agree with b) though
23:47 dcook There's so much logic in individual scripts and it's rather inconsistent at times
23:47 dcook Koha::Messages or something would be rad
23:48 barton c) use DBIC for the data to pull, and have the staff client only show the data avaliable for a given letter.
23:48 barton "rather inconsistent at times" <= understatement of the day.
23:50 dcook hehe
23:50 tcohen @later tell rangi if you want to backport the UTF-8 tests into 3.18.x, I can set jenkins so it runs them
23:50 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
23:51 rangi hmm i dont think i will
23:51 rangi big enough changes that i think ill leave it for master
23:52 barton Like I said, I'm not in love with template toolkit ... it's krufty and ugly, but does have the necessary power to display lists of data in a consistent fashion... plus, we use it for everything else.
23:52 barton what risks do you see, dcook?
23:52 barton XSS?
23:53 tcohen rangi: i'm talking about the tests only
23:53 tcohen bug 13264
23:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13264 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, z.tajoli, Pushed to Master , Full stack encoding tests (UTF-8)
23:53 tcohen new files
23:53 rangi ah hmm might backport them
23:53 rangi ill let you know
23:54 papa joined #koha
23:55 rangi TT is for display logic, not functional logic, the only reason stuff gets crufty is when people start putting functional logic in your templates .. just because you can, doesnt mean you should
23:55 dcook ^
23:55 * dcook hearts TT a bit ;)
23:55 dcook barton: I was thinking a bit about http://www.template-toolkit.or[…]html#section_PERL, although it might be irrelevant if "EVAL_PERL" is disabled.
23:56 dcook It probably isn't set although errors wouldn't be good either
23:56 dcook While I like TT syntax, it might also be a bit intimidating for librarians
23:56 dcook And possibly too powerful
23:57 dcook Of course, I'm always locked in a struggle regarding how much power to give to staff client users...
23:59 dcook abby++

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