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01:45 wizzyrea so quiet.
01:50 ibeardslee
01:51 wizzyrea oh bjork, I can't ever be mad at you
02:03 mtj heya wizzyrea
02:03 wahanui it has been said that wizzyrea is a Cylon, and they all have plans.
02:04 wizzyrea hi mtj
02:08 mtj wizzyrea, eythian, rangi, can i run my TT solution pass yall?
02:11 mtj my solution is pretty stupidly simple, yet... i cant see why it would not work
02:12 mtj 1/ subsitute all TT blocks in a template with a placeholder variable
02:13 mtj 2/ build a .po file from the substituted template
02:13 mtj 3/ upload .po file to pootle server, for translation
02:14 mtj - then to build a translated template...
02:16 mtj 4/ apply .po file to a substituted .tt file
02:17 mtj 5/ replace placeholder variables in substituted .tt file, with correct TT constructs
02:17 mtj .
02:18 mtj and thats it...
02:18 rangi where are the values you need to add back in going to live?
02:18 rangi (thats pretty much exactly what we are doing now btw)
02:19 rangi the %s in the po files are the placeholders
02:19 rangi stripping the tt stuff is pretty easy, because its all [% %]
02:20 mtj they could live in a file, or in memory - i guess...
02:20 rangi yeah thats what we do now
02:20 rangi that is the simple bit, its the stuff inside html that is tricky
02:20 rangi you want to translate alt tags for example
02:20 rangi but not src ones
02:21 mtj ok, so perhaps i dont undestand the problem yet :/
02:21 rangi the problem is when people try to be cute
02:21 rangi and do things like
02:21 rangi something something [if ] something [ else ] something else
02:22 mtj i thought the complex TT blocks in a template made translating hard, for humans
02:22 rangi instead of
02:22 rangi [% if %] something something something [% else %] something something something else [% end %]
02:22 rangi that causes problems
02:22 rangi cos it ends up as
02:22 rangi something something something something else
02:23 rangi when you strip the tt
02:23 rangi ie, you mess up the context
02:23 rangi does that make sense?
02:23 rangi its when programmers are lazy and go, oh no, typing some extra characters i will die
02:23 rangi that it makes life hard for the translators
02:24 mtj yes, i think i understand
02:24 mtj stripping the constructs, removes the context
02:24 rangi yes, so try to make your stuff contextual
02:24 rangi even if you have to repeat something
02:24 mtj ...which creates translation bugs for translating
02:25 rangi yep
02:25 mtj s/translating/translators/
02:25 rangi *nod* for both
02:25 rangi automated translating, and translators
02:25 mtj ah right, so its still a 'people' problem :/
02:25 rangi yep
02:26 rangi its almost always easier to translate a phrase
02:26 rangi than a single word
02:26 rangi at least to do a 'good' translation
02:27 rangi structuring our tt files
02:27 rangi we could do that better
02:27 rangi with includes
02:27 rangi or blocks
02:27 rangi so that there is less to translate
02:28 rangi that would help
02:28 mtj hum, something to think about
02:29 rangi itd be fun/interesting to spend an afternoon sometime, shifting stuff around, and seeing how that changes the .po generated etc
02:29 mtj having not actually done any translating, i havent experienced the problems with 'complex' template files
02:29 rangi its not really even complex
02:30 rangi its just when you embed stuff in html
02:30 rangi or split things up
02:30 mtj yeah, gotcha
02:30 rangi it loses context
02:30 rangi my dream would be
02:30 rangi remember kea
02:30 rangi how you could click on a block of text to edit it?
02:31 rangi if you could do that to translate, and somehow push it upstream
02:31 mtj yep ^
02:31 rangi that would be awesome
02:33 mtj so embedding if/else TT logic within an html element - is the basic problem?
02:33 rangi thats defintely a major one
02:34 rangi but also breaking a sentence up, with an if else that hcanges the meaning of the sentence by changing one word
02:34 rangi is also problematic
02:34 rangi[…]arkup_inside_HTML
02:35 rangi[…]bedded_JavaScript  is one too
02:37 mtj ok, i got it :0)
02:37 mtj thanks for explaining that... again, rangi
02:38 rangi no worries, its a non obvious problem, unless you have tried to translate
02:38 mtj hopefully i can write some better tests for the qa-tool, from this info
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04:30 wajasu when trying to do an install for a package build for wheezy, I get warnings of not being able to locate: libdata-paginator-perl, libmodule-bundled-files-perl, and libtemplate-plugin-htmltotext.perl
04:31 wajasu is did a CPAN for the paginator, but wonder if I need some other unstable/repo in my sources.list
04:47 wajasu probably because i am in a debian wheezy chroot but using git master   debian.packages.  i'll look at the tag for 13.06.04
04:47 wajasu tmrw
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07:40 marcelr hi #koha
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07:53 reiveune hello
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07:56 magnuse @wunder boo
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07:56 magnuse hot!
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08:02 alex_a bonjour
08:02 wahanui que tal, alex_a
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08:10 gaetan_B hello
08:14 cait hi #koha
08:19 Joubu hello #koha
08:20 marcelr hi gaetan_B cait Joubu
08:25 * magnuse waves
08:26 * magnuse just had three moose walking through his garden
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08:37 bensinober hi, anyone from biblibre working on koha-restful here?
08:38 cait hi bensinober - maybe try again a bit later if noone answers now
08:39 bensinober morning cait, will do!
08:39 cait still early in europe on a monday :) where are you from?
08:40 magnuse oslo! :-)
08:41 bensinober yes, Benjamin from the Oslo gang ;9
08:41 cait what's the word for a person who lives in oslo? oslonian?
08:41 cait oh hi Benjamin then :)
08:42 bensinober it's probably 'an ozzie'
08:42 cait :)
08:43 mveron hello everybody
08:43 mveron @wunder allschwil
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08:45 magnuse @wunder oslo
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08:45 magnuse @wunder oslo, norway
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08:48 magnuse i think perhaps jajm and Joubu have been involved in koha-restful?
08:50 jajm magnuse, hi, I worked on koha-restful with alex_a and matts
08:51 clrh bensinober: yep I am here
08:52 clrh bensinober:  I know the question  and you will have the answer
08:52 clrh bensinober: Claire, BibLibre
08:52 clrh (development team)
08:55 jajm bensinober, hi! clrh sent me the output of koha-restful's tests. i will take a look at that
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08:57 cait hi mveron btw ;)
08:58 mveron hi cait :-) ...and hi everybody  :-)
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09:02 magnuse oops, i think bensinober is in a short meeting, he will be back later
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09:08 * ashimema mental note: Don't upgrade Ubuntu versions just after return from holiday
09:09 magnuse better to do it right before the holiday?
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09:12 cait welcome back Joubu!
09:13 cait and welcome back ashimema!
09:13 ashimema oh la cait
09:13 ashimema hows it all been in my week absence?
09:13 magnuse horrible!
09:13 ashimema oh?
09:14 ashimema mad rush of qa and signoff for the next release?
09:14 ashimema or just overly quiet ;)
09:14 magnuse a bit of a rush, yes
09:14 magnuse cait has been qa'ing like... something awesome
09:15 magnuse but that is nothing new, i guess
09:15 bensinober jajm & clrh, sorry, we just had status meeting
09:15 bensinober we actually solved the failing tests in koha-restful against 3.16
09:15 ashimema cait is indeed awesome in every way :)
09:15 cait ashimema: to make it worse.. you got volunteered tolook at the most terrible bugs ;)
09:15 ashimema sorry for nto being about to help spread the load a bit cait..
09:16 ashimema haha... thanks cait ;)
09:16 ashimema I'll probably mostly be catching up with the email backlog etc today.. but let me know if there's anything your desperate for me to take a look at.
09:16 cait nothing desperate right now, read your email :)
09:16 jajm bensinober, oh, great! do you need anything else from us ?
09:17 ashimema :(..
09:17 * ashimema was looking for any excuse not to dig sraight into the email pile ;)
09:17 cait why the sad smiley?
09:17 cait heh
09:17 cait go read your email!
09:17 clrh bensinober: stigbd told us you could submit us a patch
09:17 bensinober jajm, actually, we're wondering if you'd like pull requests on github or if you'd like code somewhere else?
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09:20 jajm bensinober, pull requests on github would be fine i think
09:20 bensinober good, we use your as upstream anyway, so should be easy to merge in
09:21 bensinober beware we have done no testing against < 3.16
09:29 bensinober jajm, pull request now sent, please dont hesitate to ask/object
09:30 bensinober we also have some more general future requests for a more generic koha-restful, but that is part of a wider discussion
09:33 bensinober I believe Petter (colleague from Oslo) started some koha and API discussion a while ago, but I don't know if it came close to any conclusion
09:38 jajm bensinober, i quickly read the diff from the PR, there's one thing that should be fixed: wthdrawn is reworded to withdrawn, the database column was 'wthdrawn' (without 'i') until 3.14. We try to be compatible with as many versions of Koha as possible.
10:24 bensinober jajm, ok, makes sense, but since db_dependent tests run upgrade_database script, how to handle the shift from 3.14 to 3.16?
10:25 bensinober either tests must run a check on koha version or koha-restful must be versioned after koha?
10:25 bensinober or even better, koha-restful should be part of koha ;)
10:29 jajm bensinober, maybe this is the way to go ;)
11:15 marcelr cait: fedora
11:15 cait ah ok - i think maybe we need tcohen get involved here
11:15 cait not sure what's best
11:15 cait the tests will need to be rewritten if you aremissing themodule eventually
11:15 cait at least we need to check in order to make it non-mandatory
11:15 cait lunch :) bbiab
11:38 ashimema I'd like to see allot of koha-restful added to koha mainstream... But, I think I prefer the implementation logic around pianohackers Kohaa::Services module (which is not yet out there)..
11:38 ashimema I'll be attempting to port a few of biblibres restful api's to using it when I get a moment.. as a proof of concept
11:42 bensinober ashimema, sounds like a great plan! let us know if we can help!
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11:43 ashimema[…]c84667fe633868fda if your interested in the Service module that I'd like to base it upon ;)
11:44 ashimema just the top file in that commit it the 'important' one.. the other files are just re-implimnetations of existing /svc services.
11:44 ashimema It's nice because it handles authentication for you.. using existing koha code.. and also handle json natively too
11:45 ashimema which is pretty neat ;).. less dependencies on new modules from cpan too..
11:45 ashimema koha-restful is awesome though.. just needs some thought into the bits the above seems to solve
11:50 bensinober ashimema, this is extremely interesting!
11:51 ashimema thought you might like it ;)
11:51 bensinober whatever is Koha::Service::Frobnicator ?
11:51 ashimema just an example ;)
11:51 ashimema So, Koha::Service is the base object that you extend..
11:52 ashimema Koha::Service::Thing is then the 'Thing' api object.. for interacting with 'Thing'
11:53 ashimema you then expose it via a /svc/script which become just a simple 2 line script
11:53 ashimema I really like it because it makes the api super testable ;)
11:53 ashimema it's a Work In Progress very much at the minute.. with some 'nasties' in that commit to be backward compatible..
11:54 ashimema What I'd like to see is a versioned api arise from it...
11:54 ashimema with /api/script for example coming in.. and not having to add sid 'nasties' into the Koha::Service:: namespace.
11:55 ashimema I've implimented some ILL stuff using it.. and it's works very nicely so far.
12:00 bensinober exactly, and covers authentication as well
12:01 bensinober very interesting indeed!
12:03 bensinober does this have some leverage in the community? we would love to see some communal agreement on APIs, it's quite important for our mode d'emploi
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12:09 ashimema Well.. it's not especially public as yet.. but it's certainly what I'm aiming to back ;)
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12:10 ashimema my hope is that converting the koha-restful stuff should be fairly trivial
12:10 ashimema if so, the I could see it getting allot of unified backing..
12:10 ashimema I know a number of interested parties ;)
12:10 ashimema Code wise, Koha::Service would pass QA in my books already ;)
12:13 bensinober koha-restful mainly exposes internal APIs in Koha and routes to GET/POST/PUTs, with some extra checks e.g. expanding the Holds module
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12:14 bensinober but most should be trivial to port, but I'm not the one to say, jajm and clrh from biblibre would know
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12:16 * cait is all for restul APIs and will back whatever seems to make most sense :)
12:25 jajm bensinober, a thing to consider is that koha-restful is compatible with mod_perl, thanks to CGI::Application::Dispatch. If we decide to put koha-restful into koha, that must not change
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12:31 clrh and if API does not change it is better because some other components are based on its ;)
12:36 bensinober From what I see, koha-restful is very kosher except from the extra tests in reserves/holds (CanBookBeReserved,CanItemBeReserved) which should perhaps be pushed into Koha main?
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12:40 bensinober and as I see it, although koha-restful is opac-focused, the exposed methods are generic, create/edit/delete user etc.
12:41 cait i think authentication was mentioned as one area to improve - not sure how that is handled
12:42 bensinober it would be handled as /svc does today if ported to ashimema's Koha::Service
12:43 bensinober by session cookies if I'm not mistaken (sessionid, username, pass)
12:44 bensinober which eliminates need for extra authentication/validation
12:45 cait and all is sent encrypted?
12:45 bensinober dunno :
12:46 cait i am german, so paranoid :)
12:46 magnuse wouldn't that work the same way as https for the rest of koha?
12:46 magnuse you can configure it, but it is more or less outside the scope of koha?
12:46 bensinober an opessl https would go, i suppose
12:47 cait ok
12:47 cait paul_p: around?
12:47 bensinober and I suppose more dangerous services (create/mod/delete branch) could be masked behind firewalls as well, if wanted
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12:47 ashimema indeed..
12:47 cait hi tcohen and oleonard
12:47 tcohen oh, connected
12:47 ashimema it would support https the same way koha does already ;)
12:47 tcohen awesome (been having trouble doing so)
12:48 ashimema it allows for login via username/password with every request.. or via cookie if you choose to use login sessions.
12:48 tcohen @later tell rangi you've got to be kidding :-D
12:48 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
12:48 ashimema the big advantage of using koha's native auth is tha tit comes with permissions built in ;)
12:49 ashimema I believe
12:49 ashimema jajm.. what special about mod_perl in koha-restful?
12:49 tcohen cait, the report isn' tshowing anything to me
12:50 oleonard Hi all
12:50 tcohen hi oleonard
12:50 cait tcohen: found out later the link only works for me - it hows how many bugs in which severity are open
12:50 jajm ashimema, nothing special, just that it works, and it would be too bad that we lose this feature while porting it into koha :)
12:50 tcohen bugs like bugs? excluding enh and new?
12:51 tcohen Joubu1: wb
12:51 cait tcohen: well it's just an overview thing, also showing the number of blockers and critical bugs
12:52 ashimema jajm.. I don't think it's likely that adding the entire CGI::Application as a dependency is likely to happen myself..
12:53 ashimema hense sticking to koha's routines
12:53 ashimema I'm game for keeping mod_perl though if viable..
12:53 ashimema I'de rather ensure that services 'just work' under plack by default
12:54 tcohen cait: the patches from msaby still fail Search.t
12:54 cait ah
12:54 cait not sure why they don't fail for him
12:54 cait maybe only failing on a marc21 database?
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12:55 jajm ashimema, if plack allow for the same performance gains than mod_perl, I think it would be ok
12:56 ashimema I believe it does.. though I've never tested that comparison.. paul_p may know ;)
12:56 cait i think we are moving more and more inthe direction of having plack not 'experimantal'
12:56 cait hopefully :)
12:57 cait oooh ashimema - could you test something with caching?
12:57 cait or Joubu1?
12:57 paul_p ashimema &jajm = I never tested this comparison, but I'd say yes, it's the same kind of gain, as it's the same kind of technical behavior
12:57 cait there is a patch about syspref cachign waiting in the qa queue
12:57 paul_p cait = yes ?
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13:02 ashimema bug cait?
13:02 * oleonard bugs cait
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13:18 tcohen hi
13:19 cait ashimema: the queue is 16 bugs, you can spot it :P
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13:37 cait oleonard: got a moment? :)
13:38 oleonard Yes
13:38 cait are you still working on follow-ups for on-site?
13:38 ashimema cait.. are we asking all db code to be dbic now?
13:39 oleonard cait: I had one more (mostly style-related) style follow-up which I can submit later today
13:41 cait ashimema: i think for Koha namespace we probably should
13:41 tcohen ashimema: it should, yes
13:41 cait but i haven't been super strict this release because the objects are still in limbo
13:41 ashimema this is in C4::Context
13:41 tcohen no hard rule
13:42 tcohen but we offer cookies
13:42 tcohen =D
13:42 magnuse :-)
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13:42 cait alfajores too? :)
13:42 cait tcohen: you let me go home iwth a slight addiction to dulce de leche i think...
13:43 ashimema K.. I've left a comment for Robin on that cacheing bug then cait.
13:43 ashimema it's an 'interesting' one..
13:43 cait can you define interesting in that context? :)
13:43 ashimema I'm not actualyl 100% sure I know what/how it fixes
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13:43 ashimema But.. I have come accross the issue.. and it does appear to fix it..
13:44 cait sounds mysterious
13:44 tcohen bug?
13:44 wahanui it has been said that bug is it stores biblionumber not itemnumber
13:44 stigbd1 joined #koha
13:44 ashimema just feels like a bit of a hack.. adding an arbitrary 30 second limit to the cache.
13:44 ashimema bug 11998
13:44 wahanui bug 11998 is ready for signoff if anyone wants something to do...
13:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11998 major, P5 - low, ---, robin, Signed Off , Syspref caching issues
13:44 ashimema It's Plack with Syspref Cache tcohen..
13:45 tcohen yes, found it thanks
13:46 tcohen we expected to have plack mostly solved for release
13:46 ashimema :)
13:46 tcohen it looks good
13:46 ashimema I can pass it now.. only comment was that dbic stuff..
13:46 ashimema but robin won't see that for a fair few hours yet ;)
13:47 tcohen pass it
13:47 tcohen if it works, of course :-P
13:48 ashimema hehe..
13:48 ashimema k.. will just do some last extra checks.
13:50 ashimema :(.. code works.. but it fails the qa script..
13:50 ashimema fail it is then
13:50 magnuse unless we have decided that all new could should use dbic (and how it should use it), i say pass it! :-)
13:51 magnuse ah, the qa script... ;-)
13:51 ashimema just a minor critic error by the looks..
13:55 ashimema tests should run independent of plack right?
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14:04 ashimema @later tell eythian Could you take a look at bug 11998 pretty please :)
14:04 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
14:06 cait omg[…]ki/Roles_for_3.20
14:06 cait :P
14:06 ashimema tcohen++ for RM
14:07 oleonard every_volunteer++
14:07 cait @later tell eythian - can you also take a look at[…]i/Roles_for_3.20? I thik there is an empty spot...
14:07 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
14:08 * oleonard volunteers to continue his role as general busybody
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14:11 cait oleonard: you should but your name on the bug wrangler list
14:11 cait becasue you are :)
14:11 ashimema indeed.. I was just thinking that too cait
14:14 cait on-site
14:14 cait gr
14:14 cait oleonard: sorry, missed your answer earlier - cool :)
14:15 oleonard Oh is Joubu back?
14:17 cait oleonard: his first day back today - be nice :)
14:17 * oleonard is glad Joubu1 didn't get lost in the jungle
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14:19 Joubu1 oleonard: More desert and mountain than jungle, but yes I survived :)
14:19 Joubu (not my znc server...)
14:19 * cait is a bit jealous of Joubu's extar time in Argentina
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14:23 magnuse tcohen++
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14:23 tcohen volunteers++
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14:26 tcohen YAY! the coffee pot got refilled at the officce! YAY
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14:30 cait tcohen: is it only coffee making you so cheerful? :)
14:30 cait tcohen++ :)
14:30 tcohen last week was a nightmare here
14:30 tcohen no coffee, no joy
14:34 Joubu tcohen: no maté neither??
14:34 tcohen yes
14:34 tcohen lots of mate
14:35 tcohen but am all green inside already
14:35 tcohen missing coffee
14:35 Joubu ha, ouf! ;)
14:35 cait heh
14:35 tcohen how was your trip?
14:35 Joubu very nice, very hot
14:35 Joubu a lot of sunburn :)
14:36 Joubu The sun is Argentina is very dangerous!
14:36 cait Joubu: seems i left in time... before it got even hotter
14:36 cait @wunder Argentina
14:36 huginn cait: Error: No such location could be found.
14:37 Joubu @wunder Mendoza
14:37 huginn Joubu: Error: No such location could be found.
14:37 Joubu @wunder Mendoza, Argentina
14:37 huginn Joubu: The current temperature in Mendoza, Argentina is 11.0°C (11:00 AM ART on November 03, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Rising).
14:37 Joubu ho, it was 30°C 1 week ago :)
14:38 Joubu And the car didn't get any bump!
14:44 tcohen Joubu: it is cold this days, it will last one more day and the hot weather wiull be back
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15:05 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10860: (RM followup) checkout-related sysprefs belong to the checkouts section <[…]036e9296ced6e5acb> / Bug 13184 - Circulation template problems if OnSiteCheckouts is off but OnSiteCheckou... <[…]c456a571f7aaa301e> / Bug 13179 - Circulation page layout p
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16:01 bag morning
16:06 reiveune bye
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16:11 martin_ Hey - is there anyone here to can help me troubleshoot an install? I've done this many times successfully, but can't recall why I'm getting a "NO URL FOUND" error
16:11 martin_ ARG!
16:24 blou git install, or koha-common?
16:24 blou ha, gone
16:36 NateC joined #koha
16:40 cait left #koha
16:43 jseplae joined #koha
16:49 stigbd1 joined #koha
17:02 stigbd2 joined #koha
17:19 tcohen Joubu: how can I see a checkout is an on-site checkout?
17:20 oleonard It should say so in the list of checkouts on the circulation page tcohen
17:21 tcohen so this is wrong:
17:22 oleonard Yes, if that was an on-site checkout. That's not how it looks on my system.
17:22 Joubu tcohen: yes, you should see the "onsite checkout" in red
17:22 bag tcohen: I think you need to have more tabs open in your browser
17:22 Joubu s/the/a
17:22 bag :P
17:22 tcohen bag: :P
17:23 oleonard tcohen:
17:24 tcohen yeah, cannot make it show
17:25 Joubu tcohen: did the 'flag' is set in the db?
17:25 Joubu outch
17:25 tcohen evidence:
17:28 paul_p bag = around ?
17:29 paul_p bag = we switched to winter time 2 weeks ago. Just would like to chec, time for tomorrow meeting...
17:29 Joubu tcohen: did you completly refresh your cache?
17:29 tcohen i didn't
17:29 tcohen =D
17:30 paul_p bag = for me it's 6:30PM now.
17:30 cait joined #koha
17:30 paul_p Joubu = have you seen you've a google meeting schedule with brendan tomorrow ?
17:31 Joubu paul_p: yep
17:39 tcohen Joubu: it worked, thanks
17:39 * cait waves
17:39 cait brb, just restarting
17:39 tcohen hi cait
17:39 laurence left #koha
17:40 gaetan_B bye!
17:42 tcohen @seen marcelr
17:42 huginn tcohen: marcelr was last seen in #koha 6 hours, 26 minutes, and 55 seconds ago: <marcelr> cait: fedora
17:43 Joubu tcohen: great!
17:43 Joubu have to good, see you!
17:45 cait joined #koha
17:53 cait back
18:04 bag sorry paul I was on the phone
18:04 bag I replied to your email
18:05 hankbank joined #koha
18:05 bag hola hankbank
18:07 cait hi bag :)
18:07 bag heya cait - good day to you
18:08 tcohen #koha: i have two sample XSLT transformations for the SRU/Z39.50 import feature
18:08 tcohen remove_items.xsl and remove_9_link_except_items.xsl
18:09 tcohen can u help me name them in a more sane way?
18:09 cait good day to you too bag :)
18:19 meliss joined #koha
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18:31 slef` joined #koha
18:38 gmcharlt joined #koha
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18:59 nengard joined #koha
19:01 wajasu when i try to build koha-common packages to test debian and ubuntu bugs, shoud I build against squeeze, squeeze-dev  or wheezy dist?
19:04 tcohen wajasu: i think you can safely build against either
19:04 tcohen i think eythian builds master using squeeze-dev
19:07 wajasu in my minbase environment, with latest git kohaclone, i  try dpkg --set-selections < install_misc/debian.packages  and get lots of warnings of not being able to locate many of the perl dependencies/ packages.
19:07 wajasu i'll try squeeze-dev
19:08 wajasu i specifically can't find libdata-paginator-perl and a couple more, so i will see if those are in squeeze-dev.
19:08 rangi you should be building with pbuilder or something, that builds from clean each time, and you will need in your sources.list
19:09 rangi http://debian.koha-community.o[…]a-paginator-perl/  <-- its definitely there
19:10 wajasu its probably because i tried to do it in wheezy.  i'll try squeeze.
19:10 * cait waves at wajasu and rangi
19:10 tcohen master doesn't seem to require Data::Paginator anymore :-D
19:11 rangi hi cait
19:13 wajasu well libmodule-bundled-files-perl and libtemplate-plugin-htmltotext-perl where the other two i needed.
19:14 tcohen wajasu
19:14 wajasu i'll try squeeze.
19:14 tcohen you're using debian/build-git-snapshot
19:14 tcohen right?
19:15 wajasu yes
19:16 wajasu but i had put wheezy in my sources.list.d/koha.list  instead  ;)
19:24 tcohen bye #koha
19:27 oleonard Bug 11201
19:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11201 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , List pending in-house uses
19:27 oleonard I don't think "pending" is the right word here
19:28 oleonard I guess the title and breadcrumbs get it right: simply "On-site checkouts"
19:29 cait oleonard: sounds right
20:17 kmlussier joined #koha
20:21 * wizzyrea really wants to test the opac password reset dev
20:21 wizzyrea I hope I get time to...
20:21 wizzyrea blargh.
20:25 rocio joined #koha
20:27 bag yeah wizzyrea that would be rad if you could test that one
20:27 wizzyrea wouldn't it.
20:27 wizzyrea I have a few clients who really want it. I'll try to make it a priority.
20:27 wizzyrea i/we
21:25 wizzyrea actually no I won't, it wouldn't pass qa in it's current state so I won't touch it.
21:32 cait @wunder Konstanz
21:32 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 5.6°C (10:30 PM CET on November 03, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Windchill: 6.0°C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1001 hPa (Steady).
21:36 bag @wunder 93109
21:36 huginn bag: The current temperature in Westside, Santa Barbara, California is 21.9°C (1:35 PM PST on November 03, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.14 in 1021 hPa (Falling).
21:36 bag perfect
21:36 wahanui well, perfect is the enemy of good
21:36 cait :)
21:36 cait cold and dark here
21:37 wizzyrea @wunder nzwn
21:37 huginn wizzyrea: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 13.0°C (10:30 AM NZDT on November 04, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Rising).
21:41 cait looking for a tester for 13183
21:42 wizzyrea bug 13183
21:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13183 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Improve visibility of automatic on-site checkout rule when OnSiteCheckoutsForce is on
21:53 cait also bug 13170
21:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13170 major, P5 - low, ---, frederic, Needs Signoff , Remove of prog theme broke the OPAC's "view plain" option for MARC details
21:56 rangi ill test that second one
21:56 cait thx!
21:57 rangi yeah i dont like it
21:57 rangi my $xsl = C4::XSLT::_get_best_default_xslt_filename(
22:03 dcook Mmm, the opac password reset would be awesome..
22:03 cait yeah
22:04 cait rangi: hm not sure i understand, can you leave a comment?
22:04 dcook Hmm, want to start working again on a OAI harvester, but not sure that the SRU/Z39.50 XSLT imports are far enough long yet..
22:06 nengard left #koha
22:09 rangi cait:[…]g.cgi?id=13170#c5
22:09 huginn Bug 13170: major, P5 - low, ---, frederic, Failed QA , Remove of prog theme broke the OPAC's "view plain" option for MARC details
22:09 rangi does that make sense?
22:11 cait I am usre it does - thx for the feedback
22:11 rangi my @candidates = (
22:11 rangi "$htdocs/$theme/$lang/xslt/${base_xslfile}", # exact match
22:11 rangi "$htdocs/$theme/en/xslt/${base_xslfile}",    # if not, preferred theme in English
22:11 rangi "$htdocs/prog/$lang/xslt/${base_xslfile}",   # if not, 'prog' theme in preferred language
22:11 rangi "$htdocs/prog/en/xslt/${base_xslfile}",      # otherwise, prog theme in English; should always
22:11 rangi # exist
22:12 rangi that works only if you never have a different theme
22:28 cait hm argh, i think we might have made a thinking error
22:29 cait we blocked adding doubled up letter codes... but some letter codes are needed to be duplicated for different branches... like HOLD?
22:31 wizzyrea the solution for that might be to append the branchcode to the lettercode/
22:31 wizzyrea ?
22:32 cait it still won't work - unless we change the code for all the hardcoded letters
22:32 cait koha is looking for a HOLD message
22:32 cait so it won't ever use one with the branchcode
22:32 wizzyrea ah yeah, that is in fact a problem.
22:36 NateC joined #koha
23:03 oleonard joined #koha
23:06 oleonard I'm getting really grumpy about the number of bugs which have been caused by Bug 11703
23:06 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11703 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Stable , Convert checkouts table to ajax datatable
23:07 dcook That's a 3.18 feature?
23:07 cait yeah
23:07 dcook Hmm :/
23:07 * cait feels guilty for mising so much :(
23:07 oleonard And backported to 3.16
23:07 cait :(
23:08 dcook Ah, yeah, just saw that
23:08 dcook We're still on 3.14 so haven't run into it yet, but not really looking forward to it :/
23:09 bag hmmm we've got loads of people using 3.16 and aren't seeing tons of complaints (just an aside)
23:09 NateC joined #koha
23:09 oleonard bag: Bug 12971 is a pretty big deal to us after just one day of 3.16 use :(
23:09 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12971 critical, P5 - low, ---, kyle, NEW , Printing member information lacks data
23:10 wizzyrea that seems like a big one
23:10 cait also... waiting holds
23:10 wizzyrea and translation problems.
23:10 cait and i think someting with the slips
23:10 oleonard We all share responsibility... We did a bad job testing it. We were not nearly thorough enough.
23:11 cait the problem is fixing it - and  think we need to fix before 3.18 is released
23:11 bag @later tell khall - have you seen this one --[…]_bug.cgi?id=12971
23:11 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
23:11 huginn Bug 12971: critical, P5 - low, ---, kyle, NEW , Printing member information lacks data
23:12 oleonard ...and it never should have been backported to 3.16.x
23:12 oleonard /end grump. Good night
23:12 bag this is good info for me - I can get kyle to work on those things
23:12 cait i think it shows that we are right to be strict about not backporting features
23:12 bag darn right before grumpy left :( :P
23:12 cait .. something to keep in mind next time
23:12 cait not we need to get this back to working
23:13 cait not=now
23:13 wizzyrea good to learn from the lessons of the past :)
23:18 bag @later tell magnuse HI
23:18 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
23:19 kmlussier joined #koha
23:24 cait night :)
23:24 cait left #koha
23:30 talljoy joined #koha

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