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08:59 cait @wunder Konstanz
09:00 huginn cait: The current temperature in Bodensee, Lake Constance Germany, Daisendorf, Germany is 8.5°C (10:59 AM CEST on October 25, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Windchill: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Steady).
09:39 cait fredericd++ :)
09:40 cait time to do some qa i guess :)
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11:05 cait hi akafred
11:06 akafred Hi Katrin - 6 day work week?
11:06 cait ah not really :) having some koha weekend fun ;)
11:07 cait what about you?
11:10 akafred "geekend" at my company :-) right now: clojure workshop
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11:39 cait akafred: sounds... fun? :)
11:41 tcohen hi cait
11:41 cait hi tcohen :)
11:41 cait are you here to distract me from qa? :)
11:41 tcohen no, i wanted to thank you :-D
11:41 talljoy good morning you two!
11:42 cait morning talljoy - migrating libraries today? :)
11:42 talljoy no, that's tonight.
11:42 tcohen morning talljoy
11:42 cait tcohen: trying to get the number down, but people keep signing off ... tsk:)
11:42 talljoy i had to drop off a kid at early morning marching band practice.
11:42 cait :)
11:42 talljoy early!  sun is not up yet!
11:43 cait wow, hope they are careful with the marching then
11:43 cait :)
11:43 cait tcohen: what are your plans for today? :)
11:43 tcohen we are painting Manuel's room :-D
11:44 cait cool!
11:44 cait which color?
11:44 wahanui which color is it?
11:45 tcohen we are about to leave to buy the color
11:45 talljoy green!
11:45 tcohen we are between a light green
11:45 talljoy yay!!!
11:45 tcohen and some yellow
11:45 talljoy nice!  happy sunny colors
11:45 tcohen :-D
11:45 cait yep
11:46 cait tcohen: your color choices pass qa :)
11:46 talljoy i sign off on it
11:46 tcohen :-D
11:47 tcohen during weekend i'll try to look for  further checks/messgaes related to grs1 deprecation
11:47 tcohen just in case
11:47 cait and push patches? :P
11:47 cait i will keep my eyes out but i think grs1 looks pretty complete now
11:48 cait hm maybe somewhere in packages but i think dom is already default there
11:48 talljoy and we have a library hanging on to grs1  ugh.
11:48 cait talljoy: hm, what's their reason?
11:48 tcohen talljoy: i'm interested on them
11:48 talljoy unknown.  probably some completely unrelated to searching but they blamed DOM
11:48 tcohen if they have reasons, we can fix that
11:49 talljoy and we cannot convince them otherwise.
11:49 talljoy i'll pass a note to larry and melissa and ask them.  they will know.  and maybe deprecation will be the push they need to say.  'tough. you're getting dom'
11:49 talljoy :-D
11:49 cait heh
11:50 cait i think if they started really really early trying dom
11:50 tcohen leaving now
11:50 cait there might have beensomething
11:50 tcohen i promise to push, tomorrow
11:50 cait but I haven't seen any bug reports or problem reported for a long time now
11:50 cait baby first:)
11:50 tcohen yeah
11:50 cait have fun tcohen :) and say hi to cecilia
11:50 talljoy yes!  baby room
11:50 talljoy enjoy the day!
11:50 talljoy cait yes i think they were an early adopter of it and they are big.
11:51 talljoy so the bigger they are, the more cautious they tend to be.
11:51 cait kind of understandable
11:51 tcohen locally defined indexes migration
11:52 talljoy shut your mouth
11:52 talljoy custom indexes are the death of me.
11:52 cait lol
11:52 tcohen heh
11:52 tcohen just saying that is always the reason
11:52 talljoy if you want to search that data PUT IT IN A NORMAL TAG
11:52 cait talljoy: we got some too... but the same for all of them at least
11:53 talljoy we have one that we see a lot 035$a OCLC number.  but we get some that have really specific indexing needs.  907$q
11:53 talljoy for example.  "We will just die if we don't know what the legacy tag from 3 migrations ago says"
11:53 cait ew
11:53 talljoy me: can i move that tag for you?  into notes or the item tag?
11:54 talljoy them: no!
11:54 talljoy lol
11:54 talljoy all in a days work.
11:55 cait libraries... and we still love them :)
11:55 talljoy hey cait do you know anything about the Library Transfer Limits?  I'm curious why it references collection codes and not item types?
11:55 cait there is a pref to switch that
11:56 cait there are 2 prefs, one to turn it on/off and another to switch between collections and itemtpyes
11:56 cait that said... we are not using that feature yet
11:56 talljoy gotcha.  which one changes it to itype?
11:57 talljoy ha!
11:57 cait found it? :)
11:57 talljoy same one that turns it on or off!!!
11:57 cait kind of :)
11:57 talljoy thanks.  i'd rather see this library use itemtype and not collection codes.
11:57 cait yeah
11:57 talljoy they have it turned off anyways.  lol
12:00 * cait tries to fix her unimarc installation
12:00 talljoy eek.
12:01 talljoy we had a library interested in catalogin in marc21 and then exporting data in unimarc.
12:01 talljoy the mind boggles......
12:01 talljoy all the more reason we should be looking for alternatives to marc formatted data.
12:10 cait talljoy: i amnot sure the alternative will be better still
12:11 talljoy yes, i think you are right.
12:11 talljoy too many people developing their own ways.  makes communication of data difficult.
12:12 cait i have to learn more about RDA soon...
12:13 * cait procrastinates by doing QA
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12:23 talljoy RDA?
12:23 wahanui RDA is my cataloguing standards are bad, and you should feel bad
12:23 talljoy RDA is totally not a help to libraries.
12:24 talljoy just the same old marc, but use 260 instead of 264.
12:24 talljoy ^ gross oversimplification
12:24 talljoy but you get what i mean.
12:24 cait there is abit more, but i am also a bit doubtful about the improvement
12:25 cait :) being a bit careful here
12:25 cait germany is switching to RDA
12:26 talljoy i think the new rule "Don't use Latin" is the best improvement.
12:26 cait :)
12:26 talljoy otherwise, I'm not sure it is an improvement.  It seems like a swap to me.  this tag, not that tag.
12:27 talljoy and makes ed work hard adjusting xslt stylesheets so that if one tag is used, display it, if not, then look for other tag and display it.
12:27 cait marcelr did some work on that
12:27 cait but i think it's only a start for now
12:27 cait there will be some patches for 264 in 3.18
12:28 cait I wonder how bibframe will be
12:28 cait and a bit worried about the amount of work i tmight cause :)
12:31 talljoy indeed
12:34 cait supermarket time :)
12:34 cait bbl
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14:30 jcamins talljoy: I'm not 100% sold on the "don't use Latin" being an improvement... a rule that says "use only properly spelled-out Latin" could make translation possible.
14:31 talljoy it's an improvement because it makes cataloging less pedantic and a tad more accessible.
14:31 jcamins Unless you're in a multi-lingual environment.
14:32 jcamins In which case half your records say "S." and half say "p."
14:33 * jcamins had this radical idea of just letting the ILS decide whether it's "p." or "S."
14:33 * jcamins does not actually believe this will ever happen, but wouldn't it be nice?
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17:29 cait hi tcohen :)
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20:11 magnuse jcamins: it would be nice!
20:11 magnuse bibframe is a whole other ballgame
20:12 magnuse but it's way premature to create a standard like that now, and it's probably better to reuse stuff from others anyway
20:12 magnuse just my NOK 0,02
20:12 magnuse have fun #koha!
20:34 cait :)
20:34 cait was that a magnuse appearanceß
20:34 cait ?
21:12 cait sorry magnuse
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23:57 tcohen hi

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