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00:00 cait tcohen: how are you? got some rest
00:00 cait ?
00:00 tcohen cait: not yet, actually
00:01 cait oh?
00:01 tcohen tomorrow will be my first full day at work
00:01 tcohen i've been with my wife at several social events
00:02 cait hope it was fun too?
00:02 tcohen it was :-D
00:03 tcohen i'm waiting for my turn at the shower, reading this[…]_Governance_Model
00:03 eythian I managed to get a package (MARC::Transform) into debian without having to go back and make changes to it, for the first time ever I think.
00:03 cait congrats :)
00:03 tcohen eythian++
00:04 eythian (trying to get things in before jessie freezes)
00:04 cait eythian++
00:04 cait tcohen: do we still need the test::dbix::class or are we working around it now
00:04 cait ?
00:04 tcohen we did and if ! available then skip thing
00:04 cait so i can forget about it? :)
00:05 tcohen i tried to compile it for squeeze
00:05 tcohen too many dependencies missing
00:05 eythian erk, jessie freezes on the 5th, and things have to be in testing by then. It takes 10 days to go from unstable to testing.
00:05 tcohen is jessie an LTS release?
00:05 eythian That is not much time.
00:05 eythian tcohen: Debian doesn't really do LTS releases like that.
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00:05 tcohen i thought squeeze was, sort of
00:06 eythian it was, but that wasn't decided beforehand.
00:06 tcohen ah
00:06 tcohen do we still have missing dependencies?
00:07 tcohen i don't have my stuff to check right now, I think we are only missing a modern DBIx::Class in Squeeze
00:07 eythian in jessie? I think so, but I'm not sure.
00:07 eythian well, everything necessary should be getting covered by the koha repo
00:07 wizzyrea did ian get a new girl/boy friend?
00:07 * wizzyrea wonders about the name "jessie"
00:08 eythian ibeardslee: well, did you?
00:08 wizzyrea kek
00:08 wizzyrea not that ian.
00:08 tcohen will check tomorrow eythian
00:08 ibeardslee wha?
00:08 tcohen ian murdock
00:08 wizzyrea ^
00:08 ibeardslee wizzyrea: isn't jessie the cowgirl?
00:09 eythian I think jessie is.
00:09 wizzyrea <something terribly naughty>
00:09 eythian tcohen: k. Ideally I'd like to have all required dependencies in jessie, so I might put a bit of time into it and try to get them in before freeze.
00:09 eythian this also means that I can start just backporting them into older distros, and in turn _that_ means that I can script it.
00:10 wizzyrea "The word "Debian" was formed as a combination of the first name of his then-girlfriend Debra Lynn and his own first name."
00:11 eythian[…]s/7/7a/Jessie.png <-- that's where the name comes from
00:11 * wizzyrea just got to that bit of the wiki page
00:12 eythian[…]om-boom-boom-boom <-- rangi
00:14 cait btw someone should tell me to sleep :P
00:14 rangi heh
00:14 wizzyrea go to sleep cait.
00:14 eythian cait: that's lullaby music for you
00:14 cait eythian: i have my doubts
00:20 eythian cait: I'm just assuming that you're still running in jetlag mode, and don't have an early start :)
00:20 cait jet lag yes... early start... yes?
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00:39 rangi do we have a routine in koha, to give us a biblionumber from an isbn?
00:39 rangi tcohen:[…]the-food-edition/
00:40 cait hm i think ony the other way around
00:41 rangi yeah
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01:09 bag hola
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01:10 cait left #koha
01:10 rangi hi bag
01:11 bag heya rangi
01:11 bag dood lots of fun this weekend - Ginny actually swam by herself :)  well she floated :)
01:11 rangi :)
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01:15 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
01:15 mtompset What's going on with the dashboard?
01:16 wizzyrea looks like it can't talk to bugzilla.
01:17 eythian wahanui: excuse
01:17 wahanui eythian: hardware stress fractures
01:17 eythian mtompset: ^
01:18 mtompset I wonder if someone changed a password. :) I did that recently. Busted my git bz for a bit. :)
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01:26 wizzyrea bug 8753 - gah what needs doing here
01:27 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8753 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, philippe.blouin, ASSIGNED , Add forgot password link to OPAC
01:27 wizzyrea I mean, I see what needs doing but don't know what it involves.
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01:55 mtompset Oh... let me see...
01:56 mtompset I would try a variation on[…]g.cgi?id=7567#c61
01:56 huginn Bug 7567: enhancement, P3, ---, mtompset, Pushed to Master , News by Library: refactor, enhance, and fix
02:24 wizzyrea ah thanks
02:24 wizzyrea bless marcxml for being human readable.
03:02 mtj hey #koha, is there a script to connect to a koha sip server, via RAW sockets
03:02 mtj ...for debuggging/config stuff
03:04 mtj hmm, perhaps ./C4/SIP/
03:07 eythian there's a bug around for a sip tester I thought, but using raw sockets seems like a very strange thing to do.
03:08 mtj eythian: are raw sockets are a bad choice for sip?
03:09 mtj telnet prefered/better?
03:09 eythian yes
03:09 eythian it seems like a terrible idea
03:09 eythian you've got very little checksumming, no flow control, no loss or ordering detection
03:09 eythian TCP is there for a reason
03:11 mtj ah ok, i didnt know which was better, to be honest...
03:12 eythian it could be that whatever SIP calls raw sockets aren't actually raw sockets
03:12 eythian but it'd be bad naming, were that the case.
03:13 mtj yeah, i think that might be the case ^
03:13 rangi which is highly likely
03:13 mtj port="x.x.x.x:6001/tcp"  transport="RAW"
03:13 eythian yeah, looking through the code, I think it's bad naming
03:13 mtj raw sockets... over tcp ?
03:14 eythian that's not a thing
03:14 eythian in network terms, anyway
03:14 eythian
03:14 eythian it looks like the telnet stuff just has a telnet-like login/password prompt and maybe some other things.
03:16 mtj yep
03:18 mtj i vaguely recall having some problems with the 'telnet' option, and having to use the 'raw' option - for a 3M self-check...
03:18 mtj ..but that was a few years ago now
03:19 mtj ..and was a problem that might have been specific to a 3M selfcheck setup
03:19 rangi they all are
03:19 rangi some work only with telnet
03:20 rangi some with 'raw' some with CR some with LF some with only CRLF
03:20 rangi even different 3M machines behave differently
03:21 mtj please stop!
03:21 mtj :)
03:22 mtj for a koha SIP config talking to overdrive - telnet or raw?
03:23 mtj any suggestions?
03:23 wahanui any suggestions are welcome.
03:23 rangi i think raw
03:23 rangi with CR
03:23 wizzyrea ^
03:23 rangi but you'll soon find out
03:23 wizzyrea def with CR
03:24 mtj ok ta!   i selected RAW too... without really knowing any better
03:24 mtj welcome home too rangi :0)
03:25 rangi thanks
03:25 mtj thanx for the food pics :)
03:25 rangi heh
03:26 mtj ok, i might keep poking at this SIP thing...
03:27 mtj thanks for the advice everyone
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03:33 wizzyrea good luck.
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03:43 mtj heh, i will def. need it wiz
03:43 wizzyrea naw
03:43 wizzyrea you'll be fine :)
03:45 mtj i did pfaff about with the 3M SIP tools, on a windows vm... back in the day
03:46 mtj Dobrica has some info about running them with wine here  ->[…]SIP2_server_setup
03:47 mtj ...its something i might have a look at
03:50 mtj i guess thats probably the gold-standard for SIP testing/debugging
03:51 wizzyrea for 3M anyway
04:09 mtj true, its a bit goofy that 3M wrote the SIP spec... but their devices seem to implement the spec somewhat inconsistently :/
04:11 mtj i think i have some success with my RAWW sockets
04:13 mtj the setup was not so bad, after all
04:15 mtompset @quote add jcamins: My dinner just exploded... No, it was an eggplant.
04:15 huginn mtompset: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
04:16 mtompset @getquote 311
04:16 huginn mtompset: I've exhausted my database of quotes
04:16 mtompset @get quote 311
04:16 huginn mtompset: Error: The command "get" is available in the Dunno, Herald, Lart, Quote, and ReleaseDay plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "get".
04:16 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
04:16 mtompset @quote 311
04:16 huginn mtompset: downloading the Perl source
04:17 mtompset Bah! It's in there now. :)
04:17 eythian @dunno
04:17 huginn eythian: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
04:17 eythian @dunno get
04:17 huginn eythian: (dunno get [<channel>] <id>) -- Gets the dunno with id <id> from the dunno database for <channel>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
04:17 eythian @dunno get 1
04:17 huginn eythian: Error: There is no Dunno with id #1 in my database for #koha.
04:17 eythian @dunno help
04:17 huginn eythian: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
04:17 mtompset @quote help
04:17 eythian @dunno put
04:17 huginn mtompset: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
04:17 huginn eythian: I suck
04:18 mtompset @quote get 311
04:18 huginn mtompset: Quote #311: "jcamins: My dinner just exploded... No, it was an eggplant." (added by mtompset at 04:16 AM, October 20, 2014)
04:18 mtompset Thanks for the help, eythian. :)
04:19 eythian I'm just trying to figure out what the dunno plugin is
04:19 eythian @dunno list
04:19 huginn eythian: I've exhausted my database of quotes
04:20 mtompset[…]s/Dunno/
04:20 mtompset Maybe?
04:20 wahanui Maybe is, like, a momentaneous error
04:21 mtompset Call me maybe?
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05:02 mtompset Have a great day, #koha indradg eythian.
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05:41 * magnuse waves
06:00 * cait waves back
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06:06 cait @wunder Konstanz
06:07 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 12.0°C (8:00 AM CEST on October 20, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 97%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Falling).
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06:36 reiveune hello
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06:58 alex_a bonjour
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07:06 magnuse bonjour france
07:06 magnuse @wunder boo
07:06 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 5.0°C (8:50 AM CEST on October 20, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Windchill: -1.0°C. Pressure: 29.42 in 996 hPa (Rising).
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07:06 sophie_m hello magnuse and #koha
07:06 fridolin hie community
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07:15 marcelr hi #koha
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07:22 paul_p good morning #koha
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07:23 gaetan_B hello
07:26 lds salut gaetan_B
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07:40 cait hola #koha
07:44 marcelr hi paul_p gaetan_B lds and cait
07:45 marcelr paul_p: i just trivially rebased bug 13068
07:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13068 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, paul.poulain, Signed Off , New feature for DB update and sandbox
07:45 marcelr hope you still have some time soon for it
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08:01 paul_p marcelr = I WANT to take time for ,it, because it will be a great addition for sandboxes. But mailbox still not recovered from KohaCon, so it will wait a little bit
08:02 marcelr ok
08:39 ashimema I'm interested in that one too marcelr..
08:39 ashimema but simililarly don't have time to get to it at the minute :(
08:39 marcelr good to hear, ashimema
08:39 marcelr the first one
08:39 wahanui somebody said the first one was the easiest, but you can't do anything very interesting with it
08:40 marcelr :)
08:42 ashimema currently i'm battling with getting my head around services in koha
08:43 ashimema There are too many approaches and I'm not sure which to adopt for my current work ;)
08:46 magnuse there is more than one way to do it...
08:46 ashimema indeed there are..
08:46 ashimema but I'd kinda like us to standardise on one method.. making it easier for QA'ers and easier for new coders to get up to speed fast ;)
08:47 ashimema currently I 'think' I'm tending toward biblibres api patch way of doing stuff..
08:47 ashimema using CGI::Application::Dispatch
08:57 * magnuse wonders if it would be hard to integrate koha-restful into koha
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09:16 ashimema there is indeed some wonderings along that path.
09:16 ashimema i'm not sure how CGI::Application fits into our model.
09:16 ashimema and I also know pianohacker has some bugs open about adding a Koha::Services module
09:16 ashimema which does pretty much the same stuff aswell.
09:17 ashimema the main peice missing from koha-resful is any meaningful authentication..
09:17 ashimema at the moment.. yu can only IP lock it.
09:21 magnuse ah
09:24 ashimema It is built as a completely seperate app.. though fits nicely into Koha's namespaces..
09:25 ashimema I'm just not sure yet how easy it'll be to tie in with existing authentication code (or whether it needs to be)..
09:25 ashimema I personally like api's that authenticate as 'normal users' rather than api keys..
09:25 ashimema that way, you can use the same permissions system for both api and full fat app
09:26 ashimema so.. the transfer of login credentials obviously needs though.. but once a session has been created (if you use sessions in the api that is) you get the same permissions as you would for the logged in user in the staff client ;)
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09:42 magnuse yeah, that does sound convenient
09:43 magnuse but are RESTful APIs not meant to be stateless? meaning no place for sessions? i might have got that wrong, though
10:11 ashimema haha.. indeed I'm just debating that with someone else now..
10:11 ashimema yes.. they 'should' be stateless..
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10:12 ashimema so yes.. sessionless too
10:13 ashimema which just means sending the auth creds with every request..
10:13 ashimema if we could garauntee https.. we could stick to super simple http basic auth..
10:15 ashimema so.. for instance a 'curl -u login:password'
10:16 ashimema should work as expected.. return the borrower json for borrower with borrowernumber matching 'id'.. but only do so if login:password user is allowed to do such an action
10:18 ashimema you do have to design your api to not rely on some of the other nicities of a session of course..
10:32 khall mornin #koha!
10:34 indradg morning khall
10:40 ashimema morning khall
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11:06 magnuse hiya khall
11:09 cait morning khall :)
11:30 khall mornin all!
11:31 khall has jenkins been failing on Holidays.t?
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11:41 ashimema anyone know if it's likely pianohacker will be about today?
11:42 magnuse @seen pianohacker
11:42 huginn magnuse: pianohacker was last seen in #koha 6 days, 4 hours, 44 minutes, and 52 seconds ago: <pianohacker> let me know what you think
11:42 magnuse hard to tell, i suspect
11:43 ashimema indeed....
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11:48 magnuse who can update Joubu? mtj?
11:49 mtj hey magnuse
11:49 mtj i'm just about to hit the hay - but can do tomorrow
11:50 mtj i dont think that repo is syncing daily, atm (my bad)
11:50 mtj hum, i'll sort the KohaDocs repo too, while i'm at it
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11:59 mtj magnuse:  updated :)
11:59 mtj ...was a quickie
12:07 magnuse mtj++
12:07 magnuse sleep well! :-)
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12:09 magnuse hola tcohen
12:10 cait hola tcohen :)
12:10 magnuse i'm adding the qa-test-tools to kohadevbox, but currently they have to be invoked like so: sudo koha-shell -c "perl -I/home/vagrant/qa-test-tools/ /home/vagrant/qa-test-tools/ -c 7 -v 2" kohadev
12:10 magnuse anyone got a clue how to turn that into a shell function?
12:12 magnuse i tried this:
12:12 magnuse $ function kqa () { sudo koha-shell -c "perl -I/home/vagrant/qa-test-tools/ /home/vagrant/qa-test-tools/ $@" kohadev; }
12:12 magnuse but calling "kqa -c 1 -v 2" gives "Error: The instance doesn't exist: 9"
12:13 magnuse i suspect there is a problem with the double quotes, but unescaping them with \" does not help
12:14 magnuse oops, got the error wrong: calling "kqa -c 1 -v 2" gives "Error: The instance doesn't exist: 1"
12:14 ashimema really..
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12:16 ashimema I just stuck PERL5LIB as an export in bashrc, along with aliasing qa to the qa script and it works nicely in my dev env (also gitified)
12:16 ashimema export PERL5LIB="${PERL5LIB}":/home/koha/​kohaclone:/home/koha/kohaclone/C4/SIP:/home/koha/koha-qa
12:16 ashimema alias qa="/home/koha/koha-qa/"
12:16 ashimema for instance.
12:17 ashimema surely a call to koha-shell would in fact mean you were qaing directly against the package install as apposed to the git repo your working on code within?
12:17 ashimema or am I beign really dense today?
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12:23 magnuse ashimema: not if the package install is gitified
12:24 tcohen hi magnuse cait
12:25 magnuse i got the impression that the alias would not work, because i need to get the value for -v -c (and maybe more) into the middle of the command
12:25 ashimema ok.. well that makes sense..
12:26 ashimema yeah.. the alias works perfectly for me.. with my gitified dev env ;)
12:28 cait bug 11126
12:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11126 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Passed QA , Make the holds system optionally give precedence to local holds
12:34 tcohen khall: could you please take a look at a failing test in master (jenkins)? its a test you wrote on Holidays.t
12:34 tcohen thx!!
12:35 khall tcohen: I looked at that this morning. Jenkins is still using the same default example holidays data as it always has, right? Nothings changed in the test database?
12:35 magnuse is down, or is it just me?
12:35 khall I can't get the test to fail on my system with our default Koha example data
12:35 khall magnuse: I can pull that up just fine
12:36 magnuse khall: ok, it's just got a grudge against me, then
12:37 magnuse ashimema: on current master, i am seeing "Use of uninitialized value $ENV{"REMOTE_USER"} in string ne at /home/vagrant/kohaclone/C4/ line 711" - that line looks like: if ( !$shib and $ENV{'REMOTE_USER'} ne '' and $userid = $ENV{'REMOTE_USER'} ) {
12:38 magnuse should there be some more checking that $ENV{'REMOTE_USER'} is set there?
12:39 marcelr see something similar in my logs: [Mon Oct 20 13:39:35 2014] [error] [client] [Mon Oct 20 13:39:35 2014] Use of uninitialized value $ENV{"REMOTE_USER"} in string ne at /usr/share/koha/testclone/C4/ line 711., referer: http://libdevelop.rijksmuseum.[…]oguing/
12:39 tcohen khall: it should be a good hint, that it failed "yesterday"
12:39 tcohen and it doesn't fail anymore!
12:39 magnuse (actually not completely up to date, but it does include the shibboleth stuff)
12:39 ashimema bck..
12:40 * ashimema reading up
12:41 khall tcohen: interesting. I get it now! Yesterday was already a repeating holiday, so the special holidays took over and the test failed because of that!
12:41 khall tcohen: I was working on a fix this morning, I'll post it momentarily
12:42 * tcohen breathes relieved now he understands the bug is on the test itself!
12:42 ashimema are you testing shibboleth.. or is this just a new error that's crept in with shibboleth still disabled?
12:42 ashimema magnuse.. ^
12:42 marcelr for me: no shibboleth, just a log warning from
12:43 ashimema k, thanks..
12:43 ashimema Will take a proper look in a tic
12:44 magnuse ashimema: same for me, shibboleth is not enabled
12:45 * ashimema is checking out shibboleth again now :)
12:52 ashimema ooh.. that's interesting..
12:52 ashimema I'm not seeing it in my logs
12:52 cait hm
12:52 cait wiki not workign for me either
12:53 cait magnuse: did you try with https maybe? this seems not working for me, but http does
12:55 magnuse cait: no https, just testing in my kohadevbox
12:55 magnuse ashimema: do you have REMOTE_USER set?
12:55 * magnuse has no clue how that is set
12:57 ashimema aha.. got the bugger..
12:57 ashimema REMOTE_USER is a server environment variable.. often set by apache during basic auth..
12:57 ashimema your right.. i'm spamming the logs wit my patch..
12:57 ashimema oops.. how did I miss that..
12:58 * magnuse is not good at checking the logs
12:58 ashimema I'll post a patch.. we just need to check definedness before testing for emptyness
12:58 ashimema well spotted magnuse, marcelr
12:58 marcelr khall: please look at my comment 26 on bug 10877; did anything change after that ?
12:58 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10877 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Add "Order Record" processing
12:59 khall not that I'm aware of. Thanks for the rebase!
13:02 ashimema bug 13114
13:02 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13114 new feature, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Disabled Shibboleth authentication spams logs
13:02 cait ashimema: you put a bug in the shibboleth i qa'd!
13:02 cait ;)
13:02 ashimema hehe.. will be fixed in 5 minutes or so ;)
13:03 ashimema we'll still makes freeze i hope ;)
13:03 magnuse ashimema++ for quick response :-)
13:06 khall tcohen: I've filed a fix as bug 13115
13:06 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13115 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Holidays.t will fail some unit tests on Sundays
13:06 tcohen khall++
13:07 * khall is now rebooting
13:07 ashimema sorry guys.. thanks for spotting it so quick..
13:08 ashimema patch pushed to bz
13:09 * magnuse will attempt a signoff
13:09 ashimema :)
13:13 tcohen magnuse: maybe another signoff on top of mine :-P
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13:14 magnuse tcohen++
13:14 magnuse i don't think i'll bother :-)
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13:25 cait bye all, cya later
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13:26 oleonard Hi #koha
13:33 ashimema haha, nice
13:37 tcohen hi oleonard
13:46 oleonard This might be useful if we need to supplement the Bootstrap icon set:[…]eleases/tag/1.0.0
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14:09 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
14:09 edveal joined #koha
14:09 mtompset I was wondering if someone could confirm something for me.
14:09 mtompset diff ./opac-tmpl/ccsr/itemtypeimg​/crystal-clear/_COPYING.txt ./intranet-tmpl/prog/img/itemtyp​eimg/crystal-clear/_COPYING.txt
14:10 mtompset in the koha template directory of a git.
14:10 mtompset Are they identical or differ by two lines?
14:11 oleonard 'git diff' shows no differences
14:12 mtompset are the file sizes the same?
14:12 mtompset or 2 bytes off?
14:13 oleonard I dunno, git diff doesn't say anything
14:13 mtompset Do two ls -la's. :P
14:14 oleonard So I take it the  NewItemsDefaultLocation system preference doesn't work with MARC imports? Does anyone know?
14:14 oleonard It didn't work for me, but I could be doing it wrong.
14:15 mtompset NewsItemsDefaultLocation?
14:15 oleonard No,  NewItemsDefaultLocation
14:15 mtompset Oh... New... Sorry, misread.
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14:17 oleonard Also, shouldn't the PROC location be removed after I check something in?
14:17 oleonard Anyone used this feature before?
14:18 mtompset I know nothing. Sorry.
14:28 tcohen mtompset: don't worry about that
14:28 mtompset Kind of matters.
14:28 mtompset bug 12653
14:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12653 normal, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Needs Signoff , PROG/CCSR deprecation: Correct hard-coded opac-tmpl/prog path in tests
14:28 mtompset the icon directories are compared, and things go boom. :)
14:30 tcohen doesn't bernardo fix it in the patch?
14:30 mtompset I apply the patch, but it isn't fixed.
14:31 mtompset So, I'm trying to figure out where, why, how...
14:31 mtompset rather than outright fail qa.
14:31 tcohen let me handle that patch mtompset
14:31 tcohen don't worry about it
14:31 mtompset because everything else looks good.
14:40 tcohen mtompset: i told bgkriegel the tests are failing, will be working on that
14:54 tgoatNELA joined #koha
15:00 kmlussier joined #koha
15:32 reiveune bye
15:32 reiveune left #koha
15:46 mtompset tcohen: I put up a patch which handles the whitespace properly. could you get bgkriegel to test it and sign it off, so the status of the bug can be set to signed off? :)
15:55 fridolin by
15:55 fridolin heu bye ;)
15:55 fridolin left #koha
15:58 francharb joined #koha
16:03 talljoy joined #koha
16:15 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
16:17 talljoy good day #koha
16:28 cait joined #koha
16:49 Pablo joined #koha
16:51 gaetan_B bye
16:53 sophie_m bonsoir
16:53 tcohen hola sophie_m
16:54 Pablo holaa!!
16:57 Pablo muchachos alguien que hable español? que me pueda ayudar?
16:58 tcohen hola Pablo
16:58 tcohen no queres practicar ingles?
16:58 Pablo hola tcohen
16:58 Pablo soy muy malo para el ingles jejje
16:58 tcohen no hay problem
16:58 tcohen a
16:58 Pablo usted sabe sobre koha?
16:59 tcohen bastante
16:59 Pablo me puede ayudar?
16:59 tcohen veremos :-D contanos
16:59 Pablo ok jej
16:59 Pablo ya lo tengo todo instalado y funciona bien
16:59 tcohen dame un segundo
17:00 tcohen y me contas
17:00 Pablo ok gracias
17:01 tcohen decime
17:02 Pablo gracias .. bueno lo que pasa es que cuando quiero ingresar una bibliografía, los campos me aparecen con HASH(xxxxxx) y no se porque :(
17:02 Pablo tengo una imagen, no se si se puede enviar por aca la url?
17:03 tcohen podes pegar la imagen en
17:03 tcohen que versión de Koha tenes?
17:04 Pablo dame un segundo que la pego
17:05 Pablo es la ultima version, la verdad que la baje con git
17:05 tcohen espero la imagen
17:05 * cait waves from dinner
17:08 gustavospertino joined #koha
17:08 Pablo listo acá esta
17:09 Pablo si puedes ver, los campos aparecen con HASH() y no con las cajas de texto
17:09 tcohen correcto
17:09 tcohen podrías ira Acerca de Koha y decirme que version es?
17:10 Pablo
17:10 Pablo esa es
17:12 tcohen ok, dejame revisar
17:13 Pablo muchas gracias tcohen
17:13 tcohen Pablo: podrías mostrarme como tenes configurada la hoja de trabajo predeterminada?
17:13 tcohen especificamente el campo 245$a
17:14 tcohen pareciera que has enlazado los campos con listas de valores autorizados
17:15 Pablo uu mil disculpas pero com veo la configuración de ese campo?
17:15 Pablo te puedo dar el acceso si lo quieres, como es de prueba no afecta en nada
17:16 tcohen una pregunta, ¿puede ser que estes usando unos templates en español desactualizados?
17:16 tcohen podrías probar en ingles para sacarnos la duda
17:16 Pablo ok
17:17 Pablo :O
17:17 Pablo claro que si, lo cambie a ingles y si me muestra los cmpos
17:17 Pablo campos
17:17 tcohen andó?
17:17 Pablo si
17:17 tcohen :-P
17:18 Pablo :(
17:18 Pablo y a que se debe eso?
17:18 tcohen queres contar que estabas probando?
17:18 tcohen basicamente el problema es que cuando se actualiza de una version a otra los templates van cambiando
17:18 Pablo cambie la interfaz del sistema solo a ingles y ya me muestra todos los campos
17:18 tcohen y si no actualizas las traducciones de los templates se quedan atras
17:19 Pablo uff
17:19 Pablo jejje
17:19 Pablo :$
17:19 Pablo pero para actualizar la traducción hay que volver a instalar?
17:19 tcohen no
17:19 tcohen como lo instalaste?
17:20 Pablo por git-clone y luego segui los pasos del manual
17:20 tcohen que manual?
17:20 Pablo el que viene en la carpeta de koha cuando se descarga
17:21 Pablo dejame ver el nombre
17:21 tcohen INSTALL.*
17:21 Pablo install.debian
17:21 wahanui install.debian is at​koha.git;a=blob;f=INSTALL.debian
17:21 Pablo claro
17:22 tcohen lo que tenes que hacer es, ir a la carpeta misc/translator
17:22 tcohen y ejecutar
17:22 tcohen perl translate install es-ES
17:22 Pablo voy
17:22 tcohen hay alguna razon en particular para que instales usando Git?
17:23 tcohen puedo recomendarte no hacerlo *para nada*?
17:23 Pablo la verdad que es primera vez, y no manejo mucho linux, y como en el manual estaban las dos opciones segui esa
17:24 Pablo pero lo tendre en mente para otra oportunidad
17:24 tcohen FTR: this is mtompset's fault
17:24 tgoat joined #koha
17:25 tcohen Pablo: si no manejas bien linux
17:25 tcohen te recomiendo que hagas un backup de la base de datos
17:25 tcohen sigas estas instrucciones para instalarlo de vuelta
17:25 tcohen[…]ubuntu_-_packages
17:25 tcohen y luego te ayudamos a cargar la base que estuviste trabajando, en el nuevo
17:25 Pablo es lo mismo para debian?
17:26 tcohen si
17:26 tcohen esas instrucciones andan perfecto en debian
17:26 Pablo ok.. lo haré para ver como me va..
17:27 tcohen Pablo, donde estas ?
17:28 Pablo como donde? disculpa
17:28 tcohen estas en argentina?
17:28 Pablo no no.. soy de Santiago, Chile :$
17:29 tcohen excelente :-D
17:29 Pablo jeje
17:29 * tcohen piensa que es bueno tener amigos en muchos sitios
17:29 Pablo así es
17:29 Pablo la verdad que acá no hay mucha ayuda sobre koha
17:29 Pablo los foros estan muy desactualizados
17:30 Pablo y los chat de ayuda no funcionan
17:30 tcohen no tenemos foros
17:30 tcohen ni tenemos chats de ayuda
17:30 Pablo :O
17:30 tcohen :-D
17:30 Pablo y acá hay webs que si lo dicen
17:30 Pablo bueno
17:30 tcohen ah, deben ser proveedores de servicios
17:30 Pablo aaa, jejej puede ser
17:30 tcohen me pasas el enlace?
17:31 Pablo dame un seg que busco uno
17:31 tcohen el sitio oficial es
17:31 tcohen ahi hay mucha informacion
17:32 Pablo
17:33 Pablo hay muchos que apuntan a esa url de koha-community
17:33 tcohen fuck
17:33 tcohen eso es un proveedor de servicios
17:34 tcohen que tiene un sitio que parece "muy oficial"
17:34 tcohen te recomiendo buscar la lista de correo koha-es en yahoo
17:34 tcohen *yahoogroups
17:34 tcohen que es la lista de hispanohablantes de koha
17:34 Pablo si.. hace un rato la vi
17:35 Pablo estaba de hecho mirando por si alguien tenia el mismo problema
17:35 tcohen si necesitas ayuda para volver a instalar ese Koha, avisame
17:36 Pablo sería genial contar con tu ayuda, la verdad que es bueno contar con personas como tu, que ayudan
17:36 Pablo se agradece mucho
17:38 tcohen yo estoy en koha-es. lo mismo que muchos otros dispuestos a ayudarte
17:38 Pablo gracias..
17:38 tcohen asi que no lo dudes, y sumate pronto
17:38 tcohen ninguna pregunta esta de mas, no te quedes con dudas
17:38 Pablo disculpa, estoy viendo el manual. y el install koha-common, baja directamente del repo?
17:41 tcohen yeah :-D
17:41 tcohen agregas el repo, y ejecutas el instalador :-D
17:41 tcohen supongo que ahora comprenderas mi recomendacion :-D
17:42 Pablo sii
17:42 Pablo :D
17:43 Pablo se ve mas facil
17:43 tcohen si ya trabajaste en la base de datos de ese Koha
17:44 tcohen podemos ver la manera de reutilizar esa base de datos
17:44 tcohen por eso te decia que me avises si necesitas ayuda
17:44 Pablo si si claro, seguro que te la pediré  :D
17:45 Pablo voy a hacer esa instalación, aunque la base de datos esta de cero
17:45 Pablo no tiene registros aún
17:45 tcohen ah, esta de cero tu base?
17:45 Pablo si
17:45 tcohen y las configuraciones?
17:45 Pablo estas estaran guardadas, pero esta todo por defecto
17:46 tcohen ah
17:46 tcohen entonces detona el servidor y empeza de vuelta
17:46 Pablo aún no hemos metido registros ni nada
17:46 Pablo si si
17:46 Pablo lo hare
17:46 tcohen una nota al margen:
17:46 tcohen 1) instalar koha-common 2) ejecutar koha-translate --install es-ES 3) seguir con la creación de la instancia...
17:46 tcohen el punto 2 es importante
17:47 tcohen porque no siempre esta bien explicado como hacer para tener la informacion predeterminada en español
17:47 tcohen cait: i'm preparing our photos for sharing
17:47 cait :)
17:47 cait i am doing laundry...
17:48 Pablo guardare eso jeje
17:48 tcohen now druthb_away has been on a cruise she doesn't like us anymore
17:48 cait yeah... looks like it
17:49 tcohen @later tell rangi are you using the #kohacon14 hashtag?
17:49 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
17:49 * druthb pokes tcohen gently
17:49 * tcohen likes that
17:50 druthb :P
17:50 * druthb has always liked tcohen and cait and all her other friends here.  That's why she keeps comin' around.
17:51 tcohen druthb: so no Stockholm syndrom
17:51 druthb :P
17:52 cait heh
17:53 Pablo tcohen muchisimas gracias por tu ayuda, en cuanto lo instale te avisaré
17:54 tcohen Pablo: you are welcome, welcome to the Koha community :-D
17:54 Pablo :-P
17:55 cait :)
18:07 cait tcohen: can you also put a link on the wiki page for the photos?
18:08 tcohen don't think so :-P
18:13 cait pf :P
18:13 tcohen they seem to be 1GB so, need to wait a bit
18:13 cait did you delete all bad photos of me?
18:14 tcohen they all look awesome cait
18:14 * cait has doubts :)
18:18 paul_p joined #koha
18:28 tcohen
18:30 rangi tcohen: use the hashtag for?
18:30 rangi flickr photos? yes
18:32 tcohen rangi: yes
18:32 tcohen didn't know how to do it
18:32 tcohen found it already, thanks
18:33 * cait giggles at some of the photos and growls at others
18:34 rangi are these the ones youre cousin took tcohen ?
18:34 tcohen rangi: yes
18:35 rangi nice!
18:36 cait yep
18:38 tcohen i love this one[…]2157648874663692/
18:38 tcohen being "paletted"
18:38 tcohen heh
18:38 cait heh
18:38 rangi hehe
18:39 cait i like the ones on th egrass
18:40 * tcohen knew you like'd it!!!!
18:40 tcohen this one[…]@N05/14965082993/
18:40 tcohen RM <-> QAM meeting taking place
18:40 tcohen look #koha in who's hands are you!
18:41 cait heh
18:41 cait that was sabotage by bgkriegel!
18:41 cait first knocking over my weak fernet with coke only to replace it with a real strong one!
18:45 tcohen cait: do u actually remember what was going on? i think it was too much fernet for you
18:46 cait tcohen: heh
18:47 tcohen druthb: did cait tell u about fernet already?
18:47 druthb no….
18:47 tcohen hmpf, did u see the picture? she's been mis-behaving a bit
18:47 druthb oooo
18:47 * druthb wants pics.
18:48 tcohen druthb:
18:49 cait :P
18:49 druthb hm…creaky slow link
18:50 druthb there it is…
18:51 druthb cait, you got pretty red laying in the grass.  Too much sun, or embarrassed to get caught?
18:52 * tcohen saw cait quite happy, so drunk i think
18:52 druthb lol
18:52 cait :P
18:53 cait that's what you get for doing tcohen a favor...
18:53 cait I was not that drunk
18:53 cait just a little tipsy
18:53 * druthb suspects a happy-drunk cait is more fun!
18:54 cait druthb: the sun couldn't get to me that day - everyone was trying to drown me in sun lotion
18:54 druthb lol
18:54 druthb cait, you're so pale!  Here's some sun lotion!
18:54 druthb wahanui:  cait?
18:54 wahanui cait is from germany. Ask me about germany.
18:54 tcohen we had great time, and cait wasn't drunk, but quite happy
18:55 druthb wahanui:  cait is also very pale, and needs lots of sun lotion.
18:55 wahanui okay, druthb.
18:55 * druthb snickers.
18:56 * druthb squints at the pics some more.  paul_p with a beard?
18:57 paul_p hi druthb yep (since something like 4 months)
18:57 paul_p s/since/for/ ;-)
18:57 cait druthb: the reasoning was more: cait is already so red... she needs more sun lotion
18:57 druthb looks good!  :)
18:57 * cait agrees
18:58 * druthb sees talljoy all tall and smiley and beautiful (as always).
18:59 talljoy you haven't seen me today
18:59 druthb Hmpf.  you're always beautiful, dear.  I mark out a short timebox every single day to be jealous.
19:04 ibeardslee joined #koha
19:08 * cait agrees :)
19:08 tcohen bye 3koha
19:08 tcohen #koha
19:09 rangi cya tcohen
19:09 cait cya tcohen
19:43 indradg joined #koha
19:47 laurence left #koha
20:26 rangi morning again
20:34 cait evening again rangi
20:36 wizzyrea hi
20:44 talljoy hola
20:44 indradg joined #koha
20:49 cait hola wizzyrea and talljoy
20:49 talljoy hiya cait!
20:53 cbrannon joined #koha
20:57 indradg__ joined #koha
21:30 eythian hi
21:30 cait night all
21:30 wahanui goodnight cait. You'll be back.
21:30 cait left #koha
21:30 eythian bye
21:44 * magnuse waves sleepily
22:15 * magnuse falls asleep
22:33 talljoy zzzzzzzzzzz
22:33 irma joined #koha
22:41 papa joined #koha
22:50 tgoat joined #koha
22:55 tgoat left #koha
22:57 mneumann_NCRL joined #koha
22:58 mneumann_NCRL Any reported issues with Koha in general? ours is down.
22:58 eythian that's not really how Koha works :)
22:58 BobB joined #koha
22:59 mneumann_NCRL Well there could be VM or cloud hosting issues.
22:59 eythian You'll have to talk to whoever runs your Koha to see what's happening, there's no such thing as Koha in general.
23:16 edveal joined #koha
23:23 edveal_away left #koha

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