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00:50 * BobB heads to KohaCon, boarding in minutes  :)
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09:01 * cait-m__ waves
09:09 cait-m__ ooh noone is here
09:16 cait-m__ anyway, should be boarding my last flight to cordoba in about 15 mins
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13:26 paul_p Good morning from cordoba !
13:26 paul_p (where i's running like mad !)
13:29 paul_p ok, heading for breakfast
13:29 wnickc have fun!
13:30 paul_p @later tell tcohen Tomas, my cellphone: +33614380556. Just sent you an SMS a few minuts ago
13:30 huginn paul_p: The operation succeeded.
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13:57 Brooke Buenos dias amigos!
13:57 * Brooke s Spanish is so bad it's worse than Bender's
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16:32 Brooke o/
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16:38 cait hola
16:38 Brooke hola chica que pasa?!
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18:40 tcohen anyone?
18:40 wahanui i think anyone is free to organize one at any time :-)
18:46 * ribasushi reconnects to the internet again
18:47 ribasushi Joubu: sorry for falling off like that - unexpected life turbulence
18:47 ribasushi if you folks need to chat about any of your design decisions - I should be reachable again
18:52 tcohen hi ribasushi
18:52 ribasushi o/
18:57 tcohen \o
18:57 tcohen Joubu is in Argentina
19:08 ribasushi tcohen: aha, well I have 2 conferences back to back (Perl Dancer Conf, and LinuxCon) so I will be back in full at the end of next week
19:08 ribasushi tcohen: I read the minutes from the meeting I missed (sorry about it again) - I wasn't entirely sure whether you folks ended up with a decision or not, seemed murky ;)
19:10 tcohen we didn't
19:10 tcohen its wip
19:10 tcohen heh
19:11 ribasushi nod
19:11 ribasushi right... well I will be coming online on and off, but feel free to drop me a line here if you need help with something I guess...
19:16 tcohen thanks
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19:49 cait hola
19:49 wahanui kia ora, cait
19:50 rangi Buenos tardes amigos
19:51 cait oh
19:51 cait buenos tardes
19:51 rangi Or is it buenas tardes?
19:52 rangi I always get those wrong
19:52 cait i was wondering
19:52 cait buenos días
19:52 cait buenas tardes
19:53 rangi So who is the clown who didn't bring an adapter for Chile, I checked for Argentina but didn't check for here, lucky I had my powerbank charged
19:54 tcohen goo evening
19:54 cait goo evening :)
19:55 cait tcohen: is talljoy here now?
19:55 tcohen she is
19:55 rangi She's not still in Santiago id have seen her :)
19:56 tcohen cait: at 7C
19:56 cait aah
19:56 cait so they gave her another room then
19:56 cait good i didn't knock :)
19:56 tcohen heh
19:56 tcohen she asked me to tell u the room number
19:56 cait ah
19:57 tcohen good you asked :-D
19:57 cait maybe i should go bye and say hi :)
19:57 rangi We have taken over the Coralt
19:57 cait just trying to get some more water into me
19:57 cait hehe yes
19:57 cait so much that i was asked if the other germans belonged to us too
19:57 cait there is a group of youg germans staying here too, met them and we talked some
19:57 rangi Hehe
19:58 rangi Tell them to come to the conference :)
20:00 cait i think they wanted to go do outside stuff
20:01 cait tcohen: i am in Argentina!
20:01 cait :)
20:01 tcohen :-D
20:01 rangi Hmm it appears Chile loves cream cheese and sparkling water
20:03 rangi Or more likely my Spanish is bad and I asked for sparkling
20:04 cait you want: sin gas
20:04 cait tcohen: ?
20:04 cait that right?
20:04 tcohen yes
20:04 rangi Ahh what is con gas?
20:05 tcohen seen gahss
20:05 wahanui I haven't seen 'gahss', tcohen
20:05 rangi That's what I got
20:05 cait rangi: with gas
20:05 cait con carne..  with meat
20:05 rangi It was a guess
20:05 tcohen con = avec = with
20:06 tcohen sin = without
20:06 rangi Now I know :)
20:06 rangi In guessed sin sounds like in so with gas in
20:08 rangi Next time I'll use my word lens app
20:09 cait :)
20:10 cait tcohen: can we sleep in tomorrow? or do you have plans for us?
20:10 tcohen if you prefer to sleep...
20:10 tcohen we need to finish some practical stuff for the conference
20:11 tcohen (print the credentials, arrange the folders/papers/bags)
20:11 cait it dependson the time i guess :)
20:11 tcohen wiht Bernardo we  thought we could work about 2 hours, and then have lunch
20:11 rangi Cait and I need to work on the presentation too so we  could do that
20:11 tcohen you could join us for lunch if you prefer
20:12 tcohen yes, i'm definitely working on the presentation tomorrow morning
20:12 rangi And then have lunch with you?
20:12 tcohen but will do it there
20:12 cait oh right.. hte presentation
20:12 tcohen ye
20:12 tcohen hmpf
20:12 cait hmpf
20:13 * cait glares at rangi
20:13 tcohen i knew you were going to write that :-P
20:13 rangi Hehe
20:13 tcohen we'll be picking you at the hotel about 9:30 am
20:13 tcohen if you join us, good
20:13 tcohen if you don't, good too
20:13 tcohen we plan to go Parque Sarmiento for lunch
20:14 cait 9:30... that's not sleeping in.. but i guess presentation is not sleeping in either heh
20:14 cait tcohen: when will lunch be?
20:14 tcohen it is used in Cordoba to have around 1pm
20:15 rangi I got very little sleep on the plane, so don't know how I'll be feeling tomorrow, will see
20:15 rangi Sounds good to me
20:15 * cait is getting hit by jet lag right onw too
20:15 tcohen no rush at all
20:16 cait 22:15 at home... probably explains why so sleepy
20:16 tcohen cait: keep awake until 22:00 and you'll be fine tomorrow
20:16 cait trying
20:17 rangi Stay awake to pick me and Bob up
20:17 cait hmmm
20:17 rangi There gave you a reason now hehe
20:17 cait tcohen: could I pick them up with you?
20:18 tcohen if Cecilia joins me for 6pm, then I think we wouldn't fit in the car
20:19 tcohen is it just chris and bob?
20:19 tcohen we can work it out cait
20:19 rangi Yep
20:20 cait ah cecilia is your wife?
20:20 tcohen yes :-D
20:20 cait it was just an idea :) i didn't see much driving around - because of the apocalypse
20:20 tcohen so its Cecilia + Manual actually
20:20 tcohen Manuel
20:20 cait :)
20:21 rangi :)
20:21 cait tcohen: i can see, they need room :)
20:22 tcohen not that much
20:22 tcohen we'll see
20:22 tcohen i was more worried about the size of chris' lugagge
20:22 * tcohen imagines tons of beer cans
20:23 rangi Hehe only 6
20:23 rangi I travel light
20:24 tcohen heh
20:26 rangi 19kg all up
20:27 rangi I even packed one tidy outfit in case we go to see tango
20:28 tcohen heh
20:29 cait i have to pass on the tidy outfit
20:29 cait even my t-shirts got all crinkled :(
20:29 cait 23 exactly
20:29 NateC joined #koha
20:30 rangi Sup nate
20:30 cait NateC: are you guys back?
20:30 NateC we are back
20:31 NateC I have Joy
20:31 NateC I am no longer Joy-less
20:31 rangi How's the internet in the hotel?
20:31 cait lol
20:31 tcohen hi NateC
20:31 cait and i wanted to go downstairs to see here and got trapped here :)
20:31 NateC hiya tcohen!
20:31 tcohen we are meeting soon
20:32 NateC awesome!
20:32 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, NateC
20:32 NateC range the internet is really good here
20:32 NateC rangi
20:32 rangi Sweet
20:33 rangi Seems like we picked a good place to stay
20:33 paul_p cait = NateC & I are back, Arnaud & joubu still walking a little
20:33 cait i think everyone has their own access point too
20:34 paul_p NateC = Joy arrived ?
20:34 NateC paul_p yep! she is here
20:34 paul_p (yes, Coralt is a definetely good place to stay !)
20:34 paul_p she missed the rain...
20:34 rangi Hmm I could get another cerveza but I'd probably fall asleep
20:35 rangi And miss bob
20:35 tcohen rangi: you have enough time for a siesta, so go ahead
20:35 rangi :)
20:35 paul_p rangi where are u now ?
20:35 rangi Santiago airport
20:36 rangi Bon is in Santiago itself in a hotel but we are on the same flight to Córdoba
20:36 paul_p so, you'll face the same problem as the one we faced (at 1:10AM...) : borders controls...
20:36 rangi Yep
20:36 rangi But at 10.45 at least
20:37 paul_p it took us 2 hours to reach Coralt. If you can be in front of the plane, don't hesitate : you'll exit first, and don't wait for the whole queue (Arnaud & I were standing on the last row of the plane :( )
20:38 rangi I'm 17 so middle of the plane
20:38 rangi Not sure what row bob is in
20:39 cait it wasn't so bad for me
20:39 cait and i was 3 am.. but in buenos aires
20:39 cait was pretty fast there, only took a little longer becuase they were just switching people for the new shift at passport control
20:41 rangi Dunkin donuts here plays some random music
20:41 rangi It's lil john at the moment
20:43 paul_p NateC = tcohen will ping me when close to Coralt, around 6:30
20:43 paul_p => go downstairs
20:43 NateC great!
20:43 paul_p => walk
20:44 paul_p => dinner
20:44 paul_p => sleep
20:44 NateC sounds good to me!
20:44 cait tcohen: what's the plan for when you get here?
20:44 tcohen i was thinking of walking towards "Paseo de las artes"
20:45 tcohen it is close to the Coralt
20:45 tcohen 15min walk
20:45 tcohen there you can find lots of souvenirs and interesting artistic stuff
20:45 rangi Cool
20:45 tcohen and there are places to have some coffee / cake / beer / martini, etc
20:46 tcohen it is open weekends only
20:46 tcohen from 17:00 to around 21:00
20:46 tcohen the bars and restaurants are open all night long
20:46 tcohen :-D
20:47 paul_p bars--, but restaurant++ :D
20:47 tcohen next monday (the one after the asado sunday)
20:47 cait tcohen: i think diner here is late?
20:47 tcohen is holiday
20:47 tcohen so those shops will be open that monday
20:47 rangi Columbus eh?
20:47 tcohen cait: yes, around 21:00 is normal here
20:48 cait tcohen: might skip dinner if my head doesn't stop pounding, but wil come downstairs to say hi
20:48 tcohen fresh air is good too :-P
20:48 tcohen around 9:30 i'll leave, to pick chris up
20:48 cait in osome cases yes :) but i know when i get like that i need some sleep and lots of water
20:49 tcohen
20:49 tcohen street view shows it empty
20:50 tcohen such is not the case of course
20:50 paul_p exactly the opposite of where we were previously. Perfect :D
20:51 cait ok, leaving laptop on but igonring all of you for 20 mins :)
20:51 cait will be downstairs :15?
20:52 paul_p cait probably :30. Will ping you when tcohen ping me :D
20:52 cait i will sleep a bit, or try to close my eyes
20:53 tcohen cait: drink a lot of water first
20:53 rangi Right I'm going to find my gate and look for bob
20:54 cait say hi to bob :)
20:54 cait tcohen: working on that
21:18 cait hm anyone still around?
21:19 cait i got no water in my apartment
21:19 cait suddenly
21:19 paul_p cait in 6L
21:20 paul_p cait same for us. Come here, we've a BIG water bottle ;)
21:20 cait hm it's back
21:21 cait making some strange sounds but back
21:21 cait i wlil come down in a moment
21:21 paul_p cait in our appartment or outside ?
21:23 cait where wil you be?
21:23 cait ah
21:24 paul_p cait as you prefer. We're talking in 6L, we can talk outside too ;-)
21:24 paul_p (and no water for us)
21:27 cait weird
21:28 cait i will come down to 6l in a moment

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