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01:15 * mmsulib slaps NateC around a bit with a large fishbot
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02:05 wizzyrea O.o no slapping.
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03:33 wizzyrea hi, um, question
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03:33 wizzyrea one of you with an updated bash - can you koha-disable?
03:34 wizzyrea I keep getting /usr/sbin/koha-disable: 35: [: =: argument expected
03:35 * wizzyrea just leaves that there
03:35 wizzyrea I don't have any non-updated bashes to test with.
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05:07 mtj me too wizzyrea
05:08 mtj i do recall that error too
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05:08 mtj Bug 12856
05:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12856 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , koha-disable fails without disabling site
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05:20 bobb_ hello
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05:20 bobb_ anyone about?
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05:21 bobb_ mtj about?
05:21 chrisvella94__ ping BobB
05:21 mtj hiya
05:21 mtj about
05:21 bobb_ hi mtj
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05:22 bobb_ we're having bizzare irc problems over here
05:23 bobb_ anyway, I seem to be connected
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05:26 mtj bingpond seems to be bouncing for the last few hours
05:26 mtj bingpong
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05:30 * magnuse waves
05:31 BobB hi magnuse
05:31 chrisvella94 Hello BobB
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05:32 magnuse howdy BobB
05:32 magnuse ...and irma
05:34 bobb_ we're experiencing irc flakiness - probably at our ISP
05:34 bobb_ sorry for the noise
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06:42 reiveune hello
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06:52 ashimema Good morning #koha
06:53 sophie_m good morning #koha and ashimema
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06:57 marcelr hi #koha
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07:04 mtj hi all
07:04 mtj wizzyrea:  aah sorry, i thought you were getting that error on an *old* bash
07:05 mtj you are getting that on a new one huh :/
07:06 mtj hmm, it works for me - i'll add my debug to the ticket
07:08 ashimema no cait yet?
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07:10 cait morning #koha
07:10 marcelr hi cait
07:12 cait hi marcelr :)
07:12 ashimema lol..
07:12 ashimema I was just asking where yuo were cait
07:12 marcelr ashimena: did you perhaps have a look at bug 12823 (as a result of your qa work for 6536) ?
07:12 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12823 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Add some hints for Host, Database and SRU search fields mappings
07:12 cait hm 9:12... not late really :)
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07:19 fridolin hie all
07:20 cait hi fridolin
07:22 fridolin hie cait good morning
07:22 marcelr hi fridolin
07:23 marcelr thx for your signoff
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07:23 paul_p hi #koha
07:24 cait morning paul_p
07:24 cait countdown is running :)
07:24 paul_p would be funny if not related to a 200+k€ tender : "your offer is rejected because you haven't proven that you're a representative or manufacturer of the offered software" (which is #koha, of course...)
07:25 paul_p cait yep, and EOS (End Of Strike) for Air France. (Just heard that Lufthansa pilots are starting one !)
07:25 cait wtf?
07:25 cait paul_p: flying swiss and aerolinea argentina... so hopefully not a problem
07:25 paul_p cait = probably an administrative ppl that understand nothing to OpenSource. And my letter saying "it's irrelevant" has not been enough to convince them...
07:25 paul_p ++
07:27 magnuse ouch
07:28 ashimema paul_p.. what a joke of a tender response
07:28 paul_p magnuse (no cheese for you if I can't change their mind :\ )
07:29 ashimema Is 'Koha::Database->new()->schema()->resultset('')' really how were calling dbic!?
07:29 ashimema feels like allot of boiler to me.
07:30 rangi thats all dbix ashimema no boiler at all
07:30 ashimema In all my dbic appas I have the conenction handled further up..
07:31 rangi exactly
07:31 ashimema so in my modules I just call db->resultset()
07:31 rangi which is what i was saying
07:31 marcelr ashimema: you could split that line
07:31 ashimema seems odd to me that we pass the connection down into the modules.. but I'm sure there's a reason
07:32 ashimema but then I suppose in my apps I'm also using dbic within my objecyt.. so it's actuall $sefl->db->
07:33 ashimema anywho..
07:33 ashimema thanks for clarification
07:33 rangi it doesnt actually matter where you do it, as long as you arent doing it in the scripts
07:33 ashimema I'm sure I just spotted a few places where it's already in scripts
07:34 rangi yep, that will need to be fixed, imho, thats just as bad as sql in the scripts
07:34 ashimema I take it from that that we decided upon something after the dbic meeting..
07:34 ashimema I thought it was going the other way..
07:35 cait i think no final resolutio sof ar :(
07:35 ashimema :'(
07:35 cait there is still the question if some easy things can be done in pl scripts, like find and search I think?
07:36 cait where you don't have lots of logic
07:36 rangi there never will be, and trying to get one is futile, working code will win, forget i even mentioned dbix::class
07:37 cait rangi: the problem is... the code seems to work with different approaches - hard for QA
07:38 ashimema looks like ->count, ->find, ->search and ->columns all exist in scripts already ;)
07:38 ashimema I no likey
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08:22 Joubu Hello #koha
08:22 cait hi Joubu :)
08:22 magnuse bonjour Joubu
08:24 marcelr hi Joubu
08:25 Joubu hi cait, magnuse and marcelr :)
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08:40 bobb_ hello
08:43 magnuse hiya bobb_
08:46 BobB__ hi magnuse
08:46 BobB__ looks like our IRC weirdness is resolved :)
08:47 * BobB__ goes to cook dinner
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09:28 akafred I sent a message to koha-devel on Friday ... doesn't seem to have arrived...? Strange?
09:29 magnuse akafred: you are subscribed to the list?
09:31 akafred Yup. But haven't received anything since Thursday. (Mail from Jonathan Druart.) Which is in line with what the archives show: http://lists.koha-community.or[…]ptember/date.html
09:34 magnuse ah, perhaps someone needs to give the mail server a kick?
09:35 magnuse probably someone at biblibre - paul_p should know...
09:38 paul_p akafred : I've asked lds to come. He's the one managing our infrastructure, including mail servers (cc magnuse )
09:39 paul_p akafred = can you send an email to sysop at biblibre.Com, laurent can't come for now.
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09:49 akafred Will do.
09:52 akafred Done.
09:52 cait akafred++
09:52 akafred Thanks cait ;-)
09:54 cait :)
09:58 cait that made me laugh :) http://kohadevreactions.tumblr[…]like-to-be-the-rm
10:06 cait tcohen++
10:09 magnuse y'all be nice to him during kohacon, ok?
10:09 * cait promises
10:09 magnuse :-)
10:59 khall mornin all!
11:00 marcelr hi khall
11:01 magnuse bonjour khall
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11:44 cait hi khall :)
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11:56 oleonard marcelr: That the Cart and Lists don't work with JS disabled is a bug, not intentional
11:57 oleonard The Cart button shouldn't show up at all
12:00 oleonard The lists feature should mostly work with JS off, so the button should be an active link to the lists page
12:02 oleonard Anyone here have the power to boot someone from the mailing list?
12:04 cait oleonard: which one?
12:04 wahanui which one is, like, that? The fixed navbar
12:04 oleonard Spam messages from to the Koha list
12:04 cait hm not sure about the main koha list, becasue that's katipo
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12:24 marcelr oleonard: Yes, these are inconsistencies. But since a lot of stuff goes via js or jquery now, the question is if we should support disabling it at all. The secureness of doing so seems somewhat dubious.
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12:24 tcohen joined #koha
12:24 oleonard marcelr: It has for a long time been the goal that the OPAC should function reasonably well without JS. That doesn't mean that I think browsing without JS is a good idea.
12:25 tcohen morning
12:25 marcelr hi tcohen
12:28 tcohen hi marcelr
12:46 edveal joined #koha
12:48 cait hi tcohen :)
12:49 oleonard By the way marcelr, you can disable JavaScript in Firefox from the built-in Developer Tools pane (same in Chrome)
12:49 marcelr ok
12:49 oleonard Click the "gear" icon and find the checkbox labeled "Disable JavaScript"
12:50 * oleonard uses the Web Developer addon instead
12:50 marcelr yes i see it now thx
12:54 francharb Good morning all. Quick question because I dont remember. Does Koha use indicator for non filling caracter to sort search results?
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13:07 cait francharb: currently not afaik
13:08 francharb thanks cait
13:09 cait francharb: i think we don't do something with them, we probably couuld with dom...
13:09 cait but that woudl require work
13:10 barrc hey all - has anyone noticed a slow down in search results in systems that package upgrade from 3.14 to 3.16?
13:12 cait barrc: i had a coworker comment to that - coming from 3.12
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13:14 barrc cait: Do you know if they managed to nail down a reason? I've exhausted my limit knowledge of zebrasrv at this stage. The debug logs show zebra completing quick but it waits for 10-12 seconds before issuing results!?
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13:15 * magnuse has not heard any complaints
13:17 cait wow that's really too long then
13:17 cait i am not sure what you can do there :(
13:17 cait maybe someone else has an idea?
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13:20 oleonard My search results ordered by title ignore (English) articles
13:21 barrc I know, it's a killer. Small enough results set too. Anyhoo, I'll running through it, line by line. Which is nice!
13:22 oleonard francharb: ^^
13:22 oleonard ...With DOM indexing ...though I don't know how it's doing it :)
13:23 * oleonard suspects magic
13:24 cait oleonard: oh
13:24 cait oleonard: i thought that was broken, we get complaints actually... interesting!
13:24 cait maybe there is some magic that we are missing for german
13:25 oleonard This is in my test system so you can assume it's not any magic which required my intervention
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13:27 cait oleonard: i suspect there is a zebra file somewhere that says: ignore the
13:28 francharb oleonard, cait, I know zebra use a file of non sorting character. The default is for english articles : a an, the, etc
13:28 francharb yes there is cait
13:29 cait francharb: intersting!!
13:31 francharb cait,  sort-string-utf.chr
13:32 cait francharb: i am making a note to that
13:33 francharb ;)
13:34 francharb cait, I don't know if dom indexing use it though...
13:34 francharb It's very likely but i'm not 100% sur
13:34 francharb sure
13:35 cait we can test, it's something we should take a look at, but probably not this week :)
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14:22 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
14:22 mtompset @seen khall
14:22 huginn mtompset: khall was last seen in #koha 3 hours, 23 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: <khall> mornin all!
14:23 khall yo
14:23 mtompset Would you care to look at Bug 5010? :)
14:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5010 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Fix OPACBaseURL to include protocol
14:24 mtompset This makes other fixes I'm trying to work on so much nicer. :)
14:25 mtompset I know this is a bug that Joubu also had been watching. :)
14:29 Joubu mtompset: yep, I will try to have a look when it will be signed off
14:31 khall mtompset: will do!
14:31 vi joined #koha
14:32 mtompset Thanks. :)
14:36 khall mtompset: would it be possible to add another unit test to prove that "http://" is prepended to the base url if it isn't provided?
14:37 mtompset updatedatabase does that... and...
14:37 mtompset so does the ugliness in
14:37 mtompset which is why there are C4/Context tests.
14:39 khall so there's already a UT for that?
14:40 khall I was just looking at the new tests in your patch
14:41 mtompset Well, I guess there isn't an express one.
14:46 ashimema why exactly are we pushing for having the protocol in the syspref?
14:54 ashimema If we do that I will have to change the shibboleth patch to explicitly strip out http and replace with https.. whereas at the moment I force a https redirect.
14:54 mtompset ashimema: which shibboleth patch?
14:55 ashimema I don't like the idea of having the protocol in the pref at all.. it gives the library the idea that they can switch to https by just prepending the preference.. which is imho allot less that it takes.
14:55 ashimema bug 8446
14:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8446 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Signed Off , Shibboleth authentication patch
14:56 ashimema it's fairly trivial to post yet another followup to do this change..
14:56 ashimema but I just want a good reason as to why we want to hard code protocol in at the preference level..
14:57 ashimema surely it's somthing that should be controlled at the apache redirect level if you want to force https.. or otherwise it should be selectable by the opac user via the address bar?
14:58 ashimema and I thought bug 11575 got around the proxy issues
14:58 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11575 normal, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Pushed to Master , OPACBaseURL sometimes set by ENV variable and not system preference
14:58 ashimema in terms of being able to reliably get protocol from environment variables..
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15:09 mtompset Yes, 11575 is affected/reversed by my 5010, but that is because you can actually put in the correct URL into OPACBaseURL including http:// or https://.
15:09 mtompset you don't need to figure out the OPAC protocol when you are running the Staff client.
15:11 mtompset Also, the in your patch doesn't use OPACBaseURL at all.
15:11 mtompset at least in the first patch... checking rest.
15:12 mtompset Yep, second patch would need fixing.
15:12 mtompset But why hardcode https?!
15:13 cait because it won't work ever without
15:13 reiveune bye
15:13 reiveune left #koha
15:13 cait shibboleth requires https
15:14 mtompset Fine, but why hardcode https when you can have it properly given in the OPACBaseURL?
15:14 ashimema bacuase shibboleth is a https only protocol
15:15 ashimema I actually suggest you add redirects in your apache conf personally..
15:16 mtompset should protocols be hardcoded in the code?
15:16 ashimema not really..
15:16 ashimema so yeah.. your right it shuldn't be in my patch either..
15:16 ashimema but it felt better to break it there.. than break what was the current standard in the syspref.
15:17 mtompset That's why I did 5010 the way I did, because if you are using the Staff client, you don't know the protocol of the OPAC, but the person setting the system preference OPACBaseURL would.
15:17 ashimema I'm nto definitely against having protocol in pref.. but want to have a good reason.
15:17 mtompset And if you are using shibboleth, then that protocol should be tested.
15:18 ashimema my point is more or less.. how do you know it's https short of the apache definition..
15:19 ashimema surely the apache config is the definative place.. Not a sys pref
15:19 ashimema if your allowing protocol in the syspref.. but then overriding it in apache to allow both http and https.. or haven't setup https in your apache.. then other things will break when you stick https into a pref?
15:22 mtompset redirect https to http?!
15:23 mtompset Actually, the authoritative place is the system administrator who configures apache and koha. :)
15:23 cait Joubu: do you remember if we fixed the price calculation on the invoice page at some point?
15:24 cait Joubu: i thought there was a patch - I am seeing a problem in 3.12 i think is fixed in newer versions
15:25 mtompset if apache knows http only, and syspref says https. Yes, bust. But 'http' is the default add. People don't type https:// unless they know.
15:25 Joubu cait: but 10613?
15:25 tcohen butt
15:26 mtompset if apache knows http and https (either directly or via redirect), and the syspref says https. No problems, as far as I can tell.
15:26 Joubu :)
15:26 Joubu bug 10613
15:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10613 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Gst is not calculated correctly on the invoice page
15:26 cait hm that could be it )
15:26 cait thx!
15:26 ashimema ok mtompset.. i yield
15:26 cait although... i don't quite understand the report from the library
15:26 cait might be my brain being too tired for taxes
15:27 mtompset no need to yield... It just doesn't make sense that someone setting up shibboleth for koha isn't going to configure a system preference and apache.
15:29 talljoy joined #koha
15:33 ashimema my feeling was that they sholdn't need to jump through yet more hoops.. it's complicated enough ;)
15:34 ashimema I'm a fan of a single definitive point of truth.. which by adding it to a syspref your moving further away from in my opinion
15:35 ashimema however.. I do get where your coming from now.. with links between staff and opac.. you can't reference the apache config
15:35 ashimema but then... if apache isn't configured to force your to https for opac.. then why should the staff client always push you to https?
15:37 mtompset My core value is 'no hardcoding things like protocol'. :)
15:38 mtompset ashimema: There are many ways to configure, sometimes people do stupid things, and they still work.
15:43 mtompset Plus, I put an ugly hack into the context saving preference routine to ensure http:// is added. I don't see why that couldn't be tweaked to default to https:// if useshibboleth is set in the koha-conf.xml file.
15:53 ashimema OK.. I'll take a look at the patch then.. and maybe give it that signoff you were fishing for ;)
15:53 ashimema you've convinced me of it's worth otherall now I think.
15:54 mtompset Okay. :)
16:02 kaustubh joined #koha
16:09 cait left #koha
16:10 JasonBurds joined #koha
16:55 NateC joined #koha
17:16 cait joined #koha
17:50 talljoy hi cait!
17:54 rocio left #koha
18:13 cait hi talljoy :)
18:22 talljoy cait are you going to argentina
18:23 cait yes :)
18:24 cait talljoy: have you seen this?[…]_is_arriving_when
18:26 talljoy i need to fill that in!
18:29 talljoy we're all staying at coralt it seems.
18:29 talljoy :-D
18:29 cait yep looks like it :)
18:30 mario joined #koha
18:30 cait talljoy: who else is coming?
18:30 mario hola
18:30 cait hola mario
18:30 mario heya cait
18:30 talljoy nate and brendan and me.
18:31 talljoy nicole was, but had to back out.
18:31 mario talljoy: is THE best me :D
18:31 mario heh
18:31 cait talljoy: nice :)
18:32 cait well that more people are coming
18:32 cait sad about  nicole
18:33 * oleonard disguises himself as nengard and takes her ticket
18:33 cait sorry, but that picture made me laugh
18:33 talljoy ha!
18:34 rangi morning
18:34 cait morning rangi
18:34 rangi talljoy: libby coming to eh?
18:35 oleonard Hi rangi
18:35 bag morning rangi
18:35 talljoy oh yes.  libby is coming!
18:35 bag yeah libby arrives the 11th I think
18:35 bag so she'll join us for the ASADO
18:36 rangi sahweet
18:36 cait oleonard: i tihnk nicole likes skirts
18:36 oleonard It would be worth it
18:37 cait heh
18:37 cait i bet you even look better in one than me :)
18:40 talljoy i can't unsee that image in my brain.
18:40 cait *giggles*
18:41 talljoy do we know where to show up for day1?  heck....when is day1 of kohacon?
18:41 talljoy i should put that on my calendar.  lol
18:41 rangi monday
18:41 talljoy 6th.  got it
18:42 rangi talljoy: if you get the eventbase app on your phone
18:42 * talljoy plans on parking in the lobby and following where rangi goes on monday am
18:42 rangi it has kohacon14 on it
18:42 cait talljoy: there is a google map thing on the website :)
18:42 cait talljoy: that's already my plan too :)
18:42 talljoy i get lost on the wiki...  sadly
18:43 cait[…]hacon14/schedule/
18:43 talljoy excellent.
18:43 cait the full schedule is on ... eventbase or something?
18:43 talljoy getting app installed as well
18:43 rangi yeah
18:43 cait[…]/kohacon14/venue/
18:43 cait here are the maps
18:43 cait bernardo and tomas showed photos - it looks really nice
18:44 rangi @later tell tcohen can i put the schedule up on at[…]hacon14/schedule/ if i copy it from eventbase?
18:44 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
18:44 talljoy hmm... i read the map quickly as 'justicia'  and thougt for a sec it was in a prison.
18:44 * talljoy not sure that was even a real spanish word...
18:46 talljoy i clearly need more coffee
18:47 bag hmm I'm only finding kohacon13 in my eventbase app
18:47 bag is it on there?
18:47 rangi yep
18:48 bag what the F am I doing wrong then
18:48 rangi or it was
18:48 cait hm tomas mentioned it tome yesterday i think
18:48 talljoy i don't see it either bag
18:48 rangi i was looking at it the other day
18:48 cait so i don't think the removed it
18:48 bag hmm maybe it's only searching the US for us talljoy
18:49 talljoy xenocentric searches --
18:49 cait bag: i tihnk you can leave early the last day... enjoy the sun outside
18:49 bag huh?
18:49 bag yeah talljoy I only see the kohacon-reno one
18:49 cait nothing...
18:49 wahanui somebody said nothing was a requirement, we have guidelines though
18:50 bag cait what do you mean?
18:50 cait you will see when you figure out the schedule :)
18:50 bag oh
18:50 bag this is the day I'm looking forward to  -- ,010/12 (Sunday) – Open day / Trip / Asado.
18:51 cait :)
18:51 cait me too
18:51 rangi interesting i can see it but i cant search for it
18:51 cait i have heard there will be gauchos too!
18:51 rangi i wonder what happened
18:51 bag ,0yes gauchos!!!
18:53 talljoy gauchos.
18:53 talljoy oh my
18:53 rangi monday is keynote, history, translating the manual, community organisation, fixing stuff without breaking stuff
18:54 rocio joined #koha
18:54 rangi tuesday is 3 presentations in spanish about implementations, then bokeh, linked data
18:55 cait i think they are going to be translated
18:56 rangi wednesday is translations and sql, 3 talks from schools, funding, integrating discovery (dude from ebsco is flying from aussie for this and is staying for hackfest), coral erm, growing the community
18:56 rangi each day ends with some breakout discussions too
18:56 rangi theres a brief summary anyway
18:56 talljoy bag i'm looking at the eventbase online and see international stuff.  but don't see kohacon2014.  rangi could he have set it to 'hidden' while it was being worked on?
18:57 rangi yeah could well be
18:58 bag ,0ASADO!!!!
18:58 talljoy lol
18:58 cait lol
18:58 talljoy i'm trying to acclimate my body to red meat.
19:00 tcohen spanish presentations will be translated into english
19:01 talljoy hey tcohen
19:03 cait hey tcohen :)
19:05 tcohen rangi:
19:05 tcohen hey, please look for kohacon14
19:05 tcohen on eventbase
19:05 rangi will try again
19:05 tcohen anyway, i found it scrolling up to october 6th
19:05 rangi nope not searchable
19:06 rangi but it used to be
19:06 tcohen i contacted the eventbase guys to pay them the premium version, but they didn't answer
19:06 tcohen i've search 'koha' and it shows
19:07 rangi it only shows the 2 kohacon13 ones for me searching
19:07 rangi even tho i have it in my recent ones, and can view it that way
19:07 rangi weird
19:07 talljoy i can only see 2 reno entries.
19:07 * tcohen regrets contacting them
19:08 tcohen rangi, it now happens to me too
19:08 rangi heh
19:08 rangi proprietary for the lose!!
19:08 rangi :)
19:08 tcohen crapietary
19:08 talljoy lol
19:09 bag ,0heh
19:09 * tcohen was interested in push notifications (premium only)
19:09 rangi *nod*
19:09 rangi would it be ok for me to transcribe the programme onto the koha-community site?
19:10 rangi actually on the wiki would be easier
19:10 rangi then its easier for people to link in slides etc after they present
19:10 tcohen rangi, please do it
19:11 tcohen bernardo did a png for that
19:11 rangi (im on leave for school holidays, so while the kids watch percy jackson i can do it)
19:11 cait heh
19:13 indradg_ joined #koha
19:13 rangi altho atarau just said "this is a crummy movie" i dunno where he gets his vocab from
19:13 talljoy heh
19:14 cait :)
19:28 cait argentina! :)
19:29 talljoy si
19:37 rangi[…]ohacon14/Schedule
19:37 rangi wip still
19:37 tcohen rangi++
19:37 cait rangi++
19:39 cait i added a category to make the nav come back - not sure how to add a kohacon14 one
19:40 talljoy is it just 9 to noon each day?
19:40 talljoy sweet
19:40 tcohen 9~17
19:41 tcohen at 19 we still have sunlight ;)
19:41 talljoy ack
19:41 cait ah
19:41 cait so what's the afternoon program?
19:41 cait workshops?
19:41 tcohen presentations
19:41 wahanui presentations are recorded, so there are links to the video
19:41 cait oh
19:41 tcohen 14~15:30
19:42 cait so rangi is probably not done yet :)
19:42 talljoy we are so impatient, eh cait?
19:42 cait yeah :)
19:43 tcohen
19:43 talljoy snazzy!
19:44 tcohen during breakout discussions, mostly in spanish, you *might* be interviewed outside
19:44 tcohen :-P
19:46 rangi if anyone just edited it
19:46 rangi i just blew away your changes
19:46 rangi as i was still working on it (wip like i said :))
19:46 carmenh_lunch joined #koha
19:47 rangi so you will have to remake your change cait
19:47 cait done
19:47 cait :)
19:51 tcohen byeeee
19:51 rangi cya tcohen
19:51 * tcohen hopes eventbase goes online
19:55 rangi ok gotta go entertain kids bbl
20:19 hankbank joined #koha
20:29 nengard left #koha
20:32 pianohacker joined #koha
20:35 rocio left #koha
20:41 barton afternoon, #koha!
20:44 barton I've got a question about the 'AllowOnShelfHolds' syspref ... it appears that if *any* item is checked out, it will be possible to place a hold ... is this how the syspref was designed, or is this a bug?
20:46 cait barton: it's the current behaviour
20:46 barton Furthermore, the perldoc has the logic backwards...
20:46 cait barton: not strictly a bug, as it has never worked differently
20:46 barton Whether or not the item is currently on loan is also checked - if the AllowOnShelfHolds system preference is ON, an item can be requested even if
20:46 barton it is currently on loan to somebody else.  If the system preference is OFF, an item that is currently checked out cannot be the target of an item-
20:46 barton level hold request.
20:47 cait yeah it's available
20:47 cait not checked out
20:47 cait if it's available you can't put an item level hold on it
20:47 cait there are bugs abut changing the behaviour
20:47 cait but i think enh
20:47 carmenh_lunch joined #koha
20:50 barton cait: enh?
20:50 wahanui enh is enhancement and explained at[…]nt-patch_Workflow
20:50 barton aha.
20:56 cait bug 6837
20:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6837 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, barry, Failed QA , When AllowOnShelfHolds is OFF then holds on records with available items should not be possible
20:58 talljoy i see kohacon14 in eventbase
20:58 talljoy bag ^^
21:00 talljoy @later tell tcohen eventbase shows kohacon2014 now!  thanks!
21:00 huginn talljoy: The operation succeeded.
21:08 cait left #koha
21:17 eythian hi
22:20 BobB joined #koha
22:27 rocio joined #koha
23:13 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
23:18 papa joined #koha
23:31 tcohen joined #koha
23:45 tcohen hi
23:53 tgoat joined #koha

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