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01:06 JesseM joined #koha
01:14 wizzyrea @wunder nzwn
01:14 huginn wizzyrea: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 16.0°C (1:00 PM NZST on September 25, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
01:14 wizzyrea felt a bit warmer than that.
03:41 dcook Hmm, interesting. Anyone else heard this one?[…]40925-10ltx1.html
03:41 dcook Or this one?[…]w-berserk-mozilla
03:43 eythian dcook: did you even read my email to the list? ;)
03:43 jcamins Yes, it's real.
03:43 dcook Hmm, I hadn't seen one from you.
03:43 eythian I hadn't seen the second one though
03:44 dcook eythian: which list?
03:44 eythian koha list
03:44 wahanui koha list is not hosted by biblibre
03:44 dcook Ahh. Still on digests for that one. I only get the devel ones individually.
03:44 dcook So nope :)
03:45 eythian ah right :)
03:45 eythian our sysadmins have been busily patching for much of the day
03:46 dcook Sounds nasty
03:46 dcook Although not as nasty as some articles make it sound
03:46 dcook (depending on how you've set up your system)
03:47 eythian well
03:47 eythian there'll be many subtle, unexpected places it can be exploited through
03:47 dcook Totes
03:47 eythian e.g. if I set up a dummy AP that your laptop connects to, it's mine now.
03:48 dcook AP?
03:48 eythian wireless access point
03:48 dcook Mmm, I thought that might be it, but only because it reminded me of APN
03:49 dcook Mind you, if you do that in general, you're sort of screwed, no?
03:51 eythian not necessarily
03:51 eythian otherwise you could never use wifi at all
03:52 dcook Well, screwed is relative
03:52 dcook I've been pondering that one for a while though
03:52 dcook If you connect to a dummy AP, then everything you do is proxied through that dummy, yeah?
03:52 dcook I've been wondering if you'd still be safe if you were using SSL..
03:53 * dcook needs to do more study
03:53 dcook I suppose the dummy could pretend to be the end site though, yeah?
03:53 dcook But that's another thing
03:53 dcook Why would you say that the laptop is "mine now"?
03:54 eythian SSL would protect you, mostly
03:54 eythian a VPN would do even better
03:55 dcook I've heard that about the VPN
03:55 eythian and it'd be mine because once I can run arbitrary code on it as root, which I could do through dhclient, then you can't tell what I've done to it.
03:55 dcook Why can  you run arbitrary code as root?
03:55 dcook Ah
03:55 dcook Sorry
03:55 dcook lol
03:55 dcook Pays to read the full sentence
03:55 eythian that's thw whole bug :)
03:56 dcook Hmm
03:56 dcook But how does the attacker inject anything from the start?
03:57 dcook All the tests I see are based on already having shell access
03:57 dcook Or accessing a weird URL
03:58 rangi yeah thats just barely scraping the skin of what is vulnerable
03:58 eythian a DHCP server sends things to the DHCP client. That client does things, and then puts some of those values into envvars and calls a shell script so you can do special things on connect. Then it runs the shell script, which causes the variables to be executed.
03:59 rangi
03:59 rangi The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client (dhclient) is used to automatically obtain network configuration information via DHCP. This client uses various environment variables and runs Bash to configure the network interface. Connecting to a malicious DHCP server could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code on the client machine.
03:59 rangi basically unless your machine is not connected to the internet ever .. you should update bash ;)
03:59 dcook hehe
04:00 eythian can also do stuff with SSH, though it's authenticated SSH so not so terrible.
04:00 rangi (not even an exageration)
04:00 dcook Yeah, the Errata blog is interesting. Probably heaps of devices that will never be updated.
04:00 eythian but if you're running a git server on it, say...
04:00 dcook (makes sense)
04:00 dcook rangi: Nice one with the Redhat link.
04:01 eythian oh, also gitweb
04:02 rangi yep
04:04 rangi our git server is patched
04:06 dcook rangi: By patched, do you mean down?
04:06 dcook That sounded rude. Sorry. appears to be down.
04:06 rangi git fetch just worked for me
04:07 dcook Hmm, me too
04:07 dcook The website won't load though :/
04:07 dcook In a browser
04:07 dcook Or...
04:07 dcook now it is
04:07 dcook That's interesting
04:09 rangi you might have caught it when it was hupping apache
04:10 dcook Might've been something on my end as well I suppose
04:10 dcook Seems a bit slow over here at the moment
04:47 eythian ah yeah, that was terribawesome
04:48 dcook I want to cry but I can't.
04:49 dcook Maybe a shower?
04:49 * dcook shudders
04:49 * dcook goes back to his Norwegian post-rock and refuses to click anymore links or watch any videos.
04:52 eythian I'll stick with my Norwegian gothic metal for now.
04:52 dcook Pretty much everything Norwegian is just great
04:52 dcook Well, except Norwegian owned fisheries on the North American west coast
04:52 dcook They're not so good
04:52 dcook They're bad.
04:53 eythian I have no experience with them
04:53 dcook Overfishing the local salmon :(
04:54 eythian ah right
04:56 dcook eythian: Are you a Java fan?
04:56 eythian I know it, that's as far as I'll commit to
04:57 dcook Cool. I seem to recall a Koha person being a Java fan, and I didn't want to grump around them too much :p.
04:57 eythian heh
04:59 dcook Actually, it's mostly just Tomcat. Bleargh, Tomcat.
04:59 dcook Btw, what was the Norwegian gothic metal, eythian?
05:00 eythian Sirenia
05:00 eythian <-- e.g
05:00 * magnuse never heard of it
05:01 dcook The name sounds really familiar
05:01 eythian magnuse: but metal is your country's main export
05:01 dcook hehe
05:01 magnuse i know, my bad probably
05:01 eythian actually, that youtube track is from their newer, wussier stuff.
05:02 dcook I keep thinking that I listened to them a bit in... 2007?
05:02 dcook Hmm, I have heard this song before though
05:02 eythian this came out after then, iirc
05:02 dcook Looks like they changed singers in 2008, me thinks
05:02 eythian that'd be about right
05:03 * magnuse wanders off
05:03 eythian <-- that's from 2004
05:03 dcook I keep thinking there is another Scandinavian metal band I used to listen to around then that had a similar sound..
05:03 eythian magnuse: later for now :)
05:03 dcook magnuse: We can talk about other things too :D
05:04 eythian dcook: there's quite a few in that category
05:04 dcook hehe true
05:04 dcook That's what makes it more difficult to recall who they were
05:04 eythian Nightwish is the most well known, probably
05:04 dcook Aren't they Finnish?
05:04 eythian in that general genre
05:04 gmcharlt[…]/code-of-conduct/
05:04 * dcook wonders if there is something in the code of conduct about not talking about metal
05:04 eythian dcook: they are
05:05 eythian I was thinking the same :)
05:05 * dcook is pretty sure he has a note somewhere with their name..
05:05 dcook hehe
05:05 eythian however, I'd have to patch it out I think.
05:06 eythian dcook: there's also a lot of stuff like that coming out of the Netherlands.
05:06 dcook Hmm, I think they were actually Polish
05:06 dcook Unsun, I think
05:08 * eythian listens
05:09 eythian ooh, neat
05:09 eythian heh, every "related artist" is something I have.
05:09 eythian I'm surprised I haven't encountered this before.
05:10 eythian google music only has one album :/
05:10 dcook :/
05:10 dcook Yeah, I can't remember how I heard about them
05:10 dcook It was definitely around 2007 though
05:10 dcook 2006-2010 were big metal years pour moi
05:11 eythian '08 apparently
05:14 dcook Hmm, I suppose that's possible
05:16 mtj hey #koha, is having a default submit button set for the catalogue tool a feature, or a bug?
05:16 dcook default submit button?
05:16 eythian if you mean what I think you mean, most likely a bug.
05:17 eythian but I'm not sure I know what I think you mean.
05:17 mtj eythian:  i bet you do knwo what i mean :p
05:17 cait joined #koha
05:17 eythian hi cait
05:17 dcook hey cait
05:19 mtj hiya cait
05:19 cait :) hi all :)
05:19 mtj we've got a workflow problem where someone is using a barcode scanner to enter ISBNs , when cataloging
05:20 mtj ..scanner magically sends a return, after the isbn... and form gets accidentally submitted  - oops!
05:20 dcook Mmm, I think Nicole already opened a bug for that
05:20 dcook I just applied that patch a few weeks ago I think
05:21 mtj nice one, dcook
05:21 rangi gmcharlt++
05:21 dcook Of course, I could be crazy..
05:22 mtj i was thinking ... just use JS to fix it - but it feels like its a bug to me
05:23 dcook Looks like I applied a different patch
05:23 dcook Which prevented submit from a carriage return when using a barcode scanner to enter a patron's barcode in the patron record
05:23 gmcharlt[…]-code-of-conduct/
05:23 mtj if there is one screen/form in koha that shouldnt have a default submit, its prolly the cat tool
05:23 cait gmcharlt++
05:24 cait mtj: could you change the scanner configuration? some can be programmed by barcode type
05:24 dcook mtj: Depending on your version, a fix might be as easy as adding "class="noEnterSubmit"" to the input
05:24 dcook cait: You'd probably want to use the carriage return for circulation though
05:24 dcook So I guess it depends on the size of the library and where they do their work..
05:24 Topic for #koha is now Please read the new code of conduct -[…]/code-of-conduct/. The next Koha General IRC meeting is 22 October, 13:00 UTC. Welcome to the IRC home of Koha Please use for pastes.
05:24 mtj agreed dcook
05:24 dcook But yeah. What cait said :)
05:24 cait and if they use the same barcode type for their items thatis isbn :)
05:25 mtj yes, scanner could (perhaps) be reprogrammed too
05:26 eythian well no, it'd make the most sense for it to go to the next field
05:26 eythian and submit if it's the last field
05:26 eythian (at least, imo)
05:26 dcook I was just programming a scanner the other day, and it did have an option of adding a tab instead of a carriage return
05:26 dcook I guess that might be why
05:27 dcook mtj: Can't find the Nicole bug, but I swear she reported that...
05:29 mtj any behaviour other than a default submit, is a good fix
05:30 mtj np dcook,  i'll try to catch her on irc
05:49 cait @wunder Konstanz
05:49 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 10.6°C (7:35 AM CEST on September 25, 2014). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Rising).
05:50 eythian @wunder nzwn
05:50 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 13.0°C (5:30 PM NZST on September 25, 2014). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Steady).
05:50 eythian hmm, it's after 5:30. Time for some patching to happen.
05:50 dcook ?
05:51 eythian I prefer to wait until after hours to do patching of things
05:51 dcook Fair 'nuff
05:52 eythian especially as some of them have slow internet
05:53 dcook Speaking of slow...
05:53 * dcook glares at Tomcat
06:05 eythian dcook: when do you leave for holiday?
06:08 BobB joined #koha
06:10 dcook eythian: Tomorrow after work :)
06:10 eythian nice :)
06:11 dcook Rather excited :D
06:18 cait dcook: have a nice time :)
06:25 irma joined #koha
06:27 eythian there we go, swervers all patched
06:30 irma joined #koha
06:36 reiveune joined #koha
06:36 reiveune hello
06:41 dcook eythian: Finally saw the email to the list ;)
06:41 eythian heh
06:41 dcook I can't believe I've been working on this server all day...
06:41 dcook This should've taken maybe an hour..
06:42 alex_a joined #koha
06:43 alex_a bonjour
06:43 dcook salut alex_a, reiveune
06:44 reiveune salut dcook
06:55 fridolin joined #koha
06:55 fridolin hie all
06:58 akafred joined #koha
07:19 Joubu hello
07:19 wahanui salut, Joubu
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08:09 cait joined #koha
08:09 cait good morning #koha
08:16 fridolin hie cait good morning
08:18 cait hi fridolin :)
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09:38 paxed koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/pro​g/en/includes/    var REASON_UNKNOWN = _("reason unkown");    typo: "unkown"
09:45 cait paxed: can you please file a bug?  I think just posting here it will get lost
09:45 cait and it would make a good bug for a beginner
09:45 cait maybe at hackfest
09:47 paxed from a translation viewpoint, that needs to be reworked anyway.
11:25 Andy joined #koha
11:25 Andy Hi there
11:25 wahanui hi, Andy
11:25 Andy I need help
11:25 Andy I am making patrons
11:25 Andy (students)
11:25 Andy but when I try to login using the ID and password
11:25 Andy I get this Error: You do not have permission to access this page.
11:26 Andy I get it. It's the permission issue but I have given the circulation permission to this user, but still I am getting this error
11:27 Andy Anybody there?
11:43 tcohen joined #koha
11:48 chris_n mtj: ping
11:51 oleonard joined #koha
11:52 oleonard Hi #koha
11:53 chris_n Andy: try giving your user borrowers permissions
11:53 chris_n heya oleonard
11:53 wahanui oleonard is still here, if you just wish hard enough. or Koha's master UI designer
11:57 Andy @chris: It only worked after adding:  catalogue Required for staff login. Staff access, allows viewing of catalogue in staff client.
11:57 huginn Andy: downloading the Perl source
11:58 Andy Is this okay?
11:58 Andy My question is for a question what are the basic permissions we should give? Koha sucks if there is no permission list for students.
12:03 chris_n Andy: expressing opinions such as "Koha sucks" will probably not encourage the folks here to be of much help. But maybe you should have a look around the FAQ on the website: specifically this one:
12:04 jcamins Andy: if you are giving your students access to the staff client, then yes, you will need to follow the instructions that say to give your staff catalogue and staff_access permissions.
12:05 Andy for students, I just want them to check out/check in books and nothing else
12:05 Andy but when I give them only check out and check in permission the system won't let me sign in
12:06 cait Joubu: shoudl 11876 be pqa or do you want someone to take a look at the follwo up?
12:07 chris_n Andy:
12:07 Joubu cait: I wait for an answer from Maxime
12:08 Andy chris_n this is self checkout
12:08 Joubu cait: I let a note ;)
12:09 cait Andy for self checkout you need  staff user to login with, the students need no permissions
12:09 oleonard Oh jeeze you guys I just realized Koha sucks. I'm outta here.
12:10 cait Joubu: saw your comment just now sorry
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13:42 Shane-S Has anyone added Kindle's into their systems? I am thinking of doing that so I can check-out and check-in borrowed kindles.
13:44 nengard joined #koha
13:44 oleonard Shane-S: We have added other equipment, like laptops and bicycles.
13:48 oleonard[…]blionumber=324410
13:48 oleonard[…]blionumber=289796
13:58 Shane-S hmm...i guess now the question is...since I don't mess with Koha much (I just got it running), can I set-up special checkout rules separate from normal library media rules?
13:59 oleonard Shane-S: Yes. Assign those items a different item type and create a separate circulation rule for that item type.
14:00 Shane-S oleonard: ty, I will go play!
14:04 Shane-S seperate question i used packages...can I get from 3.12 to 3.16 easily (I wanted to do it this summer, but it got shelved for about 30 other projects)
14:04 Shane-S Likely a Winter Break project now
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14:19 Shane-S oleonard: will having this rule allow 3 checkout total (2 anything, 1 tablet) or will it only allow 2 max (1 anything, 1 tablet)....
14:20 Shane-S oleonard:  tablet (item type) current checkouts: 1 load period: 7    ; all (item type) current checkout: 2 load period: 7
14:21 oleonard I don't know Shane-S
14:21 oleonard Give it a try
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14:36 druthb wahanui:  botsnack cookie
14:36 wahanui thanks druthb :)
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14:54 Shane-S oleonard: what MARC framework did you use for the laptops?
14:55 oleonard Probably the default. You can look at the links above and download the MARC record if you're curious how our catalogers did it.
14:56 Shane-S okay, I was just curious if they made a new one....but this looks way over my head (understanding all the codes).
14:57 oleonard Actually Shane-S now that I think about it they probably composed the records outside of Koha and imported it
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15:01 Shane-S I just made a new type based on the default and I am removing some obvious stuff that is bibliographic fields
15:04 oleonard Shane-S: Why are you creating a new framework?
15:05 Shane-S I though I would need to, since it is an electronic device and many fields are not needed, like bibliographic and library of congress type of things
15:07 jcamins Shane-S: how many electronic devices do you plan on cataloging?
15:07 oleonard Shane-S: I would only create a new framework if it helps with the workflow of frequently adding items of that type
15:08 Shane-S oh...right now at most 20
15:08 oleonard Shane-S: The other reason might be if the default framework had *required* fields you didn't want to populate.
15:08 jcamins (and if you are cataloging enough to justify a new framework, please feel free to send me some of the devices you're deaccessioning:)
15:08 Shane-S however, when we go 1 to 1, I am thinking Koha would be great to "sign out" student chromebooks for the year
15:09 jcamins Shane-S: you're likely to spend more time making a framework than you would cataloging items, I'd think.
15:09 jcamins If you have, e.g., 20 iPads, you'd still only want one record so that people could figure out what to place a hold on.
15:09 Shane-S yeah, I am seeing this as I go through the fields...I notice many say [Obsolete]
15:10 Shane-S oh GTG, 3 pallets just came back
15:10 * oleonard thinks 3 pallets? That's a lot of Kindles
15:32 reiveune bye
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16:52 indradg @seen Joubu
16:52 huginn indradg: Joubu was last seen in #koha 4 hours, 44 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <Joubu> cait: I let a note ;)
16:53 indradg Joubu: around?
16:54 Oak joined #koha
16:54 * Oak waves
16:54 rambutan hey Oak
16:55 Oak hello rambutan !
16:55 Oak magnuse
16:55 * indradg waves
17:12 magnuse Oak
17:14 Oak \o/
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18:36 oleonard Ugh. Bug 6279.
18:36 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6279 major, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Can't delete lists from the second page of lists in the OPAC
18:37 oleonard The latest patch is an improvement, but not a complete fix.
18:37 oleonard ...and everyone that looks at the code says "Wow this code really should be re-written!"
18:38 oleonard Who wants to re-write the lists feature from scratch? Anyone?
18:38 oleonard It's all just a big database! ;)
18:39 cait heh
18:39 cait with insane rules...
18:40 magnuse how hard can it be?
18:42 cait :)
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21:03 wizzyrea oh you guys.
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21:12 cait hm?
21:12 * wnickc waves so as not to disturb the silence
21:13 JesseM joined #koha
21:13 wizzyrea naw, make a big noise!
21:13 wizzyrea Hello #koha!
21:14 wizzyrea it's a beautiful day, the world still turns, and making library software is awesome!
21:14 bgkriegel_ Hi wizzyrea :)
21:14 wizzyrea ...and I don't even owe the awesome jar
21:14 wizzyrea see, a happy day.
21:15 wnickc :-)
21:16 wnickc It is at that
21:19 bgkriegel_ cait?
21:19 wahanui i think cait is just silly on a train again
21:19 wizzyrea hehe
21:19 wizzyrea wizzyrea?
21:19 wahanui you are a Cylon, and they all have plans.
21:19 * wizzyrea nods
21:26 jmsasse wnickc: what's happening, bro?
21:28 cait here :)
21:29 wnickc Hi jmsasse
21:31 wnickc not too much going on ehre, looking forward to a long weekend
21:31 wnickc how are you?
21:32 jmsasse Ready for a looonnggg weekend but don't have one coming.
21:36 jmsasse I'm off to a Plum  Creek 40th anniversary thing tonight.
21:37 jmsasse Later.
21:42 wnickc bye #koha, have a good weekend!
21:42 wizzyrea oh that latest email to the list... buuuurn.
21:56 tcohen joined #koha
22:06 rangi and upgraded bash again
22:07 wizzyrea oh is it out now?
22:07 rangi seems to be
22:07 rangi and the search email?
22:08 wizzyrea yeah
22:08 wizzyrea ah yep so it is
22:08 wizzyrea update
22:08 wizzyrea d*
22:08 rangi i just did git, doing bugs now
22:09 wizzyrea funny because I checked about 40 minutes ago and it wasn't there
22:10 tcohen hi rangi wizzyrea
22:10 wizzyrea hi tcohen :)
22:10 cait hi tcohen
22:10 wizzyrea hi cait :)
22:10 tcohen hicait
22:10 cait hi wizzyrea
22:11 rangi hi tcohen
22:16 wizzyrea debian anyway, ubuntu is "not yet"
22:16 wizzyrea HOPEFULLY SOON JEEZ
22:17 tcohen ubuntu upgraded bash today
22:17 tcohen is there a new patch?
22:17 wizzyrea yeah another
22:17 wizzyrea for more similar problems
22:18 wizzyrea more, similar, problems.
22:21 wizzyrea I wonder if the librarians at that library are using a different default search, or changing the search to one that doesn't work. It does seem unusual that it wouldn't come up with a barcode
22:21 wizzyrea for example: if you put a barcode into a title search, it wouldn't come up with the item.
22:24 rangi true
22:28 eythian hi
22:28 wahanui hi, eythian
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22:40 tcohen hi eythian
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23:21 bgkriegel_ cait, still around?
23:29 papa joined #koha
23:29 bgkriegel_ @later tell cait master DE staff, Administration > Systemparameter > Kataloganreicherung, Alle section, there is an untranslated "NOTE: you can...". Do we have a bug number for this?
23:29 huginn bgkriegel_: The operation succeeded.
23:30 cait hi bgkriegel :)
23:30 cait i am not aware of a bug for it
23:32 tcohen bgkriegel_: are the new guided reports strings appearing? (master)
23:35 eythian cait: go to bed
23:35 cait :)
23:35 eythian also, hi :)
23:35 cait hi there
23:35 cait oh
23:35 tcohen ?
23:36 cait wizzyrea: do you remember that thing we had on the website for bit? it gave you 2 bugs and you picked the more important one
23:36 cait i am not sure it was officially there, but i am trying to find out what that was :)
23:36 tcohen cait is trying to adjust to Argentina's tz, to avoid jetlag
23:36 cait yep
23:36 tcohen :-P
23:37 wizzyrea yes, I do and I do not remember what it was...
23:37 cait ah :(
23:38 wizzyrea buuuuuuut I might have IRC logs from when we talked about it :P
23:39 cait :)
23:39 wizzyrea I do remember this
23:39 wizzyrea rangi might remember too I thought he set it up
23:40 wizzyrea some weird web service.
23:40 rangi nope
23:40 cait rangi? :)
23:40 rangi no idea
23:40 cait lol
23:40 cait it was cool!
23:40 cait how can you forget that :)
23:41 rangi there is ideaforge now
23:42 rangi hmm no, thats not what i was thinking of
23:43 cait it got data out of bugzilla
23:43 rangi ideatorrent
23:43 rangi hmm bountysource gets ideas out of bugzilla
23:43 cait it was kind of a ranking thing
23:43 wizzyrea yeah that was a different thing
23:43 cait you picked one out of 2
23:43 cait and it ranked
23:43 rangi
23:44 rangi nope cant rememeber
23:44 cait lol
23:44 cait i think it was blue :P
23:44 wizzyrea
23:45 wizzyrea ... but i'm sorry I really don't know
23:45 wizzyrea ooh but I just thought of somewhere to look.
23:45 rangi yeah thats from aimee who is cool and eythian's friend
23:53 bgkriegel__ joined #koha
23:58 bgkriegel__ my nick is getting longer
23:58 bgkriegel__ tcohen: which strings?

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