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00:41 oleonard joined #koha
00:42 oleonard Hi #koha
00:44 dcook Heya oleonard!
00:44 wahanui oleonard is not really here.  He said so.  He did!
00:44 dcook How goes it?
00:44 oleonard I thought I'd stop by and see what kind of fun happens when I'm not usually around
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00:49 oleonard Obviously the answer is: Lots :P
00:49 dcook Haha
00:49 dcook It depends!
00:49 dcook It's been fairly quiet this past week or two I think
00:49 dcook But we have heaps of fun when you're not around sometimes :p
00:49 dcook I think one of my favourite times is probably in...
00:49 dcook Another 4-5 hours though, so you'll probably be asleep
00:50 dcook I think 4-5 hours is when the Europeans wake up. Always nice to see them :)
00:50 dcook Maybe folks are reading koha-devel like me atm
00:51 oleonard Yeah I never get to see the Europeans when they're bright-eyed and fresh ;)
00:52 dcook hehe
00:53 dcook I think I usually only see the west coast Americans :p
00:53 dcook Although not quite when they're bright-eyed
00:53 dcook Usually a bit more sleepy
00:55 eythian hi oleonard
00:55 eythian @wunder nzwn
00:55 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 17.0°C (12:30 PM NZST on September 12, 2014). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Falling).
00:55 eythian 17° is good, hopefully that's boding for a nice weekend.
00:56 oleonard @wunder 45701
00:56 huginn oleonard: The current temperature in Whitlind Woods, Athens, Ohio is 16.5°C (8:55 PM EDT on September 11, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 30.07 in 1018 hPa (Rising).
00:58 wizzyrea omgooses it's an oleonard
00:59 oleonard Hi wizzyrea!
00:59 wizzyrea :D
00:59 wizzyrea hi!
00:59 wizzyrea how's stuff?
00:59 oleonard Stuff is good
01:01 oleonard My schedule is a little different these days so I'm usually out of IRC before any of you guys are online
01:01 oleonard I miss having at least a little bit of overlap :)
01:32 dcook Overlap is good :)
01:32 dcook @wunder syd
01:32 huginn dcook: The current temperature in Sydney, New South Wales is 17.0°C (11:00 AM EST on September 12, 2014). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Steady).
01:32 dcook The weather out here is weird these days..
01:40 wizzyrea yeah I like overlap too, I miss the witty banter.
01:42 oleonard What are you working on these days wizzyrea?
01:49 oleonard Oh well I'll have to take my answer off the air. Bye everyone, see you Monday.
02:01 wizzyrea doh!
02:03 * wizzyrea turns on notifications for the koha channel
02:03 wizzyrea people I never talk to turning up all over the place, don't want to miss it!
02:05 dcook ^
02:05 dcook I'll try to monologue less, wizzyea, so I don't inundate you with notifications ;)
02:06 * dcook should have a #dcook channel..
02:14 wizzyrea hehe naw don't worry
02:15 wizzyrea notification means "turn the title of the channel green"
02:15 wizzyrea ^.^
02:15 wizzyrea not like, growl notifications
02:16 eythian <-- what one of our sites looks like on a newsletter day.
02:16 eythian <-- and its user distribution
02:18 wizzyrea \o/
02:18 dcook That's cool :)
02:18 wizzyrea nice to see it getting some use
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02:28 rangi  <-- cool as hell
02:30 wizzyrea oh man that looks amazing
02:32 rangi now i need to watch again
02:33 ibeardslee saw a shorter trailer to that when I saw The Dark Horse
02:33 eythian yeah, I think I've seen a teaser.
02:34 * wizzyrea is jealous of people who get to see adult movies in the theatre
02:34 rangi yeah now the have the full one, the 1st one had no talking .. most people didnt realise its the first full length film in te reo
02:34 wizzyrea which is SO cool
02:35 rangi yep
02:35 wizzyrea not "adult" movies, but movies for grownups.
02:35 wizzyrea crap.
02:35 wizzyrea you know what I mean.
02:35 wizzyrea or maybe you don't
02:35 rangi heh
02:36 eythian yeah wizzyrea. we know exactly what you meant :D
02:36 wizzyrea *sobs*
02:37 wizzyrea[…]1qf55vho1_500.gif
02:40 rangi wizzyrea: the 'dead' guy in it is lurtz from lotr
02:40 wizzyrea I thought he looked familiar (that's not a joke.)
02:41 wizzyrea or as spud would call him, "the growly sister"
02:41 wizzyrea (I don't even know)
02:43 rangi heh
02:43 rangi atarau used to call gollum colin
02:43 rangi theres colin
02:45 cait1 joined #koha
02:48 eythian hi cait1. Go back to bed.
02:48 eythian No really, it's way early.
02:48 cait1 k
02:48 cait1 left #koha
02:49 eythian[…]-0c0a298b06ad.jpg
02:50 rangi heh
02:50 wizzyrea lol
02:50 wizzyrea eythian++ that was awesome
02:51 dcook lol
02:53 wizzyrea spud is deathly afraid of gollum
02:54 wizzyrea it's because of his questionable motives.
02:54 wizzyrea or ambiguous morality
02:54 eythian http://www.crisisoninfinitemid[…]ter_sdcc_2012.jpg <-- you should put that up in his bedroom
02:55 wizzyrea you are evil.
02:55 dcook spud sounds like a reaosnable person
02:55 wizzyrea I like it.
02:55 dcook hehe
02:55 wizzyrea no seriously he'd never enter his room again.
02:55 wizzyrea maybe I'll put it up in *my* room.
02:55 eythian heh
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03:24 eythian[…]on-teacher-in-the
03:24 eythian wahanui: is it beer o'clock yet?
03:24 eythian I feel like taking your silence as a yes.
03:25 wizzyrea it definitely feels like it ought to be.
03:25 dcook Mmm beer
03:25 dcook eythian: I took your advice and got a case this last time :p
03:25 dcook Still seemed to disappear just as fast though...
03:26 eythian heh
03:26 dcook No room for two cases though... maybe I need two fridges...
03:26 eythian they don't have to all be there at the same time, you know.
03:28 dcook True. I suppose I could always start re-filling the fridge when I get down to the last 12 or so
03:29 dcook Don't want to run out and have to resort to warm beer though
03:30 pianohacker joined #koha
03:34 dcook CSS media queries ftw
03:34 dcook yo pianohacker
03:34 pianohacker hi dcook
03:35 dcook how's it going?
03:37 pianohacker good, long long day but life is good
03:37 pianohacker yours?
03:37 wahanui yours is better actually
03:37 dcook hehe
03:38 dcook Glad life is good
03:38 dcook Things are going well on the visa front
03:38 dcook Heading to Europe in a few weeks
03:38 pianohacker woo!
03:38 dcook Few downs but overall it's awesome :)
03:38 dcook Are you going to Kohacon14?
03:38 pianohacker very glad to hear, especially the silly visa...
03:39 pianohacker I don't think so, between school and the travel expense
03:41 dcook Yeah, I'll be stoked to get my permanent residence. Hopefully end of this year or more likely start of next year.
03:41 dcook It'll be a huge relief
03:41 dcook Yeah, I hear that. It's pricy :/
03:42 pianohacker yeah... what's your current situation?
03:42 wizzyrea ^ 2nd that
03:42 dcook wizzyrea: yarp
03:42 dcook pianohacker: I'm on a work visa until mid 2016 atm
03:42 dcook But PR would mean I could stay forevaz
03:42 pianohacker okay, so there's time, but PR is far better
03:42 dcook And have Medicare :D
03:42 dcook Yeah, there's time. So it's not a huge rush.
03:43 dcook Will look forward to being treated a bit more like a regular person.
03:43 pianohacker oh, that's excellent
03:43 dcook Although the Australian medicare system is still weird
03:43 dcook It's like... Canada and America smooshed together
03:43 dcook Confusing as :S
03:43 pianohacker that could be fantastic or just terribad
03:43 pianohacker smooshed how?
03:44 dcook I often think it's terribad
03:44 dcook They have public hospitals and private hospitals
03:45 dcook Public hospitals are typically free, and private hospitals are definitely not free
03:45 dcook But even in public hospitals... you can do things privately
03:45 dcook Which means that you can opt to pay for public services (the idea being that your private insurance will cover the cost)
03:45 pianohacker ... why would you do that? availability of services, waiting time?
03:45 wizzyrea usually doing it privately can expedite the process
03:46 dcook Yeah, private hospitals in theory have specialists and are theoretically faster
03:46 dcook Paying for public services... no reason to do it except to contribute extra to the public system
03:46 eythian it's possible that it allows for extra things that aren't covered by the subsidisation
03:47 dcook Mmm that too
03:47 dcook Like you can sometimes get a private room
03:47 wizzyrea that's true.
03:47 dcook Private hospitals are scary though
03:47 dcook I had a friend go in who had private cover
03:47 dcook But there was complications and now they have massive bills :S
03:47 * dcook is used to Canada where you flash your health care card and that's it
03:48 * wizzyrea is used to america where a massive bill is the norm
03:48 wizzyrea nz seems to about split it
03:48 rangi here you can go private
03:48 wizzyrea *seems* - my experience is extremely limited.
03:48 rangi if its elective, or non life threatening
03:48 rangi and you want to jump the queue
03:49 pianohacker how long is the queue generally?
03:49 rangi depends
03:49 rangi hernia can be quite long
03:49 pianohacker that seems like something they'd want to expedite...
03:49 rangi like 4 months or so
03:49 rangi well you dont die from a hernia
03:49 rangi it just hurts
03:50 dcook Yeah, wait times are the thing I usually hear about in regards to public
03:50 wizzyrea you'd probably get decent drugs in the meantime though
03:50 wizzyrea for pretty cheap.
03:50 rangi orthapaedic (hip replacements etc) are the other ones that are sometimes long
03:50 rangi for free
03:50 dcook I've never been sick or injured, so I have no personal experience (maybe I'm like Bruce Willis from Unbreakable)
03:50 rangi pharmac is good like that
03:50 dcook My family seem OK with the wait times though. They've almost always been shorter than estimated.
03:50 dcook But that's also Saskatchewan... not BC or Ontario
03:51 rangi when i got my artrial fibralation i had a hospital ride, an over night state, and cardioversion
03:51 rangi cost me 0$
03:51 dcook yay, rangi!
03:51 eythian and then probably $5 for prescriptions :)
03:51 rangi laurel was saying in ny it would have been $1000 for the ambulance ride alone
03:51 rangi yep $5 for 3 months of meds
03:51 pianohacker *sigh* as a college student with two surgeries in the past year (for hearing stuff), this is like talking about tuition with the french
03:51 eythian it's ~$80 in Dunedin
03:51 pianohacker just makes me sad
03:51 wizzyrea spud went into the emergency room for a weird feeling after hours viral thing - $0
03:51 eythian (for the ambulance)
03:52 rangi thats why i gave the wellington free ambulance $40 today on their appeal day
03:52 wizzyrea walking into the US on our former insurance plan cost $100, and that's before any treatment at all.
03:52 wizzyrea into the ER, in the US
03:52 pianohacker then you had really good insurance!
03:53 wizzyrea well, then you'd get a bill for the insurance covered actual treatment
03:53 wizzyrea after the fact
03:53 wizzyrea which could be quite outrageous.
03:53 pianohacker yup...
03:53 wizzyrea $500 for xrays, for example.
03:53 wizzyrea anyway, quite a bit different to that here
03:53 * wizzyrea is always ready to pay whatever they ask
03:54 wizzyrea but it's rarely much if any.
03:54 dcook Yeah, my visit to the doctor on a Sunday was $85. They gave me a script for antibiotics and sent me away.
03:54 dcook Most of the time was spent with them talking about their own immigration history :/
03:54 dcook pianohacker: That sucks about the surgeries :(
03:54 dcook I figure if Australian tuition goes crazy, my kids can move back to Canada where it's better
03:55 dcook Quebec tuition is rather good. Not as good as a lot of Europe, but still good.
03:55 pianohacker the first one was great, it's what got me my implant, this one last thursday to fix a complication with that was less exciting
03:55 dcook About $2500 for a year of uni
03:55 dcook pianohacker: Sounds expensive :(
03:55 pianohacker American tuition isn't just expensive, it's goddamn bizarre
03:55 wizzyrea ^
03:55 pianohacker oh yeah. worth every penny to get hearing but still expensive
03:55 dcook Yeah, I went to uni with a girl who had like... $100,000 of debt from a BA in the US :S
03:55 wizzyrea I feel fortunate to have gotten through just before it all went crazy bonkers
03:56 dcook pianohacker: Glad it was worth it :)
03:56 pianohacker but anyway yeah. As an undergrad, your parent's income is counted when you are awarded need-based financial aid (including even just _federal loans_) in a way that assumes your parents are putting a very significant amount of their earnings into your tuition
03:56 pianohacker this persists until you are 25
03:57 * rangi goes for beer
03:57 pianohacker the _second_ you become a grad student, though, this stops happening, and your aid reflects your own income only...
04:02 dcook That does sound bizarre
04:02 wizzyrea to your benefit or detriment?
04:04 pianohacker to my benefit, massively; I used to not even get enough federal loans to cover tuition, and now I get loans plus grant
04:04 pianohacker *grants
04:14 dcook Money money money :D
04:16 pianohacker it's a high-stakes way to learn personal finance...
04:17 dcook Yeah, no doubt...
04:18 dcook I think I was quite fortunate with the Canadian medical and educational systems
04:18 dcook Well, high school was dull. Would've loved advanced courses, but you can't win them all :p.
04:19 pianohacker I think high school is dull for most?
04:23 dcook Well, I think lots of people have a miserable high school existence, so I'm fairly pleased overall
04:23 pianohacker I like a lot of things about America, but there's a lot of things that have demonstrably failed as private institutions that we stubbornly hold on to
04:23 pianohacker dcook: true! dull is better than soul crushing
04:23 dcook :)
04:24 dcook Yeah, as a non-American, it's a weird position to be in
04:24 dcook I like lots of Americans. America also has a lot of rad things in it.
04:24 dcook But some of the other things are just baffling :S.
04:24 pianohacker yeah...
04:24 dcook Mind you, other countries are like that too. Just not as much in the media's attention.
04:25 dcook I probably know more about American celebrities than I do Australian celebrities, and I live in Australia.
04:25 dcook I don't even watch TV!
04:25 dcook Free uni and free healthcare would be great though...
04:25 dcook Free transport. I'm coming around to the idea of free PT.
04:26 pianohacker we're the sexy alluring lady/gent with deeeeep mental issues...
04:26 dcook Could probably say that about Australia too :p
04:26 dcook As for Canada, I like to think our issues are fairly superficial and located in Ontario :p
04:27 * dcook forgets sometimes that he hasn't lived in Canada regularly for a few years now
04:28 pianohacker heh. What is ontario like? My only experience of Canada as of yet is Montreal, which, well
04:28 dcook Norway only has 5 million people. Maybe we should all go and boost their population...
04:28 dcook How was Montreal?
04:28 * wizzyrea waves from NZ
04:28 * dcook really needs to visit NZ...
04:28 pianohacker aaaaaanyway
04:29 pianohacker montreal was fun, but you can tell just how hard the french canadians are trying to prove that they're french
04:29 dcook Ontario is all right. Just the politicians have issues.
04:29 dcook Mmm
04:29 dcook Yeah, that's a bit of a thing sometimes
04:29 wizzyrea right, was gonna say about montreal - it's french.
04:29 dcook Ah, but it's not. It's Quebecois.
04:30 * dcook would use the correct diacritics and stuff but Hexchat and keyboard shortcuts don't play nicely
04:30 pianohacker the street grid alone, dear _lord_
04:30 wizzyrea I was 12 when I was there, all I remember is the quebecois thing, and BLT's, and traffic.
04:30 dcook Québeçois*
04:30 dcook There we go :)
04:30 dcook Hmm, I can't recall the traffic
04:30 dcook Street grid?
04:30 dcook I mostly remember poutine.
04:30 wizzyrea or lack thereof
04:30 pianohacker ^
04:31 wizzyrea man, I hated fries when I was a kid, but I'd be all about poutine now.
04:31 dcook And that many people asking for money in subways spoke impeccable English and French
04:31 dcook O_O
04:31 dcook You hated fries as a kid?
04:31 * dcook wonders if Liz might be an alien
04:31 pianohacker in _kansas_?
04:31 wizzyrea I did, yes
04:31 dcook Well, I hated cheese as a kid.
04:31 dcook So that's fair
04:31 wizzyrea it just wasn't a thing
04:31 pianohacker interesting...
04:31 wahanui interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
04:31 wizzyrea I wasn't crazy about fries
04:31 * dcook also hated mushrooms... until he had fresh mushrooms
04:32 wizzyrea I also hated onions and peppers.
04:32 * pianohacker was also converted to tomatoes by fresh tomatoes
04:32 dcook Mmm same
04:32 wizzyrea capsicums
04:32 dcook hehe
04:32 pianohacker now I could eat them by the bushel
04:32 dcook I was just about to ask if they were capsicums
04:32 dcook Mmm, pianohacker, yes!
04:32 dcook Same
04:32 dcook Turns out fresh food really is awesome.
04:32 wizzyrea i've always liked tomatoes
04:32 dcook And trying to make websites conform to bad designs is not awesome
04:32 * dcook glares at his browser
04:32 wizzyrea :(
04:32 wizzyrea that is not awesome.
04:33 pianohacker The second I have a yard there'll be tomato plants all over it
04:33 wizzyrea oh, check out our new pretty koha:
04:33 wizzyrea it's piiink
04:33 pianohacker ooh very nice. bootstrap?
04:33 wizzyrea yarp
04:33 pianohacker sweet
04:34 wizzyrea you'll be happy to know that we also have a library using the overdrive integration :)
04:34 wizzyrea pretty exciting
04:34 dcook pretty!
04:34 dcook Now I want bubblegum..
04:35 dcook Has anyone tried to force their bootstrap Koha to be a fixed width? :(
04:35 pianohacker glad to hear. That code can be a bit frustrating to work with due to the way overdrive manages their API, but it seems to be of value to a lot of people
04:35 wizzyrea hm I think so
04:35 wizzyrea
04:36 dcook Actually, it does work all right in Koha
04:36 dcook I'm just having issues with DSpace's bootstrap template now..
04:36 wizzyrea ah well yeah that'll be different
04:36 dcook Mmm, nice one with the media query for the image on that fixed with one, wizzyrea
04:36 dcook I did that with another DSpace and it worked quite nicely
04:36 * dcook just likes saying "media query"
04:36 * wizzyrea points to our design team
04:37 dcook Nice one, design team!
04:37 wizzyrea i can't take credit for that, but they are ace at their jobs.
04:38 wizzyrea[…]rm=4ldqpgp#81hsz0 this is totally snerkworthy
04:39 wizzyrea blargh timesheets I almost forgot
04:40 dcook Almost beer o'clock for you folk!
04:40 wizzyrea yeah it is, I'm skipping it today though
04:41 pianohacker I feel so terrible for laughing at the one about the girl going to college
04:42 dcook D'oh
04:42 dcook It helps when you remember to add the original style that would've cascaded down to fix the problem you can't seem to fix..
04:43 dcook pianohacker: hehe
04:44 dcook I guess it's a good thing my grandma isn't on FB
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05:01 pianohacker good night all
05:32 cait joined #koha
05:35 cait lol
05:36 dcook ?
05:36 dcook hi cait :)
05:36 cait http://kohadevreactions.tumblr[…]s-very-early-pops
05:36 cait sounds slightly familiar
05:39 laurence joined #koha
06:01 cait interesting discussions while i was sleeping :)
06:01 cait and glad again to live in germany with our health care system
06:11 dcook hehe
06:11 dcook I don't know too much about it. Is it all public?
06:11 cait you can also get private insurance here too
06:12 cait but i'd say the normal case is you have public
06:12 cait flashing your card and not paying when you go to a doctor
06:12 cait just a small amount for a prescription, similar to nz maybe?
06:13 dcook Does that mean there are private hospitals as well?
06:13 dcook You can get private insurance in Canada, but I think it's mostly for things like dental and optical
06:13 cait hm i could imagine there are for some things, specialized
06:14 cait but i have never run into one knowingly
06:14 dcook Hmm, sounds similar to Canada then
06:14 cait it's not something i have thought about a lot - if you are sick you go to the ER or to a doctor
06:14 dcook Yeah, that's how I grew up too :)
06:14 cait there are doctors who only take patients with private insurance tho
06:15 dcook Interesting
06:15 wahanui Interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
06:15 dcook I think there are private practices back home as well, at least when it comes to psych I think
06:15 * dcook glances at koha-devel
06:15 dcook Nothing new there since this morning..
06:15 cait probably a timezone thing
06:15 cait and it's friday :)
06:16 dcook Friday!
06:17 dcook I'm working on a buddhist library right now, so I'm quite relaxed...
06:17 dcook ;)
06:17 cait nice :)
06:17 cait not sure what i will be working on today
06:17 cait i started to update the marc frameowrks in our installations...
06:18 dcook \o/
06:18 cait rda fields etc
06:18 dcook That's awesome
06:18 cait lol
06:18 cait really?
06:18 dcook Well, I think so :p
06:18 dcook I think it's really important to have up-to-date frameworks :)
06:18 cait :)
06:18 cait yeah it is for us even more
06:18 dcook Especially as the consequences of having old frameworks isn't always readily apparent to libraries
06:18 cait because cataloguing is done in the union catalog software mostly
06:18 dcook Mmm, righto!
06:19 cait and you don't notice when a field/subfield is missing in koha
06:20 dcook Exactly
06:20 dcook I used the XML that bgkriegel uploaded. Loaded the XML into a hash, iterated through the frameworks, and did a insert ignore
06:20 dcook With a... "on duplicate" as well
06:21 indradg joined #koha
06:21 dcook So I could update the "repeatable" attribute for existing rows
06:21 dcook yo indradg
06:21 indradg hi dcook
06:21 dcook Of course, now that all of our libraries have updated frameworks, the impetus for building a more sustainable mechanism has flagged a bit...
06:22 * indradg is still so sleepy that drinking the first cup of tea looks like a tough chore! :-(
06:22 dcook :(
06:25 eythian @later tell tcohen I've fixed the Test::Simple thing, but now I have this: -- I'll hold you responsible even though it's probably not your fault :D
06:25 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
06:25 dcook Oh nose
06:25 * dcook was thinking about the whole subtest issue recently...
06:26 eythian dcook: I'm just making a newer version of test::simple a dependency
06:26 eythian I had trouble specifying that in the build-depends, but have it sorted now.
06:27 dcook \o/
06:27 eythian now I have to go get a bus
06:27 eythian later
06:30 ashimema morning all
06:30 cait dcook: i am doing it with sql probably :)
06:30 cait morning ashimema
06:31 dcook cait: I did it with SQL as well :)
06:32 dcook Well, SQL in Perl..
06:32 dcook later eythian
06:32 dcook morning ashimema
06:32 ashimema just reading your dbic email dcook.
06:34 dcook Mmm, I sure write a lot.
06:35 dcook Perhaps I should change my middle name to Opinionated
06:35 dcook :P
06:35 cait that would make your initials doc than, right? :)
06:35 dcook Oooo it would!
06:35 reiveune joined #koha
06:35 dcook I think that's a great idea
06:35 reiveune hello
06:35 wahanui salut, reiveune
06:35 dcook salut reiveune
06:36 reiveune salut dcook
06:43 cait hi reiveune
06:43 cait bbia
06:43 cait b
06:43 reiveune \o/ cait
06:43 dcook Have to love when you're trying to match backgrounds but your reference site has a different hierarchy of containers..
06:44 cait left #koha
06:46 dcook Hmm, I can do this..
06:48 dcook Muahaha
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06:52 alex_a bonjour
06:52 wahanui hola, alex_a
06:53 fridolin joined #koha
06:54 fridolin hie all
06:54 ashimema I've got totally lost on the dbic debate now..
06:55 ashimema Think I'll grab ColinC today for a chat.. We seem to use dbic in a really odd way in koha.
06:55 ashimema anywho.. breakfast time
07:00 fridolin breakfast ;) a good one
07:13 Joubu Good morning
07:15 gaetan_B joined #koha
07:15 gaetan_B hello
07:16 dcook greetings France folk :)
07:16 * dcook really needs to get better at leaving the office on time, especially on Fridays...
07:19 dcook All right. Leaving!
07:19 dcook Have a good Friday/weekend all
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08:32 * cait waves
09:01 ashimema hey cait
09:03 cait hi cait
09:03 cait um
09:03 cait hi ashimema
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10:47 ashimema Anyone added cronjobs to a package install?
10:47 cait not specific to one instance :(
10:47 ashimema I'm getting confused..
10:47 ashimema :(
10:48 ashimema I thought adding a /etc/cron.d/koha-instance file with a bunch of jobs would do the trick..
10:48 ashimema but it never seems to get executed..
10:48 ashimema I'm baffleds
10:48 cait hm
10:48 AndroUser2 joined #koha
10:48 cait could it be permissions or something like that?
10:51 pastebot "nic" at pasted "library" (4 lines) at
10:51 pastebot "nic" at pasted "library" (2 lines) at
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11:24 agbolo hello guyz
11:24 agbolo i am blocked
11:25 agbolo i did a make and i had these warning messages
11:25 agbolo _koha DOC_DIR=/usr/local/info perl Makefile.PL  If installing on a Win32 platform, be sure to use: 'dmake -x MAXLINELENGTH=300000'  Warning: prerequisite AnyEvent::HTTP 2.13 not found. Warning: prerequisite Archive::Extract 0.60 not found. We have 0.34. Warning: prerequisite CGI::Session::Driver::memcached 0.04 not found. Warning: prerequisite Data::Paginator 0.04 not found. Warning: prerequisite Gravatar::URL 1.03 not found. We have 1.02. Warning: prerequisi
11:26 agbolo please wbat does it mean?
11:27 agbolo must i install all the prerequisites been reported as warning  messages?
11:32 agbolo anybody home?
11:33 alex_a joined #koha
11:33 agbolo pls help
11:39 agbolo anybody available
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13:09 cait ah, no oleonard
13:09 cait :(
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13:48 tcohen hi
13:48 wahanui salut, tcohen
13:56 talljoy joined #koha
14:02 kivilahtio where do I put unit test for the new Koha:: namespace?
14:02 kivilahtio mainly ?
14:03 kivilahtio they are db_dependent tests :)
14:11 mveron joined #koha
14:19 cait not sure kivilahtio, tcohen?
14:19 tcohen there's no consensus
14:19 tcohen id put that on t/db_dependent/Koha/Reserves.t
14:19 cait sounds good to me
14:20 tcohen some prefer t/db_dependent/Koha_Reserves.t
14:20 tcohen (i don't)
14:21 tcohen if you're focusing on a specific sub from Koha::Reserves and are writing several tests, use a subtest definition
14:21 tcohen or even t/db_dependent/Koha/Reserves_specific_sub.t
14:25 cait nice
14:25 cait i wonder
14:25 cait we don't have a koha:reserves yet, do we?
14:25 cait kivilahtio: what are you up to? :)
14:27 rocio joined #koha
14:28 kivilahtio cait:[…]_bug.cgi?id=12353
14:28 huginn Bug 12353: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, olli-antti.kivilahti, Needs Signoff , Reserves last pickup date needs to respect holidays, and everybody need to know the last pickup date for reserves, even notices.
14:28 kivilahtio cait: we are finally upgrading our production to 3.16.3
14:28 cait hm
14:28 cait i think there is a bug for that
14:28 cait it might be duplicate
14:28 kivilahtio cat this weekend.
14:28 cait i think i'd wait for 3.16.4
14:28 kivilahtio we wont
14:28 cait or look at the bugs in bugzilla with candidate 3.16.4 as keyword
14:28 kivilahtio we can upgrade again
14:29 cait there are some that you might want to pick
14:29 cait if you really want to update - like a follow up for ajax so the holds dispaly correctly
14:29 kivilahtio cait: already got that
14:29 cait ok :)
14:29 kivilahtio cait: but there might be more fixes that need doing
14:30 kivilahtio cait:  how do I make that candidate search?
14:30 cait if you look atht eholds bug, it has a keyword, try searching for that
14:30 cait i am looking for the holds/holidays one
14:31 cait bug 8735
14:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8735 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , Expire holds waiting only on days the library is open
14:32 cait initial commitmonster? :D
14:32 cait i am all for displaying it, but I am not sure if you ahd kyle's patch already
14:33 kivilahtio cait: had I known, paxed made this patch months ago and now it broke (it has kinda always been broken) when migratiing to 3.16.3
14:33 cait kyle's path took a while to get in
14:33 cait i remember because i tested it
14:33 kivilahtio cait: I think Kyle's patch is as good as ours
14:34 kivilahtio cait: Too bad I need to start working on other issues and worry about that later
14:34 cait if you coudl take a look that would be great, i think it might be missing some aspects about showing the pickup date
14:34 kivilahtio cait: I can provide a followup after we have migrated to 3.16.3
14:34 cait there has also been a patch pushed recently for formatting the dates in the notices according to the pref
14:34 cait cool
14:34 cait i will put a seealso
14:34 kivilahtio if I remember, but prolly a shitstorm will hit us after the migration :)
14:35 cait i think you have quite a few customizations still
14:35 cait i will keep my figners crossed for you :)
14:35 kivilahtio we do
14:35 kivilahtio rhanks
14:39 kivilahtio cait: our feature is completely different, we just skip holidays, so i just got an item waiting for me, then weekends are holidaytime and with 6 day time to pick waiting holds, my expiration is bumbed up by two weekends
14:39 cait ah
14:39 cait what does kyle do? skip to the next possible opening day?
14:39 kivilahtio cait: not completely different, but we get extra day added for each holiday, I think it makes no difference really
14:39 cait might need a pref then, we have one for calculating due dates
14:40 kivilahtio cait:  looks like it
14:40 wahanui Can we get some hard data on that?
14:40 cait shh wahanui
14:40 cait lol
14:40 kivilahtio whanui is getting smarter by the day
14:40 kivilahtio wahanui is getting smarter by the day
14:40 cait yeah, he will outsmart us all soon
14:40 kivilahtio i think so
14:40 cait wahanui?
14:40 wahanui yes, cait?
14:51 tcohen hi cait
15:00 reiveune bye
15:00 reiveune left #koha
15:05 fridolin bye
15:05 fridolin left #koha
15:12 tcohen Joubu: i'll give those problems with patron import a ride next week
15:12 tcohen i'm out of town today and the rest of the weekend
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18:01 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
18:09 carmenh joined #koha
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18:12 abcgh SOS
18:12 abcgh PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 KOHA_CONF=blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml /usr/bin/perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e" "test_harness(0, 'blib/PERL_MODULE_DIR', 'blib/arch')" t/*.t t/00-checkdatabase-version.t ........ ok    t/00-deprecated.t ................... ok    t/00-load.t ......................... 2/? Subroutine main::GetContract redefined at /usr/share/perl/5.10/Test/ line 805 Too late to run INIT block at /home/koha/Downloads/koha-​3.16.03/blib/PERL_MODULE_D
18:15 abcgh SOS HELP PLEASE
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19:55 WNickC Hi all
19:55 WNickC does anyone know if there is a list of which notices can be customised by branch and which cannot?
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