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02:22 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha.
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02:52 eythian
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03:59 * indradg waves
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04:17 wizzyrea why do we not ship a SUPPRESS authorised value by default?
04:17 wizzyrea and set the framework to use it?
04:17 wizzyrea seems arbitrary.
04:28 indradg wizzyrea: need help. trying to file an enhancement bug the plugins. which COMPONENT do I put it up for?
04:29 indradg Tools?
04:29 wahanui I HAVE NO TOOLS BECAUSE I'VE DESTROYED eythian's TOOLS WITH eythian's TOOLS.
04:39 eythian hrm
04:39 eythian no wahanui, tools is <reply>\I HAVE NO TOOLS BECAUSE I'VE DESTROYED \MY TOOLS WITH \MY TOOLS.
04:39 wahanui okay, eythian.
04:39 wizzyrea yeah tools I'd reckon
04:40 wizzyrea tools?
04:40 wizzyrea hehe
04:40 indradg or 'Staff Client'
04:40 wizzyrea tools is where plugins live
04:40 wizzyrea uh oh
04:40 wizzyrea tools?
04:40 wizzyrea hehe
04:40 indradg heh
04:40 wizzyrea I don't think that one is going to not amuse me. Ever.
04:40 wizzyrea that is, I think that one will always amuse me.
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05:04 petter hi #khoa
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06:50 ashimema Morning #koha
06:59 ashimema @later tell khall any chance you could reply to marcel on bug 7595.. i'de love to get it mving again ;)
06:59 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
07:06 cait bug 7595
07:06 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7595 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Needs Signoff , Add branchcode to accountlines
07:06 cait ah
07:06 cait about to catch a train back later:)
07:06 ashimema good weekend cait?
07:06 cait yep
07:06 cait just vacation timemoving abit too fast :)
07:06 ashimema Nice geeky times ;)
07:06 cait heh
07:07 cait i should hav eworked on my distance study course... guess that explains
07:07 cait have to pack up and catch my bus, bbl
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07:29 quyen_pq Hi everybody
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07:40 marcelr hi #koha
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08:04 cait @later tell tcohen coul you take a look at bug 12623 please?
08:04 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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08:05 cait marcelr: notsure if the schema - i guess that table is quite old?
08:05 marcelr just a guess when reading it
08:06 cait it could be - i tihnk tcohen might know or maybe yohann sees it
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08:10 cait i am on  train today... so probably going to fall ou to fthe channel lots
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08:13 marcelr just do not fall out of the train :)
08:13 cait1 will try :)
08:13 marcelr cait:  a rebased bug 6536 begs for qa
08:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6536 enhancement, P3, ---,, Signed Off , Z3950 Search Enhancements: SRU targets and additional XSLT processing
08:13 cait1 cool :)
08:14 cait1 i am working on the ils-di bug right now... if i can ever get to the documentation
08:14 cait1 irc is more stable than accessing internet pages
08:15 Joubu hello #koha
08:15 marcelr hi Joubu
08:15 marcelr back from vacation?
08:15 Joubu marcelr: yep
08:15 marcelr hope you had a good time
08:17 cait1 do you know the page to access ils-di documentation on the opac?
08:17 cait1 found it
08:17 * cait1 waves
08:17 cait1 hi Joubu
08:28 cait1 Joubu: do you know if matts is on vacation now?
08:29 Joubu cait1: yes, he is
08:29 ashimema shame.. I was hopign to get him to test the final followup on my shib stuff
08:30 ashimema cait1, marcelr  want me to take a loko at qa'ing bug 6536 then?
08:30 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6536 enhancement, P3, ---,, Signed Off , Z3950 Search Enhancements: SRU targets and additional XSLT processing
08:30 marcelr ashimema: you are welcome :)
08:30 ashimema marcelr.. sorry you got such a rude reply from the cpan author of libxml.. I thought your email was perfctly sensible.
08:30 * cait agrees with marcelr :)
08:30 ashimema I've reported the issue directly in cpan rt too btw now.
08:30 cait i think we might have an sru server if you need sth to test with
08:30 marcelr i am inconsiderate; you have been warned
08:31 ashimema got a feeling he won't bother looking at the number of open issues.
08:31 marcelr too bad; but it actually goes to libxml2
08:33 cait libxml2?
08:34 marcelr yes
08:34 marcelr C library
08:37 cait so the problem is not in the perl library but even deeper down?
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08:41 ashimema yup
08:41 ashimema that was what I thought.
08:41 ashimema real shame..
08:43 ashimema I couldn't find an easy way to submit a bug that far upstream though :(
08:43 ashimema I think it's probably a security thing...
08:46 cait printing_your_own_train_tickets++
08:46 ashimema :)
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08:59 cait ok
08:59 ashimema ?
09:01 cait i managed to create a hold and cancel a hold using ILS-DOI
09:01 cait DI even
09:01 cait but one thing is puzzling
09:01 cait i don't see he documentation change - it still says item identifier to me on cgi-bin/koha/​ce=Describe&verb=CancelHold
09:01 cait does someone have an idea hwat's going wrong there?
09:01 cait ooh
09:01 cait bootstrap
09:01 cait we need to change the doc for bootstrap.
09:01 cait why is it always after asking the question that you figure it out? :)
09:01 ashimema hehe
09:02 ashimema ils-di confuses me to be honest... I never really understand whether we're 'allowed' to extend it or not.
09:02 ashimema It's meant to be a standard isn't it..
09:04 cait i tihnk it's no longer really maintained... so adding to it where we need to is probably ok
09:04 cait i think
09:05 cait keeping to the standard as much as makes sense?
09:05 cait i am only worried because I tink ideally it should be possible to run it on a different port
09:05 cait right now all you can do i think is to limit access to a single ip via pref
09:05 cait black forrest now... means probably i am going to lose connection
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09:18 cait hmpf
09:25 * ashimema woudl like to see one ring to rule them all..
09:25 * ashimema s/ring/api/
09:26 rangi oh poor ireland :(
09:26 ashimema ?
09:26 rangi they went with sierra
09:26 rangi for their all of public libraries ils
09:26 ashimema yikes.. poor ireland.
09:27 ashimema shame we couldn't get them on board
09:28 ashimema your up late aint you rangi?
09:28 ashimema not so bad.. 9.30 pm righT?
09:28 rangi yep, not too late
09:30 ashimema I'm not all that surprised that we/interleaf didn't get it.
09:31 ashimema interleaf haven't really done any 'big' koha's yet.. and we decided to support them rather than go up against them.. think we might have had a better chance on our own maybe.
09:31 ashimema glad that sirsidynic didn't gte it though ;)
09:32 ashimema ' Innovative went and met the Irish Prime Minister and offered to open an office in Ireland with 50 jobs, hard to compete with that'
09:32 rangi yeah i think you probably would have had a better shot
09:32 rangi yeah
09:32 ashimema kinda hard to compete with the promise of 50 jobs for the nation though ;)
09:33 rangi if your ils needs 50 staff
09:33 rangi you're doing something wrong :)
09:33 ashimema my thoughts exactly.
09:33 ashimema anywho.. water under the bridge.
09:34 ashimema would have been nice to have another big boy for the koha community though.
09:34 rangi yep
09:34 rangi altho i feel like its probably a really bad idea to try to do a nationwide instance
09:35 rangi getting a proper distributed/federated network makes more sense
09:35 rangi well i think so anyway
09:36 rangi altho ireland is pretty geographically small, so it might work there
09:37 rangi for big distances ... i dont care if the book is available in a library 1000km away, that doesnt help me at all
09:46 ashimema haha.. indeed
09:46 ashimema I was hoping that they would fund a bunch of development toward making koha a bit more consortial ;)
09:47 ashimema I would love to see the 'IndependantBranches' mode get some love.
09:48 ashimema I always doubted they'de ever put much back in though to be honest :(
09:48 ashimema so maybe not such a lose
09:54 rangi yeah
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10:23 cait i am working on the inventory patch again now - 4162
10:24 cait saw that Joubu claimed the yr index bug - avoiding qa conflicts :)
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10:34 cait1 internet doesn't let me set qa contact - but on bug 12557 now
10:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12557 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Cannot revert the changes done by AcqItemSetSubfieldsWhenReceived on canceling a receipt
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10:42 cait hm running into a lot of problems with dbic the last days
10:42 cait wonder if it's my setup
10:42 cait could someone try and apply bug 12557 and check t/db_ependent/Acquisition/CancelReceipt.t ?
10:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12557 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Cannot revert the changes done by AcqItemSetSubfieldsWhenReceived on canceling a receipt
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10:45 * cait waves from a train - bad internet today
10:46 cait khall: could you take a look at the last comment on bug 12371?
10:46 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12371 critical, P1 - high, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Links in every patron self-registration email points to a single borrower
11:11 cait Joubu++ #updating qa script
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11:11 ashimema ?
11:11 ashimema Take it i should pull qa again then ;)
11:12 cait that was the hint :)
11:14 ashimema wow.. there's just a few commit's I'de missed
11:14 ashimema 5 :s
11:14 ashimema oops
11:14 ashimema I should cron it to update my qa script nightly.
11:16 ashimema qhmm..
11:17 ashimema though my highlight bug seems to still pass..
11:17 ashimema should it not fail now with the prog theme checks
11:22 cait hm?
11:22 cait i think it just runs the tests on the different templates now
11:22 cait not checking if you touch the other templats as well
11:23 ashimema yeah.. I've just read the code.
11:23 ashimema it does indeed do that..
11:23 ashimema would be good if it checked for prog/ccsr changes and failed sutff that touches them now ;)
11:24 cait i think we can add that when the files are gone
11:24 cait or your patch IS going to fail ;)
11:24 ashimema indeed.. my patch 'should' fail (except that you've now passed it, and I've spoken to tomas about it too)
11:28 cait i think as the removal is pending soon and for a new feature that shouldn't get into lower versions... it's ok
11:29 cait hm
11:30 ashimema :)
11:30 ashimema fair point.
11:35 cait @wunder wiesloch
11:35 huginn cait: The current temperature in Walldorf, Walldorf, Germany is 16.0°C (1:35 PM CEST on August 18, 2014). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
11:52 marcelr Joubu++
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12:00 cait jajm: julian?
12:00 wahanui julian is in a full week meeting
12:01 jajm cait, hi
12:01 cait looking at bug 7290
12:01 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7290 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , new permission for receiving
12:01 cait i was wondering if it would make sense to squash the patches - they are all from you i think? and all signed by paola
12:02 cait because first it adds the branch to aqorders and later we drop that - so it would be less confusing
12:02 marcelr Joubu: cannot find your commit on[…]qa-test-tools.git ?
12:03 cait jajm: and the other thing is, that the tests give me trouble :(
12:03 jajm cait, it makes sense, i'm adding this to my "to do today"'s list ;)
12:04 cait i will add a comment - i would have squashed them with your ok, but with the tests making trouble maybe it's better if you take a look
12:07 jajm cait, what do you mean by "tests give me trouve" ?
12:08 cait they fail
12:08 cait i have pasted on the bug... hopefully it saves
12:09 cait bugzilla still busy, internet sloooow on this train
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12:13 Joubu marcelr: this repo is not up-to-date
12:13 marcelr should i change the repo
12:13 Joubu marcelr: you should use or my github
12:13 cait oh, i think mine still points to your repo then maybe
12:14 cait ah, misread... i think mine is pointing to kc
12:14 Joubu or, both are up-to-date
12:21 cait marcelr: I think i remember you had a bug with xslt and marc modification templates too somewhere - probably building on 6536?
12:23 marcelr cait: i had a discussion with ashimema  about that; but these marc mod templates are for later
12:23 marcelr but these function could move to each other in the future
12:24 cait cool
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12:27 cait hi Dyrcona
12:27 Dyrcona hi, cait
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13:23 cait1 jajm++ - i am back on 7290 now
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13:41 Joubu rebasing_patches_for_2_years--
13:42 jcamins scheduling_things_with_more_than_two_people--
13:44 * cait1 hopes we will have worked through the old patches at some point
13:45 Joubu We should introduced bonus point for so/qa on bug reports < 10000
13:45 Joubu -d
13:55 cait1 ashimema++
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14:59 * ashimema has finished his QA sprint for the day..
15:00 ashimema best get back to that migration now..
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15:03 ashimema 45 bugs still in the qa queue though
15:04 ashimema I read that wrong..
15:04 ashimema 9 bugs in the qa queue
15:04 ashimema :)
15:04 ashimema that's nicer
15:09 cait1 40 for me :)
15:09 cait1 40 including 9 bugs
15:11 ashimema mine says 39 10 Bugs
15:11 cait1 heh
15:11 ashimema assuming that means 29 patches over 10 bugs.
15:11 cait1 because you just changed something!
15:12 ashimema ok..
15:12 cait1 but you are right 39-10
15:12 cait1 pretty good
15:12 ashimema I don't understand what they mean then..
15:12 ashimema 39 10 Bugs..
15:12 ashimema whats the 39.. and whats the 10?
15:13 cait1 39 in the 'needs qa' queue - where 10 of those are bugs (not enh)
15:13 ashimema bugszilla says 39 bugs to me in signed off
15:13 ashimema a.. I see..
15:13 cait1 poor tcohen
15:13 cait1 no wonder he is hiding today :)
15:13 ashimema yeah
15:14 ashimema 185 failed QA..
15:14 ashimema yikes
15:14 cait1 ashimema++
15:14 cait1 but people are already filling it up again... and back we are to 40/10
15:15 ashimema damn.. people are working fast today..
15:15 ashimema can't keep up
15:15 ashimema :(
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15:19 tcohen hi
15:21 cait1 oh there he is :)
15:21 cait1 hi tcohen :)
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15:23 cait1 ashimema: the queue is down from almost 90.... i think, so that's good and the nso is down from almost 200 to around 160... direction is ok
15:23 ashimema all in the right direction
15:23 ashimema hi tcohen
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15:25 tcohen hi cait1 ashimema
15:26 tcohen so i forgot to push a dbix schema update?
15:27 cait1 i am not sue
15:27 cait1 i only know I can' tmake patron modification updates
15:27 cait1 i doubt it a bit, as the patch doesn't change anything and the involved tables haven't been touched in a while i think
15:27 cait1 still have to learn more about dbic to be able to tell :)
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15:27 tcohen is yohann still around?
15:30 cait1 he wrote to the mailing list today - i think this week
15:30 cait1 but haven't seen him on irc
15:30 cait1 tunnels...
15:30 cait1 tcohen: i am on a train, arriving soon, so not here much longer
15:33 tcohen cait1: good, i reproduced the problem
15:33 tcohen heh
15:36 ashimema anyone here got plugins wokring in 3.14.02 at the moment..
15:36 ashimema we can't seem to get it working
15:37 tcohen khall: around?
15:37 khall yo
15:37 cait1 that never works when i try to ping him!
15:37 cait1 :)
15:38 ashimema :)
15:38 tcohen khall: have you noticed a change in dbix behaviour related to making table names lower case?
15:39 khall not sure I know what you mean. I always name my tables lower case with underscores separating the words so this_new_table will have the result set ThisNewTable
15:40 tcohen yohann made a change in Koha::Borrower::Modifications so it uses dbic instead of plain SQL
15:40 tcohen and it seems that dbic named B_email lowercase
15:40 tcohen (all B_* columns actually)
15:42 tcohen heh
15:46 cait1 @wunder Hannover
15:46 huginn cait1: Error: No such location could be found.
15:47 cait1 @wunder Hannover, Germany
15:47 huginn cait1: The current temperature in Hannover, Wedemark, Germany is 16.4°C (5:00 PM CEST on August 18, 2014). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Steady).
15:47 cait1 hm not too bad
15:47 cait1 tcohen: typical me then - to test the few fields where it wouldn't work
15:49 cait1 bye all :)
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15:59 Joubu bye #koha
16:00 tcohen hey
16:13 tcohen bug 12781
16:13 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12781 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , DBIx::Class schema should preserve case for column names
16:16 tcohen bbl
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16:32 * cait waves
16:50 cait @wunder hannover, germany
16:50 huginn cait: The current temperature in Hannover, Wedemark, Germany is 16.1°C (6:00 PM CEST on August 18, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005 hPa (Rising).
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17:00 ashimema khall++
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18:06 jmsasse cait: hello :-)
18:09 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
18:09 huginn tcohen: The current temperature in Cordoba, Argentina is 33.0°C (3:00 PM ART on August 18, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 18%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Falling).
18:11 cait hi jmsasse :)
18:11 cait wb tcohen :)
18:11 tcohen cait: i identified the problem and filled a bug for it
18:12 tcohen i encourage people to give it some priority
18:13 cait ok :)
18:18 jmsasse @wunder 56187
18:18 huginn jmsasse: The current temperature in Worthington, Minnesota is 28.0°C (1:15 PM CDT on August 18, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: 18.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Falling).
18:37 cait khall: still around? :)
18:38 cait what i said.. nerverworks for me :)
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19:01 ashimema ;)
19:01 ashimema not got the magic touch cait
19:02 cait hmpf
19:02 * ashimema runs away again
19:02 tcohen hi khall
19:03 ashimema have a nice evening cait
19:03 cait you too
19:03 ashimema bye..
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19:43 jcamins while (true) tcohen++
19:43 tcohen ?
19:44 tcohen oh
19:44 * tcohen was focused on recent mistakes he made
19:45 jcamins Argh! My wife took my scissors and didn't put them back!
19:45 tcohen oh,so u haven't opened it yet? ;)
19:46 jcamins I just found scissors and have removed the paper wrapper.
19:46 tcohen :-D
19:46 tcohen surprise!
19:46 cait heh
19:47 cait jcamins: hurry1
19:47 jcamins Ooooooh
19:48 * tcohen wished shari was there to take a picture from jcamins' face
19:48 jcamins Sorry, I was too excited to wait for her to get home.
19:48 cait could you finally share whatyou got? :)
19:48 tcohen ehhehe
19:49 jcamins I got a CD of tango music and a beautiful mate bowl.
19:49 jcamins Two CDs of tango music, actually. :D
19:49 cait yay!
19:50 tcohen straw?
19:50 cait brb
19:50 cait left #koha
19:50 cait joined #koha
19:50 jcamins tcohen: yeah, and the straw that goes with the bowl. :)
19:50 cait scrolling was broken
19:50 cait hope it works now :)
19:50 cait tcohen++
19:51 tcohen jcamins: before using a new mate, we put some 'yerba' inside, with water and some whisky drops for a day
19:52 tcohen (I use whisky, other's don't)
19:52 tcohen so it doesn't taste like wood
19:52 jcamins That seems very logical.
19:52 jcamins And I have whisky, so I shall do that.
19:52 tcohen tomorrow you just empty it, clean it with water, and you're done
19:53 jcamins Oops.
19:53 tcohen maybe bgkriegel can share his initiation ritual
19:53 tcohen what jcamins?
19:53 wahanui jcamins is a spoilsport
19:53 jcamins Apparently I can't listen to music and put it on my phone at the same time.
19:53 jcamins I have 8GB of RAM in my computer. It seems to me it should've saved the song into RAM and kept playing.
19:54 * tcohen blames proprietary software
19:54 tcohen :-p
19:54 jcamins tcohen: yeah, that seems a safe bet.
19:54 tcohen enjoy it jcamins
19:54 * jcamins certainly will!
19:54 jcamins :D
19:56 tcohen
19:56 jcamins There we go! The music is back. :)
19:58 tcohen they are a young group of musicians
19:59 tcohen i often watch them live in buenos aires, the pianist is my wife's brother
20:01 cait isn't buenos aires quite far from cordoba?
20:02 tcohen 710Km
20:02 tcohen i go 4-6 times every year
20:04 cait :)
20:05 * tcohen loves driving, even thou he using plane more often
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21:34 tcohen hi bgkriegel
21:35 bgkriegel hi tcohen :)
21:35 bgkriegel i'm a bit tired of driving, just arrived from San Juan
21:36 tcohen oh, how was your vacation?
21:36 tcohen i've been to Agua de oro
21:37 bgkriegel sweet :), Agua de Oro is beautiful
21:37 tcohen specially "El buho" heh
21:38 tcohen we have a family house there
21:38 bgkriegel :)
21:47 cait hm gold water?
21:47 tcohen yeah
21:47 tcohen it is not true, of course
21:47 tcohen heh
21:48 wizzyrea depends on the light I'd reckon.
22:03 jenkins_koha Yippee, build fixed!
22:03 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
22:03 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Master_U12_MariaDB build #62: FIXED in 56 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]r_U12_MariaDB/62/
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22:16 eythian hi
22:17 bag heya eythian
22:17 wahanui go back to bed, eythian
22:18 eythian I should be so lucky, wahanui
22:18 wahanui eythian: i'm not following you...
22:18 tcohen hi eythian
22:19 jenkins_koha Yippee, build fixed!
22:19 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
22:19 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Master_U14 build #123: FIXED in 44 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]a_Master_U14/123/
22:20 tcohen jenkins_koha: that's just because our unit tests are not exahustive enough
22:20 jenkins_koha tcohen did you mean me? Unknown command 'that's'
22:20 jenkins_koha Use '!jenkins help' to get help!
22:24 irma_ joined #koha
22:25 cait1 :)
22:53 papa joined #koha
22:53 pianohacker @marc 856y
22:53 huginn pianohacker: unknown tag 856y
22:53 pianohacker dammit
22:54 cait1 @marc 856u
22:54 eythian @marc 856
22:54 huginn cait1: unknown tag 856u
22:54 huginn eythian: The information needed to locate and access an electronic resource. The field may be used in a bibliographic record for a resource when that resource or a subset of it is available electronically. In addition, it may be used to locate and access an electronic version of a non-electronic resource described in the bibliographic record or a related electronic resource. (Repeatable) (1 more message)
22:54 pianohacker @help marc
22:54 huginn pianohacker: (marc look up field or field/subfield combo in MARC docs) -- eg. @marc 245 or @marc 245 a
22:54 eythian @marc 856 y
22:54 huginn eythian: Link text  (Repeatable)
22:54 cait1 @marc 856
22:54 huginn cait1: The information needed to locate and access an electronic resource. The field may be used in a bibliographic record for a resource when that resource or a subset of it is available electronically. In addition, it may be used to locate and access an electronic version of a non-electronic resource described in the bibliographic record or a related electronic resource. (Repeatable) (1 more message)
22:54 pianohacker ahh kk
23:21 cait1 left #koha
23:31 clintD joined #koha
23:41 dcook joined #koha

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