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00:00 tcohen it is in 3.16.x
00:00 dcook Dinger :/
00:00 dcook Still, good catch cait
00:13 tcohen is there a way to add a note on the login modal?
00:13 tcohen (opac, bootstrap)
00:15 dcook Hmm
00:15 dcook We've done that locally
00:15 * dcook has been meaning to upstream that
00:17 dcook I wonder if blou's patch did it as well?
00:17 dcook Or if that was just for the landing page login area
00:19 pianohacker tcohen: jQuery should be able to do it, at least. The modals exist in the DOM before they're shown
00:19 dcook Totes an option as well
00:19 tcohen good idea pianohacker, thanks
00:20 * dcook occasionally ponders the idea of being user-friendly for librarians vs just getting it done
00:20 dcook Leaning more so to the latter more and more
00:21 pianohacker we're slowly building a patchwork way to do the opac 100% custom, bit by halting bit
00:23 dcook ?
00:23 dcook You mean sort of like... with widgets and such?
00:24 dcook To let users customize basically whatever they want in a sort of modular way?
00:35 pianohacker well, we might eventually get there
00:36 pianohacker but we're headed in that direction as it is, just in a kind of lurching way :)
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01:11 eythian @later tell kivilahtio I don't currently have a test server set up for it, you might be able to make some progress with the details on the bug. Got a migration in progress at the moment, will be back on ES when it's sorted :)
01:11 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
01:12 tcohen hi eythian
01:13 tcohen would an if (!Test::More version correct) skip work for you? as we do for dbd::mock?
01:18 eythian tcohen: I don't know
01:18 eythian oh
01:18 eythian hmm
01:18 eythian probably
01:18 eythian actually, it's a compile error
01:18 eythian so I bet it wouldn't.
01:21 pianohacker BEGIN block?
01:25 tcohen i'll just remove the subtest use
01:25 tcohen i don't like removing it, because they help organizing the tests contexts
01:26 pianohacker would BEGIN { exit if ( $Test::More::VERSION < '1.0' ); } work?
01:26 pianohacker (for whatever version you need)
01:28 tcohen pianohacker: yes, but what would the point of having the tests be?
01:28 tcohen we won't know if we broke something for squeeze...
01:29 tcohen i'm not sure what is the best solution
01:30 pianohacker hmm
01:30 rangi eythian was looking into if it was possible to package test-simple (which contains test::more) and provide it at for squeeze
01:38 eythian oh yes
01:39 eythian I can probably do that
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04:34 dcook I love that moment when you want to find a RDA record to import...and it's the first record you find ^_^
04:34 dcook Hmm, I suppose it IS Tuesday. Would've been lovely if that would've been the case yesterday.
05:03 dcook Boo,
05:06 cait joined #koha
05:14 dcook hey cait :)
05:14 cait hi dcook:)
05:14 cait i just commented on the bug
05:16 dcook Mmm, yeah, I thought that might be the case
05:16 dcook (What you mention in your comment that is)
05:16 dcook That sucks that they don't send them out. Mind you...a print notice for a hold seems a bit silly too.
05:16 dcook By the time they get the notice, the hold may have expired.
05:18 cait and it costs to sendthem
05:19 cait and koha can currently not charge postage fees automatically
05:19 dcook That too
05:19 dcook Although I suppose it depends on the library
05:19 dcook Most of my libraries could send them through internal mail I bet ;)
05:20 cait true
05:21 dcook I suppose the print notice can indicate to the librarian to use other means for getting in touch as well
05:21 * dcook shrugs
05:22 cait i think we should clean it up... but i'd stil like the old stuff to be working :)
05:22 dcook Which is that?
05:23 cait the overdues email! heh
05:23 cait the new way is cleaner for overdues
05:23 cait now the print notice is visible in the patron account
05:23 cait before it was not
05:24 cait but now you cannot automatically send them to the library...
05:24 cait i want both :)
05:25 dcook Good luck :)
05:53 dcook Ahhhhh
05:54 dcook, you're a tricksy duck with your incorrect documentation...
05:54 dcook And perhaps lack of validation...
05:55 dcook Well, at least I noticed after 60,000 records not 600,000...
05:55 dcook And this is why we're always glad that we do things in a test environment first. Mmmm, yes.
05:55 dcook Backups R the best
05:56 cait backups++
05:56 cait :)
05:56 dcook :D
05:56 dcook Chocolate would be even better right now though...
05:56 cait agreed
05:57 dcook Now that I've moved to a different desk, I need to outfit my work station with all the food
05:57 cait but i don't have any
05:57 dcook Me either :/
05:57 dcook This is a perfect time to have a minion...
05:57 dcook Or a familiar
05:57 dcook I suppose the windows here don't open, so an owl would still be useless...
05:58 cait heh
06:01 dcook Huzzah!
06:01 dcook -keepids=035a
06:01 dcook Beautiful
06:03 dcook This whole having two monitors thing is pretty swag
06:03 * dcook wishes that he'd had them both for years
06:14 cait ah
06:14 cait only got them now?
06:14 dcook Yeppers. I had a small desk for the past few years with just one monitor.
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06:40 dcook "For interchange purposes, documentation of the structure and use of the system control number must be provided to exchange partners by the originating organization."
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06:41 dcook It would be even better if your data documented its own structure...
06:41 dcook After all, I think everyone knows what this means: (CaBVaU)2835210335
06:42 dcook MARC--
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07:08 cait good morning #koha
07:08 dcook g'day cait, yohann, sophie_m
07:09 sophie_m hi dcook, cait
07:09 sophie_m hello #koha
07:10 paul_p joined #koha
07:11 cait hi sophie_m and yohann
07:11 cait yohann
07:11 cait yohann++ i wanted to say :)
07:13 yohann hi dcook and cait
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07:16 dcook 631380 MARC records done in 4490.00470089912 seconds
07:16 dcook Not bad, Zebra
07:17 fridolin hie all
07:17 dcook Well,
07:17 dcook Not sure about Zebra
07:17 dcook yo, fridolin
07:17 * dcook should take his leave soon...
07:17 fridolin hie dcook
07:17 fridolin huge catalogue indeed
07:18 dcook That's just MeSH ;)
07:18 fridolin count several hours for zebra indexing
07:19 dcook Mmm, it would help if I had Zebra indexing turned on for this instance too...heh
07:22 rangi evening
07:22 dcook Whelp, needed to make lots of changes to do the record evening anyway...
07:22 dcook evening as in hello or goodbye, rangi? :p
07:23 rangi hello :)
07:23 cait evening rangi :)
07:23 dcook :D
07:27 mtj hie #koha
07:28 cait hi mtj :)
07:28 cait nzers everywhere this morning! :)
07:30 mtj peeps, i need some advice on a koha oauth problem..
07:32 mtj i need to be able to log out a koha user from google-oauth, using an authenticated token
07:32 * dcook perks up
07:32 dcook mtj: is google-oauth Oauth2.0?
07:32 dcook Actually, I'm 99% sure it is
07:32 dcook What's the question?
07:32 wahanui the question is probably "What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?"
07:33 mtj yeah oauth2 dcook :)
07:33 mtj my problem is, i dont quite know where the best place is, to *store* that token
07:33 * dcook wrote a local patch using OpenID Connect which is just a wrapper for Oauth2.0
07:33 dcook Wait, what's the problem again?
07:33 mtj browser cookies or memcache are my only options, so far...
07:34 dcook When you log off of Google, you want them to also log off of Koha?
07:34 dcook Or vice versa?
07:34 mtj ^^
07:34 dcook Mmm, yeah, I didn't get that far because the Oauth server I was working with wasn't set up that well
07:35 mtj i have found that Nick's orig. patch works well - but does not have any logout code
07:36 mtj on a public OPAC, many people could login/logout of koha... but never successfully log out from their google account
07:37 mtj so, the process to logout from google-oauth2 is simple (good)
07:38 dcook Is it revoking the token?
07:38 mtj ...but it requires knowing the user's 'id_token'
07:38 mtj yeah, thats it dcook :)
07:38 dcook Hmm
07:38 dcook Perhaps you could store it in their db session?
07:38 mtj soo...  to revoke the token, we would need to store that token somewhere - to fetch it later
07:39 dcook Persona stores a "persona:1" flag for that purpose I think
07:39 dcook Well, persona:1 is to let Koha know that the person is logged in via Persona..
07:39 dcook And that later is used to log off, I think
07:39 rangi it never logs you out of persona
07:40 rangi just koha
07:40 dcook Hmm, I thought I saw something about log outs as well?
07:40 rangi loggin you out of persona would be hella annoying
07:40 rangi you'd be logged out of a bunch of other stuff
07:40 dcook Admittedly, I was wondering a bit why a person would want to log out of Google as well
07:40 rangi same with google, log out of koha
07:40 rangi now i cant get my email
07:41 dcook mtj: Is the issue that the browser stays logged into Google?
07:41 mtj yes yes, i realise that not logging out of persona/oauth is also a feature too
07:41 dcook So that when they logout of Koha...someone else could login as them?
07:42 mtj dcook:  yes ^^
07:42 dcook I think that's the thing that I was thinking about
07:42 dcook In my case, they don't have a logout service, so you have to rely on people closing the browser which kills the session cookie for the Oauth server..
07:42 dcook But...I better get running
07:42 dcook Good luck, mtj
07:42 mtj so for some cases - the behaviour is great
07:43 dcook I suppose you could have a prompt for that
07:43 dcook "Also log out of Google?"
07:43 dcook Although I don't think I've ever seen that on anything else that uses Oauth
07:43 dcook But yes, running along to my wife and all
07:43 dcook night folks
07:43 mtj for other cases (iNet cafes, OPACs) its potentailly a horrorshow
07:47 rangi yeah ive never seen it for any other oauth things
07:48 mtj hey rangi :)
07:48 mtj hmm, what you mean mean by 'it'? (sorry)
07:48 rangi logging out of a perhipheral service logging you out of the main one
07:49 mtj aaah
07:49 mtj yeah, its the common response to the Q on StackOverflow too
07:50 mtj but of course, SO is filled with web-programmers  - not users  :)
07:51 rangi i think its probably against the spec
07:51 mtj the situ i'm imagining is a OPAC using google-oauth2...
07:52 mtj the end of the day someone goes to an OPAC, and types ->
07:52 rangi the opac should kill the browser and reopen
07:53 rangi after each session
07:53 mtj ..and there are 10 currently logged-in users!
07:53 rangi just like they do at internet cafes
07:53 rangi all cookies should be flushed
07:53 mtj aaah, i hadnt thought of that one :)
07:53 rangi that way
07:54 rangi the user doesnt get home and go
07:54 rangi wtf why am i logged out of gmail now
07:55 rangi (if they are using a laptop, or something other than the opac)
07:55 mtj ...eep, i hadnt thought of that either :/
07:55 mtj the revoked token is universal
07:55 rangi *nod*
07:56 mtj cool, thanks for the help chris :0)
07:57 rangi getting all cookies flushed will help if they forgot to log out of other stuff too
07:58 rangi probably should be good practice for all public machines .. dunno how many libraries do that though
07:59 mtj yeah
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08:12 mtj hmm, restarting the browser still leaves my user logged into google...
08:14 mtj (which i guess is to be expected, now i think about it)
08:14 rangi yeah it'd have to flush all cookies
08:15 rangi which closing doesnt do, only the ones marked session only
08:17 rangi or run the opac in incognito mode
08:18 rangi that would be pretty cool actually
08:18 rangi all the history goes too that way
08:21 mtj ah yes, i see all the google cookies now
08:48 mtj ta rangi - incognito mode seems to delete the google cookies
09:02 cait back
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11:44 tcohen hi
11:44 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
11:44 huginn tcohen: The current temperature in Bo Alto de San Martin, Cordoba City, Argentina is 12.1°C (8:40 AM ART on August 05, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Falling).
11:45 cait hi tcohen :)
11:47 tcohen hi cait
11:47 tcohen the topics are fine
11:49 cait tcohen: can you chair today?
11:50 tcohen yes!
11:50 cait ok :)
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13:10 indradg Hi... I was playing around with the "Koha as CMS" instructions and I keep getting an error "Template process failed: file error - cssinclude: not found at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 132."
13:12 indradg this happens whenever I set - template_name   => "opac-main.tmpl" to "pages.tmpl" in the (copy of
13:12 indradg this is on Koha 3.14.9 (deb package)
13:15 indradg using bootstrap theme
13:19 Viktor joined #koha
13:21 oleonard indradg: The global footer for bootstrap OPAC pages includes a directive to process a [% BLOCK cssinclude %]
13:22 oleonard indradg: You must include at least an empty [% BLOCK cssinclude %][% END %] in your template (usually after [% INCLUDE '' %] )
13:23 oleonard indradg: See for an example
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13:33 oleonard indradg: Did you see my suggestions?
13:44 indradg oleonard: yes, and following your suggestion also additionally added one for jsinclude
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14:00 indradg oleonard: essentially a dumb question - why doesn't seem to need these includes ?
14:01 oleonard Do you mean why doesn't require anything /in/ those BLOCKs?
14:04 pastebot "indradg" at pasted "[% USE Koha %] [% INCLUDE 'doc" (6 lines) at
14:05 indradg oleonard: yes, from what i see, do not seem to even have those blocks
14:06 indradg i'm sure, i'm missing something fairly elementary.... but what?
14:07 oleonard Are you sure you're looking at the bootstrap template?
14:07 oleonard[…]243aadffdd186f60e
14:17 * indradg scratching head
14:18 indradg oleonard: I'm looking at /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-​tmpl/prog/en/modules/ and my opacthemes syspref is set to 'bootstrap'
14:18 oleonard /opac-tmpl/prog/en/modules/ is the prog template.
14:20 indradg oleonard: thanks a bunch! i needed that cluestick!
14:20 indradg got it /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmp​l/bootstrap/en/modules/
14:21 oleonard :)
14:24 cait oleonard++ thx for taaking a look at the bug
14:24 cait i am nto sure if it was an accident - it seems former patches were much smaller, maybe some files were added by accident
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15:00 tcohen hi
15:00 jwagner hi
15:01 jwagner is there a meeting now? My calendar had one listed.
15:02 tcohen there's a meeting starting
15:02 tcohen in about
15:02 tcohen 2 minutes
15:02 jwagner ok, thanks
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15:04 tcohen #startmeeting Development IRC meeting, 5 August 2014 (part 1)
15:04 huginn Meeting started Tue Aug  5 15:04:25 2014 UTC.  The chair is tcohen. Information about MeetBot at
15:04 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
15:04 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting, 5 August 2014 (part 1))
15:04 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'development_irc_meeting__5_august_2014__part_1_'
15:04 tcohen #topic Introductions (please use "#info" in front of your introduction to have it show up in the automatic minutes)
15:04 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (please use "#info" in front of your introduction to have it show up in the automatic minutes) (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting, 5 August 2014 (part 1))
15:05 tcohen #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba
15:05 tcohen please, don't flood the IRC with your presentations
15:05 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ - not quite here
15:05 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City - [dead drive today]
15:06 Guest4884 #info Jane Wagner, LibLime/PTFS
15:06 tcohen ok, two T{h}omas and a Katrina :-D
15:06 oleonard #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries
15:06 tcohen hi Jane
15:07 tcohen ok, moving on
15:07 tcohen #topic RM 3.18 comments
15:07 Topic for #koha is now RM 3.18 comments (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting, 5 August 2014 (part 1))
15:07 tcohen tcohen: all yours
15:07 tcohen thanks
15:08 tcohen #info tcohen asked Chris Cormack to take care of integrating PROG/CCSR deprecation patches
15:08 cait rangi++
15:09 tcohen #info tcohen provided a first approach to unit tests for LDAP-related code on bug 8148
15:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8148 critical, P5 - low, ---, fcapovilla, Signed Off , ldap authentication should FAIL if ldap contains NEW password, and user types the PREVIOUS password
15:09 tcohen #info feedback on that is needed, urgently
15:09 cait tcohen++ too :)
15:10 tcohen #info RM is concerned about the lack of unit tests in some important bugs, he will continue to help write those tests for people not used to it
15:10 JesseM #info Jesse Maseto, ByWater Solutions
15:11 tcohen questions? comments?
15:11 tcohen feedback on how to deal with this is really welcome
15:12 tcohen ok, moving on
15:13 tcohen i'll add a topic that is not in the agenda, but is small
15:13 tcohen #topic KohaCon14 update
15:13 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon14 update (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting, 5 August 2014 (part 1))
15:13 tcohen #info the kohacon page will be updated tomorrow with more information
15:13 NateC #info Nate Curulla ByWater
15:14 tcohen #info tcohen makes a call for atendees and people making presentqations on kohacon
15:14 bgkriegel joined #koha
15:14 cait just about 2 monhts now :)
15:15 tcohen #info tcohen makes a call for people to register
15:15 tcohen ^^^^ that was
15:15 tcohen ok, moving on
15:15 tcohen #topic Additions to Coding Guidelines
15:15 Topic for #koha is now Additions to Coding Guidelines (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting, 5 August 2014 (part 1))
15:15 bgkriegel #info Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel, late
15:16 tcohen the idea was to discuss an addition to coding guidelines asking new dependencies (like jquery plugins) to be added to the about section
15:16 tcohen cait?
15:16 wahanui cait: go to bed
15:17 cait ah sorry
15:17 tcohen can u comment on the proposal for the coding guidelines?
15:17 cait not sure it has to go into the coding guidelines
15:17 cait but maybe a small reminder
15:18 cait if we add a new jquery library/plugin or similar
15:18 tcohen ok
15:18 cait we should also add a line to with the license
15:18 edveal #info Ed Veal ByWater
15:18 cait i think some might be missing currently
15:19 tcohen cait: is there a bug report for that?
15:19 cait not yet - i am not sure there are, it's more a guess right now
15:20 tcohen #action Katrin volunteers to fill a bug on missing lines in for external libs
15:20 cait hey...
15:20 cait :)
15:20 tcohen :-P
15:20 tcohen ok, moving on
15:20 cait if i find one that is, i will
15:20 tcohen great
15:20 tcohen #topic DBIC
15:20 Topic for #koha is now DBIC (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting, 5 August 2014 (part 1))
15:21 tcohen The key point on discussing DBIC is that people has expressed some lack of information on how to use
15:21 tcohen I personally find it relevant, as we are promoting its wide adoption
15:22 tcohen #link Example usage of DBIC[…]s_of_DBIC_in_Koha
15:23 tcohen if anyone finds some time to contribute to that, we will all benefit
15:23 tcohen some "best practices" should be discussed and added there
15:23 tcohen maybe some things that should be avoided when coding using DBIC
15:23 cait i think one of the poitns people are unsure about
15:24 cait is if we can use DBIC in pl files
15:24 cait or only in .pm
15:24 tcohen in my opinion, we should only use it on .pm
15:26 tcohen another thing that confuses people is what is the workflow for adding new relations to Koha::Schema::Result:*
15:26 tcohen it happened to me, and Joubu asked the same a while ago
15:27 tcohen when you need to make a JOIN operation on tables that don't have explicit foreign key constrains, you cannot do it on DBIC
15:27 tcohen unless you define a new relation
15:28 tcohen those should be added to the bottom of the files (the rest of the file is auto-generated)
15:28 tcohen it'd be great to have galen or kyle to discuss this
15:28 tcohen but, it is possible that in that situation we should evaluate if the constrain should be defined, instead of adding the new relation
15:29 fridolin left #koha
15:29 tcohen an example where there aren't some foreign key constrains is on deleted_* tables
15:29 tcohen if you want to make a join on those tables, DBIC fails
15:30 tcohen #action tcohen will promote this discussion on the development list
15:30 tcohen ok, moving on?
15:30 cait khall_away gmcharlt ... :)
15:30 cait maybe we could have a dbic tutorial?
15:31 tcohen maybe on the hackfest?
15:31 cait that's an idea too :)
15:31 francharb joined #koha
15:31 tcohen ok, moving on (lunch time approaching)
15:32 tcohen #topic Bugs
15:32 Topic for #koha is now Bugs (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting, 5 August 2014 (part 1))
15:32 thd maybe someone could record such things even in the hackfest for those of us who may be unable to afford the fare to Argentina.
15:32 tcohen thd: that's a great idea
15:32 bgkriegel good idea
15:32 tcohen i'll try to make it happen with bgkriegel
15:34 tcohen any comment about specific bugs?
15:34 tcohen bgkriegel? cait? jwagner? NateC?
15:34 tcohen oleonard?
15:34 wahanui oleonard is, like, still here, if you just wish hard enough. or Koha's master UI designer
15:34 tcohen we know wahanui
15:34 bgkriegel not for me
15:34 cait tcohen: not right now
15:35 oleonard Nothing from me
15:36 jwagner sorry, nothing from me
15:36 tcohen oleonard: do u need help on the PROG/CCSR deprecation patches?
15:37 tcohen i'd like to mention bug 12716, for which I'd like to hear comments
15:37 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12716 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Import patrons form should have drop-downs for some values
15:38 tcohen i wanted to make it possible to have dropdowns for values that have foreign key constrains, and would fail an import
15:38 tcohen should it be still possible to type on those?
15:38 tcohen i have a working patch about to be attached
15:38 tcohen objections?
15:39 * tcohen hoped nicole was around
15:39 cait no objections from me
15:39 cait pull downs should be ok
15:40 bag morning
15:40 wahanui rumour has it morning is a state of the cait
15:40 tcohen hi bag+
15:40 bag nengard is right here
15:40 gaetan_B joined #koha
15:40 bag tcohen: grabbing nengard right now
15:40 tcohen i wanted some feedback from the end-user pov, that's why i mentioned nengard
15:40 nengard joined #koha
15:41 nengard #info Nicole C. Engard, ByWater Solutions
15:41 khall #info Kyle Hall, ByWater Solutions
15:41 bag #info Brendan Gallagher ByWater
15:41 nengard I like the idea of bug 12716 it will eliminate errors
15:41 bag sorry we are late :)
15:42 nengard allowing people to type in fields that have to be exact matches to codes can be problematic
15:42 trendynick joined #koha
15:42 nengard most end users like the idea of pull downs over the freedom to type (and make mistakes)
15:43 * oleonard wishes the stage MARC import tool reported errors related to invalid authorized values
15:43 tcohen oleonard: fill abug for that!
15:43 tcohen nengard:
15:43 tcohen i added datepickers to dates, and dropdown to those two fields
15:44 nengard tcohen me likey!
15:44 tcohen it is wip, and the visualization would be that with the greyed table column
15:44 bag tcohen: that’s a lot of open tabs there
15:44 cait tcohen: there is one for invaid branchcodes i think
15:45 tcohen bag: hell yeah, need to work on that with the shrink
15:45 bag :)
15:45 thd Dropdowns should not need to depend on JavaScript where invoking yet more JavaScript can be avoided.
15:46 tcohen thd: they don't in my implementation
15:46 * oleonard sprinkles JavaScript liberally over the staff client
15:47 tcohen ^^^^ that's also true
15:47 * thd hopes for the day that the staff client will work well in lynx.
15:47 tcohen thd: links2 has javascript :-P
15:48 sophie_m left #koha
15:49 tcohen ok, moving on
15:49 tcohen #topic Big stuff we are working on
15:49 Topic for #koha is now Big stuff we are working on (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting, 5 August 2014 (part 1))
15:49 thd tcohen: JavaScript was removed from even links2 because the implementation had too many bugs for too many use cases.
15:50 tcohen oh
15:50 tcohen anyone wants to comment on their current projects right now?
15:51 tcohen ok, skipped then :-d
15:51 tcohen #topic Set time of next meeting
15:51 Topic for #koha is now Set time of next meeting (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting, 5 August 2014 (part 1))
15:53 tcohen i propose next meeting is August 19th, same time (part 1 15:00 UTC, part 2 22:00 UTC)
15:53 thd +1
15:53 tcohen as it is vacation in several places there might not be many atendees
15:54 tcohen if there are no objections, i will put it as agreed
15:54 jwagner +1
15:54 tcohen +1
15:54 bag +1
15:55 kmlussier joined #koha
15:55 tcohen ok
15:55 tcohen #agreed if part 2 agrees, next dev meeting is August 19th (part 1 15:00 UTC, part 2 22:00 UTC)
15:56 tcohen ok, that's all folks
15:56 tcohen #endmeeting
15:56 Topic for #koha is now Koha 3.16.2 is available! Next general meeting is 13 and 14 August 2014 at 22:00 and 15:00 UTC. Welcome to the IRC home of Koha Please use for pastes.
15:56 huginn Meeting ended Tue Aug  5 15:56:13 2014 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
15:56 huginn Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-08-05-15.04.html
15:56 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]4-08-05-15.04.txt
15:56 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]05-15.04.log.html
15:56 tcohen thanks everyone
15:57 thd tcohen: What would be done in case of lack of consensus between the two parts?
15:58 jwagner I thought that was handled by an arm-wrestling match
15:59 thd jwagner: Have you ever arm wrestled over IRC?
15:59 * jcamins is undefeated IRC arm wrestling champ.
16:00 jcamins You can tell because I get an @ sign in front of my nick.
16:10 jwagner thd, you haven't heard of virtual reality???
16:12 bag I think I am undefeated too (but I’ve never tried)  - so does that count?
16:12 * bag doesn’t think he could beat the champ jcamins though
16:18 oleonard Since we don't know what would happen if there was a lack of consensus between the two meetings I guess I'll have to attend the other one and sow dischord
16:20 jwagner Probably better than sewing discards would be....
16:22 tgoat_ joined #koha
16:24 cait left #koha
16:26 * jwagner goes off to hide in a corner now....
16:28 druthb oleonard++ #creating dissention.
16:30 indradg joined #koha
16:37 tgoat joined #koha
16:41 quocuy joined #koha
16:41 quocuy HI every one
16:41 quocuy Hi @rangi again.
16:43 quocuy I follow this turotial Works perfectly. I created new page, which displayed in opacmainuserblock.
16:45 quocuy But how do i remove the right-nav and make new page full (opacmainuser+right-nav)?
16:48 quocuy I did remove <div id="opacrightsidebar" class="container">[% OpacNavRight %]</div> in the /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opa​c-tmpl/prog/en/modules/
16:48 quocuy but it still left the blank right-nav there, the new page not scale full width
17:59 ckindley joined #koha
18:00 ckindley Hi folks. Question: I'm to the point where I am ready to use the Koha web installer, but the MySQL database is empty. What's the best way to populate the schema with the appropriate tables?
18:02 cait joined #koha
18:02 druthb ckindley: Run the web installer.  It does that.
18:03 pianohacker joined #koha
18:04 ckindley druthb: No, it does not (at least in my instance). It logs errors like " DBD::mysql::db selectrow_array failed: Table 'koha.systempreferences' doesn't exist at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 563."
18:07 druthb Very peculiar—it is *supposed* to.
18:08 ckindley Ehh, well, the debian instructions specify to run koha-create --create-db before using the web installer
18:08 * ckindley runs Gentoo. Sigh.
18:08 druthb Ah.
18:13 tcohen ckindley: need to follow source installs, not .deb install
18:14 * ckindley was not following the debian install.
18:22 jcamins ckindley: that error is to be expected. Did you click next?
18:23 ckindley jcamins: Yes, but nothing happened. That's why I was working off of those errors. woops :(
18:24 jcamins ckindley: and you waited? It takes an appreciable length of time. Depending on your system, it's not unheard of for the connection to time out at that point.
18:24 ckindley jcamins: Yeah. The browser does indicate that it is awaiting a response, but then the notification disappears.
18:34 quocuy joined #koha
18:55 jcamins ckindley: you may have figured this out on your own, but if it's just a matter of the long-running import process, if you try the installer again you should be able to get to the next step by clicking next a few times.
18:57 quocuy Hi everyone
18:58 quocuy i finished this tutorial
18:59 quocuy how do i edit the file to clean up the right-navigation to make test-page wider. I remove right-navigation, then it left blank there
19:01 jcamins quocuy: at a guess, you need to change the width of the main block, for example changing span7/span9 to span12.
19:01 quocuy in the system preferences/local use?
19:03 quocuy opacmainuser has width 100%. When i  removed the left-navigation, it goes to full body page
19:03 quocuy but when i keep left navigation, remove the right-nav, there are blank space in the right
19:03 jcamins In your file.
19:04 jcamins But remember this is a complete guess.
19:04 jcamins I haven't tried using Koha as a CMS.
19:05 quocuy ok, there is no thing like span7/span9 in I'm trying to make a news page site, which includes all news
19:06 quocuy we don't need to remove old one to display new one
19:06 jcamins Oh, are you using prog?
19:06 jcamins You'll need to figure out the appropriate yui classes to use.
19:07 quocuy yes, i'm using prog
19:07 jcamins Yeah, in that case it's just a matter of figuring out the right YUI class to use.
19:08 pianohacker quocuy: check out[…]2.9.0_full/grids/
19:08 jcamins I don't know if there is any documentation for such an old version of YUI, but Yahoo's site might be worth a try.
19:08 quocuy ok, let me try more. I'm newbie about this
19:09 pianohacker Ahh, YUI. Check out how strangely arbitrary the column sizes are...
19:10 jcamins pianohacker: it's not arbitrary. It's, it's...
19:10 jcamins it's...
19:10 jcamins it's...
19:10 jcamins endearingly quirky?
19:10 pianohacker jcamins: That's what we tell ourselves MARC is so we can sleep at night
19:16 quocuy joined #koha
19:16 francharb joined #koha
19:17 quocuy jcamins, can u check this file for me please
19:17 quocuy i just want to remove right-nav, but not leave the blank space there.
19:19 jcamins quocuy: I cannot, no, sorry.
19:19 jcamins I have not done this, and I don't use YUI.
20:11 ckindley Ok, I'm stumped. So, clicking "Next" on the first step of the web installer does nothing. Here'
20:11 ckindley Here's the logfile:
20:11 cait hm which mysql version?
20:12 cait did youcreate a database?
20:12 ckindley cait: 5.5.37, yes
20:12 * ckindley will note, we're running Gentoo here. So I expected this to be bumpy.
20:13 cait not sure, are you using pacages or trying a tarball installation?
20:13 ckindley tarball
20:13 pianohacker ckindley: at this point it might be easier to import kohastructure.sql yourself
20:14 jcamins What version of Perl?
20:14 ckindley 5.18.2
20:14 jcamins Right, figured that out as soon as I hit enter.
20:14 jcamins Sorry, I'm tired.
20:14 cait could it be the caching?
20:14 jcamins pianohacker: yeah, I was thinking that.
20:14 ckindley I'll check the sql out.
20:15 jcamins I'm wondering about the Premature end of script headers.
20:15 jcamins ckindley: are you certain you have all the requirements?
20:15 pianohacker ckindley: mysql -u root -p koha < installer/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql # Assuming you're accessing the database as root and your database is called koha
20:15 jcamins Wait a minute...
20:16 ckindley jcamins: Nope!
20:16 ckindley I'm almost entirely certain I am missing something. hah
20:16 cait mveron++
20:16 jcamins "Subroutine C4::Context::confess redefined" (etc.)
20:16 jcamins ckindley: in that case, step one is to find out what.
20:17 ckindley Getting all the perl modules was a bit of a chore. I guess I need help figuring out what I may have missed. Perl is all too new to me, unfortunately.
20:17 jcamins `perl -m`
20:17 pianohacker yes yes that
20:17 wahanui yes that is the cause of the problem
20:19 tcohen joined #koha
20:20 mtompset joined #koha
20:21 ckindley perl deps script output:
20:23 ckindley So the redefined subroutines - are these some badly-behaving modules? I worry about what I've pulled from the portage tree interfering with modules I've installed directly from cpan
20:23 cait ugh
20:24 cait cas is optional
20:24 cait but the output looks not right
20:24 cait i think
20:24 cait pianohacker?
20:24 wahanui I HATE XML
20:25 jcamins Whoah.
20:25 jcamins That's the output from koha_perl_deps?
20:25 ckindley Aye.
20:25 tcohen ckindley: that looks like something is really wrong
20:25 pianohacker what the hell?
20:25 jcamins Ummm... well done, you managed to come up with a new and creative way to explode things? :P
20:26 tcohen ckindley: do u have the stock perl install that comes with Gentoo?
20:26 pianohacker cait: you were the last person to cause a segfault, this is your fault
20:26 cait was i?
20:26 jcamins I think there's a way to get it to print every command it's running.
20:26 pianohacker cait: remember pazpar2?
20:27 pianohacker ah!
20:27 pianohacker ckindley:[…]egmentation-fault
20:27 pianohacker jcamins: ^ what you were thinking of?
20:27 cait pianohacker:
20:27 cait ..
20:28 cait pianohacker: as you are here... you love riddles, do you?
20:28 jcamins That's the one.
20:28 cait don't you... even
20:28 pianohacker cait: I work on MARC for a living
20:28 pianohacker so yes
20:28 cait i have a koha installation
20:28 cait that does 2 searches, when you search for a word
20:28 cait i found it becasue they complained about 2 entries for each search in the search history
20:28 cait and i have no idea how it could happen
20:29 cait custom javascript can be ruled out
20:29 cait as it still happens when you turn javascript off
20:29 cait and i have no idea where to look
20:29 pianohacker what version of Koha?
20:30 cait 3.12.9 i think
20:30 cait it's customized, but i don't see how xslt and additonal indexes could cause this
20:31 * tcohen was so happy when used gentoo...
20:31 mtompset Greetings, #koha cait pianohacker jcamins tcohen ckindley
20:31 cait hi mtompset
20:31 cait pianohacker: ah and to make it more puzzling - i have another installation running on the same code.. where it doesn't happen
20:33 cait any hints/ideas?
20:33 pianohacker cait: can duplicate at least
20:33 ckindley Thanks, fellows. I'm not giving this one up! Let's see.
20:33 cait good luck ckindley - i can not help much, but cross fingers at least :)
20:33 tcohen ckindley: good luck
20:33 ckindley tcohen: Yeah, portage perl
20:34 pianohacker cait: The immediate strange thing is that the two history entries are spaced three seconds apart
20:34 pianohacker do you see two entries in the access log?
20:34 cait yep
20:34 * tcohen remembers filling the bug for completing Koha's Perl depedencies in portage
20:34 cait you can see it with firebug too
20:34 pianohacker cait: my IP is
20:34 cait i can't access the access logs of that server
20:35 cait but if youlook at networks in firebug or with the life headers plugin you see hat it does indeed 2 requests
20:35 cait 2 searches...
20:35 cait not on
20:35 cait e
20:35 pianohacker what on earth... yes you can
20:35 * cait nods
20:35 cait help!
20:36 * talljoy thinks pianohackers brain was blown
20:36 talljoy ;-)
20:36 pianohacker yes indeed!
20:36 cait mine is too
20:37 cait i got no idea how to even start to track this down
20:37 cait and of course.. in my dev environment i can't replicate
20:37 cait it only appears on this system so far - if it's some configuration difference, i haven't found it yet
20:38 * ckindley may not have run perl-cleaner since his last perl update... Always forget that one.
20:38 pianohacker cait: it's not just, at least
20:39 cait so this is good? :)
20:39 jcamins Ooh!
20:39 jcamins Idea!
20:39 jcamins What version of HTTP is being used?
20:40 cait can you explain that a bit more?
20:40 cait i can't log onto the server unfortunately... so i will have to check tomorrow if we can't figure it out from the opac
20:41 kmlussier joined #koha
20:41 tcohen datepicker usage example?
20:42 jcamins With HTTP 1.0, all requests get a new connection. With HTTP 1.1, multiple requests share a connection. I'm wondering if this could be the result of some sort of reconnection thing.
20:42 jcamins (what kind of thing I don't know)
20:42 cait tcohen: hm?
20:43 tcohen cait: nevermind, just wanted a default config for jquery datepicker (localization, format, etc)
20:43 tcohen and found that sets everything I need
20:43 cait yep
20:43 cait oleonard++ :)
20:44 pianohacker cait: I think I found it!
20:44 cait you'll be my hero
20:44 pianohacker in your CSS, under #header-wrapper
20:44 pianohacker background-image: url("");
20:45 jcamins Oof.
20:45 cait the css???
20:45 wahanui the css is probably probably easier
20:45 pianohacker this was my clue:[…]estroy-your-site/
20:45 indradg joined #koha
20:45 cait i will try it
20:46 cait sad i can't right now
20:46 cait hmwait maybe i can
20:46 cait hmmm if it#s in the css file i can't...
20:47 pianohacker cait: oh jeez it's in #cartmenulink:before too
20:47 pianohacker cait: It looks like it's coming through as opacusercss
20:47 cait so what would be the working way to remove a background image?
20:48 pianohacker background: none;
20:48 pianohacker or background-image: none;
20:49 pianohacker cait, I spoke too soon, it's also in lorsch.css... you'll have to do a lot of find and replace
20:49 cait hmm
20:49 pianohacker firebug++
20:49 cait i wonder
20:49 cait i guess that shoudl be in the other installation too then
20:49 cait so wonde rif it can be really the source
20:54 cait pianohacker: removed the one in opacusercss
20:54 cait no change
20:57 cait pianohacker++ pianohacker++ pianohacker++
20:57 cait now go and work an rancor! hehe
20:57 pianohacker hehehe can do!
20:57 pianohacker css--
20:57 pianohacker css++
20:58 tcohen
21:01 pianohacker oh cool translation
21:01 cait tcohen++
21:02 cait someone without karma still? :)
21:36 indradg joined #koha
22:04 mtompset Have a good day, #koha.
22:04 cait left #koha
22:19 eythian hi
22:39 cait joined #koha
22:40 cait left #koha
22:54 papa joined #koha
22:55 eythian hi
22:55 wahanui hey, eythian
22:55 eythian wait, already said that
22:57 pianohacker hi eythian
22:59 tgoat joined #koha
23:01 tcohen joined #koha
23:02 tcohen part 2 of the dev meeting didn't take place, right?
23:02 rangi nope
23:02 rangi didnt even know it was on
23:02 rangi  <-- not here
23:03 tcohen heh
23:03 tcohen *what is that list* ?
23:03 tcohen[…]ng,_5_August_2014
23:04 rangi the best way to make a agenda page is to start on the IRC_Meetings page and make the link :)
23:05 tcohen :/
23:06 rangi i usually check that page every week or so, to make sure i dont miss meetings, i was all, oh nothing until next week hehe
23:06 rangi reading back
23:06 rangi i dont think id have anythign to add anyway
23:06 tcohen to me, wiki's categories are as broken as the hardcoded use of possibly non-existent authorised values categories
23:07 rangi yeah i dont really use the categories
23:07 tcohen i have to say i never created a dev meeting's page, will as kcait for help
23:07 rangi what i do, is cut and paste from an existing one
23:08 rangi so i make a link on that irc_meetings page
23:08 rangi then click on it, thus making an empty page
23:08 tcohen i learnt that for road types koha's code checks for the existence of a specially crafted authorised value category
23:08 rangi and paste in a previous agenda, and then edit it
23:08 tcohen rangi: will try next time
23:08 rangi sweet
23:08 rangi looks like was a good turnout of the meeting
23:08 rangi the first one
23:08 wahanui the first one is the easiest, but you can't do anything very interesting with it
23:09 tcohen looking at the logs?
23:09 rangi yep
23:10 tcohen ah yes, because you were absent, you have homework :-P
23:10 rangi heh
23:10 rangi linked in the meeting to that page now
23:10 rangi ill add the minutes to it
23:15 tcohen thanks rangi
23:28 rangi i wonder if anyone is blogging the koha na user group meeting thingy
23:30 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11331 - CSV export for is missing newlines - followup <[…]4d4caaae9bd87d4e0> / Bug 11331 - CSV export for is missing newlines <[…]e8de60a87962094e6> / Bug 12660:Correct mispelling of accomodate in comments <http://git.koha-community.
23:35 * dcook is confused as to whether or not there was a meeting
23:36 rangi the meetings all come in 2 parts now
23:36 rangi part 1 happened, part 2 didnt
23:50 tcohen dcook: something you'd like to discuss? :-D
23:52 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12597 - Give better visual indication of currently-selected language in the staff... <[…]39e6c9a2ebe860f6a> / Bug 8521 - Error in warning message when deleting list <[…]d654dcc3e404e34f0> / Bug 12619 - Shipment date gets lost on finishing and/or editing t
23:54 dcook rangi: Was part 2 supposed to happen?
23:54 dcook It's usually when I'm sleeping/showering, so I never know..
23:54 dcook tcohen: Not that I can think of :/
23:55 rangi dcook: i forgot it was on
23:56 dcook rangi: Were you going to chair it?
23:56 tcohen it was at 22:00 UTC
23:56 dcook So it actually happened two hours ago?
23:56 dcook Or was supposed to happen?
23:57 rangi it would have yeah, but there was pretty much no one here, cos i was at the drs
23:57 dcook Mmm
23:57 rangi plus, i read the log now, dont have anythign to add
23:57 dcook Yeah, I just popped open the log
23:58 tcohen anyone commented on 111244?
23:59 rangi only you, me, dcook and cait

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