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03:42 dcook Another day...another IE bug.
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04:31 cait dcook: ?
04:32 cait dcook: it's my secret super power.... just search the word from simple search, and hit f5 repeatedly
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04:43 cait and noone is here... :)
05:01 dcook I was eating :)
05:01 dcook Hmm, I'll give the F5 approach a shot
05:02 * dcook tries to recall the bug number
05:02 dcook bug 10542
05:02 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10542 critical, P1 - high, ---, martin.renvoize, Failed QA , QueryParser + OpacSuppression doesn't allow search in 'all libraries'
05:02 cait i can check again later, but not right now
05:02 cait i tried it various times... it's really weird
05:03 dcook It sounds really weird :S
05:03 cait i agree
05:03 dcook Just searching for "der", eh?
05:05 dcook Hmm, I seem to be getting weird results now when I try it too..
05:05 * dcook hunts some more
05:05 dcook Weird being...hidden stuff ain't stayin' hidden
05:05 dcook Oh, because I'm using the intranet and not the opac
05:05 dcook drr
05:06 cait der is a german article
05:06 cait guess you' dhave to search for the or some other word that appears multiple times in your records
05:06 dcook Yep
05:06 dcook I'm using "a"
05:06 dcook Looks all right..
05:06 dcook Maybe I need more records..
05:07 cait hm i just retested
05:07 dcook I get 4 out of 5 as I should each time
05:07 cait it still happens
05:07 cait i entered der
05:08 cait 33 = correct
05:08 cait then put the cursor into the search field, hit enter again
05:08 cait 21
05:08 cait again 21
05:08 cait again - no resuls
05:08 dcook I wonder..
05:08 dcook Ok, that's the really weird part
05:08 cait 21
05:09 cait onw looks like it stabilized itself to 33
05:09 cait ah wrong... now it pulled up that record again - number 79
05:09 dcook I almost wonder if it's a weird cache issue
05:10 dcook But that probably doesn't make sense
05:10 cait it's so weird... i couldn't pass qa
05:10 dcook I'd be curious to see if the same query is being sent each time
05:10 cait if you help me with the command i can show you
05:10 dcook And then try to duplicate those results using yaz-client
05:10 dcook Hmm?
05:10 cait we need zebra running in the foreground?
05:11 cait but i have to get ready for work. hm.
05:11 dcook No worries. This can wait :)
05:11 dcook Maybe I'll try a sandbox as well...
05:12 dcook Then again...maybe the sandboxes don't work like I recall...
05:13 dcook Maybe not
05:13 dcook Guess it won't work anyway
05:15 dcook cait: Actually, if you could send me a MARC dump of your DB, I could upload it into mine and see if I can duplicate your results
05:15 dcook Another time, of course :)
05:15 cait i am not sure if it's that easy
05:15 cait i guess maybe configuration side there is something wrong too
05:15 dcook Yeah, it probably isn't that easy
05:15 dcook The inconsistency really surprises me :/
05:16 cait maybe see if someone can replicate
05:16 cait yeah me as well
05:17 dcook I think a good bet would be trying to figure out what query is being generated each time
05:17 dcook Because if the query is the same each time...then it has to be an issue with Zebra/Zebra's configuration
05:17 dcook Or...
05:17 dcook How the records are being returned and processed
05:18 dcook But that's why I'm thinking we try to see what query is output each time; if it's the same, run it multiple times in yaz-client
05:18 cait makes sense
05:18 dcook Or skip the yaz-client stage, and if the query is the same each time, just analyze what Koha does with what it receives from Zebra (checking the count/contents of records as well)
05:21 eythian hi
05:21 dcook yo eythian
05:21 eythian I finally get my lunch
05:21 eythian which is now a bit soggy
05:21 dcook :(
05:22 dcook Mmm, actually, cait. I was surprised that you used the URL http://localhost/cgi-bin/koha/[…]
05:23 dcook Usually, I would have "http://localhost/cgi-bin/koha/[…]" without the empty "idx="
05:23 dcook Not that it should make a difference
05:23 cait hm let me try again
05:23 cait bootstrap?
05:23 dcook Yep
05:23 cait opac start page
05:23 dcook Mhm
05:23 cait simple search
05:23 wahanui simple search is what would benefit staff a quick search and quickly eyeball facets to see "who has how many of what"
05:23 cait http://localhost/cgi-bin/koha/[…]
05:24 cait query parser is on, opacsuppression is on
05:24 dcook Yep
05:25 dcook Hmm, I'll rebase and see if that makes a difference for me..
05:26 dcook (Nope. Still working well.)
05:26 cait hm if we have different urls to start with
05:26 cait weird
05:26 cait if you try with my url
05:27 cait do you see it?
05:31 dcook I can't reproduce it at all :/
05:31 dcook Maybe I'll try dumping in a bunch of records..
05:32 cait my database is quie small
05:32 cait about 200 records
05:32 dcook Hmm, mine only has 5, so I'll try a bit more ;)
05:33 dcook My prefs look the same as yours in this case
05:33 dcook At least the Searching prefs
05:33 cait maybe i need to update zebra conf
05:33 dcook Not that I can think of
05:35 dcook How many hidden records do you have?
05:36 dcook Hmm, added about 1600+ records, only have 1 hidden, but results are consistent
05:36 cait 1
05:38 dcook Hmm, yeah, aside from checking more deeply, I got no more ideas :/
05:39 cait yeah and i don't have much time this morning
05:40 cait maybe someone else can reproduce
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06:49 dac Hmm, apparently I quit, eh?
06:50 * dcook hates acquisitions...
06:50 eythian @later tell cait[…]inal-original.jpg
06:50 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
06:51 eythian actually...
06:51 eythian @later tell cait
06:51 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
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07:21 paul_p hello everybody
07:24 eythian hi paul_p
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07:25 marcelr hi #koha
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07:26 cait hi #koha
07:26 marcelr hi cait
07:27 cait hm eythian is leaving me cryptic messages
07:28 cait hi marcelr :)
07:28 eythian cait: it was in response to the last thing you posted.
07:28 cait oh
07:28 cait and you expected me to remember that? :)
07:28 eythian yep :)
07:29 cait my memory is not as good as it used to be, you know?
07:29 eythian I guess I forgot
07:30 cait how was monday in nz?
07:30 eythian good, I spent half the day doing a presentation skills course (the second half for it tomorrow.)
07:31 cait ah, how did it go?
07:31 eythian good
07:31 eythian I need to give a three minute presentation tomorrow, so I'm finishing that off now
07:42 cait 3 mins are over
07:42 cait are you not done yet?
07:43 eythian ...writing them takes longer than giving them
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08:05 paul_p m'orning cait & marcelr
08:05 marcelr hi paul_p
08:06 cait hi paul_p
08:29 cait paul_p: did you see BobB is coming too? :)
08:30 paul_p cait = now I see ;-) (checking wiki updates only once or twice a week)
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12:23 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:30 tcohen morrrning
12:32 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
12:32 huginn tcohen: The current temperature in Bo Alto de San Martin, Cordoba City, Argentina is 12.5°C (9:30 AM ART on August 04, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Pressure: 30.33 in 1027 hPa (Rising).
12:34 tcohen hi druthb
12:37 druthb hi, tcohen. :)
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12:58 vinz3g hi, good morning
12:58 vinz3g anyone know where the file should be placed koha_oai.conf to work marc21 in OAI-PMH?
13:01 tcohen vinz3g: we don't have any file here
13:04 vinz3g sorry
13:07 vinz3g restating the question. anyone know where the file should be located "koha_oai.conf" to run the OAI-PMH?
13:15 rambutan vinz3g: people are still waking up. If you don't get a response wait an hour or so and ask again.
13:18 cait vinz3g: it shoudl work without actually - marc21 is there by default
13:18 cait you don't have to add your won
13:18 cait your own
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13:33 vinz3g @cait solve it; I had to add to the "/ usr / share / koha / opac / cgi-bin / opac" file "koha_oai.conf" then modify the paths within the same file paths for "marc21" and "dc"
13:33 huginn vinz3g: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
13:33 vinz3g tnks huginn
13:34 vinz3g <huginn>
13:34 vinz3g :)
13:36 cait vinz3g: hm strange - it always worked for me without doing anything - maybe it's a pref thing
13:36 cait i think if you enter something in one of the preferences,you have to specify a separate file, otherwise it works without
13:37 cait marcelr++ # QA!
13:43 vinz3g I have actually changed the preference "OAI-PMH: ConfFile"; if I had not activated the message "... Dissemination as 'marc21' is not supported ..."
13:45 vinz3g you do not need to add is dublin core; this works well without activating the preference had not noticed that ...
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13:51 cait vinz3g: it's been a whiel since we tested, but i think marcxml and dc works without doing much - just switching it on
13:51 cait if you want to do changes on the records etc. then you will need your own files i think
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13:55 mveron Hi #koha
14:04 vinz3g ok
14:06 cait hi mveron :)
14:09 mveron hi cait :-)
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15:10 cait hm someone around familiar with the mtt changes?
15:10 cait in the past when a user had no email address and an ovrdue was supposed to be send, it would end  up in an email send to the library automatically
15:10 cait but now it looks like a print version of the message is generated - how can those be output?
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15:14 mveron cait: Maybe Syspref OverdueNoticeBcc ?
15:15 cait mveron: then you get all of them
15:15 cait i only want those that need to be printed/patrons with no email address
15:16 cait andnot only overdues btw - but all all messages...
15:16 cait the pref is misnamed
15:16 cait well... it grew since first implementation
15:19 mveron Kind of fallback mail address for customers without mail address would be nice.
15:21 cait mveron: i think we shouldn't really send them by email :(
15:21 cait but we had it for overdues and now it seems broken
15:21 mveron Some daily report?
15:21 cait mveron: but there is also no nice way to pick up server generated files from within koha right now... so i want that email back
15:21 cait it had the formatted letters as attachement
15:21 cait so a report will not cover it
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15:22 cait sending email with the patron data to the library is not so nice in terms of privacy i think, so ideal would be downloading a file from within koha
15:23 cait but right now, it seems like we have a regression... and i am not sure if there is a new way to do what has worked before
15:25 mveron http://perldoc.koha-community.[…]rdue_notices.html  - The html-Option?
15:25 mveron Produces html data. If patron does not have an email address or -n (no mail) flag is set, an HTML file is generated in the specified directory. This can be downloaded or futher processed by library staff. The file will be called notices-YYYY-MM-DD.html and placed in the directory specified.
15:26 cait mveron: if you have a file on the server
15:26 cait yo have to figure out how to get that to the library in a safe way
15:26 cait you can't just put patron sensitive information in a directory without authentication
15:26 cait so you need to automate it to put the files somewhere the library can get them, like an sftp server
15:27 jcamins cait: it's always been like that, hasn't it?
15:27 cait jcamins: the email was sent out automatically
15:27 cait there was no print type fallback before
15:27 cait the email option is missing
15:27 cait it's not in the script, as it was automatic, not an option
15:27 tcohen oleonard
15:27 wahanui hmmm... oleonard is still here, if you just wish hard enough. or Koha's master UI designer
15:27 jcamins cait: hm, I think I don't understand the problem, because I used the file on the server.
15:28 cait jcamins: it requires a lot more setup - how do you secure the file?
15:28 cait where do you put it and how does the library download it?
15:29 jcamins cait: it's a huge nuisance. I've served it via HTTP and had a password on it.
15:30 jcamins But it was always a nuisance as far as I can remember.
15:30 cait jcamins: well you could have used the email :) but it's not as nicely formatted... and gone now.
15:30 cait our customers all use the email option
15:30 cait so that's why i am a bit.. grumpy :)
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18:39 tcohen #koha: sample (refactored) import patrons form
18:39 tcohen what do u think?
18:39 wahanui rumour has it do u think is ok to set a cookie name marcdocs_borrowernumber true or false
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19:19 cait @later tell tcohen looks nice :)
19:19 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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20:01 ckindley Hi folks. I'm trying to install Koha on a Gentoo server, but immediately hit a snag: # perl Makefile.PL prints "not well-formed (invalid token) at line 12, column 17, byte 378 at /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl/5.18.2/XML/ line 383."
20:04 cait ckindley: i am sory, but i know nothing about Gentoo
20:04 cait most devs are using ubuntu or debian -  so not sure who would be able to help you
20:06 pianohacker ckindley: it's likely that XML::Simple is using the wrong package
20:06 pianohacker I'm not sure where it is on gentoo but you'll be fixing a file called ParserDetails.ini
20:07 cait hey pianohacker :)
20:08 pianohacker hi cait :)
20:12 ckindley pianohacker: Okay, that gives me something to work with. Thanks!
20:13 cait pianohacker: how is rancor?
20:13 cait :P
20:13 pianohacker rancorous
20:14 ckindley Looks like I'm working with XML::Simple 2.200.0 from Gentoo's Portage tree - should I use CPAN repo instead?
20:15 rangi its not xml::simple
20:15 pianohacker ckindley: the problem isn't with XML::Simple, perse; it's with the xml parser it's using under the hood
20:15 rangi its the parser it is using
20:15 rangi *snap*
20:15 ckindley Oooh,
20:15 pianohacker ckindley: run perl misc/
20:20 ckindley pianohacker:
20:20 pianohacker ckindley: yup, that needs to be fixed
20:22 * ckindley fixes.....
20:22 wahanui fixes are easier if we don't have to check for using_https - I don't mind either way
20:31 ckindley Ech, ok. Still says it looks bad because the module appears to just be called "XML::LibXML::SAX", and it does not like the "+" character included in my DB password.
20:41 rangi man i hope someone fixes bug 12717
20:41 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12717 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Library no longer receiving Overdue email for patrons without email address
20:42 rangi or every single public library i admin is going to call me when they upgrade
20:42 rangi regressions--
20:42 cait maybe there is a new option i missed, i am hoping
20:43 rangi im glad i havent upgraded anyone to 3.16 yet
20:43 rangi cos that would be super annoying
20:47 kathryn morning :)
20:49 cait morning kathryn
20:49 cait :)
20:52 ckindley So many perl modules to make sure I've installed....
20:53 ckindley Say, what is Zebra anyway
20:53 ckindley This: ?
20:53 cait yes, it's the search engine - you needit.
20:53 ckindley Gotcha
20:54 ckindley "Zebra", even "Zebra database" was a pretty ambiguous term for me to find out more about
20:55 rambutan Zebra is used as the indexer for Koha because it's very fast and supports z39.50. The indexed results, however, sometimes
20:55 rambutan leave something to be desired in terms of ranking/relevancy.
20:55 cait rambutan: not the zebra's fault...
20:56 rambutan The Koha project will probably be transitioning to Elasticsearch
20:56 rangi yeah thats what we tell it to do
20:56 rangi maybe, but it will certainly be offering both
20:56 cait and zebra offers sru and z39.50 among other things
20:57 rangi elasticsearch needs another server
20:57 rangi id still like to let libraries without the budget or need for 2 servers to use koha
20:58 rangi so i dont imagine zebra will be going away in the near future, but elasticsearch will be an option too
20:58 rangi when marc dies
20:58 rangi zebra can die
20:59 rangi until then, we still need z3950 and sru/sw
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21:03 quocuy Hi everyone
21:03 quocuy i'm following this tutorial to create new page on opac site, but it does not work
21:04 quocuy[…]s-koha-add-a-page
21:04 rangi it wont
21:05 quocuy Is koha-community support this feature or this is Because i have checked koha, there is no file
21:05 cait it's neither
21:05 rangi its neither
21:05 rangi its a prosentient thing
21:05 cait jinx? :)
21:05 rangi however
21:05 rangi
21:05 rangi you could try this
21:05 cait probably based on this
21:05 rangi no guarantees it will work
21:05 quocuy so is there any way to create new page on Koha opac?
21:05 cait from the description, it sounds quite similar
21:06 cait not build in, it's a customization
21:06 rangi koha isnt a CMS
21:06 quocuy I understand.
21:06 rangi but you can do this hackery
21:06 rangi to make it pretend to be one
21:06 rangi ideally someone would convert this to a plugin
21:07 quocuy yeah, exactly.
21:07 rangi there's a mission for you quocuy :)
21:08 quocuy Ok, let me looking for some solution
21:08 rangi
21:08 quocuy in our country, there is a company, who made this
21:08 rangi that wiki page should still work
21:09 quocuy ofcourse they won't give me any idea, so i had to find it out myself
21:09 rangi but converting it into a plugin would be a better solution
21:09 quocuy thanks, let's me try
21:09 quocuy thank you so much, rangi
21:09 quocuy i'll give u update about this soon
21:10 rangi cool
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21:32 rangi[…]me-just-learn-sql   <-- totally how i feel, and am glad that DBIx::Class is a light ORM
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21:49 quocuy HI <@rangi>
21:49 rangi hi again quocuy
21:49 quocuy i followed that wiki page, it does not work on koha 3.14
21:49 quocuy An error has occurred Error 500      An error occurred while try to process your request.     To report this error, you can email the Koha Administrator.     Use top menu bar to navigate to another part of Koha.
21:50 rangi you'll have to look in the error log
21:50 rangi and find the actual erro
21:50 rangi r
21:50 quocuy ok
21:52 quocuy aha, this error Can't open perl script "/usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/": Permission denied
21:52 quocuy but i tried $chmod 711
21:54 rangi it needs to be
21:54 rangi 755
21:54 cait @later tell oleonard - could you take a look at the plugin added by bug 8992?
21:54 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
21:55 quocuy ok
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21:59 quocuy Ok, ok, it works! Thank you. Did u say that i can make plugin about this?
21:59 quocuy Rangi
22:00 rangi you could try if you wanted to
22:00 rangi
22:00 rangi there is a tutorial video linked there
22:03 quocuy OK. Let me try more about this. I'm excited about this. We can make full site for schools without using wordpress, maybe
22:03 quocuy thank you
22:05 rangi no problem
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22:38 rangi if you think that was worked up, you aint seen nothing yet
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23:42 tcohen hi
23:42 wahanui salut, tcohen
23:42 dac rangi: I might have a fix for bug 12717
23:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12717 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Library no longer receiving Overdue email for patrons without email address
23:43 dac It's not great though, so I haven't upstreamed it
23:43 rangi maybe just put it up with a note, here's a starting point?
23:46 dac Probably could do
23:46 dac At the moment, I use a syspref to just email it directly to the library. I like the former behaviour of collecting them together as attachments and just sending one email better though
23:46 rangi yeah
23:47 * dac was wondering if he was the only one noticing this issue
23:47 dac What's MTT?
23:47 dac Ah, nvm
23:49 dac Wait a tic...actually, I fixed something different...
23:49 dac Mine was for holds notices...
23:52 rangi ah right :)
23:52 dac Bleargh
23:53 dcook regressions--
23:54 dcook Ahh, that's why I haven't noticed that issue's post 3.14
23:58 rangi yeah
23:58 rangi its only gonna kick in 3.16.x
23:59 dcook Yeah, I'm a bit confused by the bug status. Galen already pushed it to 3.16.0?

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