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05:34 ashimema_zzzzz Hi rangi..
05:34 ashimema_zzzzz indeed.. i was more thinking I like the pull request workflow, than specifically tying it to github.. ;) I agree with all you say there..
05:35 ashimema_zzzzz and i did say that our workflow work.. so lets not break it in the original comment..
05:36 ashimema_zzzzz my envisages way to make pull requests workflow work, would have indeed included a gerrit or similar middle step for quality control ;)
05:36 ashimema_zzzzz I'm not suggesting we jump in any time soon though.. bugzilla works well for us.. just feels a tad dated.. but it works well and has worked well for us for some time and has worked well for many other projects too ;)
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07:00 rangi ashimema_zzzzz: yeah, i had a gerrit running at kohacon12 ... its a bit of a steep learning curve for people who want to do sign offs
07:00 rangi gerrit + sandboxes might work
07:00 ashimema yeah.. I have to admit my playing with gerrit lead me to thinking it was 'too hard' for your average joe
07:01 ashimema i'de like to see one of the open source github'ish ones out there include some gerrit like features..
07:01 rangi yeah
07:01 rangi i wonder if gitorious are working on that
07:03 ashimema would be interesting to find out.
07:04 ashimema it's gitorious that biblibre are using now isn't it?
07:04 rangi might be
07:04 ashimema it's such a shame github isn't open (even more of a shame that they have some other questionable hiring stances).  As a product for git github is pretty hard to beat.
07:05 rangi i use it for my projects, and mahara use it
07:05 ashimema ah.. githlab is what they're using now.
07:05 ashimema
07:06 rangi
07:07 rangi it does all the merge requests etc
07:08 rangi just missing the status of a patch type idea
07:08 ashimema I've had a play with gitorious a few times..
07:08 rangi gitlab looks interestin
07:09 ashimema every time i'm more impressed.. though it's development seems to have slowed a bit of late to me?
07:09 ashimema gitlab is really interesting.
07:11 ashimema in a breif.. very brief.. play, gitlab seems to have the edge over gitorious for me.
07:14 rangi ill have to get it running to test it out sometime
07:17 ashimema indeed..
07:17 rangi the trick would be migrating
07:17 ashimema I'm sure if you asked nicely Joubu/PaulP would give you an account to play with form a user perspective on their one..
07:17 ashimema At the moment I think it's locked down to requireing an account at least..
07:19 ashimema Migration would need a whole community 'go for it'.. technically I imagine it's not too hard.. but getting everyone to switch and agree to the switch.. more so..
07:19 ashimema worth a play though.. I like keeping options open ;)
07:19 ashimema aha.. of course.. biblbire do have lots of 'public projects'
07:19 ashimema not sure that worked when I first saw them make the switch
07:20 rangi doesnt seem to be an importer from bugzilla at the moment
07:20 ashimema :(
07:21 rangi bugzilla outputs everything as xml
07:21 rangi so shouldnt be hard to write one
07:24 ashimema right.. it's the weekend here.. I should probably go do weekend stuff with the family
07:24 rangi :)
07:24 ashimema have fun rangi.. nice to chat to you.. we don't often seem to overlap on IRC these days :(
07:30 rangi yeah stupid timezones
07:31 ashimema indeed.
07:31 ashimema gitlab is mostly ruby.. wasn't expecting that..
07:31 ashimema anywho.. I'm ofski before the misses tells me off ;)
07:31 ashimema laters
07:31 rangi cya later :)
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10:57 hasenbear hello out there.  is it possible to export call numbers for printing with an external program?
10:57 cait hmi think you can use a report to do that
10:57 cait it would give you an ods spreadsheet, csv or json if you want to automate something
10:57 cait where are you from hasenbear?
10:57 hasenbear in germany
10:58 hasenbear we've talked before cait, you helped with a problem i had with zebra
10:58 hasenbear thanks again for that
10:58 cait ah ok :)
10:58 cait me too
10:58 cait your nick sounded suspicious
10:58 hasenbear so. dumb question.  how do i do the report?
10:58 hasenbear creature of habit :)
10:59 cait you can do sql reports with koha
10:59 cait you know that you can print labels within koha as well? (just checking)
10:59 cait so you'd do something like.... select callnumber from items where ...
10:59 hasenbear i know i can but have been having trouble getting it to format just right.
11:00 cait i'd suggest taking a look at the reports module
11:00 cait are you familiar with sql?
11:00 hasenbear since i was advised not to print patron cards on koha i thought i'd just try doing it all externally
11:00 hasenbear no unfortunately not.  i'm not the admin
11:01 cait we don't use the labels modules, so i can not advice much there
11:01 cait i think it seems to work well for some
11:01 cait but it's a lot to configure and try out to get it right i think
11:01 hasenbear i had the patron cards configured (now have less hair)
11:01 hasenbear but the pdf keeps crashing
11:01 hasenbear so i can't print them out
11:01 cait ah
11:02 cait maybe diacritics - there are ways to make it work now i think
11:02 hasenbear so what would you suggest?
11:02 cait there were some problems with utf-8 data in the pdfs in the past
11:02 cait hm both ways are ok
11:02 cait you need to figure out what works best for you
11:03 hasenbear but i have to have access to the sql module to do it externally?
11:03 cait ah
11:03 cait you can write sql reports within koha
11:03 cait you don't need to access the server
11:04 cait it all works from the gui
11:04 cait maybe try something easy for a start
11:04 hasenbear is it something i can read my way into?
11:04 cait sure :)
11:04 cait so for soomething quick
11:04 cait you could do
11:04 cait reports  > saved reports > new from sql
11:05 hasenbear okay.  and that give me.... what does that give me?
11:05 cait a form :)
11:05 cait sec
11:05 hasenbear :)
11:06 cait you give it a name
11:06 cait and then add soemthing like this in the big field for the sql:
11:06 cait select itemcallnumber from items where itemcallnumber is not NULL;
11:06 cait get callnumber from all items, where the callnumber is not empty
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11:06 cait save and run it
11:06 cait some inspiration can be found here
11:06 cait[…]L_Reports_Library
11:08 hasenbear thanks! i'll give that a try and see how far i get.  danke dir cait.  du bist doch in BW, oder?  wir sind dann nicht so weit auseinander.
11:08 cait ja :) Konstanz
11:08 cait wo bist du?
11:08 aman how can i duplicate my koha server.. i mean one server is set fully n customized, the other one, i have installed koha from the bootable koha ubuntu.. Then i tried to dump SQL and import on other pc but the result was not exact
11:08 hasenbear nähe würzburg
11:09 hasenbear i'll be back if i can't get anywhere with the report.  thanks again!!
11:09 cait hm dumping the database and reimporting is normally done a lot
11:09 cait do the versions match?
11:09 aman yes the version match
11:09 cait importing a lower version db into a higherversion koha would be ok too - will start the update
11:10 aman but do i need to do some pre-requisites before importing sql?
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11:10 aman actually the results were quiet different, like the search used to gave different result for the books.. thats wierd
11:11 cait hm
11:11 cait hard to tell
11:11 cait but you will need to reindex
11:11 cait the zebra indeses are kept outside of the db - so you import and do a full zebra reindex
11:12 aman ok.. and also i need to ask that how can i import patrons? the patrons were uploaded on that pc but even on DB dump, no patrons were imported
11:12 cait hmm they would be included if the db dump worked correctly
11:13 cait normally you do a csv import when you start out - toold > import patrons - you can download a file there to help get you started
11:14 aman then i must be missing some steps surely.. hmm the csv is actually not accessible for me as i m learning koha.. making a trial system..
11:15 cait a full db dump should give you all data and no more migrations needed apart fromrebuilding the indexes
11:15 cait i'd start and try to find out what went wrong there or start from scratch
11:15 cait but probably i wouldn't feel safe using a database that showed strange behaviour after an import attempt - you don' tknow what might be missing
11:16 aman cait.. usually if i have 2 systems with same koha version, can i have the exact copy on DB dump or i need to set library or things prior to DUMP process
11:16 cait nope
11:16 cait if youwork with dumpms
11:16 cait you replace one database with another
11:16 cait all settings from the old db don't matter
11:17 cait you overwrite it completely
11:17 aman ok.. and sir, i m unaware of indexing, how is it done?
11:17 cait hm that's command line
11:17 cait it depends on how you installed your koha
11:17 aman oh..
11:18 cait you run a command, but it differes from a package install to a tarball installation
11:18 aman can the error be this only coz i have not indexed..
11:18 cait if it's only search being werid, yes
11:18 aman patrons too :(
11:19 cait hm they wouldn't be affected by this
11:19 cait it's really a bit hard to tell what went wrong
11:19 aman ok thats anyways sir
11:19 cait but i'd try to start over - not trying to repair
11:19 aman thanks
11:19 aman i will also prefer same :)
11:19 cait why sir? :)
11:20 aman sir.. coz u know lot more than me in koha :)
11:22 cait we are not so formal here :)
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11:30 bgkriegel hola #koha
11:31 cait hola bgkriegel :)
11:32 bgkriegel hola cait, Buen día para ti :)
11:33 cait gracias, buen día para ti
11:33 cait i don't know to say too :)
11:33 bgkriegel too = también !
11:33 bgkriegel it's longer :)
11:34 cait ohright
11:34 cait i forgot :) i tihnk i need to look into my spanish books more :)
11:35 cait también and tampoco ?
11:36 bgkriegel tampoco is 'neither'
11:36 bgkriegel :)
11:37 cait yep :)
11:38 cait i really need to learn more spanish... i already start forgetting what i learned in the courses :(
11:39 bgkriegel well, you can try a little here :)
11:42 bgkriegel few scrolling_lists now, almost finished
11:54 cait thx a lotfor taking this one on:)
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11:55 cait hola tcohen, que tal?
11:55 tcohen muy bien cait, que tal vos?
11:56 cait también
11:56 cait can i ssay that?
11:57 tcohen "muy bien, también" I'd say
11:57 cait ah
11:57 cait right, i think i think too much :)
11:59 tcohen how's your saturday starting?
11:59 cait sloooow
11:59 cait kind of late here too :)
11:59 cait 2pm
12:00 tcohen heh
12:01 bgkriegel Mmm, only we (argentina) and Costa Rica use 'vos' for you (second singular). Rest of spanish world use 'tu'
12:01 cait what are you 2 doing?
12:01 cait yeah i learned tu
12:01 cait but i think you don't use vosotros? or do you?
12:02 cait so many differences between the countries
12:02 tcohen "ustedes"
12:02 tcohen spain: "vosotros" <-> the rest: "ustedes"
12:02 cait ok, so got that right then :)
12:03 tcohen yesterday I won't my quarter finals match :-D
12:04 cait congrats :)
12:05 bgkriegel tcohen: you won or won't ? :)
12:05 bgkriegel hi BTW :)
12:05 tcohen I won't loose :-P
12:05 tcohen nah, I won it
12:05 tcohen and hi
12:06 cait el moto or la moto?
12:06 tcohen la
12:07 cait thx
12:07 cait I am practicing a bit with duolingo :)
12:08 bgkriegel need to try it
12:09 cait if you do, let me know - i can add you to my friends list :)
12:10 bgkriegel ok :)
12:32 cait bgkriegel: what are you working on?
12:35 bgkriegel cait: right now, trying to expunge all scrolling_list
12:37 bgkriegel cait: could I have an opinion on Bug 11593?
12:37 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11593 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Needs Signoff , subtag_registry.sql files contain the same information for each language
12:38 cait bgkriegel:  i hadn't seen that yet
12:38 cait i guess it wouldbe a quicer version of your more thorough patch?
12:38 cait but probably not quite as nice
12:38 cait oh
12:39 bgkriegel some form of this file is needed
12:39 cait yeah
12:39 cait could this be a first step to removing it totally?
12:39 bgkriegel with 11593 we can have only one
12:39 cait so this first and then 11593?
12:40 cait or better decide on one?
12:40 cait sorry if I am not making much sense
12:40 bgkriegel no problem :)
12:41 bgkriegel it's a matter of discussion, to find a better way
12:43 bgkriegel but 11953 is about consolidate into one file
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12:46 bgkriegel cait: you need that I look something?
12:47 cait i like 11953 because it's abit less invasive
12:47 cait changingless code
12:47 cait and adopting a method we have already
12:47 cait i like the other patchbecauseit will not require people to change an sql file to have more translations
12:48 cait rightt now we only support english, french and german.. that's not so nice
12:50 cait bgkriegel: you wrote both patches, what are you thinking?
12:51 cait i think maybe the easy one first, could even be a bugfix for stable versions... and then 12017?
12:51 bgkriegel yes, that could work
12:53 bgkriegel algo I have another, 12250, in that I copy the same file for all languages
12:53 cait hm i think maybe leave that and go for the one file one instead
12:53 cait if that would be ok for you
12:53 bgkriegel i'm writing my own incompatibilities :)
12:53 cait it looks like :)
12:54 cait but then we need a follow up for kurdish to the other, i think?
12:54 cait i am getting a little confused here between all the languages :)
12:54 bgkriegel yes, of course :)
12:55 bgkriegel a common TT dir to share some code between opac/staff would be great
12:55 * cait nods
12:55 cait i think we have run into the problem quite often now
12:55 cait also for javascript libraries
12:57 bgkriegel that could help with 12017, and yes, many other things
12:59 bgkriegel I'm also waiting for Joubu to review (again) Bug 12061, that is needed to Bug 7939
12:59 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12061 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Signed Off , new features
12:59 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7939 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Needs Signoff , Separate po files for different MARC dialects
12:59 cait bgkriegel: he is on vacation now i am afraid
12:59 cait i think 2 more weeks at least
13:00 bgkriegel yep, I know :) No problem
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13:02 cait ah tcohen is gone
13:07 cait tcohen++
13:08 cait bgkriegel: have to go to the supermarket... will be back later - have a nice weekend :)
13:08 bgkriegel you too :)
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20:17 cait @wunder Konstanz
20:17 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 20.0°C (10:00 PM CEST on August 02, 2014). Conditions: Drizzle. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: 13.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Rising).
23:52 bgkriegel @wunder cordoba, argentina
23:52 huginn bgkriegel: The current temperature in Bo Alto de San Martin, Cordoba City, Argentina is 21.1°C (8:50 PM ART on August 02, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005 hPa (Rising).

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