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00:58 pianohacker away, bye all
01:07 eythian wahanui: whatever
01:07 wahanui eythian: excuse me?
01:07 eythian wahanui: whatever is <reply>and ever, amen.
01:07 wahanui OK, eythian.
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01:46 wizzyrea whatever.
01:46 wahanui and ever, amen.
01:46 wizzyrea :)
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03:58 eythian[…]acebook-was-a-guy
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04:47 eythian @wunder nzwn
04:47 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0°C (4:30 PM NZST on July 22, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006 hPa (Steady).
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06:11 lovetruth hello :)
06:11 lovetruth I have a little problem
06:11 lovetruth I can access the admin (:8080) koha interface
06:12 lovetruth but I want to access the :80 interface too
06:12 lovetruth how can I?...
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06:45 reiveune hello
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06:56 lovetruth anyone?...
06:56 wahanui Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
06:56 lovetruth listen?
06:56 wahanui listen is http://animalstalkinginallcaps[…]ng-me-for-fission
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06:58 lovetruth virtualhost?
06:58 wahanui somebody said virtualhost was
06:58 lovetruth ?
06:58 lovetruth .?
06:58 wahanui well, . is an integral part of the call number.
06:58 lovetruth hello?
06:58 wahanui i think hello is it possible to install koha on debian wheezy? or do i have to install debian squeeze
07:01 lovetruth port?
07:01 wahanui port is the one interesting piece of info, i guess
07:01 lovetruth 8080?
07:01 wahanui 8080 is, like, koha, /opt/lampp/htdocs is 4080
07:01 lovetruth opac?
07:01 wahanui hmmm... opac is for patrons
07:01 lovetruth opac?
07:01 wahanui opac is for patrons
07:02 lovetruth intra?
07:02 lovetruth intra?
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07:03 alex_a bonjour
07:04 lovetruth intra?
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07:17 cait good morning #koha
07:26 cait @later tell bgrkiegel tried again with newer poedit version - the empty strings have disappeared :)
07:26 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
07:33 cait @wunder Konstanz
07:33 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 17.6°C (9:30 AM CEST on July 22, 2014). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 17.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
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07:39 gaetan_B hello
07:39 wahanui what's up, gaetan_B
07:40 cait morning Joubu
07:40 cait I couldn't finish bug 9043 last night, trying again today
07:40 Joubu cait: hello
07:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9043 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Adding system preferences to control the visibility of the content on the Advanced Search page
07:40 Joubu cait: no worries, I have just sent a follow-up :)
07:40 cait :)
07:44 cait filing a few little bugs i found at the workshop last week
07:45 cait one is with the libre office export
07:45 cait if your sql report has no results, trying to export gives a perl error
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07:50 cait also bug 12619
07:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12619 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Shipment cost gets lost on finishing the invoice
07:50 cait nothing like presentations to turn up some bugs :)
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07:54 Joubu cait: did you create a bug report for the export issue?
08:00 cait yep
08:00 cait bug 12622
08:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12622 minor, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Exporting report as Open Document Spreadsheet results in Perl error when report has no results
08:00 cait meeting brb
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09:10 cait back
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09:29 gerundio hey cait, are you the right person to talk to regarding authorities in Koha? :)
09:36 cait um not sure
09:36 cait i know what an authority is :) but not all the details
09:39 gerundio are you familiar with the koha-auth script?
09:40 cait not realyl familiar with the code sorry
09:42 gerundio do you know anyone here in the channel that might be?
09:57 cait gerundio: jcamins i think
09:58 gerundio ok, thanks, cait++
09:58 cait but don't tell him i said that ;)
09:58 gerundio jcamins, let me know when you're around
09:59 gerundio we'll have to clean our tracks, can you delete the channel log entries? :p
10:04 cait not a super power of mine
10:24 Joubu cait: I have just submited a patch for the export bug. Actually, this was more buggy than you thought.
10:58 jcamins I have no idea what the koha-auth script does.
11:07 cait Joubu: thx! :)
11:17 gerundio jcamins, too bad for me :|
11:17 gerundio any idea about pqf (Prefix Query Format) though?
11:18 jcamins Yes, I know pqf. What about it?
11:18 gerundio basically koha-auth is a script that allows to perform 3 operations
11:18 gerundio retrieve a txt list of authorities from biblio records
11:18 gerundio add those authorities into koha's database
11:19 gerundio and finally link the authority and biblio records
11:19 gerundio I'm having trouble in the last step just for a single authority type
11:19 gerundio which always returns a warning saying that a authority was not found
11:20 jcamins A lot of people try to use inappropriate scripts to do that. They should use koha-auth.
11:20 gerundio I'm using koha-auth
11:20 jcamins I know, I'm just commenting that other people should use it too.
11:22 gerundio[…]
11:22 gerundio can you translate me that PQF query?
11:23 gerundio I have 3 authority types defined, it works fine for 2 of them and it fails for authors, which should be pretty straighforward
11:23 jcamins It does exactly what it says on the box: looks for an authority with an exact match of $heading and an authtype of $authority->{authcode}
11:23 jcamins At a guess, your indexing is wrong.
11:24 gerundio in this case I'm harvesting the author data from tags 700, 701 and 702 on subfields a and b
11:24 gerundio and add them to autorithy record 200
11:25 jcamins Are you using DOM or GRS-1?
11:26 gerundio I'm not really sure, I think DOM... is there anywhere I can look to give you the precise information?
11:26 jcamins Most likely it doesn't actually matter.
11:27 gerundio the files at /etc/koha/zebradb for both biblios and authorities start with the dom prefix
11:27 jcamins GRS-1 wouldn't work with that ever, but I suspect that the DOM configuration probably wasn't done in such a way as to make it usable anyway.
11:28 jcamins Confirmed.
11:28 jcamins Unless koha-auth is doing other things for name authorities elsewhere, it does not support UNIMARC name authorities.
11:28 gerundio where can I make sure that the authorities field 200 is being indexed and is searchable?
11:29 gerundio it seems to be working correctly for the other 2 authority types
11:30 jcamins Wait, maybe I misunderstood you.
11:30 gerundio I can't figure out why the search isn't matching any authority records for this type in particular
11:30 jcamins The data is all going in field 200, or it's going in 700, 701, 702, and 200?
11:30 gerundio from biblio 700, 701, 702 into auth field 200
11:31 jcamins Okay, that makes more sense. After a few moments I realized that it didn't make any sense.
11:31 jcamins So it should work fine with DOM, in theory.
11:32 jcamins I have no idea why it isn't working, unfortunately.
11:32 gerundio
11:32 gerundio this is my koha-auth.conf file
11:32 gerundio for authority types ASS and CO it works as expected
11:32 gerundio my problem is with AUT
11:35 gerundio it looks like authority fields 210 and 250 are properly indexed but 200 is not
11:35 gerundio how/where can I check that?
11:38 gerundio btw, after adding the authority records using koha-auth and performing a rebuild_zebra -r -a the search for authorities works for all 3 authority types
11:39 gerundio the only problem being that the AUT type records don't have any biblio records linked to them
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12:18 gaetan_B gerundio: maybe this has nothing to do with your problem but in C4/ there's a GuessAuthTypeCode function with hardcoded links between authority field and authority type
12:18 gaetan_B also we are part of the evil people using something else than koha-auth (but maybe we should use it, i don't know really)
12:32 gaetan_B also if the only problem you actually have is that in an authority search, the authority appeared not to be linked to any bibliographic record, it might be a zebra problem (there is an index in the bibliographic records that is used for this. I don't know how to set it up, but if you look at how other are indexed you should find out)
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12:48 gerundio gaetan_B, sorry for leaving you without a reply all this time, I was out to lunch
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12:48 gerundio I'll look into that and see if it helps me figure out what the problem is
12:48 gerundio thanks
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12:51 cait gmcharlt: around?
12:55 tcohen morning
12:56 cait morning tcohen :)
12:56 tcohen @seen oleonard
12:56 huginn tcohen: oleonard was last seen in #koha 3 days, 18 hours, 35 minutes, and 24 seconds ago: <oleonard> It's a good thing patches are tested by humans because I don't always put "apply the patch" into the test plan.
12:56 cait h
12:56 cait oh
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12:57 cait 3 days without oleonard!
12:58 tcohen hell yeah!
12:59 cait let's color the opac pink!
12:59 tcohen cait: our users are testing 3.16 and report that they see authorised values codes instead of descriptions on records
12:59 cait or hm lime green?
12:59 tcohen have you seen that?
12:59 cait hmmmmmmmm
12:59 cait i need a better description
12:59 cait where exactly?
13:00 tcohen XSLT record detail on the staff interface
13:00 tcohen sorry
13:00 tcohen RELTERMS linked at $r
13:00 tcohen $e
13:03 cait aah
13:03 cait yes i think i have seen that but in a different context
13:03 cait one of the libraries used to have a local subject linked to an authorized value
13:03 cait after updating we noticed that the search was no longer working (but update to 3.12)
13:04 cait let me find the ticket
13:07 cait hmmmm
13:07 cait i think the whole thing appeared a bit broken
13:07 cait koha displayed the description, but indexed the code
13:07 cait so the links on the subjects were with the description, but nothing was found, because the code was indexed
13:07 cait a bit different to what yu see
13:08 cait but what appeared to happen was that somewhere int he xslt processing, there was some magic to do the translation from code to description
13:09 cait ... and i didn't really fix it, but we changed the way they enter the data and now we really have the description in the records
13:09 cait that probably doesn't make much sense :)
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13:14 cait Joubu: is there a central bug report for the gst rewrite yet?
13:14 cait i was thinking it would be good to link some of the exiting problems to it - and then could check if the spec covers it
13:17 Joubu cait: no yet
13:18 Joubu cait: it's a good idea. I cannot do it for now. I am busy...
13:18 cait that's ok, if you don't hate the idea, i might do it when i stumble on somethin in bugzilla next time - or maybe add to the page
13:32 tcohen cait: was afk
13:32 tcohen the records are saved with the authorized value id, that's correct
13:49 rhcl Interesting.
13:49 rhcl Wonder if there would be a way to expose the Koha db through it?
14:09 Joubu cait: don't you think the module field in letter is sometime badly named?
14:09 Joubu cait: for instance claimacquisition should be acquisition
14:09 Joubu cait: and claimissues should be serials, don't you think?
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14:12 jcamins Joubu: I do, but I vote you wait to change it until 10402 is in. :P
14:13 Joubu jcamins: arf, yes of course
14:13 carmenh good morning barton :) … good morning everyone :)
14:14 Joubu I am going to add a letter for "acquisition", so there is no sense to keep claimacq
14:24 cait Joubu: hm not sure, i know someone is working on acq order emails
14:24 cait and you can have more then one template for claiming, so i think the more specific module is ok for differentiating
14:24 Joubu cait: hum.... me ?
14:24 wahanui somebody said Joubu was going to add a letter for "acquisition", so there is no sense to keep claimacq
14:25 cait Joubu: hm someone else too :)
14:25 Joubu I am currently adding a notification on receiving orders...
14:25 Joubu That's why I ask
14:25 cait hm let me read back so i get the whole conversation
14:26 Joubu there was no conversation :)
14:26 cait just checking I get everything right :)
14:26 cait i think we shoudl keep it claim*
14:26 cait because
14:27 cait for claims you can have like 3 letters - for example in different languages
14:27 cait and they wills how in the pull down on the acq claim page
14:27 Joubu who is working on "acq order emails"?
14:27 cait if we now add order emails (send to the vendor when the basket is closed) - we shoudl have a new module to select those
14:27 Joubu cait: yes ok, I agree
14:27 cait so we don't want the claims to show up in the list as well
14:27 cait and maybe long term it would be nice if you could have the template for the order emails by vendor
14:28 Joubu but how will we call it?
14:28 cait so also multiple, like english, french and german
14:28 cait hm
14:28 cait i would agree that claimissues would be better as claimserials
14:28 cait or acq_claim
14:28 cait like it is it's difficult
14:28 cait maybe acqorders?
14:28 cait jcamins: ?
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14:30 jcamins cait: I just described a book as an "adult" because I couldn't think of the word "independent," so you should avoid asking me for naming help today.
14:30 cait adult books? ;)
14:31 jcamins As opposed to children books that are part of a family, yeah.
14:32 jcamins (i.e. monograph versus serial)
14:32 * druthb scratches her head, and looks curiously at jcamins.
14:32 jcamins druthb: this is why I shouldn't be asked for word choice suggestions.
14:32 * druthb wonders if the heat in NYC has made him come a little bit unzipped in the head.
14:33 jcamins druthb: I'm still not awake. Five hours of semi-energetic dancing followed by train troubles leaves a fellow feeling tired.
14:34 tcohen heh
14:34 jcamins cait: is "Bildern" a noun?
14:34 cait images, normally Bilder
14:35 cait but if you say... something "in Bildern" for example it would mean.. hm 'in images'?
14:35 cait the n comes from the case i think
14:35 jcamins I see. "in pictures."
14:35 cait right
14:35 jcamins Thanks!
14:35 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11347: DBRev <[…]a15b833ecde5c13f4>
14:41 tcohen does anyone know if oleonard is fine?
14:42 jcamins tcohen: did something happen to him?
14:42 tcohen we miss him
14:42 cait jcamins: he disappeared 3 days ago
14:42 cait but might be just vacation?
14:42 tcohen cait: i think you're right
14:43 rhcl @seen oleonard
14:43 huginn rhcl: oleonard was last seen in #koha 3 days, 20 hours, 21 minutes, and 48 seconds ago: <oleonard> It's a good thing patches are tested by humans because I don't always put "apply the patch" into the test plan.
14:47 cait tcohen: i think 11842 is any setup with memcache
14:47 cait not necessarily plack
14:50 tcohen the "blocks" confused me, it seems
14:51 cait Joubu: did you test bug 11842 on master?
14:51 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11842 normal, P5 - low, ---, robin, Passed QA , MARC framework editing is broken when memcache is enabled
14:51 cait i think the version is probably wrong
14:51 Joubu cait: yes, why?
14:53 cait tcohen was asking :)
14:53 cait because the bug says 3.12
14:56 Joubu cait, tcohen: it's memcache + plack on master
14:56 Joubu I reproduced the issue and confirm the patch fixes it
14:56 * tcohen doesn't have a plack setup
14:56 gerundio jcamins, I'm using yaz-client to perform the same PQF queries as koha-auth
14:57 tcohen does it imply any regression on non-Plack?
14:57 Joubu tcohen: I tried without plack, I didn't get the bug
14:57 Joubu and no bug after the patch
14:59 gerundio the find command returns Number of hits: 1 when searching for the 2 working authority types
14:59 gerundio and Number of hits: 0 for the one with problems
14:59 gerundio even so, when I try to use the show command I keep getting this message: "Diagnostic message(s) from database:
14:59 gerundio [239] Record syntax not supported -- v2 addinfo '1.2.840.10003.5.10'"
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15:02 gerundio how can I enable the server to let me see the unimarc records?
15:02 jcamins gerundio: it's not the type of MARC, it's that you didn't set what syntax you want to use.
15:02 jcamins yaz?
15:02 wahanui rumour has it yaz is from IndexData and the Koha XSLT filters are essentially copied from YAZ
15:02 jcamins yaz-client?
15:02 wahanui i think yaz-client is
15:03 gerundio yes, I'm using yaz-client
15:03 jcamins Right, I'm trying to remember how to get wahanui to give you the right link.
15:03 jcamins troubleshooting zebra?
15:03 jcamins zebra server?
15:03 wahanui i heard zebra server was not configured to return ISO 2709 by default and will ignore the request but it will serve MARCXML records if MARCXML is requested.
15:03 jcamins zebra troubleshooting?
15:03 wahanui zebra troubleshooting is see [understanding zebra indexing] and [yaz client]
15:03 gerundio is this it?[…]s_a_Z39.50_server
15:03 jcamins yaz client?
15:03 wahanui i think yaz client is[…]ng_Zebra_indexing
15:03 jcamins Yes, that's the one.
15:04 jcamins Though maybe Understanding Zebra indexing would also help.
15:04 gerundio do I have to call yaz-client with the -c option?
15:05 jcamins No.
15:05 jcamins You just need to set the syntax and format.
15:05 jcamins form xml, etc.
15:06 gerundio done :D jcamins++
15:06 tcohen and maybe elem?
15:06 reiveune bye
15:06 reiveune left #koha
15:08 gerundio jcamins, the results are the same querying via yaz-client and running koha-auth
15:08 jcamins tcohen: that's covered by "etc."
15:08 jcamins gerundio: in that case, it sounds like koha-auth isn't generating authorities correctly.
15:08 gerundio where can I check the index setup for authorities?
15:08 jcamins Or the indexing is wrong.
15:08 jcamins understanding zebra indexing?
15:08 wahanui i heard understanding zebra indexing was[…]ng_Zebra_indexing
15:48 gaetan_B bye
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16:49 eternalsword I'm trying to debug cat_issues_top as I'm getting unexpected results. I'm not sure how to tell the script to print a variable and stop execution. I tried die $variable; but it keeps executing and doesn't print the variable.
17:10 eternalsword okay, think I've got it tracked down. What is the difference between timestamp and issuedate in the old_issues table?
17:12 eternalsword or the issues table.
17:12 wahanui the issues table is not used on displaying item.
17:12 bag timestamp is usually the last time that row was touched
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17:17 eternalsword okay, that's the issue, reports/ uses timestamp instead of issuedate for date checked out.
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17:33 eternalsword okay, just added bug #12628 with attached patch
17:33 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12628 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , reports/ queries incorrect column
17:35 eternalsword whoops, little vague on the title, so I updated bug #12628
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17:38 cait eternalsword: thx for filing :)
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19:07 eternalsword I'm still having trouble debugging. Is there any built-in logging mechanism that I can use to output variables to?
19:09 cait yes
19:09 cait if you put a warn in a .pl file
19:09 cait it will show up in the logs
19:14 eternalsword which of the logs would it show up in?
19:14 bag heya cait
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19:16 eternalsword does it make a difference if I'm using starman/plack instead of apache?
19:17 cait hi bag
19:17 cait eternalsword: it depends - there is one for staff and one for opac
19:17 cait and where they are depends on your type of installation
19:18 eternalsword dev installation. staff portion.
19:18 cait /var/log/
19:18 cait um
19:18 cait not quite
19:18 cait your koha-dev directory and then in there var/log
19:22 cait eternalsword: not sure about plack, haven't used that so far
19:22 cait plack for staff is a bit experimental
19:22 cait bag: are you testing plack for staff yet?
19:22 bag not yet
19:23 bag haven't been sitting still long enough
19:25 jcamins Look through var/log/ for an error log.
19:29 jcamins I'd guess var/log/koha-error.log.
19:30 jcamins However, I write all my own Plack configuration, so it might not match whatever other people use.
19:33 eternalsword figured out issue. seems starman caches scripts. I just had to restart it.
19:57 cait gmcharlt: around?
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20:20 eternalsword I believe I have a fix for[…]_bug.cgi?id=10188 but await inclusion of my earlier patch as they are intertwined and I'm too lazy to split it up.
20:20 huginn Bug 10188: normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, In Discussion , Top Most-circulated items doesn't count current loans
20:26 jcamins eternalsword: if you mean that your fix depends on the previous patch, your best bet is to mark the dependency and submit the second patch right away. That way anyone who wants a fix for the second will have to sign off on the first.
20:31 eternalsword it's not dependent, my new code had to move lines affected by the first patch though and utilizes a different variable name.
20:31 jcamins So you're going to have to rewrite one of the patches no matter what? Why don't you just make one dependent on the other in that case?
20:39 eternalsword jcamins: if I had two independent patches against master for each fix, I would need to update one of the patches when the other got applied. My earlier patch is straightforward, just correcting which column-name gets used in the query. My second is more involved, utilizing unions, so would warrant more consideration.
20:39 jcamins eternalsword: right, so I'd think you could save yourself trouble down the road by just updating the second patch now.
20:40 eternalsword I haven't posted it yet. Are you saying I can and to specify that it depends on another patch even though for different bugs?
20:40 jcamins ("trouble" as in "work," not "trouble" as in "right here in River City")
20:41 jcamins Right. I do that when there's an interaction which means that they have to be applied in a certain order.
21:01 eternalsword okay, patch added to bug 10188
21:01 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10188 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, In Discussion , Top Most-circulated items doesn't count current loans
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21:18 eternalsword does this look right for an ISBN pqf? @attr 1=7 @attr 5=1 "1559631562"
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21:55 wizzyrea hello
21:55 wahanui niihau, wizzyrea
22:05 wizzyrea not many around, but has anyone seen an issue with overdue notices where the subject is simply not included?
22:05 wizzyrea it's weird because it's defined in the notices.
22:05 wizzyrea but it doesn't come out in the result.
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22:06 tcohen @seen cait
22:06 huginn tcohen: cait was last seen in #koha 2 hours, 8 minutes, and 40 seconds ago: <cait> gmcharlt: around?
22:18 eythian hi
22:33 eythian
22:39 tcohen hi
22:39 pianohacker wow. I had to close that mid-song due to the twitching
22:43 eternalsword I've tracked my z39.50 lookup issue to _create_import_record in C4/ Why is a z39.50 lookup even touching the local database?
22:49 pianohacker eternalsword: the z39.50 search works by storing its results in a temporary holding location (the reservoir) so they can later be imported into the MARC editor
22:49 tcohen eternalsword: because there is a reservior
22:49 tcohen ^^^^^^that
22:49 pianohacker eternalsword: what problem are you having?
22:56 eternalsword well, the z39.50 search always says no results. In my debugging, I tried yaz client which worked. I was able to track down the issue to the _create_import_record returning falsy.
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22:59 pianohacker eternalsword: could I ask you to run SELECT import_batch_id FROM import_batches WHERE  batch_type = 'z3950'
23:00 pianohacker and verify that all the servers you were using show up in the results
23:01 eternalsword The record gets added, I just checked, but for whatever reason, the $my_import_record_id is 0.
23:02 eternalsword pianohacker: yes, all the servers are there.
23:05 pianohacker that's really odd. Are you running an old version of DBD::mysql? (you can check this on debian using dpkg -l libdbd-mysql-perl)? I can't think of anything else
23:06 eternalsword I'm on arch, I'll take a look-see.
23:06 pianohacker that or something is really screwy with your DB
23:06 pianohacker ah, yeah. I got Koha running on an Arch server a while back, but it was a battle
23:07 eternalsword version 4.027
23:08 pianohacker exactly the same as mine. Dammit
23:09 pianohacker does the record end up in the DB with a correct import_record_id?
23:09 papa joined #koha
23:12 eternalsword pianohacker: that's it, it's no longer incrementing, it's just inserting 0
23:13 pianohacker hrrrrm.
23:13 eythian show create table import_batches
23:13 eythian maybe it's lost the autoincrement
23:13 pianohacker yeah, check to make sure import_record_id has the autoincrement
23:14 pianohacker but how in the seven hells would that have happened?
23:14 eythian mysql.
23:16 pianohacker mariadb can't come soon enough...
23:16 eternalsword this is a migrated from older koha then upgraded database, so who knows.
23:16 eternalsword yeah, looks like no autoincrement
23:17 eternalsword quite possible bug in phpmyadmin's export or something.
23:18 pianohacker ^ would not surprise me at all
23:19 pianohacker you should be able to fix that with an ALTER TABLE
23:21 dcook eythian: more of a postgres person?
23:21 eythian who isn't
23:21 eternalsword yeah, fortunately I'm just testing, so I can just make sure I have a good sql dump.
23:22 eythian I recommend mysqldump
23:22 dcook eythian: haha. I've only used it with Dspace. It's taken some getting used to but I like it well enough overall I suppose.
23:22 * dcook isn't a big fan of phpmyadmin
23:23 dcook It's been ages since I've used it, but it seemed pretty limited.
23:24 dcook If you can, I'd suggest using the MySQL workbench or the older MySQL query browser
23:24 dcook (The query browser is no longer supported, I think, but it's nicer than the workbench)
23:26 * dcook just realized that eythian said mysqldump...that would work too...
23:29 pianohacker or chive
23:29 pianohacker like phpmyadmin, but a bit more lightweight and self-contained
23:37 eternalsword mysqldump piped to ssh then catted and output to file on remote system is very useful.
23:38 eythian but there's an unneccessary file in the process, just pipe directly to mysql on the remote system :)
23:44 * eternalsword takes phpmyadmin out back and shoots it
23:44 eternalsword that was exactly the issue.
23:46 eternalsword eythian: I wanted to verify accuracy this time instead of just blindly trusting the export.
23:55 eythian good to know that phpmyadmin can be specifically dodgy sometimes.
23:55 pianohacker can't say I would've recommended it, but schema corruption is something else entirely
23:55 pianohacker wonder if it even bothers with foreign keys at all...

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