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00:47 wizzyrea very quiet
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02:44 dcook Probably driven away by all my comments
02:44 dcook @later tell ashimema: Don't bother reading my comments on 1054. Just skip to comment 18:[…].cgi?id=10542#c18
02:44 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
02:44 huginn Bug 10542: critical, P1 - high, ---, martin.renvoize, Failed QA , QueryParser + OpacSuppression doesn't allow search in 'all libraries'
02:44 dcook @later tell ashimema if you tweak your patch, I'll sign off on it
02:44 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
02:45 eythian how do you think you can solve that?
02:45 dcook :p
02:45 dcook Actually, I have ideas about that ;)
02:45 dcook Mostly involving timers
02:45 dcook ^_^
03:14 wizzyrea I have many swear words for acquisitions.
03:14 * dcook relates
03:20 dcook I love that I hate IE so much that I use Chrome to look up info for IE
03:20 wizzyrea haha
03:23 wizzyrea what are you struggling with today?
03:23 dcook Mmm, good question
03:23 dcook I did a fair bit of figuring out which was good
03:23 dcook Trying to see cookies in IE 11
03:23 wizzyrea ah
03:24 dcook Someone can't log into Koha...and it makes zero sense
03:24 dcook Rather...they can't login using one URL...but they can from another
03:25 dcook How about you, wizzyrea?
03:25 wizzyrea the fact that you can't delete vendors if they have an invoice attached to them.
03:26 wizzyrea so annoying.
03:26 wizzyrea i'm sure it's necessary.
03:26 wizzyrea but it sure is annoying.
03:26 dcook I suppose it's necessary for referential integrity
03:26 dcook But it must be annoying to have them show up if you're no longer using them
03:27 dcook Yeah?
03:27 wizzyrea yep, exactly.
03:31 dcook That would be annoying :/
03:31 dcook I seem to recall a few of our libraries having epic long lists of vendors
03:32 eythian There's an argument (that I tend to agree with) that data should never be lost.
03:33 eythian Of course, there are solutions to that.
03:33 eythian Like, being able to hide things almost completely.
03:33 dcook ^
03:34 dcook Totes
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03:49 wizzyrea yeah, we have a perfectly good "inactive vendor" flag that we're not really using.
03:50 wizzyrea (fwiw I agree that we should never lose data as well.)
03:56 eythian
03:58 wizzyrea <3
04:49 dcook Hmm, I remember Joubu posting something about fixing a utf8 bug in acquisitions...
04:49 dcook Can't remember the bug now though...
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04:53 dcook Hmm, maybe I dreamed it..
04:54 dcook Aha,[…]_bug.cgi?id=12438
04:54 huginn Bug 12438: minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Pushed to Master , Bad encoding in acquisition basket
04:59 dcook If this fixes the bug I'm having, I'm going to...going to...
04:59 dcook Well probably just do a little dance
05:24 dcook @seen fridolin
05:24 huginn dcook: fridolin was last seen in #koha 1 day, 22 hours, 36 minutes, and 2 seconds ago: <fridolin> hie ashimema
05:24 dcook fridolin++
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05:44 Francesca hey chris, my computer updated and I seem to have lost all the files for ko
05:44 Francesca kohalogbot sorry
05:45 Francesca I still have the ssh key though
05:53 dcook independentbranches--
05:53 dcook Well, the concept++, but the implementation-- :(
06:07 dcook Ah, actually, my bad. Missing sub-permission...
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06:34 dcook Can see the checkout history...
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06:56 alex_a bonjour
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06:56 reiveune hello
06:56 wahanui bidet, reiveune
06:57 dcook hey alex_a,reiveune
06:57 dcook Must be nearly time for me to head home then :p
06:57 reiveune hi dcook
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07:02 dcook Wow...there have been nearly 100 new developers since the time I joined Koha a little over 2 years ago...
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07:08 dcook Ok. Weekend time. Night all.
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07:43 gaetan_B hello
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09:31 gerundio hi all, I'm working with authorities in my koha setup
09:32 gerundio so far I've successfully added used the koha-auth cli command to extract authority records from biblios
09:32 gerundio do I have to use the koha cli user to load them into the koha database or I can use any regular system user?
09:37 gerundio additionaly, I think I managed to add the authorities records into my koha instance using the load_from_file option on koha-auth
09:37 gerundio after doing that I ran rebuild_zebra using the -a option and I now get results on OPAC authorities search
09:37 gerundio I'm now having problems on the last step
09:38 gerundio linking authorities with biblio records
09:38 gerundio when I run koha-auth link_biblio_to I get "WARNING: authority not found" for every single authority entry
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11:23 slef gerundio: OTTOMH you'd need to look about why that warning appears, what it's trying to do when it happens and if your records match up on whatever it's using.
11:24 gerundio slef, I'm debugging the code to try and find where the WARNING message is being thrown
11:25 slef gerundio: grep -rn "authority not found" /usr/share/koha # might find it
11:25 gerundio I already did
11:25 gerundio /usr/local/share/perl/5.14.2/Koha/Cont​rib/Tamil/Authority/
11:26 slef I thought WARNING usually gave a file and line number though
11:26 gerundio line 104
11:26 slef gerundio: interesting.
11:26 wahanui hmmm... interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
11:26 gerundio I'm now trying to understand under what circumstances is the warning thrown
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12:29 oleonard Hi #koha
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13:07 rhcl MOrning
13:15 oleonard Joubu here?
13:17 Joubu oleonard: yep
13:17 oleonard Hi, I finally got to testing Bug 10212 again and I have one question
13:17 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10212 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Columns configuration for tables
13:18 oleonard Should the link to datatables.colvis.css and jquery.dataTables.colvis.js be included in
13:19 oleonard ...if they always go together?
13:19 Joubu oleonard: yes, certainly, you are right
13:21 Joubu oleonard: I am going to provide a patch
13:21 oleonard Okay I'm signing off on what is there
13:22 Joubu oleonard: patch sent
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13:36 oleonard Joubu++
13:38 Joubu oleonard++ # thanks !
13:40 tcohen morning
13:44 tcohen can we do a quick vote right now, to adopt a Perl web framework?
13:44 tcohen :-P
13:46 Joubu tcohen: which one? :)
13:46 tcohen do u like Dancer? then Dancer
13:46 Joubu ok for me
13:46 tcohen ok, lets move
13:46 tcohen +1
13:46 Joubu +1
13:46 tcohen yay!
13:46 tcohen how democratic we are!
13:46 Joubu agreed
13:47 tcohen endmeeting
13:47 tcohen Joubu: i'm about to write a regression test for 12595
13:47 oleonard :D
13:47 * Joubu is going to fail QA all patches who disagree with this new rules
13:48 tcohen heh
13:49 Joubu tcohen: yes, I should have done it, but didn't have the time
13:49 tcohen np
13:49 tcohen it's my winter vacation still
13:49 tcohen have plenty of time :-P
13:51 Joubu tcohen: I still don't have any feedback on my patch submited on bug 11518.
13:51 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11518 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , Add new method to Koha::Schema::Result::Item that will always return the correct itemtype
13:51 Joubu Are you still without opinion?
13:52 tcohen i think the patch is incorrect
13:52 tcohen but need to provide a counter patch to explain better my point
13:52 tcohen i'd also like to hear from experienced DBIx people gmcharlt? khall?
13:53 Joubu highly possible, it was more a poc than a real patch
13:53 khall I'll take a look
13:53 Joubu tcohen: the current code has a "circular dependency" between 2 tables. I am not sure it's a good idea
13:54 khall my initial patch was very much proof of concept
13:54 khall it was originally used in bug 1703 before a followup removed the usage
13:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1703 critical, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, chris, CLOSED FIXED, Returning an item on reserve is not causing ModReserveAffect to be called, thus the reserve status is not updated
13:55 khall bug 11703 that is
13:55 tcohen Joubu: as far as my dbix docs reading regards, i think belongs_to is not a "constrain" in the sense you mean it, by a means of joining tables
13:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11703 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , Convert checkouts table to ajax datatable
13:55 khall tcohen is correct afaik
13:57 Joubu my concern is especially on the 2 links (belongs_to and has_many) on the same field
13:58 * khall is wrong, still used in svc/holds
14:02 tcohen now we have chosen Dancer, does anyone know how well it behaves with Plack? :-P
14:10 Joubu Does anyone knows who hosts the wiki?
14:12 oleonard Equinox I think. gmcharlt?
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14:14 Joubu @later tell gmcharlt: could it be possible to add the Math extension ( on the wiki please?
14:14 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
14:18 oleonard How about this for highlighting which sub-language is currently selected:
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14:24 cait-m__ hi all
14:28 rocio joined #koha
14:32 oleonard cait-m__: what do you think about this for highlighting which sub-language is currently selected:
14:39 ashimema looks nice to me oleonard
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14:45 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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14:45 cait-m__ oleonard sorry on train to airport
14:45 cait-m__ looks ok on the phone
14:48 mtompset Greetings, cait-m__.
14:48 oleonard Thanks for looking ashimema and cait-m__
14:49 mtompset Greetings, oleonard. :)
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15:03 tcohen Joubu: do u have 10 spare minutes?
15:04 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
15:04 huginn tcohen: The current temperature in Cordoba, Argentina is 18.0°C (11:00 AM ART on July 18, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Pressure: 30.39 in 1029 hPa (Rising).
15:05 Joubu tcohen: I can try but my brain is completly dried
15:05 Joubu (vat calculation...)
15:05 tcohen i'm attaching the regression tests
15:06 tcohen for bug 12595
15:06 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12595 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Passed QA , Finding a patron witht firstname and surname should display the patron detail
15:06 tcohen could you take a look?
15:06 reiveune bye
15:06 reiveune left #koha
15:06 Joubu tcohen: yes, of course
15:06 tcohen there are several warnings raised, if you don't have the time, i'll post a followup, but you're the one that knows the code better ( == do it faster)
15:07 Joubu tcohen: did you see some unit tests already exist?
15:07 tcohen on t/
15:08 Joubu t/DataTables/Members.t
15:08 Joubu yes
15:08 Joubu ok
15:08 tcohen i thought db_dependent tests were needed
15:08 tcohen this results should be tested against different db settings
15:08 tcohen if anyone has the time in the future
15:08 tcohen heh
15:09 Joubu you would really like what yohann is writing for these tests :)
15:09 tcohen I just implemented your John Doe example
15:09 tcohen are you talking about the TestBuilder thing?
15:10 Joubu tcohen: Can't locate Data/
15:10 tcohen ouch, leftover :-D
15:10 Joubu tcohen: yes, he submitted it yet?
15:10 tcohen let me resend
15:11 Joubu tcohen: I think you should sent the keys the routine is waiting for
15:11 Joubu to C4::Utils::DataTables::Members::search
15:11 Joubu Datatables send them
15:11 tcohen ok, I followed t/ example
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15:13 Joubu tcohen: ha yes, the UT in t warns too
15:14 tcohen ok: iDisplayLength iDisplayStart
15:14 Joubu tcohen: not sure it should be fixed in the routine: it worth to get the warn if something is wrong in the TT
15:14 tcohen yes, i'll just add the params to the unit tests
15:15 tcohen iDisplayStart? good value?
15:15 Joubu tcohen: 1 ?
15:15 wahanui 1 is default, it would seem.
15:15 tcohen ok
15:21 tcohen Joubu: there you have
15:24 Joubu tcohen: hum... Did you change something else? they don't pass anymore here
15:25 Joubu tcohen: if idisplaylenth = -1, they pass
15:25 tcohen ahhh
15:26 tcohen what iDisplayLenght = -1 mean?
15:28 laurence left #koha
15:29 tcohen Joubu: iDisplayStart=1 was to blame
15:31 carmenh joined #koha
15:32 Joubu tcohen: iDisplayLength: display all patrons
15:33 Joubu iDisplayStart is the offset
15:33 Joubu for what I remember
15:33 tcohen i attached one with iDisplayStart=0 which doesn't ommit the first patron
15:35 Joubu tcohen: looks perfect :) I signed it off
15:35 Joubu tcohen++
15:35 yohann left #koha
15:35 tcohen :)
15:40 eternalsword okay, I'm back and ready to figure out why z39.50 works in yaz but not in koha. anybody have any debugging tips? no errors thrown in the log.
15:43 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12595: (regression tests) <[…]e7f7ac426786896f8> / Bug 12595: Search a patron by his/her firstname and surname <[…]109d912a9bbe2cea0> / Bug 12542: Tabs inconsistency in different uses <[…]=koha.git;a=commi
15:54 tcohen oleonard: did u find the problem with your itemcallnumbers?
15:55 oleonard I found out what character was causing the problem and designed a report which let me find all the affected records.
15:55 oleonard I didn't try to figure out why that character was causing problems.
15:56 tcohen do u still consider it a bug?
15:56 oleonard Seems to have been a symptom of a bad import many years ago
15:57 gaetan_B bye!
15:57 oleonard I would consider it a bug, yes, in that Koha should be able to gracefully deal with such errors. But it's such an unusual case I don't know if it's worth filing a bug
15:59 tcohen was it a broken character or just a non-ASCII one?
15:59 oleonard
16:03 tcohen i couldn't reproduce it
16:05 Joubu have a good week-end #koha
16:05 barton I have an acquisitions permissions question -- It's been my impression that the super-librarian doesn't/can't have access to acquisitions. Is that right?
16:06 oleonard barton: No
16:06 oleonard barton: Are you thinking of the database user?
16:06 barton probably.
16:08 tcohen Joubu: have a nice weekend!
16:09 cait-m__ dont use the db user
16:09 cait-m__ esp in acq
16:09 tcohen hi cait-m__
16:09 cait-m__ hello
16:09 wahanui hey, cait-m__
16:10 cait-m__ at the airport again waiting for boarding
16:10 * barton re-asseses his knowlege of koha permissions.
16:10 tcohen cait-m__: you've already finished??
16:10 jcamins tcohen: yep.
16:11 jcamins tcohen: hardly seems worth it with all that traveling.
16:11 tcohen heh, hi jcamins
16:11 jcamins o/
16:12 jcamins Next Friday, remind me to take a benadryl in the morning.
16:12 tcohen oh, you too?
16:12 tcohen i've just taken mine -D
16:13 oleonard tcohen: I can't seem to intentionally get that character into a record so I don't know if I can reproduce it
16:13 tcohen heh
16:14 jcamins tcohen: I'm hugely allergic to this client's cat. He's been sitting on my lap for the past half hour (maybe? I didn't notice when I put him on my lap), and is showing no signs of wanting to get off.
16:15 tcohen i've added the warning on my next friday's calendar
16:15 jcamins Thanks.
16:17 tcohen is it a sign of insanity/friday if someone hates unit tests that print informational stuff like "Creating a patron"
16:18 jcamins Do you mean that's a side-effect of a different UT, or that's what the UT is for?
16:19 tcohen it is not part of the UT, but some warn (or diag) inside the code
16:21 jcamins That's very annoying.
16:21 tcohen
16:21 jcamins I see no use for that.
16:21 tcohen jcamins: the question: do I need a doctor/shrink for that?
16:22 jcamins tcohen: let's see...
16:22 jcamins you're RM...
16:23 tcohen ouch
16:23 jcamins sorry, what was the question? Straight jacket vs. chloroform? :P
16:23 * tcohen didn't see that coming
16:23 jcamins lol
16:23 tcohen which did u choose?
16:24 jcamins Hehe.
16:24 jcamins paul_p generously sent both.
16:24 tcohen :-D
16:24 tcohen paul_p++
16:25 tcohen gmcharlt didn't give his to me
16:25 * jcamins supposes he has probably scared away all the news people.
16:25 jcamins *new people
16:26 tcohen better sooner than later I guess
16:27 tcohen :-D
16:27 tcohen lunch time, have a nice weekend, #koha jcamins
16:29 cait-m__ joined #koha
16:29 cait-m__ gah flight delayed
16:39 mtompset Shoot... tcohen, I just discovered a problem with the test file for Acquisitions.
16:40 rhcl oleonard: you might find this interesting:
16:40 mtompset Someone added the acorders_transfers into the GetOrders(), but didn't account for them in the test properly, because the duplicate fields were being returned.
16:40 rhcl Single click on text highlights the paragraph, a second click yellow highlights the sentence
16:47 oleonard rhcl: I wonder if it prompts the kind of user interaction they're seeking.
16:48 rhcl Well, I would presume so. I do a lot of Internet reading, and I do exactly that sort of thing when I read...
16:48 rhcl I will highlight a block of text to help keep my eyes oriented, and I found that highlighting very helpful
16:49 oleonard I assumed that the purpose was to encourage users to submit comments on the selected text
16:50 rhcl with the "+" to the right? Not sure, I didn't use that, but maybe for addicted "+"ers and "likers" it might
16:50 rhcl I almost never respond to articles by clicking anything
16:54 eternalsword wow, cpan is broken.
16:54 eternalsword at least the website.
16:55 cait-m__ joined #koha
17:04 tcohen mtompset: explian
17:04 mtompset I may have made a mistake. I'm confirming.
17:05 tcohen ok, try to provide a unit test :-D
17:05 mtompset Made a mistake.
17:06 tcohen oh
17:06 mtompset I got carried away and added unrequired fields. :)
17:06 mtompset *whew*
17:06 mtompset Do you want the arcane magicks patch?
17:07 mtompset It also fixes GetCancelledOrders. ;)
17:08 tcohen fiX?
17:08 wahanui fiX is probably going to be something else
17:09 tcohen is there something broken?
17:09 mtompset GetCancelledOrders has the same duplicate field problem.
17:34 tcohen khall: i don't know how to reproduce bug 12536
17:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12536 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Passed QA , Incorrect number of irregularity issues
18:21 oleonard It's a good thing patches are tested by humans because I don't always put "apply the patch" into the test plan.
18:59 eternalsword Anyone else experiencing issues with circulation reports? circulation stats always return 0. Most-circulated items filters by check-in when asking for check-out range.
19:01 eternalsword my codebase was from early 2013. still problematic on my test system with code updated from master last week.
19:09 WNickC joined #koha
19:09 tcohen eternalsword: would you be kind to fill a bug on that, listing the specific steps you followed to reproduce the problem?
19:18 eternalsword I'm done testing that for today. I'll get back to it next week.
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20:09 pianohacker hallo
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21:04 mtompset Greetings, pianohacker.
21:05 pianohacker hi mtompset
21:15 cait joined #koha
21:16 cait jcamins: around?
21:42 mtompset Have a great weekend, #koha cait pianohacker  tcohen.
22:01 cait left #koha
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23:29 eythian hi
23:38 tcohen hi eythian
23:38 eythian howdy tcohen
23:39 * eythian is spending a little bit of time putting some of the easier Catmandu dependencies into Debian that aren't there already.
23:40 eythian Will probbly do the same for the Koha deps that aren't there at some stage, it's about time I got on to that.
23:44 tcohen eythian++
23:45 barton_away joined #koha
23:45 * tcohen hopes eythian find the time for dbix :-D
23:45 eythian that is going to be trickier :)
23:45 tcohen heh
23:45 eythian keep in mind, it might be possible to backport the fix into our own package.
23:46 eythian if it's a specific bug that was fixed
23:46 tcohen ah
23:48 eythian so, the bug is fixed in wheezy, but not squeeze, right?
23:49 eythian because in that case, we could grab the DBIx from squeeze, patch it, and make a custom version that'd be installed in preference to the squeeze version, but ignored by people on wheezy
23:49 eythian (we should also compare that to versions in ubuntu, too)
23:51 barton_away joined #koha
23:57 eythian hmm, the required parts of are down.
23:57 barton_a1ay joined #koha
23:57 eythian That's a little annoying
23:59 pianohacker eythian: borked for you too?

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