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00:01 * dcook looks at more code
00:01 dcook eythian: Hurry plz with ES? :P
00:01 eythian heh
00:02 eythian[…]yum-repositories/ <-- dcook
00:04 dcook Too bad we use OpenSuse...
00:04 dcook :(
00:04 dcook I'd be half-tempted to look at their RPMs but I don't they'd work for us
00:04 dcook doubt*
00:05 eythian <-- dcook
00:05 dcook O_O
00:05 dcook That is beautiful
00:06 * dcook twitches a bit
00:06 dcook eythian++
00:06 dcook You may have found yourself another tester :D
00:07 eythian :)
00:07 dcook You have no idea how happy that makes me...haha
00:08 eythian heh. I'm not surprised it's supported, ES is something of a new hotness for many people.
00:09 dcook I was just about to say that
00:09 dcook Awesome using popular/supported software
00:11 wizzyrea I'm always surprised when I hear of vendors who support Koha on not-debian/ubuntu
00:12 eythian some people just like to watch the world burn.
00:12 wizzyrea ^
00:15 dcook hehe
00:15 dcook Yeah, I'm inclined to agree...
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00:17 dcook It definitely requires a lot more work
00:17 * wizzyrea almost always seeks to eliminate unnecessary extra work
00:17 wizzyrea haha
00:18 dcook haha
00:18 dcook I seem to recall something saying a lazy sysadmin is a good sysadmin
00:18 wizzyrea most sysadmins say that.
00:19 dcook Of course, when they're "actually" lazy..
00:19 * dcook is actually sort of working on a tool for MARC framework management
00:19 dcook Specifically for folks like us who host peeps
00:19 dcook Need to play around with it more though...
00:19 eythian ah cool
00:19 dcook Want to provide people with up-to-date frameworks...but you can't really mess with people's frameworks without them knowing about it
00:19 dcook But many people don't really understand the frameworks and need you to mess with them
00:20 wizzyrea
00:20 dcook But then do you put the onus on them to contact you, the onus on you to contact them..
00:20 wizzyrea re: lazy sysadmins
00:20 dcook hehe
00:20 * dcook <3 Sheldon
00:21 dcook I've said before it would be nice if there were a static MARC tag library that only got updated during an upgrade
00:21 dcook And that people could alter frameworks off of that
00:21 dcook So half-tempted to try something like that
00:22 dcook The "default" framework sort of functions like that when you ship Koha, but folks pare it down because it's the "default" rather than the "model" framework
00:22 dcook Another thought is a mechanism for changing what the "default" framework is..
00:22 dcook Of course, I rather spend no time at all thinking about MARC and MARC frameworks :p
00:22 dcook But alas...
00:22 dcook ^
00:40 dcook Hmm yaz-client still seg faulting...that's nice...
00:44 dcook we do weird stuff with Zebra
00:45 * dcook has no idea why we're using st-numeric instead of st-year with the 'yr' index
00:45 dcook Zero sense as far as I can see
00:45 * dcook rolls up his sleeves
00:47 dcook st-numeric also seems to break relevance ranking...
00:59 dcook And relevance appears to be in compatible with date ranges...that's cool, Zebra...
00:59 dcook incompatible*
01:02 dcook Gotta love how Zebra docs aren't always entirely accurate...:S
01:02 * dcook stops grumbling now
01:11 dcook Ok, maybe not quite...
01:11 dcook :P
01:12 dcook Looks like the Zebra docs were right but we just have some darn weird CCL mappings..
01:13 dcook Let's use r=r and r=o at the same time..
01:13 dcook That won't end badly..
02:02 dcook Sweet, managed to get around the segfault..
02:02 dcook Looks like this version of yaz-client is buggy..
02:09 eythian segfaults are a symptom of that
02:24 dcook Hmm?
02:24 dcook Ah, I think yaz-client detected a segfault in its past so it kept segfaulting
02:24 dcook I've had that happen before
02:25 dcook Tried "yaz-client" rather than "yaz-client <socket>" and that seems to have fixed the history
02:25 dcook As I can now use "yaz-client <socket>" again
02:25 dcook As for the r=r and r=o looks like r=r takes precedence somehow..
02:58 dcook On the plus side, I think I might actually be improving C4::Search...
02:59 dcook AKA removing unnecessary code
03:00 rangi nice
03:00 dcook Hope so.
03:01 * dcook really hopes it's not a case of an improvement breaking a broken workflow
03:01 rangi the nice thing, all that spaghetti that is C4::Search would never get in
03:01 rangi under our regime since 2010
03:01 dcook That is a nice thing
03:02 rangi i have to remind myself of that occasionally, that we are continuially improving
03:02 rangi otherwise it gets depressing :)
03:02 dcook hehe
03:02 dcook Very true :)
03:03 dcook I'm actually feeling pretty good right now
03:03 dcook I think I understand getRecords and buildQuery, which means...that I might be able to actually fix them up a bit
03:03 dcook Well...
03:03 dcook Or at least understand how to make them more readable/understandable for when they're decommisioned
03:03 dcook decommissioned*
03:04 rangi *nod*
03:04 * dcook just hopes his code gets in
03:04 dcook Which reminds me that I should actually change one of the statuses of my bug away from needs sign
03:04 rangi :)
03:04 dcook Ah good, already did that. Whew.
03:04 dcook Can't fix everythign at once :)
03:04 rangi we are low on people signing off at the moment
03:05 dcook Yeah, I'm hoping to do some more work on that
03:05 dcook Wanted to sign off 9368
03:05 dcook Currently writing a counter patch though which should be a bit better..
03:05 rangi sweet
03:05 dcook Still a hacky but more consistently hacky ;)
03:05 dcook So that we can tear out one piece later rather than look at it and be all "WTH?"
03:06 dcook Maybe just "wth?" :p
03:06 rangi :)
03:09 dcook Hmm QueryRemoveStopwords crap can go as well since 3.12...
03:09 * dcook needs a break but doesn't want to forget all the things..
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03:44 dcook Woot. Counter patch ready...
03:57 dcook If anyone wants to fix 'Publication date' and 'Acquisition date' searching for QP and non-QP, try out bug 9368
03:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9368 normal, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , specific behavior of yr and acqdate indexes
03:57 dcook Errr, the alternate patch...
04:34 cait joined #koha
04:52 dcook Hmm, just learned a new way that buildQuery is really badly set up...
04:53 dcook Oh well. More to be fixed..
04:53 cait dcook++
04:53 cait thx for doing this
04:54 dcook It should benefit everyone using Zebra, so yay!
04:54 cait :)
04:54 dcook Well, everyone using Koha + Zebra
04:54 * dcook mentioned Zebra for eythian's benefit :p
04:56 cait until everyone moves to ES it might takea while
04:57 dcook For sure
05:01 dcook The only downside is I have so many patches to do to C4::Search...and they're going to conflict with each other
05:01 dcook I suppose I just report as many bugs as possible, send as many patches, and deal with the conflicts as they come up
05:01 rangi make sure you keep them on little branches
05:01 rangi much easier to rebase as ones get pushed that way
05:01 * rangi heads out
05:01 dcook Yeah, that's what I'm thinking at the moment
05:02 dcook cheers, rangi
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05:28 dcook I think fixing relevance might be a bit too hard/pointless without a bit more refactoring...which will still probably be less than ideal..
05:41 cait are you trying to fix the queryparser or fix the traditional way? or both?
05:42 dcook Just the traditional way at the moment
05:42 dcook Which will still be called often when using the QP anyway
05:42 dcook I have ideas for the QP though
05:43 dcook The QP way would be much nicer :)
05:43 dcook But I figure I'll work in reverse..
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06:24 viktor Hi all :)
06:28 cait hi viktor :)
06:28 cait bbiab
06:28 viktor Hi cait :)
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06:54 alex_a bonjour
06:54 wahanui hey, alex_a
06:55 * magnuse waves
07:05 sophie_m joined #koha
07:06 dcook bug 12443 for anyone looking for an easy sign off...
07:06 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12443 normal, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Needs Signoff , Initial re-factoring of buildQuery
07:07 reiveune joined #koha
07:07 reiveune hello
07:08 dcook yo reiveune
07:14 BobB joined #koha
07:16 gaetan_B joined #koha
07:16 gaetan_B hello
07:16 dcook salut BobB and gaetan_B
07:17 dcook If folks are looking to sign off some bugs, I'd appreciate testing and sign offs for bug 12443 and my alternate patch on bug 9368 :)
07:17 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12443 normal, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Needs Signoff , Initial re-factoring of buildQuery
07:17 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9368 normal, P3, ---, dcook, Needs Signoff , specific behavior of yr and acqdate indexes
07:18 dcook I'm hoping to do more testing soon so happy to trade sign offs as well
07:18 * dcook was actually going to sign off on 9368 before deciding to write an alternate patch
07:24 * dcook heads out for the night
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07:49 cait joined #koha
07:50 cait hi #koha
07:54 magnuse kia ora cait
07:57 ashimema joined #koha
08:30 viktor joined #koha
08:35 * cait waves to magnuse, ashimema and viktor
08:37 * viktor waves back
08:54 * magnuse waves to all the cool people
08:55 magnuse viktor: if you havn't seen it already, there is a handy page of stats here:[…]ster/authors.html where you can watch youself climb as your patches go into koha :-)
09:00 viktor ooh - I like that :)
09:02 viktor How often is it generated? I see no commits for me after june 2.
09:06 cait i am not sure if it runs regularly
09:06 cait rangi would know
09:12 fabreg "All UNIMARC libraries must upgrade their zebra configuration and restart zebra, or searches will always return 0 results." -> how this can be done on Debian 6.0.5?
09:13 fabreg the document says: "Upgrading zebra is automatically done with ‘make upgrade’. " but is that true in Debian also?
09:13 fabreg and this step is needed in Koha 3.16?
09:14 cait fabreg: how did you install Koha?
09:14 cait and if you installed it fresh and from scratch it should be ok
09:14 fabreg cait, with apt-get
09:14 cait ok
09:14 cait your zebra configuration shoudl be up to date then
09:14 cait where are you citing from?
09:15 fabreg cait any idea about the reason for which the search give me all times "No results" ?
09:16 fabreg cait: from there
09:17 fabreg I'm doing some research about the search issue
09:17 cait there can be multiple reasons
09:17 cait it is a bit hard to tell really
09:17 cait is it the same for both bibliographic and authorities?
09:17 cait did you load data?
09:17 cait did it work before?
09:17 fabreg never worked :(
09:17 cait did you activate opacsuppression?
09:17 fabreg no cait
09:18 fabreg but all installation steps are fine
09:18 fabreg no errors during the installation
09:19 fabreg I also tried to rebuild zebra indexes
09:19 fabreg but no luck
09:23 cait how did you try to rebuild them?
09:23 cait did you use the package commands?
09:26 fabreg
09:26 fabreg the chapter
09:26 wahanui the chapter is monographic component part
09:26 fabreg My Zebra Indexing won’t work! How do I fix it? (AKA: I search for stuff and nothing comes up! Help!)
09:26 * ashimema waves in caits general direction
09:27 fabreg cait, in that way
09:30 fabreg cait can be a problem of UNIMARC ?
09:30 fabreg cait, because yesterday I used 21MARC and the search goes fine
09:30 fabreg today I re-installed from scratch using UNIMARC and the search does not work
09:31 ashimema boom
09:34 cait hi ashimema
09:34 cait fabreg: so yu created the instance with UNIMARC, right?
09:34 cait and imprted UNIMARC data?
09:35 fabreg actually the instance is UNIMARC, right
09:37 fabreg and added some books using z39.50
09:43 cait hm ok
09:43 cait i am sorry, but i have no more ideas :(
09:49 cait fabreg: try a full reindex, using th packages commands and at -v
09:49 cait this might give you errors
09:50 fabreg cait let me try
09:51 fabreg cait in the crontab I see
09:51 fabreg */5 * * * * root test -x /usr/sbin/koha-rebuild-zebra && koha-rebuild-zebra -q $(koha-list --enabled)
09:51 fabreg can I use this command or better the one reported in the FAQ ?
09:51 cait notquite like that
09:51 cait yu want to do
09:52 cait sudo koha-rebuild-zebra <name ofyourinstance> -v -f
09:52 cait i think
09:53 cait you never ever want to run directly btw, that woudl mess up permissions - always use the koha- commands
09:54 cait a lot of the faq and old documentation might tell you to do it, because they were not written for pacakge nistallations
09:55 pastebot "fabreg" at pasted "rebuild" (8 lines) at
09:55 fabreg thanks pastebot :)
09:56 cait hm
09:56 cait apparently i got it wrong
09:56 cait what does koha-rebuild-zebra -h give you?
09:57 fabreg Usage: /usr/sbin/koha-rebuild-zebra [options] instancename1 instancename2.
09:57 cait[…]oha-rebuild-zebra
09:57 cait got the sequence wrong
09:57 cait try the instancename last
09:58 fabreg yeah
09:59 pastebot "fabreg" at pasted "rebuild" (44 lines) at
10:03 fabreg and the search does not work
10:04 cait hmm
10:04 cait the warn is not good
10:05 fabreg yeah I though the same thing
10:05 cait when you ran thte web installer
10:05 cait you also picked unimarc?
10:05 cait did you change the framweorks?
10:05 fabreg I don't remember cait
10:05 cait in which language did you install the frameworks?
10:05 fabreg in it-IT
10:05 fabreg I used all default values
10:05 cait hmm
10:05 cait it could be
10:05 cait that they are not up to date
10:05 fabreg just changed from 21MARC to UNIMARC
10:05 fabreg just that
10:05 fabreg no other changes
10:06 cait changed where? :)
10:06 fabreg in the web install
10:06 fabreg during the web installation
10:06 fabreg you can choose from 21 and UNIMARC
10:06 cait right
10:06 cait so that shoudl be ok then
10:06 fabreg and I selected UNIMARC
10:06 cait and when you created the instance
10:06 cait you also picked unimarc? in the conf file?
10:06 fabreg no
10:07 fabreg there is 21MARC
10:07 cait then that's your problem
10:07 fabreg should be this the problem ?
10:07 cait i think so
10:07 cait it all needs to match to 1 marc dialect
10:07 fabreg let me find the conf file
10:07 fabreg for checking
10:07 cait try creating another instance for testing, make sure you use the command line parameter or a conf file that makes it unimarc
10:08 fabreg sudo koha-create --create-db <new_instance>
10:09 fabreg oh
10:09 fabreg but before create new instance
10:09 fabreg I have to change the conf file, am I right?
10:09 fabreg /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf
10:09 wahanui it has been said that /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf is correct
10:11 fabreg now in that file
10:11 fabreg I changed ZEBRA_MARC_FORMAT="marc21"  to ZEBRA_MARC_FORMAT="unimarc"
10:11 fabreg let me create another instance right now
10:12 fabreg maybe is it safe to delete the previous instance?
10:14 fabreg removed
10:22 cait sorry, not constantly here
10:22 cait sounds good so far
10:22 cait try again with cataloguing and indexing?
10:30 fabreg cait,  no problem :) Now I have installed a new instance
10:30 fabreg cait, and now on the configuration file /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf and on web installer there is "UNIMARC"
10:31 fabreg give me some more moment to try the search, please
11:05 * fabreg is going to eat
11:06 fabreg cait, later I will check if search work or not. In the meantime, many thanks for your support!
11:06 cait you are welcome
11:06 cait hope it works
11:06 cait it shoudl at least bring you a step closer
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11:23 magnuse cait++
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12:25 oleonard Hi #koha
12:36 nengard joined #koha
12:44 fabreg cait, thank you so much! It works!!
12:46 fabreg cait, I have to keep in mind to setup the right value into /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf and use the same into the web install interface
12:47 cait fabreg: great :)
12:48 fabreg cait, you are the n.1 !! Two days for checking about this problem. Now I'm almost sure it works also on 64 bit
12:49 fabreg later I will try on a 64 bit arch also
12:56 magnuse Viktor++ for being our new patch writing machine :-)
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13:25 Viktor magnuse Got a patch together for RSS of the news in opac that I was asking about the other day.
13:26 Viktor It's 7843 that you reported :) But I do think we need some additional eyes on it so I left exposing the RSS in for a follow up patch.
13:28 magnuse yay!
13:28 oleonard Viktor++ # testing it now
13:28 magnuse oleonard++
13:29 Viktor Thanks oleonard++
13:29 Viktor I used as a starting point and stripped all that I could. Might be more that could be removed.
13:35 Viktor Gotta go AFK for today, but thanks for testing. Will keep an extra eye on mails from Bugzilla :)
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13:54 tcohen morning!
13:54 wahanui it has been said that morning is a state of cat
14:06 tcohen @seen fridolin
14:06 huginn tcohen: fridolin was last seen in #koha 2 days, 1 hour, 6 minutes, and 30 seconds ago: <fridolin> hie tcohen : how are you ?
14:06 tcohen hm
14:11 fridolin joined #koha
14:11 fridolin hie all
14:12 fridolin tcohen: you look for me ?
14:12 tcohen hi fridolin
14:12 tcohen yes, I wanted you to take a look at the changes I made in jenkins
14:13 fridolin yep, I saw the mail
14:13 fridolin I'm kwite a noob for jenkins
14:14 fridolin What can I do  ?
14:15 tcohen it runs the unit tests and will report to you when a problem is found
14:15 tcohen i just wanted for you to take a look at the commands that are run, so we tweak them if needed
14:15 fridolin how it did not yet ? ;)
14:15 fridolin where do i see that ?
14:17 fridolin i see the last run is much bettter indeed
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14:18 tcohen Koha_3.14.x_D7, Koha_3.14.x_U12 and Koha_3.14.x_U14 are the new tasks
14:19 fridolin ok, 3 OS env
14:19 tcohen yeah
14:19 tcohen i'm missing a Debian testing node
14:20 tcohen which eythian and chris suggested
14:20 tcohen maybe if someone offers a node with Debian testing we can set it
14:20 fridolin Debian 7 is wheezy, I'd say whe need a Debian 6 no ?
14:21 tcohen I already have Debian 6, i didn't configure it yet
14:21 fridolin most of our lib run Debian Squeeze
14:21 fridolin ok cool
14:21 fridolin testing could be greate in this case
14:23 fridolin nice that 3.16 is ok
14:23 tcohen yes :-D
14:24 tcohen i'll add 3.12.x soon
14:24 fridolin I will try to fixe the UT on 3.14 soon
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14:36 tcohen hi cait
14:44 cait hi tcohen :)
14:44 cait happy birthday!!!
14:44 tcohen thanks cait
14:44 tcohen :-D
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15:01 reiveune bye
15:01 reiveune left #koha
15:03 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12439 - check that CGI is enabled when doing koha-create <[…]83d0c31be9aec341b>
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15:06 cait tcohen: I'd talk more... but i have to go and learn some more spanish :)
15:06 cait bye all :)
15:06 cait left #koha
15:07 ashimema happy birthday tcohen
15:13 fridolin happy birthday tcohen, I just saw the notification on G+.
15:31 rocio joined #koha
15:39 fridolin see you
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15:40 oleonard nengard did you see my comments on the Novelist and Syndetics bugs? I think they may both be caused by the same issue, one which already has a fix.
15:41 nengard i didnt ye, i'll take a look
15:41 nengard yet
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16:10 nengard oleonard is there a page margin i'm missing? i don't want white to the left of this search box
16:11 drojf joined #koha
16:11 oleonard nengard: I don't think that screenshot is cropped tightly enough. :P
16:12 nengard :)
16:12 nengard was trying to keep info private
16:12 nengard don't you know the opac well enough to know where it is????
16:12 nengard hehe
16:14 oleonard I would try putting a -20px margin on .mastheadsearch and see if that works.
16:14 nengard k
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16:51 nengard oleonard that worked by the way :)
16:51 nengard now it's time to leave the cafe and drive home
16:51 oleonard Good.
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17:01 oleonard I think I'll add "I would like to know why such a serious issue hasn't been fixed???" to every bug in Bugzilla. That should move things along.
17:02 jcamins tcohen: happy birthday!
17:04 jcamins oleonard: be sure to put that on the bug reports about Koha not being written in Java and Koha not using Postgres.
17:20 rambutan Firebird, jcamins, Firebird
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17:49 nengard joined #koha
17:55 gaetan_B happy birthday tcohen!
17:55 gaetan_B and bye :)
18:06 tcohen gaetan_B: @later tell gaetan_B thanks!
18:34 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12406: adding the column maxsuspensiondays in the tests <[…]25d49bdb3e9adc096>
18:44 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11801: In transit hold items incorrectly labels as "Waiting to be pulled" on... <[…]3cdb01ff3aa4ac5d5>
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19:05 * cait waves
19:18 cait hola #koha :)
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20:09 rangi fwiw stats are generated every single day
20:10 rangi and the commits date is the date it was committed, not the date it was pushed
20:10 rangi btw
20:10 rangi[…]master/index.html
20:10 cait ah :)
20:10 rangi tells you
20:10 cait good morning rangi
20:10 rangi Generated 2014-06-18 00:11:35 (in 740 seconds)
20:10 cait i will try to tell viktor tomorrow if he doesn#t see it here
20:13 oleonard Hello and goodbye rangi!
20:13 rangi cya oleonard
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20:58 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
20:59 mtompset I was thinking of trying to 'git branch -b my_3.16 origin/3.16.x' and discovered with a 'git branch -a' there isn't such a thing? Or is that because i haven't git fetched lately?
20:59 cait maybe you are missing a v
21:00 cait hm ther eis a 3.16.x
21:00 mtompset I'm doing a git fetch, and seeing if that was the problem.
21:02 rangi 3/ws 13
21:02 rangi heh
21:02 mtompset 3/ws 13?
21:27 mtompset Yep. That was it... Hadn't done a git fetch in a long while.
21:29 grharry joined #koha
21:31 grharry I am trying to access the authorites database of my zebra from yaz-client with no success  and I get  [109] Database unavailable -- v2 addinfo 'authorities'
21:31 grharry need some help
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23:05 gmcharlt[…]upport-companies/
23:08 rangi this is interesting
23:08 rangi
23:09 rangi glibc moved to a more koha model of development, and now is going back in debian
23:22 gmcharlt rangi: very interesting
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23:33 dcook bkriegel++ #thanks for the sign off
23:35 wizzyrea is there some trick to the framework import?
23:36 wizzyrea I can't seem to get an edited one to work
23:37 dcook I don't think so? What's not working?
23:37 dcook You might need to clear your cache, if you have one?
23:37 * dcook has run into that a old chestnut a few times
23:38 drojf1 joined #koha
23:38 wizzyrea it just says "error importing framework
23:38 dcook Yikes...
23:38 dcook CSV?
23:38 wahanui it has been said that CSV is generally better to start with than Excel.
23:38 wizzyrea I tried both csv and ods
23:39 dcook Hmm, weird
23:39 wizzyrea oh I think I know
23:39 dcook I would've said maybe delimiter or comma problem with CSV but dunno about ods
23:41 wizzyrea well no it wasn't that
23:52 * wizzyrea tries something else
23:52 wizzyrea namely, avoiding csv entirely.
23:57 wizzyrea yeah, avoid csv it's delicate.
23:57 wizzyrea ods muuuch better.
23:58 dcook Yeah, I avoid CSV as much as possible these days
23:58 dcook That's a goal for Koha at some point do a bit less with CSV
23:59 dcook Reports/logs can easily break for anything related to system preferences or bib data :/

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