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01:51 jrshaw Let me know if I am in the wrong place for this. I ran an update going from 3.14.7 to 3.16.0 and Apache broke. I'm new to linux so I am not sure where to be looking. The old config file is where it should be but the new Apache does not seem to be looking for it any more. I think this is related to bug 11404
01:51 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11404 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , add out-of-the-box support for Apache 2.4
02:16 wizzyrea you're probably right
02:16 wizzyrea it's easy to fix
02:17 wizzyrea sudo a2ensite library.conf
02:17 wizzyrea probably
02:17 wizzyrea then restart apache
02:17 wizzyrea sudo apache2ctl restart
02:17 wizzyrea jrshaw ^
02:19 jrshaw do I have to be in any particular directory when executing the command? (like /etc/koha)
02:20 wizzyrea nope
02:20 jrshaw thnaks. trying now...
02:23 jrshaw It worked!!!! kudos. thanks, have a great evening,. etc.
02:34 wizzyrea :) yay!
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02:53 dcook I love how there is an "in_array" sub in C4::Serials
02:54 dcook Hmm, sarcasm doesn't get conveyed well over the internet..
02:56 wizzyrea no, it came across pretty well actually
02:57 dcook Whiny is conveyed extra well on the internet ;)
02:59 dcook Serials is scary :(
03:17 dcook Aha!
03:17 dcook Whoever re-wrote C4::Serials::abouttoexpire...dudes...
03:29 dcook If a bib is attached to a sub with no serials...*explosion*
03:29 dcook I suppose you'll probably almost always have serials, but maybe not when initially setting up your serials...
03:36 wizzyrea do you mean a serial with no sub?
03:36 wizzyrea otherwise I suppose I'm not understanding your bug.
03:36 dcook Nope, a subscription without any received issues.
03:36 wizzyrea you could often have a bib, with a sub, and no received serials
03:36 dcook serial being the table for issues :S
03:37 dcook Yeah, try to look at the MARC view of that in the intranet ;)
03:37 dcook *explosion*
03:37 dcook That particular view might be fixed by now but there are probably other places..
03:37 * dcook is working on a fix
03:37 wizzyrea hm, doesn't actually surprise me that it explodes there
03:38 wizzyrea nobody looks at the MARC view when they do patches.
03:38 wizzyrea almost nobody.
03:39 dcook I think the patch that made the problem was reverted in 3.12 because it broke a test
03:39 * dcook suspects that the test might have been changed later so that it didn't break the test in 3.14..
03:39 dcook catalogue/
03:39 dcook catalogue/
03:39 dcook opac/
03:39 dcook serials/
03:39 dcook serials/
03:39 dcook serials/
03:39 dcook *boom*
03:39 * dcook shuts up for a bit :p
03:40 wizzyrea so how do you set up your serial to test for this explodeyness
03:43 wizzyrea well I can't make it explode
03:44 dcook Link Subscription X to Bib Y, make sure that Subscription X has no issues at all, and then visit the marc detail on the staff client.
03:44 wizzyrea doesn't explode
03:44 wizzyrea 3.14.04
03:44 dcook O_o
03:44 dcook I'm on 3.14.05 and it does
03:44 dcook I think it was pushed for 3.14.00
03:44 * dcook wonders if it's a local thing...
03:45 dcook Ah..
03:45 dcook Perhaps it is local..
03:45 dcook At least for the MARC view page
03:46 wizzyrea yea, even on current master, it doesn't explode
03:46 dcook Hmm
03:46 wizzyrea it seems like it would be pretty common to have a bib -> sub -> no received items
03:46 dcook Agreed
03:46 wizzyrea this definitely isn't exploding
03:47 dcook Double check your serials table
03:47 dcook Nothing at all in it attached to that subscription?
03:47 wizzyrea 1s
03:47 dcook ?
03:48 dcook Definitely exploding on 3.14.05 without customizations
03:48 dcook My bad about received issues
03:48 dcook It's no issues at all
03:48 dcook So if you have generated one that is expected, you should be ok
03:48 wizzyrea I wonder
03:48 wizzyrea if when they created this serial
03:48 wizzyrea they didn't provide a first number
03:48 dcook First number?
03:49 wizzyrea because creating one from scratch, it auto generated an expected serial
03:49 wizzyrea let me delete the one it created
03:49 wizzyrea you shouldn't ever have 0 received serials if that's the case- it's always going to create one
03:49 dcook O_o
03:49 wizzyrea but even if I delete it
03:49 wizzyrea it still doesn't explode
03:50 wizzyrea in fact, if I do delete it
03:50 wizzyrea it autocreates the next one
03:50 dcook I'll try making one from scratch and see what happens
03:50 wizzyrea and sets it to expected
03:51 dcook Interesting..
03:51 wahanui interesting is, like, sometimes good and sometimes bad
03:51 dcook I see what you're saying now
03:51 dcook Makes me wonder how this scenario was even made..
03:52 dcook Mmm, it was a migration
03:52 dcook Maybe it didn't always create an expected
03:52 * dcook recalls hearing about some serials and acquisitions issues moving from 3.8.0 to 3.14.5
03:54 dcook Thanks for looking at that, wizzyrea :)
03:54 * dcook is tempted to check some of the other upgrades..
03:57 dcook Hmm I swear they made them all today though..
03:58 wizzyrea maybe the prediction pattern is nonsensical?
03:58 dcook Or missing?
03:58 wahanui it has been said that missing is usualy library only, an item that's not out
03:58 * dcook is going to try something..
03:59 wizzyrea or they didn't provide a numbering pattern?
03:59 wizzyrea cool story, numbering pattern is required but it isn't marked as such :P
03:59 dcook Hmm, you have to have a numbering pattern :/
03:59 dcook hehe
04:00 dcook Length or end date is also required but not marked
04:00 dcook Although that might make more sense
04:00 wizzyrea end date isn't required
04:00 wizzyrea it computes it
04:00 wizzyrea based on what you give
04:00 wizzyrea at least it should
04:00 wizzyrea it did on mine
04:00 dcook Mine said you had to give a length or an end date
04:00 wizzyrea I told it 1/year, starting 1 june, with subscription length of 12 issues
04:01 wizzyrea and it gave me an end date of 2026
04:01 wizzyrea which: 2026 is "only" 12 years away.
04:01 wizzyrea madness.
04:01 wahanui madness is manyfold - ask me for the second sign of madness.
04:01 wizzyrea second sign of madness?
04:01 wahanui well, second sign of madness is hairs on the palms of my hands
04:01 wizzyrea true enough.
04:01 wizzyrea true enough is <reply> I know, that's why I said it.
04:01 wizzyrea true enough
04:01 wahanui I know, that's why I said it.
04:02 wizzyrea :)
04:03 dcook hehe
04:04 dcook Apparently all the subscriptions were made today :S
04:04 dcook So somehow this person managed to create a subscription without an issue of any kind
04:04 wizzyrea you should double check that all of the tables are ok schema-wise
04:04 wizzyrea esp if it's an upgrade
04:04 dcook How do you mean?
04:04 dcook Mm
04:04 dcook Yeah, the script has its issues...
04:05 wizzyrea perhaps there was an updatedatabase that wasn't right
04:05 wizzyrea for your specific set of circumstances
04:05 wizzyrea so it didn't run, so there's not a table/column for your data
04:05 dcook I don't know. Because I'm getting the same behaviour you describe now.
04:05 dcook I can't duplicate a sub without issues
04:05 dcook Ah, nah.
04:05 dcook The other subscriptions are working fine
04:06 wizzyrea and if you create a new one, that's ok?
04:06 wizzyrea you david?
04:06 dcook Yep
04:07 dcook Me david?
04:07 wizzyrea you YOU, not you your librarian
04:07 wizzyrea nvm. You. you.
04:07 wizzyrea you know.
04:07 wizzyrea you
04:07 wizzyrea <head explodes>
04:07 dcook lol
04:07 dcook Yep, me
04:07 dcook Them, too
04:07 dcook Don't know why just this one
04:10 wizzyrea you have several examples?
04:10 dcook I think I'm going to manually fix this one and then if it happens again...further investigation
04:10 wizzyrea or only one example?
04:10 dcook Just one example
04:10 wizzyrea sounds like a sunspot to me.
04:10 dcook I'm starting to think so
04:10 wizzyrea we are swimming in CME at the moment.
04:11 dcook Chamber of Minerals and Energy?
04:11 wizzyrea :) coronal mass ejections
04:11 wizzyrea which sounds awfully dirty
04:11 dcook If I were less honest, I would say that I knew that and I just wanted you to spell it out :p
04:11 * dcook actually had no idea
04:11 dcook But food!
04:12 dcook Thanks again for helping me troubleshoot, wizzyrea :)
04:12 dcook You're the best!
04:14 wizzyrea ah no worries :) fun diversion for a friday
04:19 dcook Friday!
04:19 dcook I get to wake up early in the morning and help friends move
04:20 * dcook had a similar altruism vs selfishness moment this morning when he returned a sweater to a lady who had dropped it without noticing
04:20 dcook Did I do it because it was the good thing to do? Because it made me feel good about myself? Both? Shades between?
04:20 dcook Or satisfying guilt of some kind?
04:20 dcook Perhaps more difficult with the sweater instance, but in terms of moving...a lot of people helped me move in the past
04:21 dcook But I've only ever helped one person outside myself/my partner/my family move
04:21 dcook About time I paid up :p
04:21 dcook Plus, they needed help and they're my friends.
04:41 mtj random friday arvo Q here...
04:42 mtj does anyone recall how to query zebra for an index... specifically the subject index
04:42 mtj using yaz-client
04:42 mtj my yaz/pqf foo is a tad rusty
04:44 dcook You're in luck :)
04:45 dcook 1=21
04:45 dcook @attr 1=21 "subject"
04:45 huginn dcook: downloading the Perl source
04:45 dcook f @attr 1=21 "subject"
04:45 dcook That last one is the complete thing you'd type into yaz-client :)
04:45 dcook Where "subject" is replaced with what you want to search
04:46 dcook If it's a phrase, you might need to add a form attribute..
04:46 dcook @attr 4=1
04:46 huginn dcook: I've exhausted my database of quotes
04:46 dcook mtj: basically just look in :)
04:47 mtj Subject 1=21
04:49 mtj cheers , thats a good start
04:50 dcook Everything you need should be in :)
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05:42 dcook marc status?
05:42 wahanui it has been said that marc status is
05:42 dcook Yay
05:42 dcook (Of course, one day wahanui will say "Dead", and we'll rejoice more)
05:56 dcook Dang I wish there were a better way for framework management...
05:58 * dcook wonders if the "repeatable", "mandatory", or "authorised_value" columns even get used from "marc_tag_structure"
05:59 dcook I'm sure they do at the subfield level but probably not at the tag level...
06:01 cait repeatableandmandatory i think so
06:01 cait and authorised value maybe if it was a control field?
06:02 dcook Ah, good one
06:02 dcook Damned control fields...
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06:10 * magnuse waves
06:11 * magnuse hands out bunches of round tuits to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of libriotech
06:13 dcook hehe
06:13 dcook yay magnuse!
06:24 magnuse :-)
06:29 magnuse @later tell JesseM not sure what you mean by "fast rebuild cronjob"?
06:29 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.
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06:42 reiveune hello
06:42 alex_a bonjour
06:42 wahanui hello, alex_a
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07:04 dcook Interesting...can't seem to get rid of the 440 field even though it's obsolete...
07:04 dcook That $9 seems to keep it tethered there..
07:04 Joubu hello
07:04 wahanui hello, Joubu
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07:34 cait good morning #koha
07:35 magnuse kia ora cait!
07:35 cait kia ora magnuse!
07:43 ashimema monring
07:44 gaetan_B joined #koha
07:45 cait morning ashimema
07:45 gaetan_B hello
07:55 magnuse monring ashimema and gaetan_B
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08:30 magnuse tjänare Viktor
08:30 Viktor hej magnuse :)
08:31 magnuse Viktor: on scale from 1 to 10, how happy are you about getting your first patch into koha?
08:34 Viktor Lol - not quite shure a scale to just 10 will suffice :)
08:34 Viktor The hard part now is to find something suitable small for the next patch.
08:36 magnuse bugzilla is your friend
08:36 Viktor True. To do a few small ones already reported makes it easier to find suitable bugs for practice.
08:37 Viktor I've been looking into 10067 and have a workflow that would solve it but don't get the jQuery parts for a proof of concept right.
08:38 Viktor But it's great fun anyhow :)
08:39 magnuse "new" bugs by severity:
08:39 magnuse "trivial" and "minor" might be a good place to start
08:40 Viktor Thanks - sounds like a plan.
08:40 Viktor Anything fun going on with the Oslo project that is public?
08:41 magnuse
08:48 Viktor *me thinks armillaria and the whole digibib repo looks like fun :)
08:49 * Viktor don't have all IRC shortcuts committed to long term memory
08:52 magnus_meeting :-)
08:53 magnus_meeting yeah, lots of fun under digibib :-)
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10:18 * cait waves
10:18 cait paul_p: are you around for a question maybe?
10:18 paul_p cait hi. on phone
10:19 cait i will write the question, maybe you can answer later :) I remember there used to be a feature to browse through a classification - is that in somewhere still functional? In one of your libraries maybe? I have someone asking a general question about how to do browsing in classifications in Koha
10:19 cait all i can think of so far is hierarchically linked authorities, but it's not really the same
10:29 paul_p cait = back.
10:31 paul_p cait = misc/cronjobs/ is probably the question to your answer. and it's oldies and not goodies...
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11:03 cait paul_p: do you know if someone is still using it? (sorry, was afk too)
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11:22 paul_p cait (i'm back from lunch). No, I don't know. Not sure, and it would be good/cool to improve it !
11:23 cait paul_p: i will mention it in my answer with a warning that it will need some work
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11:40 gaetan_B bye !
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12:25 oleonard Man, some of my librarians really hate the "browse shelf" feature...
12:25 oleonard Or at least they hate having to explain it to the patrons.
12:27 nengard joined #koha
12:27 oleonard nengard: Do you ever hear that librarians and/or patrons are confused about what "browse shelf" in the OPAC is?
12:31 nengard yes
12:31 nengard I've had to change the label once or twice
12:31 nengard not much though
12:31 jcamins oleonard: we had to change the label to "view nearby books."
12:33 oleonard Librarians at one particular branch seem to hate it with a passion
12:39 edveal joined #koha
12:41 nengard jcamins that's usually close to what i change it to
12:41 nengard or exactly ... can't remember :)
12:56 liw speaking from utter ignorance: is the "browse shelf" feature something that shows you what other books are stored close by to the book you're currently viewing?
12:57 jcamins Right.
12:57 jcamins Or might be.
12:57 magnuse 10 points to liw :-)
12:59 liw I had to think really hard about to reach that conclusion, in case that datapoint is helpful; perhaps changing the phrasing to something like "Browse books stored on same or nearby shelf" would be better
13:03 oleonard Or maybe, "Click here and a box will open up which displays books which might be near by on the same shelf as the one you're looking at, or maybe you're browsing videos, I don't know, maybe DVDs? Anyway..."
13:06 kivilahtio Have a great weekend!
13:06 magnuse oleonard: i'd vote for that
13:06 nengard HA
13:07 oleonard Or maybe "Browse shelf! And for the love of God if you don't know what that means don't click it you have no idea."
13:11 nengard Double HA
13:11 nengard oleonard++
13:11 nengard hey - oleonard jquery question
13:12 nengard changing "don't have an account" to "Don't have a library card"
13:12 nengard ideas?
13:12 nengard thinking maybe quotes are screwing with me on this one
13:12 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "jquery to change register link text" (5 lines) at
13:17 oleonard nengard: You have to take out the <p>
13:18 oleonard The html() function looks for the contents of the <p>, so it's not finding a match
13:25 nengard well duh
13:25 nengard :)
13:25 nengard and ... nope that didn't do it :(
13:35 oleonard nengard_afk: Double-check it. It works for me.
13:38 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "oleonard like this?" (3 lines) at
13:40 oleonard Yup. Inside document.ready() of course
13:42 nengard yup ... hmmmm
13:42 nengard and grrrr
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13:53 cait hi yohann
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15:14 smrt hi everyone! my library is converting our ILS to Koha and we were just wonderig if anyone has their authorities subdivisions ($x, $v, etc.) separated from the main entries ($a) and in their own authority file?
15:19 nengard oleonard the issue with that jquery was a bug with the cart turne doff
15:19 nengard turned off
15:19 nengard[…]_bug.cgi?id=12422
15:19 huginn Bug 12422: minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Javascript error triggered by opacbookbag being disabled while virtualshelves are enabled when using Bootstrap
15:20 oleonard I see nengard. It's good watch Firebug for JavaScript error notifications when you're playing around with opacuserjs
15:26 nengard yeah, still not sure of all the things firebug can do
15:26 nengard or how to use them all :)
15:31 oleonard nengard: If the Firebug button is visible somewhere in Firefox's changing landscape of toolbars it should show a number in red if the page has a JS error
15:37 nengard i think i've been using the built in inspector instead
15:37 nengard almost all the same functionality but i never saw red ...
16:20 talljoy smrt i'm going to say most libraries do NOT separate out their authorities in that way
16:21 talljoy for example if a bib has a 650$aEducation$xCurricula then the matching authority record would be 150$aEducation$xCurricula   At least in the data I've worked with that is how it is
16:34 smrt @talljoy so if $xCurricula needs to be changed in all the authorities we'd have to change each individual one? for example i have 150$aEducation$xCurricula and 150$aSchool$xCurricula id have to change both authorities?
16:34 huginn smrt: downloading the Perl source
16:35 reiveune bye
16:35 reiveune left #koha
16:36 talljoy smrt you would want to set the 'dontmerge' system preference to 'DO' so that updates to the authority record are reflected in the linked bibliographic records.
16:39 smrt talljoy oh ok sure that make sense, thanks.
16:39 talljoy no problem!
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18:40 jburds_ Is there a bywatersolutions channel for customers?
18:47 JesseM what can I help you with jburds_?
18:47 jburds_ Just didn't know if ByWater had a private channel
18:47 JesseM Most of the ByWater Team in always in te #koha channell
18:47 jburds_ Finally got IRC setup
18:47 JesseM very nice
18:47 jburds_ Ok sounds good
18:51 * cait waves
18:57 JesseM Hi cait
19:12 cait jacek++
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