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00:24 WNickC possibly my mistake was installing wheezy instead of squeeze, but I am flummoxed trying to get Text::PDF in version .33
00:35 pianohacker bye all
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07:00 * magnuse waves his flag, then marches off
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08:31 cait hi #koha
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10:34 cait hi bgkriegel :)
10:34 cait thx for all the sign offs!
10:34 cait bgkriegel++
10:34 bgkriegel hi cait :)
10:34 cait translation working as well as never before :)
10:34 cait hope to create a patch for the german frameworks today - working on the web installer right now
10:35 bgkriegel Good :)
10:36 bgkriegel another one to sign :)
10:37 cait yay! :)
10:38 cait there is also bug 12275 if you want :)
10:38 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12275 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Small corrections to English web installer
10:40 bgkriegel Hehe, of course
10:57 cait ok, web installer is done
10:57 cait moving on to frameworks :)
10:58 paxed i need to do some minor updates to the finnish language on monday morning
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11:17 cait @later tell pianohacker - looks like 6707 is a duplicate?
11:17 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
11:32 cait bgkriegel: you still around?
11:32 cait I was wondering if 3013 is still valid and I think you have worked with those files after the bug was reported :)
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11:35 bgkriegel cait: sorry, yes
11:36 cait ok, i won't touch it then
11:36 bgkriegel (and 12275 is done)
11:36 bgkriegel (yes => still here :) )
11:39 bgkriegel cait: I'll take a look at 3013
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12:01 cait bgkriegel: looking at the frameworks now :)
12:01 cait bgkriegel: do the files still update automatically every 15?
12:02 bgkriegel cait: yes
12:02 cait i think i found a few strings it misses
12:02 cait General Topical Term Subdivision
12:02 cait in the default authority framework
12:03 cait i copied the new frameowrks over the existing, looking at the diff now
12:03 cait
12:03 bgkriegel well, that are comments
12:04 cait oh
12:04 cait you are so right
12:04 cait sorry
12:04 bgkriegel on english
12:04 cait i guess i should get some lunch :)
12:04 bgkriegel hehe
12:04 cait and look at this again with fresh eyes
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13:33 cait bg
13:56 cait @later tell bgkriegel something seems not right with pootle... maybe just overworked?
13:56 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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15:36 bgkriegel hi again
15:41 bgkriegel cait: there is a problem with the translation server, I'm on it
15:41 cait bgkriegel++
15:41 cait thx - hope it's not giving you toomuch trouble
15:48 cait @wunder Konstanz
15:48 huginn cait: The current temperature in Bodensee, Lake Constance Germany, Daisendorf, Germany is 14.9°C (5:48 PM CEST on May 17, 2014). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Steady).
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16:56 bgkriegel cait: back online
16:58 cait bgkriegel++
16:58 bgkriegel :)
16:59 cait awesome :)
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21:42 jce Trying to migrate MARC records and holdings from an old installation to 3.14.  Got Koha 3.08 running in a VM, imported the backup SQL, and got it working.  Went to "Export bibliographic and holdings" and made a .mrc file.  Went to "Stage MARC for import" in 3.14 and loaded the .mrc.  Went to Staged MARC management and tried to import the records.  Hit the "Import this batch into the catalog" button, and "Job progress:" display p
21:42 jce ops up, but remains at 0%.  What might I be doing wrong?
21:48 bgkriegel jce: if you have a backup of your old Koha, you can try a direct upgrade, just put your db on a new install, then Koha will try to update your old db
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21:52 jce bgkriegel:  already tried the direct upgrade, and it didn't go well.  Couldn't rebuild zebra.  Others on #koha suggested I try a migration instead.
21:54 jce The thought was that this may be caused by having a database that has its origins in the distant past -- that sometimes those old databases don't upgrade well.
21:56 bgkriegel if you can acces to sever, then you can try a direct load of records, using
21:57 jce That works with .mrc files?
21:57 bgkriegel yeap
21:57 bgkriegel have you defined proper itemtypes?
22:02 jce What I've done is imported the old SQL file into a new Koha instance.  In phpmyadmin it looks plausible, but when I rebuild zebra I always get no results.  So if it inherited proper itemtypes from the backup, they're there.  But I haven't done it explicitly in 3.14.
22:03 bgkriegel ok
22:03 bgkriegel but you imported old db
22:03 bgkriegel then you do the upgrade
22:04 jce FWIW, all this server is used for is a glorified card catalog.  It isn't used to check out books or keep patron records.
22:04 jce Yes, that's what I did.
22:04 bgkriegel :)
22:04 bgkriegel Ok
22:04 jce So we just want the biblios and holdings.
22:05 bgkriegel if you have the mrc file then you can try loading it whit bulkmarcimport
22:05 jce I'll give that a shot.  Looking at the --help for that now.
22:06 bgkriegel may be error messages could give same information of what is wrong
22:17 jce Didn't see any errors in the intranet interface -- just sat at 0% progress.  In /var/log/koha/instance/intranet-error.log I get the following:
22:17 jce [error] [client] [Sat May 17 15:30:49 2014] Filehandle STDOUT reopened as FH only for input at /usr/lib/perl5/Template/ line 964., referer: http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/[…]
22:26 jce Dumb question:  Does an .mrc file exported from Koha 3.08 contain 'item' info?  I gather that 'item' contains the actual holdings.  We definitely need that.  The usage example in the help suggests the -d flag, which would delete 'items'.
22:27 jce Would 'items' be re-populated by
22:31 jcamins jce: if you exported items, yes. However, I recommend against bulkmarcimport. Use the stage_records or stage_file (or whatever) script instead.
22:31 * jcamins leaves again.
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