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02:13 eythian anyone know of a function that'll fetch a MARC record for a biblio, with the 952 included?
02:14 bag_away how about the export tool on the staff side
02:14 bag_away you can probably grab something from there
02:14 eythian good idea
02:14 rangi i think you just have to call something in C4::Biblio with the embedded_items switch on
02:15 eythian GetMarcBiblio
02:15 eythian that's the one
02:15 eythian I knew it existed, but somehow couldn't see it.
02:16 eythian probably because it's in the middle of a bunch of GetMarc* functions, all of which do a separate set of things.
02:17 * eythian fixes that as part of this patch
02:27 mtompset which patch?
02:27 wahanui which patch is that?
02:30 eythian to make OAI-PMH requests include the 952 data
02:42 mtompset Ah.
02:45 mtompset How busy are you, eythian? :)
02:46 eythian moderately
02:49 mtompset Did you see my rebase of bug 11592? ;)
02:49 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11592 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , opac scripts do not respect MARC tag visibility
02:49 eythian I did
02:49 eythian well, in passing, anyway
02:50 mtompset okay, just checking. :)
02:51 eythian I don't think changing the tests should really impact the signed off status though
02:51 eythian that is, you currently have two signoffs, you'd be better off having the bug status as signed off
02:53 mtompset Needs sign off, because this adds testing portions, due to changes in the test file.
02:53 mtompset Because for MARC data it skips the UNIMARC version. and for UNIMARC it skips the MARC version.
02:54 eythian but it's only the test cases
02:54 eythian if there was a functional change, sure. But I wouldn't slow down the process for test cases, especially when you have them.
02:58 mtompset never hurts to be thorough.
02:58 mtompset Nothing worse than getting those unstable messages from jenkins.
02:58 mtompset I hate those.
02:58 mtompset Usually test case problems.
02:59 eythian if the tests pass then it's not likely to be a problem.
03:00 eythian On the other hand, you risk a useful feature languishing there for ages.
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03:06 mtompset not if one of the 4 users in the list tests it. ;)
03:06 mtompset -- like dcook. ;)
03:07 mtompset Couldn't resist, dcook. Greetings. Though, it is true.
03:07 mtompset I was just talking with eythian about bug 11592 needing retesting.
03:07 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11592 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , opac scripts do not respect MARC tag visibility
03:10 dcook mtompset: I already commented saying that I thought the patch wasn't comprehensive enough for the OPAC scripts, and that it should also be enabled for the staff client :p
03:10 dcook Apparently my splinter review comments didn't show up though...:/
03:11 mtompset You have to go to Overview and click publish.
03:11 rambutan left #koha
03:11 mtompset Feel free to make them again, then. :)
03:12 dcook Alas, I'm busy with my own stuff at the moment and can't remember my comments.
03:12 dcook You can see the ones that I did post as comments though.
03:13 dcook I've been thinking a little bit about how we need to add in some extra rules as well beyond the framework
03:13 dcook Like for notes (e.g. 541) that have an indicator controlling privacy.
03:13 eythian ohh
03:13 eythian that'd be useful
03:14 eythian we have one library who wants to make their records public, but notes only show up if you're logged in.
03:14 dcook Really?
03:15 dcook I thought the default was to show notes?
03:15 mtompset eythian: That sounds like the functionality of 10589, 10895, 10900 except at a MARC field level.
03:15 mtompset or perhaps this 11592.
03:15 eythian dcook: that's right, they only want notes to show up to people who have logged in.
03:16 eythian because some of them are a bit politically sensitive
03:16 mtompset What is "visibility" flagged used for?
03:17 mtompset It seems like if you extended the visibility, you accomplish that with 11592.
03:17 eythian bug 11592
03:17 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11592 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , opac scripts do not respect MARC tag visibility
03:17 dcook eythian: Ahhh, I gotcha. In the case I mentionned, it would be based on the MARC spec.
03:17 eythian yeah, I'd extend the 11592 stuff to do that
03:17 eythian dcook: yep
03:18 dcook I'd also extend the 11592 stuff to do it, hehe.
03:18 dcook But that's why I added the comment about how you should include the opac scripts for basket and shelves
03:18 * eythian notes that it doesn't filter in OAI-PMH either
03:18 dcook Mmm, good one
03:18 mtompset But the baskets, shelves, etc... how do you get those, if they are filtered from a search?
03:18 dcook Actually, I don't really like 11592...
03:19 dcook mtompset: The record isn't filtered from the search. Just the fields.
03:19 dcook Personally, I rather see something lower down that filters the MARC through the frameworks.
03:20 dcook The only exception perhaps being a bib export from Tools
03:20 eythian that's more or less what this does
03:20 mtompset This does.
03:20 dcook Right, but you need to change all the scripts to add in this extra sub
03:20 eythian ah, I see what you're saying. The low-level functions should understand this
03:20 dcook If you touched the sub that Koha uses overall, it would mean more coverage
03:20 dcook (Potentially more repercussions though too)
03:21 eythian though, then they'd all have to understand whether they're coming from OPAC or staff client
03:21 eythian which might not be a bad thing overall
03:21 mtompset true, eythian.
03:21 dcook Not a bad thing at all
03:21 dcook would be a far reaching touch
03:21 dcook So time/money becomes a factor..
03:21 eythian yeah
03:21 mtompset lots of testing required to make sure no regressions.
03:22 eythian I think the current one is a pretty good start.
03:22 dcook Yep. Don't really want to screw it up.
03:22 dcook Yeah, I think it's good enough for now (if it is extended to touch more of the OPAC)
03:22 dcook I rigged up something similar here locally
03:22 mtompset more of the OPAC...
03:22 dcook mtompset: The lists and the basket
03:22 mtompset okay.
03:22 dcook Say you view Record X in the search results and detail view.
03:23 dcook You don't see hidden Note Y
03:23 dcook (or the marc view, because you covered that already)
03:23 dcook But if you add Record X to a basket or a list, you'll see Note Y
03:23 dcook Because those scripts don't respect the frameworks
03:23 dcook Which is a problem for privacy/politically sensitive data, no?
03:23 eythian bug 12252 is waiting for signoff, y'know, if someone is bored...
03:23 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12252 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , OAI-PMH GetRecord result doesn't include item data
03:23 dcook Ooo
03:23 dcook I'm not bored, but...
03:24 * dcook takes a peek
03:24 eythian it's a pretty basic change
03:25 dcook Beauty
03:25 mtompset I see what you mean, dcook.
03:25 dcook I did the same thing here when I was playing around more with OAI
03:26 dcook eythian: I think I added some extra error handling but I can't remember why
03:26 dcook Anyway, I'll give 'er a test
03:26 eythian cheers
03:31 dcook All sorts of lovely db upgrade errors..
03:31 dcook Not related to your patch though
03:32 eythian I'd be pretty concerned if they were.
03:32 dcook Hmm..
03:32 dcook Oh lovely...I have old data in my db..
03:33 dcook Hold on..
03:35 dcook Hmm...although now that I think about it...
03:35 mtompset So basically, GetMarcBiblio should call the filtering before returning for an simpler, but more far reaching effect.
03:35 dcook mtompset: That's my thought. Yup.
03:36 dcook mtompset: Although we'd want to be very careful about that...
03:36 mtompset And that's where your suggestion of that hash of hashes comes in. ;)
03:36 dcook Yep
03:36 mtompset and passing context. I see...
03:36 mtompset Simpler change, but pain to test.
03:37 dcook eythian: I assume that you're adding the items so that you can transfer them to another system?
03:37 eythian dcook: no, it's so EBSCO can harvest the full content.
03:37 dcook Sorry, that's what I mean
03:38 eythian so they can merge it in with their results and present that to the user
03:38 dcook I'm trying to think if there would ever be a time when you would be harvesting via OAI and didn't want the items
03:38 dcook I suppose if there were a case where that happened, the harvester could filter it though, and that it's better to have too much than too little
03:38 eythian I'd say in that case you'd just ignore them
03:38 eythian yeah
03:39 eythian I thought about it and came to much the same conclusion.
03:39 dcook Good conclusion :)
03:40 dcook My interwebs are so slow today..
03:42 dcook eythian: All done.
03:42 eythian øarsome
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04:09 mtompset suggestions for fixing busted zebra?
04:09 mtompset I restored a DB, stopped zebra, did a full reindex, started zebra. Opac finds "No Title" entries.
04:11 * eythian cleans up PERL13 of the coding guidelines: ironically the bit that supposed to be used as an example of good documentation was a very ugly example.
04:19 mtompset Hmm... maybe it is that dom doesn't work thing.
04:21 mtompset Yep. dom doesn't work... Why doesn't dom work?
04:24 eythian because he's a slacker
04:26 mtompset ha ha. It's too late. I'll try to figure out how to switch from grs1 to dom indexing later by reading[…]g_to_dom_indexing
04:26 mtompset -- hard coded path in example is evil, but at least it gives me an idea. :)
04:27 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
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05:23 eythian @marc 852
05:23 huginn eythian: Identifies the organization holding the item or from which it is available. May also contain detailed information about how to locate the item in a collection. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,p,q,s,t,u,x,z,2,3,6,8]
05:23 eythian @marc 856
05:23 huginn eythian: The information needed to locate and access an electronic resource. The field may be used in a bibliographic record for a resource when that resource or a subset of it is available electronically. In addition, it may be used to locate and access an electronic version of a non-electronic resource described in the bibliographic record or a related electronic resource. (Repeatable) (1 more message)
05:23 eythian hi cait
05:35 cait hi eythian
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06:41 reiveune hello
06:41 wahanui bonjour, reiveune
06:43 cait hi reiveune
06:43 cait bbl
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07:08 mveron Hi #koha
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07:13 * magnuse waves
07:16 Joubu hello #koha
07:21 sophie_m hello #koha
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08:20 cait hi all
08:20 ashimema Hi cait
08:20 cait hi ashimema
08:21 * magnuse waves to cait and ashimema
08:22 ashimema morning magnuse
08:22 cait morning magnuse
08:47 magnuse Joubu++ for not letting go of bug 11944
08:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11944 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Cleanup Koha UTF-8
08:48 ashimema Joubu++
08:48 Joubu magnuse: I hold it strongly! ;)
08:49 Joubu magnuse: the behavior on Benjamin's laptop is quite odd, I don't know how debug that
08:52 cait ask him to send you his laptop? ;)
08:52 cait but I know what you mean, such problems are annoying
08:55 magnuse they sure are!
09:07 magnuse Joubu: petter could not reproduce Benjamin's problem either
09:07 magnuse so that is 1 with the problem and 2 without
09:07 magnuse petter did spot a problem though, double encoding in the material type names on /cgi-bin/koha/admin/
09:08 magnuse ...and i can reproduce that
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09:14 magnuse hm, on /cgi-bin/koha/admin/ i get "Template process failed: plugin error - EncodeUTF8: plugin not found at /home/magnus/scripts/kohaclone/C4/ line 124."
09:26 Joubu magnuse: I fixed item_circ_alerts
09:26 Joubu the second error is caused by a new patch :-/
09:26 Joubu followup coming
09:26 cait Joubu++
09:29 magnuse Joubu++
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10:39 vfernandes hi :)
10:39 vfernandes i need the help with some koha/zebra indexes.... i want to put 942$c as an itemtype index
10:44 ashimema joined #koha
11:03 cait vfernandes: hm i think that shoudl already be the case
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11:16 vfernandes no cait... only 995$r in UNIMARC
11:17 cait ah
11:19 barton morning khall!
11:19 khall mornin barton et al!
11:19 cait hi khall
11:19 khall mornin cait!
11:20 barton morning ashimema, cait (and everyone else :-)
11:21 cait hi barton
11:23 barton I've been wondering if there were library of congress standards for a 'test book' that's guaranteed not to appear in any library -- maybe a set of reserved ISBNs or something.
11:23 barton in the process, I ran across this:[…]/Business/
11:26 barton I'm guessing that we can trust brian d foy to do isbn normalization the right way :-)
11:32 cait hmnot sure, but aren't we using that already?
11:33 cait business::isbn sounds quite familiar
11:34 magnuse yeah, i think we are using that
11:34 bgkriegel joined #koha
11:35 magnuse yup
11:35 magnuse try: $ grep -r "Business::ISBN" *
11:35 bgkriegel Hi
11:36 cait hi bgkriegel
11:37 bgkriegel hi cait :)
11:38 magnuse barton: but isbns are hard, see for example bug 6590
11:38 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6590 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, juan.sieira, In Discussion , Removing hyphens from isbn and issn when cataloging a biblio
11:45 barton magnuse: verrrry interesting. :-)
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11:47 * barton checks koha/, finds Business::ISBN listed. Didn't remember seeing it before.
11:49 barton so, back to my original thought: is there a standard way to specify test bibs in koha?
12:00 cait barton: not sure waht you want to do, but i don't think there is
12:06 francharb morning
12:09 barton I would like to add a series of test records in koha that are *guaranteed* not to collide with bibs in the library's collection.
12:10 cait but what would you use them for?
12:13 oleonard joined #koha
12:14 oleonard Hi #koha
12:15 barton Any type of testing that I'm doing for trouble shooting purposes -- checkin, checkout, testing notices, holds ... whatever. It would be nice to a) have a standard bib that I would always know was in the collection (because we would add it on migration), and b) have a bib record that I wouldn't have to worry about making accidentally unavailable to a patron.
12:15 barton morning oleonard!
12:16 cait then you'd also have to add standard itemtypes
12:16 cait standard circ conditions
12:16 cait i am not sure this coudl work
12:16 cait why not just add one on the fly when you need to test something?
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12:19 barton because I spend a good chunk of my day doing this kind of trouble-shooting.
12:19 barton knocking a couple of minutes off each test would be a win for me.
12:20 barton Even something as simple as having a known reserved title/isbn would be pretty huge.
12:20 cait i think that the other conditions woud a record alone probably nto so useful
12:21 cait why nt just add bywater or some code to a title?
12:21 cait that's what we do
12:21 cait BSZ test record is the title
12:21 cait and then they know not to delete it
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12:52 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
12:54 oleonard Hi mtompset
12:54 mtompset Greetings, oleonard.
12:55 mtompset Did you get a chuckle out of Marcel's suggestion to not delete prog from the staff client? :)
12:55 talljoy joined #koha
12:57 oleonard mtompset: Oh I thought maybe the staff client was going command-line only?
12:57 * mtompset laughs.
12:57 mtompset Nice one.
12:57 ashimema think I missed this..
12:57 ashimema sounds amusing
13:00 mtompset The command line idea is all oleonard. :)
13:03 * mveron smiles about command line...
13:03 mtompset But let's step back... it would be rather cool if it could go command line. ;)
13:04 * mveron would prefer a "one button fits all" solution  :-)
13:05 mtompset Yes, we need to programme a librarian AI with a massive bibliographic and authority database repository. ;)
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13:42 user55 @wunder 65201
13:42 huginn user55: The current temperature in Cedar Lake, Columbia, Missouri is 10.3°C (8:42 AM CDT on May 14, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.22 in 1023 hPa (Rising).
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13:46 cait has somene the json url at hand maybe?
13:46 cait i always forget where to look that up
13:46 vfernandes about my "morning" question: i need the help with some koha/zebra indexes.... i want to put 942$c as an itemtype index
13:46 vfernandes i've added to record.abs: melm 942$c      itemtype:w,itemtype:p,itype:w,itype:p
13:47 cait never mind... it's in the help file!
13:47 cait vfernandes: that shoudl work if you are using grs-1 indexing
13:47 cait some other file needs to be changed if you use dom
13:47 vfernandes cait I've also change biblio-koha-index and biblio-zebra-index
13:48 vfernandes pastebin
13:48 vfernandes ?
13:48 wahanui somebody said pastebin was at
13:49 cait vfernandes: i haven't changed the dom indexes myself so far, but ithink there is a new page on the wiki that might be helfpul
13:49 pastebot "vfernandes" at pasted "biblio-koha-indexdefs.xml" (7 lines) at
13:49 pastebot "vfernandes" at pasted "biblio-zebra-indexdefs.xsl" (9 lines) at
13:50 vfernandes I've also made this changes to DOM files
13:51 vfernandes ohhh I've copied the wrong field :D
13:51 pastebot "vfernandes" at pasted "biblio-zebra-indexdefs.xsl" (9 lines) at
13:51 vfernandes after this i've reindexed everything
13:52 vfernandes using yaz-client there is no itemtype index for 942$c
13:52 cait ashimema: you around by chance?
13:52 ashimema :)
13:52 cait do you happen to know if that is the right url?
13:53 cait i made the report public, but it claims it is not public... which is confusing
13:53 ashimema hmm.
13:54 ashimema Yeah, that looks right to me..
13:55 ashimema I take it, it's a parameterless report your looking for.
13:55 ashimema it should return a json string
13:55 cait it says not public...
13:55 cait only that the report IS public
13:55 cait i am confused
13:57 cait oh i found it
13:57 cait forgot to type part of the url... no database updates via sql for me today
14:09 ashimema lol
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14:25 tcohen morning
14:26 mtompset Greetings, tcohen.
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14:49 khall is anyone going to qa the last patch for 9612? This seems like a blocker, as it breaks search results for at least some installations
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15:16 magnuse bug 9612
15:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9612 major, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , SRU Response is different when DOM indexing is enabled
15:18 ashimema Hmm, I've already done sign-off on that one at some point khall, but it seems to have lost me in a followup.
15:19 ashimema not sure if that counts for or against me QAing it.
15:19 khall I'm in the same boat ; ) I say go ahead an qa it since I'm the current signer
15:20 ashimema aha.. the bits I signed off have already been pushed..
15:20 ashimema it's jsut the followup which is your signoff
15:21 ashimema I'll go ahead with it, it'll be a nice one to get done and dusted.
15:22 ashimema I'de like to see the followup for packages done sooner rather than later though... my hope is that we get to a point where the install methods don't diverge so much.. having DOM and GRS-1 in tandem for so long has been a mare.
15:24 vfernandes i can't get to work the 942$c as itemtype :/
15:27 * cait hates the facets code
15:31 ashimema all done khall, thanks for brining my attention to it.
15:31 ashimema ice easy one to test..
15:31 khall np!
15:31 ashimema don't we all cait
15:31 cait you are not trying to make it not look at a field subfield combination when the indicator is not x
15:31 ashimema right.. off to pick the daughter up.. see you later peeps
15:31 cait *sigh*
15:31 cait :)
15:32 ashimema lol, good luck with that miss
15:32 cait out of luck it seems
15:33 ashimema_afk facets should be done in zebra..
15:33 cait that's quite out of scope here... :)
15:33 ashimema_afk yup
15:33 ashimema_afk but still true
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16:33 oleonard Is there an automated process in Koha that could be setting patrons' "gonenoaddress" flag?
16:34 oleonard Something in the overdues process?
16:35 cait oleonard: i can't think of anything
16:35 cait you could grep for the field maybe?
16:35 cait overdues only sets debarred
16:36 jl- joined #koha
16:37 jl- I just tried to run[…]ts/ but I'm getting this error: DBD::Oracle::db prepare failed: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist (DBD ERROR: error possibly near <*> indicator at char 14 in 'SELECT * FROM <*>issues') [for Statement "SELECT * FROM issues"] at ./ line 146.
16:38 jl- I had to change oracle_home to 11 tho (from 10.2) so I'm wondering if the tables are different
16:38 cait waht are you trying to do?
16:38 cait jl-: koha doesn't work on oracle
16:38 cait ah, that's a migration script
16:38 cait sorry, I don't know about those
16:39 jl- yes
16:41 jcamins jl-: to the best of my knowledge, every single version of Voyager (and possibly every single installation) has different tables. But I don't really do Voyager migrations (woohoo!).
16:41 oleonard Voyager likes to keep 'em guessing I guess
16:42 jcamins oleonard: yeah, there was a song about Voyager in Singing in the Rain.
16:42 jcamins "Make 'em guess, make 'em guess, don't you know everyone wants to guess... ah-ha-ha-ha oh-ho-ho-ho-ho"
16:43 jl- jcamins: bummer
16:43 oleonard "....<maniacal laughter>"
16:44 jl- those scripts are 3 years old on average
16:44 jcamins You could check if someone who uses them has newer versions.
16:44 jcamins I pushed that repo to keep some patches I did available.
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16:48 jl- jcamins: I'm assuming this is the right place to check?
16:48 jcamins jl-: yeah. Just not with me. ;)
16:49 gmcharlt jl-: can you connect to the database using sqlplus?
16:49 jl- gmcharlt: yes
16:50 gmcharlt does, say, a "describe mfhd_item;" in sqlplus return a description of that table?
16:51 gmcharlt or rather, bib_item
16:54 jl- gmcharlt:
16:55 gmcharlt ok, then it looks like you're not facing some weird permissions issue, which can happen with Oracle
16:55 gmcharlt what about describe issues?
16:55 gmcharlt and select table_name from user_tables where table_name like '%ISSU%';
16:56 jl- gmcharlt:
16:58 gmcharlt jl-: at a guess, changing that line in the script to draw from serial_issues should work, though I make no guarantees that it will exactly correspond to what the rest of the script is expecting for that particular table
17:02 jl- gmcharlt: yes seems like the table name changed
17:03 jl- here's what I got
17:03 jl-
17:09 jl- hm I only got the 21-ser_issues.csv
17:11 gmcharlt describe patron_barcode will show you what columns are present in that table
17:11 gmcharlt I suspect the name of the column is actually patron_group_id rather than just group_id
17:11 jl- correct
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18:00 jl- ok I extracted everything after a few more changes
18:00 jl- looks like now I have to load the csv's individually with the .pl scripts in migration/Voyager
18:00 jl- too bad there isn't a
18:00 jl- jcamins is that right?
18:04 meliss joined #koha
18:07 jcamins jl-: no idea. I don't use those scripts.
18:33 Dyrcona jl-: You're trying Koha, too? ;)
18:34 WNickC joined #koha
18:37 jl- Dyrcona: yeah that's an ILS we also want to evaluate :)
18:38 Dyrcona jl-: Good deal. I often recommend people look at Koha as well as Evergreen.
18:45 cait joined #koha
18:46 WNickC hi all
18:47 WNickC I have been trying to set up a test server with these driections:[…]evelopment_Server
18:47 WNickC but indexing is not working right, anyone have any tips?
18:48 WNickC more specifically no results for a regular catalog search, results with empyt record links from the cataloging search
19:17 wajasu WNickC: there may be a koha-start-zebra <kohainstancename>   command needed
19:19 wajasu you should also have run the zebra indexer to export the index that is used by the zebrasrv  service.
19:20 wajasu you can run ps -aef onthe command line to see what processes are running and see if zebrasrv shows up.
19:23 sophie_m left #koha
19:25 WNickC zebraserver appears to be running
19:25 WNickC I tried rebuilding the index with the package commands and it says it exports two records, I can run a report in koha and see everytihgn fine in the biblio table
19:34 mtompset WNickC. DOM or GRS1 indexing?
19:37 mtompset I had my OPAC returning "No Title" for several entries last night, I switched it back to GRS1 in the koha-conf.xml file, and all went well after a full reindex.
19:38 WNickC it is DOM I assume since that is default now correct
19:38 WNickC ?
19:46 WNickC Is there a set of driections or a magically easy way to switch between the two?
19:51 talljoy1 joined #koha
19:56 mtompset I haven't tried to get my DOM working... I just changed the dom values in the koha-conf.xml to grs1.
19:56 mtompset However, I think....
19:56 mtompset[…]g_to_dom_indexing
19:56 mtompset Might be useful reference material.
19:56 mtompset I just haven't had time to confirm.
19:57 mtompset Oh, and obviously, it isn't exactly cut-and-paste, because home/paul/​res/etc/zebradb/retrieval-info-bib-dom.xml is clearly hard coded. :)
20:01 WNickC thanks, I will give that a whirl when I have more time to play
20:37 pianohacker joined #koha
20:38 pianohacker So, the wiki page for a git install on ubuntu uses a different username and database name than the installer's defaults. Does anyone have any objections to me fixing that? Is that page no longer the best? ([…]_on_ubuntu_-_git)
20:41 pianohacker mtompset: you especially, as it looks like you wrote this
20:41 pianohacker @seen mtompsett
20:41 huginn pianohacker: I have not seen mtompsett.
20:41 pianohacker guess I'm just crazy
20:48 * cait waves
21:01 WNickC joined #koha
21:03 mtompset Nope. I'm here, just lurking, coming and going from keyboard.
21:04 mtompset well, a git installation doesn't have to match the db naming structure of a package install.
21:05 mtompset And you have to manually set the password, as far as I know, so I'm not sure I understand the problem, pianohacker.
21:07 mtompset Also... you'll note I do expressly tell people to change the values.
21:07 mtompset[…]enerate_Make_file
21:09 mtompset You'll note I intentionally chose something other than the default so people 1) pay attention, and 2) can see how the answers are related to actual setup.
21:09 mtompset But if you think default is better, find.
21:09 mtompset ^find^fine^.
21:13 mtompset Though, perhaps the default should be koha_library for the DB name. ;)
21:14 mtompset pianohacker: It is mtompset.
21:15 mtompset Single t. ;)
21:15 mtompset The difference: my username is a fall back to the ancient days of 8 character userids. ;)
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22:18 eythian hi
22:18 wahanui que tal, eythian
22:41 mtompset cait: Are you here? I was noticing 7841 ... what floody spam C4/ generates!
22:42 mtompset ^^^
22:47 JesseM joined #koha
22:53 tgoat joined #koha
23:10 rangi[…]&
23:10 rangi yeah buddy
23:10 wahanui
23:11 rangi not only did te takere create Koha, and Kete .. they put a piano in their library, and now they have a Sonata :)
23:12 eythian[…]ainstHumanity.csv
23:14 papa joined #koha
23:15 eythian "Hand-crafted artisanal x86 assembly code"
23:15 rangi heh
23:19 irma joined #koha
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