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01:03 dcook Huh...I had never noticed "crontab.example" until now.
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01:42 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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02:11 BobB @wunder Sydney, Australia
02:11 huginn BobB: The current temperature in Matraville, Sydney, New South Wales is 31.5°C (12:10 PM EST on April 24, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 17%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
02:11 BobB Summer is back again!
02:13 eythian @wunder nzwn
02:13 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 16.0°C (2:00 PM NZST on April 24, 2014). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
02:13 eythian nah ah!
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02:45 wizzyrea 31 really!
02:45 wizzyrea wtf, srs
02:47 eythian australia au
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03:36 * wajasu isn't a fan of subfields :)
04:06 BobB[…]/first-dog-royals
04:26 mtompset I concur, wajasu. subfields() is evil. ;)
04:26 mtompset @wunder l7e 5y5
04:26 huginn mtompset: The current temperature in Wilshire-Thornhill, Vaughan, Ontario is 1.8°C (12:15 AM EDT on April 24, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: -8.0°C. Windchill: 2.0°C. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019 hPa (Rising).
04:26 mtompset At least someone has heat.
04:26 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
04:40 dcook rancor?
04:40 dcook rancor is bug 11559
04:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11559 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Needs Signoff , Professional cataloger's interface
04:41 dcook rancor?
04:41 wahanui rancor is bug 11559
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05:33 cait good morning #koha
05:33 dcook morning cait
05:34 cait Joubu: something weird about refreshing the funds still :(
05:34 cait so close!
05:34 cait morning dcook
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06:16 paxed cait: re bug 12132 a staffer commented here: "So they assume librarians are old maids and crazy cat ladies with no kids?"
06:16 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12132 trivial, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Show guarantees in staff patron details too
06:16 cait no just using separate accounts
06:17 cait well we do that
06:17 cait so they can check out books for work related tasks and have a personal account for other things - but not all libraries do that, that's why the other bug
06:18 cait i justthought you might have to task other bits in the code to really make that work consistently, and we would have to update documentation
06:18 cait this is about the behaviour about the patron category - categories
06:18 cait currently adult > child, organisation > professional
06:18 cait for linking records
06:20 paxed consistency is showing guarantees when the person has those.
06:21 paxed if you have separate staff and personal accounts, then your staff account should not have guarantees, just your personal one.
06:22 cait yes
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06:22 reiveune hello
06:22 wahanui privet, reiveune
06:22 cait you can look at this from 2 sides as a bug
06:23 cait some would say the intended feature was not for them to have children, others the other way
06:23 cait but it should be consistent
06:24 paxed no matter what the intention was, because it doesn't do that and behaves inconsistently. my patch fixes that inconsistency.
06:26 cait i am all for consistency
06:27 cait ok, have to run :)
06:27 cait bbl
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06:52 marcelr hi #koha
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06:58 alex_a bonjour
06:58 wahanui hey, alex_a
06:59 marcelr hi alex_a
07:00 alex_a hi marcelr
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07:25 gaetan_B hello
07:25 wahanui salut, gaetan_B
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07:39 thuthuy I want to ask the difference between Koha 3.12 and Koha 3.8?
07:47 ashimema did last nights meeting happen at all then..
07:47 ashimema doesn't look like it.
07:48 ashimema morning #koha
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07:56 BobB @later tell thuthuy Koha 3.12 has more features, a number of bug fixes and will be supported longer than Koha 3.8.  Go with 3.12 (or 3.14)
07:56 huginn BobB: The operation succeeded.
07:58 thuthuy Can you say more detail?
07:58 ashimema thuthuy, why not take a look at the release notes for the two?
07:59 ashimema
07:59 ashimema
08:00 ashimema though, you'll probably also want to look at the major release between too
08:00 ashimema
08:00 ashimema
08:00 BobB yep, the release notes list all the new features
08:02 BobB good night #koha
08:02 ashimema night BobB
08:02 ashimema or... if your technically minded and feel like sifitng through 'ALLOT' of logs..
08:03 ashimema then you could checkout a 3.12 branch and read back through the commit log..
08:03 ashimema the release notes are created from the commit log anyways.
08:09 thuthuy <ashimema> I see that but it is not clear
08:11 thuthuy smile :)
08:22 thuthuy Thanks you <BobB> and <ashimema>
08:23 ashimema no worries.. sorry we couldn't be of more help (just show that neither of us knows koha well enough to put a finger on the differences specifically either)
08:23 ashimema I'de have to go through the release notes too ;)
08:24 ashimema paul_p wrote a script that did 'nicer' release notes at some point.. think it was only used for one release though :(
08:24 ashimema though I have a feeling it took some manual intervention to look as nice as they did..
08:25 thuthuy ashimema> humble
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08:26 thuthuy ok
08:27 ashimema paul_p.. I was just talking about you.. ;)
08:27 ashimema you did some lovely release notes once..
08:27 paul_p ashimema yep. (automated)
08:27 paul_p I've added an option --html to release tools
08:27 paul_p (iirc)
08:28 ashimema thuthuy was just trying to get to grips with the differences between a couple of versions.. I thought your html style notes might help
08:28 ashimema cool.. shame they don't appear to have been used much since. :(
08:29 paul_p ashimema =[…]ls.git;a=shortlog
08:30 paul_p ashimema right (I failed to communicate more on that...)
08:30 ashimema cool.. cheers.
08:30 paul_p I should have warned RM and RMAints
08:30 thuthuy you can use facebook?
08:30 ashimema maybe we should have another go at promoting it.
08:30 paul_p yep
08:31 thuthuy oh
08:31 thuthuy <paul_p> excellent
08:32 thuthuy ok
08:33 thuthuy we are developing koha in Vietnam
08:33 ashimema developing?
08:33 ashimema or promoting
08:33 paul_p hi thuthuy ! (our administrative assistant is vietnamese, you could speak your language with her ;-) )
08:35 thuthuy <ashimema> developing
08:35 thuthuy oh
08:36 thuthuy surprise
08:36 ashimema if your developing.. then you should really be developing against master and contributing back?
08:36 thuthuy ok
08:36 ashimema wondering where the question of whats the difference between versions came from ;)
08:37 ashimema awesome to hear there's another developer out there though
08:37 thuthuy :)
08:39 thuthuy We supports community for use koha in vietnam
08:39 ashimema cool.
08:41 thuthuy we translated vietnamese 3.12
08:41 thuthuy koha 3.12
08:41 wahanui koha 3.12 is probably still on schedule.
08:42 thuthuy and share Koha users in Vietnam
08:43 thuthuy <wahanui> yes
08:45 ashimema thuthuy, wahanui's a bot.. ignore him ;)
08:46 thuthuy ?
08:46 thuthuy why?
08:51 thuthuy <ashimema>
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09:11 paul_p thuthuy = wahanui is a bot, not a real human. He usually says silly things, but can anser some basic questions. Don't hesitate to say "shut up" if he becomes too noisy, he won't be upset :D :D
09:11 paul_p good morning wahanui
09:11 paul_p wahanui good morning
09:11 wahanui paul_p: i'm not following you...
09:11 paul_p wahanui next release ?
09:11 wahanui paul_p: no idea
09:11 paul_p really stupid :D
09:12 paul_p wahanui seen rangi ?
09:12 wahanui rangi was last seen on #koha 7 days, 12 hours, 42 minutes and 39 seconds ago, saying: just that first paragraph is from the old article [Wed Apr 16 20:29:27 2014]
09:12 thuthuy :)
09:14 thuthuy do not argue
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09:44 atheia G'morning
09:45 atheia cait: I haven't yet thanked you for the qa of the housebound patches.
09:45 atheia Thanks very much — really helpful feedback.
09:45 atheia We will in fact be splitting it into the 'previous issue?' functionality and the rest.
09:48 cait atheia: i was a little woried you'd never talk with me again :)
09:50 atheia Not at all — tbh, I agree with all points. It's good to spend some more time on it.
09:52 cait atheia: I am glad, I was aiming for helpful/constructive, but just couldn't get over the hardcoded categories
10:27 kivilahtio is there a script in Koha to batch import records in a ISO2709 format?
10:28 kivilahtio I am trying to understand, and I realized there is a webservice to import MARCXML
10:29 kivilahtio just wondering if anyone has done something similar, or maybe I can just use BatchStageMarcRecords()?
10:30 kivilahtio Oh yeah, one important thing. I am trying to stage a MARC file. Not directly import to db, but into the staged records tables.
10:31 kivilahtio Maybe kohaclone/misc/stage_file? :)
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10:32 jcamins kivilahtio: yeah, you might look at the perldoc for stage_file.
10:32 * jcamins leaves to exhibit.
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10:45 ashimema stage_file is the one kivilahtio
10:46 ashimema I'de love to see bulkmarcimport and stage_file merged into one eventually.. as their features differ but are comparable
10:46 ashimema buldmarkimport in your case isn't the one.. as it imort directly, not via the staging table
10:47 kivilahtio ashimema: Thanks!
10:47 kivilahtio I am writing a integration module to our bookseller
10:47 kivilahtio luckily it is quite straightforward
10:47 ashimema cool..
10:47 ashimema not edi related I assume?
10:48 ashimema the edi patch also pulls in skelaton records ;)
10:48 ashimema anywho.. good luck
10:48 kivilahtio nope. we send our basketgroups to their ftp-server. Get replies from their ftp-server. And push selection lists from their ftp-server as ISO2709 to staged lists
10:48 kivilahtio then do acquisitions fromthose staged lists
10:48 kivilahtio works quite well
10:48 kivilahtio ashimema: we need it :)
10:48 kivilahtio keep up the good fight!
10:51 ashimema sounds very similar to edi workflow interestingly enough.. edi is all ftp based, with files getting pushed and pulled from the vendors ftp server.
10:52 ashimema yeah, we're getting closer every day at the moment..
10:52 ashimema Colin is meant to be squshing it all into a sensible patch to post back up again iminently.
11:10 marcelr ashimena++ #bug 9612
11:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9612 minor, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , SRU Response is different when DOM indexing is enabled
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11:56 francharb morning #koha
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12:16 oleonard Hi everyone
12:19 marcelr hi oleonard
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12:23 rangi i fear i may be using all the bandwidth cloning the git repo
12:24 rangi kmlussier: if the internet is slow, you can blame me, it should be done soon
12:25 rangi also im sitting next to karl fogel, which im excited about
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12:25 rangi  <-- that karl fogel
12:25 rangi tis a great read btw
12:25 * liw warmly recommends that book
12:26 kmlussier rangi: Should I start streaming something to totally cripple the Internt?
12:26 rangi heh
12:27 tcohen morning #koha, rangi
12:27 rangi heya tcohen
12:28 oleonard Hi rangi, what's first on your agenda today?
12:28 rangi[…]hedule-and-agenda
12:28 rangi we are at the welcome bit
12:29 rangi im not presenting til tomorrow, so my main mission today is to not fall asleep since i slept really badly last night
12:30 oleonard I was surprised at how much the time zone shift to Reno messed me up, so I can't even imagine.
12:30 rangi yeah its 12.30am friday
12:31 rangi if i can stay awake for 6 hours, i should start feeling like its daytime again
12:31 rangi :)
12:33 * rangi is super stoked about the maple syrup dbs gave me
12:33 oleonard dcook++ # for patch testing and signoffs
12:34 rangi yes
12:34 rangi dcook++
12:35 ashimema wow, dcook is on a sign off rampage, dcook++
12:38 kivilahtio dcook++
12:38 tcohen dcook++
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12:42 rangi right, the clone has finished, so the slow net can no longer be blamed on me
12:42 NateC hey rangi how goes it in HotLanta?
12:42 oleonard Slow net at a conference? That's unpossible.
12:51 rangi NateC: so far so good
12:51 NateC cool Libby is leaving for there today!
12:53 rangi yep, been talking a bit on facebook, the symposium finishes at midday tomorrow, so hoping we can catch up sometime friday
12:53 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10942: (QA followup) make warnings to to STDERR <[…]9552bc78bba9c4408> / Bug 10942: (follow-up) debconfing the update option <[…]ee025a3e94ba898c0> / Bug 10942: (follow-up) make AUTOMATIC_TRANSLATIONS_UPDATE default to yes <
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12:57 * cait waves
12:57 jenkins_koha Starting build #451 for job master_maria (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #442 3 days 13 hr ago)
13:00 jenkins_koha Starting build #1714 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #1706 3 days 19 hr ago)
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13:04 oleonard Did the second IRC meeting not happen?
13:08 cait oleonard: it seemed there ws nooone around interested in holding it
13:08 oleonard Fair enough.
13:13 * druthb blames oleonard.
13:13 oleonard It's true druthb, I was not there. It's no wonder.
13:14 druthb right?  If you'd spread the word you were going to be there, others would have, too, just to see your smilin' face.
13:16 oleonard :|
13:17 cait not that face actually
13:17 cait i was still awake, but it was past midnight
13:27 ashimema I couldn't make the second one.. was cooking tea
13:27 ashimema shame it didn't happen at all.
13:28 rangi im feeling a little condescended to here
13:28 rangi not intentionally im sure
13:28 oleonard You personally rangi or the tone in general?
13:29 rangi developers
13:29 wahanui the brains that make Koha grow and get better. Give them cookies. Lots of cookies. And possibly beer.
13:29 rangi we dont understand business
13:29 rangi or CRM or stuff
13:29 cait oh you don't?
13:29 oleonard Well sure rangi that's why none of us have jobs.
13:29 Dyrcona Heh. Most MBAs don't understand business. ;)
13:29 cait we librairans would disgree with that :)
13:31 * cait wishes she coudl clone some more qa people
13:32 ashimema we could do with a few more QA..
13:32 ashimema always need more ;)
13:33 rangi apparently not we just like  technology
13:33 rangi and im super lagged
13:34 ashimema so how come there are support companies making money out here then?
13:34 rangi i think i can address it tomorrow in my talk, i think koha and maybe evergreen are different to the projects that have been talked about so far
13:35 ashimema go get 'em rangi ;)
13:35 * Dyrcona is a developer with a MLS.
13:35 Dyrcona So there's one, at least. ;)
13:36 kmlussier Dyrcona: But where's your MBA? ;)
13:36 rangi right we have to go break out now
13:36 * rangi fights the urge to break dance to the break out rooms
13:37 kmlussier rangi: I would like to see that.
13:37 rangi you really wouldnt :)
13:37 rangi bbiab
13:37 cait kmlussier: if he does... make photos, please?
13:38 kmlussier cait: If I don't, I'm sure somebody else will. :)
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13:45 * druthb tries to picture rangi break-dancing, and thinks it would be an amazing display of gangly awkwardness.  As long as no one got hurt, though, it'd sure be fun to see!
14:00 jenkins_koha Project master_maria build #451: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 3 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]master_maria/451/
14:00 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 10942: Provide a way for package upgrades to update template translations
14:00 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 10942: (follow-up) create a /etc/koha/koha-common.conf
14:00 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 10942: (follow-up) make AUTOMATIC_TRANSLATIONS_UPDATE default to yes
14:00 jenkins_koha * Robin Sheat: Bug 10942: (follow-up) debconfing the update option
14:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10942 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , Provide a way for package upgrades to update template translations
14:00 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 10942: (QA followup) make warnings to to STDERR
14:00 cait nice!
14:01 ashimema awesome!
14:01 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, ashimema
14:01 ashimema lol
14:01 * druthb chuckles.
14:01 chris_n joined #koha
14:02 * oleonard would like to know when wahanui is going to throw us an awesome party with the money from the awesome jar
14:02 ashimema haha
14:03 BigRig joined #koha
14:04 oleonard wahanui: How many dollars have you collected?
14:04 wahanui no idea, oleonard
14:04 oleonard Well there's our problem.
14:08 tcohen gmcharlt: it seems to me that the database/env for building 3.14 (jenkins) has some trouble
14:08 tcohen i cannot seem to reproduce the failing tests on my workstation
14:19 gmcharlt tcohen: hmm, the 3.14.x project seems to be pointing at master
14:19 gmcharlt I'll need to look at it later
14:19 tcohen np, let me know if i can do something about it
14:34 Joubu khall: around?
14:34 khall yo
14:35 Joubu khall: Hello! I think I found a problem with bug 2720. The updatedb entry does not remove the borrower.debarred value
14:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2720 enhancement, P3, ---, fridolyn.somers, Pushed to Master , Overdues which debar automatically should undebar automatically when returned
14:36 Joubu so if the date is passed, the suspension alert is displayed
14:36 Joubu I get: "Restricted: Patron's account is restricted until 10/01/2014
14:37 Joubu khall: do you confirm we should clean this field for all patrons?
14:37 khall gimme a couple minutes to take a look
14:41 nengard joined #koha
14:42 Joubu hum, I don't understand, the circ/ test "userdebarred" to display this alert. And it comes from member->{debarred}, returned by GetMemberDetails (which does a select into borrowers. Why don't we check borrower_debarments?
14:42 Joubu Note: I'm on 3.14.4
14:44 Joubu No, I remember :) The field is kept to avoid to parse the borrower_debarments table !
14:45 Joubu but a check is missing somewhere
14:45 tcohen is anyone working on implementing permissions per user-type?
14:46 ashimema not that I've heard tcohen..
14:46 ashimema would be a nice addition though ;)
14:46 tcohen indeed
14:46 Joubu tcohen: nothing as for me
14:47 tcohen someone in the koha-es list asked how much money should they raise to sponsor such a feature
14:47 * oleonard imagines it would be a big change
14:49 tcohen i'm not sure how big it would be
14:49 Joubu tcohen: you could imagine default permissions, same as Default messaging preferences.
14:50 Joubu with a script (cronjob) updating the patron when you change the permissions
14:51 tcohen i was thinking more like generalizing the current flags use for patrons, and patron categories
14:52 tcohen and using the same logic from for checking first the user permissions, and if fails then category permission
14:53 Joubu tcohen: yes, this way is the big change, I would say
14:53 Joubu (and cleaner than the solution I propose)
14:54 ashimema i like tcohens suggestion.. but agree it's a harder thing to achieve.
14:54 ashimema how hard though.. I'm unsure.
15:00 Joubu khall: I confirm. I think a updatedb entry should be enough
15:00 khall Joubu: the suspension alert should not come up if borrowers.debarred is a date in the past. And it should not be cleared out, it shoud be the furthest date in the future from borrower_debarments for that patron, or null
15:01 Joubu khall: so it should not be a date in the past?
15:01 tgoat joined #koha
15:02 Joubu khall: I think something like
15:02 Joubu update borrowers set debarred = null where debarred is not null and debarred < NOW()
15:02 Joubu should have been added to the updatedb for 2720
15:02 Rubens joined #koha
15:02 khall yes, that would not hurt to add
15:02 khall that's a good idea
15:03 Joubu and maybe a check in the circulation script, but that should not append
15:03 Joubu khall: Do you agree that borrowers.debarred should NEVER contain a date in the past?
15:04 khall Joubu: I do not agree ; )
15:04 khall If the date is in the past, the system should ignore it and tell you the patron is debarred. Isn't that how it acted before the new debarments system?
15:05 cait hm don't think so
15:05 khall I meant if the date is in the past, the system should ignore it and *not* tell you the patron is debarred
15:05 cait yep
15:05 cait have to run, bye all :)
15:05 khall bye!
15:05 cait left #koha
15:05 khall Joubu: otherwise we'd have to run _UpdateBorrowerDebarmentFlags every day for every borrower
15:06 Rubens Hi, I have a database in ISAD-G standard for archival desccripcion, we are in the process of migration to KOHA and MARC21. I think the next step is to create a custom framework set to ISAD-G and then import in koha... is correct?
15:06 khall because borrower.debarred is only updated when a change is made to the borrower_debarments table
15:07 rangi back
15:07 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1714: STILL UNSTABLE in 2 hr 9 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1714/
15:07 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 10942: Provide a way for package upgrades to update template translations
15:07 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 10942: (follow-up) create a /etc/koha/koha-common.conf
15:07 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 10942: (follow-up) make AUTOMATIC_TRANSLATIONS_UPDATE default to yes
15:07 jenkins_koha * Robin Sheat: Bug 10942: (follow-up) debconfing the update option
15:07 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10942 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , Provide a way for package upgrades to update template translations
15:07 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 10942: (QA followup) make warnings to to STDERR
15:07 Joubu khall: yes, it what _UpdateBorrowerDebarmentFlags does
15:07 Joubu it does not fill the borr.debarred field
15:07 Joubu khall: yep indeed
15:07 Joubu so, a check is missing in the pl script?
15:09 khall yep
15:09 khall or it could be checked at the TT level
15:10 Joubu khall: compare dates in TT ?
15:11 Rubens Hi, I have a database in ISAD-G standard for archival description, we are in the process of migration to KOHA and MARC21. I think the next step is to create a custom framework set to ISAD-G and then import in koha is correct ....
15:11 khall Joubu: I think it's probably better to just do it in
15:12 khall at 268 add in if check to see if borrowers.debarred is in the past before setting that userdebarred param
15:13 Joubu khall: Koha::Borrower::Debarments::IsDebarred is wrong too!
15:13 francharb joined #koha
15:13 khall Joubu: indeed it is!
15:14 Joubu khall: maybe the best way todo is to fix this routine
15:15 khall yep, but it still won't fix the bug in
15:15 Joubu But I need a quick fix, a customer is blocked in production. I don't know what to do...
15:15 khall is there a bug number? I can file a patch asap
15:16 khall in my test, circulation isn't actually blocked, is it for you? I just get a warning
15:16 Joubu khall: yep, but we could sent to the template userdebarred =>IsDebarred($borrnum)
15:16 khall that works for me!
15:19 Joubu khall: when I check an item out, I get:
15:19 Joubu Patron has had overdue items and is blocked for 2014-01-10 day(s).
15:19 Joubu the patron does not have overdue
15:19 khall ahh, I didn't go that far
15:20 Joubu I think it is CanBookBeIssued which call IsMemberBlocked which call IsDebarred (which is broken)
15:21 khall I have a patch ready, is there a bug for me to put it on?
15:21 Rubens left #koha
15:22 Joubu khall: 12134
15:22 Joubu bug 12134
15:22 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12134 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Members are restricted even if the debarment is ended
15:25 khall Joubu: patch submitted!
15:26 Joubu khall++
15:26 Joubu thanks!
15:29 khall np!
15:30 Joubu khall: it looks perfect!
15:31 khall excellent!
15:32 francharb joined #koha
15:40 khall @later tell cait I've attached a trivial followup for you issue to bug 11703
15:40 huginn khall: The operation succeeded.
15:42 rangi the eternal problem of people using commercial when they mean proprietary .. every single conference
15:48 liw rangi, *nod*
15:48 rangi the only real solution to the costs of answering rfp is to realise that rfp are an incredibly bad way to procure software
15:48 liw rangi, it's because proprietary is hard to type and pronounce! :)
15:48 rangi anything else is a band aid
16:09 gaetan_B bye!
16:09 ashimema yowsers that flags stuff isn't pretty
16:11 oleonard I get the feeling adding times to the display of date due in the OPAC is going to make some patrons scared and confused.
16:12 oleonard ...but I don't know how else to handle the hourly loans possibility than showing the time for all checkouts.
16:13 ashimema could you limit the display based upon whether the itemtype is loanable hourly or not?
16:14 oleonard I imagine that would be a tedious and costly check to go through for every checkout displayed on a patron's account.
16:15 ashimema or a jscript hack to display only date if time is 23:59?
16:15 ashimema that's not perfect.. but would catch most cases right/
16:15 ashimema ?
16:17 oleonard I'm so jaded that I assume that plan would backfire when hourly loans which *really were due at 23:59* got hidden :|
16:17 ashimema indeed.. it would..
16:17 ashimema but... how often is that acutally going to happen
16:18 ashimema hence, the 'not perfect' comment ;)
17:02 wajasu maybe we should employ systemd configs for koha services,etc[…]switching-systemd
17:05 francharb joined #koha
17:06 tcohen oleonard-away: how do I add stuff to opac.css (bootstrap)? it seems to be minified?
17:08 tcohen anyone knows if there's a coding guideline for css addition to bootstrap¿
17:28 bgk joined #koha
17:28 tcohen has anyone had a "Smartmatch is experimental at .../QohA/" error in koha-qa?
17:30 bag @seen magnuse
17:30 huginn bag: magnuse was last seen in #koha 1 week, 6 days, 4 hours, 5 minutes, and 1 second ago: <magnuse> awww...
17:30 bag ah must be on holiday
17:31 bag @later tell magnuse HI
17:31 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
17:33 druthb Bag!
17:34 * druthb pokes wahanui
17:34 wahanui ouch!
17:34 druthb wahanui:  bag?
17:34 wahanui I LIKE BASEBALL
17:34 druthb okie
17:34 druthb wahanui:  druthb?
17:34 wahanui Well, she finally snapped, like we all knew she would.
17:34 bag heya druthb
17:35 druthb howdy, bag. :)
17:55 tcohen druthb_away: take a look at bug 11117
17:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11117 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Right to left text in facets + facet count = mixed text
18:01 meliss joined #koha
18:01 laurence left #koha
18:02 oleonard tcohen:[…]p_OPAC_LESS_files
18:04 kmlussier rangi: I understand why you were excited about sitting next to karl fogel. Best talk so far!
18:04 reiveune bye
18:04 reiveune left #koha
18:05 rangi yeah, what i do is to any manager type person at a library that shows interest in being more involved, is point them to his book
18:05 rangi its a short, concise and really informative read
18:05 rangi it shortcuts about 6 months of conversations :)
18:05 * kmlussier will read it.
18:06 tcohen oleonard: should I put my new classes selectors and styles in opac.less, generate and commit them?
18:06 liw that book robbed me off a short, but lucrative, consulting gig, it's that good
18:06 oleonard tcohen: Yes. CSS changes are made to the .less file, and opac.css is generated from that.
18:07 tcohen and the generated css is part of the patch
18:07 oleonard Yes.
18:09 tcohen should I use --yui-compress?
18:09 bag oh hey there rangi
18:10 rangi heya
18:10 oleonard tcohen: or "--compress" if your LESS compiler is up to date.
18:16 tcohen oleonard: would you place a .facet-count selector inside the #search-facets block?
18:18 oleonard I don't understand the question tcohen
18:18 tcohen does nesting need reflect the DOM structure?
18:18 rangi john brice is up now bag, hes doing a pretty decent talk, given his slides didnt work
18:19 bag sweet
18:19 oleonard tcohen: Oh, in the LESS file?
18:19 bag go John Brice - khall will be excited
18:19 tcohen yes
18:19 rangi yep libki got a shout out
18:20 oleonard tcohen: It's optional depending on the specificity you want. LESS will generate a specific selector based on the nesting.
18:21 oleonard #search-facets .facet-count {} if it's nested, just .facet-count if it's not
18:21 tcohen thanks
18:21 khall sweet!
18:22 bag hey oleonard I was wondering if I could give you a phone call - I've got a question for you
18:22 gmcharlt oleonard: see suggestion in bug 9723
18:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9723 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Hourly loans don't show time due in OPAC
18:23 oleonard Sure
18:25 tcohen oleonard I get a multiline opac.css file, instead of the single line it was before
18:34 rocio left #koha
18:36 rangi man its freezing up in here
18:36 pianohacker joined #koha
18:36 bag rangi: you should have worn a suit - you wouldn't be cold
18:36 rangi id have to buy one first
18:36 rangi :)
18:36 pianohacker yo
18:36 rangi yo pianohacker
18:36 pianohacker yo rangi
18:53 rangi
18:53 rangi interesting
18:53 wahanui i guess interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
18:53 WNickC joined #koha
18:56 phasefx joined #koha
18:57 BigRig_ joined #koha
18:59 BigRig joined #koha
18:59 Callender joined #koha
19:01 rangi wow, it actually works
19:01 rangi sweet gonna have to play with this more
19:02 rangi it took that long to install, 9 minutes, .. thats not bad
19:03 liw rangi, have you looked at Gitano at all? with and being instances
19:04 rangi hmm no, but i will :)
19:04 rangi i have seen .. but i didnt pay too much attention after i got the url to clone it :)
19:05 liw the web interface is cgit; gitano is accessed mainly over ssh (in order to create repos, manage users, etc)
19:06 rangi ahhh
19:06 rangi right
19:06 rangi cool, ill check that out too
19:06 oleonard Thanks gmcharlt I was not aware of that option
19:06 BigRig joined #koha
19:08 rangi digital humanists just sounds wrong to me
19:09 rangi (these random utterances brought to you by chris commenting on things people are saying in the room)
19:11 rangi right, breakout groups again
19:12 cait joined #koha
19:13 pianohacker hi cait
19:13 pianohacker go to bed
19:13 cait hola
19:13 cait i just got home :)
19:13 pianohacker hehe
19:14 cait i hope you did a follow up? :)
19:14 pianohacker cait: Did I imply dcook was an idiot because of my own mistake on the 10486 updatedatabase thing?
19:14 pianohacker cait: no, not yet
19:14 cait ?
19:14 cait i haven't read all the bug mails yet
19:15 cait i just got home from spanish class :)
19:15 pianohacker spanish++
19:16 cait we talked about food today :)
19:16 cait and me gusta/gustan etc
19:17 kmlussier1 joined #koha
19:19 pianohacker what the heck browser was dcook using
19:21 pianohacker @later tell dcook what browser were you using when you tested rancor? Cannot figure out why it doesn't have getElementsByTagNameNS
19:21 huginn pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
19:29 pianohacker man, developing near feature freeze is exhausting!
19:40 pianohacker cait: Oh, to answer your question on 10486 about unimarc/normarc
19:40 cait pianohacker: qaing is too
19:40 pianohacker cait: You can have marc21, unimarc and normarc targets selected in the same search
19:40 cait oh nice
19:41 cait you should have documented that cool feature:)
19:41 cait but maybe it shoudl only load those if you have them?
19:41 pianohacker cait: In fact, you can test with a unimarc target if you want, doesn't require a unimarc koha
19:41 cait i will :)
19:43 pianohacker cait: The XSLT are (to my own surprise, trust me) rather lightweight; I think adding in the conditional loading would be more complicated than it's worth
19:43 cait ok
19:43 pianohacker Plus since they're static content they're cached
19:52 BigRig joined #koha
19:53 pianohacker @later tell dcook also as far as 10486 goes I can't tell you with any confidence which pazpar2 version you need, sorry. They change config formats in minor versions because indexdata
19:53 huginn pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
19:57 edveal joined #koha
20:03 oleonard Bye #koha
20:03 pianohacker bye oleonard
20:04 pianohacker cait: well I have the links working, they seem to be 404ing though
20:04 pianohacker is that problem on my end or the original record's
20:04 cait hm they shouldn't
20:04 cait do you have an examle?
20:05 pianohacker cait: good old bodensee gives me this for the table of contents:
20:05 cait not you
20:05 pianohacker ah kk
20:05 pianohacker phew :)
20:05 cait can you give me the controlnumber?
20:06 cait i'd like to check the record
20:06 cait or theexact title
20:06 pianohacker cait: I can't seem to find the control number, but the title and ISBN are Bodensee / by Habitz, Gunnar and 9783868718799
20:07 cait it's the record
20:07 cait[…]461251&INDEXSET=1
20:07 pianohacker cool
20:11 Callender joined #koha
20:11 BigRig joined #koha
20:12 phasefx joined #koha
20:18 pianohacker cait: aw bugger I forgot to set bug 10486 to needs signoff but it's got a followup
20:18 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10486 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Failed QA , Allow external Z39.50 targets to be searched from the OPAC
20:20 cait pianohacker: tsk
20:20 * pianohacker can see the tsk tsk face
20:20 pianohacker got plenty of that in marseille :)
20:21 rocio joined #koha
20:23 rangi i think the problem with roadmaps is people think they mean something
20:25 chris_n lol
20:25 cait hehe
20:25 cait pianohacker: but not only those i hope? :)
20:26 atheia Right, uploaded patch to bug 6906; that's me done for the day.
20:26 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6906 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtj, ASSIGNED , show 'Borrower has previously issued $ITEM' alert on checkout
20:26 pianohacker good night atheia
20:26 atheia Have a nice eve' all!
20:26 atheia good night pianohacker (prby day for you? timezones mess with my head…)
20:26 kmlussier1 Does koha do a roadmap?
20:26 rangi nope
20:26 pianohacker atheia: close enough :)
20:27 rangi we have goals, that are kinda set
20:27 rangi but they are goals, sometimes they happen, sometimes they dont
20:28 rangi eg[…]or_RM_3_18_tcohen
20:28 cait i tihnk more likely to happen if there is a person who nudges people on
20:29 rangi the probably with roadmaps, is it presupposes the developers know what the community wants
20:29 rangi which works for mozilla
20:30 kmlussier1 rangi: Yes, that was the point I was trying to make.
20:30 rangi it doesnt work for ILS
20:30 kmlussier1 Your goals look something similar to what bshum put out there with his RM proposal.
20:30 rangi *nod*
20:30 rangi so we set new goals each 6 months
20:30 rangi most of mine never got met
20:31 * Dyrcona knows about goals not being met.
20:31 rangi[…]_for_3.4_Proposal
20:31 Dyrcona No roadmap survives contact with the community.
20:31 rangi we got the template toolkit, and the 6 monthly release cycle
20:32 rangi that was back in 2010
20:32 rangi i think if you call it a roadmap, people think it will happen
20:32 cait true
20:32 rangi if you call "things that would be nice if we got them done"
20:32 rangi it sets the right expectations
20:33 Callender_ joined #koha
20:33 BigRig_ joined #koha
20:39 phasefx_ joined #koha
20:55 rangi wrapping up for the day
20:56 cait have a nice evening
20:56 * rangi shuts down
20:56 kmlussier1 left #koha
20:56 * gdunbar needs a drink
20:58 cait left #koha
21:05 cait joined #koha
21:05 cait oups
21:05 cait closed wrong window
21:35 bag well welcome back cait
21:35 cait thx bag
21:39 cait hm too tied to do something useful, i better go to sleep :)
21:39 cait bye all
21:39 cait left #koha
22:07 janPasi joined #koha
22:11 bag yes pianohacker I kicked you for asking - what's the simpsons :)
22:12 pianohacker discrimination!
22:12 bag pianohacker++
22:18 NateC joined #koha
22:43 wajasu joined #koha
22:55 mtompset joined #koha
22:55 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
22:56 mtompset Can anyone point me at a place to get a datepicker in the OPAC?
22:56 mtompset I think I have a patch for the request on the list.
22:56 mtompset But I need to test it.
22:59 bag how about suspending a hold
22:59 mtompset And how do I do that?
23:25 mtompset Oh well, if anyone knows how to trigger a date picker in OPAC, please look at bug 12137. :)
23:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12137 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Extend CalendarFirstDayOfWeek to be any day
23:33 Dyrcona joined #koha
23:34 pianohacker mtompset: user-is-always-right aside, do you have any idea why they'd want to do that?
23:35 mtompset No, but then again, I don't see why there should be a need for a difference in Sunday, Monday either. I suspect it is a culturally oriented thing.
23:36 mtompset so, why not just go all the way, right? :)
23:39 mtompset Consider that Sabbath for Jews is really Friday Night to Saturday Night, but we call it Saturday. But Saturday Night and Sunday Morning would then be Sunday, but is it really Saturday or is it Sunday? The whole 12 hour shift, because we got a 24 hour day (day and night vs night and day) mixed up.
23:40 pianohacker not confusing at all
23:43 mtompset So, I figure, perhaps there is something like that going on. Not to mention, why shouldn't the option be more flexible?
23:43 mtompset The datepicker is. Why not Koha?
23:49 pianohacker too much flexibility can be a bad thing, but if someone's asking for a third option we might as well give them all
23:57 mtompset It's a pretty small patch.

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