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01:28 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
01:28 mtompset gmcharlt: You here?
01:29 mtompset @later tell gmcharlt Should I put the follow up on bug 11253, or a different bug?
01:29 huginn mtompset: The operation succeeded.
03:20 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 7844: Plack intranet tooling for developers <[…]143a830cbafc81eb4>
04:00 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11552: (follow-up) fix a typo in a comment <[…]f38fa36a9bb6581bf> / Bug 11552: allow searching on original order number after a transfer <[…]4a79e2cb4204ebb6f>
04:20 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 7308: (follow-up) tweak style of child fund amounts <[…]f42938eaa6ddab410> / Bug 7308: (follow-up) change color style for fund child <[…]2da117e5b0c1da4c7> / Bug 7308: (follow-up) removing line breaks for better translatability <http://git.koha-community.
04:30 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11551: (follow-up) standardize label of order number / order line <[…]505c9fa31a8639da8> / Bug 11551: Allow to search on parent ordernumber in <[…]0714bc8ee1f75fad2> / Bug 11551: Add unit tests for using GetHistory to search by order number
04:42 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11027: (follow-up) update unit test to reflect new columns returned by GetLateOrders <[…]0ec30f577bd17a419> / Bug 11027: (follow-up) change label "Branch" to "Library" <[…]721b4d46f726721b2> / Bug 11027: (follow-up) hide link if no basketgroup and use rea
04:52 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11864: Show parent order line in received orders table <[…]6640e35fb41623707> / Bug 11864: (code cleanup) re-indent and rename a variable <[…]1e3b8df800034db2e>
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05:32 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 7288: (follow-up) add unit test for is_linked_to_subscriptions flag <[…]35e496acd4d3f96f0> / Bug 7288: (follow-up) various fixes <[…]4d78d49beb7e6b640> / Bug 7288: (follow-up) set a boolean if the invoice if linked to subscriptions <http://git.koha-commun
05:46 cait wow, still at work or again?
05:48 cait @later tell eythian - could you take a look at bug 10782 and bug 10942 maybe?
05:48 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
05:56 cait gmcharlt++
06:00 gmcharlt @later tell mtompset new bug, please
06:00 huginn gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
06:00 cait good morning gmcharlt
06:00 cait not sure if i should hand you coffee or send you to bed? :)
06:02 gmcharlt heh
06:02 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10859: (follow-up) clarify logic on multiple loans on same bib <[…]39ee88f81a4618e4c> / Bug 10859: DBRev <[…]c2c198a708e7ec508> / Bug 10859: (follow-up) fix order in sysprefs.sql <[…]it;a=commitdiff;h
06:02 gmcharlt goodnight, cait
06:03 cait goodnight gmcharlt, sleep well
06:03 cait i think you don't have to worry about bed bugs... you got the bugs under control
06:17 cait @later tell marcelr - give me a ping when you are around sometime?
06:17 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
08:21 cait @quote random
08:21 huginn cait: Quote #245: "<jcamins> Noooooooooooo!!!! wahanui! Cut down in the prime of life!" (added by gmcharlt at 11:07 PM, May 02, 2013)
09:07 cait @wunder Konstanz
09:07 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 10.0°C (11:00 AM CEST on April 21, 2014). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.67 in 1004 hPa (Rising).
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12:21 cait bgkriegel++
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12:43 tcohen morning #koha
12:45 cait hi tcohen :)
12:45 cait are you back?
12:45 tcohen yeap :D
12:47 cait how was it? :)
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13:01 cait hm... and now he is hiding...? :)
13:09 tcohen hi cait
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13:23 kmo78 My biblio_framework.frm table has become corrupt. What information is stored in this table? I'm trying to backup my database but I can't because of this.
13:25 cait hm it should be the descriptions of your frameworks
13:25 cait maybe not so hard to recover
13:25 cait the tags and subfields are stored in other tables, youcould look at which frameworkcodes exist there
13:25 tcohen kmo78: have you tried to repair the table?
13:25 cait and then add back the codes and descriptions for them to the frameworks table
13:26 kmo78 I tried to do a repair but it's an innodb table and because of that a repair doesn't seem to work
13:27 kmo78 When I look at the table in phpmyadmin it shows #1033 - Incorrect information in file: './koha/biblio_framework.frm'
13:36 kmo78 I think I may backup everything except this table. I'm planning to do a new install anyway and then I can do a restore the DB
13:37 cait biblio_framework is restorable with sql i'd say
13:38 kmo78 Really, I've searched and searched on how to restore it but I haven't had any luck
13:38 cait you could do a select distinct frameworkcode from marc_subfield_structure
13:39 cait and for each of those codes, you want one line in biblio_framework - with the code and your description/name for it
13:39 cait frameworks are for catalaguing,the define a set of fields, subfields, how the cataloguing form looks like
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13:40 kmo78 Lets say I do a new install and restore everything except biblio_framework. Do you think that would work ?
13:44 cait yes, but you need to add some entries to this table to make catalouging fully work again
13:45 tcohen Joubu: regarding 11051
13:45 cait but that can be guessed from the other data
13:45 cait tcohen: I think Joubu is not here - holiday :)
13:45 tcohen oh
13:50 kmo78 Well I'm not familiar enough with koha to "guess".
13:50 cait that's where we can help
13:50 cait i already gave you the sql above
13:50 tcohen @later tell Joubu ref: bug 11051. Memoize::Memcached 0.04 (which looks like your 0.03) stopped using 'isa' in favour of 'ref' to prevent deprecation warnings. That change made a bug in the API visible. Will try to provide a workaround
13:50 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
13:50 cait and if you havephpmyadmin you can use that to do all the necessary steps
13:51 kmo78 OK. I'm going to do a new install and restore all the tables except that one. Then I may be back for some help
13:53 cait sure
13:53 cait it's really not the worst table to lose
13:53 cait rather harmless
13:53 cait wll.. as far as losing tables can be
13:54 jcamins kmo78: one thing... do you know why there's corruption? I usually only see corruption when I have entirely run out of disk space.
13:54 tcohen hi jcamins
13:54 jcamins Welcome back!
13:55 tcohen :-D
13:55 kmo78 I had a failing hard drive which is why i think it is failing
13:55 jcamins kmo78: okay, carry on. I just thought it would be a shame if you transfered your system... and then had another table corrupted due to lack of space.
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14:17 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
14:18 mtompset Thanks for the reply, gmcharlt.
14:18 mtompset tcohen: You here?
14:18 tcohen hi mtompset
14:18 tcohen back on track
14:18 mtompset Greetings, tcohen. :)
14:19 tcohen gmcharlt: around?
14:19 gmcharlt hi tcohen; welcome back
14:21 * chris_n mumbles something about the boatload of deps asciidoc requires
14:21 gmcharlt chris_n: just close your eyes when you run apt-get install ;)
14:21 * cait mumbles something about needins sign-offs for a few bugs
14:22 cait thers is one from owen to fix the broken tabs
14:22 cait for once
14:22 cait that would really make my life easier...and you all want a happy qam right?
14:22 mtompset cait: Which bug number?
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14:22 mtompset speak of the devil. ;)
14:23 mtompset Greetings, oleonard. :)
14:23 cait bug 12094
14:23 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12094 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , jQueryUI upgrade broke default tab selection
14:23 cait oleonard: i was just trying to persuade mtompset that he really wants to sign off on that one
14:24 mtompset Yes, so it wasn't anything bad. :)
14:24 mtompset I'll see if I can, but I make no promises.
14:24 cait there ar lots of great patches i'd still hope will get a sign off
14:24 cait some very good work for i18n as well
14:25 cait from bgkriegel
14:25 mtompset Oooo... musical flashback.
14:25 mtompset (Candi - Love makes no promises)
14:25 cait bug 12017
14:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12017 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Needs Signoff , Move language description out of database
14:25 cait or bug 10963
14:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10963 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Needs Signoff , Simplified creation of MARC21 sample frameworks
14:25 cait which pave the way to making frameworks easier translatable using po files
14:27 oleonard I am literally the Satan of jQueryUI-related patches.
14:29 mtompset oleonard: Consider yourself a lesser deity that actually just did a localized flood and saved 8 people. I wouldn't go so far as to say you're evil.
14:31 cait ok i am confused
14:32 cait relative's checokuts
14:32 cait shouldn't the parent see what the child has?
14:32 cait the relative's checkouts tab shows up in my child's account... and not in the parent at all
14:32 mtompset oleonard: Question about 12094... Why did you remove that IF (suggestion.first) piece?
14:33 oleonard I mention it in the test plan: I removed it because it didn't appear to be doing anything.
14:33 mtompset nevermind... I didn't read. :(
14:34 cait anyone about relative's checkouts?
14:36 cait the original patch doesn't have much of a test plan
14:42 oleonard cait, I remember some weirdness about the relatives' checkout tab when I was testing it
14:42 cait i just wonder if i misunderstood how it should work
14:43 cait it seemed sense tome that the parents want to see what the childrens have... but that way doesn't seem to work right now
14:43 * oleonard tries to test it again
14:43 cait also it shows guarantor instead of child/parent - and ithoguth the lables were more specific
14:43 cait hm checking my patron categories again
14:44 cait hmm
14:45 oleonard The parent/child pair works for me after I re-linked the guarantor to the child account. For some reason it listed the guarantor but it wasn't working at first.
14:45 oleonard Now I see the parent's checkouts on the child account and vice versa.
14:46 cait oleonard: yeah i see similar
14:46 cait the linking seems wrong
14:46 cait i used the add child button
14:46 cait and created a new patron from scratch
14:46 cait after making sure my patron had an adult patron category...
14:47 cait oleonard: how did you relink?
14:48 cait i tried searching and clicked on change, but the window wouldn't close and i couldn't see any change, trying again
14:49 oleonard I edited the child account and found that a patron name was listed as a guarantor but there was no borrowernumber listed. I clicked "set to patron" and selected the correct patron
14:50 cait hm i tried that
14:50 cait ... ok trying again, thx for helping!
14:50 oleonard I see the same in another patron record. I'm not sure why a guarantor would be listed but no borrowernumber linked...
14:50 cait hm i hve a patron
14:50 cait my relation is father
14:51 cait oleonard: i fail :(
14:53 cait oleonard: what's the label on the oage for you now? gaurantor?
14:53 oleonard Interesting... it seems to be possible to set someone as guarantor to themselves...
14:53 oleonard On which page cait?
14:54 cait the details page
14:55 oleonard Yes I see Guarantor listed on the detail page
14:55 cait hmm
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14:58 cait no relative's checkouts for me :(
14:59 cait the borrowers look good - guarantorid is set and relationship also saved
15:00 cait ok, i am just dumb.
15:01 cait I thought i had checked out a book to the child, but apparently I didn't
15:01 * cait goes to hide somehwere
15:01 oleonard I wonder why I have some guarantorid's 0 and some NULL
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15:03 cait oleonard: the only ones with 0 i have seem to be imported ones
15:03 cait would that be possible?
15:03 oleonard Could be
15:06 cait but all the trouble was worth it - found a bug in a patch because of it :)
15:12 oleonard gmcharlt++ # for git-bz update
15:13 cait yeah :) gmcharlt++
15:24 mtompset Yes, gmcharlt++ # the git-bz update means I can attempt to sign things off now. :)
15:25 mtompset oleonard: I'm having trouble testing 12094... The first 3, no problem, but I'm not sure how to replicate the problem in master for the "In Cataloging" step you have in your test plan.
15:26 mtompset You're talking about a biblio record, correct?
15:26 oleonard Yes
15:26 mtompset Home -> Cataloging -> search for something in the search area, and click submit?
15:27 mtompset Click 'Edit biblio'?
15:27 oleonard Yes
15:27 mtompset Choose a tab any tab (not 0)
15:27 mtompset then Save and continue editing?
15:28 oleonard Yes
15:28 mtompset Because ... it's staying on the same tab for me in firefox.
15:29 mtompset Just tried in IE... same tab...
15:32 mtompset Do I need to change a value?
15:33 oleonard No. I just tested in FF and IE and it does work for me.
15:36 mtompset Because the add biblio part is the only thing I can't replicate.
15:37 mtompset Everything else is great.
15:38 mtompset Hmmm... I wonder if there is a detectable script error that disappears. I'd at least be then to sign off. :)
15:39 oleonard No
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15:40 cait mtompset: if it doesn't break something and fixes all the other spots I would not be too worried
15:41 mtompset Okay... I'll note it in my sign off then.
15:41 mtompset Because I think his fix is right.
15:41 mtompset given that it corrects all the other detectable areas.
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15:49 * oleonard continues to root for Bug 11578 but it has had a tough time
15:49 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11578 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Improvement of the funds list view
15:50 cait oleonard: does it work for you?
15:50 mtompset cait: bug 12094 signed off with testing commentary.
15:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12094 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , jQueryUI upgrade broke default tab selection
15:51 cait thx mtompset
15:52 oleonard cait: At the moment the patch doesn't apply
15:52 cait oleonard: could you take a look at bug 11703 maybe? I noteda translation issueand wonder if you have an idea
15:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11703 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Failed QA , Convert checkouts table to ajax datatable
15:53 cait oleonard: aah, i only remembered that it got stuck somehow :(
15:53 cait oleonard: translation issue related to Javascript
15:54 oleonard cait: I saw your comment about the broken-up sentences.
15:54 cait the problem is that at and from can mean a lot of things...
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15:55 cait gmcharlt: do we have some kind of guidelines what should be attributed for on the
15:56 cait page - tinking of new libraries, plugins etc.
15:57 oleonard cait: I thought we had examples of the kind of solution you proposed, with placeholders.
15:57 gmcharlt looks like not, but basically any third-party additions need to be acknowledged
15:57 gmcharlt including a reference to the license that allows us to redistribute their stuff as part of Koha
15:57 cait hm maybe the datatables pagination? i was not sure if it had another name maybe
15:58 cait gmcharlt: thx - better safe than sorry i guess :)
15:58 gmcharlt yes
16:01 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "git-bz chunks" (15 lines) at
16:02 chris_n any thoughts on why git-bz is blowing chunks?
16:02 * chris_n just updated
16:03 chris_n should there be a 'host' entry in the global git config?
16:07 gmcharlt check that your .git/config includes the various bz settings, including username and password
16:08 chris_n well, per the wiki, they are in ~/.gitconfig
16:08 chris_n should they be (also) in .git/config?
16:09 chris_n it appears not
16:10 chris_n my config looks like the one here:[…]n#As_of_June_2013.E2.80.A6
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16:36 pastebot "gmcharlt" at pasted "like this?" (14 lines) at
16:37 gmcharlt chris_n: ^^
16:39 chris_n not quite: mine was missing 'bz-' before user and password
16:39 * chris_n had stared at it too long
16:39 chris_n tnx
16:39 gmcharlt so long as it didn't start staring back...
16:40 chris_n well, it was beginning to cut its eyes at me I think
16:40 chris_n I may have even heard some scheming going on somewhere in the background ;-)
16:42 chris_n it just kept saying "I'm completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly. "
16:43 gmcharlt heh
16:44 oleonard Ooh, dependency options in git-bz now?
16:45 cait oleonard: khall says the datatable technique won't work in this case, so no ide a now. hm.
16:45 mtompset BTW, chris_n, I remember typing 'bug' instead of 'bugs' in my git-bz configuration stuff. Oh the pain and annoyance! So, I empathize. :)
16:49 cait copying your public key to the server and accidentally deleting the first letter?
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17:07 * oleonard wonders if jquery.textarea-expander.js is really necessary when modern browsers have textarea expansion built in
17:08 oleonard (Only used by admin/searchengine/solr/
17:14 gmcharlt oleonard: I'd think not
17:14 gmcharlt also, eliminating deps introduced by rarely used code is a Good Thing
17:15 * oleonard can't properly test since he doesn't have Solr installed
17:16 cait i think the admin area might show up without, but haven't tested if oyu can edit
17:17 * cait tries and fails
17:17 cait thought it sued to work
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17:26 oleonard jcamins around, or is he conferencing?
17:26 cait i think conferencing is wednesday
17:26 cait might be packing cookies
17:27 * jcamins is *barely* here.
17:27 oleonard jcamins: is only relevant to offline circ, right, not to any other pages?
17:27 jcamins This is correct.
17:27 * oleonard sees some YUI assets in that I think are not necessary
17:28 jcamins It should list the files that are required by the boilerplate Koha staff client template.
17:29 jcamins So chances are good it's not necessary.
17:29 oleonard Okay then they can safely be removed from the manifest.
17:29 * oleonard files a bug
17:29 oleonard Thanks jcamins
17:30 jcamins You're welcome.
17:51 kmo78 cait - i ws able to do a mysqldump except for the one corrupt biblio_framework and I've setup a new install of koha on a new debian machine. I've imported the dump into the new system. The biblio_framework table is there on the new machine but it obviosly has not data. What would you recommend?
17:53 cait ok
17:53 cait run
17:53 cait select distinct frameworkcode from marc_tag_structure
17:54 cait it will give you a lit of codes, one line will be empty
17:54 cait tell me when you are there?
17:54 chris_n does anyone have some arabic records handy?
17:54 chris_n maybe some german ones too? :-)
17:54 cait hm there was a bug with nice examples some time ago
17:55 * cait tries to remember where that was
17:55 chris_n it would be nice to attach a few to 8375
17:55 cait bug 9579
17:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9579 major, P1 - high, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Stable , Facets truncation broken for multi-byte characters
17:55 kmo78 I'm running this on the old server, correct?
17:55 kmo78 AR, BKS, CF, FA, IR, KT, SER, SR, VR
17:55 cait records from karam
17:56 kmo78 and one seems to be blank
17:56 cait kmo78: it should be the same old and new - because this table should be on both
17:56 cait great
17:56 cait that looks like the sample frameworks had been installed
17:56 cait so all standard :)
17:56 cait one second
17:56 chris_n tnx cait
17:57 cait i think easiest for german records is pulling some from oneof our catalogs, but i have problems with encoding if i sent a cart - i haven't investigated what happens there so far - wonder if it outputs marc-8 or just something totally weird
17:58 kmo78 I ran it on both machines and I get the same results
17:58 cait kmo78: like it should be :)
17:58 cait so what biblio_frameworks does
17:58 cait it just give a description to the code
17:58 cait kmo78: which language are you using?
17:58 kmo78 english
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17:59 cait kmo78: so here is it:[…]f0e18;hb=HEAD#l82
17:59 kmo78 As far as I can tell it looks like everything is working correctly
18:00 cait kmo78: when you into cataloguing the pull down for the frameworks will be empty i think
18:01 cait see the lines at the top of the page i sent you?
18:02 cait the codes listed there should match your list
18:02 cait if it does, you can just run the insert command as it is there
18:03 kmo78 what if it doesnt/
18:03 kmo78 ?
18:04 cait how does it differ?
18:04 kmo78 I have one that is FA
18:04 kmo78 that I don't see listed
18:04 cait ah yeah
18:04 cait we will take care of that next
18:04 cait run the insert
18:05 kmo78 are you talking about the insert into? If so, which one?
18:06 cait the one at the line at the top of th epatch
18:06 cait page
18:06 cait line 82 - 90
18:08 kmo78 got it
18:08 kmo78 thats complete now
18:08 cait so now you need to add another line FA = Fast Add
18:09 cait you can either do that using the phpmyadmin features for adding data into  a table
18:09 cait or you could craft another insert
18:09 kmo78 i added FA
18:09 cait INSERT INTO biblio_framework (frameworkcode, frameworktext) VALUES ('FA', 'Fast Add');
18:09 cait ok
18:09 cait then we should be done
18:10 kmo78 awesome
18:10 cait as i said
18:10 cait not the most horrible data to lose
18:10 cait :)
18:10 kmo78 I can't thank you enough
18:10 cait hope it all works now
18:10 cait when you go into cataloguing
18:10 cait there should be a pull down, now showing our list of frameworks
18:10 kmo78 ah yea
18:10 kmo78 it is there
18:11 kmo78 thanks again for all of the help. I truly appreciate it
18:12 cait kmo78: backups! :)
18:16 kmo78 I just took over here and I've got tons of things to clean up
18:17 kmo78 Isn't there a setting in koha to do auto backup?
18:20 mtompset kmo78: I think it does a default 2 day backup already.
18:23 mtompset packages provide a command koha-run-backups
18:23 mtompset[…]#koha-run-backups
18:24 mtompset It is part of the default daily cronjobs added.
18:24 mtompset That is in: /etc/cron.daily/koha-common
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18:36 fprior Hi all; I would ask you an help: If I login in Koha as Admin I can see location for each book, but if I login as user the info is not shown; how can I solve this trouble ?
18:37 oleonard What page are you looking at in the staff client fprior?
18:37 fprior
18:38 cait is ther ea second tab maybe?
18:38 cait other holdidngs or similar?
18:41 fprior As client I can see three tabs: normal , MARC View, ISBD View; in none I read the location
18:41 cait I meant the tabs on the items table
18:41 oleonard fprior: Does your record have no holdings? No items attached?
18:43 fprior oh yes, it have an item attached; information I need to show to client is saved in Table "items", field "location"
18:44 oleonard fprior: That is shelving location, and it is displayed in the call number column of the holdings table on
18:44 oleonard Wait is that right? Or with the library?
18:44 * oleonard can't remember now, doesn't use location
18:45 oleonard fprior: Do you have shelving locations set up in authorized values?
18:47 fprior shelving locations contains 4 records, ids from 1 to 4
18:47 cait oleonard: it shows below the library normally
18:47 cait italic
18:47 fprior
18:48 cait the category should be LOC
18:48 cait not YES_NO
18:48 cait YES_NO i suppsoed to be just that, yes and no, for a pull down
18:49 cait authorized_values holds lots of lists of values used in different places, you can edit those in administration > authorised values
18:52 fprior in mine ListBox in Admin --> Authorized values contain:
18:52 rocio joined #koha
18:52 cait you want to add a new one
18:53 cait new category LOC
18:53 rocio left #koha
19:04 fprior cait, in table authorized_values ? LOC, 1, yes, yes ?
19:04 cait you should not edit the database directly
19:04 cait use the gui
19:05 cait the category is LOC, the code can be numeric, but can also be a short alphanumeric code
19:05 cait and then the descriptions
19:07 fprior ok, from GUI, I put 1 as value, LOC as category, LOC as description and description (opac)
19:08 cait the description should be someting like
19:08 cait first floor
19:08 cait rare materials department
19:08 cait shelf left from entrance...
19:09 cait whatever you want users to read in the opac
19:09 cait you crate a list with locations, then you can use them in catalouging
19:11 fprior Ok, let me explain; In items table, field location, I have inserted multiples codes like "2E 526" that is Shelf 2 in section E and the book is at 526 position (I'm simplify but it is my location)
19:11 fprior so this information is different for any item book
19:11 cait hm that should looks more like a callnumber
19:12 fprior I would to show the information (no matter if it is not showed in location field) at client page
19:12 cait instead of a location
19:12 cait did you use callnumber at all?
19:12 fprior I don't know the correct term
19:12 cait a callnumber is what is on the label at the back of the book
19:12 cait used to locate the book on the shelf
19:13 cait when it's different for each book, i would not recommend using location, but go for callnumber
19:13 fprior no no, somethink codebar ? No this is the numerical location in the library
19:13 cait not the barcode
19:13 cait that is anotherfield
19:13 fprior I can update callnumber for each book with the same info at location field if necesary
19:13 cait i would do that and later empty out location
19:14 fprior I can see the itemcallnumber field; now I'll update this field and write you if it appear in client page
19:17 fprior Ok ! now in the item details appears the topographic signature with the value I put in table
19:17 cait good
19:19 fprior cait thank you !
19:29 oleonard Bye #koha
19:33 pianohacker joined #koha
19:38 barton 'craban> 2014/04/21 15:33 WARN hch shiver SHIVER ME TIMBERS - 80% shivered (1561 MB out of 1953 MB)'
19:39 barton how the heck did I end up in #koha?
19:39 cait um...
19:39 cait i heard you started working for that koha company
19:40 barton well, there was that, yes.
19:40 pianohacker nah, we don't do any koha here
19:40 cait hi pianohacker
19:40 cait right, this is the cookie baking channel
19:40 pianohacker cait: saw your later, I'll fix that in the qa followup
19:40 cait #kohails is next door
19:40 pianohacker the cookie followup I mean
19:40 barton I was happily typing away in #bywater, and suddently ...
19:41 cait a cookie followup will be highly appreciated
19:41 cait pianohacker: did you get the email too? now i tihnk i should have just added it to the bug
19:41 cait guess i was tired :)
19:41 barton OM-NOM-NOM-NOM!!!!
19:42 cait jcamins: i suspect barton is the cookie monster...quick, hide the cookies!
19:42 barton welcome to magic cookieland ...
19:45 edveal joined #koha
19:45 cait edveal must have sensed the cookied
19:45 cait cookies
19:46 edveal Yes, cookies…. :)
19:46 jcamins cait: Barton will not be permitted to have cookies unless he shows up at NY Tech Day on Thursday. That is the rule.
19:47 cait jcamins: maybe there will be leftovers...
19:48 barton cookied: cookie server?
19:49 jcamins cait: I got bored, so there will only be 500 baggies.
19:49 jcamins Since there are expected to be more than 10k visitors...
19:49 jcamins it doesn't seem likely.
19:49 barton jcamins: while NY Tech Day sounds like fun, barton will not be there. Probably just as well, his waistline doesn't need more cookies.
19:49 cait why 500? you had almost 2000 cookies!
19:50 jcamins cait: no, I had about 1500 cookies, and I got bored of bagging them.
19:50 cait so what are you doing with the unbagged cookies?
19:50 jcamins Several hundred came out poorly. :(
19:50 barton jcamins: read that as bagginses.
19:50 cait oh
19:51 jcamins There are probably another hundred bags worth of cookies, so I'll bag them if I have time.
19:51 cait just take a big box... send to germany
19:51 cait problem solved :)
19:51 jcamins lol
19:52 * jcamins runs out to get a haircut.
19:59 * chris_n quits pounding his head against the wall and goes home for the day
20:01 * cait falls asleep
20:01 cait left #koha
20:26 bag hi
21:07 rambutan joined #koha
21:09 wajasu joined #koha
22:07 mtompset Greetings, bag.
22:14 eythian hi
22:14 rambutan left #koha
22:25 mtompset Greetings, eythian.
22:42 eythian mtompset: bug 9165 applys cleanly again.
22:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9165 enhancement, P4, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , Allow preventing passwords from being stored locally when using LDAP
22:50 mtompset Thanks. Don't know if I'll get to it today, but it's good to keep the "Patch does not apply" list down. :)
23:03 dcook joined #koha
23:18 BobB joined #koha
23:22 BobB morning all
23:22 * BobB is hoping for a quiet week between Easter and Anzac
23:23 dcook heya, BobB
23:23 dcook Hear hear
23:25 bag heya BobB
23:25 BobB hi bag, hi dcook
23:27 dcook Have a good Easter?
23:28 BobB yep, stayed in Sydney.  Family time, quiet time, some sport.  Very good.
23:32 dcook Sounds nice :)
23:39 NateC joined #koha
23:44 papa joined #koha
23:45 talljoy ack
23:45 talljoy ha
23:45 talljoy back, not ack
23:48 bag welcome ack talljoy

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