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00:45 dcook[…]2014%2f2-559.pptx
00:46 dcook My summary: "Oh no. Everyone's website breaks for IE 10/11 because the classic workarounds no longer work, but our browser still doesn't perform up to snuff, so let's add a 'mode' and act like we're doing you a favour for bringing back what we already took away."
00:46 wajasu lets add a mode to koha :)
00:47 eythian we have people who keep turning compatibility mode on, and it breaks the staff client.
00:48 dcook eythian: That sounds familiar. I think we might've run into similar issues.
00:48 dcook I think the best response to IE breaking things is "So I switched to Firefox or Chrome instead."
00:48 dcook Done.
00:49 eythian yeah, we've convinced some of them to do that.
00:49 wajasu i recently migrated a company from xp to win7 and hacks plus new security broke old app functionality.  explorer 10 (no dhtml .htc scripts) broke even more so 8  expl 8 became the new corp standard.
00:51 eythian oh, I'm connected here by IPv6, that'll be why this channel is still working.
00:52 dcook Working?
00:53 eythian Not not working.
00:53 dcook I thought that was what we were doing right now :p
00:54 * dcook sees if he can crash his browser again..
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01:31 bag just saw a comerical on tv - that the guy looked like dcook
01:31 bag Hi there dcook - just saw you
01:35 dcook lol
01:35 dcook What were they selling?
01:35 dcook I can assure you that it wasn't me, but I'm curious
01:36 ibeardslee you'd would hope you'd be aware if they were selling you
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01:36 dcook ibeardslee: *insert joke about politics here*
01:37 dcook There are many people in the world who look like me. Usually, I hear about it through situations like this.
01:37 dcook However, once, I got to meet a doppelganger. He was dating a classmate of mine.
01:37 wajasu dcook++
01:37 Aslien How to make a plugin in koha?
01:37 dcook She didn't see the similarity, but everyone else did. It was pretty neat talking to a near duplicate of yourself, especially growing up in a family full of sisters :p
01:39 Aslien I want to have a plugin connect database, have any document or anything else?
01:40 dcook No idea, Aslien. I haven't looked into it too much yet.
01:40 wajasu i once came face to face with my  doppleganger. folks had mentioned of his existence for years.  we walked up to each other looked into each others eyes with no words spoken, then turned and walked away, never to see each other again.
01:41 dcook Aslien: I recommend looking at anything by ByWater as they're the ones who developed the plugin system
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01:56 bag dcook: it’s an add for Lowe’s home improvement…  need help?
01:56 bag it’s pretty rad
02:01 Aslien plugin koha is written by javascript or perl language?
02:03 dcook Aslien: It probably depends on what you want to do, but the examples I've seen have been written in Perl.
02:03 dcook bag: My home could use so many improvements :p. I do love hardware...
02:05 Aslien I need a document or video help me step by step make a plugin, but i can't find it. can you help me/.
02:06 eythian arg Cache::Entry has some real brain-dead decisions in it.
02:07 dcook Aslien: No, I cannot help you, if that's the case. As I mentioned, check out the ByWater sites. If that's too complex, you'll probably have trouble trying to create a plugin.
02:08 eythian you can't really make a plugin "step by step".
02:08 dcook ^
02:09 Aslien dcook: yah, I checked out ByWater but not anymore. They just have some example plugins. @@...
02:10 mtompset Musical flashback: (step by step NKOTB)
02:11 eythian /kick mtompset NO!@#!@!@!#
02:11 * mtompset laughs.
02:12 mtompset There is no "Writing a plug-in for dummies" anywhere.
02:14 eythian <-- click here
02:21 wajasu i clicked, and got 57 hits
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02:45 mtompset Greetings, khall!
02:45 mtompset Is this really you, or just a computer? :)
02:47 eythian mtompset: it was a reconnect.
02:47 eythian [14:27] * khall heeft verlaten (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
02:47 eythian [14:28] * khall ( is binnengekomen bij #koha
02:48 mtompset Oh. :(
02:48 mtompset eythian: Sorry about the NKOTB flashback. ;)
02:48 eythian :)
02:49 mtompset I'm confused on how acquisition budgets and funds are supposed to work.
02:50 mtompset I wanted to help cait out and test bug 11578, but something doesn't make sense to me intuitively.
02:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11578 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Improvement of the funds list view
03:06 wizzyrea someone please kill me I've gone down the new kids on the block rabbit hole.
03:07 wizzyrea next thing will be debbie gibson and tiffany, and then you might as well call the coroner.
03:08 mtompset wizzyrea: I put the name of the song and band on the link.
03:08 mtompset wizzyrea: Stop clicking!
03:09 wizzyrea I can't!
03:10 mtompset (1985 - Bowling for Soup)
03:11 wizzyrea you're welcome.
03:12 * mtompset cringes, "That's pretty bad."
03:12 wizzyrea
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03:13 mtompset I counter your debbie gibson with whitney! (I wanna dance with somebody)
03:13 Alias How to create a plugin in koha?
03:14 eythian It's like deja-vu all over again.
03:14 mtompset There is no "Writing a plug-in for dummies" anywhere.
03:14 * mtompset nods at eythian.
03:15 mtompset wizzyrea: Tiffany is okay. I like that song. :P
03:15 Alias Help me, plz
03:16 mtompset There is no "Writing a plug-in for dummies" anywhere, Alias. Sorry, we can't help.
03:16 eythian Alias: you'll have to look at existing plugins, look at the plugin documentation, and start from there.
03:17 * eythian assumes there's documentation
03:17 * mtompset laughs.
03:17 mtompset That's probably a bad assumption.
03:17 wizzyrea[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7804
03:17 huginn Bug 7804: new feature, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, RESOLVED FIXED, Add Koha Plugin System
03:17 wizzyrea this is the bug that added the feature
03:17 wizzyrea there is an example plugin there.
03:18 wizzyrea[…]ug.cgi?id=7804#c2 < this comment
03:18 huginn Bug 7804: new feature, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, RESOLVED FIXED, Add Koha Plugin System
03:18 eythian someone* needs to go write a wiki page that's an intro to writing plugins.
03:18 eythian * bags not
03:18 * cjh nominates eythian
03:24 Alias yeah, let's write a wiki page that's an intro to writing plugins...
03:25 eythian cjh volunteered.
03:30 Alias and, plugin is written by JavaScript or perl?
03:30 wajasu you could look at t/Koha/Plugin/    to get started.   i am not sure, but i think they are zip files(.kpz)  that overlay and the plugin handler looks at C4::Context->config("enable_plugins")
03:30 wajasu perl
03:30 Alias can i write by JavaScript?
03:32 dcook Alias: Maybe what you really want is this:[…]ki/JQuery_Library
03:32 eythian Alias: what are you actually trying to do?
03:33 dcook ^
03:34 Alias I'm trying to connect database, do you have any document or video?
03:34 eythian what does "connect database" mean?
03:34 eythian Koha spends all its time connected to a MySQL database.
03:35 eythian It sometimes connects to other databases via Z39.50 to get information.
03:36 Alias yes, i want to connect to other database.
03:36 eythian wahanui: z39.50
03:36 wahanui it has been said that z39.50 is the ANSI standard of the beast.
03:36 wizzyrea Alias: what are you trying to do with your connection to the database?
03:37 wizzyrea the first question?
03:37 wahanui "What are you trying to do?" or "What is the goal?"
03:39 Alias ex, I have a database user, and i want to import it
03:40 mtompset What do you mean import a database user?
03:40 eythian Alias: you're going to have to provide a lot more detail.
03:41 Alias (sr, because my EL is not really good) :(
03:41 mtompset Do you want to import patrons?
03:41 Alias maybe
03:41 mtompset You don't need a plug in for that.
03:42 mtompset Home -> Tools -> Import patrons.
03:42 Alias and import other database: patrons, staffs, books, user,....
03:42 wizzyrea what is your native language?
03:42 wizzyrea ohhhh you want to move your things from another system to Koha?
03:42 Alias Laos
03:42 wizzyrea don't need a a plugin for that either
03:43 wizzyrea what system are you coming from/
03:43 mtompset I think you are right, wizzyrea.
03:43 wizzyrea ?
03:43 eythian Oh, a friend's girlfriend is Laos. However, that doesn't help us either.
03:43 mtompset Is the database another library system, Alias?
03:43 Alias to hard to say what i mean
03:43 Alias @@
03:43 huginn Alias: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
03:44 mtompset Is the database an old system that you want to change to Koha?
03:44 wizzyrea you have records for books and people and stuff from another database that you want to put into Koha? does that sound right?
03:45 Alias no no, not old system, this's a my  exercise
03:45 wizzyrea oh, ok so you have some kind of data that you want to put into Koha
03:45 Alias Wizzyrea
03:45 wahanui Wizzyrea is a Cylon, and they all have plans.
03:46 wizzyrea True.
03:46 Alias yeah
03:46 wizzyrea MARC data?
03:46 wahanui MARC data is probably being migrated from 2.2.9 to 3.2
03:46 * mtompset laughs, "Not useful, wahanui."
03:46 wahanui mtompset: what?
03:46 mtompset MARC?
03:46 wizzyrea eythian: can you teach wahanui that when we say something like "zip it" he shuts up for 5 minutes or something
03:46 wahanui MARC is the standard that isn't
03:46 wizzyrea :)
03:46 eythian erm. Maybe, though not right now.
03:46 wizzyrea well no
03:46 wizzyrea when you're bored.
03:47 Alias " have records for books and people and stuff from another database that you want to put into Koha"
03:47 Alias can you  help me?
03:48 Alias connected and show it on a webpage
03:48 wizzyrea well, I'm trying to think of someone who can help you in your language - that'll be easier.
03:49 wajasu Alias:[…]s-in-to-koha-3-8/
03:49 wajasu[…]rting-in-to-koha/
03:49 mtompset Yes, that's a good start at getting the books in. :)
03:49 wajasu picture is worth...
03:51 Alias you know, I'm a student. And my exercise is add a module to koha, it can connect to any database.
03:55 wizzyrea what do you want your module to do?
03:55 wizzyrea besides "show things on a screen" because that is not a great amount of information
03:58 Alias let's do first with show a database on a screen
03:59 wizzyrea this sounds like what koha does already
03:59 eythian phew, caching system heavily modified, and all the tests pass.
04:02 wizzyrea eythian++
04:03 dcook eythian++
04:27 mtompset If only I could figure out how to install plack and memcache, I'd test your patch.
04:28 eythian memcache is easy
04:29 mtompset documentation url?
04:30 eythian apt-get install memchached
04:30 eythian -h
04:31 eythian and then you need to set up the environment vars
04:31 eythian which is something that koha-plackify can do
04:33 mtompset is port 11211 the default memcached port?
04:34 mtompset koha-plackify?
04:36 eythian yes
04:36 eythian
04:36 eythian it's very alpha
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05:10 bag UCONN!!!!
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06:00 magnuse bag: HI
06:00 wahanui kai ora, magnuse
06:00 * magnuse waves
06:01 dac Wha, I quit?
06:02 dcook heya magnuse :)
06:02 magnuse hiya dcook
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06:11 mtompset Quick question before I sleep, eythian. :) So, this plackify works on the packages, not a git?
06:11 eythian yeah
06:11 eythian I manually made mine work with both
06:12 mtompset I'll have to look at it later. Perhaps it will be obvious for me to tweak to work on my git.
06:12 * mtompset dreams. :)
06:13 eythian you might be able to use koha gitify in conjunction with it, I'm not sure.
06:13 mtompset Have a great day, #koha, eythian wizzyrea dcook magnuse
06:13 magnuse ooh, "Support for plackifying the staff client"
06:13 eythian later
06:13 eythian magnuse: yeah, I'm tracking down the issues and sorting them.
06:13 eythian I just redid koha::cache to make it work better
06:14 eythian bug 12041
06:14 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12041 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, robin, Needs Signoff , Improve Koha::Cache
06:14 wajasu i've kind of got the zebra facets working, but i can't get the 490a  Title-series : 0  to show in the Series facet section.
06:14 magnuse eythian: awesome!
06:14 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, magnuse
06:14 magnuse eythian++
06:14 wajasu eythian++
06:16 wajasu i think its got to do with the facet that the general search box does a @attr 1=6   word list search, while the 490a  series title might only be in the : p register.
06:16 wajasu i did not think i would have to learn so much about zebra.
06:18 magnuse learning is good, right? ;-)
06:19 wajasu i also wonder if we should use 830a instead of 490a.  I seem to see the same series title in both, but get more results with 830a.
06:19 wajasu for facets
06:19 dcook Noope
06:20 wajasu ok. just want to be sure.
06:20 dcook wajasu: That would be legacy data
06:20 wajasu 830a is legacy?
06:20 dcook Actually, I better doublecheck that :p
06:21 dcook Ah, my mistake. Sorry 'bout that ;)
06:21 dcook Not legacy data. "Current" data.
06:21 wajasu i think i see both series titles in the details page which might use 830a.   but the current facets use 490a
06:21 dcook They should use 490
06:21 dcook If you're getting more hits on 830, your data might be off
06:22 dcook Actually...what you might be able to do...
06:22 dcook The 490 is always going to have the series statement (in theory)
06:22 dcook The 830 will have the authorized form, where an authorized form is available.
06:22 dcook I haven't looked at the DOM indexing stuff, but if a person can play with indicators...
06:24 wajasu i got all the facets looking like the current implementation, but for series, i seem not to get one book's 490a.  i have an index in that for Title-series:0, which i use for the element set name, and can't seem to get it to show.
06:24 dcook That is, if the series isn't traced, use 490. If it is traced, use 830.
06:24 wajasu well, that would mean i would have to retrieve the marc record to decide.  and i am not retrieving it yet.
06:25 dcook It might depend on where you've placed it. As paul_p mentioned on Bugzilla, you might be getting pipped by another index
06:25 dcook Good. You won't want to retrieve it.
06:25 wajasu i think i'm getting pipped.
06:26 dcook The 490/830 thing is interesting.
06:26 dcook You need 490 for the cases when you don't have an 830...
06:26 dcook But it would be nice to use an authority when available..
06:26 dcook I suppose you could always use both
06:27 wajasu i tried making a new distinct index called Series : 0   but still don't see my 490a.   One thing is there is also a 490  index.  I'll try to comment that out to see if its interfering.
06:27 dcook Actually, I think my idea could work, since "biblio-zebra-indexdefs.xsl" is parsing the whole MARC record. It's just an extra bit of XPath. Of course, I'm not sure it's a great idea to start playing around too much..
06:28 dcook Tough to say without looking further, and I'm crazy busy.
06:28 dcook Good luck in any case.
06:28 * dcook thought he was just barge in with some librarian-ness
06:28 dcook thought he would*
06:30 wajasu thx.  i'm just doing minimal changes. (additional indexes, without removing existing)
06:32 * wajasu signs off
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06:40 reiveune hello
06:40 wahanui niihau, reiveune
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06:53 magnuse bonjour france!
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06:56 alex_a bonjour
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08:24 cait hi #koha
08:24 cait hi atheia
08:24 atheia Morning cait
08:24 atheia How's things?
08:26 cait on a train again...shaky? :)
08:27 atheia ;-)
08:30 cait how are you doing?
08:34 atheia Not too bad. Upgrades and such…
08:36 * magnuse waves to cait and atheia
08:37 atheia Hi magnuse
08:40 cait hi magnuse
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10:03 paxed hm. should i comment on a bug with the patch commit message, if i uploaded the patch to bugzilla? (seeing how it doesn't automagically show the commit msg...)
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10:08 atheia paxed: the commit message should normally appear if you use 'git bz'.
10:08 atheia Did you upload via the webform?
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10:11 paxed atheia: via web.
10:13 atheia hmm, not sure whether the commit msg would then appear. If it hasn't I would add it.
10:13 atheia Most other bugs will have commit messages as comments.
10:23 magnuse yeah, with git bz you get that for free
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10:44 paxed looking at the code, it seems like CancelExpiredReserves() (that is, the ReservesMaxPickUpDelay syspref) doesn't seem to consider library closed dates at all?
10:57 paxed ah. bug 8735
10:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8735 minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Failed QA , Expire holds waiting only on days the library is open
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12:16 oleonard Hi #koha
12:17 meliss hi oleonard
12:19 francharb morning
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12:27 fridolin hie all
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12:41 oleonard Wow it's been a while since I've seen an all-flash site. I never expected that from a Koha support company.
12:41 oleonard
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12:59 paul_p oleonard (+link to the demo broken...) looks a little bit abandonned...
13:00 oleonard They just asked to be listed a few days ago, so they have no excuse.
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13:04 oleonard ...and hi paul_p! I hope you are well :)
13:05 paul_p oleonard yes I am. In a really strange/new place those days: Chisinau, in Moldavia !
13:05 paul_p arrived a few hours ago. 3 days of Koha demo starting tomorrow.
13:05 paul_p (for a big EU project with moldovan universities)
13:05 oleonard Exciting!
13:06 paul_p if we win the RFP yes, exciting ;-)
13:07 oleonard Are you practicing your Romanian language skills?
13:14 paul_p oleonard = a lot of ppl speak french in Romania & Moldova. The woman who picked me up at the airport had an almost perfect french -and she's never been in France !-
13:15 oleonard Wow I would never have guessed
13:21 francharb Should we see holds on checked out items in the hold queue? or, is it just holds on available items?
13:21 oleonard Should just be available items.
13:21 francharb thanks oleonard !
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16:15 reiveune bye
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16:19 magnuse ouch!
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16:55 wajasu weird. with my zebra facets search for books with 57 results i can't see a certain Title-series from 490a, but if i rebuild the index with just two of the biblios that have that Title-series, they show in my zebra facets.
16:56 wajasu makes me wonder if having certain biblios can put the kabosh on some zebra logic/pipeline.  dom filter.
16:56 wajasu i guess i can wittle throughthe 57 to see if certain one(s) are responsible
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17:03 pianohacker hey #koha
17:04 * wajasu waves
17:07 oleonard Is there a reason why Bug 11618 is not getting pushed to the stable branches?
17:07 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11618 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , jQuery timepicker is not picked up by the i18n toolchain
17:07 oleonard Because now Bug 12049
17:07 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12049 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , DatePicker not translated
17:08 oleonard (duplicate)
17:08 * oleonard confesses he does not know how long it usually takes things to make it into stable
17:09 wajasu sometimes years, sometimes days
17:12 pianohacker oleonard++
17:12 pianohacker Thanks for testing bug 11978
17:12 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11978 major, P1 - high, ---, jweaver, Passed QA , OverDrive API now prepends http:// to URLs
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17:13 oleonard Sure. Easy fix, easy test. I'll bet that API change screwed up lots of folks.
17:15 pianohacker overdrive doesn't seem to have a way of getting any info out to devs like Amazon, so most likely!
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17:23 bag heya druthb
17:23 druthb hi, bag!
17:23 pianohacker hey druthb
17:23 pianohacker also,
17:23 pianohacker nginx++
17:23 druthb nginx++
17:24 druthb @most increased
17:24 huginn druthb: "gmcharlt": 56, "cait": 50, "oleonard": 45, "eythian": 41, "rangi": 33, "tcohen": 28, "magnuse": 22, "fridolin": 19, "wizzyrea": 19, "ashimema": 18, "khall": 17, "jcamins": 15, "Joubu": 15, "bag": 14, "dpavlin": 13, "marcelr": 13, "paul_p": 8, "pianohacker": 8, "mtompset": 8, "wajasu": 6, "dbs": 6, "dcook": 6, "druthb": 6, "aleisha": 5, and "kivilahtio": 5
17:24 pianohacker The config file format is pretty nice after years of apache
17:24 druthb @most decreased
17:24 huginn druthb: "windchill": 3, "people_who_use_windows_xp_past_april_8": 2, "yui": 2, "css": 2, "Microfilm": 2, "<-": 2, "^": 2, "ie": 2, "district": 1, "hay_fever": 1, "windows_all": 1, "M$": 1, "windows": 1, "chainsaw": 1, "wifi": 1, "-rw-r--r": 1, "printer": 1, "network_fail": 1, "sinuses": 1, "seriously": 1, "out-": 1, "titles": 1, "d probably mean changing the interface a bit, e.g. having all the passed-on options (1 more message)
17:25 druthb @more
17:25 huginn druthb: coming after a ": 1, "people_who_don't_know_how_to_make_a_csv": 1, and "bag": 1
17:25 druthb @wunder 77098
17:25 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Greenway Plaza, Houston, Texas is 20.0°C (12:25 PM CDT on April 08, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 32%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 30.05 in 1018 hPa (Rising). Wind Advisory in effect from 1 PM this afternoon to 7 PM CDT this evening...
17:25 pianohacker goddamn -rw-r--r
17:26 pianohacker -rwxrwxrwx++
17:29 bag magnuse  HI
17:34 wajasu pianohacker: no sticky bit?
17:34 pianohacker I don't want my sticky rolls to be have fully-open permissions
17:34 pianohacker trw-------
17:36 * wajasu divides and conquers to find a possible rogue biblio
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18:00 oleonard Is there a notice for warning patrons in advance that their accounts are about to expire?
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18:10 oleonard Bye #koha
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18:15 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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18:28 pianohacker oh, what in the seven
18:28 pianohacker druthb: you use 3-space indentation?
18:30 druthb eh?
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18:35 mtompset I prefer 3 spaces myself, but 4 is the koha standard. :)
18:48 magnuse bag: HI
18:48 wahanui que tal, magnuse
18:48 bag :)
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20:09 wajasu i have 11 biblios in my test db.  i specifically exported them with rebuild_zebra and i get a missing 490a with those 11 results. once i remove one from the list, the 490a appears (Title-series).  this is for a zebra facets query
20:11 rangi @later tell oleonard you should ping fridolyn, once its in 3.14.x then it can go into the other stables
20:11 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
20:16 rangi *sigh*
20:17 pianohacker wassup rangi
20:17 pianohacker you're sighing meaningfully but vaguely
20:17 rangi cant think of a nice way to reply to that usp email
20:18 mtompset usp?
20:18 rangi on the mail list, comparing koha
20:18 wajasu its when i get a certain set of results, that my 490a Title-series  disappears. for my zebra facets.
20:20 wajasu its what is holding up my bug 11232 patch
20:20 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11232 new feature, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Retrieve facets from Zebra
20:20 rangi something like, its interesting you want koha compared against other open source systems. this is perhaps because this is the only thing you can actually reallly do, as with all the proprietary ones, you can't actually see the code, or the schema or anything like that. So you can't actually compare them. I have no doubt tho that in every feature, including security and borrower privacy Koha compares favourably to any proprietary system, Destiny included.
20:21 pianohacker What are supervisor and manuals, come to think of it?
20:21 rangi probably something in athena
20:21 rangi this is the problem
20:22 rangi people only compare against what they know
20:22 rangi its the problem with the rfp process, there is no place to tell them all the things it does instead or as well as those things, so basically the only thing that can fill the rfp is their current system
20:22 rangi we run into this all the time
20:23 rangi but now its time to do the school run
20:24 mtompset I like what you said, rangi. I think it is a decent reply.
20:30 wajasu mtompset: i am stuck with testing my 11232 patch.  the Series facet doesn't seem to always show all the 490a for zebra facets compared to the current brute force way.
20:31 wajasu but it might be because of the way the search query is done in "Library catalog" and "Author" selections in main search box.
20:33 wajasu must be some corner case.
20:34 nengard left #koha
20:34 wajasu but the 490a shows up if i do a Title search
20:38 meliss joined #koha
20:40 mtompset When you get it working and have a test plan that an idiot can follow, I'll test it. :)
20:40 wajasu well.  i'm making it minimal.
20:49 pianohacker gmcharlt: rancor update; still working on fixed fields, but the rest should be ready. New set of patches ready for testing by anyone in the community
20:49 gmcharlt pianohacker: great
20:53 bag who's going to test them?
20:53 kmlussier joined #koha
20:53 mario left #koha
20:53 pianohacker Free candy for all testers
20:53 kmlussier left #koha
20:53 pianohacker Well, not candy. But really nice pictures of candy from the internet!
21:01 magnuse pianohacker: did you decide on a good way to adapt rancor to unimarc and normarc? i never got round to talking about that in marseille...
21:02 pianohacker magnuse: The initial release will require editing the coded fields verbatim, at least for UNIMARC. I'm working on supporting the XML format used for MARC21 006 and 008; then the UNIMARC plugins can be ported to that, which is to the benefit of both editors
21:02 hankbank joined #koha
21:02 magnuse yeah, that sounds like a good plan
21:03 magnuse and it means i should get cracking on bug 10997, if i only had the time
21:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10997 normal, P5 - low, ---, magnus, NEW , Modernize value_builders for NORMARC
21:03 pianohacker magnuse: I can always just make the widgets for normarc based on marc21 for now
21:04 magnuse whaddaya mean "based on marc21"?
21:06 pianohacker there's a file called; I can make just import for now, and then we can add widgets for the tags that are different. That way you at least have something
21:06 * pianohacker is making assumptions about marc standards, always a good idea
21:06 magnuse lol
21:07 magnuse hm, my gut feeling is that it is better not to have "something that is not normarc" labeled as normarc...
21:08 magnuse what's the timeframe for using the xml?
21:08 pianohacker yeah, probably best to play it safe. Are the two standards similar enough that that might be a reasonable approach at some point in the future?
21:08 pianohacker magnuse: very very soon, we're trying to get everything in before the feature freeze
21:08 magnuse yay!
21:08 magnuse when is feature freeze, btw?
21:08 pianohacker end of the monthe
21:08 magnuse ooh...
21:09 magnuse marc 21 and normarc share the same 00x fields (well there are some in marc21 that are not in normarc), and the same positions in those fields, but the different codes mean different things
21:10 pianohacker ohhhhh, gotcha...
21:10 pianohacker definitely not a good idea to mix them up then
21:10 magnuse so you can have say 008 position 06 be audience, but "a" in  marc21 can mean adult, and it can mean teenager i nnormarc
21:10 magnuse yeah, it can lead to confusion rather quickly, i fear...
21:15 rangi mtompset++ #good email
21:15 mtompset Thanks. I tried.
21:15 pianohacker magnuse: I did implement a solution to your problem with using the editor without pazpar2 in the latest followup, btw. Any chance you could test it sometime soon, please?
21:16 * cait waves
21:16 pianohacker hi, cait
21:16 * magnuse waves to cait
21:16 pianohacker I'm just fishing for testers over here :)
21:17 mtompset oh right... testing... got distracted.
21:17 magnuse pianohacker: i'd love to, but i'm running out of round tuits...
21:17 cait :)
21:17 magnuse i will have some evenings during easter, i'll see what i can do, but if anyone wants to beat me to it...
21:17 pianohacker round tuits?
21:18 ibeardslee Can someone get wahanui to give out round tuits for people that need them?
21:19 cait +1
21:19 pianohacker oh! I'd never heard that phrase before
21:20 wajasu or maybe bitcoins
21:20 pianohacker Yeah, I could use a bulk delivery service of those
21:20 magnuse hehe
21:20 cait subscription? :)
21:20 magnuse that would be nice
21:20 magnuse oh, well, time to sleep, have fun #koha!
21:21 pianohacker good night magnuse
21:22 cait good night magnuse
21:23 mtompset good night, magnuse. :)
21:36 gmcharlt mtompset++
21:37 mtompset Thanks, gmcharlt. :)
21:59 wajasu i wonder is my new indexes that don't currently exists for index : 0 should be called  Subject-to vs su-to   or  Subject-geo  vs su-geo
22:23 cait good night all
22:24 eythian hi
22:24 wahanui kai ora, eythian
22:25 rangi need to fix that sometime
22:28 wajasu ok. so for a query to succeed, even a zebra::facet query, one must have a result for that index.  or else ERROR 25..
22:28 wajasu probably the same deal with noob with no records
22:28 wajasu or Suppress
22:30 wajasu that means i'll have to query each facet index sequentially, upon a ERROR 25.  but that shouldn't be too much of a delay. (approx 6 zebra facet queries.
22:31 cait left #koha
22:34 wahanui joined #koha
22:35 NateC joined #koha
22:35 kivilahtio joined #koha
22:44 gml joined #koha
22:45 gml Hello guys, please someone could help me: Do you know reasons for failing the zebra search by 'callnum'? (other searches such as 'kw' or 'pn' does work normally, but 'callnum' doesn't)
22:52 gml I've noticed that callnum searches fail with newly records created with the cataloguing web GUI, but not with the batch-migrated records.
22:53 pianohacker gml: can you find newly created records using, say a title or keyword search?
22:56 gml yes I do, just tested title in intranet with advanced search
22:59 wajasu i wonder if Local-classification:  will work.
23:00 wajasu or LC-call-number
23:09 gml how zebra is updated after a newly record (in biblio or in items) is created with the GUI? this update occurs immediately or by means of a cronjob?
23:10 rangi cronjob
23:10 rangi but if you can find them searching by title, its not a matter of the job not having run yet
23:11 rangi and if you can find imported ones, but not ones you have created
23:11 rangi then check what is different regarding the callnumber in both of them
23:15 wajasu LC-callnumber 050   vs   callnum is Local-classificaiton 952$o    i think
23:24 gml comparing visible structure differences between imported vs created records, I don't see any ones in biblio.cn_class, biblio.cn_item, or even the ones stored in biblio.marcxml
23:28 gml wajasu: at what level can I use LC-callnumber or Local-classification? zebra internal settings files? (I just find something in the koha manual, but I don't know how to use these search indexes in the code)
23:28 wajasu let me see if i can try on my local db
23:34 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 7413: (follow-up) tweak description of the AllowRenewalLimitOverride syspref <[…]76ba52e47c83c447d> / Bug 7413: (follow-up) teach renew interface about too_soon <[…]9ce83d28f286ee285> / Bug 7413: (follow-up) add direct unit tests <http://git.koha-communit
23:34 gml callnumbers stored in 942$h and 942$i can be found through 'callnum'?
23:35 gml (I'm working on CCL querys from subs)
23:36 BobB joined #koha
23:37 wajasu found callnum in zebra's  but haven't had luck finding anything with it yet.
23:41 wajasu i looked in staff client for a book.  for marc record cicked item tab.  cut full call number, and pasted in opac   callnum:BV 3265.3 .I525 2009
23:41 wajasu pulled it up
23:41 wajasu i;m working in master
23:41 eythian wahanui: use strict is <reply>[…]enberg_strict.jpg
23:41 wahanui OK, eythian.
23:42 gmcharlt heh
23:44 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11978 - Fix URLs displayed in OverDrive search <[…]a95b81e2a3d7a9ad0> / Bug 9075: Rename "type" to "material type" on OPAC XSLT detail and results <[…]9b42f820a0da5b869> / Bug 9075: Rename "type" to "material type" on staff XSLT detail and results <http:/
23:54 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11734 - Use new DataTables include in batch modification templates <[…]5ebb44d563d7ee0f7> / Bug 11711 - Use new DataTables include in circ templates <[…]f7314f6c2888f6d71> / Bug 11855: remove unused template file <

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