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01:55 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
01:55 mtompset @seen cait
01:55 huginn mtompset: cait was last seen in #koha 4 hours, 2 minutes, and 3 seconds ago: <cait> good night all
02:17 mtompset @seen Joubu
02:17 huginn mtompset: Joubu was last seen in #koha 3 days, 18 hours, 31 minutes, and 25 seconds ago: <Joubu> hello
02:34 mtompset dcook: Tomas is on his honeymoon right now, as far as I recall.
03:09 eythian PSA: should you see: "AH00534: apache2: Configuration error: No MPM loaded.", try: "sudo a2dismod mpm_itk" followed by "sudo a2enmod mpm_itk". It seems to fix things.
03:09 eythian that took me surprisingly long to figure out.
03:09 eythian (because it'd say there was no MPM loaded, but then say things like "ERROR: Module mpm_itk is enabled"
03:10 eythian )
03:10 eythian turns out it needs a dependency that wasn't enabled for some reason in the upgrade.
03:22 dcook That sounds like no fun, eythian
03:22 * dcook would love to know how to simulate a late order...
03:22 * dcook pokes acquisitions
03:22 eythian for those things, I tend to set them up and then go into the database and roll the relevant date fields back.
03:23 wizzyrea there's I think a syspref for "how long an order can be outstanding before it is late"
03:23 dcook eythian: Tried that :(
03:23 dcook wizzyrea: I'll try that :)
03:23 eythian dcook: maybe it needs a cron job to run or something?
03:24 dcook eythian: I was pondering that but it looks like just a (very convoluted) database query :S
03:24 dcook wizzyrea: Didn't see one :/
03:24 wizzyrea yeah, I was just looking too
03:25 dcook Ah...I think I figured it out
03:25 dcook Two database queries..
03:25 dcook I think it's because my orders had no prices
03:25 * dcook tries that..
03:27 dcook Yep
03:27 eythian that seems like an odd condition
03:27 dcook Need to have a rrp and ecost of > 0
03:27 dcook A bit, eh?
03:27 dcook I suppose it might be to get around donations?
03:27 wizzyrea I suppose you can't complain if you're not paying :P
03:27 dcook But you should receive donations as well I would think..
03:27 dcook lol
03:27 wizzyrea should you?
03:27 dcook I guess so, wizzyrea!
03:27 eythian I think you'd still like to know if it were late
03:27 dcook ^
03:28 eythian also, maybe you don't need to budget for it for some reason, perhaps it's paid for some other way.
03:28 wizzyrea (I was being sarcastic about not complaining if you're not paying)
03:30 dcook Interesting that the condition was on the GetBooksellersWithLateOrders sub and not the GetLateOrders sub
03:30 dcook Mmm acquisitions
03:32 eythian <-- this is quite a cool cover (NSFW unless you have headphones.)
03:33 dcook Hmm, and in terms of visuals?
03:34 eythian quite safe
03:35 wizzyrea ...acquisitions seems rather broken in master atm, at least the cost calculating bits.
03:35 eythian s/ in master atm//
03:35 dcook heh
03:36 wizzyrea well that particular thing *used* to work heh.
03:36 dcook headphones ftw
03:37 dcook eythian: Is NIN still coming up or has that past?
03:37 eythian how do you mean?
03:37 dcook I believe you have tickets for a show?
03:37 eythian oh, yeah
03:37 eythian that was Thursday
03:37 wizzyrea ah this was always a great song.
03:38 dcook Nice. Yeah, digging the cover.\
03:38 wizzyrea I love the loopers. they are awesome.
03:39 wizzyrea There's one I'm sure I've linked before of the gorillaz feel good inc
03:39 wizzyrea which, I find the original song rather uninteresting and uninspiring, but the looped cover is quite cool
03:40 eythian this cover is pretty close to the original, which is good too.
03:41 eythian <-- I may have been binging a little bit lately.
03:41 wizzyrea yeah it's not so far from the original, nice to gender flip it though.
03:41 eythian yup
03:50 dcook Reminds me of Springsteen's "King Bee" in the Lorde cover
03:50 dcook Which I actually haven't listened to yet. I just remember people complaining about it
03:51 wizzyrea dear springsteen, there is no such thing as a king bee. only queens. dope.
03:51 dcook ^
03:52 dcook That's the one
03:52 eythian Springsteen?
03:52 eythian itym Harpo
03:52 wizzyrea or like that daughter cover of get lucky, where her impression of the party was clearly different from pharrel's impression.
03:53 dcook wizzyrea: Did she actually change lyrics besides pronouns or was that mostly tone?
03:53 dcook When they played it live, it was much more upbeat
03:53 wizzyrea I think it was only pronouns and tone, I remember it being almost creepy.
03:54 dcook Totally. It leaves you feeling a bit hollowed out, eh?
03:54 * dcook swears that he says "eh?" more now that he's in Australia
03:54 wizzyrea just with a "that party sounds like it was filled with lecherous dudes bent on doing things that aren't probably legal"
03:54 wizzyrea kind of tone.
03:56 wizzyrea and with that downer, i'm out.
03:56 dcook hehe
03:56 dcook night, wizzyrea
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04:05 mtompset dcook: 'eh' isn't technically a bad thing. But I assumptions people about it could be problematic. :)
04:06 eythian gar. Trying to figure out why everything was working when I'd deliberately put it into a state that it shouldn't.
04:06 eythian Turned out I was hitting the wrong VM :<
04:06 mtompset You shouldn't hit VM's. That's too violent. ;)
04:14 eythian I have no reply to that that doesn't make me sound like a terrible person :)
04:24 eythian I'm going to have to really sit down and spend some time on the apache config for Debian jessie.
04:24 eythian Many things have changed.
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04:32 mtompset I know tcohen was working on getting Apache 2.4 to work nicely for Ubuntu.
04:36 eythian Well, I'm both trying to make it work with plack, and with 2.4, which is multiplying the fiddlyness of it all.
04:36 eythian ah, after all that, I think I just needed to turn the Rewrite engine on.
04:37 eythian oh, well that solved one problem, but perhaps not others.
04:39 mtompset Well, I'm off.
04:39 eythian Later
04:39 mtompset Have a great day, #koha eythian dcook papa wizzyrea.
04:39 papa you too!
04:43 eythian <-- papa, that picture sequence (possibly the best in wikipedia) applies here.
04:45 papa that sooo not true
04:46 dcook These statistics wizards are a bit terrifying..
04:52 eythian yay, now I'm finally getting 503 Service Unavailable, which should mean my apache config is correct.
04:52 dcook \o/
04:57 jenkins_koha Starting build #179 for job Koha_3.12.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
05:14 dcook Ahh, lots of given/when in
05:23 eythian > Out of memory: Kill process 7869 (java) score 169 or sacrifice child
05:27 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.12.x build #179: SUCCESS in 31 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_3.12.x/179/
05:27 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Bug 11505: fix untranslatable table headers in Label batch manager
05:27 jenkins_koha * David Cook: Bug 11502: make library filter in "Holds To Pull" more precise
05:27 jenkins_koha * Sophie Meynieux: Bug 9210: wrap long lines in printed hold notices
05:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11505 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Stable , Untranslatable table headers in Label batch manager
05:27 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11502 minor, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Pushed to Stable , Branch filter in "Holds To Pull" is too fuzzy
05:27 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9210 major, P5 - low, ---, sophie.meynieux, Pushed to Stable , Automatic carriage return are missing in print letters generated for holds
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05:43 eythian øarsome, I now have the staff client coming up in plack, finally.
05:48 cait :)
05:48 cait eythian: a lot of people are working on plck again lately
05:49 cait and zebra facets
05:49 eythian yep
05:49 cait good times :)
05:49 cait ashimema was also going to look into plack again i think
05:49 eythian yeah, my task is to find the bits that don't work in the staff client and fix them.
05:50 eythian I expect most of them are solved by the fixes in the opac, but not all of them.
05:50 dcook cait: It looks like the Zebra facets issues have mostly been worked out. I think someone just needs to write the code now :)
05:51 dcook And figure out a way to update Zebra config when upgrading versions
05:51 cait it's cool that it's working with icu
05:51 dcook :D
05:51 cait i think customizable facets would be great
05:51 cait but fixing the existing feature woudl also help
05:52 dcook Agreed. I think the introduction of the pubdate facet will also be nice.
05:52 cait yep
05:52 cait small steps
05:52 wahanui small steps are going to be difficult... I'm not pushing anything that I can't even kind of test.
05:52 cait first make everything work that should work now... (maybe not that a small of a step)
05:52 cait then add more nice things
05:52 dcook Mhm
05:53 dcook I wonder if Tomas is planning on writing that code.
05:56 cait dunno
05:56 cait he is away now for quite some time
06:00 dcook Hmm. Maybe I'll have to try my hand at that code at some point then.
06:00 dcook Anyway, time for me to head out
06:00 dcook laters
06:01 cait later
06:01 eythian bye
06:30 cait @wunder Konstanz
06:30 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 1.2°C (7:29 AM CET on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Rising).
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07:31 * magnuse waves
07:32 rangi hi magnuse
07:34 magnuse kia ora rangi!
07:35 magnuse wassup?
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07:36 magnuse bonjour sophie_m
07:37 sophie_m hello magnuse
07:37 sophie_m bonjour #koha
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07:41 marcelr hi #koha
07:41 magnuse hiya marcelr
07:42 marcelr hi magnuse
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07:55 alex_a bonjour
08:00 magnuse bonjour alex_a
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08:01 reiveune hello
08:04 marcelr hi reiveune
08:04 reiveune hi marcelr
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08:08 cait hi #koha
08:08 marcelr hi cait
08:09 marcelr thx for qa
08:14 cait hi marcelr
08:14 cait np
08:14 cait trying to get in as much as I can, but was travelling quite a bit
08:14 marcelr well you did a good job then this month :)
08:15 cait Marseille helped to catch up :)
08:15 cait but i'd like to do more of the bigger older ones
08:15 marcelr first in, first out?
08:16 cait hard to in some cases, i'd like to test bigger thigns at least for 2 hours without interruptions
08:16 cait not always doable
08:16 marcelr yeah
08:16 cait and if you start... then don't know when you can get back to it
08:18 cait the multi transport dependency tree is quite impressive, but we need to tackle that again
08:18 marcelr the multitransport for notices is first on my list to pick up again
08:19 cait ah cool :)
08:19 marcelr somewhere this week hopefully
08:19 cait they did some more testing during the hackfest and there is a page on the wiki now
08:19 marcelr i hope it is possible to review it report-by-report
08:20 cait i hope so too, but it's probably still a bit more complicated
08:20 marcelr if is it not, it will be hard to get it in
08:21 cait the wiki page is here:[…]e_transport_types
08:21 marcelr ok
08:27 cait I will try to tackel a few that came back from fqa and the holds bugs next
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08:32 magnuse cait++ marcelr++
08:32 magnuse there, you better live up to your ++'es now ;-)
08:32 marcelr magnuse++
08:32 marcelr so
08:33 cait all this pressure...
08:34 magnuse gah!
08:34 magnuse :-)
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08:48 cait @wunder Konstanz
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08:48 gaetan_B hello
08:48 wahanui hey, gaetan_B
08:50 magnuse @wunder boo
08:50 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 3.0°C (9:20 AM CET on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Windchill: -1.0°C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Rising).
08:50 magnuse @wunder marseille
08:50 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 9.0°C (9:30 AM CET on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
09:05 cait gaetan_B++
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09:17 ashimema_away @wunder stevenage, uk
09:17 huginn ashimema_away: The current temperature in Monkswood, Stevenage, United Kingdom is 7.5°C (9:16 AM GMT on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Windchill: 8.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
09:18 cait hi ashimema_away :)
09:18 magnuse hiya ashimema_away
09:18 ashimema morning magnuse
09:19 cait hmpf? :)
09:19 ashimema morning cait
09:20 cait :)
09:20 ashimema I already have that feeling this morning that it's going to be a very disrupted day :(
09:20 * cait has the same
09:21 magnuse disrupt all the things!
09:21 cait it's after 10 and I haven't managed to make tea yet
09:21 * cait does now
09:21 magnuse oh ashimema: did you have time to look any more at the plack stuff?
09:22 cait i think eythian was working on something with plack tonight
09:22 ashimema not yet I'm afraid.
09:22 ashimema it's o the long long list ;)
09:22 ashimema interesting..
09:22 wahanui well, interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
09:22 ashimema I'll try and catch him at some point..
09:23 ashimema thanks for the heads up.
09:24 * magnuse hands ashimema a bunch of round tuits
09:28 ashimema :)
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09:46 magnuse bgkriegel++ for bug 7939
09:46 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7939 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, NEW , Separate po files for different MARC dialects
09:46 magnuse i will try to look at that towards the end of the week, if noone beats me to it
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10:25 atheia Good morning!
10:38 cait hi atheia :)
10:38 cait first day on the new job? :)
10:40 atheia cait: No, First day was actually last Monday — but as first days go, there's been a lot of information!
10:40 cait ah yes :)
10:40 cait but you found your way back here - I will take that as a good sign :)
10:41 * magnuse waves to atheia
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10:42 atheia Hi magnuse!
10:42 atheia Indeed :-)
10:43 indradg hello #koha
10:43 cait atheia++
10:44 cait did you manage your koha from scratch install getting traumatized? :)
10:46 cait hm _without_ getting traumatized...
10:46 magnuse :-)
10:47 atheia I did indeed, I've got a shiny install running locally, which according to ashimema will inevitably break sooner or later :-)
10:47 cait lol
10:47 cait i never broke my local shiny koha so far... he must do something wrong :P
10:47 ashimema good morning atheia
10:48 * cait hides
10:48 ashimema thanks for the vote of confidence cait..
10:48 cait ooh
10:48 * cait offers cookies
10:48 ashimema I usually end up breaking stuff when I test fringe install features.. like nginx and plack, and random zebra configurations..
10:49 ashimema local is good though.. has it's benefits over remote..
10:49 cait that's a valid reason for breaking things
10:49 ashimema though I do liek the specific purpose of my dev server.. rather than sharing my dev machine ass my personal machine et al'.
10:50 ashimema I'm sure atheia will find some fun ways to break his install at some point.. ;)
10:51 cait okok :)
10:53 paxed weird. in C4/SIP/ILS/Transaction/ change_hold() calls ModReserve() without adding rank to the params. this does nothing, afaict?
10:56 paxed is that supposed to something?
10:56 paxed do*
11:03 Joubu paxed: If you agree with the patch, could you sign off on bug 11631?
11:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11631 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Needs Signoff , Make translation toolchain ignore useless translatable strings
11:05 cait paxed: i think if you return a book on the self check it doesn't go into waiting
11:05 cait that's done on the circ desk so you can print the slip
11:06 cait and it might be the reason, but i am not sure - and not sure if you were looking at returns
11:06 cait so ... you might want to ignore me
11:06 paxed i was looking at the code, no idea where it happens in the UI
11:06 paxed Joubu: do i have a way to do that from the commandline?
11:08 Joubu paxed: hm? To do what?
11:12 paxed testing the patch. i like what i can at evergreen side: git fetch --all && git checkout -b $bugfixbranch origin/master && testingtestingtesting && git cherry-pick -s $commitid && git push working $remotesignedoffbranch
11:12 paxed can do*
11:14 Joubu paxed: git checkout -b bug_11631 origin/master; git bz apply 11631
11:14 cait paxed: did you take a look at git bz?
11:14 paxed Joubu: ok.
11:14 paxed cait: not yet
11:15 cait git bz?
11:15 wahanui git bz is
11:15 cait hm there is also a wiki page on how to configure it, you will need it for testing patches easily like Joubu said
11:16 cait[…]_bz_configuration
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11:25 * paxed wonders why a koha-bugzilla-specific git-bz is needed
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11:39 drojf hi #koha
11:41 cait hi drojf
11:41 marcelr joined #koha
11:41 drojf hi cait
11:44 Joubu paxed: Patches are not yet on a remote branch, so you have to get them to test. The easier way to do that is git-bz.
11:58 francharb good morning
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12:06 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
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12:06 drojf meh
12:08 druthb drojf!
12:08 cait @wunder Konstanz
12:08 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 6.0°C (1:00 PM CET on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Falling).
12:08 cait sun just came out
12:08 druthb @wunder hoffman estates, il
12:08 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Biltmore, Barrington, Illinois is -9.5°C (7:07 AM CDT on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: -12.0°C. Windchill: -10.0°C. Pressure: 30.39 in 1029 hPa (Rising).
12:08 * druthb shivers miserably
12:09 drojf druthb!
12:12 drojf druthb: and i thought it's cold over here ;)
12:12 druthb @wunder houston, tx
12:12 huginn druthb: Error: timed out
12:12 druthb At home, it's very nice.  But I'm not at home.
12:12 drojf unfair
12:12 druthb @wunder 77098
12:12 huginn druthb: The current temperature in WEST UNIVERSITY, HOUSTON, Texas is 12.0°C (7:12 AM CDT on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1020 hPa (Falling).
12:13 drojf well… "nice" ;)
12:13 drojf oh it's early, 12 sounds ok then :)
12:13 druthb yeah.  Sposed to warm up nicely there.  But not here.
12:14 druthb Won't get above freezing here for the next couple of days
12:16 drojf i wouldn't mind a little sun. :/
12:16 cait drojf: now you stole mine?
12:16 drojf i don't have it. someone else must have taken it
12:17 * druthb hides it under her cloak
12:17 drojf lol
12:17 druthb tryin' to stay warm!
12:17 cait drojf: maybe it was that tall norwegian guy...
12:18 oleonard joined #koha
12:18 * druthb blames magnuse
12:18 drojf yes it was probably magnuse
12:18 * oleonard too
12:19 oleonard What for?
12:19 drojf everything
12:19 wahanui i think everything is grilled
12:19 drojf oh that would be lovely wahanui
12:19 druthb wahanui:  botsnack pizza
12:19 wahanui thanks druthb :)
12:19 * drojf grills magnuse
12:19 drojf does that even work in englishß ^^
12:20 drojf ?
12:20 druthb two different ways, drojf.
12:20 oleonard it does it you're interrogating him drojf
12:20 druthb which makes it *hilarious*
12:20 drojf1 joined #koha
12:21 fredericd joined #koha
12:22 drojf university wifi. i love it
12:24 drojf lol druthb
12:24 druthb :P
12:26 cait lol
12:27 cait druthb: so what verb would you use for 'grillen' in English? bbqing? :)
12:27 NateC joined #koha
12:28 collum joined #koha
12:28 druthb either interrogating, as oleonard noted, or cooking over a hot flame.
12:28 druthb But I'd use "grilling", just for the hilarity of the ambiguity.
12:29 cait heh
12:29 * druthb is evil like that
12:32 * magnuse admits to having sun
12:32 drojf HA!
12:32 magnuse and more of than any of y'all, since we passed the equinox. so there!
12:32 drojf ok so the only option is… invite all of us
12:32 cait ...
12:32 oleonard @wunder 45701
12:32 huginn oleonard: The current temperature in Athens, Ohio is -8.0°C (8:15 AM EDT on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: -10.0°C. Pressure: 30.34 in 1027 hPa (Steady).
12:33 oleonard Back to winter here.
12:33 druthb @wunder boo
12:33 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 4.0°C (1:20 PM CET on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: 0.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
12:33 druthb yes, it is warmer in NORWAY than it is in Chicago.  So very wrong.
12:33 drojf lol
12:34 oleonard I lived in Chicago druthb, sound about right to me.
12:34 magnuse moahahaha
12:34 druthb There is nothing between Chicago and the North Pole but a thin wire fence.  And some idiot cut the fence.
12:34 ashimema does magnuse taste good grilled then?
12:34 magnuse @wunder kautokeino
12:34 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Kautokeino, Norway is -1.0°C (1:00 PM CET on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: -7.0°C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Rising).
12:36 magnuse @wunder kristiansand
12:36 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Kristiansand, Norway is 8.0°C (1:20 PM CET on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Windchill: 6.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
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12:48 drojf that poor little bug 11130 is still looking for a comment or signoff if anyone feels like taking a look ;)
12:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11130 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mirko, Needs Signoff , Change pl Place-publication index for Marc21
12:52 drojf rangi++ for signing off on the other one btw
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12:58 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Haven't seen these errors in the log before" (3 lines) at
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13:04 oleonard Grilled bananas?
13:04 banana is this why I'm reading the job listings in the Thrifty Nickle?
13:04 banana http://blog.manageelitetrainin[…]ave-bad-managers/
13:07 oleonard I hear they're hiring in Norway.
13:07 rhcl Yea? I'll bet the fishing is great there. Maybe I'll check it out.
13:08 magnuse they are indeed:[…]awesome-services/
13:08 magnuse and yes, the fishing is great :-)
13:08 oleonard cait: Regarding Bug 11570, you don't see a filter in the sidebar corresponding to the patron attribute you have linked to an authorized value?
13:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11570 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Upgrade jQueryUI to latest version in the staff client
13:08 rhcl
13:10 cait oleonard: i thim so
13:10 cait i can filter on lots of things, but nothign related to patron attributes
13:13 oleonard In my system, for instance, I set up an authorized value category "School," and linked it to a patron attribute called "School." On the overdues page I see a filter called "School."
13:14 cait oleonard: i tried with: myfavouritelocation reusing the LOC auth value
13:14 cait it looked like it should in the patron account where i set something for the patron in my overdues report
13:15 cait bit stuck there
13:15 cait can only try again tonight maybe
13:17 jcamins You know what I just discovered? "Sci fi" does not scan well... ever.
13:17 oleonard cait: Looks like the attribute must have "Searchable" checked as well
13:17 oleonard jcamins: What do you mean?
13:17 rhcl jcamins: are you doing a digital scanning project?
13:18 rhcl if so, you may have to lower the inteligent scanning agent sensitivity to avoid all those oddball words
13:18 jcamins Non-fiction thrillers and new books on kittens, large print novels and lots of nice mittens, local children's creations, these are a few of my favorite locations!
13:18 jcamins No, I meant poetry.
13:20 nengard joined #koha
13:20 cait oleonard: ah!
13:20 cait that will be it
13:20 oleonard @quote add <jcamins> Non-fiction thrillers and new books on kittens, large print novels and lots of nice mittens, local children's creations, these are a few of my favorite locations!
13:20 huginn oleonard: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
13:20 oleonard :P
13:21 cait i am logged in I think
13:21 oleonard @quote add <jcamins> Non-fiction thrillers and new books on kittens, large print novels and lots of nice mittens, local children's creations, these are a few of my favorite locations!
13:21 huginn oleonard: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
13:21 cait @quote add  <jcamins> Non-fiction thrillers and new books on kittens, large print novels and lots of nice mittens, local children's creations, these are a few of my favorite locations!
13:21 huginn cait: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
13:21 oleonard I thought I was registered. Doesn't that mean identified with NickServ?
13:22 cait huginn is separate
13:22 huginn cait: I've exhausted my database of quotes
13:22 cait @quote add <jcamins> Non-fiction thrillers and new books on kittens, large print novels and lots of nice mittens, local children's creations, these are a few of my favorite locations!
13:22 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.  Quote #303 added.
13:22 cait finally managed to guess my password :)
13:22 cait @quote random
13:22 huginn cait: Quote #27: "<jdavidb> ("A helicopter does not fly; it is a collection of quasi-unrelated parts moving in closeformation, beating the sky into submission.")" (added by gmcharlt at 09:21 PM, August 22, 2009)
13:23 dcook joined #koha
13:27 rhcl cait can you reset my password?
13:28 rhcl nevermind, I guess I'm not registered yet
13:28 laurence joined #koha
13:29 cait rhcl: i couldn't - not sure who runs huginn, the wiki might now
13:29 cait know
13:29 kivilahtio hi there! I have a zebraliscious question! I am trying to connect to Zebra using TCP, I can succesfully connect, find and show zebra index entries using yaz-client, but I fail to retrieve any results using the Koha function. I launched zebra as non-daemon to capture all logs and find this error: 15:26:07-24/03 zebrasrv(3) 4027d843a47f0000 [request] Init ERROR 1011 ID:81 Name:ZOOM-C/YAZ Version:4.2.18
13:29 kivilahtio cc3abee6f861d0166bef5333b1fc72fbdc8bd94c
13:29 kivilahtio when using yaz-client the same entry is as follows: 15:29:21-24/03 zebrasrv(4) 4027d843a47f0000 [request] Init OK - ID:81 Name:YAZ Version:4.2.18 cc3abee6f861d0166bef5333b1fc72fbdc8bd94c
13:30 kivilahtio looking into[…]fns/bib1diag.html, I can decipher that the error "1011" is Init/AC: Bad Userid and/or Password
13:31 kivilahtio but I just can't figure out what is wrong?
13:31 kivilahtio apparently yaz-client doesn't use any kind of authentication
13:31 kivilahtio and the built-in koha uses some kind of authentication even if no authentication is needed?
13:34 Dyrcona joined #koha
13:54 reiveune joined #koha
13:55 kivilahtio hmm, I got it working by reinstalling
13:55 kivilahtio must be my crazy tweaking
13:57 kivilahtio I have a wet dream that I could solve even a single koha-issue by not reinstalling :)
14:02 paul_p joined #koha
14:04 rocio joined #koha
14:07 nengard left #koha
14:08 sophie_m joined #koha
14:12 drojf joined #koha
14:14 druthb The problem with working at Starbucks is not the high noise level, or even the smell (*gag*) of the coffee-sort-of that they peddle.  The chairs that are at tables—even with my well-padded butt—are insanely uncomfortable.
14:15 bag morning
14:15 wahanui well, morning is a state of the cait
14:17 kivilahtio g'day bag
14:17 bag :)
14:17 kivilahtio how do you do?
14:17 bag I'm well - nice early start for me today :)
14:17 bag how you doing?
14:17 BigRig joined #koha
14:18 kivilahtio managed to get zebra working in my LXC configuration. This makes me happy :D
14:18 sophie_m :-)
14:18 kivilahtio no matter the needless extra steps i took
14:18 kivilahtio or just plain stupid permission mistakes i might have had
14:20 bag :)
14:20 kivilahtio progress feels good :)
14:23 gaetan_B joined #koha
14:24 dpk joined #koha
14:24 indradg_ joined #koha
14:35 druthb hey, bag. :)
14:38 rhcl joined #koha
14:40 francharb joined #koha
14:45 fridolin joined #koha
14:46 fridolin hie all
14:47 bag hey druthb
14:55 cait sorry olli, not sure i understand what you want to do :)
14:56 cait and... my scrolling was broken
14:58 rocio joined #koha
15:13 tgoatley joined #koha
15:15 talljoy joined #koha
15:22 mtompset_away joined #koha
15:22 mtompset greetings, #koha.
15:25 mtompset @wunder chicago
15:25 huginn mtompset: The current temperature in West Loop - Old St. Pats, Chicago, Illinois is -0.7°C (10:23 AM CDT on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: -12.0°C. Windchill: -1.0°C. Pressure: 30.38 in 1029 hPa (Steady).
15:25 mtompset @wunder l7e 5y5
15:25 huginn mtompset: The current temperature in Schomberg, Ontario is -5.1°C (11:24 AM EDT on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: -13.0°C. Windchill: -8.0°C. Pressure: 30.31 in 1026 hPa (Falling).
15:25 druthb @wunder 77098
15:25 huginn druthb: The current temperature in Greenway Plaza, Houston, Texas is 12.8°C (10:25 AM CDT on March 24, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1020 hPa (Falling).
15:25 mtompset You're a fish out of water. Poor Ruth. :)
15:30 druthb dern right.
15:35 nengard joined #koha
15:38 mtompset Greetings, nengard. :)
15:39 rocio1 joined #koha
15:43 nengard hiya
15:44 cait left #koha
15:51 atheia` joined #koha
15:54 maximep joined #koha
15:58 * mtompset puts on his chauffeur's hat.
16:03 francharb joined #koha
16:03 fridolin see you
16:03 fridolin left #koha
16:10 francharb joined #koha
16:22 kivilahtio bye bye everyone
16:25 kmlussier left #koha
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16:35 drojf left #koha
16:45 oleonard
16:45 jcamins ...
17:09 laurence left #koha
17:12 reiveune bye
17:12 reiveune left #koha
17:14 cait joined #koha
17:32 kmlussier joined #koha
17:32 rocio joined #koha
17:37 mtompset
17:46 drojf joined #koha
17:52 sophie_m joined #koha
17:52 rocio joined #koha
17:57 mtompset Greetings, drojf. Long time no see.
17:58 mtompset Greetings, sophie_m rocio. :)
17:58 sophie_m hi mtompset
18:01 rocio hey mtompset :-)
18:08 edveal joined #koha
18:13 paul_p joined #koha
18:35 * magnuse waves
18:37 * cait waves
18:45 mtompset Greetings, magnuse cait. :)
18:46 magnuse hiya cait and mtompset
18:55 cait hi mtompset
18:58 rhcl joined #koha
19:10 * wajasu still hasn't successfully used  dom, icu, facet query with yaz-client  and  elem zebra:facet:title:0
19:12 jcamins wahanui: at a guess you have not added indexes correctly. I can't troubleshoot, but that's the most likely problem.
19:12 wahanui jcamins: what?
19:12 jcamins wajasu: ^^
19:15 wajasu well that gives me a lead.  i probable haven't added the index properly.  i did add stuff to the retrieval xml.  maybe need something in the MARC... INDEX xsl
19:16 jcamins Yes.
19:17 wajasu ok.  i'll try that.  i think i have enough docs to reference.
19:17 rocio left #koha
19:25 edveal joined #koha
19:40 gerundio joined #koha
19:45 magnuse there is no easy syspref for showing subjects in staff client marc21 search results, right?
19:47 cait nope
19:53 rocio joined #koha
19:53 trea joined #koha
19:59 Rubens joined #koha
19:59 Rubens hi all
19:59 Rubens I am starting with KOHA
20:01 rangi packages?
20:01 wahanui packages is at
20:01 rangi you should install using the packages
20:02 magnuse rangi++
20:02 Rubens I have a collection of historical records, documents, papers (not books), can I use KOHA to manage all I have
20:04 jcamins Sure, you'll just have to catalog them in MARC, either using MARC21 or UNIMARC, depending where you are located.
20:04 jcamins marc21?
20:04 wahanui well, marc21 is at[…]hic/ecbdlist.html ,
20:04 jcamins unimarc?
20:04 wahanui somebody said unimarc was[…]ted-documentation
20:05 Rubens ok... can I put online KOHA from the virtual machine with the KOHA live CD?
20:06 rangi also, Koha is a word not an acronym, you dont have to spell it KOHA :)
20:06 Rubens ok... sorry
20:06 rangi Rubens: i don't know I have never used the live cd
20:07 jcamins That would probably be a bad idea. You should install Koha ("Koha" isn't an acronym, BTW) using packages, and make sure the server is secure. You don't know how secure the live dvd/cd is, and if you run into problems, most people won't be able to offer any advice other than "try installing Koha following the usual instructions and see if it works."
20:07 mtompset Rubens: Using a Live CD for production is a bad idea.
20:07 jcamins And, for what it's worth, when my library tried doing that (way back), the system crashed every 12 hours.
20:07 wizzyrea http://kohadevreactions.tumblr[…]ea-yeah-it-is-ill
20:09 Rubens my idea is use the live cd to install, and then publish the image in Centos, using a virtual machine
20:09 mtompset CentOS?!
20:09 wahanui i think centos is only recommended if you feel that my anticipated lifespan is too long.
20:10 * mtompset laughs, "Good one, wahanui."
20:10 wahanui mtompset: i'm not following you...
20:10 mtompset Rubens: What LiveCD are you thinking about?
20:10 wizzyrea seriously don't run a livecd in production.
20:10 mtompset Because Debian (and debian-based Linux variants) is the suggested OS.
20:11 Rubens
20:12 Rubens ok... plz instructions to install koha
20:12 wizzyrea packages?
20:12 wahanui packages is at
20:12 wizzyrea ^^^
20:13 jcamins Oh, that's fun. the live dvd is from before the latest security release.
20:13 mtompset Rubens: 3.14 is the current version.
20:13 mtompset Don't use that.
20:13 Rubens 3.14
20:13 Rubens ok
20:13 liw mmm, packages are delicious
20:14 mtompset If the Debian instructions are too sparse for you, you could try Ubuntu. :)
20:14 mtompset Ubuntu?
20:14 wahanui i heard Ubuntu was a debian-based OS and Koha has shiny new ubuntu intructions.
20:14 mtompset[…]ubuntu_-_packages
20:14 cait Debian is probably easier
20:14 cait and no new apache
20:15 wizzyrea gmcharlt:[…]1r3gb3zo1_400.gif
20:15 mtompset no new apache, if you use 12.04LTS. :)
20:15 gmcharlt wizzyrea: refreshing!
20:15 mtompset wizzyrea++ # love that gif.
20:16 cait hi gmcharlt :)
20:17 gmcharlt howdy all
20:17 * mtompset whispers, "If you install sudo and configure it, you can do those instructions under Debian too."
20:27 jenkins_koha Starting build #180 for job Koha_3.12.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:29 cait gmcharlt: how was egils conf?
20:30 Rubens[…]irtual_Appliances
20:30 gmcharlt cait: rather good, but tiring
20:30 * cait sends some coffe e
20:32 jcamins Rubens: that's not much of an improvement over the livedvd (if you're referring to the downloadable images). And if you want to do development, you shouldn't be doing it on a production server.
20:35 Rubens then... I have install packages
20:35 Rubens to development enviroment
20:36 jcamins If you're setting up a development environment, the best way to do it is with gitify.
20:37 jcamins gitify?
20:37 wahanui somebody said gitify was at
20:37 jcamins koha-gitify?
20:37 jcamins Oh, got it right the first time.
20:37 jcamins That script will convert your package installation into a git installation (you'll need to clone the Koha source code, of course) so you can do development work on it easily.
20:37 jcamins git?
20:37 wahanui i think git is[…]Control_Using_Git
20:37 jcamins ^^ for getting started with development
20:47 Rubens left #koha
20:52 rangi[…]ations.git;a=tags
20:52 rangi doing my first release using the po files from the translations repo
20:52 cait :)
20:54 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.12.x build #180: UNSTABLE in 28 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_3.12.x/180/
20:54 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Bumping version number for release
20:55 jenkins_koha Starting build #181 for job Koha_3.12.x (previous build: UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #179 15 hr ago)
20:56 cait rangi++
21:04 nengard joined #koha
21:13 francharb_afk bye
21:15 rangi just the release notes to write
21:23 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.12.x build #181: STILL UNSTABLE in 28 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_3.12.x/181/
21:23 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: 3.12.12 release notes
21:36 maximep left #koha
21:38 eythian hi
21:39 * magnuse waves to eythian
21:54 gaetan_B left #koha
22:07 bondiurbano joined #koha
22:08 bondiurbano left #koha
22:13 wizzyrea no that it will be any surprise for anyone, but compatibility mode on IE 9 spectacularly breaks Koha.
22:14 wizzyrea just putting it in the log so google can find it.
22:14 jcamins wizzyrea: !!!! I am shocked!
22:14 wizzyrea ikr
22:15 Dyrcona joined #koha
22:17 rangi is there any sites it doesnt break?
22:18 nengard left #koha
22:19 jcamins rangi: Geocities looks the same as always.
22:21 eythian what, offline? :)
22:22 jcamins That too.
22:33 dcook hehe
22:34 dcook IE of all shapes and sizes...*shudder*
22:38 kmlussier1 joined #koha
22:38 kmlussier1 left #koha
22:42 cait left #koha
22:53 * wizzyrea spits water
22:54 eythian don't do that, you'll make a mess.
22:54 wizzyrea apparently it doesn't break editing of corporate intranet sites.
22:55 wizzyrea yea, naw, that doesn't really count.
22:55 wizzyrea so no.
22:55 dcook I hope IE doesn't break Sharepoint
22:55 dcook Although I guess you never know..
22:55 wizzyrea now that would be hilarious.
22:55 eythian Well, it's the reverse: whatever they're using was targeting IE6 and therefore more standards-complient IE9 breaks their badly written CMS.
22:58 dcook You could say the same of Koha :p
22:58 dcook Well...
22:58 dcook The more standards-compliant IE11 breaks the workarounds we used because IE sucks...
22:58 rangi no, quite teh opposite
22:59 dcook We have some IE6/7 hacks floating around as well. Or at least we did a couple versions ago
23:00 rangi except it still works fine in firefox/chrome .. anything that targets ie6 will suck in that
23:00 rangi we never targetted, we just made it work for ie6/7 without breaking firefox
23:01 dcook Mmm, there are/were definitely some IE6/7 CSS hacks
23:01 rangi yes
23:01 rangi but they didnt break firefox
23:01 dcook True true
23:01 eythian Newer IE is going to stop identifying as IE apparently, to reduce this sort of thing happening.
23:01 dcook eythian: Already has stopped identifying as IE
23:01 rangi ie hacks breaking ie .. i dont really care about
23:01 dcook With IE 11, I think
23:01 eythian ah right.
23:01 rangi cos who cares about proprietary crap browsers anyway ... not me
23:02 dcook rangi: You don't but some of your clients might :p
23:02 * eythian heads to closing good pie place for lunch
23:02 rangi sure thats a catalyst problem
23:02 rangi not a koha one
23:02 * wizzyrea too mmmmm pie
23:02 dcook Intriguing
23:02 rangi keep the IE crap out of the main project
23:02 rangi and id be happy,
23:02 rangi for the staff client
23:02 eythian dcook: if they spend tens of thousands on a shiny new system, they're often inclined to allow firefox to make it work better.
23:03 dcook They spend considerably less with us :P
23:03 dcook That said, I have noticed a few places using Firefox
23:03 rangi thats a prosentient problem too
23:03 dcook Or even Chrome. Perhaps things are (slowly) changing
23:03 dcook rangi: v true
23:03 rangi and i do think it is an actual problem, in all seriousness
23:03 dcook Money or browsers?
23:03 rangi both
23:04 dcook I'm doubly intrigued
23:11 mtompset Musical flashback -- ( I thought it was money for nothing and chicks for free. ;)
23:41 papa joined #koha
23:54 rocio left #koha

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