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00:28 jcamins rangi: my rule of thumb is that if I remove the punctuation and add spaces, I can just use Perl code as Python.
00:31 rangi heh
00:31 rangi yeah
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02:08 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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04:01 * Oak waves
04:10 dcook Sometimes, I wonder what will happen when we move away from Template::Toolkit and we have to redo some of our magic in other ways...
04:10 dcook I suppose that sort of thing is inevitable and you just have to see what happens when it happens
04:10 dcook Progress and all that
04:12 eythian T::T is fairly well established
04:12 eythian Shouldn't go anywhere in a hurry
04:12 dcook Ah, it looks like it's still updating too?
04:13 dcook I saw a copyright statement to 2007, but now I see one for 2012
04:13 eythian I haven't looked, but I expect so.
04:17 jcamins Why would you link to a set of obsolete installation instructions when there are perfectly good instructions on the wiki?
04:18 jcamins On second thought, I withdraw the question.
04:18 jcamins Good night.
04:18 wahanui It'll all be over soon...
04:26 dcook lol
04:26 dcook night, jcamins
04:41 mtompset The pdf link? Because it had a commentary about hardware.
04:41 mtompset Hardware requirements for Koha haven
04:41 mtompset t really changed.
04:44 mtompset good night, jcamins.
04:44 mtompset Greetings, Oak eythian dcook.
04:46 Oak hello mtompset :)
04:48 mtompset How should cataloguer/cataloger and canceled/cancelled be spelt/spelled?
04:54 mtompset is en supposed to be American spelling, British spelling, or some other spelling for English?
05:57 BobB hi mtompset, afaik en generally provides US spelling;
05:57 BobB we use the en-nz translation for British/Australian spelling
05:58 BobB and its definitely 'cataloguer' for us
05:58 BobB and issues and returns and reserves :)
06:00 mtompset So, BobB, do you think the changes related to cataloguer and canceled in bug 11503 are okay?
06:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11503 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Several typos
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06:01 BobB will take a peep
06:01 cait good morning #koha
06:02 dcook morning cait
06:02 * dcook is so tempted to keep working on a TT plugin, but most head to the cinema
06:02 dcook Book Thief time!
06:02 dcook night all
06:02 wahanui goodnight dcook. You'll be back.
06:02 mtompset Greetings, cait.
06:04 cait :)
06:23 BobB mtompset, cataloger would be consistent, cataloguer would be used in the en-NZ or en-UK translations
06:23 BobB Usage of cancelled/canceled is less clear.  It seems canceled is US usage only - the rest of the world uses cancelled
06:24 mtompset I think canceled may be regional, not national.
06:24 BobB however usage in the US seems to vary:  I saw canceled in NY Times and Seattle newspaper but cancelled on the Avis website
06:24 BobB I guess not all .com websites are published from the US.
06:25 paxed is there a setting to disable the search word hilighting in staff ui?
06:25 BobB certainly cancelled is more widespread
06:25 BobB paxed, yes
06:25 BobB its a sys pref
06:26 paxed for opac. not staff.
06:26 BobB so I'll update the bug, mtompset
06:26 mtompset I signed it off.
06:27 mtompset Thanks for the feedback.
06:27 paxed BobB: if you mean OpacHighlightedWords, that doesn't seem to apply for the staff ui.
06:28 BobB ah, might have been what was in my mind, sorry I don't have time to check that now
06:49 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
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07:38 reiveune hello
07:40 cait bbl
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07:59 alex_a bonjour
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08:10 nlegrand Hey #koha
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08:12 gaetan_B hello
08:16 nlegrand hey gaetan_B
08:16 wahanui gaetan_B is working at Biblibre and did the nice new start page together with asaurat or a fan of icons
08:16 gaetan_B :)
08:18 cait hi gaetan_B :)
08:18 cait happy new year :)
08:19 cait bit late, but it still counts i hope?
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08:30 gaetan_B yep still counts of course cait, happy new year to you :)
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08:38 marcelr hi #koha
08:39 cait hi marcelr - happy new year
08:40 marcelr :)
08:59 nlegrand cait: I've always thought it counts till the 31st :)
09:08 cait :)
09:18 sophie_m hello #koha
09:19 sophie_m v3.10.13 should not have been released ? I can't find it
09:20 cait i think we are only up to 12 yet
09:20 cait judging form the website
09:21 cait
09:22 sophie_m that's what I see also cait, no release in decembre...
09:28 cait maybe the holidays
09:29 cait are you waiting for a specific patch?
09:31 sophie_m cait, we are upgrading our customer every 3 monthes, so each time we jump for 3 releases. This time it will only be 2
09:43 cait ah I see
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10:31 cait @wunder Konstanz
10:31 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 4.3°C (11:30 AM CET on January 13, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
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12:13 tcohen morning #koha
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12:29 Joubu hi
12:31 cait hi Joubu
12:31 tcohen hi Joubu
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13:13 kivilahtio wow I am looking into the item.totalissues and updating biblioitem.totalissues. Is it really true that you must update the whole bibliographic record to Zebra. One cannot just update one MARC-field to the zebra indexes?
13:14 cait i think zebra will reindex the whole record
13:20 cait kivilahtio: you saw that you can calculate those with a cronjob?
13:20 cait if you are worried about performance
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13:20 cait hi oleonard :)
13:20 oleonard Hi
13:23 kivilahtio cait: yes I noticed. But then I realized that Solr is there as well!
13:23 kivilahtio oleonard: hi to you too!
13:23 kivilahtio Uncertain about the current status of Solr integration
13:24 kivilahtio BibLibre test servers are inaccessible atm :(
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13:41 tcohen gmcharlt: is jenkins loading a fresh DB for each Koha_3.12.x run?
13:45 cait kivilahtio: solr is not ripe for production
13:45 cait it won't support everything zebra does i think and is still experimental
13:45 kivilahtio cait: thank you
13:45 tcohen hi kivilahtio
13:45 kivilahtio cait: Also I think we could do with
13:45 kivilahtio hi tcohen! How do you do?
13:45 kivilahtio cait: It looks like a good solution
13:45 tcohen great kivilahtio
13:46 kivilahtio good to hear that :)
13:46 kivilahtio I am eating salmiakki, very good
13:46 tcohen how r u doing?
13:46 tcohen oh (googling)
13:46 tcohen never heard of that!
13:46 kivilahtio we are going to Mikkelin tomorrow, to talk with them about some data migration issues and about forming a Koha consortium of sorts
13:46 kivilahtio If I ever come to a KohaCon I'll bring some
13:47 tcohen jenk?
13:47 tcohen :D
13:47 kivilahtio jenk?
13:47 cait kivilahtio: you shoud totally go to kohacon in argentina .)
13:47 tcohen trying autocomplete for jenkins
13:47 tcohen need to trigger the 3.12.x build
13:48 kivilahtio cait: sounds cool, maybe I will :)
13:51 kivilahtio wow HELsinki -> CORdoba -> HELsinki 1440€ !
13:52 kivilahtio ~30h travel time
13:56 cait wow
13:56 cait almost as long as to nz
13:56 kivilahtio that's a lot
13:56 kivilahtio maybe there will be a bargain flight out there somewhere :)
14:05 tcohen jcamins around?
14:07 tcohen @later tell jcamins I'd like to ask u about 10688 and 3.12.x
14:07 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
14:15 kivilahtio do you ever clean the statistics table in production?
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14:17 kivilahtio just curious what will happend after 5 years :)
14:20 jcamins kivilahtio: it will be very full.
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14:24 kivilahtio hmm, It could be moved to it's own statistics and reports server?
14:25 jcamins kivilahtio: you mean using replication and the black hole storage engine? Sure, you could do that.
14:25 jcamins I'm not sure how necessary it is, though.
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14:28 kivilahtio jcamins: probably  not. I guess one needs to worry about that when the DB starts to get full :)
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14:46 kivilahtio update_statistics doesn't take into account deleted items?
14:48 cait hm not sure, never used that
14:48 kivilahtio cait: well I guess this must be used to enable relevancy ranking with zebra searches?
14:49 cait kivilahtio: we keep it so far
14:49 cait the information in statistics
14:49 cait it's ued for the item and record history... you will need that if you want to decide what to weed
14:50 kivilahtio but if a item is deleted it is moved to deleted_items-table. The SQL in doesnt touch deleted_items, but only replaces hte existing totalissuess-count with the count of available items
14:50 cait hm i think if you assume it is deleted it was not checked out on the same day
14:50 cait i mean it's unlikely to happen
14:50 cait say you run the report every night
14:51 cait it would have to be checked out and deleted on the same day
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14:54 kivilahtio cait: my issues is that if a item is issues 50 times, and then moved to the deleted_items-table, after running this script te biblioitems.totalissues drops by 50
14:54 kivilahtio regardless of your method of using the script
14:55 kivilahtio hmm, looks like a new bugentry
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15:00 cait ah
15:00 cait so the totalissues is supposed to be all items?
15:00 cait not sure if it's a bug or not
15:00 cait might be a 123
15:01 kivilahtio cait: I suppose totalissues is the number of times that book has been issued during its lifecycle
15:02 kivilahtio cait: it should never d3ecreas
15:02 cait hm
15:02 cait i know some libraries only look at the numbers in the last x years
15:03 cait so if something is very old, tht totals are not so interesting, but the recent use
15:03 kivilahtio cait: so you need statistics for that, but I think this functionality still works in an unintended fashion
15:04 kivilahtio cait: but if you run this script incrementally from statistics I think it works ok
15:05 kivilahtio so this answers my core issues of migrating total issues :)
15:05 kivilahtio but if you recalculate your total issues, you might get wrong numbers
15:06 kivilahtio I think i'll report a minor bug for this
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15:08 cait we have mostly academics... they haven't asked for that so far :)
15:12 cait fixing the popularity serach is still on my todo
15:13 cait it didn't work at all in the versions we started with, bug jcamins++ fixed it
15:19 kivilahtio jcamins++ :)
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15:30 kivilahtio why is there a statistical type of return? Why would one want to take reports of that?
15:36 oleonard To help understand how busy your are?
15:36 oleonard Librarians love reports
15:40 gmcharlt tcohen: it didn't use to, but let me check quickly
15:40 tcohen gmcharlt: i've just updated the current DB
15:40 tcohen because Serials.t needs a subscription on the DB
15:40 tcohen (that's fixed in master...)
15:41 gmcharlt tcohen: it doesn't reload the DB automatically
15:41 tcohen ok
15:41 gmcharlt where is the dump? and shall I cancel the current build, reload the DB, and start it again?
15:42 tcohen not at all
15:42 tcohen i've put a while ago dumps for 3.12 and 3.14 in /home/jenkins
15:42 tcohen which could be used to reload the DB if needed
15:43 tcohen i've updated the 3.12 one to have the subscription and success the tests
15:43 gmcharlt ah
15:43 gmcharlt to clarify, did you update the runnign DB?
15:43 tcohen yes
15:45 gmcharlt OK
15:48 tcohen hopefully we'll have jenkins saying 3.12 is stable now :-(
15:48 tcohen i know is just a label and a color in jenkins, but it annoys me :-P
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15:50 gmcharlt tcohen++ # aiming for stability
15:50 kivilahtio oleonard: touché?
15:51 gmcharlt kivilahtio: a more serious answer -- keeping track of usage of items within the library
15:51 kivilahtio gmcharlt: thank you
15:52 oleonard My answer was serious :P
15:52 gmcharlt oleonard: I don't deny it, but I think mine was more serious^Wboring ;)
15:53 kivilahtio well now it makes sense. You could deduct the "loose" items by subtracting from checkouts the checkins. But dont we have a reporting module for that?
15:53 kivilahtio statistics vs reporting :)
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15:54 jcamins kivilahtio: one can't get a report on statistics that aren't collected. No matter what your director may request.
15:55 kivilahtio jcamins: thanks, I think I will print that and glue to our wall
15:55 jcamins :)
15:56 gmcharlt buug 642454 (ENH) Time-travel statistical collection module
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15:58 * mtompset smirks.
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16:04 mtompset Greetings.
16:05 tcohen hi mtompset
16:05 mtompset Greetings, tcohen.
16:05 mtompset Okay... I've got an interesting problem.
16:06 mtompset I'm going to email the dev mailing list about it.
16:06 tcohen shoot
16:06 mtompset But the short version: opac-MARCdetail grabs the hidden tag, opac-detail does not.
16:07 mtompset How to make opac-detail pay attention to the hidden MARC tag data, so things can be hidden the same way on opac-detail./
16:23 kivilahtio permissions use binary flags :D lol that
16:23 kivilahtio erm... a binary flag
16:24 reiveune bye
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16:24 tcohen permissions handling in Koha is really close to black magic
16:25 tcohen has anyone experienced this? enable "Try" QueryParser => 0 results (authorities); "Don't try" QueryParser => #results != 0
16:26 jcamins tcohen: I've got that old black magic under my skin. That old black magic letting me log in?
16:26 kivilahtio tcohen: I am used to working with binary flag-arrays thanks to our legacy system. In Koha I can properly reverse engineer those flags, but with our legacy system we are not allowed to make any writes to the DB, thus the only way to make sense of a record with columns status1 and status2, both arrays of binary flags, is to cross reference our data
16:27 kivilahtio it sucks so bad, but is in a strange kind of fashion interesting
16:27 * tcohen likes black magic
16:27 tcohen :-P
16:28 kivilahtio but I have to say naming borrower.flags "flags" is obfuscation at its best
16:28 tcohen heh
16:31 gaetan_B bye !
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16:50 mtompset no, these are hidden in marc_subfield_structure. :)
16:51 mtompset tcohen: Yes, I believe I have experienced that.
16:58 mtompset oh... authorities... no.
16:58 mtompset Haven't searched for authorities.
16:58 Joubu bye
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17:02 druthb jcamins++  #'cuz he's brilliant, mmk?
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17:40 * cait waves
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18:39 * magnuse waves
18:41 druthb magnuse!
18:41 wahanui magnuse is afraid that we added another 10000 bugs while he was eating pizza.
18:41 cait :)
18:42 magnuse did anyone plug "migrate ALL THE THINGS!" yet?
18:42 magnuse druthb! cait!
18:43 * druthb hides.
18:43 cait i think druthb got close
18:43 cait but then she stopped
18:43 * druthb runs away!
18:43 magnuse migrate ALL THE THINGS! is
18:43 druthb not my best preso ever.  I'm kinda agitated that it got published.
18:43 magnuse oops?
18:44 druthb *Shrug*
18:44 magnuse i heard the first 5 minutes - sounded promising to me :-)
18:44 magnuse i'll liste to the rest later, for sure
18:44 druthb puh.
18:44 druthb Just talked about my process, told some tales about migrations I've done.
18:46 druthb showed off the code that you already know about.  *shrug*
18:46 * cait pokes druthb with the pointy stick
18:47 cait stop doing that
18:47 magnuse sounds good to me :-)
18:47 magnuse (the talk, not the poking)
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18:52 jcamins @wunder 11375
18:53 huginn jcamins: The current temperature in Glendale, Glendale, New York is 7.9°C (1:50 PM EST on January 13, 2014). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Windchill: 6.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Falling).
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18:55 marjorieccsr Hi, in course reserves, when i click on remove instructor (in edit course) nothing happen. Someone has already tested it?
18:58 cait marjorieccsr: hm have you checked bugzilla?
18:58 magnuse @wunder osl
18:58 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Oslo Airport, Norway is -11.0°C (7:50 PM CET on January 13, 2014). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: -13.0°C. Windchill: -18.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
18:58 magnuse was -19 this morning
18:59 marjorieccsr cait: yes, i found nothing on this bug
19:03 cait hm there is one about deleting courses
19:03 cait but that might not be it
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19:16 marjorieccsr cait: thanks, i will open a ticket on bz.
19:16 cait sorry for not being more helpful
19:16 kivilahtio so many bugs in my migration toolkit... baaaaaaaahhh
19:16 kivilahtio I think I heard migrate ALL THE THINGS as well
19:17 kivilahtio it left a blunt expression in my face :)
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19:22 kivilahtio the good thing with trance music is... that you eventually fall into trance :)
19:22 kivilahtio if you can endure it first
19:22 * cait feels more like falling asleep
19:38 * maximep is listening to Gaia - Tuvan =)
19:50 mtompset concat(str1,...,strN) is MySQL specific. What's not a MySQLism? ||? SQL Server doesn't support it.
19:51 rambutan joined #koha
19:51 cait hm maybe ||
19:53 cait not sure it works withmysql
19:54 mtompset it supposedly can be made to work.
19:54 mtompset I'm experimenting now.
19:58 mtompset ah!
19:59 mtompset set sql_mode='ansi';
19:59 cait hm
20:00 cait what are you working on?
20:01 mtompset trying to collect the "hidden" values for a field to pass to the template, so that i can tweak opac-detail to hide things properly.
20:01 cait i am just wondering
20:01 mtompset the problem is 541$e and 952%i
20:01 cait maybe use dbix?
20:01 mtompset the problem is 541$e and 952$i
20:01 cait instead of writing sql
20:02 mtompset cait: That's a learning curve I don't have time to figure out.
20:02 mtompset the patch needs to be done last month. :)
20:02 mtompset Shoot... bus!
20:02 * mtompset head off to pick up son.
20:02 mtompset ^head^heads^
20:07 rambutan methinks druthb would make a great Marc instructor. Who would have guessed that TLH would be a valid Marc language code? Who?
20:07 wizzyrea http://thetvmouse.files.wordpr[…]ows.gif%3Fw%3D558
20:10 druthb Room full of people who are *waaay* geekier than Koha folk.  Needed something uber-nerdy for 'em.
20:13 cait geekier than us?
20:17 jcamins Heh.
20:17 * cait feels slightly insulted
20:25 mtompset Here here, cait! druthb that was ruuuuude. :P
20:26 druthb :P
20:27 NateC joined #koha
20:27 druthb Not at all.  Koha people can at least socialize without massive quantities of beer in them.
20:27 druthb Not so these uber-geeks.
20:27 cait 21/8
20:27 cait hmpf.
20:27 cait passed/failed
20:28 oleonard Has anyone verified whether we can socialize *with* massive quantities of beer in us?
20:28 * cait has seen oleonard drinking beer and found him being able to socialize
20:28 druthb :P
20:29 cait well but maybe not massive quantities:)
20:29 oleonard No, not nearly.
20:30 cait lots of glasses!
20:30 cait ... small ones
20:31 mtompset Got to run. wife to pick up, evening meeting. rush rush rush.
20:31 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
20:32 wizzyrea is there still a limit on the number of items that Koha can have on a biblio?
20:32 cait hm i think if you use -x for indexing probably not
20:32 cait or much higher than it used to be
20:32 wizzyrea -x is default now yea?
20:32 druthb yah, if you're using -x, there's not one that I ever hit.
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20:34 * oleonard smells serials
20:36 rambutan what do serials smell like?
20:36 rambutan smelt?
20:36 oleonard Like too many items
20:36 cait like too many name changes, splitting ups an all that
20:37 druthb cait++
20:37 wizzyrea yep, this was in fact a question about a record that was a serial.
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20:51 rangi heh i think i just blew up the koha server
20:51 cait oh?
20:51 cait which one?
20:51 wahanui somebody said which one was that? The fixed navbar?
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20:52 * magnuse heard a faint boom in the distance
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20:52 wizzyrea !
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20:53 rangi here come all the academy students
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20:53 * wizzyrea gets ready
20:54 * cait gets nervous
20:54 francesca joined #koha
20:54 wizzyrea oh I am guessing git
20:54 rangi yeah
20:54 * cait waves at t-houlks and francesca
20:54 * aleishaa waves at emma
20:55 * wizzyrea waves at our future Koha devs
20:55 cait oh there are more furhter up :)
20:55 rangi how are the clones going?
20:55 * francesca hello!
20:55 * cait waves at all the academy students
20:55 * aleishaa waves at cait!
20:55 Roman_ still no more progress
20:55 cait @quote random
20:55 huginn cait: Quote #245: "<jcamins> Noooooooooooo!!!! wahanui! Cut down in the prime of life!" (added by gmcharlt at 11:07 PM, May 02, 2013)
20:55 francesca waves
20:55 rangi @wunder nzwn
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20:55 cait @wunder Konstanz
20:55 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 4.2°C (9:55 PM CET on January 13, 2014). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
20:55 * daniel_ waves at all Koha People
20:56 druthb @wunder 77098
20:56 huginn druthb: The current temperature in WEST UNIVERSITY, HOUSTON, Texas is 22.8°C (2:55 PM CST on January 13, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 21%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1014 hPa (Rising).
20:56 * francesca waves at everybody
20:56 cait :)
20:56 druthb Howdy from Houston, TX, academy students!  :)
20:56 cait hope you have a fun week working on Koha :)
20:57 * magnuse waves to all the cool academy students, from oslo, norway
20:57 rangi we will once the server recovers, 8 clones at once not a good idea
20:57 francesca if the server recovers
20:57 * cait says hi from Konstanz, Germany
20:57 * aleisha laughs
20:57 cait ah, rangi can fix everything ;)
20:58 * cjh waves to all the academy kids from upstairs.
20:59 * francesca waves back
21:00 cait rangi: is NOW() a mysqlism?
21:02 cait hm
21:02 * cait might be confusing something
21:05 magnuse have fun #koha!
21:10 cjh cait: NOW() also exists in postgres, but I think CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is ansi (postgres and mysql both seem to support)
21:11 cait oh thx cjh :)
21:12 cjh >  MySQL supports NOW( ) as a synonym of the function CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.
21:13 bshum joined #koha
21:13 cait i found that bit, but was not sure how to read it
21:15 cjh I think it means CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is the standard function, and NOW() was added by mysql as another name for it
21:15 cjh cait: postgres documentation also calls NOW() non-sql-standard
21:15 cait cjh++
21:15 cjh[…]ons-datetime.html
21:16 cjh under " The complete list of non-SQL-standard time functions is:" it mentions now()
21:16 cjh cait: I wanted to know the answer :D
21:27 NateC left #koha
21:28 NateC joined #koha
21:39 rangi gmcharlt: are you around? or anyone with console on the git server?
21:39 gmcharlt rangi: I'm around
21:39 gmcharlt give me a moment to see if I can fulfill the second requirement :)
21:40 rangi thanks :)
21:40 rangi academy students: git clone git://
21:45 eythian hi
21:45 eythian rangi: I can push to the catalyst one, it'll be reasonably current.
21:45 eythian rangi: if that'd be faster for you
21:45 rangi yeah that might help
21:47 rangi aleisha: can you try git clone git://
21:48 eythian it's pushing master right at the moment.
21:48 eythian you might want to give it a minute
21:48 rangi cool
21:48 eythian done
21:48 eythian I'll push the other branches when I work out how that works
21:49 eythian oh, --mirror
21:49 rangi ta
21:51 rangi ok, status check how far are you daniel_
21:52 eythian rangi: done, it's probably a bit more of a mess now as it'll have all my extra branches and remotes, but that's not the end of the world.
21:52 rangi yeah, we will deal
21:53 rangi merllissiam: past 65 yet?
21:59 gmcharlt rangi: it's settled down
22:03 cait gmcharlt++ # busy RM :)
22:07 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10318: Show primary email in patron search results <[…]5c0a5cb83a8fbe849> / Bug 11505: fix untranslatable table headers in Label batch manager <[…]7493f8dc52e52945a> / Bug 11381: improve styling of IDreamBooks content in bootstrap theme <http://git.koha-c
22:16 JJJollyjim joined #koha
22:16 JJJollyjim left #koha
22:22 daniel_ joined #koha
22:26 wizzyrea hm the username isn't defaulted for new users who use patron self registration
22:26 wizzyrea you can end up with a borrower with no username, but an assigned password.
22:26 * wizzyrea tests that again.
22:26 gmcharlt wizzyrea: that bit WFM
22:26 wizzyrea doesn't hurt anything, but it ought to do the thing the rest of Koha does.
22:27 wizzyrea this is in bootstrap, not prog... let me check prog.
22:28 wizzyrea at the very least, if you don't give it a username, it doesn't display it.
22:28 cait left #koha
22:29 wizzyrea naw, it doesn't work in prog on master either. I don't have username set as a required field (which isn't default) - is there a setting I'm missing?
22:31 wizzyrea
22:32 eythian pre-filling the password box rubs me the wrong way a bit.
22:32 eythian Why doesn't it just log them on.
22:33 wizzyrea probably because there's an optional step of having them confirm their email address?
22:33 wizzyrea idk.
22:33 dcook joined #koha
22:38 gmcharlt wizzyrea: dunno re userid, works for me and it shoudl always default to firstname.lastname
22:38 wizzyrea I think I figured it out - if you give the system preference a borrower category that doesn't exist, it doesn't register the borrower, but doesn't say that anything went werong
22:38 wizzyrea wrong
22:39 wizzyrea which is a different problem :)
22:40 wizzyrea example, I told the syspref to use category A, which didn't exist. It worked when I used PT
22:41 gmcharlt ah
22:41 gmcharlt definitely worth reporting
22:42 tcohen joined #koha
22:53 mcooper joined #koha
22:54 tcohen wizzyrea: 11096 is about big records being indexed
22:55 wizzyrea how big is big
22:55 tcohen more than 99999 characters?
22:57 dcook tcohen: What was your scenario again? I've mostly encountered it due to extremely long and numerous notes fields
22:57 tcohen i attached the exact record :-D
22:58 tcohen and galen wrote some unit tests with its own too
22:58 dcook bug 11096
22:58 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11096 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Signed Off , Koha cannot retreive big records from Zebra
22:58 tcohen huge notes
22:58 dcook Mmm, right. Lots of items.
22:58 tcohen lots of whatever heh
22:59 dcook hehe
23:00 tcohen bbl, cya dcook
23:00 rangi we are going to go lunch now
23:00 tcohen hi rangi!
23:00 rangi can someone look at bug 11537
23:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11537 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, chris, Needs Signoff , Increasing test coverage for C4::Log
23:00 tcohen hope you're having fun
23:00 rangi first patch of this years academy
23:00 dcook Hmm
23:00 tcohen rangi: tomorrow i will
23:02 * wizzyrea got it
23:02 dcook rangi: Sure, although not I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for
23:03 rangi test plan is on the patch
23:03 rangi wizzyrea: prolly needs to be outside catalyst for sign off
23:03 wizzyrea ah right. never mind then.
23:03 dcook All right. I's gots this
23:04 Todd joined #koha
23:04 rangi thanks dcook
23:05 dcook np
23:05 dcook Thanks for your sign offs (and generally just being awesome :P)
23:23 kathryn rangi: woohoo for academy patches!
23:27 wizzyrea \o/ academy patches!
23:31 rangi today is just unit tests, tomorrow is working on a few different things
23:32 rambutan left #koha
23:32 dcook unit tests \o/
23:38 pastebot "rangi" at pasted "Tests to improve" (9 lines) at
23:39 rangi right gonna grab some food now ive found some work for them
23:40 dcook Bon appétit
23:46 papa joined #koha
23:50 merllissiam joined #koha
23:50 aleisha joined #koha
23:51 daniel_ joined #koha
23:51 rocio joined #koha
23:51 emmah joined #koha
23:53 t-houlks joined #koha
23:55 alexh joined #koha

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