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00:59 eythian is no one reading my _two_ emails about how disabling the default site is the bad approach? Seriously?
01:00 rangi nope
01:04 eythian wahanui: columbus day is <reply>
01:04 wahanui OK, eythian.
01:11 dcook eythian: Can't say that I saw it
01:11 dcook But I'm intrigued
01:12 eythian dcook: saw what?
01:12 dcook The two emails
01:12 dcook I saw the first saying not to I think?
01:12 eythian In the Koha OPAC site thread
01:13 eythian The first explaining how to do it properly, the second explaining why the way someone else suggested was the way I'd already said was the wrong way to do it.
01:14 mtompset I did. I just replied pointing that out again.
01:14 eythian good :)
01:15 dcook Hmm, I think both emails presume a certain level of knowledge though
01:15 dcook That said, it's not your duty to explain the ins and outs of web server config either
01:16 dcook Admittedly, I only understand your first email theoretically (since I have yet to work with DNS)
01:16 mtompset This is the biggest problem with instructions. Limit scope to just Koha instructions, and hoping people understand the pieces being used.
01:16 dcook It is a problem but I don't know if it is a problem with the instructions
01:17 dcook As rangi has pointed out before, if you don't know how to run a server, you probably shouldn't be running Koha
01:17 eythian Yeah, I don't have the time to dictate "TCP/IP Networking" to people :)
01:17 eythian TCP/IP Illustrated, rather.
01:17 eythian That's a good book, apparently.
01:17 dcook Illustrated, eh?
01:17 eythian yeah, it has big letters at the start of each chapter.
01:18 dcook Sounds more interesting than the networking book I was reading
01:18 eythian dcook: in this case it's pretty simple: the URL you're typing into the browser doesn't match the URL in the apache config (most likely.)
01:18 dcook Right
01:18 dcook I'm more curious about the details
01:18 dcook At the moment, at home, I just use Servernames like "devstaff" and "devopac"
01:18 dcook And run them both through port 80
01:19 dcook (Not that any of it is exposed to the internet as I'm not THAT confident yet)
01:19 eythian I'd recommend grabbing a few O'Rielly books
01:19 jcamins dcook:
01:19 dcook The networking one I had was an O'Reilly, but a bit dated
01:20 eythian dated is OK if it's giving you the fundamentals, they haven't changed in some years.
01:20 dcook jcamins: hehe
01:20 dcook It was actually a pretty useful read at the time. I put it down in July as that was "wedding month" but I should probably pick it up again
01:20 eythian[…]oad/dp/0448421658 <-- start here, the comments will give you a bit of an idea about the material covered.
01:21 dcook Hmm, this explained a bit of what I was imagining as well:[…]sts/examples.html
01:22 dcook I wasn't sure if a person spelled out the whole URL as the servername or not
01:22 eythian yeah, that page fives you the basics.
01:22 eythian You have to, unless you have the short forms in ServerAlias
01:22 eythian that said, the browser may expand it for you in some cases I think.
01:22 dcook Yeah, I think Chrome might expand it but I don't know if IE does
01:23 * dcook might not have said what he thinks he said there
01:23 eythian[…]=O%27Reilly+Media <-- these are handy, too.
01:23 eythian When I need to know about something, I tend to grab one of them and read it.
01:26 dcook Intriguing...
01:26 dcook What device do you use for reading them?
01:27 eythian tablet typically
01:28 * dcook has been pondering buying a tablet
01:28 dcook Not sure about my next set of devices
01:28 dcook None of the smart phones are impressing me and just haven't gotten around to the tablet yet as I haven't found a good replacement phone
01:28 dcook What OS do you use on your tablet?
01:29 eythian Android.
01:29 eythian There's not really any options on that front.
01:29 dcook Is Cyanogen and...what is it...Randroid mostly just for phones?
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01:30 eythian I don't know. I was still counting them as Android :)
01:30 dcook Ah, fair enough
01:31 mtompset Good Lord! He did it knowing that he was running drupal on the same server.
01:31 dcook Kohacon will be a good chance for me to peep at other people's hardware..
01:32 eythian mtompset: hmm?
01:32 mtompset The OPAC guy where people suggested disabling the default site.
01:32 eythian I don't see any posts to the list. I'd quite like a told-you-so moment ;)
01:33 eythian so, he disabled it and it all broke because he took the easy but bad way?
01:34 pastebot "mtompset" at pasted "Seriously?! He knew there was drupal and ran it?!" (6 lines) at
01:34 eythian oh dear
01:34 eythian tell him to post to the list, I think.
01:35 mtompset " if someone is trying to install Koha on a machine that servers other web pages, this is not a good idea." --- seriously, doesn't anyone read what I wrote?
01:35 eythian or link him to the three emails that say that *exactly that will happen*.
01:37 mtompset I went with the here's the opposite command, but I don't now if that will get you back to your previous state, and if not, I can't help you.
01:38 mtompset ^now^know^
01:39 eythian yeah. Oh well.
01:40 dcook I must admit that I am a bit confused
01:40 eythian dcook: there were three emails saying "don't do this", and he did that.
01:41 dcook Well, I'm not confused about that part :p
01:41 dcook Despite it being a bit mind-boggling
01:41 rangi drupal was probably running as a subdirectory of the default site
01:42 rangi he has since disabled that site
01:42 rangi bam
01:42 rangi can no longer see drupal
01:43 dcook Mmm
01:43 dcook Wouldn't that point to bad drupal config as well then?
01:43 eythian no
01:43 eythian drupal isn't even configured
01:43 eythian it's just dropped into the default site.
01:43 eythian it's a fairly normal way of doing simple things.
01:44 dcook As the default DocumentRoot for the default site is /var/www
01:44 rangi yep
01:44 eythian yeah, so drop in in drupal/ under there.
01:44 dcook Hmm, makes sense
01:46 dcook How would you access Drupal then?
01:46 eythian were I doing it, I'd probably give it its own virtual host.
01:47 eythian This depends on requirements though.
01:47 eythian oh, you mean in that situation?
01:47 dcook Yeah, in that situation
01:47 eythian You just point the browser to webserver/drupal
01:47 dcook Ahh, so most people using Drupal probably have their on vhost set up?
01:47 eythian No, I expect most are using the default site.
01:48 eythian As that way is very easy.
01:48 dcook Seems like it
01:48 dcook I suppose that's where DNS could come in as well?
01:48 dcook So you have pointing at webserver/drupal
01:49 eythian Yeah.
01:49 dcook Actually, that's why I was surprised that one would put in a full URL as a servername in a vhost
01:49 eythian And it'll just work. But as soon as you want more than one virtual host, you need to do it right.
01:49 eythian Why wouldn't you put a full hostname in?
01:49 eythian that's how it's addressed, that's its name.
01:55 eythian oh wait, you don't put a proper URL in ServerName, just the full hostname.
01:56 eythian Except in some circumstances that I've never had to use.
01:59 dcook Hmm, I suppose I'm not sure I follow
01:59 eythian URL is a superset of hostname.
01:59 dcook But I haven't set up anything to do with DNS (yet)
01:59 dcook Ok
02:00 mtompset He sent me another email saying he's only doing this on a VM, so it wasn't anything production-wise. *whew*
02:00 dcook Mmm, I think I might follow
02:00 eythian well he should still be reading all the emails that he gets on the topic.
02:01 dcook So you might just have "kohaopac" and "kohastaff" as your hostnames/servernames then you associate that with a larger domain name?
02:01 mtompset Hopefully he does.
02:02 mtompset The domain stuff is really part of the apache configuration files, so what you want to call them doesn't really matter.
02:03 mtompset just need corresponding DNS entries or modified hosts files, the former being the proper and desired method.
02:03 rangi dcook: not really, you its should by full domain name, but url is https:// or http:// domainname /perhaps/other/stuff
02:03 rangi ie url is much more than domainname
02:03 eythian dcook: well, not necessarily. One vhost can have many names. If you point to the IP address of your server, you need in the ServerName or ServerAlias directives in your vhost.
02:03 eythian Oh, I misunderstood again.
02:04 eythian hostname.domainname.tld is the typical form.
02:04 eythian and http://hostname.domainname.tld/path is an example of a URL
02:04 dcook My mistake there, eythian
02:04 dcook I meant domain name rather than URL
02:05 eythian right, don't mix them up :)
02:05 dcook I should've known better :p
02:05 * dcook wrote a URL parser once then switched to an open source parser that was far superior
02:05 dcook The whole terminology thing came out at that point
02:05 dcook Hmm
02:05 eythian ah right
02:06 dcook So your servername is a fully qualified domain name hostname.domainname.told in your apache vhost
02:06 eythian yeah, it's important to be pedantic and get them right, or you can't communicate about them to anyway else.
02:06 eythian yeah, it can be.
02:06 eythian And that's how I do it.
02:06 dcook Which is identical to what you register when you're setting up DNS?
02:06 eythian mixed terminology again :)
02:07 eythian You don't register anything when you set up DNS.
02:07 eythian except the initial domain name.
02:07 dcook Right, you register the domain name
02:07 dcook Do you point the domain at your IP address?
02:07 eythian so the domainname is, but your library is, so they're not identical
02:07 dcook Or do you need to qualify each sub-domain/hostname
02:07 rangi you can do wildcard dns
02:07 eythian not in this case
02:07 rangi point *.domainname at one ip
02:08 eythian I think that * !=
02:08 rangi but 99.9%
02:08 rangi you point the actual subdomain
02:08 rangi to the ip you want
02:08 dcook So someone registered
02:08 rangi yep
02:08 dcook But somewhere there are records pointing to one IP
02:08 eythian but yeah, www has the IP of the webserver, library the IP of the koha server, FTP the IP of the FTP server.
02:09 dcook and other koha-community sites to other IP addresses?
02:09 eythian yeah
02:09 rangi exactly
02:09 rangi and you can tell we dont do wildcard dns
02:09 rangi cos
02:09 rangi
02:09 rangi doesnt work :)
02:09 dcook hehe
02:10 rangi and point to the same
02:10 rangi bugs. paste. downloads. point to the same (other one)
02:10 dcook And those are separate servernames or DNS entries?
02:10 rangi both
02:10 rangi for some
02:11 rangi but they are all virtualhosts in apache
02:11 dcook So where do we configure DNS in this case?
02:11 rangi do a whois
02:11 rangi on
02:11 rangi Name Server:NS1.IWANTMYNAME.NET
02:11 rangi thats where we configure dns for that domain
02:12 eythian if you're really keen: dig +trace
02:13 dcook Whoaa
02:14 dcook So there's a record (A record?) on that associates and the actual IP address
02:14 eythian the long strings are DNSSEC I think, which I'm not going to explain because I mostly don't understand it either.
02:14 dcook On the web server (which has that actual IP address), we then have a servername with
02:14 rangi virtualhost
02:14 wahanui virtualhost is
02:14 eythian yep, and another one with (or there might be a serveralias
02:14 eythian )
02:15 rangi in that virtualhost it has a servername of that
02:15 dcook In servername would be
02:15 eythian yeah, there's a redirect there, so there's most likely two virtualhosts, one redirecting to the other.
02:15 rangi in the apache config yep
02:16 dcook I think I actually understand now
02:16 dcook eythian++
02:16 dcook rangi++
02:16 dcook You two are the best :)
02:16 rangi in gits case
02:16 rangi thats the actual hostname of the server too
02:16 rangi chrisc@git:~$ hostname -f
02:16 rangi
02:16 wahanui hmmm... is where the source code for Koha is kept.
02:17 rangi but thats just a happy coincidence
02:17 rangi theres no need for it to be
02:17 eythian $ hostname -f
02:17 eythian
02:17 eythian not the case for
02:17 rangi yep thats bugs
02:17 rangi yeah
02:17 rangi however the ip reverse dnses to bugs
02:18 rangi host
02:18 rangi domain name pointer
02:18 rangi thats so it can send mail without looking like spam
02:20 dcook So what is
02:20 eythian it's historical
02:20 eythian but it's the way you look up what hostname an IP address turns into
02:21 eythian you don't actually have to worry about it yourself, other things do it for you.
02:21 dcook Mmm
02:21 eythian it's from the days of ARPAnet.
02:21 dcook rangi: Do you mean it doesn't look like spam because the ip reverses to something?
02:21 dcook I was wondering a bit about the .arpa part
02:21 eythian <-- dcook
02:21 dcook I didn't know there were any vestiges left
02:21 rangi it reverse dnses to the domain its sending mail from
02:22 eythian oh hey
02:22 rangi thats the important thing
02:22 eythian it's not from arpa net
02:22 eythian Address and Routing Parameter Area
02:22 dcook rangi: Ahh, right
02:22 eythian there goes my decades-old idea
02:22 rangi heh
02:22 dcook I'm glad that I triggered the learning of something new ;)
02:23 eythian oh wait
02:23 eythian I was right then, not now:
02:23 dcook It looks like just a rename
02:23 eythian It is exactly a rename
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02:26 dcook Backronym
02:26 dcook I don't know if I'd heard of that before
02:28 eythian dcook: there's tons of them around.
02:28 dcook Oh yeah, I've seen them around
02:28 dcook Just hadn't noticed the term
02:32 eythian[…]ds-formalised.htm <-- finally
02:36 dcook Official recognition of more than one name = winning
02:37 eythian that's reasonably normal these days.
02:38 eythian Of course, keeping them straight in your head is sometimes a mission. Especially when in some case the English name is more common (Mt Cook) and sometimes the Māori is (Mt Taranaki)
02:39 eythian then you start thinking "what's Aoraki again? Is that Taranaki? No that doesn't even make sense..."
02:39 dcook hehe
02:39 rangi didnt used to be that way tho, its just Taranaki was 'named' well before Aoraki
02:39 rangi it used to be Egmont all the time
02:39 dcook I do find it easy that Canada uses most of the same names
02:40 rangi (well on the tv and papers and stuff)
02:40 dcook Maybe an accent/pronunciation a bit different here and there
02:40 dcook Mind you, that's English/French. Not indigenous languages...
02:40 eythian yeah, but in current general use these days, Mt Taranaki is more common. Egmont feels "old fashioned" to me.
02:40 rangi yep
02:40 eythian I guess cos it only comes up in old news articles etc.
02:41 rangi confusing Aoraki and Aorangi is fine
02:41 rangi cos they are the same thing
02:41 rangi one is just south island spelling
02:43 eythian which is which? I assume Aoraki is the south island, given the poly in timaru.
02:43 rangi yep
02:43 rangi ng is k in south island
02:43 eythian ah right
02:43 rangi in tuhoe, ng is n
02:44 rangi but i think still written the same, just pronounced differently
02:44 rangi for k, some people write it with a line under it
02:44 eythian I don't think I've seen that.
02:44 rangi so you can differentiate it with an actual k
02:44 * dcook is fascinated but needs to grab some food
02:45 eythian I can't even type it, all I get is ĸ
02:45 rangi eg whakarongo (to listen) = whakaroko
02:45 rangi which != whangarongo
02:45 rangi confusinating
02:45 eythian yes, I could see that :)
02:46 eythian[…]ne-in-parliament/ <-- how Australia solves silly political things.
02:47 rangi :)
02:47 rangi im pretty sure here if the govt cant pass supply and demand it gets disbanded
02:47 eythian I'd hope so
02:49 rangi ah yeah gov general can do the same thing here
02:50 rangi seems to me to be the only reason to keep them
02:53 eythian I think they also officially have veto power on everything, but virtually never use it.
02:53 rangi yeah
02:54 rangi they can refuse to sign things into law
02:54 rangi im not suer they ever have
02:54 rangi probably would be instant republic if they did
03:02 eythian I imagine it's deliberately in reserve just to bring out if the government goes super-crazy.
03:03 * eythian notes that master has styling issues when adding an itemtype.
03:09 mtompset Canada has a Governor General, but they are typically the prime minister's puppet. It would be cool if something like that happened here. :)
03:10 eythian Our governor general is used for entertaining visiting dignataries, as far as I can tell.
03:10 eythian Their house is not far from where I live.
03:10 cjh eythian: and signing documents.
03:10 eythian ah yes, that's important too.
03:12 cjh rangi: I have always wondered what the fall out would be for using their veto power, my money is also on republic.
03:17 eythian for each in {0..255}; do dig -x 202.78.246.${each} +short ; done
03:17 eythian what our admins do when they should be working :)
03:36 rangi id forgotten how cool firefox sync is
03:36 eythian Yeah, I use it all the time, but totally forget about it because it's very backgrount.
03:37 eythian You know on android you can share with firefox, and specify what computer you want the article to show up on?
03:37 eythian That's so damn handy.
03:37 rangi oh yeah
03:38 eythian it's great, I do it all the time. I just wish I could do that on my desktop computers to push a page to work/home or to my phone.
03:39 rangi yeah
03:39 rangi that would rule
03:45 mtompset Have a great day, #koha, rangi, eythian, dcook, etc. :)
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06:25 * magnuse waves
06:27 * cait waves back
06:28 * magnuse has grown quite fond of for reading things on different devices, including offline
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06:29 cait :)
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06:42 reiveune hello
06:44 magnuse bonjour!
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06:57 magnuse @wunder boo
06:57 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 7.0°C (8:50 AM CEST on October 10, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Windchill: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
06:57 magnuse hm, my thermometer says 5
06:57 magnuse @wunder marseille
06:57 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 14.0°C (8:30 AM CEST on October 10, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
06:57 magnuse nice
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07:11 gaetan_B good morning #koha
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07:20 kf good morning #koha
07:20 marcelr hi #koha
07:20 marcelr hi kf
07:20 kf hi marcelr
07:20 marcelr :)
07:22 kf marcelr: do you think you might have time to look at bug 8015?
07:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8015 new feature, P4, ---, kyle.m.hall, Signed Off , Add MARC Modifications Templates
07:22 kf I am running out of time here right now :(
07:22 marcelr if i just had more time, ...
07:22 kf yeah - the one big problem mankind has to solve :)
07:24 marcelr quite impressive number of patches..
07:24 kf yes
07:24 kf i think squashing same authors maybe would be good
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07:26 kf Salaam Oak
07:29 Oak oh Walaikum Asalam kf :)
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07:32 kf :)
07:34 kf ew
07:34 kf the start page in IE looks weird
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07:47 samueld hi everybody
07:51 kivilahtio Is there any documentation available for the algorithms that target the holds?
07:52 kivilahtio this is used by the
07:52 kivilahtio I mean they are rather complicate and it would be really helpfull to understand the way holds are queued.
07:53 rangi look at the tests in t/db_dependent/HoldsQueue.t
07:54 kivilahtio rangi: thanks yous!
07:54 rangi marcelr++
07:55 rangi those half fixes on 6554 just make things worse
07:55 marcelr hi rangi
07:55 marcelr encoding is a nightmare
07:55 rangi i hope to sit done with tcohen and a few others and track down the route and fix that
07:55 rangi instead of trying to keep bandaiding the symptoms
07:56 rangi we should never need to muck around with things like decode and encode
07:56 rangi because we should only ever be passing utf8
07:56 kivilahtio rangi++
07:56 marcelr concentrating them will be quite an effort though
07:56 rangi yep
07:56 marcelr but having them on one place would be ideal
07:56 rangi yep
07:57 kivilahtio rangi: Not sure about your exact problem but I think we are feeling those issue in our localization work
07:57 rangi actually my kohas running with diacritics and macrons work pretty well, far better than once you try to 'fix' them
07:58 rangi i couldnt recreate the issue on 6554 that the patch was supposed to fix, which was a hint
07:58 rangi all the patch did was break lots of other things
07:59 magnuse whoever does a permanent fix for that will be A Great Hero!
07:59 rangi magnuse: id like to be able to recreate it first :) ie i cant recreate the problem its supossed to solve
08:00 rangi i cut and paste the string that supposedly causes the problem, and it works fine
08:00 magnuse i was thinking about the underlying problem
08:00 rangi i think the underlying problem is some peoples databases arent utf8
08:00 magnuse ooh, that would make a difference, yeah
08:00 rangi thats my suspiciion anyway
08:01 rangi but yeah tracking it down will be interesting
08:01 rangi worth trying to do anyway
08:10 kivilahtio oddly the database autogenerated by the koha isntallation process from debian packages sets the database to latin1 by default, but all the tables seem to be in utf8
08:11 kf rangi: i can recreate one of the problems - broken diacritics in patron category descriptions in patron search
08:11 kf rangi: it appears pretty consistently on all our 3.12.x installations
08:12 rangi weird it works fine on mine
08:12 kf kivilahtio: it should't be a problem in localization ereally - it's known to work for german and norwegian and arabic ...
08:12 kf kivilahtio: more likely a file where poedit messed up encoding, it used to do that with the pref files
08:13 kivilahtio kf: well we get mangled diacritics in our Koha pages
08:13 rangi kf: and it only shows broken in the search results?
08:13 kf kivilahtio: yes, but you shouldn't - as I said, it if it works with arabic, more likely the po files are wrong
08:13 rangi but fine at /cgi-bin/koha/admin/ ?
08:13 kf rangi: yep - go to patrons, click the +- look at the pull down for categories
08:14 kf fine everywhere else
08:14 kf and it started with 3.12 I think
08:14 kf it's the only place where i can find encoding problems currently
08:15 kf there are some more, but that will be fixed when galen pushes the branchcode plugin patch I think
08:16 rangi right
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08:17 kf well sometime between 3.6 and 3.12...
08:17 rangi in that case, that
08:17 rangi is probably doing the double encode
08:17 kf possibly - i filed a bug and it got a comment that it woudl be fixed by the other change. But I am all for solving it in one place once and for all
08:18 rangi well no thats the problem
08:18 rangi if you try and fix a local problem in one script
08:18 rangi in one place
08:18 kf misunderstanding :)
08:18 rangi you just end up busting everywhere its right
08:18 kf i mean i am for you and tcohen to sit down and figure out the way to do it right :)
08:18 rangi thats precisely what that patch on 6554 is doing wrong
08:18 kf and not for pushing 6554 :)
08:19 kf we agree :)
08:22 kf I think?
08:23 rangi yep
08:26 kf team meeting bbl
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08:37 magnuse i can confirm kf's observation about the pulldown in patron search
08:38 magnuse it used to be mangled in the dropdown for creating a new patron too, but that is now fixed
08:41 rangi weirdly the pulldown is fine for me
08:42 rangi in master
08:43 rangi but i can get double encoded characters in the patrons name
08:43 rangi but only on the search results
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08:48 rangi hmm interesting
08:48 wahanui interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
08:51 kivilahtio I just realized that the TransportCostMatrix is pretty flexible, I could use it instead of the UseBranchTransferLimits-module. Iwonder why there are two similar things
08:52 kivilahtio TransportCostMatrix doesn't care about itemtype or collection code limitations
08:52 kivilahtio what a mess :D
08:52 kivilahtio luckily you need to configure only once
08:54 kivilahtio well I guess it is not that bad. Adding collection code and itemtype checking on top of the TransportCostMatrix might be REALLY hard to code/maintain/use
08:58 rangi ta
08:59 magnuse when you click on the [+] in the patron search, and get the "advanced search", the library dropdown displays "norwegian vowels" ok, but the "category" dropdown mangles them
09:01 rangi interesting
09:01 wahanui somebody said interesting was sometimes good and sometimes bad
09:01 kivilahtio wahanui++
09:11 rangi magnuse: do you have a couple of seconds to try something for me?
09:12 rangi in C4/
09:12 rangi what happens if you comment out lines 120 to 128
09:15 rangi i dont trust these lines
09:15 rangi utf8::encode($element) if utf8::is_utf8($element);
09:15 rangi and
09:15 rangi utf8::encode($vars->{$k}) if utf8::is_utf8($vars->{$k});
09:23 rangi actually in C4/
09:23 rangi can you change all utf8::encode to be utf8::upgrade
09:24 rangi i *think* it might fix this perhaps
09:27 magnuse uno momento
09:27 rangi it might not, but im pretty sure that this is where we should be looking
09:28 magnuse ok, utf8::encode changed to ::upgrade
09:29 magnuse on the install
09:30 magnuse rangi: now both the library and category dropdowns are broken...
09:30 kf consistency!
09:30 wahanui consistency is the hobgoblin of programmers' minds.
09:30 magnuse as well as the news items on the staff mainpage
09:30 rangi excellent
09:30 rangi cool
09:30 * magnuse starts to doubt rangi's sanity ;-)
09:30 rangi nope we want them all broken
09:31 rangi or all fixed
09:31 rangi not half working
09:31 magnuse :-)
09:31 rangi thanks, you can put it back, gives me a good place to look at the hackfest
09:32 kf :)
09:32 magnuse cool
09:32 rangi but now, sleep
09:33 kf good night rangi :)
09:33 magnuse sleep tight rangi
09:42 magnuse ooh, sleep...
09:42 wahanui i guess sleep is for the week
09:42 magnuse yeah, sleep all week, partu all weekend
09:42 magnuse s/partu/party/
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09:55 drojf hi #koha
09:55 kf hi drojf :)
09:57 drojf hi kf :)
10:11 kf that was a short visit
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11:25 kivilahtio Anyone have any good programming songs?
11:26 kivilahtio Well here's my for today
11:30 jwagner joined #koha
11:31 Oak kivilahtio, we don't have a programming song, most of us here do the buddhist chanting
11:31 Oak not
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11:45 kf wb drojf
11:45 drojf thanks :)
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12:20 kivilahtio Oak: that's hardcore
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12:44 kf bug workflow?
12:44 wahanui well, bug workflow is[…]nt-patch_Workflow
12:44 edveal joined #koha
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13:03 blou holà #koha
13:05 blou Question about bugzilla: how can we strongly suggest a bug for deletion?  I found a duplicate through unrelated search, but no way to (suggest) delete.  I figured there would be a "duplicate" status available, but haven't found it
13:07 jcamins blou: there's a link "Mark as duplicate" underneath the comment box.
13:09 blou jcamins: AH!  Just below the status drop down i had search for "duplicate" in.  Well...  that's me
13:09 blou thanks
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13:38 oleonard Hi #koha
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14:18 oleonard For all the closed Firefox bugs dealing with printing issues, you'd think Firefox could correctly print a table
14:19 rambutan joined #koha
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14:36 jcamins Just when I thought I had seen it all, I was just sent a sample of authority records exported as MARC21 bibliographic.
14:37 jcamins Wait, no, my mistake.
14:38 jcamins They're ordinary UNIMARC records with the label "exported as MARC21" at the top.
14:38 jcamins Okay, not quite ordinary.
14:41 ebegin joined #koha
14:46 kf jcamins: you are confusing us
14:46 jcamins kf: I'm confused too. The records have UNIMARC 245 fields and MARC21 072 fields.
14:47 jcamins And a ton of 906 fields.
14:47 oleonard jcamins: Logical conclusion? They're RDA records, from a library with a lot of "local discretion"
14:47 jcamins oleonard: heh.
14:50 kivilahtio IF I use the C4 libraries, like C4::Members::AddMember() in testcases and have set the $dbh->{AutoCommit} = 0; I still get stuff written into my db permanently.
14:51 kivilahtio I set the $dbh->{AutoCommit} in start of my unit test script. C4 libraries pull a new $dbh, but shouldn't it be the same instance?
14:52 kf kivilahtio: did you take a look at the other test cases?
14:52 kf i think it's 2 lines
14:52 kf not only autocommit
14:52 kivilahtio kf: yes, they seem to be not using C4 libraries
14:52 kf they do
14:52 jcamins kivilahtio: t/db_dependent/Booksellers.t does.
14:52 kf i have used addmember in my tests :)
14:53 kivilahtio my $dbh = C4::Context->dbh;
14:53 kivilahtio $dbh->{AutoCommit} = 0;
14:53 kivilahtio $dbh->{RaiseError} = 1;
14:53 kivilahtio this is what everybody seems to be using
14:53 kf yeah it worked for me, adding users, items etc, no leftovers
14:53 kivilahtio kf: ok, maybe i have some existing data which collides
14:54 kf not sure, I added some things to Reserve.t i think
14:54 kf kivilahtio: and the data is really in oyur database<?
14:54 kf or is it just the pk getting increased? because that happens
14:54 kivilahtio well rerunning the script gets me barcode conflicts I didn't have on the first run
14:55 kivilahtio yup, the Borrower is in my db
14:59 tcohen_ joined #koha
14:59 meliss joined #koha
15:02 kivilahtio kf: Maybe it is because my script crashed a few times while the Transaction was open
15:02 kivilahtio no idea
15:05 data-doctor joined #koha
15:05 Joubu kivilahtio: no. Normally if the autocommit if off, there is no commit without an explicit call to $dbh->commit
15:07 jcamins But note that if you have any BEGIN { } blocks it can behave very strangely.
15:09 kivilahtio jcamins: there are begin blocks
15:09 kivilahtio "The effect of closing a database handle while a transaction is pending is undefined in DBI, so be sure to commit transactions yourself before disconnecting from the database server."
15:09 kivilahtio I'll try without begins
15:10 jcamins I think the trick is to put the AutoCommit bit inside the BEGIN block.
15:10 kivilahtio jcamins: Why do these test even have a begin block? To make sure their dependant library is loaded?
15:11 kivilahtio jcamins: some tests load some libraries inside the BEGIN, and some libraries outside it
15:11 data-doctor I am mapping notifications, and there appears to be some excess complexity. Could we combine the letter, message_attributes, message_transports and message_transport_types tables into one table?
15:11 data-doctor I guess that's a big question. I am trying to think it through...
15:12 data-doctor The fields would be something like this: message_attribute_id, message_transport_type, message_name, is_digest, is_html, title, content, letter_module, letter_code, branchcode
15:13 data-doctor That would interact with the borrower_message_preferences to determine the transport method and send the notification.
15:14 Joubu kivilahtio: What tests are you speaking about? Existing ones or those you are writing?
15:18 blou jcamins,oleonard: Hello!  Need to bring back old discussion (i wished I had an history).  I _think_ I had a discussion with you last month regarding shortcuts (keyboard)
15:18 oleonard Yes
15:18 oleonard logs?
15:18 wahanui logs is probably
15:19 blou Ho, nice!
15:19 blou wahahui is a good friend
15:19 kivilahtio Joubu: the ones I am writing based on your HoldsQueue.t
15:20 blou I'll go read and come back with my questions
15:22 oleonard In which Library Journal makes the case that open source doesn't work for libraries because the open source community doesn't let them:[…]ing-partnerships/
15:23 oleonard ...and Liblime continues to spread lies about their history with Koha
15:23 kf :(
15:24 NateC joined #koha
15:25 oleonard You know what, Patrick Jones, you could just say "We thought we could do Koha better than the community" and leave it at that
15:25 oleonard But instead you have to put blame somewhere
15:25 kivilahtio oleonard++
15:25 oleonard The fact that Liblime feels the need to continue to spread lies about the Koha open source community says a lot about what they feel their position is
15:26 oleonard Liblime thinks that in order for them to succeed, the open source community has to fail.
15:26 oleonard '“All of the code we’ve built, we’ve continued to submit…. It’s all out there,” he says.'
15:26 kivilahtio I won't fail :)
15:26 oleonard That is an outright lie
15:26 data-doctor My problem is with the message_attributes table. It can only be updated manually, so it causes the notifcation system to hiccup on new transport methods.
15:26 jcamins You know what I don't understand? How can the United States Postal Service's website be so bad?
15:26 kivilahtio oleonard: wow, can we make a counter articel?
15:27 oleonard Where's the code for "Liblime Academic Koha," Liblime?
15:27 data-doctor An effect of the shutdown? A lot of govt. websites are down...
15:28 jcamins data-doctor: no, their website has always been really confusing.
15:28 kf patch workflow?
15:28 wahanui patch workflow is at[…]nt-patch_Workflow
15:28 oleonard The lies from Liblime in that article make me wonder about the accuracy of the story of KCLS's split with Evergreen.
15:28 jcamins Every time I want to ship more than one package -- and I do it once a month -- I get lost trying to set up the second label.
15:29 kf hm
15:29 kf is there aw ay to lik to the developers handbook?
15:29 kf in the wiki?
15:29 blou oleonard: Ok, so you said we couldn't move to latest jquery because hotkey plugin broke jquery.
15:29 jcamins Every time! If I get confused once a month, every month, for many months, it's the website's fault, not mine.
15:29 blou jcamins suggested I try shortcut.js.
15:29 * jcamins likes shortcut.js, FTR.
15:29 blou Which i did.  Worked like a charm.
15:30 blou Now I wanted to make the change into the community, but I saw that jstree has some form a dependency to it
15:30 jcamins I'm pretty sure we don't use hotkeys with jstree.
15:31 blou but jstree looks for it
15:31 blou if not found, it doesn't activate its shortcut.
15:31 data-doctor I'm pretty sure that the story of the success of Koha is the story of the success of a committed community. Y'all rock!
15:31 blou which are meaningless
15:32 blou Interesting article for newbies like me.
15:33 blou jcamins: so you think it's ok if jstree (used only in Authorities) doesn't have access to shortcut?
15:33 data-doctor We would rather update our customizations than fork any day.
15:33 oleonard Wait... jstree looks for hotkeys?
15:33 jcamins blou: I think so.
15:33 blou oleonard: yes.
15:34 blou in the comments and in the code
15:34 oleonard Where?
15:34 blou let me give you precise direction, one sec
15:35 kivilahtio data-doctor: Sometimes needs are different and not compatible with the community
15:35 kivilahtio data-doctor: I am rather curious where goes the limit for that
15:35 kivilahtio data-doctor: At what point our needs become crazy enough for the community :)
15:36 blou * jsTree hotkeys plugin
15:36 blou * Enables keyboard navigation for all tree instances
15:36 blou * Depends on the jstree ui & jquery hotkeys plugins
15:36 blou */
15:36 blou in the plugin itself, lines 1490 and on
15:37 blou if(! { throw "jsTree hotkeys: jsTree UI plugin not included."; }
15:38 blou So, it doesn't break if hotkeys not included, but it is sad
15:38 data-doctor Like our crazy need to send SMS messages.
15:39 oleonard Interesting, blou, I didn't realize that
15:39 data-doctor But we can't modify message_attributes from the current interface...
15:39 * oleonard is mostly ignorant of authorities-related functionality
15:40 data-doctor blou, we use key:config plug-in for Firefox, great keyboard shortcuts!
15:41 oleonard data-doctor: We're talking about JavaScript-based keyboard shortcuts which can be built into Koha
15:41 data-doctor Sounds even better - browser independent.
15:42 data-doctor We tie the keyboard shortcuts to the toplevel menu choices.
15:42 blou data-doctor: yeah, and as basic as possible, we got many IE8 users here (sob!)
15:44 * blou crying
15:44 data-doctor I am reading the jquery hotkeys documentation - looks interesting. Does it break in IE8?
15:44 jcamins blou: I don't think I used hotkeys when I did the jstree stuff.
15:45 kf left #koha
15:45 oleonard data-doctor: It's incompatible with the latest version of jquery
15:45 data-doctor Thanks.
15:45 data-doctor I have stopped reading...
15:46 data-doctor :)
15:46 blou jcamins: which is good news.  I presume it's to allow to press Down to open the tree.
15:47 pug left #koha
15:49 data-doctor Oops, I don't really need to edit the message_attributes to add sms,'s more that my sms is tripping up in the sms::send because I have entries containing a forward slash, separating the sms number's area code.
15:50 data-doctor That hangs the processing and blocks up the notifications system.
15:53 data-doctor OK, I am going to relent on mashing up the tables...Maybe the preferred method would be to simplify the interface for editing the notifications settings? For example, in the message_attributes I cannot modify whether a notification process takes_days, other than manually editing the table.
15:55 blou oleonard, jcamins: I will submit my change.  It will sadden jstree, but break nothing.  Discussions can follow to determine if good or not.
15:55 gaetan_B bye !
15:55 blou Upgrade jQuery > Authority detail?
15:55 blou bug 11035?
15:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11035 blocker, P5 - low, ---, philippe.blouin, NEW , Replace shortcut plugin jquery.hotkeys.min.js
15:55 oleonard blou: The bug is not a blocker, it should be normal
15:55 jcamins blou: I think the upgrade's more important, yes. Very few people have hierarchies, I think.
15:58 data-doctor When a new notice is created, I get to choose the code and module. Their relationship is a little weird, because you can write in any code. Only codes that are already present in the message_transports will have any chance of being sent.
15:58 data-doctor the rest will be invalid.
16:01 data-doctor And again, there appears to be no way to modify the message_transports directly, so when you add a new notice, the only way you can use it is if you select the 'circulation' module.
16:02 oleonard blou: For future reference: A blocker bug is one which is so severe that it should not be left unfixed in the next release
16:02 data-doctor And then you can assign it in the "Overdue Notices"
16:03 kivilahtio Regarding my issue with AutoCommit, I think TRUNCATE is not Transaction-safe in MySQL. AutoCommit works fine until I run the function C4::HoldsQueue::UpdateTransportCostMatrix, which uses TRUNCATE to clean up existing data.
16:06 tcohen hu #koha
16:06 kivilahtio hi tcohen
16:10 laurence left #koha
16:10 BigRig joined #koha
16:10 data-doctor When editing a Notice through Notices and Slips, the 'code' field is frozen...It seems like some tree structure would be useful here - allow only valid codes (otherwise it cannot be sent) that the selected module recognizes.
16:10 data-doctor For example, module 'Holds recognizes
16:10 jcamins kivilahtio: that is correct.
16:11 data-doctor codes 'HOLD,' 'HOLD_PRINT,' 'HOLD SMS,' etc
16:13 data-doctor It limits the value of the "New Notice" function to very tech-savvy users.
16:13 reiveune bye
16:13 reiveune left #koha
16:24 kivilahtio jcamins: I will change TRUNCATE to DELETE in my patch. Makes no performance difference
16:25 kivilahtio considering how rarely Transfer weights are modified
16:34 Shane-S joined #koha
16:35 Shane-S anyone good at package dependency resolution?
16:37 Shane-S my issue(s)
16:42 jeff Shane-S: just because it wasn't shown in the paste, I'll ask -- have you run "apt-get update" recently?
16:42 jeff Shane-S: that will not install or remove any packages, but will update the package lists -- a necessary and useful thing
16:42 Shane-S jeff, yeah started with apt-get upgrade, then ran apt-get upgrade and then apt-get -f install
16:42 jeff Shane-S: no guarantee that it will fix your issue, but thought i'd mention it just in case you hadn't run it.
16:42 Shane-S err update then upgrad
16:43 jeff Shane-S: ah. nevermind me, then. :-)
16:43 Shane-S maybe I should try a newer version install is what I am seeing online
16:44 Shane-S though I have no idea what to choose
16:52 paul_p joined #koha
16:54 ubitus joined #koha
16:55 ubitus Hi everyone! One, hopefully quick, question: How come the call numbers don't get split on the spine labels if I set the "splic call numbers" option? Is there anything else I need to do?
17:09 Shane-S seems I fixed it...had to keep "going down the rabbit hole" until I read a dependency that installed and then work my way back out
17:10 Shane-S Now new questions for jcamins / oleonard who mentioned the --create-newdb or soemthing like that on Tuesday
17:11 Shane-S If I do that, what URL do I go to setup a new library, and does my current library stay functional?
17:14 oleonard Shane-S: It's the same as the process describe in the package install instructions for setting up a new installation
17:15 oleonard The name you use to create the new library is the name by which you access it, and the old site continues to work
17:16 Shane-S Okay that sounds good... also see second comment: http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.[…]er-td3049830.html might that be a better option for me (same setup as the OP)
17:17 oleonard Why would that be a better option?
17:17 Shane-S Just trying to consider limiting issues, but the idea of seperate URL/DB might be best, as they wouldn't affect us.
17:17 Shane-S oleonard: No saying it is, asking :P
17:17 oleonard Oh, sorry.
17:17 Shane-S I forgot the ? my fault
17:18 oleonard As far as I can tell, that solution is exactly what the packages provide you
17:19 Shane-S and doing what the second responder said would potentially cause issue internally either restricting their "branch" or causes user error selecting other libraries right?
17:20 magnuse hm, this sounds like something we could have a page about on the wiki...
17:21 oleonard Sorry Shane-S, I'm not familiar with the ups and downs of the IndependentBranches option
17:21 oleonard If you want different libraries with entirely different collections, policies, preferences, etc, then you need different installations
17:21 magnuse pros and cons of independentbranches vs multiple instances
17:22 magnuse i think that is very sound advice from oleonard
17:22 Shane-S oleonard: Okay, thank you, I think that is probably the best idea for now.
17:22 oleonard The IndependentBranches option requires that all libraries be governed by the same set of system preferences.
17:22 Shane-S magnuse: I agree, I just want to at least ask, I could be missing a key feature in Koha and didn't want to go creating something I don't need
17:23 Shane-S However that above statement clarifies it, they are an independent school, own rules, fines, fees, etc.
17:24 Shane-S totally new question: apt-get upgrade does that upgrade Koha as well?
17:24 Shane-S I ask, as so much ran, but I have I haven't restarted yet, my version is still, so just want to check before I do a restart
17:26 Shane-S hmm...were did that logged link go...swore it was in the message/topic area
17:26 oleonard log?
17:26 wahanui log is
17:26 Shane-S ty
17:28 magnuse Shane-S: if there are new dependiences, it will say koha-common was held back after yo urun the upgrade. then you have to do "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"
17:29 magnuse but yes, normally "sudo apt-get upgrade" will upgrade koha
17:29 magnuse and no restart should be necessary
17:29 Shane-S magnuse: okay, tons of packages were upgrades I say a few say something about next-restart
17:29 magnuse if you have installed other languages than en you need to update them too
17:30 magnuse oh, ok
17:30 * magnuse has never seen that
17:30 Shane-S so, I will restart and re-do it.
17:30 * Shane-S didn't run it for almost a year
17:33 mtompset joined #koha
17:33 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
17:36 magnuse hiya mtompset
17:37 mtompset Greetings, magnuse.
17:56 tcohen what if...
17:56 wahanui i think if is not a blocker, then you can sign-off on it
17:59 mtompset what if what?
17:59 magnuse not sure this was a good idea, feel free to improve or unke it:[…]ultiple_instances
18:00 tcohen i understood why there are some double encoding problems in 3.12 that don't appear in master
18:05 * Shane-S crosses fingers..just did dist-upgrade
18:05 magnuse tcohen: hooray!
18:05 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'
18:06 magnuse tcohen: rangi had some minor revelations about encoding earlier - i think you will have an interesting kohacon ;-)
18:06 tcohen indeed :-D
18:07 tcohen "template plugins"
18:07 tcohen :-D
18:07 tcohen will check the logs for rangi's ideas
18:08 Shane-S I supposed to have 4 search boxes up top on the admin pages?
18:08 jcamins Shane-S: hold down alt and shift and refresh a few times.
18:08 jcamins It's stale CSS.
18:08 Shane-S kk ty
18:09 Shane-S sorry that was a little scary
18:10 oleonard If stale CSS is the worst of your problems then you are a winner
18:11 Shane-S checking now to make sure :P
18:12 Shane-S thinks seem okay from a basic search perspective
18:12 Shane-S now to go for that new instance stuff :P
18:12 tcohen @later tell rangi utf8 is sort-of fixed in master with the move to template plugins for showing fixed value combos like patron types, item types and so on, because plugins do it outside the .pl and thus no double encoding in
18:12 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
18:14 Shane-S so...sudo koha-create --create-db newlib newlib=name I want, so like sudo koha-create --create-db woodburyhts ?
18:16 Shane-S Here is where I am slightly lost... "Now you can visit your admininstration website to continue with the Koha web installer" My server IP is, would the URL be ?
18:16 jcamins Nope, you'll need to set up DNS so that woodburyhts points to your server.
18:18 Shane-S jcamins: well if I go to it bring up my library, assuming that is because apache's default site is setup to respond for with my site?
18:19 jcamins Right, since you're using name-based virtual hosts, you'll need to configure DNS to make the names resolve correctly.
18:19 Shane-S jcamins: okay, sorry been awhile since I set this all up :P
18:19 Shane-S dusting off the cob-webs
18:27 rangi Morning
18:27 wahanui Morning is probably a state of cat
18:28 Shane-S where does koha have the sites conf files located or their names so I can use locate
18:28 Shane-S I can't see to find my httd.conf or similar and I recall it being in like a sites/koha/instance type folder structure
18:28 Shane-S and then placing files in enabled
18:29 jcamins /etc/apache2/sites-available/[instancename]
18:29 Shane-S ty
18:29 jcamins And there's a symlink in sites-enabled.
18:31 magnuse yeah, no need to move files or create symlinks when you use koha-create
18:32 Shane-S jcamins: the only reference to a url is in a file named koha, and its VH with *:443  saying Redirect /
18:32 jcamins There wouldn't be any mention of any URL. It's just ServerName.
18:33 Shane-S am I going to have my work cut out for me to have say as a second library?
18:33 Shane-S ServerName is set to koha
18:34 Shane-S but the VH is set to *: everywhere
18:35 Shane-S sorry I am just used to apache files listing a URL and saying what document root to use
18:36 Shane-S I am not following the logic in these, perhaps I should just start the new instance and find out
18:37 gmcharlt and now DOM indexing of UNIMARC records ... is a thing
18:38 bag cool
18:38 rangi Yay
18:38 gmcharlt some day I am going to write a patch that does not have "follow-up" in the title
18:39 oleonard Not while you're RM you're not ;)
18:39 gmcharlt @later tell magnuse in the process of pushing 8252, I pushed a follow-up for 8260 that tied up a loose end for NOMARC; it shouldn't break anything, but I would appreciate a look-see
18:39 huginn gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
18:40 magnuse gmcharlt: thanks, i'll have a look
18:43 magnuse gmcharlt: "Bug 8620: (follow-up) apply to NORMARC and MARC21 authorities", right?
18:43 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 8252: (follow-up) add basic UNIMARC indexing tests <[…]c1ad52bdb0b7c32f4> / Bug 8252: (follow-up) make it easier to add UNIMARC indexing tests <[…]da1ef7f2cdeb259af> / bug 8252: (follow-up) add search tests on music number <
18:43 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8620 critical, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, RESOLVED FIXED, Barcode searching not working correctly
18:44 gmcharlt magnuse: just NORMAC bibs
18:44 magnuse yeah, NORMARC authorities are non-existent...
18:45 gmcharlt magnuse: how very anarchistic
18:45 jenkins_koha Starting build #140 for job master_maria (previous build: SUCCESS)
18:47 magnuse gmcharlt: but i have a cunning plan, aka bug 9057
18:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9057 normal, P5 - low, ---, magnus, ASSIGNED , Add support for athorities to NORMARC
18:47 magnuse unless marc is obsolete before i get to it
18:48 gmcharlt how do Norwegian libraries do authority control?
18:48 data-doctor joined #koha
18:49 magnuse gmcharlt: each proprietary system has solved it in their own way, i think
18:49 gmcharlt fun
18:49 magnuse there is no NORMARC format for authorities
18:49 jenkins_koha Starting build #1436 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
18:49 magnuse yeah, makes things so much more interesting
18:50 magnuse and vendors are sort of hesitant to admit that the authority data belongs to the libraries, i think
18:51 Shane-S okay, so where do you designate domain1 = library 1 and domain2 = library 2
18:53 Shane-S I use a reverse proxy currently, and we only had the 1 instance, and the *:80 *:8080 entries worked
18:54 rangi tcohen: you are right, however the double encoding actually occurs in C4/Templates not C4/Output afaict, but you and I can sort this out in Reno I bet :)
18:54 data-doctor joined #koha
18:54 jcamins Shane-S: in the virtual hosts in /etc/apache2/sites-available
18:54 jcamins You may also need to modify your reverse proxy configuration, depending how you have it set up.
18:54 tcohen :D
18:55 Shane-S jcamins: Okay, do I change the * entry on the new instance, to be like versus *:80
18:55 jcamins No, you want to change the ServerName.
18:55 jcamins Take a look at the Apache documentation on name-based virtual hosts.
18:56 Shane-S jcamins: okay, odd that is has worked with my main site URL being called just "koha"
18:56 jcamins Not really.
18:57 jcamins When there's only one option, you can't possibly make a wrong choice.
18:57 Shane-S true, still working now, so I do need to see what I did with the pound redirects
18:58 sophie_m left #koha
18:58 jcamins Of course, SSL is not going to work with the second site.
18:58 Shane-S jcamins: shouldn;t the default IP internally break though now that I have koha and woodburhts in the sites available
18:58 data-doctor When creating a new notification or "Notice" there is a choice of many modules, however the only modules that currently use notifications are circulation and reserves.
18:58 jcamins Only when you try to access the second.
18:58 Shane-S jcamins: not concerned with SSL/https
19:00 Shane-S jcamins: How does Koha work without "DocumentRoot"?
19:01 rangi it doesnt
19:01 rangi look at the includes
19:01 Shane-S ah okay
19:01 rangi (none of this is really Koha btw, but Apache :))
19:04 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10037: fix item index in UNIMARC DOM indexing <[…]e5b5bfa59133e1b39> / Bug 10037: regression test for searching UNIMARC item index in DOM mode <[…]b1ffe8adb73e7ae4d>
19:07 Shane-S make this work correctly, (all pound does it redirect the http-head to the right IP), I need to setup both server names correctly right?
19:09 tcohen bye #koha
19:14 Shane-S okay....set the ServerNames correctly now....have to wait for DNS to propogate now
19:16 drnoe joined #koha
19:21 data-doctor Sorry, the other modules do use the existing notifications, you just can't add new notifications.
19:25 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10335: display translated forms of headings in UNIMARC authorities correctly <[…]03b6dee0d152f24cd>
19:26 magnuse soap--
19:26 magnuse have fun, #koha!
19:26 rangi cya magnuse
19:28 * jcamins isn't sure if magnuse has a soap allergy or has been using that appalling XML-based protocol that some sadist came up with for over-network RPC.
19:29 jenkins_koha Project master_maria build #140: UNSTABLE in 43 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]master_maria/140/
19:29 jenkins_koha * Mathieu Saby: Bug 8252: Fix indexing of UNIMARC 1xx for GRS-1
19:29 jenkins_koha * Mathieu Saby: Bug 8252: Fix indexing of UNIMARC 1xx for DOM
19:29 jenkins_koha * Mathieu Saby: Bug 8252: Followup for Date/time-last-modified and Music number
19:29 jenkins_koha * Frédéric Demians: Bug 8852: DOM XSL now handles subfield substring extraction
19:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8252 critical, P5 - low, ---, mathieu.saby, Pushed to Master , Error in DOM biblio for UNIMARC (no range for fields 1xx)
19:29 jenkins_koha * Mathieu Saby: Bug 8252: (follow-up) fix biblio-zebra-indexdefs.xsl
19:29 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 8252: (follow-up) tidy up long lines in bib1.att
19:29 rangi ncip reminds me a lot of SOAP
19:29 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 8620: (follow-up) apply to NORMARC and MARC21 authorities
19:29 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 8252: (follow-up) standardize name of Identifier-publisher-for-music index
19:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8852 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , branch not showing in serials results
19:29 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 8252: (follow-up) test both GRS1 and DOM indexing
19:29 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 8252: (follow-up) add search tests on music number
19:29 rangi fwiw
19:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8620 critical, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, RESOLVED FIXED, Barcode searching not working correctly
19:29 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 8252: (follow-up) make it easier to add UNIMARC indexing tests
19:29 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 8252: (follow-up) add basic UNIMARC indexing tests
19:29 jenkins_koha Starting build #141 for job master_maria (previous build: UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #139 1 day 13 hr ago)
19:29 jcamins rangi: so, really ugly and horrible?
19:29 rangi yes, and yes
19:29 rangi say i want to lookupanitem
19:29 rangi i have to send the minimum of 15 lines of xml
19:30 rangi with the only actual useful bit being the item identifier
19:31 rangi SIP sux, but at least its compact :)
19:31 Shane-S uhh...lost the wiki pages, was it packages or install that tell me where to find the instance password in a file
19:31 Shane-S you know the first web-login
19:31 Shane-S oh jcamins I got it working fyi, ty
19:31 Shane-S = maintaince, while = normal
19:34 rangi[…]lity-rewards.html
19:36 * Shane-S beats head on I got my god is that long but...uh....username koha_library isnt working
19:36 Shane-S Is the username koha_library or koha_instancename?
19:36 jcamins koha_instancename
19:37 Shane-S okay....
19:38 Shane-S file name is woodburyhts... I am doing koha_woodburyhts and pasting the password...not working
19:38 Shane-S do I need to change it from My Library to what is in the Drop Down?
19:38 jcamins You shouldn't.
19:38 Shane-S Actually....should it show National Park school since this is a new instance?
19:39 jcamins It sounds like you didn't adjust both virtual hosts.
19:39 jcamins There are two in the file.
19:39 Shane-S yeah let me check
19:39 Shane-S cause my personal login worked
19:43 Shane-S odd it is set, but apache warned of an overlap...let me pastebin it
19:44 jcamins You probably need to add NameVirtualHost *:8080
19:44 jcamins To /etc/apache2/ports.conf.
19:45 magnuse jcamins: it's the protocol, sadly...
19:45 jcamins magnuse: ewww.
19:47 Shane-S can I add it after *:80 and before the LISTEN 80 and LISTEN 8080 lines?
19:47 jcamins Yes.
19:47 jcamins Then reload or restart Apache.
19:47 Shane-S ah much better no complaining other then FQDN
19:48 Shane-S THERE WE GO! different login, thank you!
19:49 bag hey those of you out there that are using plack on your opac's do you all have any problem with the  I've got one that is using localhost ( instead of the OPACbaseURL
19:49 oleonard Someone out there is using
19:49 bag (btw I'm using a rewrite rule in apache to get to port 5000)
19:50 bag surprising oleonard but yes someone is using it
19:50 jcamins bag: I have never tried it, but I'll look now.
19:50 bag I did add an exception to the rewrite rule - for to not go to port 5000 and restarted apache2 but no luck
19:51 bag I'm going to try and restart plack tonight too - I didn't think of that last night
19:51 jcamins Hrm. What would a call to look like?
19:51 bag one sec
19:52 bag format=rss2
19:52 rangi hmm im not sure that uses
19:53 bag yeah it doesn't
19:53 rangi bag: can you put int he full url?
19:53 bag lightbulb went off
19:53 rangi creates static files
19:53 rangi and is dead dead dead
19:53 rangi afaik
19:53 rangi :)
19:53 bag back to the drawing board - thanks
19:53 bag yes it's dead - I was chasing a dead path :P
19:54 rangi :)
19:54 rangi i see dead files
19:55 oleonard Get out of there! The RSS is coming from inside the house!
19:55 rangi heh
19:55 Shane-S 999 for months for account not to expire right?
19:56 meliss joined #koha
19:57 rangi bag: would be my suspect
20:01 rangi[…]ns-only-canadians
20:04 bag I wish I was canadian right now
20:05 rangi heh
20:05 rangi dont worry, we are helping out
20:05 rangi[…]objectid=11138156
20:10 jenkins_koha Yippie, build fixed!
20:10 jenkins_koha Project master_maria build #141: FIXED in 41 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]master_maria/141/
20:10 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 10037: regression test for searching UNIMARC item index in DOM mode
20:10 jenkins_koha * Mathieu Saby: Bug 10037: fix item index in UNIMARC DOM indexing
20:10 jenkins_koha * Janusz Kaczmarek: Bug 10335: display translated forms of headings in UNIMARC authorities correctly
20:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10037 normal, P5 - low, ---, mathieu.saby, Pushed to Master , fix item index in UNIMARC DOM indexing
20:11 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10335 minor, P5 - low, ---, januszop, Pushed to Master , UNIMARC authorities search doesn't display properly information on parallel form
20:11 rangi yay!
20:14 Shane-S anyone know the CSS class to get the blue default background?
20:15 jcamins oleonard's blog?
20:15 wahanui i guess oleonard's blog is
20:15 Shane-S I want to make it red, but can;t find if it is an image or a CSS gradient
20:15 jcamins ^^ I think that might be there
20:16 oleonard #opac-main-search, line 973 of opac.css
20:21 Shane-S oleonard: lol I was reading your blog...and was about to covered every area AROUND that bar and the logo...yet to find the actual bar :P
20:21 oleonard Yes, but if you read the part about using Firebug, you could have found it yourself ;)
20:21 Shane-S no wonder I can't find it, I am in the yui css
20:22 Shane-S well chome's inspect element works well too, but it kept giving me yui referrences
20:22 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1436: SUCCESS in 1 hr 33 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1436/
20:22 jenkins_koha * Mathieu Saby: Bug 8252: Fix indexing of UNIMARC 1xx for GRS-1
20:22 jenkins_koha * Mathieu Saby: Bug 8252: Fix indexing of UNIMARC 1xx for DOM
20:22 jenkins_koha * Mathieu Saby: Bug 8252: Followup for Date/time-last-modified and Music number
20:22 jenkins_koha * Frédéric Demians: Bug 8852: DOM XSL now handles subfield substring extraction
20:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8252 critical, P5 - low, ---, mathieu.saby, Pushed to Master , Error in DOM biblio for UNIMARC (no range for fields 1xx)
20:22 jenkins_koha * Mathieu Saby: Bug 8252: (follow-up) fix biblio-zebra-indexdefs.xsl
20:22 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 8252: (follow-up) tidy up long lines in bib1.att
20:22 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 8620: (follow-up) apply to NORMARC and MARC21 authorities
20:22 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 8252: (follow-up) standardize name of Identifier-publisher-for-music index
20:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8852 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , branch not showing in serials results
20:22 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 8252: (follow-up) test both GRS1 and DOM indexing
20:22 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 8252: (follow-up) add search tests on music number
20:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8620 critical, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, RESOLVED FIXED, Barcode searching not working correctly
20:22 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 8252: (follow-up) make it easier to add UNIMARC indexing tests
20:22 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 8252: (follow-up) add basic UNIMARC indexing tests
20:23 jenkins_koha Starting build #1437 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:26 oleonard Shane-S: Are you finding what you need?
20:26 Shane-S Yep, I just used the custom CSS and use a red gradient
20:26 Shane-S
20:27 Shane-S lose colorzilla site
20:27 Shane-S love*
20:30 oleonard Bye #koha
20:32 SherryS joined #koha
20:32 SherryS left #koha
20:32 SherryS joined #koha
20:40 cait joined #koha
20:42 magnuse Shane-S: you might want to play a little with "h1#libraryname { height: 100px; }" in  OPACUserCSS too ;-)
20:44 * cait waves
20:44 * magnuse waves back then falls asleep
20:45 cait i was about to tell you that you should be sleeping :)
21:04 eythian hi
21:04 wahanui hi, eythian
21:05 gmcharlt cait: around?
21:05 cait i shouldn't be... but i am :)
21:06 gmcharlt I've written some test cases for 7421 -- and I'm reasonably confident that it's working
21:06 cait bug 7421
21:06 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7421 enhancement, P4, ---, mathieu.saby, Failed QA , UNIMARC authorities DOM indexing mode
21:06 cait nice
21:06 cait it did work for me too - but didn't do anything without
21:06 gmcharlt at least insofar as UNIMARC authorities are behaving the same for both DOM and GRS-1
21:06 cait not a bad start
21:07 gmcharlt I also suspect that Joubu's data set is not the same one that was supplied with the bug
21:07 gmcharlt as there aren't 27 records that even contain the sequence of letters 'wil'
21:07 gmcharlt just 11
21:08 cait hard to tell - i haven't read all of today's mail yet
21:11 cait i think the interesitng bit is missing
21:12 cait the numbers are different - but which records make the difference
21:12 gmcharlt yeah, my inclination is to push it -- the tests make me pretty confident that it's not breaking the any index
21:13 gmcharlt and if Joubu has a different dataset that /is/ breaking things, he can attach it to the bug :)
21:13 cait hm why would it break the any index? and only of authorities or in general?
21:13 cait @wunder Konstanz
21:14 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 5.0°C (11:00 PM CEST on October 10, 2013). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 4.0°C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014 hPa (Falling).
21:14 cait brr.
21:14 cait @wunder Reno, Nevada
21:14 huginn cait: The current temperature in MidTown, Reno, Nevada is 15.8°C (2:00 PM PDT on October 10, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Falling).
21:14 gmcharlt my guess, TBH, is that one of the files hadn't been transferred properly before the reindexing was done
21:15 eythian @wunder nzwn
21:15 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 13.0°C (10:00 AM NZDT on October 11, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 29.36 in 994 hPa (Steady).
21:15 jenkins_koha Starting build #142 for job master_maria (previous build: FIXED)
21:16 edveal joined #koha
21:17 cait gmcharlt: maybe. i just did some vey basic testing and the results seemed to make sense, but others have confirmed it works...
21:18 cait currently you can't use it at all, but you can install it with dom
21:18 cait well if you install with dom, it won't be working at all. I think pushing it would improve things and Joubu maybe can provide more information about the difference
21:18 cait in the results
21:18 cait hope i am making sense
21:19 gmcharlt yeah I've pushed it, but I"m leaving the bug with the status  in discussion
21:19 gmcharlt in case it turns out I need to revert
21:20 gmcharlt (this, of course, is why unit tests with sample data can be very helpful, as it means that we're all looking at the same thing when testing)
21:20 cait true
21:20 bgk joined #koha
21:20 talljoy joined #koha
21:25 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 7421: support indexing UNIMARC authority records using the DOM Filter <[…]7e6e461644b5f730d> / Bug 7421: add regression tests for UNIMARC authorities DOM indexing <[…]81d06d1409134d39c>
21:31 rambutan joined #koha
21:33 sabol joined #koha
21:34 sabol Is there a banner API for Koha to load patron data?
21:34 rangi what is banner?
21:36 rangi this thing ?
21:36 sabol yes
21:36 rangi if it can export as csv, you can just load that in the import patron tool
21:37 sabol OK, but for other ILS you can have nightly loads of patron data, so that it is always up to date, is there something like that where it is automated?
21:38 rangi sure, if you automate it
21:38 sabol Awesome, thank you
21:38 rangi you just have to automate getting the csv and loading it in with a cron job or the like
21:38 sabol Right
21:39 rangi unless Banner has an LDAP interface?
21:39 rangi in which case you could just hook koha up to thta
21:39 rangi but you'd probably still want to do bulk loads at say the start of each year
21:41 sabol Great, thanks for the info, it will be very helpful
21:53 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1437: SUCCESS in 1 hr 29 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1437/
21:53 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 10037: regression test for searching UNIMARC item index in DOM mode
21:53 jenkins_koha * Mathieu Saby: Bug 10037: fix item index in UNIMARC DOM indexing
21:53 jenkins_koha * Janusz Kaczmarek: Bug 10335: display translated forms of headings in UNIMARC authorities correctly
21:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10037 normal, P5 - low, ---, mathieu.saby, Pushed to Master , fix item index in UNIMARC DOM indexing
21:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10335 minor, P5 - low, ---, januszop, Pushed to Master , UNIMARC authorities search doesn't display properly information on parallel form
21:53 ebegin joined #koha
21:53 SherryS left #koha
21:55 jenkins_koha Starting build #1438 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:57 jenkins_koha Project master_maria build #142: SUCCESS in 41 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]master_maria/142/
21:57 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 7421: add regression tests for UNIMARC authorities DOM indexing
21:57 jenkins_koha * Mathieu Saby: Bug 7421: support indexing UNIMARC authority records using the DOM Filter
21:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7421 enhancement, P4, ---, mathieu.saby, In Discussion , UNIMARC authorities DOM indexing mode
22:05 rangi yay
22:05 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: bug 5202: (follow-up) tweak display of merge action link on staged batch page <[…]6134db5655cd3e6d2> / bug 5202: (follow-up) adjust for the move of the merge record Javascript <[…]7a4bc8338fea156a4> / Bug 5202: QA follow-up - correct license and POD errors <h
22:05 rangi thats good cos i just answered an rfp saying we could do that
22:05 rangi :)
22:06 rangi bug 5202 that is
22:06 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5202 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , Merge authority records
22:06 drnoe left #koha
22:13 cait heh
22:13 gmcharlt rangi: I was wondering why you were responding to UNIMARC RFPs ;)
22:15 jenkins_koha Starting build #143 for job master_maria (previous build: SUCCESS)
22:46 papa joined #koha
22:57 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 9282: (follow-up) remove log noise caused by authorities/ <[…]6b54a58a3f7a6490d> / Bug 9282: (follow-up) add authtypecode to authority auto-completion search <[…]8ad365e7b9d36c4a7> / Bug 9282: improve auto-completion for authority record finder
22:59 ccverg joined #koha
22:59 jenkins_koha Project master_maria build #143: SUCCESS in 43 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]master_maria/143/
22:59 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5202: merge authorities from the authority file and reservoir
22:59 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5202: QA follow-up: quiet warnings
22:59 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5202: QA follow-up 2 - fix overeager error message
22:59 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5202: (follow-up) Quiet warning
22:59 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5202: QA follow-up - improve merge reference selection
22:59 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5202 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , Merge authority records
22:59 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5202: QA follow-up - correct license and POD errors
22:59 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 5202: (follow-up) adjust for the move of the merge record Javascript
22:59 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 5202: (follow-up) tweak display of merge action link on staged batch page
22:59 jenkins_koha Starting build #144 for job master_maria (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:00 maximep left #koha
23:00 dcook joined #koha
23:06 busla joined #koha
23:17 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 9295: DBRev <[…]6b656558f48496ebb> / Bug 9295: Introduce operator equal/ notequal to OAI set mapping instead of hardcoded... <[…]be94ff5b90f71a7a2>
23:28 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1438: UNSTABLE in 1 hr 33 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1438/
23:28 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 7421: add regression tests for UNIMARC authorities DOM indexing
23:28 jenkins_koha * Mathieu Saby: Bug 7421: support indexing UNIMARC authority records using the DOM Filter
23:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7421 enhancement, P4, ---, mathieu.saby, In Discussion , UNIMARC authorities DOM indexing mode
23:29 jenkins_koha Starting build #1439 for job Koha_master (previous build: UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #1437 3 hr 6 min ago)
23:37 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10602: DBrev <[…]af58e57b7735afff0> / Bug 10602: (follow-up) to remove tabs <[…]2a5acf4872f7ed78b> / Bug 10602: Set default value for authority fields via the framework <[…]tdiff;h=e273e11b0
23:40 ccverg joined #koha
23:44 jenkins_koha Project master_maria build #144: SUCCESS in 44 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]master_maria/144/
23:44 jenkins_koha * Fridolyn SOMERS: Bug 9282: improve auto-completion for authority record finder
23:44 jenkins_koha * Fridolyn SOMERS: Bug 9282: (follow-up) add authtypecode to authority  auto-completion search
23:44 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 9282: (follow-up) remove log noise caused by authorities/
23:44 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9282 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, Pushed to Master , authorities auto-completion in mainmainentry
23:44 jenkins_koha Starting build #145 for job master_maria (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:47 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: bug 10365: change routing slips to use date published rather than planned date <[…]12f3e89e73453eebb>

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