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00:00 tcohen would you #koha like to check this?
00:00 dcook ?
00:00 dcook On a side note, it turns out that there is a town called "Italy" in Texas
00:00 dcook,_Texas
00:00 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "Koha 3.12.2 is a bugfix/mainte" (25 lines) at
00:01 tcohen sorry dcook, was taking about that paste
00:02 tcohen does it even *look* ok
00:02 tcohen ?
00:03 tcohen that is meant to be part of the release notes
00:03 dcook Well, I'd put "perl -m -u", but I don't think it really matters
00:04 tcohen i'll fix it in the email I think, thanks dcook
00:04 dcook But yeah, it looks good
00:04 dcook That's the first time I've ever actually run that script too..
00:04 tcohen heh
00:05 dcook that's how you get to print color as well..
00:05 * dcook might use that sometime..
00:07 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "try this at the end of .bashrc dcook" (1 line) at
00:07 dcook tcohen: What's that?
00:07 wahanui that is a good idea.
00:07 dcook Clever, wahanui :p
00:08 tcohen some colors for the terminal, and a nice trick when browsing git dirs
00:08 dcook Hmm, cool
00:08 dcook I was thinking more so for printing for other people, but I might have to try this too
00:09 tcohen (shows the current branch you're on, and even if you're in the middle of a cherry-pick, am or rebase ;))
00:09 dcook Hmm, looks like I pasted in something wrong..
00:10 tcohen the ending '?
00:11 dcook Don't know?
00:11 tcohen should have said *trailing* right eythian?
00:12 dcook __git_ps1: command not found
00:15 tcohen do u have bash-completion installed?
00:15 dcook I just saw that on a forum ;)
00:15 dcook I doubt it?
00:15 tcohen sudo apt-get install bash-completion
00:16 dcook I don't run a Debian system ;)
00:16 dcook Although I really should..
00:16 tcohen oh, what do you run
00:16 tcohen ?
00:16 dcook openSuse
00:16 wahanui openSuse is not used by many developers, and will likely be difficult to get Koha working with.
00:16 dcook And not so much run, as use
00:16 tcohen zypper install bash-completion maybe?
00:16 dcook Hmm, looks like it is installed
00:17 dcook Mm, but possibly on a different file system
00:17 tcohen edit /etc/bash.bashrc
00:17 tcohen there should be 3 or 4 lines related to bash completion, commented out
00:17 tcohen oh, gotta upload the release :-D
00:17 dcook Nope, they aren't commented out
00:17 dcook Have fun!
00:26 tcohen which will finish first? uploading using this slow connection or jenkins?
00:28 dcook IE--
00:35 edveal joined #koha
00:35 dcook Luckily, it was just trailing commas...
00:36 dcook Or not...
00:37 dcook Well, trailing commas and IE7 being such garbage...
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01:08 rambutan joined #koha
01:08 rambutan whoami
01:13 tcohen night #koha, hope everyone enjoys the release
01:13 tcohen bye!
01:16 rambutan good night tcohen
02:08 dcook IE--
02:08 dcook Why on Earth...would older versions of IE use the innerHTML of a button as the element value rather than the actual value attribute?!?!
02:09 dcook I suppose it could've been a different time
02:09 dcook Where button elements were more like submit elements...
02:09 dcook But still...
02:09 * dcook grimaces
02:18 jcamins dcook: we usually use inputs for buttons that are getting submitted.
02:19 dcook jcamins: I don't think that's an option in this case :/
02:19 jcamins dcook: awww.
02:20 dcook Basically, I created a mailing list feature that relies on search queries
02:20 dcook And now I've added in buttons on the search history page where you can add a past search query to your list of "interests" to track
02:21 jcamins If it makes you feel any better, I've hit a point where Bootstrap's responsive layout gives me The Look and walks away, leaving my layout a mess.
02:21 dcook So it sends the search query via ajax to a processing script, and if it saves, the button disables itself and any other buttons on the same page linked to the same query
02:21 dcook Ouch
02:21 dcook What's the scenario?
02:21 wahanui the scenario is a problematic patch across versions.
02:22 jcamins I want breakpoints that are not 768/1024/1200.
02:24 jcamins And navbars on tablets.
02:29 jcamins Well, at least I managed to get the navbar on the bottom for tablets.
02:30 dcook Navbar!
02:30 dcook I ended up using a hidden element which seems to work fine, but I hate creating ugly workarounds for IE7 and older
02:31 dcook Hmm, quick git question, if you have time
02:31 dcook I have a recent "kohaclone" tracking from
02:31 dcook I also want to point to another remote repo though..
02:31 dcook Do I clone into the same directory?
02:32 jcamins No, definitely not!
02:32 cjh no, man git remote add
02:32 jcamins In kohaclone, use git remote add.
02:32 dcook That makes much more sense
02:32 dcook The instructions I left myself are...silly
02:32 * dcook is setting up a dev vm :)
02:33 dcook cjh: I looked at gitify a bit but it looks like it just links a few directories?
02:33 cjh dcook: that is all it needs to do :)
02:33 dcook cgi-bin and htdocs?
02:33 cjh well, change the links
02:33 wahanui cjh: that doesn't look right
02:33 wahanui joined #koha
02:34 dcook What about the perl modules?
02:34 cjh all gitify does it change a koha instance from using /user/share to a specified git checkout
02:34 cjh dcook: it doesnt handle install, as teh instance must already be set up.
02:34 dcook Right. I mean the modules in C4 and Koha
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02:35 dcook Oh wait...
02:35 cjh PERL5LIB?
02:35 wahanui i guess PERL5LIB is set to /home/koha/kohaclone
02:35 dcook Yeah, I just noticed that
02:35 cjh it also sets that :)
02:35 cjh wahanui: thanks.
02:35 wahanui de rien cjh
02:36 dcook Sweet. I'm going to give that a go in a moment once I set up this remote repo
02:45 dcook Hmm, not working so well..
02:45 dcook How do folks track other git repos\ on their LAN?
02:46 jcamins I use SSH.
02:46 dcook I'm thinking that's probably my best bet, eh?
02:48 cjh git remote -vv
02:48 cjh catalystgit+ssh://
02:48 cjh hmm spacing screwed up, meant to be catalyst git+ssh://
02:52 dcook Hmm, I wonder what I'm missing.
02:52 dcook I keep getting the following:
02:52 dcook fatal: git checkout: updating paths is incompatible with switching branches. Did you intend to checkout 'pro/pro38' which can not be resolved as commit?
02:53 cjh what did you do and what are you trying to do
02:53 jcamins ^^ exactly
02:53 dcook I'm just trying to check out a new branch :S
02:53 cjh git remote add arbitrary-name git://some-path
02:53 cjh git fetch --all
02:53 dcook Mmm
02:53 cjh git checkout arbitrary-name/some-branch
02:53 dcook That would help if I actually fetched from it
02:53 cjh :)
02:55 dcook Much better
02:55 dcook Thanks cjh :)
02:56 dcook I take it you guys must use keys rather than passwords as well
02:56 Oak joined #koha
02:56 dcook I suppose using passwords for fetching and pushing wouldn't be super irritating, but..
02:56 * Oak waves
02:56 dcook hey Oak
02:59 cjh dcook: I dont ever use passwords for ssh
02:59 cjh I use keys, but the keys are password-protected.
03:04 dcook Password-protected keys?
03:04 Oak hey dcook
03:04 cjh dcook: yes, all my ssh keys require passwords to use them, so if someone steals my computer they cannot use my keys.
03:06 dcook cjh: Makes sense. So do you mean password-protected at the login level or closer to the actual usage of those keys?
03:06 cjh password protected at the local level, as in when I generated my ssh keys I provided a password
03:06 cjh you can have either
03:06 cjh I don't unlock my keys on login as I use a different password for them
03:07 cjh but I will sometimes use ssh-add to unlock my keys if I plan to use them many times in a row
03:07 jcamins I unlock my keys at login using... something... but it requires me entering a second password.
03:07 dcook Intriguing..
03:07 jcamins ssh-agent
03:07 jcamins And ssh-add
03:07 cjh I generally only unlock my keys when I want to do something with them
03:07 dcook I'll have to keep that in mind as well
03:08 cjh yes I have ssh-agent running, but optionally add/remove keys based on usage
03:08 cjh the idea being if I am not working on koha then my koha keys shouldnt be unlocked etc.
03:08 jcamins cjh: oh, I see. I only use ssh-agent for the ssh key I use regularly.
03:09 cjh I have many keys for different things, and ssh-agent only ever knows about the key(s) I am using at that time :)
03:09 cjh on my desktop I am more liberal and often ssh-agent knows about far too many keys
03:15 dcook Ugh...something nasty has happened..
03:15 cjh what did you do and what are you trying to do
03:15 dcook hehe
03:15 cjh wahanui: ask dcook is <reply>what did you do and what are you trying to do
03:15 wahanui cjh: no idea
03:16 dcook Ouch :p
03:16 cjh wahanui: be dcook is <reply>what did you do and what are you trying to do
03:16 wahanui i don't know, cjh
03:16 cjh wahanui: you will pay for this.
03:16 wahanui cjh: huh?
03:16 dcook It looks like some files have become "unhinged"
03:16 cjh git clean
03:16 dcook They're from, but they're just floating around
03:16 cjh as long as those files are added and committed somewhere then they are safe to remove
03:17 dcook Hmm, that helped
03:17 dcook It's not removing a few files though
03:17 cjh you may have to run it with an army of flags
03:18 cjh git clean -f -d -x
03:18 cjh or something :)
03:18 dcook -x looks pretty good :D
03:18 dcook or maybe -X
03:18 * cjh makes magicl gestures
03:18 cjh magical even
03:19 wizzyrea -f for force, -d for directories
03:19 wizzyrea dunno what x is
03:19 wizzyrea :P
03:19 cjh -x for removing files that git usually ignores
03:19 dcook cjh: Beautiful :). Thanks again!
03:19 dcook cjh++
03:19 cjh so in theory that should remove everything that isn't useful
03:21 dcook In practice, it did :)
03:21 cjh sometimes odd things happen and I also need to `git reset --hard HEAD`
03:22 dcook Yeah, I did one of those at the start, as it thought I had modified some files
03:22 dcook Silly, git
03:22 dcook I am constantly amazed by how powerful Git is though
03:22 cjh it makes life so much easier :)
03:22 cjh <3 rebase
03:22 dcook Agreed :)
03:22 dcook If only my VM were faster..
03:23 dcook Already upped its RAM
03:23 dcook Might be able to give it more cpus..
03:24 dcook Whoa, git. Why are you using nano instead of vim...
03:24 cjh $EDITOR
03:25 cjh echo $EDITOR
03:25 cjh or $VISUAL or git.core.editor setting :) glhf
03:25 cjh git config --global core-editor
03:26 dcook Hmm, neither seems to be set
03:26 cjh then set one to vim :)
03:27 dcook Much better :)
03:27 dcook cjh++
03:28 cjh my empire grows :)
03:29 dcook @karma cjh
03:29 huginn` dcook: Karma for "cjh" has been increased 34 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 34.
03:29 cjh decreased 0 time, that can't be right.
03:30 dcook @karma dcook
03:30 huginn` dcook: Karma for "dcook" has been increased 28 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 28.
03:30 dcook Whew
03:30 dcook Haven't angered anyone too much yet, I guess
03:31 dcook And no pushing to a currently checked out branch...makes sense
03:31 dcook All right, I think I'm ready for gitify :)
03:37 dcook cjh: So I just drop "koha-gitify" into "usr/sbin"?
03:38 cjh dcook: I just have a git clone at ~/devel/koha-gitify and run it manually
03:38 dcook Hmm, I could set up a remote for your Github too..
03:38 dcook Cool, I'll give that a go
03:38 cjh you could always clone it and place it in /usr/sbin if you wanted, but I dont use it often enough to need it in my path.
03:38 dcook Mmm, makes sense
03:38 dcook Hmm, I've never cloned from Github
03:39 dcook Other methods..
03:40 dcook So Github only uses http and ssh?
03:40 cjh git clone
03:41 dcook Yeah, that's what I was thinking
03:41 * dcook wishes that he understood the git protocol better
03:41 dcook Then if I want to push back to your repo, I need to use my own account?
03:41 cjh dcook: well you can't push to it without me granting you access
03:42 cjh so on github you would make a fork and push to that
03:42 cjh dcook: or email me a git format-patch :)
03:42 dcook Then do a pull request?
03:42 dcook Mmm, that's true
03:42 cjh make an issue and attach a patch there
03:42 cjh choose your workflow :)
03:43 dcook Cool beans :)
03:44 wizzyrea can't you do some trickery on github where you edit the file there
03:45 wizzyrea then suggest that as a commit
03:45 dcook Ahh, I see. This needs to be in its own repo as that you can point to your koha repo
03:45 cjh wizzyrea: there is also that, but I dont use github very much :)
03:45 mtj hey, speaking of github… i recently got the qa-tools repo working with travis
03:46 mtj[…]test-tools/builds
03:46 cjh wizzyrea: I did my first pull request the other day, convuluted...
03:46 mtj[…]ls/builds/9202410
03:46 wizzyrea is that like jenkins' cousin?
03:46 cjh heh
03:46 mtj wiz, yeah :)
03:47 mtj i thought i might try and get Koha building with travis next
03:47 dcook Hmm
03:48 dcook cjh: How do I get this script to run?
03:48 cjh dcook: cd koha-gitity, ./koha-gitify
03:48 dcook derp
03:48 dcook Oh?
03:48 cjh you may need to 'chmod +x koha-gitify' first
03:49 dcook Mmm, and run as sudo
03:49 dcook Err root, using sudo..
03:49 cjh yes
03:49 cjh dcook: documentation is a bit iffy :p
03:50 mtj joubu and i have sometimes broken the qa-tools repo with bad commits :/
03:50 mtj ... travis should now catch those problems
03:50 mtj dcook, cd koha-gitity; ./koha-gitify
03:51 cjh as sudo, and then specify which koha instance and the git checkout/clone
03:51 dcook Looks good :)
03:51 mtj s/,/;/    ?
03:51 dcook Although I had the wrong branch when I restarted apache
03:51 * dcook waits for his VM to slowly check out the branch..
03:51 cjh dcook: you only need to restart apache when gitifying, not when changing branch
03:51 cjh unless you are using plack or something that caches things :)
03:51 wizzyrea ^
03:52 dcook Makes sense. I had the branch set to koha-gitify though
03:52 dcook So apache gave me some warning messages
03:52 dcook That's all :)
03:52 cjh 'the branch set to koha-gitify' ?
03:52 dcook Originally, I just added your repo to my koha git
03:52 cjh ahhhh
03:52 cjh that is... odd
03:53 * dcook shrugs
03:53 cjh :)
03:54 dcook Ahhh
03:54 dcook I just remembered that our local Koha uses some Perl modules from CPAN
03:55 dcook Oh well. I'll deal with that later.
03:59 dcook Looks good, cjh :)
03:59 dcook cjh++
04:00 cjh awesome.
04:00 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, cjh
04:16 mtj hmm, i thought the tweeter was ignoring ReTweets...
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05:39 drojf good morning #koha
05:39 dcook hey ya drojf :)
05:39 drojf hi dcook
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06:44 reiveune hello
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06:49 christophe_c hello #koha
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06:59 kf good morning #koha
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07:03 * wizzyrea waves
07:12 cjh ok time to work out this release thing...
07:17 wizzyrea glhf
07:20 gaetan_B joined #koha
07:20 gaetan_B hello
07:28 wizzyrea hiyas
07:37 kf cjh: have fun :)
07:38 cjh heh thanks guys :)
07:40 dcook cjh++
07:40 * dcook is a one man karma increasing machine.
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07:47 dcook night all
07:47 wahanui goodnight dcook. You'll be back.
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08:07 kf cjh++ :)
08:19 cjh hmm I don't seem to have permission to scp files to as chrish
08:19 cjh wasnt able to last time, jcamins helped me out :)
08:24 wizzyrea hm
08:25 kf wondering who will wake up first
08:25 kf maybe you could email galen or rangi?
08:27 wizzyrea i might be able to help ou but not until after bedtime
08:28 cjh heh, when is bedtime?
08:28 wizzyrea about 30 mins
08:28 wizzyrea :/
08:28 cjh I can look busy for 30 mins
08:29 * cjh rings soren to remind him how tired he is today...
08:29 wizzyrea haha
08:32 kf yay
09:05 wizzyrea ok sorry cjh
09:06 cjh you are free?
09:07 wizzyrea yep
09:07 cjh awesome, so you have ssh access to
09:07 wizzyrea I'm trying now -I feel like I should/do
09:08 cjh no biggy if you don't, it can always wait until morning :)
09:11 wizzyrea grr... trying one more thing
09:11 wizzyrea I know I had access to this at one point
09:12 cjh ok
09:13 wizzyrea humbug. sorry >.<
09:13 cjh thank you for trying :)
09:13 wizzyrea I will get that sorted tomorrow though
09:14 cjh I am emailing rangi now :)
09:14 wizzyrea I'd enclose your relevant keys
09:14 wizzyrea in the email ^.^
09:14 cjh
09:14 cjh :)
09:14 cjh packages and my pub keys :)
09:14 wizzyrea ooo fancy fancy
09:15 cjh having a webserver allows for black magic :)
09:15 wizzyrea ^.^
09:16 cjh thanks for your time anyways :)
09:16 kf wizzyrea++ :)
09:16 wizzyrea psh it's nothing for friends
09:16 cjh I don't have net at home atm so won't be online until tomorrow morning (when I get to work)
09:17 wizzyrea righty o
09:17 kf eek - no internet makes me grumpy
09:17 cjh http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]deploy-aaaand-win
09:17 cjh kf: we moved houses and had the net working (despite my isp saying it wasnt installed yet), then an hour or 2 after the last quake the phoneline went down...
09:17 wizzyrea hahaha
09:17 kf cool
09:17 cjh isp says it is still working... *sigh*
09:17 kf the link :)
09:17 wizzyrea oh crap!
09:18 wizzyrea so you have to get the landlord/manager in to look at it?
09:18 cjh so they have called a tech to wander round over the next few days, it is killing me
09:18 wizzyrea !
09:18 wizzyrea terrible.
09:18 cjh I think it is a fault on their end, the phone number they assigned to us also wasnt working
09:18 cjh if I called the number it would ring forever but our phone wouldnt ring, and if that number called me it would come up as 'anonymous number'
09:18 * wizzyrea got her backup SIM card today
09:19 cjh \o/
09:19 cjh wizzyrea: welcome to wellington xD
09:19 wizzyrea so now I have a vodaphone and a telecom ;)
09:19 cjh wizzyrea and trea can now be called real wellingtonians now :)
09:19 wizzyrea as I understand it, we've been present for about the absolute worst wellington has to offer now
09:20 wizzyrea winter southerly storms, and earthquakes (though no, not "the big one")
09:20 cjh requirements: a) freak out over large quake, b) eat a mince pie
09:20 kf :)
09:20 wizzyrea but at least as bad as anything in a generation
09:20 wizzyrea done and ... done
09:20 * kf wants to come back to wellington some time too for a visit
09:20 cjh I had a german friend over a few years back, he had lived in new zealand for a few years at the time, for dinner we served him a mince pie, he had no idea what to do with it.
09:21 wizzyrea you eat it. duh.
09:21 wizzyrea :)
09:21 cjh he found it strange and he wasn't a fan, rest assured he has now mastered the meat pie :)
09:22 wizzyrea this used to be me at NEKLS: http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]ng-with-an-outage
09:22 cjh assimilate.
09:22 cjh hahhah
09:22 wizzyrea because if something went down
09:22 wizzyrea 40 libraries called AT THE SAME TIME.
09:22 cjh T.T
09:22 wizzyrea and the receptionist would put them all through.
09:22 wizzyrea one after another.
09:23 wizzyrea "yes, it's down. No I don't know when. I'm talking to you instead of fixing it."
09:23 cjh wizzyrea: you need
09:23 cjh kf: you can come over and try our mince and cheese pies :)
09:23 wizzyrea hahaha yea, I thought about that.
09:24 kf :)
09:24 wizzyrea http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]ood-lets-try-that
09:24 kf i had maccaroni with cheese microwave thing when i got sick last time... i suvived that so i am not afraid of pies
09:25 wizzyrea paying licensing for a proprietary ILS is <reply>[…]bepowL1qz4rgp.gif
09:25 cjh wizzyrea: the 'sounds good lets try' is also called 'refactoring acquisitons'
09:26 cjh kf: heh brave!
09:26 cjh wizzyrea: you didnt say it at wizzyrea
09:26 cjh wahanui: &
09:26 wahanui cjh: what?
09:26 wizzyrea refactoring acquisitions is <reply> http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]ood-lets-try-that
09:26 cjh wahanui: acquistions is <reply>http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]ood-lets-try-that
09:26 wahanui OK, cjh.
09:27 wizzyrea refactoring acquisitions?
09:27 wahanui http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]ood-lets-try-that
09:27 wizzyrea we should rewrite Koha in PHP is <reply> http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]ood-lets-try-that
09:27 cjh heh
09:27 * wizzyrea laughs a lot
09:28 kf cjh: i felt realyl bad
09:28 kf bbl
09:30 wizzyrea i really want to add one for every language that's ever been suggested.
09:30 cjh home time, good bye internet
09:30 cjh wizzyrea: also add it for python
09:30 wizzyrea i am seriously laughing my posterior off.
09:30 wizzyrea just thinking about it
09:31 wizzyrea we should rewrite Koha in Python is <reply> http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]ood-lets-try-that
09:32 wizzyrea now I want to start a Koha Dev tumblr.
09:32 wizzyrea because I need something else to look after.
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10:00 wizzyrea >.>
10:31 kf back
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10:57 wizzyrea wb
10:59 kf wizzyrea++
11:06 wizzyrea ^.^
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11:55 kf jcamins++
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12:09 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:24 kf hi oleonard :)
12:25 * oleonard is wearing a new scent today, known as "Spilled Coffee on Myself."
12:25 kf heh
12:25 kf that sounds lovely
12:26 wizzyrea better than "baby spit up"
12:27 oleonard True. I'm so well-trained to avoid baby spit up that I still don't get dressed in my work clothes until I'm about to leave. And it's been years since my kids were babies.
12:28 jcamins Since I know you're also desperate for royal gossip, I present to you a friend's suggestion for what I should bake next:[…]whats-the-secret/
12:30 jcamins Unfortunately, it requires baking the cookies.
12:35 wizzyrea naw, go get some from the store!
12:35 wizzyrea lorna doone's
12:35 wizzyrea we have some coconut biscuits here that would be amazing in something like that
12:35 jcamins wizzyrea: isn't it extraordinarily late for you?
12:36 kf jcamins: i already told her, she is not listening :)
12:38 wizzyrea 12:30 :) I'm going soon
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12:54 tcohen did the release announcement reach the forum?
12:54 jcamins koha-gitify
12:54 jcamins koha-gitify?
12:54 jcamins koha gitify?
12:54 jcamins gitify?
12:54 wahanui it has been said that gitify is at
12:56 khall can anyone explain why AutomaticItemReturn has *anything* to do with building the holds queue? I cannot for the life of me understand why, but it's even in the unit test!
12:57 jcamins khall: poor specification?
12:57 jcamins That's the only explanation I can come up with.
12:57 khall jcamins, I couldn't agree more. You can see my ranting on bug 10628
12:57 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10628 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , AutomaticItemReturn prevents holds queue from filling local holds with local items
12:58 khall my fix causes HoldsQueue.t to fail in such a schizophrenic way it's melting my brain.
13:00 * jcamins sets up LXC+koha-gitify for maximum awesomeness.
13:00 oleonard jcamins: The purpose of koha-gitify is to allow the ease of installation of a package but give you git control?
13:00 jcamins oleonard: right.
13:00 jcamins oleonard: well, plus it allows you to not worry about cron jobs, etc.
13:00 * khall wants this
13:00 oleonard What is LXC?
13:00 wahanui LXC is really cool.
13:00 oleonard wahanui: :P
13:00 wahanui well, P is part I know
13:02 jcamins oleonard: it allows me to run a complete Ubuntu installation in a container on my existing server.
13:02 jcamins It's like chroot on steroids.
13:03 jcamins Woohoo! Blazing fast transfer speeds!
13:04 jcamins Of course, even faster would've been just using cp instead of git clone.
13:09 kf bug 5202
13:09 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5202 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Signed Off , Merge authority records
13:20 collum joined #koha
13:32 kf thx khall :)
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14:00 jwagner joined #koha
14:07 gmcharlt @quote random
14:07 huginn` gmcharlt: Quote #35: "<sekjal> it seemed like a good idea at the time...." (added by jwagner at 06:58 PM, September 17, 2009)
14:09 gmcharlt hmm, that postdates adding MARC support ;)
14:10 kf hi gmcharlt :)
14:19 druthb @quote random
14:19 huginn` druthb: Quote #161: "* wizzyrea prefers pricks" (added by kf at 02:18 PM, October 18, 2011)
14:19 druthb left #koha
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14:24 kf rangi made me do it.
14:25 jcamins Apache--
14:27 mcooper joined #koha
14:27 druthb @excuse
14:27 huginn` druthb: My excuse for today is "Slashdot"
14:27 druthb oooh.
14:28 kf @excuse
14:28 huginn` kf: My excuse for today is "Slashdot"
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15:01 oleonard It would be nice to have documentation on what preferences are supposed to appear under "Local use" and why
15:06 kf oleonard: i think a lot are not right there
15:06 kf basically everything that shows up in a normal tab too hm.
15:07 kf printcirculationslips looks a bit dubious
15:07 kf the rest seems right.. htere used to be  a  lot more
15:08 drojf oleonard++
15:08 oleonard circulation.pref has a comment: "# FIXME: printcirculationslips is also omitted. It _technically_ could work, but C4::Print is HLT specific and needs a little bit of refactoring."
15:11 kf ah
15:11 kf then that looks about right
15:11 kf hm
15:34 pianohacker joined #koha
15:36 oleonard In what way does Bug 10610 help?
15:36 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10610 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , sysprefs.sql is really boring to rebase
15:37 * oleonard hasn't tested, just trying to understand the change
15:42 kf oleonard: i think because it won't put them in the end
15:42 kf so the lines are less likely to be close together
15:42 kf so less merge conflicts
15:42 kf at least i think that's the idea
15:42 kf hmm
15:42 kf shouldn't we delete entries in alerts when the borrower is deleted?
15:43 reiveune bye
15:43 reiveune left #koha
15:44 gmcharlt oleonard: the idea is that if the sysprefs are sorted in order by the code, a patch that adds a new one (in its proper place, alphabetically), is less likely to create a merge confilct
15:45 gmcharlt consider two patches from two different contributors, one that adds syspref EEE and one that adds syspref MMM
15:45 kf :)
15:45 gmcharlt if they both, as is current practices, add the new one to the end of the file
15:45 gmcharlt at some point a merge conflict is likely
15:45 gmcharlt whereas if the file is sorted, and EEE and MMM are added in their respective places, a merge conflict is much less likely to occur
15:45 christophe_c left #koha
15:45 oleonard I see. That's why simple CSS changes conflict so often.
15:46 gmcharlt admittedly, such a merge conflict is about the easiest one possible to resolve, but I see his point about take a step to make it less likely to occur in the first place
15:47 gmcharlt (I do wish that the patch came with whatever script was used to generate the sorted version, as it would be easier to confirm that no unexpected changes crept it)
15:47 gmcharlt *crept in
15:48 kf ok, looking at alert... if someone has a mment:[…]71eebf949a3#l2682
15:48 kf shouldn't that have a FK constraint on the borrowernumber and a cascade that it gets deleted when the borrower is deleted?
15:48 gmcharlt kf: yes
15:49 kf hm wondering... we delete all that, but that will make it impossible to do an 'undelete' bringing borrowers back from deletedborrowers
15:49 kf we already delete a lot - that would make it more consistent, but I coudl imagine that might be the eaosn it was not done in the first place?
15:50 kf i am working on a 'concept for deletion of personal data' so that's where those questions come from :)
15:50 gmcharlt I'd rather have the FKs
15:50 kf i will file a bug
15:51 kf and note it for manual deletion for now... *meh* :)
15:51 gmcharlt and if there's a desire for a more complete patron undelete, add new tables as needed
15:51 gmcharlt e.g., deleted_borrower_alerts, etc.
15:52 kf gmcharlt: makes sense :)
15:53 laurence left #koha
15:53 kf bug 10631
15:53 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10631 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Table alert should have a FK on borrowernumber and entries be deleted with the referenced borrower
15:53 kf hope it makes sense
16:08 kf gmcharlt: ugh - you could have corrected all my typos at least :)
16:08 gmcharlt kf: sadly, my computer lacks the copy-and-fix-typos-and-paste feature ;)
16:08 oleonard Is it incorrect to have a 245a with a trailing colon in cases where there is a subtitle?
16:09 kf hm I thought that was the way to do it
16:09 kf and a / if there is none but you have an author?
16:11 melia joined #koha
16:11 oleonard That's what I thought, but then Bug 10505
16:11 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10505 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, Needs Signoff , Add a separator between title and subtitle for OPAC without XSLT
16:11 oleonard If you apply Bug 10505 then you get double colons ::
16:11 kf oleonard: UNIMARC
16:12 kf well that and German MARC21
16:13 oleonard doesn't know whether it's UNIMARC or not
16:14 kf ah
16:15 kf hm guess i will need another bug report for suggestions
16:16 kf[…]71eebf949a3#l2077
16:18 khall hey oleonard: the opac has everything to implement datatables, but it doesn't look like it's ever been done. Is that correct? I just submitted a patch for bug 10632 and my datatables look a bit funky ( no sorting arrows, etc )
16:18 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10632 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Enable datatables for courses and course details in the OPAC
16:19 alexander joined #koha
16:19 alexander hey friends
16:19 oleonard khall: Table sorting in the OPAC hasn't been globally converted to DataTables
16:20 khall is this as good a place to start as any?
16:21 alexander I ran into this problem: i did koha-remove, after that koha-create, and did all the settings from scratch, but old records still persist, but they give out "the record you requested does not exist"
16:21 oleonard khall: Yes
16:21 alexander biblioitems, biblio, items are empty
16:22 alexander anybody?
16:22 wahanui The #koha IRC channel is populated by people from many timezones, sometimes even on weekends. However, if no one is here right now and you need help you should take a look at
16:24 kf alexander: your indexes are not curent - try reindexing
16:24 kf there is a command to run a full zebra reindex for the packages
16:25 alexander i did koha-rebuild-zebra -f
16:25 alexander does this do the reindexing?
16:26 kf hm i think it does
16:27 kf maybe you have to enter a new record to make sure it resets - but that's just a guess
16:28 vfernandes joined #koha
16:28 vfernandes hi guys
16:28 vfernandes MARCXML files for bulkmarcimport which structure should have?
16:29 vfernandes I've tried to migrate one XML file in 3.2 and it worked, the same file in 3.12 gives 0 recores
16:29 vfernandes *records
16:30 oleonard So khall are you going to do more with Bug 10632 to get the DataTables working correctly?
16:30 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10632 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Enable datatables for courses and course details in the OPAC
16:34 alexander kf, thanks a lot
16:34 alexander adding a field and reindexing worked
16:36 vfernandes anyone could tell me the xml structure to import in 3.12
16:36 kf vfernandes: it should be valid marcxml
16:37 vfernandes I know... but in a older version the file is imported, in 3.12 not
16:38 kf it's hard to tell without knowing how your file looks like and if you are setting the correct parameters
16:38 kf did you tell the script it's XML?
16:38 kf is the XML valid?
16:39 vfernandes yes...
16:39 vfernandes <collection><record>...</record></collection>
16:40 gmcharlt vfernandes: how big is the file?  can you put it up somewhere so that I can download it?
16:40 vfernandes I found the problem
16:40 vfernandes :D
16:41 vfernandes I wasn't closing one tag... but in 3.2 was working without closing :D
16:42 pianohacker gmcharlt: So you're putting off adding the feature you discussed, where non-well-formed XML causes the user's mother to call them and tell them that they're _very_ disappointed in them?
16:43 gmcharlt heh
16:43 kf got late again :) bye all!
16:46 gaetan_B bye
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17:11 tcohen joined #koha
17:19 tcohen @seen eythian
17:19 huginn` tcohen: eythian was last seen in #koha 1 day, 0 hours, 1 minute, and 53 seconds ago: <eythian> just in the js
17:20 tcohen @later tell eythian i've tagged and released v3.12.2, you can roll the debs whenever you want
17:20 huginn` tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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17:38 cait joined #koha
17:40 jcamins That's what I'm talking about!
17:41 jcamins I should perhaps -- at some point -- figure out why the EUID of the package users does not seem to be the one set with AssignUser.
17:42 * cait waves
17:44 drojf joined #koha
17:45 cait hi drojf
17:46 drojf hi cait
17:46 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
17:46 huginn` drojf: The current temperature in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany is 27.4°C (7:43 PM CEST on July 23, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 27%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Rising).
17:47 drojf it will get even warmer the next days. isn't it great?
17:48 jcamins I have updated the signoff script.
17:48 jcamins It now works with packages under LXC.
17:49 cait @wunder Konstanz
17:49 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 27.3°C (7:45 PM CEST on July 23, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
17:49 cait i melted several times today
17:49 jcamins @wunder 11375
17:49 huginn` jcamins: The current temperature in Glendale, Glendale, New York is 30.0°C (1:44 PM EDT on July 23, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 23.0°C. Pressure: 29.62 in 1003 hPa (Falling). Flash Flood Watch in effect until 8 PM EDT this evening...
17:49 jcamins And I was just thinking how nice and cool it was, too.
17:55 BigRig joined #koha
17:57 tcohen EUID?
17:57 tcohen what's that EUID jcamins?
17:57 jcamins tcohen: effective UID.
17:57 druthb @wunder 77098
17:57 huginn` druthb: The current temperature in Greenway Plaza, Houston, Texas is 33.9°C (12:57 PM CDT on July 23, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 21.0°C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1016 hPa (Rising).
17:58 jcamins git bz thinks it's running as the normal Apache user not the user that's configured.
17:59 tcohen i guess is related to some sort of testing infrastructure you''ve set?
17:59 jcamins Yeah.
17:59 tcohen i'm sorry, arrived late to the conversation
17:59 jcamins No you didn't. That was the entire conversation. :P
17:59 tcohen oh, i missed the part you taliked to yourself
18:02 jcamins Hehe.
18:02 jcamins My script in contribs now _really_ works with packages under LXC.
18:03 jcamins And it's better because it doesn't require git-bz.
18:05 jcamins tcohen: how many instances do you run on a single server?
18:05 tcohen 38
18:06 bigbrovar_ joined #koha
18:06 tcohen why jcamins?
18:06 jcamins tcohen: oh, I was contemplating running several hundred small, low-use instances.
18:07 tcohen it is do-able of coures
18:07 tcohen course
18:07 tcohen ours are busy at some hours
18:07 tcohen but server is idle most of the day
18:08 jcamins Yeah, but it would require some special configuration to deal with the Apache processes, I think.
18:08 tcohen running on PSGI mode?
18:08 jcamins Either PSGI or plain CGI.
18:09 tcohen apache will launch as many processes as it is configured to
18:09 tcohen i haven't played with the itk mpm we use
18:09 jcamins Right, but it isn't it configured _per instance_?
18:09 tcohen we run a single apache server
18:10 tcohen i even trued with running a single zebra server for all of them (too much tweak)
18:10 jcamins But how many processes does it have running?
18:12 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "<IfModule mpm_worker_module> S" (9 lines) at
18:12 jcamins Hm. Actually, I just checked one of my servers with 8 instances, and it has only 10 Apache processes so I must not have understood how itk works.
18:12 tcohen it depends on the MPM you're using
18:12 tcohen usually, it has X spare processes and launches new ones as it needs (until a MAX)
18:13 tcohen (prefork mode)
18:13 tcohen the worker module is the same, with several threads per fork
18:14 tcohen and the event module is similar, but is non-blocking (like lighttpd or nginx) and thus can serve more clients per process
18:14 tcohen the problem with the event module is that is not considered stable on 2.2 (it is on 2.4)
18:17 tcohen by event module I mean mpm-itk
18:20 oleonard Funny... Two years ago we added the DataTables plugin to the OPAC. The end.
18:20 oleonard Never used.
18:22 jcamins oleonard: what did we add it for?
18:22 oleonard Good feelings?
18:22 oleonard For later?
18:22 oleonard Just in case?
18:23 oleonard The sad part is I had a nice big patch for the OPAC to add DataTables implementation in place of tablesorter.js and it has gone missing
18:24 drojf1 joined #koha
18:24 cait oleonard:  :(
18:35 tcohen bye jcamins
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19:27 cait thunderstorm!
19:27 cait yay!
19:31 rambutan1 Our prospective thunderstorm fizzled out.
19:34 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
19:34 huginn` tcohen: The current temperature in Cordoba, Argentina is 10.0°C (4:00 PM ART on July 23, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 24%. Dew Point: -10.0°C. Pressure: 30.30 in 1026 hPa (Rising).
19:39 rambutan1 @wunder hta man thi, burma
19:39 huginn` rambutan1: The current temperature in Chita, Russia is 10.0°C (5:00 AM YAKT on July 24, 2013). Conditions: Fog. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
19:40 rambutan1 close, awfully close
19:41 pianohacker rambutan1: ... are you in missouri or burma or russia?
19:55 tcohen joined #koha
20:11 gmcharlt tcohen++
20:12 tcohen :)
20:12 jcamins tcohen++
20:16 drojf tcohen++
20:19 rambutan1 joined #koha
20:19 tcohen thanks #koha
20:19 rambutan1 pianohacker: my thoughts are always in Thailand
20:20 pianohacker okay then :)
20:24 drojf maybe we should drop unimarc support if people using it don't care about testing each other's patches :P
20:24 druthb drojf!
20:24 drojf druthb!
20:24 drojf :)
20:24 druthb :P
20:24 cait druthb!
20:24 cait drojf!
20:24 drojf cait!
20:24 druthb cait!
20:25 drojf lol
20:25 gmcharlt everybody!
20:25 wahanui everybody is so enthusiastic today :)
20:25 drojf gmcharlt!
20:25 wahanui gmcharlt is an expert in all things library technology.
20:25 druthb gmcharlt!
20:25 wahanui gmcharlt is an expert in all things library technology.
20:26 cait wahanui botsnack drojf :P
20:26 wahanui :)
20:26 druthb wahanui botsnack cookie
20:26 wahanui thanks druthb :)
20:26 tcohen where should I put xsltMaxDepth to set it to a higher value?
20:26 * druthb likes drojf!  don't feed him to the bot!
20:26 drojf no, don't feed me to the bot!
20:26 cait i doubt the bot would ike him -  no gluten
20:27 cait no fun
20:27 cait drojf: see now we got druthb to admit she likes you - and that even tho she doesn't throw skittles at you :)
20:29 * druthb chucks skittles at drojf
20:29 druthb say again?
20:29 cait heh
20:32 cait wahanui botsnack skittles
20:32 wahanui thanks cait :)
20:33 cjh rangi++
20:36 tcohen if you are debugging errors like "You can adjust xsltMaxDepth (--maxdepth) in order to raise the maximum number of nested template calls and variables/params (currently set to 250)" on your Koha, you can set that variable
20:36 jcamins tcohen: when would you enounter an error like that?
20:37 tcohen editing C4/, and adding something like $xslt->max_depth(1000); below the "my $xslt = XML::LibXSLT->new();" call
20:37 tcohen it was just for the google record heh
20:37 tcohen a library had a record with too many trailing spaces fro 300$c
20:38 tcohen (don't ask me how, maybe some migration related problem)
20:38 jcamins Ah, and we used tail recursion to remove trailing spaces?
20:39 tcohen probably
20:42 tcohen indeed
20:44 tcohen has anyone tried eclipse-mylyn with the koha project?
20:46 jcamins tcohen: I have not, but what benefit does frequent crashing provide to the development process? :P
20:48 tcohen i use vim for most of my tasks, but I love EPIC (the perl IDE on top of eclipse) and mylyn seems to fit perfectly for integration with our bugzilla
20:48 tcohen it is aimed for QA people mostly
20:50 tcohen onthe other hand, it is java, with all its disadvantages
20:56 jcamins tcohen: also, it's Eclipse, and we all know _its_ disadvantages. :P
21:07 pianohacker cait: Random question. How do you pronounce knuffe?
21:07 jcamins pianohacker: /knuffe/ of course. :P
21:07 jcamins :)
21:08 pianohacker jcamins: D'oh, of course
21:08 pianohacker silly me
21:09 pianohacker cait: Sorry to use you as a dictionary, but wanted to make sure I got it right
21:09 cait hm?
21:09 cait who do you want to knuff?
21:14 Dyrcona pianohacker:
21:16 drojf i have a fun question about
21:16 cait Dyrcona: the recorded pronounciation is not really good
21:16 drojf i got two ways of getting the 'from' email address for subscription alerts.
21:16 cait ah no german
21:17 drojf 1) my $branchdetails = GetBranchDetail($_->{'branchcode'};   # get branchcode via getalerts from alerts table (which joins it from borrowers table)
21:17 drojf 2) my $branchdetails = GetBranchDetail($borinfo->{'branchcode'};   # get branchcode from borrowers table
21:17 Dyrcona cait: I think the recorded pronunciation is for Norwegian.
21:17 drojf while the second seems like the more direct way to do it, i think i prefer the first one in case that the handling of branch codes in getalerts might change in the future (like, not the home branch of the user being subscribed but maybe the homebranch of the serial). does that make sense or is it just complicating things?
21:17 cait that would make sense :)
21:18 cait drojf: i think it's too late for me to follow you
21:20 cait sorry
21:22 drojf i'll take option 1
21:23 drojf it may not even work, i haven't tried any of those yet. so i might just use any that works ;)
21:34 drojf why is that the branchcode of the patron and not that of the serial anyway in getalerts?
21:34 * drojf has no idea how serials work
21:39 pianohacker drojf: nobody does
21:39 pianohacker some people are just better at pretending
21:39 drojf lol
21:43 cait drojf: i think i'd find the branchcode of the subscription a little more logical
21:43 cait because that's where hte issue is the patron is informed about
21:43 drojf it does not say anything about the whereabouts of the issue in the email
21:43 drojf BUT i repaired the email
21:43 drojf ;)
21:43 cait well you CAN edit the notice template i guess
21:44 cait but then again... the question might be where it pull the information from
21:44 cait if you can use branches... which branch will be used
21:44 drojf it doesn't
21:45 drojf hm ok i think my subscription is actually in my home branch. but i bet that there won't be any info if they differ
21:45 drojf let's see
21:47 drojf i can't even find it. that might be the trick ;)
21:57 cait drojf: hm you can actually create subscriptions without a branch i guess
21:57 cait so there is a problem with that
21:58 cait you shouldn't but i think you can
21:58 cait maybe would have to be - subscription branch - patron home library branch fallback? too late really to figure out
21:58 cait go to bed
21:58 cait night all :)
21:58 cait left #koha
22:04 tcohen jcamins, eclipse importing the koha source from git is so sloooooooooooooow
22:05 jcamins tcohen: don't worry.
22:05 jcamins It'll crash momentarily.
22:05 jcamins That's always fast.
22:05 * tcohen thinks that having 8GB RAM on his laptop can make this a nightmare
22:06 jcamins tcohen: why? It'll never fill up all the RAM. It'll crash long before it loads that much from the hard drive.
22:06 * tcohen feels relief, thanks jcamins
22:07 jcamins :)
22:16 drojf i like how 'Please pick it up at your convenience.' became 'pick it up as fast as possible' in the german translation.
22:17 jcamins drojf: that sounds right. :P
22:17 drojf ;)
22:24 gmcharlt heh
22:25 * gmcharlt just had a lightbulb moment -- hold shelves where the library starts charging rent after the third day
22:25 wizzyrea O.o
22:25 wizzyrea @quote get 123
22:25 huginn` wizzyrea: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
22:25 wahanui
22:26 gmcharlt wizzyrea: touch project (re the XKCD link) -- here we need worry only about murdering kittens!
22:26 gmcharlt *tough
22:30 rambutan1 joined #koha
22:50 BigRig_ joined #koha
22:53 BigRig__ joined #koha
22:55 dcook joined #koha
22:56 dcook morning #koha
23:02 cjh hmmm I wrote the 3.8.15 release email, hope that sent...
23:02 jcamins cjh: I think I saw it.
23:02 cjh that is promising :)
23:03 jcamins No, I saw the tag.
23:03 jcamins Sorry.
23:03 cjh heh
23:03 cjh I will give it an hour and I can always write it again
23:06 rambutan joined #koha
23:10 cjh drats, it isn't in my sent email, somehow managed to cancel that...
23:21 aquaman joined #koha
23:21 tcohen cjh, large messages get moderated
23:22 tcohen i received an email alerting me that
23:22 cjh ahh ty, but my message isn't in my sent box which isn't a good sign.
23:22 tcohen heh, oops
23:22 cjh yeah...
23:23 cjh going to wait a bit and hope, but I can always rewrite it tonight :)
23:29 gmcharlt hmm, is responding to ping but is otherwise not responsive
23:29 bigbrovar_ joined #koha
23:30 jcamins gmcharlt: bag is probably still around.
23:34 gmcharlt jcamins: pokage has occurred
23:35 jcamins gmcharlt: by the way, you probably noticed, but I never got very far on moving old feature branches to the archive git repo.
23:36 jcamins Please feel free to move any branches you would like.
23:38 papa joined #koha
23:40 tcohen hmm, basil got frozen last night
23:40 huginn` New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 9755: (follow-up) tweak test for tag visibility in merge hash <[…]efa3f849ba93806d7> / Bug 9755 QA follow-up: fix template compliance <[…]06dd75f0bd345c1ef> / Bug 9755 QA follow-up: move MARC-specific functionality to utility class <http://git.koha-commu
23:40 jcamins tcohen: I hate that.
23:41 tcohen yeah, de-hidrated basil will never match the flavour
23:44 dcook tcohen: :(
23:44 dcook Our basil died recently :/
23:44 dcook Potatos are growing strong though :D
23:48 tcohen :D
23:48 jcamins Did anyone other than rangi contribute any code to Koha 1.0?
23:49 dcook
23:49 dcook Maybe?
23:49 wahanui i heard Maybe was a momentaneous error
23:51 rangi yes
23:51 jcamins rangi: okay, thanks.
23:52 rangi 198 commits from olwen williams
23:58 dcook Hmm, looks like the Koha history hasn't been updated in a while:
23:59 jcamins So it does.

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