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00:08 mrx Hi, I'm quite new to koha. Setup an instance with name koha but I am trying to stage and eventually import lot of marc records in bulk using but it is giving me error "unable to locate Koha configuration file koha-conf.xml at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 360." I have added environment variable too PERL5LIB=/usr/share/koha/lib but to no avail, after copying C4 folder to
00:08 mrx /etc/perl too. But still getting same error, any ideas?
00:10 rangi yep its not looking for the libs, but the koha-conf.xml file
00:10 rangi how did you install with the tarball?
00:14 mrx basically did the web install, like after setting up database etc and through
00:16 rangi but you used the tarball eh? not the packages?
00:16 rangi in which case you probably need to
00:16 rangi export KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
00:16 rangi (or something similar)
00:17 jcamins @wunder 11375
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00:17 jcamins It's after 8pm. That is altogether too hot for after 8pm.
00:18 jcamins Actually, that's altogether too hot in any situation, but especially this late.
00:18 wizzyrea you should probably use koha-shell
00:19 rangi that only works with the packages doesnt it?
00:20 jcamins Yes.
00:20 wizzyrea oh I misread, I saw "instance named koha" and thought that meant package
00:20 wizzyrea my bad sorry
00:20 jcamins wizzyrea: oh, good point. Sounds like a package install.
00:21 rangi yeah that's what i was trying to confirm ;-)
00:22 mrx so I should set KOHA_CONF as env variable?
00:22 jcamins mrx: you need to tell us how you installed Koha.
00:23 mrx I pretty much followed process on this link:[…]rade_Instructions
00:24 wizzyrea cool so packages :)
00:25 rangi then koha-shell it is :)
00:25 wizzyrea so something like sudo koha-shell koha
00:25 wizzyrea then do your commands to import
00:27 mrx oh, I never knew there is some koha-shell too. Thanks I'll give a shot and will be back shortly, thanks guys u r awesome
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01:28 mrx hi guys, sorry back again. is working in koha shell now but the match option to look for isbns is apparently not I'm using it like: perl --file /home/mrx/338659.bib --match isbn
01:31 jcamins mrx: you need to use the matcher ID.
01:33 mrx thanks jcamins, from where I can find the matcher ID for isbn?
01:34 jcamins mrx: it's listed on the administration page.
01:56 mrx thanks jcamins. One more query for now, is there a way to update bulk biblographic records after importing to koha. Like adding a sepcific constant text to specific tags?
01:57 jcamins No.
01:57 jcamins There are several patches to add that feature, but none have gotten in yet, so far as I know.
02:06 mrx hmmm ok and if someone wants to edit it the mainly tables to update are biblio and biblioitems or anyothers too?
02:08 jcamins The sort answer is under no circumstances should you *ever* modify biblio or biblioitems directly.
02:09 jcamins *short
02:09 jcamins ^^ capitals required
02:10 jcamins The way to do that sort of bulk update is either export the MARC records and use marcedit (or your preferred editor), or write a script that uses the Koha API to do it.
02:12 mrx :) ok, got it. Can you plz point me to Koha API I should be looking into for this?
02:12 jcamins perldoc?
02:12 wahanui well, perldoc is at for the C4 modules and more
02:13 jcamins ^^ the perldoc is not always accurate, but it's something.
02:17 rangi[…]e8a29e577e2f5a918
02:17 rangi thats an example of modifying a bunch of records
02:17 rangi in this case, just fixing hte date in the 008
02:20 mrx Oh thanks a bunch again guys, it is quite helpful. In case I run into some problems regarding writing such scripts, this is the right channel to ask or there is some other for development like queries?
02:20 rangi this or the koha-devel mailing list
02:21 wizzyrea what he said :P
02:52 jcamins @wunder 11375
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02:57 * druthb wiggles her eyebrows at jcamins
02:58 druthb Move to Houston; it's cooler.
03:02 wizzyrea @wunder nzwn
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03:02 wizzyrea and a lovely, clear 12.
03:19 wizzyrea lists - is there a system preference that prevents borrowers from creating public lists, but not private ones?
03:19 wizzyrea if there is, I'm not seeing it
03:41 wizzyrea sunday--
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05:47 cait good morning äkoha
05:47 cait #koha even
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06:43 reiveune hello
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06:49 * magnuse waves
06:50 drojf hei magnuse
06:50 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
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06:50 magnuse @wunder boo
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06:51 drojf that looks like a more normal temperature for that time of the day
06:53 magnuse :-)
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07:06 gaetan_B hello
07:15 druthb o/
07:19 magnuse \o
07:21 druthb hi, magnuse! :D
07:22 magnuse hiya druthb
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07:23 * druthb hides
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07:30 christophe_c hekko #koha
07:31 christophe_c hello :)
07:31 christophe_c monday morning :-[
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07:45 kf hi christophe_c :)
07:45 christophe_c hello kf ;-)
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09:41 vfernandes hello :)
09:41 vfernandes i'm having a problem with publication date search
09:41 vfernandes[…]ha/
09:42 kf is 008 in your data corectly filled out?
09:42 vfernandes searching for "barragem de terra" ([…]ort_by=relevance) there is 162 results
09:43 kf you hae no 008 field in the record i am looking at
09:43 kf the search builds on the normalized year in 008 - Date1
09:43 vfernandes kf no because the records where migrated from 2.2.8 to 3.10
09:43 kf you might want to look into a script to add those
09:44 kf i think rangi pointed to a script not long ago in the chat
09:44 vfernandes let me checkout if there is any script to that
09:46 rangi do you have dates in 260c?
09:46 vfernandes yes rangi
09:46 rangi[…]e8a29e577e2f5a918
09:46 kf the record iw as looking at had 260$c nicely populated
09:46 rangi that will fix the 008 using the value from 260c
09:47 vfernandes thanks rangi
09:47 vfernandes I will try the script rigth now :D
09:48 kf vfernandes: you will have to tell your catalogers to keep an eye on the 008 then in the future - the search is really useful when you have good data there
09:49 vfernandes kf: i will tell them to do that...
09:51 kf i know it's annyoing... but it helps when you know why you fill it out (at least it helps me) :)
09:51 kf hope that made sense
09:53 vfernandes rangi after running I need to reindex all right?
09:56 rangi nope
09:57 rangi cos its doign modbiblio
09:57 rangi so will put a row in zebraqueue table
09:57 rangi so it will just do it the next cron job
09:59 vfernandes ohhh dumb question, I didn't even looked at the code... :D
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10:17 vfernandes bye people... thanks for the help
10:17 eythian hi
10:19 kf hi eythian
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11:20 jcamins kf: I can't figure out what bug 5943 actually does.
11:20 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5943 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, matthias.meusburger, Failed QA , Merging Authorities
11:22 jcamins The code for merging authority records is bug 5202.
11:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5202 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Signed Off , Merge authority records
11:23 kf jcamins: I have seen both - then noticed i had to pass the refactor patch first :)
11:23 jcamins :)
11:23 kf jcamins: did you see the bugs i found? not really nice... maybe worth a note in documentation if we can't fix
11:23 jcamins kf: I did. Unfortunately, I suspect they are not fixable.
11:24 kf args. could you maybe leave a note on the bugs?
11:24 jcamins Sure.
11:24 kf thx
11:24 kf have to go to a meeting now,b ack later
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11:35 jcamins @wunder 11375
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11:35 eythian @wunder brighton, uk
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11:35 eythian crikey.
11:40 jcamins eythian: crikey indeed.
11:43 magnuse @wunder boo
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11:43 jcamins Oooh.
11:43 * jcamins is so jealous.
11:43 magnuse :-)
11:45 * jcamins refreshes the Fedex tracking page fifteen times.
11:46 kf @wunder Konstanz
11:46 huginn kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 25.9°C (1:45 PM CEST on July 08, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 60%. Dew Point: 18.0°C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1025 hPa (Rising).
11:46 kf still here somehow
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12:41 oleonard Hi #koha
12:42 magnuse kia ora oleonard
12:47 oleonard If you try to access public lists from the OPAC login page it says there are none, even if there are.
12:49 drnoe joined #koha
12:52 jcamins Yay! I have a new laptop!
12:53 oleonard jcamins was at Starbucks and just went *yoink* and ran
12:53 jcamins oleonard: lol
12:55 magnuse lol
12:55 magnuse jcamins: what kind, i'm in the market for one too (soon)
12:55 jcamins magnuse: MacBook Air.
12:56 magnuse ah, not my cup of tea
12:56 * magnuse had to rethink a few times in order to be polite :-)
12:56 jcamins Yeah, although I mostly use FOSS software, there are three programs that I absolutely require that don't run on *nix: QuickBooks, Photoshop, and InDesign.
12:57 jcamins And given a choice between Windows and OS X, I'll take the one that has make and vim.
12:57 * druthb has vim on her windoze box!
12:58 magnuse yeah macosx > windows
12:58 jcamins druthb: because you went out of your way to install it!
12:59 druthb :P
12:59 jcamins I've tried Gnucash, Gimp, and Scribus, but unfortunately they're not really viable alternatives.
13:00 eythian Yeah, photoshop and indesign are too hard to use and probably won't read my existing files properly anyway.
13:00 jcamins eythian: heh.
13:01 * magnuse tried osx for a year or more, but could not get used to keyboard layout or menus-always-at-the-top-of-the-screen or how clicking on a partially hidden window worked
13:01 eythian also whether maximise is going to do what you want or what it thinks you want.
13:02 jcamins Maximize and switching windows doesn't work the same on OSX as the Ubuntu defaults?
13:02 jcamins I guess there was a good reason that I migrated my X configuration for eight years.
13:03 magnuse eythian: yeah!
13:03 eythian No, in Ubuntu maximising a window maximises it.
13:03 jcamins eythian: right, that's what it does in OSX too.
13:03 eythian not last I looked, it would just probably make it bigger.
13:04 jcamins Huh.
13:04 jcamins I guess I did have problems with Chrome not maximizing properly. I blamed Chrome since everything else maximizes the way it ought.
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13:08 nengard him everyone i'm in Iowa training a new koha library
13:08 druthb Hi, Nicole!  Hi, Iowa!
13:08 oleonard Hi Iowa!
13:09 * oleonard goes back to talking about how awesome Koha is and how busy he is making it better
13:09 nengard left #koha
13:10 * oleonard goes back to goofing off and complaining about computers
13:10 druthb lol
13:11 oleonard The thing that still bugs me about OSX even after several years of using it is the way "Home" and "End" work differently.
13:11 druthb ^^ Yes, this.
13:11 druthb "End", in particular, messes me up all the time.
13:11 jcamins Home and end? What are these things of which you speak?
13:11 Anathemizatu joined #koha
13:11 jcamins Also, number pad, what is that?
13:12 eythian I found it weird when I was doing some Java work a few years back that I could write stuff that worked both on windows and Linux the same, but OSX required a _lot_ of extra work to support.
13:12 * oleonard rocks the number pad
13:12 jcamins eythian: you know what happened the other day that was really weird?
13:12 Dani joined #koha
13:12 eythian jcamins: hmm. I could probably make something up, but lets go with "no" :)
13:13 jcamins Like "oh my goodness I've fallen through the rabbit hole weird." I tried to use a graph database written in Java on OS X and it Just Worked.
13:13 jcamins I had way more trouble getting it working on Linux.
13:13 druthb "The amazing thing is not how well the bear waltzes, but that the bear waltzes at all..."
13:15 eythian[…]les/head:/macsrc/ <-- I had to write/copy a bunch of extra code to talk JNI to handle OSX system integration. It was a real pain.
13:16 jcamins druthb: that is a fair point about Java software generally, yes.
13:17 eythian eh, I have no problem with Java in that respect, it tends to work just fine.
13:22 gerundio hi everybody
13:23 gerundio just got a complaint about the fields showing up in the OPAC Details page
13:23 oleonard XSLT on or off gerundio?
13:23 gerundio with OPACXSLTDetailsDisplay set to default
13:24 tcohen joined #koha
13:24 gerundio I was thinking on using our own XSLT to tweak the fields that show on the OPAC detail pages
13:24 gerundio can you tell me if it is translatable?
13:25 gerundio I have 2 languages set on our Koha setup
13:25 jcamins You cannot change the fields using a translation, no.
13:25 jcamins You can change the field labels, though.
13:25 gerundio if I make one XSLT for each language the interface will show up correctly?
13:26 gerundio jcamins, my only concern is regarding the labels
13:26 jcamins It is supposed to, yes.
13:26 jcamins And I've certainly never had any problems when I've tested non-English translations.
13:27 jenkins_koha Starting build #148 for job Koha_3.10.x (previous build: FIXED)
13:28 gerundio btw, what XSLT file is supposed the "default" value point to?
13:29 gerundio MARC flavour . "slim2OPACDetail.xsl"?
13:29 jcamins MARC21slim2OPACDetail.xsl for MARC21, UNIMARC2OPACDetail.xsl for UNIMARC.
13:30 jcamins Yeah.
13:30 jcamins And the XSLT files are translated by the translation process.
13:30 gerundio so I'll just have to make sure they have the same name in the respective language dirs
13:30 gerundio ok, seems straightforward enough
13:31 jcamins You should probably change the PO files and use them to generate the translated XSLT files. That way when you upgrade you won't have to manually reconcile changes.
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13:41 gerundio sorry, my connection dropped for awhile
13:41 gerundio jcamins, regarding your last statement "You should probably change the PO files and use them to generate the translated XSLT files. That way when you upgrade you won't have to manually reconcile changes."
13:42 jcamins Yes.
13:42 gerundio I'm not expecting to change any labels
13:42 jcamins That would be my recommendation.
13:42 jcamins Wait, you said that your only concer was regarding the labels?
13:42 gerundio just use the ones available through regular translation
13:42 gerundio if they are translatable as the rest of the OPAC interface
13:43 jcamins First question?
13:43 wahanui "What are you trying to do?" or "What is the goal?"
13:43 gerundio and I understood they are, as long as I follow the procedure
13:43 jcamins Yes.
13:43 gerundio everything will as part of the translation
13:43 gerundio will work ^
13:43 jcamins Oh, you hadn't run the translation yet at all?
13:43 gerundio not with a custom XSLT
13:44 gerundio :)
13:46 gerundio I found this PDF while googling for some info regarding these XSLT templates on koha:[…]ha_XSLT_howto.pdf
13:46 gerundio is it a good starting point?
13:46 jcamins They don't use Koha, so I'd take anything it says with a grain of salt.
13:50 gerundio is there any official document similar to this one?
13:50 jcamins Not to my knowledge.
13:51 gerundio ok, thanks for all your help jcamins++
13:51 jcamins You can definitely try following the instructions in that document.
13:51 jcamins Just be prepared for the probability that it might not be accurate for Koha.
13:53 oleonard In order for Bug 10206's TT plugin to work does the preference still have to be made available by
13:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10206 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Pushed to Master , Add Koha TT Plugin
13:57 rambutan @seen oak
13:57 huginn rambutan: oak was last seen in #koha 2 days, 8 hours, 2 minutes, and 3 seconds ago: <Oak> @wunder islamabad
13:57 eythian @wunder brighton, uk
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14:01 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10125: Babeltheque does not depend on OpacStarRatings. <[…]795d87b0b5934aa43> / Bug 10125: Babeltheque star image must use sprite <[…]89ebb27162449cc5c>
14:03 druthb @wunder 77063
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14:03 druthb Hm.
14:03 druthb @wunder 77098
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14:03 druthb !
14:03 druthb That's a big difference, for seven miles.
14:06 gmcharlt @quote random
14:06 huginn gmcharlt: Quote #229: "rangi: relax, I signed it off :)" (added by wizzyrea at 08:59 PM, January 02, 2013)
14:07 druthb @quote random
14:07 huginn druthb: Quote #13: "<atz> ricardo: ask and ye shall receive.... eventually, ye shall stop asking." (added by gmcharlt at 08:31 PM, July 09, 2009)
14:07 druthb hi, gmcharlt!
14:07 * gmcharlt notes that the latest patch I pushed is by a new developer
14:07 gmcharlt hi druthb!
14:09 oleonard gmcharlt: In order for Bug 10206's TT plugin to work does the preference still have to be made available by
14:09 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10206 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Pushed to Master , Add Koha TT Plugin
14:10 gmcharlt oleonard: no; indeed, the existance of that plugin means that we can start taking those *out* of
14:11 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.10.x build #148: SUCCESS in 43 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_3.10.x/148/
14:11 jenkins_koha Kyle M Hall: Bug 10311 - Holds queue ignores item-level holds where only one items exists
14:11 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10311 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Pushed to Stable , Holds queue ignores item-level holds where only one items exists
14:11 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 9519: DBRev <[…]4629fe0b2c5cf2500> / Bug 9519: fix code for Italian language search limiter <[…]0174301d65d3d7c05>
14:12 oleonard gmcharlt: Okay, that's what I thought. I wonder if there's some other reason why it wouldn't work on the OPAC login page...
14:15 gmcharlt oleonard: silly question -- you did do '[% USE Koha %]', right?
14:17 oleonard Uh... obviously not a silly question. Working now :|
14:20 jenkins_koha Starting build #1295 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
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14:30 rambutan did john fink previously work on koha?
14:31 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10289: (follow-up) don't set cardnumber for test patron <[…]aa1b77e24589ae71c> / Bug 10289: (follow-up) wrap tests in transaction <[…]c8b000b1bdb13d1a8> / Bug 10289: UT: Reserves.t needs to create its own data <
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14:37 pianohacker good morning
14:38 oleonard Hi pianohacker
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14:39 pianohacker hey oleonard
14:39 wahanui oleonard is not really here.  He said so.  He did!
14:39 pianohacker how's your monday?
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14:44 oleonard My Monday has been productive so far
14:45 oleonard Finding bugs in master which are messing up my bootstrap theme
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14:46 drojf multidrojf
14:47 druthb oooh...
14:47 druthb two drojfs!
14:47 * druthb captures one.
14:47 drojf but we are free range drojfs :O
14:48 druthb oooh.
14:48 * druthb provides a nice big open space for the captured drojf.
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14:50 drojf lol
14:50 drojf we will be back to one drojf once i tell bip it should listen on the external ip address ;)
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14:56 druthb aw!
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15:00 reiveune bye
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15:05 drojf has anyone else had the status 200 problem with git bz again?
15:05 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5858: Followup for INSERT IGNOREs in marc21_framework_DEFAULT.sql <[…]1916138b6317122da> / Bug 5858: update default MARC21 framework to April 2013 revision <[…]db132c81cf5127117>
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15:10 tcohen not me drojf
15:11 drojf just tried it again, still the same :(
15:11 Dyrcona1 joined #koha
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15:15 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10522: fix Javascript error on acquisition pages: YAHOO is not defined <[…]f0d43d97831e322dc>
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15:21 drojf yay, it works
15:24 tcohen how did u do ?
15:25 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10448: can now change framework after duplicating bib record <[…]a7496372fb34c798f> / Bug 4907: make 'Organize by' filter in suggestions reflect selected option <[…]e0dfcc19bc9b51664>
15:34 maximep anyone knows who I would need to talk to, to completly replace fr-CA-i-staff-t-prog-v-3006000.po by fr-FR-i-staff-t-prog-v-3006000.po in the 3.12 section of ?
15:34 jcamins bgkriegel is the Translation Manager.
15:34 kf yep
15:34 kf i wrould drop him an email
15:35 kf and you can do that when you are the admin of a language too
15:35 kf do you have permission to upload files to pootle? there is an overwrite option there
15:35 maximep doesn't seem to work on the -staff file
15:35 maximep maybe too many changes
15:35 maximep worked on the 3 others
15:35 kf it takes a loong time
15:35 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1295: SUCCESS in 1 hr 24 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1295/
15:35 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Bug 10125: Babeltheque star image must use sprite
15:35 jenkins_koha * Jonathan Druart: Bug 10125: Babeltheque does not depend on OpacStarRatings.
15:35 jenkins_koha * Sonia LEMAIRE: Bug 9519: fix code for Italian language search limiter
15:35 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 9519: DBRev
15:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10125 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Babeltheque star image must use sprite
15:35 kf and you have to check the overwrite checkbox
15:35 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9519 trivial, P5 - low, ---, sonia.lemaire, Pushed to Master , Wrong language code for Italian in the advanced search language limitations
15:36 maximep hmmm I don't have the overwrite checkbox
15:36 maximep only merge and add as suggestions
15:37 jenkins_koha Starting build #149 for job Koha_3.10.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:37 maximep what's weird is that I tried only doing 1 change and uploading with Merge
15:37 maximep and it didnt merge that 1 change
15:40 kf gmcharlt: wondering about your opinion on 9673 :) it seems to be a pet peeve of yours judging from the mail a few weeks ago :)
15:40 maximep thx, will send him an email to bgkriegel
15:40 kf maximep: yep best do that :)
15:41 jcamins bug 9673
15:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9673 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Track when items are marked as lost or withdrawn
15:41 maximep and I will keep dreaming koha has an usable translation system :/
15:41 jcamins Ah.
15:42 kf maximep: it's not that bad really, the problem is koha being so huge.
15:42 maximep not that bad ? haha
15:43 pianohacker kf: Just saw comments on bug 10320. Will fix JS strings and stars, but I don't think there's a way to unit-test the new module besides use_ok
15:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10320 enhancement, P4, ---, jweaver, Failed QA , Show results from library's OverDrive collection in OPAC search
15:43 oleonard maximep: I think kf has enough translation experience to be able to express a valid opinion.
15:43 drojf hrm. i get an internal server error when i try to log into the staff client. i could do the database update before just fine
15:44 drojf on master
15:44 kf pianohacker: a use_ok is a valid start :)
15:44 jcamins maximep: look on the good side... if we used one of the "better" tools, Koha 3.12.0 would probably have been released without any translations at all.
15:44 maximep yeah, that's always the problem
15:44 maximep way too late to start fresh
15:44 pianohacker fair enough. I'll throw that in. Cool if I append a followup patch, rather than resubmitting with all the sign-offs?
15:45 jcamins I was less than ten minutes from pulling the French translation and announcing that due to problems in the translation process, Koha 3.12.0 would not be available in French.
15:45 kf pianohacker: definitely do a follow up
15:45 pianohacker cool.
15:45 gmcharlt kf: heh -- I'm a bit torn on that one
15:45 kf gmcharlt: it#s your chance to force kyle to fix it :P
15:46 kf oleonard: sorry about 5766 btw...
15:46 kf oleonard: i know you asked me if that was a good idea and would work
15:46 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5766 - Add configuration for excluding articles from DataTables sorting <[…]5bbfe3cd18cd8967d>
15:46 kf and it does work  - just we might want to do a bit mre
15:47 oleonard kf: You needn't apologize since gmcharlt pushed it anyway :)
15:47 kf yay gmcharlt :)
15:48 maximep anyway, ranting about stuff never helps anyone, so /me shuts up
15:48 kf yep, fixing stuff is more productive ;)
15:49 kf and now i go for dinner :) if i can dray my coworker awy from her computer that is
15:49 kf there are people worse than me... hard to believe... :)
15:49 jcamins kf: that's rich, coming from you!
15:49 druthb :P
15:49 kf :P
15:49 kf bye all :)
15:49 kf left #koha
15:49 gmcharlt g'night!
15:49 gmcharlt too slow!
15:54 * pianohacker is having a monday morning thoughts like treacle moment
15:54 pianohacker cait and kf are two different people, right? :)
15:54 drojf firefox--
15:54 pianohacker firefox++
15:54 pianohacker sorry, reflex
15:55 eythian pianohacker: kf is Katrin.
15:55 pianohacker right
15:55 drojf when restarting the browser fixed an "internal server error" for koha, something is sucky about ff
15:56 eythian unless it had cached it, that doesn't sound like a firefox issue.
15:56 jcamins drojf: are you using nginx?
15:56 drojf i cleared the cache and reloaded the page. did not work. i started nightly instead of whatever that old thing in debian is and my koha was back
15:56 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 7143: Updating history and about page <[…]dcdb0642a29fcbe6d>
15:56 drojf jcamins: no apache. i think. heh good question
15:57 drojf apache
15:57 * eythian hands drojf a sack of commas to use when it might make things clearer.
15:58 drojf nah they, confuse the, hell out of, people
15:59 * eythian takes the sack back for contract violation.
15:59 pianohacker ,,,,,
15:59 pianohacker crap, vim just wiped my home partition
15:59 pianohacker why'd I put that mapping in there?
15:59 drojf anyway i completely, forgot what i was planning to do with the running, koha
15:59 rambutan koha.
16:04 jcamins pianohacker: seriously?
16:07 pianohacker jcamins: of course not :)
16:10 nengard joined #koha
16:17 laurence left #koha
16:27 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.10.x build #149: SUCCESS in 51 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_3.10.x/149/
16:27 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 6281: add test case for sorting LC call numbers correctly
16:27 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 6281: introduce LC::CallNumber::LC for sorting LC call numbers
16:27 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 6281: add Library::CallNumber::LC as a required Perl dependency
16:27 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6281 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Stable , Bug in LCC sort routine
16:30 jenkins_koha Starting build #1296 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
16:52 mtompset joined #koha
16:52 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
16:53 mtompset I have a question about dependencies.
16:53 hankbank joined #koha
16:54 mtompset If I sudo apt-get install koha-common, mysql-server is not installed.
16:54 mtompset If I sudo apt-get install koha-deps koha-perldeps, then mysql-server is installed.
16:54 mtompset Is that correct?
16:55 pianohacker I'd say so. It isn't uncommon for the MySQL server to be on a separate machine
16:55 pianohacker forced installation of daemons makes sysadmins grumpy
16:55 mtompset true, pianohacker.
16:55 mtompset but if I am doing a git install, wouldn't I possibly want my mysql-server on a separate machine too?
16:56 pianohacker true. the koha-deps package is pretty optional, though
16:56 pianohacker easy enough to install its separate components manually
16:57 pianohacker I did for mine, actually :)
16:58 mtompset Hmmm... i suppose i should look at what is in koha-deps.
16:58 sophie_m joined #koha
16:59 mtompset i'm in the midst of shortening the Ubuntu git isntructions.
16:59 mtompset Just want to get it nice. :)
17:02 gaetan_B bye
17:03 mtompset Do you know of a nice way to take a patch generated from a git install and apply it to a package install?
17:06 sophie_m joined #koha
17:14 tcohen mtompset: koha-deps is not advertised for general use I'd say
17:14 mtompset Greetings, tcohen.
17:16 mtompset So, do you think the Ubuntu git instructions should say koha-deps, or list out the dependencies individually?
17:20 tcohen there shouldnt be any ubuntu git instructions to start
17:20 tcohen packages + source
17:21 tcohen speaking of deps, i'd stick with
17:21 tcohen (for the instructions at least)
17:24 mtompset The instructions to remove tarball are drastically different than git.
17:25 tcohen hmm, never saw them, sorry
17:25 mtompset Should upgrade and removal instructions be included with the install instructions?
17:26 mtompset Or perhaps I should go back to working on bug 459?
17:26 huginn Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=459 enhancement, P4, ---, mtompset, In Discussion , No uninstall script
17:29 pianohacker a three-digit bug? ambitious
17:30 tcohen i think instructions should provide simple and plain install method targeted for non-tech people, using packages, and the standard tarball distribution
17:31 tcohen they should be on the front page
17:31 mtompset So a mega instruction set with a skip to step X for the packages folks?
17:31 tcohen special cases (using git, external DB) should be put as links
17:31 tcohen i agree with having two different wiki pages (packages / sources)
17:32 tcohen using git is targeted for people developing, is pretty much similar to using tarball
17:32 tcohen except that people should know what are they doing checkout of
17:33 tcohen and talking about INSTALL.* files, they should target the specific revision they ship with
17:33 * gmcharlt would posit that the existance of Debian packages has obviated much of the motivation for bug 459; the appearance of a stable set of RPMs for the RHishes would further do so
17:33 huginn Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=459 enhancement, P4, ---, mtompset, In Discussion , No uninstall script
17:33 mtompset gmcharlt: assuming they do a package install, yes.
17:34 tcohen people messing with git to get a koha release should know what they're doing
17:34 gmcharlt mtompset: right, but that's the point
17:34 mtompset if they have done a tarball or git install, not quite.
17:34 gmcharlt and if for some reason, you must install from tarball, the "single" installation mode makes it easy to know exactly where all of the Koha bits are
17:35 gmcharlt ditto for a dev-mode install
17:36 mtompset but most people chose standard, didnt' they for tarballs?
17:36 gmcharlt to be clear, I'm not saying that bug 459 shouldn't be worked on, but I do think that it is also a valid choice to leave uninstallation to the packagers
17:37 mtompset That's why my code that I have hacked up thus far, actually tells the person to do it the proper packages way.
17:37 tcohen gotta run mtompset, #koha
17:39 mtompset Does single install in the users home directory?
17:39 mtompset I have NEVER tried single.
17:39 mtompset I heard it was potentially busted.
17:40 gmcharlt mtompset: can't speak to whether it's currently working, but yes, the idea is that it would install in a single directory (and yes, by default, somewhere based in the user's home directory)
17:40 mtompset I should try that some time.
17:45 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1296: SUCCESS in 1 hr 17 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1296/
17:45 jenkins_koha * Jonathan Druart: Bug 10289: UT: Reserves.t needs to create its own data
17:45 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 10289: (follow-up) wrap tests in transaction
17:45 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 10289: (follow-up) don't set cardnumber for test patron
17:45 jenkins_koha * Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel: Bug 5858: update default MARC21 framework to April 2013 revision
17:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10289 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , UT: Reserves.t needs to create its own data
17:45 jenkins_koha * Marcel de Rooy: Bug 5858: Followup for INSERT IGNOREs in marc21_framework_DEFAULT.sql
17:45 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Bug 10522: fix Javascript error on acquisition pages: YAHOO is not defined
17:45 jenkins_koha * Katrin Fischer: Bug 4907: make 'Organize by' filter in suggestions reflect selected option
17:45 jenkins_koha * David Cook: Bug 10448: can now change framework after duplicating bib record
17:45 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Bug 5766 - Add configuration for excluding articles from DataTables sorting
17:45 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 7143: Updating history and about page
17:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5858 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Pushed to Master , Update default MARC21 framework to Update No. 16 (April 2013)
17:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10522 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Javascript error on acquisition pages: YAHOO is not defined
17:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4907 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Pushed to Master , Suggestions "organize by" menu doesn't reflect current choice
17:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10448 minor, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Pushed to Master , Changing framework when cataloguing clears all fields
17:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5766 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Add configuration for excluding articles from jQuery table sorter
17:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7143 trivial, P5 - low, ---,, ASSIGNED , Bug for tracking changes to the about page
17:46 jenkins_koha Starting build #1297 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
17:54 mtompset gmcharlt: What is the proper way to add a dependency?
17:55 mtompset (e.g. new patch uses Crypt::CBC, Crypt::Rijndael)
17:59 gmcharlt mtompset: patch against C4/Installer/
17:59 pianohacker oleonard: Is the only way to show star-ratings using inputs and jquery.ratings.js?
18:00 mtompset So the packager (e.g. eythian) would be responsible for translating that into debian/control?
18:00 oleonard pianohacker: The other example is the Babeltheque one
18:03 rambutan joined #koha
18:06 mtompset By the way, greetings, oleonard rambutan gmcharlt. :)
18:06 rambutan hi hi
18:07 gmcharlt mtompset: yeah, you can assume that the packagers or others will take care of following up once a new dep has been added
18:10 gerundio joined #koha
18:57 duplicate joined #koha
18:57 duplicate hello!
18:57 mtompset Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha -- duplicate , etc. :)
18:58 duplicate Does anyone know how to merge 'multiple' duplicated bibs with items in one go? (i used the list options, but it is a bit painful with 1000 records)
18:59 duplicate I did some googling, came accross and old thread from 2008, not sure whether that is still valid http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.[…]os-td3066000.html
19:01 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1297: SUCCESS in 1 hr 15 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1297/
19:02 pug joined #koha
19:03 jcamins duplicate: you could look and see if there are any relevant scripts here:[…]migration-toolbox but so far as I know there is no existing functionality for that. There is a patch adding the ability to merge multiple bib records at once, but that'll be manual still, and isn't in Koha yet.
19:06 duplicate Hm... doesn't seems like....
19:06 duplicate but thanks jcamins.
19:11 pug Hi jcamins
19:12 pug remember .. you saved my life last time I was here?! :)
19:14 oleonard jcamins is a master of the virtual Heimlich maneuver
19:14 druthb lol
19:15 pug lol
19:16 pug well, I was about to start UI customizations by changing template code -- he walked me through why use js instead
19:21 jcamins pug: ah yes... that was very good advice.
19:22 pug yeah .. after some time on koha - i see sure it was!
19:22 pug so now Im getting stuff done through js/jquery
19:23 pug but i do wonder.. dont the class names, div ids etc. change at all?
19:23 jcamins pug: not as much as the templates.
19:24 pug hmm.. well I guess then Ill go on ..
19:25 pug I do see some redundancies (information wise) in the UIs .. whats the best way to post jqeury changes to the community?
19:25 jcamins jquery library?
19:25 wahanui jquery library is found at[…]ki/JQuery_Library
19:25 jcamins ^^ ask and ye shall receive
19:25 pug yeah I saw that one.. so if I wish to suggest additions? I just add to the wiki?
19:25 jcamins Yup.
19:26 pug ok - sounds good - thanks
19:26 jcamins Put your name in so that you'll get credit.
19:26 jcamins And fame.
19:26 drojf and cookies
19:26 jcamins Lots of fame comes with that sort of script.
19:26 pug well I guess around here Im short of all of that.. so I guess id do that too :)
19:27 pug any pointers on how to host multiple installations ?
19:27 jcamins :)
19:27 oleonard Cookies yes, but only the kind for which virtual Heimlich maneuvers are effective.
19:27 jcamins Use packages.
19:28 pug Im on ubuntu .. so I install the same package in different directories?
19:28 drojf you install the same package and all just works
19:28 jcamins No, just install the package.
19:28 drojf if it's a recent ubuntu
19:28 jcamins No directories.
19:29 jcamins packages?
19:29 wahanui i heard packages was at
19:29 jcamins ^^ follow those instructions
19:29 drojf and then have a look at what magical things the packages can do[…]e_Debian_packages
19:29 pug ok - i was thinking I use ubuntu's apt-get to get koha-common
19:29 rambutan joined #koha
19:30 pug drojf - thanks a nice link .. thanks
19:31 pug drojf++
19:31 pug jcamins .. I didnt exactly understand ..
19:32 pug So I use deb packages .. and install them 2 times in 2 separate directories - to get 2 instances?
19:32 jcamins pug: follow the instructions I pointed out. You will be installing a single copy of Koha into a standard location.
19:34 pug ok - So I guess by that I create multiple db instances, using the same codebase (installed by the package)
19:34 jcamins Right.
19:34 jcamins No.
19:34 jcamins You install packages only once.
19:34 jcamins Those answers were in reverse order, of course.
19:34 pug Yeah, yeah .. got that part
19:35 pug I was in a situation where I wanted to use separate codebases .. due to customizations
19:35 drojf does it smell like it's getting more complicated in here?
19:36 pug :) Im sorry if that seems to be the case- I was avoiding the VirtualBox learning curve
19:37 drojf or maybe: what kind of customizations? :)
19:37 pug its basically 3 different levels/types of UI customizations --
19:38 pug More of taking functionality off, to make things Very easy to use -
19:39 pug So I think I take it as a given, that its not a good idea, to try to run multiple codebases on the same OS ?
19:40 drojf depending on what customizations you are planning you might not need to touch the code at all
19:40 jcamins pug: I'd recommend against running multiple codebases.
19:40 pug I need to make changes unfortunately -- thats a given
19:41 pug jcamins - ok thanks jcamins++
19:41 jcamins pug: I'd recommend using separate environments, then.
19:41 jcamins Containers, whatever.
19:41 pug Id then go ahead and do it with virtualization
19:41 pug containers?
19:41 jcamins lxc.
19:41 jcamins Virtualization.
19:41 jcamins Whichever way you like.
19:41 pug yeah yeah .. thats what Id do I think then
19:42 jcamins And generate custom packages for production deployment.
19:43 pug My plan is - since its just a jquery file now -- for the most part - I can just patch the changes to the package. Makes sense?
19:43 pug i.e. patch the changes on the production server.
19:43 jcamins No!
19:43 jcamins Don't do it!
19:43 * jcamins hides under the desk.
19:44 pug really?! .. ill keep breaking things?
19:44 jcamins You'll need to do a security update, and all your customizations will be gone.
19:45 pug ah yes ..
19:45 pug k -- let me do my homework, and come back with better questions :)
19:45 pug its quite late here in India .. so bfn
19:45 rangi local patches are punishing your future self
19:46 jcamins Yeah, but better to make the changes in git.
19:46 pug ok rangi - rangi++
19:46 jcamins If you insist on self-flagellation, use git.
19:46 rangi if you like waking up in a cold sweat cos you just realised you deleted 170 hours work, local patches are the ticket :)
19:46 jcamins rangi: well put!
19:46 drojf if it is only jquery… have you verified it won't work with koha's jquery capabilities?
19:46 rangi id use git branches to track my code bases and build packages to deploy
19:47 rangi and yes you may be able to just do it all in opacuserjs
19:47 rangi and intranetuserjr
19:47 rangi js
19:47 rangi even
19:47 rangi then its stored in the db and survives updates
19:47 pug yeah , im doing the dev in git ..
19:48 pug There is a way to post js file through the UI?
19:48 drojf heh
19:48 pug like css?
19:48 drojf you got so much to learn :P
19:48 pug (did I miss this?!)
19:48 drojf have you not been on that jquery wiki page for koha?
19:48 drojf that is all to be used in a sypref
19:49 pug yeah i indeed had!
19:49 pug ok guys - thanks ---
19:50 pug let me do my homework and come back --
19:50 pug Dont wanna waste anyone's time on things that can be found easily
19:50 pug thanks
19:50 pug bye?
19:51 drojf i like to waste my time :)
19:52 pug suits me :)
19:52 pug bbye! Thanks again!
19:53 drojf bye pug
19:55 drojf a young, aspiring koha user, full of plans for the future. local customizations, git installations, custom packages. but no -- it all just works. all dreams, destroyed.
19:56 * drojf giggles madly
19:57 oleonard See you later #koha
19:59 thd-away` joined #koha
20:08 kathryn joined #koha
20:09 maximep left #koha
20:25 rambutan joined #koha
20:59 * wizzyrea waves
21:02 pianohacker yo wizzyrea
21:02 wizzyrea do I have a new calendar patch to look at?
21:02 wizzyrea holiday... thingie
21:04 pianohacker wizzyrea: Ah, not yet, trying to resolve issues on another patch
21:04 wizzyrea all good :) just checking
21:04 pianohacker thanks for testing, as always
21:05 pianohacker btw, did you apply bug 10320's patches before applying bug 10486's? I forgot to put it in the bug, but there is a dependency
21:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10320 enhancement, P4, ---, jweaver, Failed QA , Show results from library's OverDrive collection in OPAC search
21:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10486 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Signed Off , Allow external Z39.50 targets to be searched from the OPAC
21:05 wizzyrea rangi pointed that out to me
21:05 wizzyrea I still had problems with the 2nd one of that series
21:08 wizzyrea HOWEVER - I was trying to do something that may not be technically possible.
21:09 wizzyrea or easily possible, I'm sure it's possible, depending on how long I want to spend on it :)
21:09 pianohacker huh, ok. What would that be? :)
21:09 wizzyrea mash together the federated searching and the bootstrap opac
21:10 pianohacker ... ummm that might work
21:10 wizzyrea it was a bit messy when I tried :)
21:11 pianohacker did it work with bad formatting? You would need to copy the externalsearch.js file to the bootstrap theme
21:11 wizzyrea hmm
21:11 wizzyrea there were a lot of template conflicts
21:12 pianohacker makes sense
21:12 wizzyrea *nod*
21:12 pianohacker we really need to improve the fallback mechanism if we're going to add a third theme
21:12 wizzyrea well I think the idea is that
21:12 wizzyrea ccsr will go away
21:12 wizzyrea and bootstrap will replace it
21:12 pianohacker oh, okay
21:12 rangi probably prog too
21:12 wizzyrea ^
21:13 pianohacker nice! Less work
21:13 wizzyrea much :)
21:13 pianohacker more pretty
21:13 wizzyrea ccsr already does pretty good fallback
21:13 pianohacker best tradeoff ever
21:13 pianohacker yeah, most things work, just a few small hoonies to fix up with most OPAC patches
21:14 wizzyrea yea anything that touches the header includes :/
21:14 wizzyrea (among others)
21:26 hankbank joined #koha
21:46 nengard joined #koha
21:49 cait joined #koha
21:51 rangi cait!! i need you!!
21:51 cait you do?
21:51 cjh heh
21:51 cait what for?
21:51 cjh morning cait :)
21:51 cait morning cjh :)
21:51 rangi can you please test something for me on master
21:51 cait you know it's nine minutes to midnight here? :)
21:51 cait but probably yes, if it doesn't take too long :)
21:52 cjh hahaha
21:52 rangi with translations
21:52 cait you will have to be a bit more specific
21:52 rangi if you pick a language other than en, or what your browser has set
21:52 rangi ie es
21:53 rangi as the only choice in the sysprefs
21:53 rangi does the opac and staff show es, or do they default to en
21:53 nengard left #koha
21:53 rangi i think (im 99% sure) that if you dont have a cookie set, and your browser isnt sending it, it drops to en in master
21:54 cait hm i will have to test that
21:54 cait give me a few mins
21:54 rangi because it only checks the cookie and http env
21:54 pianohacker wizzyrea: followup for 8133 that should fix your problem
21:54 rangi we have a fix for it in that case
21:55 cait k?
21:55 wahanui i think k is there no other way to access it from another web browser
21:55 rangi but id like confirmation first that im not mental ;)
21:55 cait i just got home, give me a moment
21:55 rangi ok thanks :) anyone else can play along too
21:56 pianohacker cait and kf are the same person! Finally. Monday brain would not let that trickle through my skull
21:56 cait who did you tell that????
21:56 * cait looks around
21:56 cait my secret!
21:56 pianohacker hahahahaha
21:57 rangi[…]abf62ac7e4fccbebb
21:59 wizzyrea pianohacker: cool!
22:01 wizzyrea hmm Template process failed: plugin error - JavaScript: plugin not found at /home/liz/koha-src/koha/C4/ line 132.
22:01 wizzyrea pianohacker ^^
22:01 wizzyrea oh I need a dependency don't I
22:02 pianohacker yarp
22:02 pianohacker libtemplate-plugin-javascript-perl
22:02 wizzyrea \o/
22:02 wizzyrea squee
22:02 pianohacker worky?
22:03 wizzyrea yep - testing properly now
22:03 wizzyrea ok so
22:03 wizzyrea if this is supposed to set hours
22:03 wizzyrea should there be an option for "every day"
22:04 wizzyrea Event repeats every day?
22:05 wizzyrea I suppose you can use events on a range
22:05 wizzyrea and set it to 2099, if it's every day
22:05 wizzyrea and then set your outliers manually... ouch.
22:05 * wizzyrea futzs about
22:06 wizzyrea Ahhh I see
22:06 pianohacker wizzyrea: My guess was that most libraries would set a baseline-set of weekly events that give you your normal hours
22:07 pianohacker then set outliers from there
22:07 pianohacker I'm not especially proud of the interface, the backend took more time than I thought it would
22:08 wizzyrea right so if you have a library that's open 8 - 5 monday, 10 - 2 wednesday
22:08 wizzyrea you set up repeating weekly calendar entries
22:08 wizzyrea with hours, for each day
22:08 wizzyrea into eternity
22:09 pianohacker wizzyrea: yeah. There's no end date on the events, actually
22:09 wizzyrea this makes sense. It will need to be given lots of examples in the docs
22:09 pianohacker most of the repetition semantics are built on top of the old system, to make migration doable
22:09 wizzyrea Example: Library with same hours 5 days a week
22:09 wizzyrea library with different hours open 3 days a week
22:09 wizzyrea and so on
22:09 pianohacker yup
22:10 wizzyrea ah ok if you don't give it a to: date, then it goes on eternally
22:10 wizzyrea little things - will need to include a note that says "24 hour time"
22:11 wizzyrea in theory it should be obvious because it defaults to 23:59
22:11 pianohacker probably a good idea. I tried to hint at that from the default values, but an explicit note would be good
22:11 pianohacker jinx :)
22:11 wizzyrea but that's a followup and not a biggie
22:12 pianohacker It had been to long since I added a crazy thing to the admin interface that needed some Owenâ„¢ brand UI polish :)
22:12 pianohacker *too
22:13 wizzyrea another thing that will need to be documented, is that if you ask for a range a date will have to be chosen as the to:date
22:13 wizzyrea otherwise nothing happens, and no error is produced
22:14 wizzyrea "you specified a range but didn't give an end date. Wrong!"
22:14 cjh heh
22:15 pianohacker "what are you doing. Stop. Seriously. Step awaaaaay from the admin interface"
22:15 wizzyrea :)
22:16 pianohacker we could always make that the only error message for tools/* and admin/*
22:16 wizzyrea haha
22:17 pianohacker might as well make people besides the crazy ones that try to maintain them suffer
22:18 wizzyrea ok so I just did this: specified to date of 16-7-2013 set it as "open,"  picked "events repeated yearly on a range"
22:19 pianohacker okay
22:19 wizzyrea sorry typo 2014
22:19 wizzyrea so between today and 16-7-2014
22:19 wizzyrea it added an event on every day, I suppose that's working as intended
22:19 wizzyrea I was just surprised by it
22:20 * wizzyrea tries it again
22:20 wizzyrea because I might have done something nonsensical.
22:20 pianohacker ah, okay. There should be a restriction on the end date
22:21 pianohacker given the way it works, actually, it should be restricted to this year, after and including today
22:21 pianohacker no, wait
22:21 pianohacker I lie
22:22 wizzyrea well... theoretically you are saying that every year you want this range of dates to have this property
22:22 wizzyrea right?
22:22 wizzyrea so spanning the year might not make much sense?
22:23 wizzyrea you're not going to say "every year for two years repeat this holiday"
22:23 pianohacker right. hmm
22:23 pianohacker I'm not sure
22:23 wizzyrea like, if you are always closed dec 28 - jan 2
22:24 wizzyrea you'd set jan 1-2 as a range
22:24 wizzyrea and dec 28-31 as a range
22:24 wizzyrea but in the same year
22:24 wizzyrea and repeat them yearly
22:24 pianohacker either behavior could make sense; I'd say that restricting the date to a year from today would give the least surprising behavior
22:24 wizzyrea I suppose that's what I'm getting at
22:24 wizzyrea I was surprised at what happened
22:24 wizzyrea because it added a lot more days than I expected
22:25 wizzyrea and then to get out of it I had to remember what I had done
22:25 wizzyrea so as to undo it
22:26 wizzyrea i'm not trying to generate work for you I'm really not
22:27 pianohacker hahaha
22:27 pianohacker well
22:27 pianohacker these are items for future todos :)
22:28 pianohacker my question to you is more whether it's up to par
22:28 wizzyrea it seems to work, yes :)
22:29 pianohacker thanks much for testing :) The unit tests I added will, of course, make sure that it works as expected and without error in actual library situations
22:30 wizzyrea right
22:30 pianohacker (that was only about 40% sarcasm)
22:31 rambutan left #koha
22:33 wizzyrea what version of mock do we require?
22:34 pianohacker 1.45
22:34 wizzyrea ooo ubuntu only has 1.43
22:35 wizzyrea that's unfortunate.
22:35 pianohacker yeah, same on debian testing
22:40 jcamins If you have an older version, the mocked tests will be skipped.
22:41 wizzyrea yea, I'd rather run them though
22:41 pianohacker dh-make-perl to the rescue!
22:41 pianohacker If you can figure out the right flags
22:41 pianohacker and it doesn't spit out an incomprehensible error
22:41 pianohacker but to the rescue!
22:55 NateC joined #koha
22:58 cait good night all :)
22:58 cait left #koha
22:58 wizzyrea gnite cait
23:20 dcook joined #koha
23:23 dcook morning #koha
23:27 jcamins Congratulations!
23:34 wizzyrea oh yes congrats :)
23:38 rangi oh yes congrats :)
23:42 dcook Hmm?
23:42 dcook Thank you :)
23:47 pianohacker good night #koha

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