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07:52 cait hi #koha
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17:36 magnuse wow, quiet sunday...
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18:57 * cait waves
18:57 rangi morning
18:58 cait morning rangi
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19:51 * wizzyrea waves
19:51 * cait waves to wizzyrea and trea
19:52 wizzyrea oleonard++ :D
19:52 * trea wavews
19:52 * trea waves
19:57 wizzyrea hi cait :)
20:01 rangi
20:02 cait looks like... bootstrap?
20:02 rangi probably yep
20:02 rangi yep it is
20:02 cait my coworker said they use a different data model than rda
20:03 cait which seems... weird.
20:03 rangi no one actually uses RDA
20:03 rangi cos its ummm pointless
20:03 cait not argueing with you about that
20:03 rangi i think this is a sign LOC have given up on RDA
20:03 cait but I thought bibframe was kinda thought to be the new exchange format
20:03 rangi yep
20:03 cait and rda the new cataloguing standard
20:03 cait so...
20:03 rangi in theory yes
20:03 cait yeah, but germany decided to use it
20:04 rangi but it seems that no one can think of cataloguing standards as being separate to storage standards
20:04 rangi so RDA became some new MARC fields
20:04 wizzyrea people are "using" it, they just don't know what to *do* with it
20:09 wizzyrea (bootstrap is just a simple way to make a website quickly + accessible. You can also use it as a base framework to do other stuff on top)
20:09 cait hm
20:09 cait wondering if it means bibframe is also using a different structure than frbr?
20:10 wizzyrea it doesn't look so different
20:10 cait because I think rda was kinda using frbr?
20:10 wizzyrea but it probably is in subtle ways.
20:10 cait not sure
20:15 wizzyrea cait, question
20:16 wizzyrea the predue + due notices
20:16 wizzyrea they show the date issued, instead of the date due
20:16 wizzyrea does this make sense?
20:16 cait hm no
20:17 cait in the sample notices?
20:17 wizzyrea that is, am I going to get a lot of pushback if I change which date is displayed, do you think
20:17 wizzyrea no, it's in the code.
20:17 wizzyrea of the cronjob
20:17 cait ah, can't you change that using itemscontent?
20:17 wizzyrea no
20:17 wizzyrea it's part of itemscontent.
20:17 cait ah I think I am not using itemscontent with those at all probably...
20:17 wizzyrea it says "issuedate"
20:17 * cait tries to remember
20:17 rangi it is or it isnt?
20:17 rangi part of itemscontent
20:18 wizzyrea it is
20:18 cait wizzyrea: let me take a look at the cronjob
20:18 rangi then you should be able to change it
20:19 cait wizzyrea: I think you can run the cronjob with an -itemscontent option
20:19 cait[…]80a531475f7317a8e
20:19 * wizzyrea did not see this in the documentation
20:19 cait although it does not seem to be in the help
20:19 cait ...
20:20 cait if I read line 73 correctly
20:20 cait but should be easy to test
20:20 wizzyrea yea, it's not in the documentation or the help
20:20 wizzyrea but it can be done
20:20 wizzyrea well that's easy enough.
20:20 wizzyrea Yay
20:20 wizzyrea :D
20:20 cait and I would change the default
20:20 cait if you have time... I think we did it for the overdues in the pst
20:21 cait there should be a bug about that somewhere in the depth of bugzilla
20:21 rangi http://perldoc.koha-community.[…]rdue_notices.html
20:21 wizzyrea everyone wins - it's not in advanced notices but it is in overdues
20:22 wizzyrea I will fix both things.
20:22 wizzyrea :)
20:26 * cjh learns about perldoc.kc
20:27 cait :)
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20:51 jcamins_away Hello everyone. I had a brilliant idea! Let's come up with another standard that will never gain any traction and provides no identifable value!
20:51 cait jcamins_away: you are too late
20:51 cait someone else had the idea already :)
20:51 cait and go back and take your vacation!
20:52 jcamins_away cait: bah! I figured no one else in the library world would think of doing _that_.
20:52 * jcamins_away does so.
20:52 cait :)
20:52 cait jcamins_away++
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22:19 magnuse rough concensus and running code is the only way forward! #marcmustdie
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22:19 eythian hi
22:19 wahanui what's up, eythian
22:25 ibeardslee wahanui: the sun is up
22:25 wahanui ...but sun is shining again - life is good!...
22:25 eythian @wunder nzwn
22:25 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 16.0°C (11:00 AM NZDT on January 28, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 30.48 in 1032 hPa (Steady).
22:25 eythian wahanui is right!
22:28 rangi hmm that seems low
22:28 eythian my computer is saying 17
22:28 rangi im sure it was more than 16 when i was waiting for the bus this morning
22:29 rangi i think the metservice is broken
22:29 eythian and metservice is saying 15.7
22:29 eythian maybe there's a southerly breeze
22:29 eythian yeah, there is
22:30 ibeardslee maybe they're just out enjoying the sun
22:30 eythian supposed to hit 25 at about 6pm, which is a weird time for it
22:30 ibeardslee "hey tom, go update the website", "get stuffed bill, you do it, I'm comfy and warm on the deck chair"
22:31 eythian "well just write that in the report then!"
22:31 * wizzyrea was at the beach at 7pm yesterday, and it was still warm.
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22:34 drojf evening
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