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01:49 jenkins_koha Starting build #51 for job Koha_3.10.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
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02:31 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.10.x build #51: SUCCESS in 41 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.10.x/51/
02:31 jenkins_koha * hugh: Bug 9062 Fix format for discount rate for vendors
02:31 jenkins_koha * hugh: Bug 9062 Fix spacing next to tax rate
02:31 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9062 trivial, P5 - low, ---, hugh, Pushed to Stable , Tax and discount should be formatted the same
02:31 jenkins_koha Starting build #260 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
03:09 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #260: UNSTABLE in 38 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/260/
03:09 jenkins_koha * fred.pierre: Bug 8401 : Highlighting of search terms in preference causes loss of data
03:09 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 9229 - branch code instead of name in
03:09 jenkins_koha * vfernandes: Bug 9376: Problem with dateexpiry display in
03:09 jenkins_koha * gmc: Bug 9376: extend HTML fix to
03:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8401 critical, P3, ---, koha-bugs, Pushed to Stable , Search term deleted from system preference content
03:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9229 minor, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, Pushed to Stable , branch code instead of name in
03:09 jenkins_koha Starting build #52 for job Koha_3.10.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
03:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9376 minor, P1 - high, ---, vfernandes, Pushed to Stable , Problem with dateexpiry display in
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03:50 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.10.x build #52: SUCCESS in 40 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.10.x/52/
03:50 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Add Hugh Davenport to history
03:50 jenkins_koha * fred.pierre: Bug 8401 : Highlighting of search terms in preference causes loss of data
03:50 jenkins_koha * agent.075: Bug 9398 - [ ? ] Link Lacks Context for All General Users (Accessibility) [Contexual Help]
03:50 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Add Fred Pierre to history
03:50 jenkins_koha * kyle: Bug 9229 - branch code instead of name in
03:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8401 critical, P3, ---, koha-bugs, Pushed to Stable , Search term deleted from system preference content
03:50 jenkins_koha * vfernandes: Bug 9376: Problem with dateexpiry display in
03:50 jenkins_koha * gmc: Bug 9376: extend HTML fix to
03:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9398 trivial, P5 - low, ---, agent.075, Pushed to Stable , [ ? ] Link Lacks Context for All General Users (Accessibility) [Contexual Help]
03:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9229 minor, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, Pushed to Stable , branch code instead of name in
03:50 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9376 minor, P1 - high, ---, vfernandes, Pushed to Stable , Problem with dateexpiry display in
03:50 jenkins_koha Starting build #261 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #259 1 day 5 hr ago)
04:04 gmcharlt general question for the ether: are there any Koha users out there who are also RDA Toolkit subscribers?
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04:27 jenkins_koha Yippie, build fixed!
04:27 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #261: FIXED in 37 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/261/
04:27 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Revert "Bug 9229 - branch code instead of name in"
04:27 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9229 minor, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, Pushed to Stable , branch code instead of name in
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04:31 WaylonR hiya all! okay, getting back into my koha work.
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06:21 alohabot Hi mib_2x8hb6, Welcome to #koha. Feel free to use the '/nick yourname' command to choose a different name. alohabot, wahanui, and huginn are bots. If you need any help, just ask - there's usually someone around to help :)
06:24 keeranbot Hi alohabot, am new to this community, here to understand the koha's usage - will get in touch when need clarifications
06:25 cait keeranbot: alohabot is a little tool :) but welcome :)
06:50 * magnuse waves
06:57 magnuse @wunder boo
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07:16 cait hi magnuse
07:16 cait @wunder Konstanz
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07:16 magnuse guten morgen cait
07:30 alex_a bonjour
07:30 wahanui privet, alex_a
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07:36 pratik_lahoti hi all. I wanted to ask if Koha can be integrated with LDAP?
07:38 cait yes, it can
07:38 cait documentation?
07:38 wahanui documentation is, like, at
07:39 cait sorry, have to go
07:39 cait bye all - bbl
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07:41 pratik_lahoti wahanui: thanks for the link. Does it need to be done manually?
07:41 wahanui my pleasure pratik_lahoti
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07:49 reiveune hello
07:49 wahanui salut, reiveune
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07:56 pratik_lahoti wahanui: what steps do I need to perform in order to integrate it with LDAP? Can you please give a rough idea...?
07:56 wahanui pratik_lahoti: no idea
07:56 pratik_lahoti alright
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08:03 rangi evening
08:05 paul_p hi rangi.
08:05 paul_p still in bed with flu...
08:06 cjh heh wahanui is good
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08:08 magnuse yeah, that exchange was almost human
08:08 magnuse not very helpful, though
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09:23 saiacslib hello
09:23 rangi hi saiacslib
09:48 saiacslib hi, we are  having  a problem when adding or  editing  item. the  followiong error is  displayed : Software error:  :27: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: record line 6 and datafield </datafield>             ^ :28: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: collection line 2 and record </record>          ^ :29: parser error : Extra content
09:48 saiacslib could you help me?
09:53 gerundio what koha version are your using?
09:54 saiacslib
09:58 gerundio is that the whole error?
09:59 rangi is it all records, or just one?
10:00 saiacslib all records
10:02 rangi have you been changing frameworks ?
10:03 saiacslib not  that I'm aware of.
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10:07 rangi what that is saying is that the marcxml is badly formed xml, that shouldnt be able to happen
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10:07 rangi so its a puzzling one
10:07 vfernandes hello
10:07 wahanui que tal, vfernandes
10:07 vfernandes wow channel bot talking portuguese :)
10:08 vfernandes wahanui is a bot rigth? if not sorry :/
10:09 saiacslib how  can i correct this?
10:13 magnuse vfernandes: yup wahanui is a bot :-)
10:13 rangi saiacslib: im sorry I don't know I havent seen this error before
10:13 vfernandes rangi today i've tested patron cards in 3.8 and there is a problem with the some latin characters (á for example)
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10:14 alohabot Hi mib_dgjt3c, Welcome to #koha. Feel free to use the '/nick yourname' command to choose a different name. alohabot, wahanui, and huginn are bots. If you need any help, just ask - there's usually someone around to help :)
10:14 vfernandes but in 3.2 worked fine
10:15 vfernandes which bug do you refer yesterday to that problem?
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10:16 saiacslib rangi
10:17 rangi vfernandes: bug 8375
10:17 wahanui rumour has it bug 8375 is surposed to fix something, and it's on the right track, but not sufficiant to make utf-8 work
10:17 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8375 normal, P5 - low, ---, matted-34813, In Discussion , Common diacritics not shown correctly when exporting batch label to PDF
10:19 saiacslib can you help me on the " badly formed xml
10:19 magnuse saiacslib: do you get that error when editing records or items or both?
10:20 saiacslib got errors when editing  items
10:21 magnuse did you upgrade from an earlier or version or install 3.10.1 directly?
10:23 saiacslib this error  occured when  working  with the previous version and then  I upgraded to  3.1 this morning problem not  solved.
10:23 rangi what version did you upgrade from?
10:25 saiacslib i'm sorry its 3.10. upgraded it  from
10:27 rangi if it was in the previous version, it sounds like corrupt data
10:28 saiacslib how  so?
10:29 rangi since no one else is getting that error in either of those versions, it must be something particular to your situation
10:29 rangi and its definitely fine when you are editing records right? only errors on items?
10:30 saiacslib although records  are  being entered to  date. Only records/ items  entered till 18/12  seem to  show .
10:31 * rangi has to sleep now
10:32 saiacslib if  you send me info to will  be  greatful.
10:51 * gerundio thinks saiacslib isn't getting any email because there's no info to send
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10:57 kf @wunder Konstanz
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11:09 drojf hi #koha
11:15 kf hi drojf :)
11:15 drojf hi kf :9
11:15 drojf :)
11:36 drojf kf: is there a patch for indexing of 880?
11:36 kf not yet :(
11:36 kf you could talk to gmcharlt maybe
11:38 drojf i need some extra fields anyway and have not done that for DOM. maybe i put 880 in too. might be a good way to get my other fields pushed ;)
11:40 kf i think for 880 you could do some kind of routine probably
11:43 magnuse drojf++ kf++ you just made me realize why the index i was trying to add wasn't working :-)
11:43 kf we did?
11:44 drojf yeah we \o/ yeah us? nay grammar
11:44 magnuse yup, i was adding it to record.abs and forgetting about dom indexing, which is what i chose during the upgrade
11:45 drojf :)
11:48 magnuse so if i generate the .xsl from record.abs it should work - in theory
11:48 kf hm I think jared said we shoudl not do that
11:48 kf or it should only be done once? andnot later?
11:49 kf because there are bugs that will come back or something?
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11:50 drojf i remember a "don't generate somethingsomething" too. not sure where i put that, i think DOm is not in my wiki yet
11:51 vkm how to create language effect like given on this site near the CART[…]koha/
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11:55 vkm2 how to set language effects like here near CART[…]koha/
11:55 magnuse it worked!!!! woohoo!
11:56 magnuse i think the point was that once we start editing the xml/xsl files by hand we can no longer generate them from record.abs
11:56 magnuse and so far there has been no hand editing of the normarc files, at least
11:56 magnuse but i might be wrong...
11:58 drojf (14:33:38) magnuse: jcamins: "The GRS-1 to DOM script should *never* be run again" --> that is once we start editing and improving the dom config?
11:58 drojf (14:34:04) jcamins: magnuse: right.
11:58 drojf (14:34:33) jcamins: Once the configuration has been created and signed off, DOM configs will necessarily start diverging.
11:59 drojf we should have a jcaminsvacation bot that pulls relevant stuff from the logs automatically
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11:59 magnuse hehe
12:00 vfernandes guys one question: in koha OAI you can't choose xslt file right?
12:02 magnuse first question?
12:02 wahanui "What are you trying to do?" or "What is the goal?"
12:02 magnuse vfernandes: you can run your records through an xslt file before they are delivered to the client
12:04 magnuse vfernandes: you use a configuration file that you tell koha about with the OAI-PMH:ConfFile syspref
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12:06 vfernandes uses one default xslt
12:06 magnuse vfernandes: here is some documentation:
12:06 drojf magnuse: what do you use that for? things like changing field numbers? (like, you use field xxx but in the union catalogue that is supposed to harvest the data it has to be field yyy)?
12:06 magnuse drojf: exactly
12:07 drojf nice, i bet i can use that one day :)
12:07 magnuse i use it because the norwegian national library wants to harvest records and they have some specific requirements that can't be met otherwise
12:08 magnuse here's the xslt i use, for what it's worth:
12:08 vfernandes thanks magnuse :)
12:12 magnuse vfernandes: my pleasure!
12:15 vfernandes another question: one patron has one checkout overdue shouldn't renewals be blocked?
12:15 vfernandes in staff client
12:20 magnuse vfernandes: depends on your settings, i think
12:20 * magnuse goes for a walk
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12:42 chris_n @later tell cait the problem is the PDF standard; I have an email somewhere where I discuss it with a software engineer at adobe; his answer was that there is no universal solution short of embedding fonts; that option has been voted down several times
12:42 huginn chris_n: The operation succeeded.
12:43 chris_n @later tell cait so until that changes, it won't work... ever :-)
12:43 huginn chris_n: The operation succeeded.
12:55 * kf waves
12:55 kf chris_n: I am here, you know :)
12:56 chris_n oh!
12:56 chris_n heya kf
12:57 chris_n maybe that explains my comment
12:57 chris_n embedding fonts was not favored by the community
12:57 chris_n due to a number of reasons which are probably in the irc logs somewhere
12:58 chris_n a css solution is the better long-term solution
13:00 kf agreed :)
13:02 jcamins Where "better" = "only viable."
13:02 chris_n ^^
13:03 chris_n bbl
13:04 jcamins Pfeh. I don't understand how paul_p tested acquisitions patches with Plack.
13:06 jcamins git show
13:06 jcamins Wrong window.
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13:31 magnuse @wunder boo
13:31 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -1.0°C (2:20 PM CET on January 24, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Windchill: -7.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
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13:45 drojf that's a trendy nick :)
13:46 drojf jcamins: shouldn't you be dreaming in california or something?
13:46 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'bug_9280' into 3.12-master <[…]1b2f02f3c7c16179f> / Bug 9280: FIX price calculation adding an order from a staged file <[…]0c21a67952bab03e8> / Merge branch 'bug_9391' into 3.12-master <[…]ha.git;a=commitdi
13:46 jcamins drojf: I'm leaving tomorrow.
13:46 drojf ah! ok
13:50 jenkins_koha Starting build #1022 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:51 jcamins tcohen: could you please take a look at bug 9211 and answer my question there?
13:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9211 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Passed QA , days_between wrong behaviour
13:51 jcamins I'd _reeeaaaalllllyy_ like to push it before I leave.
13:52 jcamins Ah.
13:52 tcohen i'll take a look jcamins, i've been away from my inbox for a while
13:52 jcamins Thanks.
13:54 jwagner drojf, I think that's controlled by the GoogleIndicTransliteration syspref -- I've seen that before
13:55 tcohen jcamins, I haven't really checked wheter days_between is used with the dates swapped though the code
13:56 tcohen its just from a comment in bug 8486 that noted the API documentation was not respected by the function
13:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8486 blocker, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Pushed to Master , Critical error in Koha::Calendar::days_between calculation
13:56 jcamins Ah, thanks!
13:57 tcohen and our unit test for that feature started to fail when we kind-of-fixed several bits of the Calendar
13:57 tcohen anyway
13:57 tcohen i'm fetching master
13:57 tcohen and about to look for occurences of that kind of usage
13:57 tcohen (swapped dates)
13:57 jcamins Thanks.
13:58 drojf jwagner: thanks. i was wondering if there is a syspref because i remember seeing the transliteration <div> in koha, which would not make sense if it was a local hack. i never paid attention to any google-y sysprefs in koha ;)
13:58 tcohen i feel (the same for negative duratios) that we don't have such a use, but the libs are designed to work just in case
13:59 jcamins tcohen: makes sense.
14:01 kf drojf: there is no pref - I think you have to add a localuse one
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14:01 kf drojf: there should be abug somewhere too, but I think it was kind of partially implemented
14:05 jcamins Question... fines of type MAN_INV... they're added using the "Create manual invoice" tab, right?
14:06 jcamins No.
14:06 jcamins They're not.
14:06 jcamins How do I create a MAN_INV?
14:07 kf you add it as authorized value
14:07 kf it's a bit weird
14:07 kf but there are samples in the authorised value sample sql
14:07 jcamins I add it as an authorized value?
14:07 kf yep
14:07 jcamins Ummm...
14:07 kf MAN_INV is the authorized value code
14:08 kf then you add an entry for each custom fee/fine thing you want
14:08 jcamins For the MANUAL_INV category?
14:08 kf I think the library description is the descrption and the opac desc is the amount
14:08 kf or something like that
14:08 kf ah right, yes
14:08 kf that one
14:08 drojf when i have unfinished stuff in a git branch but need to switch to another… is there some other way to do that than git stash?
14:08 jcamins Hrm.
14:08 jcamins drojf: nope.
14:09 jcamins drojf: at least, not that I know of.
14:09 jwagner jcamins, that was one of our early features, see Bug 3476
14:09 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3476 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, RESOLVED FIXED, Predefined fee types
14:09 magnuse drojf: print it out on paper ;-)
14:10 jcamins There we go.
14:10 jcamins Now it's working.
14:10 drojf magnuse: lol ecellent idea :)
14:10 drojf excellent even
14:17 drojf but what do i do if i am in the middle of a rebase? if i try to git stash save i get lots of "needs merge" messages and "fatal: git-write-tree: error building trees Cannot save the current index state"
14:18 drojf (the obvious answer would be "finish your work before you do something else" but that's not my way :D )
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14:20 jcamins Yay.
14:20 jcamins Three patches relating to overdue notices left in "Passed QA."
14:20 kf fun...
14:21 jcamins Argh!
14:21 jcamins I just merged with the commit and not the branch.
14:21 * jcamins tries again.
14:24 * magnuse cheers jcamins on
14:24 magnuse drojf: finish your work before you do something else
14:24 magnuse :-)
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14:25 magnuse hiya talljoy
14:25 talljoy good morning! (at least for me)
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14:32 rambutan @wunder 64507
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14:32 jcamins tcohen: I am looking at bug 9211 now, and I am concerned that it might cause problems with debarments.
14:32 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9211 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Passed QA , days_between wrong behaviour
14:32 jcamins I am trying to figure out how to test it.
14:33 rambutan huggin: recalculate
14:33 rambutan @wunder 64507
14:33 huginn rambutan: The current temperature in Wyatt Park, St Joseph, Missouri is -13.2°C (8:30 AM CST on January 24, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: -18.0°C. Windchill: -13.0°C. Pressure: 30.57 in 1035 hPa (Steady).
14:34 tcohen jcamins, are you looking at  _debar_user_on_return ?
14:34 jcamins Yes.
14:35 tcohen deltadays should always be positive
14:36 jcamins Right, but doesn't that mean that if we debar after a book is two weeks delinquent, the borrower will get debarred also if the book is returned two weeks early?
14:38 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'bug_7243' into 3.12-master <[…]9acf27060e5fa09eb> / Bug 7243: Increment version number <[…]799cc6840c4cc451f> / Merge branch 'bug_7243' into 3.12-master <[…]fed452acac530a99b
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14:41 jcamins I can't figure out how to test that theory.
14:44 smeagol joined #koha
14:45 tcohen jcamins, i'll try to dig a bit
14:45 jcamins tcohen: thanks.
14:45 tcohen my first guess is that it might be a new bug
14:48 jcamins Ooh, I know how to test it! I set the system to debar after two weeks, check out a book that is due in three weeks, and immediately check it back in.
14:49 jcamins Where do I set debarring?
14:49 kf in the patron record?
14:49 jcamins kf: sorry, automatic debarring.
14:49 kf or in circulation rules
14:49 kf there are 2 kinds of automatic debarring
14:49 kf by days and unlimited
14:49 kf unlimited with the overdue notice triggers
14:49 kf in tools
14:50 kf theother in circulation rules > fine in days
14:50 kf and now I am gone :)
14:50 jcamins I want by days.
14:50 jcamins Thanks.
14:50 kf bye all
14:50 kf left #koha
14:51 jcamins Hm.
14:52 tcohen in line 1833, _debar_user_on_return will be called only if the item is overdue
14:52 jcamins Ah, excellent.
14:54 jcamins Okay, I am not seeing any regressions.
14:54 magnuse w00t!
14:54 tcohen we need to satart
14:54 tcohen start writing mocked circulation tests
14:54 jcamins Agreed!
14:55 tcohen maybe start by mocking the currrent db dependent tests
14:56 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1022: UNSTABLE in 1 hr 6 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1022/
14:56 jenkins_koha * jonathan.druart: Bug 9281: FIX add an order from a staged file
14:56 jenkins_koha * jonathan.druart: Bug 9391: FIX display status in serials-collection
14:56 jenkins_koha * jonathan.druart: Bug 9280: FIX price calculation adding an order from a staged file
14:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9281 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Impossible to create an order from a staged file
14:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9391 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Issues on serial collection page no longer show status
14:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9280 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Master , Bad price calculation when filling a basket with staged records
14:56 jenkins_koha Starting build #1023 for job Koha_master (previous build: UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #1021 1 day 13 hr ago)
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15:02 tcohen have a nice vacation jcamins++
15:02 jcamins Thanks. :)
15:03 jcamins Oh, darn. I ran too many tests today.
15:03 rambutan jcamins is vacationing?
15:03 jcamins rambutan: yep, leaving tomorrow.
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15:05 rambutan barbados I hope?
15:05 jcamins rambutan: California.
15:05 rambutan Oh, well, that's just like Barbados.
15:06 jcamins Three patches to the overdues code.
15:06 rambutan PD cold out there, ain't it druthb?
15:06 druthb srsly.  Colder than a mother-in-law's kiss.
15:07 magnuse lol
15:07 * druthb blames magnuse
15:08 rambutan @wunder bop
15:08 huginn rambutan: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
15:08 rambutan @wunder oop
15:08 huginn rambutan: Error: No such location could be found.
15:08 rambutan @wunder boo
15:08 huginn rambutan: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
15:08 druthb you broke it, rambutan
15:08 jcamins @wunder 11375
15:08 huginn jcamins: The current temperature in APRSWXNET Jackson Heights NY US, Corona, New York is -8.9°C (9:41 AM EST on January 24, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 56%. Dew Point: -16.0°C. Windchill: -15.0°C. Pressure: 30.23 in 1024 hPa (Rising).
15:08 rambutan my next guess was going to be poo
15:08 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'bug_9211' into 3.12-master <[…]2c4be465f7054248d> / Bug 9211 - days_between wrong behaviour <[…]41759292fa589b8bd>
15:08 druthb @wunder bodo
15:08 huginn druthb: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
15:09 * druthb peers at huginn quizzically.
15:09 druthb @wunder mcmurdo
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15:09 druthb uh-huh.
15:09 clrh joined #koha
15:10 * druthb tries somethin'
15:10 pratik_lahoti joined #koha
15:10 druthb @wunder lawrence
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15:10 druthb @wunder 66046
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15:11 druthb @wunder forest hills, ny
15:11 huginn druthb: The current temperature in APRSWXNET Jackson Heights NY US, Corona, New York is -8.9°C (9:41 AM EST on January 24, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 56%. Dew Point: -16.0°C. Windchill: -15.0°C. Pressure: 30.23 in 1024 hPa (Rising).
15:11 magnuse @wunder boo
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15:11 magnuse boo!
15:11 magnuse @wunder bodo, norway
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15:11 magnuse gah
15:11 tcohen @wunder cordoba, argentina
15:11 huginn tcohen: The current temperature in Cordoba, Argentina is 36.0°C (11:00 AM ART on January 24, 2013). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 19%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
15:11 druthb curious.
15:11 magnuse 36!
15:12 tcohen we're in hell this days here...
15:12 jcamins magnuse: did you fall off the edge of the earth?!?
15:12 * druthb wonders if she can move to Cordoba.
15:12 magnuse jcamins: looks like it!
15:12 wahanui looks like it is a PDF download from there.
15:12 magnuse heh
15:12 magnuse wahanui: forget looks like it
15:12 wahanui magnuse: I forgot looks like it
15:12 tcohen if you can deal with librarians telling MARC21 is the empire's cataloguing standard... you can
15:13 * druthb wonders how hard it is to get a visa.  You need a consultant down there, tcohen, don't you?  For *something*?
15:13 * jcamins hums the imperial march.
15:13 * magnuse thinks he nailed bug 9213, but needs to do some more testing
15:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9213 normal, P5 - low, ---, magnus, ASSIGNED , Implement analytics for NORMARC XSLT
15:14 tcohen yes, of course. No visa that I know
15:14 * magnuse has a raspberry pi waiting to be picked upat the post office
15:14 jcamins Nice!
15:14 jcamins I have a Raspberry Pi waiting to be played with more. :D
15:15 druthb Just need a visa for visits up to 90 days...just a $160 reciprocity fee.
15:15 magnuse reciprocity fee?
15:15 * tcohen feels envy about magnuse's acquisition
15:15 tcohen we are really open :-D
15:15 druthb That's what the State Dept calls it...A fee for not having to buy a visa, apparently.
15:16 magnuse a.k.a. a bribe? ;-)
15:16 tcohen out for lunch bye
15:16 druthb :P
15:19 * druthb has never been to South America, at all.  Would love to visit tcohen some time!
15:21 rambutan @wunder Erfjord
15:21 huginn rambutan: Error: No such location could be found.
15:23 jcamins The farthest south I've been is Mexico.
15:23 druthb Mumbai, for me.  Still north of the Equator by a good bit.
15:24 rambutan Ho Chi Minh
15:25 magnuse wellington
15:25 wahanui wellington is lucky, we have a lot of indian restaurants
15:25 magnuse indeed
15:25 druthb Wellington looks like it's just a bit farther south than Cordoba, but not by much.
15:26 jcamins druthb: you've been three degrees further south than I have.
15:26 * druthb is looking at a map that has no meridian lines on it.
15:26 * jcamins just looked up latitude and longitude.
15:27 druthb Jordan is more-or-less even with central TX.
15:27 magnuse oslo is more or less even with the southern tip of greenland :-)
15:28 jcamins Huh. Where I was in Morocco is only 6 degrees south of New York.
15:28 druthb No one's gonna match magnuse fo northbound travel, I don't think.  Winnipeg, for me, which is south of *all* of Scandinavia and the UK, more-or-less even with Paris.
15:29 jcamins Heh.
15:29 jcamins Probably not.
15:29 jcamins Furthest north I've been was...
15:29 pratik_lahoti Hi. I am Pratik, an engineering student from India
15:30 druthb Hi, Pratik.  :)
15:30 jcamins Aarhus.
15:30 pratik_lahoti I use Ubuntu 12.04 operating system and downloaded the koha-common package just now
15:31 pratik_lahoti actually, I want to set up Koha on our college server -
15:32 magnuse furthest north i have been was the North Cape - but Umanaq in greenland *feels* much more northerly
15:32 pratik_lahoti our server uses LDAP for authentication purpose
15:32 drojf oh i got bug 4888 working i think. it does not really seem to do what i was hoping though. and i am not sure what other things i destroyed while rebasing ;)
15:32 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4888 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, salva, Patch doesn't apply , pre-set of field indicators value
15:32 pratik_lahoti can someone guide me on how to configure Koha for our FOSS server and then integrate with LDAP?
15:33 * jcamins doesn't know anything about LDAP beyond that there's a blog post at
15:33 gerundio pratik_lahoti, I think I might help you with the LDAP part
15:34 pratik_lahoti gerundio: great :)
15:35 gerundio tell me, what have you done so far regarding the LDAP authentication settings?
15:36 pratik_lahoti I personally haven't had any experience with LDAP. My seniors have installed some packages in the past :)
15:37 trendynick joined #koha
15:38 gerundio hmm, ok
15:38 gerundio so 1st things 1st
15:38 Dyrcona Would koha work for a consortium of 172 libraries where every library might want its own circ and hold rules?
15:39 jcamins Dyrcona: yes.
15:39 gerundio you'll need a few settings regarding your LDAP server: hostname, base (as in user base DN), user and password (in case your LDAP performs authenticated bind searches)
15:40 Dyrcona I think I should check the code out and have a deeper look. It has been a couple of years since I looked at the code.
15:43 pratik_lahoti gerundio: alright
15:44 gerundio pratik_lahoti, after you have those settings and the auth working we can discuss the user profile mapping settings, ok?
15:45 pratik_lahoti in my case, hostname would be right?
15:47 pratik_lahoti gerundio: ^ I forgot to mention you above
15:48 gerundio not really
15:49 gerundio I'm guessing you already have a ldap server in place
15:49 gerundio the hostname must be domain name for that server
15:50 pratik_lahoti yeah we have the ldap server installed. we recently set up a wiki as well
15:50 pratik_lahoti which was integrated with ldap
15:51 gerundio so you must have set the ldap server hostname in your wiki software too
15:53 pratik_lahoti gerundio: yeah finding those details wont be a big deal. I know the person who set up the wiki so I can get those details from him
15:53 gerundio do that and have them set in your koha-conf.xml file
15:54 jcamins Dyrcona: are you thinking of migrating to Koha? :)
15:55 Dyrcona jcamins: No, but exploring options.
15:55 jcamins Dyrcona: Koha is pretty awesome!
15:56 jcamins My keyboard has a character count feature.
15:56 jcamins I could find out how many letters I type each day.
15:56 jcamins Well, keypresses.
15:56 jcamins Looks like modifier keys get counted too.
15:58 pratik_lahoti gerundio: alright. and what would be the next step then?
15:58 gerundio pratik_lahoti, well, just set the useldapserver to 1 in koha-conf.xml
16:00 gerundio if you put the settings in the right place according to this site jcamins pointed out
16:00 gerundio you'd be able to login using your LDAP account
16:01 gerundio try it out and ask away if you find any trouble in the process
16:02 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1023: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 5 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1023/
16:02 jenkins_koha * mathieu.saby: Bug 9402: letter v between 2 option tags
16:02 jenkins_koha * srdjan: Bug 7243: Be selective when summing up charges for blocking issues
16:02 jenkins_koha * srdjan: Bug 7243: Rewording and renaming
16:02 jenkins_koha * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 7243: Increment version number
16:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9402 trivial, P5 - low, ---, mathieu.saby, Pushed to Master , useless letter "v" between 2 <option> tags
16:02 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7243 enhancement, P3, ---, srdjan, Pushed to Master , Do not take rentals as fines
16:02 jenkins_koha Starting build #1024 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #1021 1 day 14 hr ago)
16:06 pratik_lahoti gerundio: alright! I am in the koha-conf.xml file right now. I found the <useldapserver> tag nested inside the <config> tag
16:06 pratik_lahoti then the chunk of code starting with <ldapserver id="ldapserver"> must be placed in the <config> tag itself right?
16:08 gerundio pratik_lahoti, yes, that's it
16:09 gerundio I'm having some trouble to get zebra indexes up and running in my dev installation
16:09 gerundio I've set the ownership of the installation folder to the user koha
16:10 gerundio added the daemon and made sure the paths are correct in koha's user crontab
16:10 gerundio I've tried setting up a zebra indexes reset and got no results
16:10 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'bug_6835' into 3.12-master <[…]29a3fcd14a0c4cbcb> / Bug 6835 - Ability to specify types of email address in <[…]6ea81b46d7f0ab161>
16:11 jcamins gerundio: are you sure Zebra is running?
16:11 jcamins PQA queue is empty, except for one bug I won't push until I know how to reproduce it.
16:11 gerundio when I run "/etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon start" I can see it with "ps aux | grep zebra"
16:12 gerundio the weird thing is nothing shows up in the logs
16:12 jcamins Hm.
16:12 jcamins Nothing would.
16:12 gerundio right
16:13 gerundio but when the cronjob for index starts it shouldn't either?
16:13 pratik_lahoti gerundio: Ok, thanks a lot for your help. Will try it out and get back to you :)
16:13 gerundio pratik_lahoti, sure, np
16:13 jcamins gerundio: nope. You can add a -v and you'll get e-mailed any output.
16:14 gerundio even if I manually run " -b -a -r" without ">/dev/null"?
16:18 jcamins gerundio: you'll have to add -v or -v -v in order to get any output.
16:18 jcamins And even then, the output won't really give you any useful information for troubleshooting.
16:18 gerundio ok, just ran it with -v now
16:18 gerundio I get what you mean with "any useful information" :D
16:20 gerundio well, at least this way I can see it running and try it out when the process is done
16:20 gerundio what would you say is a good way to debug this process?
16:21 jcamins faq?
16:21 wahanui faq is found at
16:21 jcamins ^^ the last question has good suggestions.
16:26 laurence left #koha
16:27 gerundio done all that before
16:28 gerundio just not 100% sure about the "The indexes must be owned and readable by the correct user (usually your system koha user or root, depending on your setup). Permissions are a common cause of indexing not working."
16:30 gerundio the zebra indexes are located at /var/lock/koha/zebradb/ ?
16:30 jcamins No.
16:30 jcamins Those files also need to belong to your Koha user.
16:30 gerundio they do
16:30 jcamins But the indexes are in /var/lib/koha/zebradb
16:30 gerundio I've ran a "locate zebra" on the server
16:30 asaurat left #koha
16:30 gerundio lots of ocurrences
16:31 gerundio ok, checking /var/lib then
16:31 jcamins Yeah, /var/lib/koha/zebradb and /var/lock/koha/zebradb
16:32 jcamins Unless you did a dev install, in which case ~/koha-dev/var/lib/zebradb and ~/koha-dev/var/lock/zebradb
16:33 talljoy1 joined #koha
16:34 gerundio it's a dev install
16:34 gerundio those paths are koha user owned too
16:34 gerundio the zebradb/biblios subdirs show a few files other than README
16:35 gerundio well, key and shodow have like 20 files each while register and tmp have none other than the original README
16:36 tcohen jcamins, i cannot seem to find a real test for circulation, just syspref checks
16:36 jcamins That means that indexing failed.
16:36 jcamins tcohen: I can't say I'm surprised. :(
16:37 * jcamins goes out to run some errands.
16:38 reiveune bye
16:38 reiveune left #koha
16:48 talljoy joined #koha
17:07 clrh joined #koha
17:08 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1024: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 6 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1024/
17:08 jenkins_koha tomascohen: Bug 9211 - days_between wrong behaviour
17:08 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9211 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , days_between wrong behaviour
17:09 jenkins_koha Starting build #1025 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #1021 1 day 15 hr ago)
17:29 smeagol Hi all..question about bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8769 which is allowing backdating in the SIP Checkin module. The problem is that I am receiving a return date of "00/02/0" for everything checked-in...don't know why? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
17:29 huginn Bug 8769: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Allow SIP2 return backdating
17:30 tcohen druthb_away if you happen to apply current grub upgrades to translate.koha-communuty's host, please keep the current /etc/grub.d/10_linux file (its the default option when prompted). If you prefer that I do it just in case just let me know. The new version needs to be tweaked so it properly boots in our Xen's version.
17:31 tcohen that said, bye #koha!
17:32 gerundio how can I safely remove the data stored in a given subfield for every record?
17:33 gerundio I tried using[…].pm#delete_fields(_$field_) but the result wasn't quite what I expected
17:33 gerundio after saving the record, the whole thing it's just gone
17:34 gerundio trying to view it in the intranet interface shows me this message "The record you requested does not exist."
17:36 gmcharlt gerundio: could you paste the snippet of code you're using?
17:37 pastebot "gerundio" at pasted "Remove subfield 610a code snippet" (23 lines) at
17:38 gerundio gmcharlt, there you go
17:40 gerundio from the looks of it, the records in which I ran the script have the following value for tag 610 in the marcxml collumn: "<datafield tag="610" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
17:40 gerundio </datafield>"
17:41 gerundio just the tag and no subfield
17:41 gmcharlt gerundio: right, I was wondering
17:41 gmcharlt so, two things
17:41 jcamins_away gerundio: yeah, you have to delete the field if there are no subfields left.
17:41 gmcharlt there could be multiple 610 fields
17:41 gerundio so my thoughts are that I have to remove the whole field if it subfield is the only one
17:42 gmcharlt so you need to save the output of $record->field('610') in a list, then iterate over its MARC::Field records
17:42 gmcharlt then delete the subfield
17:42 gmcharlt see if there are any left ... and if not, delete the field from teh record
17:51 gerundio ok, sounds fair
17:51 gerundio gmcharlt++ thanks a lot, I'll try to work on that
17:52 gerundio as for the corrupted records now the best way to recover is importing the backup DB dump I've made before, right?
17:53 jcamins_away Probably, yes.
17:59 smeagol Anyone know why koha gives a return date of "00/02/0"..thanks.
18:00 jcamins_away smeagol: sounds like bad data.
18:00 jcamins_away Did you convert the checkout information from CSV using Excel?
18:10 smeagol No, i added code to some modules to allow SIP to see the return date during checkin routine, but getting back bad date conversion, for some reason. See[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8769
18:10 huginn Bug 8769: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Allow SIP2 return backdating
18:10 jcamins_away Hm. I've seen that 00/02/0 with data from Excel.
18:12 jcamins_away I'm not sure what would cause it with SIP.
18:13 jcamins_away So you're currently testing bug 8769?
18:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8769 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Allow SIP2 return backdating
18:13 jcamins_away What I'd suggest is commenting on the bug to explain what you're seeing (and set the status to "Failed QA"). Kyle can then troubleshoot the problem and submit a new patch.
18:13 smeagol yes, testing. it works, except for returning bad date
18:14 jcamins_away That's still a failure.
18:14 jcamins_away Much better to get it right before pushing the code into Koha.
18:15 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1025: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 6 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1025/
18:15 jenkins_koha alex.arnaud: Bug 6835 - Ability to specify types of email address in
18:15 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6835 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, Pushed to Master , Ability to specify types of email address in
18:15 jenkins_koha Starting build #1026 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #1021 1 day 17 hr ago)
18:15 jcamins_away Hm.
18:22 jcamins_away That's weird.
18:23 jcamins_away Did I somehow manage to merge in the wrong patches?
18:30 cait joined #koha
18:50 rangi My stop bbiab
18:55 drojf does unicode use non-numeric indicators?
18:55 drojf SELECT * FROM marc_indicators_values; has 0-9, a-z.
18:55 jcamins_away No, indicators are only ever numeric.
18:55 drojf that does not make any sense to me then
18:55 jcamins_away Nor me.
18:56 jcamins_away We can use non-numeric indicators locally.
18:56 drojf on the other hand, i don't see where that is used, apart from putting it in the db
18:57 melia joined #koha
19:00 nengard left #koha
19:05 jcamins_away Bug 9486 is ready for sign-off.
19:05 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9486 blocker, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Needs Signoff , t/Letters.t loads modules in wrong order
19:05 jcamins_away If there are not two signoffs or a signoff and QA on it by the time I start struggling with my bowtie, I will revert bug 7243 for the moment.
19:05 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7243 enhancement, P3, ---, srdjan, Pushed to Master , Do not take rentals as fines
19:07 rangi back
19:07 * rangi goes to sign off quickly!
19:13 rangi signed off, works just like it should
19:14 cait jcamins_away: when iwll you struggle with the bowtie? :)
19:14 jcamins_away cait: half an hour?
19:14 cait ew
19:14 cait are you leving yet?
19:14 jcamins_away The bowtie battle will probably take a while.
19:15 jcamins_away The meeting is at 6, so I need to leave in about two and a half hours.
19:17 jcamins_away Ooh, nice veggies!
19:18 JoeLib001 joined #koha
19:18 rangi :)
19:21 cait that certainly sounds more like a battle than a struggle
19:21 jcamins_away cait: yeah, I'm not very good at bowties.
19:21 JoeLib001 Hello. :-)
19:22 cait hi JoeLib001
19:22 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1026: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 7 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1026/
19:22 drojf rebasing--
19:23 JoeLib001 Anyone know why I am getting &lt and &gt, etc instead of < or > when grabbing a record from Koha?
19:23 drojf i think i had errors in every file
19:24 rangi how are you grabbing the record?
19:25 JoeLib001 I am importing it to our TLC Catalog via Z39.50. I am guessing it's a Character Encoding issue, but I don't really know where to start. ;-)
19:25 rangi no thats not character encoding, thats html entities
19:26 rangi id look a that the record itself in the database
19:26 rangi the marcxml column anyway
19:26 JoeLib001 It shows up fine in Koha.
19:26 rangi it will
19:26 rangi cos its html, it renders fine, check in the db itself
19:26 rambutan joined #koha
19:26 rangi someone might have put html entities into the record
19:27 rangi instead of > or <
19:27 JoeLib001 That would be odd. Checking it.
19:27 cait JoeLib001: it's a bug
19:27 cait I have a fix for that... but I can't access it right now
19:27 cait grr.
19:28 cait it's some rewrite rule in the wrong order
19:28 JoeLib001 Ah, do you know what bug it is? Or is it not a reported one?
19:28 cait someone was trying to replace &amp;
19:28 cait and now &lt; gets to be &amp;lt;
19:28 cait is that what you see in the soruce code?
19:28 rangi in the z3950 cait ?
19:28 cait hm we had it in the result list
19:28 cait sorry, .... doing too many things at once here maybe
19:29 rangi his problem is he is getting html entities in the record when he is retrieving it from zebra via Z3950
19:29 cait ok, I take it all back then... what I had was a problem in the result list
19:29 rangi so its most likely stored wrong in the db
19:29 rangi however it got stored wrong is either a bug or user error
19:29 rangi but it will display fine in html
19:30 drojf i found 'clone indicators' \o/ i still wonder if there is a hidden "default indicator' field i am missing or it really does not do that
19:30 rangi will look broken when you go to edit tho
19:30 rangi JoeLib001: have you tried that? editing a record?
19:30 rangi also, who is torturing you by making you use TLC? :-)
19:33 trendynick joined #koha
19:35 JoeLib001 Hehe. ;-)
19:36 JoeLib001 Hmm...., looks fine in the Koha Editor, but it shows up as &lt, etc when I open up the MySQL database.
19:37 JoeLib001 We switched to Koha for our Periodicals and Ordering, but are still using TLC for our Books.
19:38 JoeLib001 Could I have setup the Z39.50 Server incorrectly on the TLC side?
19:40 jcamins_away JoeLib001: more likely to me is that you need to get the entities out of the Koha database.
19:40 jwagner JoeLib001, I ran into this problem not long ago.  To confirm, the ampersand characters show up after you retrieve a record FROM the Koha database using z39.50?
19:40 JoeLib001 Yes.
19:41 JoeLib001 Uhh...., well like &gt, etc.
19:41 JoeLib001 Instead of the character I was needing.
19:41 jwagner I narrowed it down to the action of exporting via z39.50.  Records in Koha itself were fine, but when I used an external z39.50 client to connect and pull them out, the odd characters came instead
19:42 cait jcamins_away: passing qa with git-bz does not always work for me - it says it did on command line, but it didn't
19:42 JoeLib001 Hmm...., interesting.
19:42 wahanui interesting is probably sometimes good and sometimes bad
19:42 JoeLib001 :-)
19:42 jwagner We studied the MARC before and after the actions, and it was the z39.50 outbound that caused the problem.
19:42 cait but bug 9486
19:42 wahanui bug 9486 is ready for sign-off.
19:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9486 blocker, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Passed QA , t/Letters.t loads modules in wrong order
19:42 cait forget bug 9486
19:42 wahanui cait: I forgot bug 9486
19:43 jwagner Probably an encoding or translation problem somewhere in the outbound z39.50 code
19:43 JoeLib001 Ok, thanks. :-)
19:43 jcamins_away cait: hm, I never tired passing qa on something with git-bz.
19:43 cait it works - but not always
19:43 cait I haven't figured out the difference yet
19:43 cait but it failed the last 2 times
19:44 cait Updated bug status to 'Passed QA' on command line, but after refreshing the bug in firefox, it's still signed off
19:45 jcamins_away Well done.
19:45 jcamins_away I was just about to button the top button of my shirt to start battling the bowtie.
19:45 jcamins_away :)
19:48 ryansipes joined #koha
19:48 rangi[…]app-day/schedule/  <-- what im doing tomorrow
19:49 cait nice!
19:49 ryansipes Hello all!
19:50 rangi JoeLib001: there is nothing koha specific in the outbound Z3950 that is totally zebra, so if zebra is converting things to html entities, then we have a much bigger problem (as would library of congress et al who use yaz-proxy) so id look first at the data, next at the routines that export the data to be indexed with zebra
19:50 rangi JoeLib001: and yes if it is entities in the database, there is the problem right there
19:51 jenkins_koha Starting build #1027 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #1021 1 day 18 hr ago)
19:51 JoeLib001 Ok.
19:51 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'bug_9486' into 3.12-master <[…]80a531475f7317a8e> / Bug 9486: t/Letters.t loads modules in wrong order <[…]3c08f61dc4e98a1c7>
19:52 JoeLib001 Could it be as simple as me not importing it with the right character set?
19:53 jcamins_away Okay... there was a video on youtube by a little old German man which made bowtie tying make sense.
19:53 rangi its not an encoding thing JoeLib001  .. ie not a character set thing
19:53 JoeLib001 Ok
19:53 rangi JoeLib001: if you edit a record and save it .. ie, type over the char and put <
19:53 rangi does it still show up as an entity in the db?
19:53 jwagner JoeLib001, you may have different data or processes. But when I was testing, the MARC data within Koha was clean. Doing a Tools, bib export produced a clean record.
19:53 rangi &lt;
19:54 jwagner But connecting via z39.50 and pulling that same record produced a corrupted one.
19:54 jwagner Using the same z39.50 client to connect to another source, and pulling the same title, produced a clean record
19:54 JoeLib001 Hmm....
19:54 jwagner Our problem was specific to the outbound z39.50.
19:55 jwagner The corrupted data was not in the Koha tables
19:55 rangi that sounds like a different thing, as JoeLib001 can see the entities in the db
19:55 jcamins_away Argh!
19:55 jcamins_away Both ends are on the same side!
19:56 jwagner Yeah, I'm not sure he has exactly the same problem, but it sounded similar.  I'd suggest testing -- if you do a Tools, bib export and a z39.50, do both have the bad data?
19:56 moodaepo1 joined #koha
19:57 JoeLib001 Hmm...., I am looking at the marcxml file, so shouldn't those be in there as &amp, etc...
19:57 trea joined #koha
19:58 jwagner We didn't see the bad characters either place, so far as I know (I'm not our data expert)
19:58 jwagner They only showed up after the z39.50 export
19:58 jcamins_away Well, I managed to tie it.
19:58 jcamins_away Badly.
19:58 wizzyrea \o/ winning
19:58 wizzyrea ...sortof
19:58 jcamins_away lol
19:58 JoeLib001 Hehe. ;-)
19:59 JoeLib001 Why are you trying to tie a bowtie? I am pretty sure it's only females that have that kind of natural dexterity. ;-)
20:00 wizzyrea HA
20:00 jcamins_away LOL!
20:00 wizzyrea oh that made me laugh.
20:01 Dyrcona joined #koha
20:02 jcamins_away Better...
20:02 * magnuse wishes jcamins_away a good holiday!
20:04 jcamins_away Alas, one cannot wear a purple bowtie and red vest, can one?
20:05 wizzyrea well...
20:05 wizzyrea that kind of depends on the shade of purple and the shade of red
20:05 wizzyrea but overall, that sort of says "clown" to me.
20:05 * jcamins_away has a limited number of formal vests and bowties.
20:05 jcamins_away In fact, one of each.
20:05 jcamins_away Well, two of each.
20:05 wizzyrea hm.
20:05 JoeLib001 Where are the Logs
20:05 wahanui the Logs are at
20:05 jcamins_away The other in both cases are black.
20:06 jcamins_away I could also wear a cumberbund.
20:06 wizzyrea you could do purple and black
20:06 wizzyrea or red and black
20:06 wizzyrea but probably not red and purple
20:06 tcohen joined #koha
20:06 jcamins_away Yeah, that was my thought.
20:06 wizzyrea but again it would depend on the shade. :P
20:08 jcamins_away I look so dumb in a cumberbund.
20:08 cait so why do yo uwant to wear one?
20:08 jcamins_away I don't.
20:08 jcamins_away I wasn't sure.
20:08 rangi and a rasperry beret
20:08 wizzyrea what, 80's pop friday again?
20:08 jcamins_away lol
20:09 rangi JoeLib001: are you running from packages or tarball install?
20:09 wizzyrea maybe we should go for 90's
20:09 JoeLib001 Packages
20:09 wahanui somebody said Packages was at
20:09 rangi /var/log/koha/instance_name/
20:09 JoeLib001 Ah, sorry. I was looking for Wahanui's answer. ;-)
20:10 rangi oh irc logs?
20:10 wahanui irc logs are
20:10 JoeLib001 Yeah
20:10 JoeLib001 I'm not so sure I can get my brain around the whole problem today. Only have 1 hour left at work. ;-)
20:10 rangi!/play[…]+Wake+Up/57239977  <-- not 80's
20:11 wizzyrea Ah! that's a fantastic playlist.
20:11 wizzyrea srs.
20:11 jcamins_away ...
20:11 jcamins_away I look like the MC in Cabaret.
20:11 jcamins_away Well, minus the makeup.
20:12 wizzyrea pic or it didn't happen.
20:12 jcamins_away wizzyrea: that would be a good thing.
20:12 jcamins_away I think after all that work on the tie, I need to change.
20:14 wizzyrea I just got a question "(can koha) make it so that when a patron checks out or checks in a book, they are emailed a list of recommendations based on that book"
20:14 jcamins_away No.
20:14 wizzyrea i'm wondering if other ILS's do this, I think it's kind of a fab idea.
20:15 wizzyrea no no I know it doesn't do that.
20:15 wizzyrea ;)
20:15 rangi easy to add
20:16 rangi we do recomendations already
20:16 wizzyrea ! I think I missed that...
20:16 wizzyrea where are they?
20:16 wahanui they are still working on it...
20:16 wizzyrea forget where are they?
20:16 wahanui they are still working on it...
20:16 wizzyrea forget where are they
20:16 wahanui they are still working on it...
20:16 wizzyrea lol
20:18 jcamins_away forget they
20:18 wahanui jcamins_away: I forgot they
20:18 magnuse rangi: is that code in koha?
20:19 wizzyrea yea, that's actually what I was wondering
20:19 rangi[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6772
20:19 huginn Bug 6772: enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, robin, Failed QA , Implementation of a recommendations engine
20:19 nengard joined #koha
20:19 jcamins_away Okay, black vest is out.
20:19 wizzyrea I don't think I've ever seen it
20:19 magnuse for the recommendations, i mean
20:19 wizzyrea OH
20:19 jcamins_away There were privacy concerns.
20:19 magnuse ouch
20:19 wizzyrea curses.
20:19 rangi naw not privacy
20:19 rangi just speed
20:19 magnuse but it's in production for hlt, i think?
20:19 rangi there is no way to link
20:19 rangi a recommendation back to the person who read it
20:20 rangi its just biblionumber , biblionumber, count
20:22 rangi it just needs a timestamp value, so it can know when it was last updated and only look at issues since that point
20:22 rangi so the first run is slow, to generate the base, but then if you run it nightly it only updates for that days circ
20:23 jcamins_away Okay, this is better.
20:23 jcamins_away I just have to pin the vest.
20:24 jcamins_away And hope that it's not traditional to take one's jacket off at dinner...
20:24 drojf joined #koha
20:26 jcamins_away I think I'm going to need a lot of pins...
20:27 * magnuse thought jcamins_away was going on holiday
20:27 jcamins_away Tomorrow.
20:27 wahanui well, tomorrow is pizza friday! or the day after today.
20:27 jcamins_away Today I am going to a black tie dinner.
20:27 magnuse ah, didn't sound much like a holiday
20:27 magnuse yay for pizza friday!
20:28 magnuse rangi: is it the "similar items" tab here?[…]biblionumber=1624
20:29 magnuse or is that librarything for libraries?
20:29 rangi naw thats library thing for libraries
20:29 magnuse ah
20:30 rangi its currently off on hlt, will be back on when they are on 3.8.x
20:30 magnuse ah, cool
20:33 rambutan joined #koha
20:33 magnuse heh, guess eythian never found the time - last comment is from 2011-10-06
20:33 magnuse cest la vie (or something similar)
20:37 eythian magnuse: yeah, that happens a bit too much :/
20:37 eythian patches welcome ;)
20:40 jcamins_away Good news.
20:40 wahanui good news is it looks like it's running properly.
20:40 jcamins_away No one will be able to shoot me in the back, as my vest is made of kevlar.
20:40 magnuse yay!
20:40 magnuse we don't want to loose our rm! ;-)
20:40 jcamins_away Unfortunately, it is also deflecting all the pins I am trying to put in.
20:40 magnuse eythian: :-)
20:41 eythian stabproof best, eh
20:41 eythian *vest
20:41 magnuse stabproof is best
20:41 magnuse stabproof?
20:41 wahanui hmmm... stabproof is best
20:41 * wizzyrea giggles
20:41 magnuse yup, told you so!
20:41 rangi oh magnuse did i show you this
20:41 rangi wahanui: we should use more MARC
20:41 wahanui http://02varvara.files.wordpre[…]no-bear.jpg?w=800
20:42 magnuse oh before i forget again eythian: eny news on the funding for the "covers from multiple sources" thing?
20:42 eythian no news, it's really kathryn who is tracking it, and she's away at the moment
20:42 magnuse hehe rangi, yeah, i have seen it ;-) excellent!
20:42 magnuse eythian: okelydokely!
20:43 mib_zc22uq joined #koha
20:43 alohabot Hi mib_zc22uq, Welcome to #koha. Feel free to use the '/nick yourname' command to choose a different name. alohabot, wahanui, and huginn are bots. If you need any help, just ask - there's usually someone around to help :)
20:43 magnuse alohabot++
20:43 mib_zc22uq hi! I am using:     Koha version:
20:44 rangi oh, thats a pretty old and buggy version .. sorry to say
20:44 jcamins_away That version has a lot of bugs, including some security issues.
20:44 mib_zc22uq should I update to 3.8.8 or 3.10.1?
20:44 jcamins_away You should think about upgrading to 3.8.8.
20:44 rangi 3.8.9 is out
20:44 rangi so is 3.10.2
20:44 rangi but id go to 3.8.9 for now
20:45 jcamins_away I meant 3.8.9.
20:45 mib_zc22uq then first 3.8.9 and after that 3.10.2?
20:45 * jcamins_away would recommend 3.8.9, and upgrade to 3.10.x around 3.10.4.
20:46 mib_zc22uq 3.10.x is the "unstable " branch?
20:46 JoeLib001 Thanks for the help guys, I will poke at it a little longer and then go home. ;-) Probably will end up working on it next week.
20:46 jcamins_away 3.10.x is the "less stable than 3.8.x" branch.
20:47 jcamins_away It _is_ being used in production.
20:47 jcamins_away Just not by me.
20:48 * magnuse would use it if it weren't for bug 9256
20:48 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9256 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Search is broken for 3.10 package-installs when marcflavour != marc21
20:49 * rangi refrains from commenting :)
20:49 magnuse :-)
20:50 magnuse rangi: try google translate on this if you want to know more about burning norwegian cheese:[…]rdland/1.10884826
20:50 rangi :)
20:51 jcamins_away Good news!
20:51 wahanui i heard good news was it looks like it's running properly.
20:51 jcamins_away I no longer look like the MC from Cabaret.
20:51 cait you found a matching vest and bowtie?
20:51 jcamins_away Well, not much.
20:53 jcamins_away Unfortunately, I can't keep this bowtie straight.
20:53 jcamins_away And, actually, it still isn't pinned enough.
20:55 jcamins_away ("it" = the vest)
20:55 wizzyrea maybe perhaps the vest does not fit if it requires so many pins
20:55 wizzyrea just sayin.
20:55 jcamins_away wizzyrea: of course it doesn't.
20:55 wizzyrea oh.
20:55 wizzyrea well at least you know that
20:57 jcamins_away However, I haven't gotten to the point where I can sew my own vests, so I'll have to pin small vests for the moment. :)
20:57 wizzyrea :)
20:57 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1027: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 6 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1027/
20:57 jenkins_koha Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 9486: t/Letters.t loads modules in wrong order
20:58 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9486 blocker, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , t/Letters.t loads modules in wrong order
20:58 magnuse unstable, eh?
20:58 jcamins_away Okay, build is fixed for tomorrow.
20:58 jcamins_away magnuse: yeah, jenkins has been throttled.
20:58 magnuse poor jenkins
20:59 cait jcamins_away: have fun at your dinner thing :)
21:00 jcamins_away Thanks.
21:04 nengard left #koha
21:07 Dyrcona joined #koha
21:17 edveal joined #koha
21:18 edveal left #koha
21:19 edveal joined #koha
21:19 cait left #koha
21:19 cait joined #koha
21:19 * cait puts her QAM hat on
21:19 * wizzyrea imagines that it has feathers
21:20 magnuse and a really wide brim
21:21 wizzyrea[…]atrice-Hat-02.jpg
21:21 magnuse heh
21:21 jcamins_away lol
21:22 cait jcamins_away: isn'T BUG 9485 in 3.10?
21:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9485 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Short cut to create new authorities
21:22 cait search, don't find, click new?
21:22 jcamins_away Only from cataloging.
21:23 cait ah
21:23 jcamins_away I can't think of a use case for a general authority search leading to creating an authority.
21:23 wizzyrea erm, one not found?
21:23 jcamins_away wizzyrea: authorities are pretty useless on their own...
21:24 jcamins_away You can't _do_ anything from an authority record.
21:24 eythian wahanui: qam is quadrature amplitude modulation, commonly used in dialup modems. Or it's cait.
21:24 wahanui ...but qam is the big one IMHO or sekjal...
21:24 eythian wahanui: qam is also quadrature amplitude modulation, commonly used in dialup modems. Or it's cait.
21:24 wahanui okay, eythian.
21:25 wizzyrea i like the word "quadrature"
21:25 cait qam?
21:25 wahanui hmmm... qam is the big one IMHO or sekjal
21:25 cait ts.
21:25 eythian qam?
21:25 wahanui hmmm... qam is the big one IMHO or sekjal
21:25 eythian qam?
21:25 wahanui somebody said qam was the big one IMHO or sekjal
21:25 eythian qam?
21:25 wahanui qam is the big one IMHO or sekjal
21:25 eythian qam?
21:25 wahanui qam is probably quadrature amplitude modulation, commonly used in dialup modems. Or it's cait.
21:25 cait wahanui: no cookies for you tonight .... think better about your answers next time :P
21:25 wahanui cait: huh?
21:25 wizzyrea you tell that bot who's boss
21:25 magnuse wizzyrea:
21:26 cait @quote random
21:26 huginn cait: Quote #143: "rhcl: Blame the C coders; if it was written in Ada it would have exception handling." (added by wizzyrea at 09:51 PM, June 28, 2011)
21:26 cait @quote random
21:26 huginn cait: Quote #156: "druthb: I would feed wahanui a botsnack of windows 8 engineers, but they're full of fluff and not very filling. trea: like marshmallow peeps, with clip on ties." (added by wizzyrea at 02:09 PM, September 22, 2011)
21:26 wizzyrea one of the things I value most about this channel is the absolutely strange things I learn every day from you guys.
21:26 cait lol
21:26 trea heh
21:26 druthb lulz
21:27 eythian germs?
21:27 wahanui hmmm... germs is
21:27 eythian germs?
21:27 wahanui Germs originated in Germany, before rapidly spreading throughout the rest of the world.
21:27 magnuse true!
21:27 eythian facts like that!
21:27 magnuse and kia ora trea!
21:27 druthb @quote random
21:27 huginn druthb: Quote #92: "<schuster> Why even learn when there is a genius in the room..." (added by jwagner at 01:43 PM, August 27, 2010)
21:27 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
21:27 wizzyrea loool
21:27 * trea waves to magnuse!
21:27 cait eythian: guess you can call yourself lucky you survived your trip to Konstanz
21:28 cait with all the germs
21:28 magnuse huginn++ for serving relevant quotes
21:28 huginn magnuse: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
21:28 eythian it's true!
21:28 cait bug  8292 sounds like a holds expert should take a look at it
21:28 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8292 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , clicking ignore on hold cancels transfer
21:29 * wizzyrea suspects you are looking southward.
21:29 cait if you are southward...
21:29 wizzyrea I am :)
21:29 cait ok, southward it is :)
21:30 cait I am not sure I understand nicole's description
21:30 cait well... quite sure I don#t
21:30 wizzyrea I know exactly what she's talking about
21:30 cait hm
21:30 wizzyrea I have experienced that bug.
21:30 cait i would expect ignore to do nothing actually
21:30 cait preserve the hold
21:30 magnuse wow writing a test plan for bug 9213 is worse than writing the patch
21:30 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9213 normal, P5 - low, ---, magnus, ASSIGNED , Implement analytics for NORMARC XSLT
21:31 cait wizzyrea: what if I check in and don't wnt it to return home?
21:32 cait like... oh, what's that book doing on the desk.. let's check it in and see.. .whoops?
21:32 wizzyrea yea, status checking should not be done with check in. :(
21:32 wizzyrea the people at NEKLS always wanted a "check status" scanbox
21:33 wizzyrea but i'm like, just search for the barcode
21:33 wizzyrea and look there.
21:33 wahanui it has been said that look there is :)
21:33 cait hm
21:33 cait why don't we have a button: transfer home
21:33 jcamins_away wizzyrea: checking items in is standard behavior for checking statuses in a lot of places.
21:33 cait and an ignore one that does nothing?
21:33 wizzyrea we do, in transfers.
21:33 cait yeah, what jcamins_away said (for me)
21:34 wizzyrea i know, but you can't expect koha to know what you're trying to do
21:34 cait no, but I can make it ask me :)
21:34 wizzyrea well ok, the behaviour you are talking about, it really should depend on the syspref
21:34 wizzyrea automaticitemreturn
21:34 wahanui i guess automaticitemreturn is enabled
21:34 wizzyrea I think
21:35 wizzyrea if that is off, it should not send it home
21:35 wizzyrea if it is on, it should always send it home (because that's what would happen if you just checked the item in)
21:36 cait hm
21:36 * jcamins_away didn't read the bug.
21:36 cait wizzyrea: could you put a note on the bug maybe?
21:36 jcamins_away But I do think if we're eliminating the option to not transfer items, that's a problem.
21:36 cait still trying to wrap my head around it
21:36 cait jcamins_away: that was my thought
21:37 cait i think ignore shoudl do nothing
21:37 cait and we should have a separate button "proceed with return"
21:37 cait well, phrased nicer
21:38 cait but... I don't know, I might forget something and I have no libraries doing reserves between each other
21:38 wizzyrea nah, it should obey automaticitemreturn
21:38 wizzyrea that's the expected behavior
21:38 cait hm yeah if you return
21:38 jcamins_away Okay, time to go to dinner. So long, #koha.
21:38 cait but what if I don't want to return and not trigger the hold?
21:38 jcamins_away Have a good week and a half if I'm not around.
21:38 cait ah, not around tomorrow?
21:39 wizzyrea later jcamins_away have a good dinner :)
21:39 rangi cya jcamins_away
21:39 cait cya :)
21:39 wizzyrea and a good week.5 off
21:39 wizzyrea cait: in truth, I don't see that happening really- if a library wants the items to always go home, they will set automaticitemreturn
21:39 wizzyrea if they don't, they won't
21:39 cait yep
21:39 cait I can see that :)
21:39 wizzyrea if there is an isolated case
21:39 cait but I wonder if it's the scope of the bug
21:39 wizzyrea that's a human problem
21:40 cait I think the problem is: what happens if you click on ignore
21:40 wizzyrea if you click ignore, and it's an incoming transfer, it should go home if automaticitemreturn is set
21:40 cait hm ok
21:40 wizzyrea if you click ignore, and AIR isn't set, it should just do nothing
21:40 cait i will test that
21:40 cait and listen to the holds expert :)
21:40 wizzyrea but I do not know if that is how it is supposed to work
21:41 wizzyrea the patch, I mean
21:41 wizzyrea I will try to test that todya
21:41 wizzyrea today*
21:41 cait i think it just changes the behaviour of the ignore button
21:41 cait and still not sure if I am happy with htat
21:41 wizzyrea well it needs to be tested against AIRE
21:41 wizzyrea AIR
21:41 cait I think it doesn't touch that
21:41 cait only touches what happens when you click ignore
21:42 wizzyrea well the ignore behavior depends on AIR I thinik
21:42 wizzyrea so if they are overriding that, it would be not good
21:46 cait wizzyrea: I see what's happening now. hm.
21:47 cait I ownder if changing this behaviour will be a bad surprise for libraries?
21:47 cait or is it really just a bug fix
21:47 wizzyrea well the bug is irritating
21:47 wizzyrea as long as it obeys AIR, it'll be ok
21:47 cait I think the problem is, that you click ignore and it shows up in the check-in items list
21:48 wizzyrea the items get sort of stuck
21:48 wizzyrea as it stands.
21:48 cait hm yeah
21:48 cait and I htink 4 options would probably be a bit overwhelming
21:48 wizzyrea well it was checked in
21:48 wizzyrea you just didn't do anything with the hold
21:48 cait oh right
21:48 wizzyrea and if it needs to be sent home, it should go
21:48 wizzyrea or if they don't require that, then it should not be
21:48 wizzyrea we have AIR just for that purpose, I think
21:48 cait what about I accidentally click ignore
21:49 cait can I get it back?
21:49 * cait tries that
21:49 wizzyrea the hold?
21:49 wizzyrea probably?
21:49 cait but first applying the patch :)
21:49 wizzyrea ha :)
21:49 cait testing wihout first :)
21:49 wizzyrea right
21:49 wizzyrea also you should see how it works with automaticitemreturn
21:49 wizzyrea on and off
21:49 wizzyrea that sucks and adds work
21:50 cait hm?
21:50 wizzyrea but probably needs to be tested
21:50 wizzyrea cait - I will try to look at this this afternoon
21:50 cait got a transfer slip
21:51 cait hmmm
21:51 cait I have automaticitemreturn off now
21:51 cait after i sent it home
21:51 cait and checked it in again
21:51 cait now I got 2 boxes
21:51 wizzyrea yep
21:51 wizzyrea that's normal
21:51 cait sending home or confirming hold
21:51 cait good then :)
21:52 cait so it always asks when you have air off?
21:52 wizzyrea no
21:52 wizzyrea you need to use a different book, or clear out your transfers
21:52 wizzyrea to test with the AIR off
21:52 cait k
21:52 wizzyrea because you will not get clean results
21:52 wizzyrea if there are transits in progress
21:53 cait ok
21:53 cait I think I did it
21:53 cait I got a different question now
21:53 cait how confusing.
21:55 cait it seems the difference iwth air on/off is
21:55 cait on: just get a link to print the transfer slip, can't say yes or no
21:55 cait off: get yes, no and yes, print slip links
21:56 cait so that looks right with the patch
21:56 cait I think?
21:57 wizzyrea that seems right - I think I'd have to see it to be sure
21:58 cait yeah makes sense :)
22:00 rangi new playlist time!/play[…]/NZ+Mix+1/9500909
22:00 cait rangi: you are being mean
22:01 wizzyrea I approve of this
22:01 cait wizzyrea: I think I am passing QA on it - as it does what it says it does. but if you want to veto - you can do that anytime :)
22:01 wizzyrea I will check it, holds are tricky.
22:08 cait wizzyrea++ # for being patient with me :)
22:09 rangi shes gone picnicking
22:09 cait oh nice :)
22:10 cait she deserves a picknick
22:10 cait picnic?
22:10 eythian the latter
22:11 cait thx
22:12 libsysguy after cloning and pushing the koha repo im convinced we need to do some pruning :p
22:13 eythian it's not something that you have to do very often though
22:13 eythian that said, perhaps a gc wouldn't hurt if it hasn't been done in a while
22:17 magnuse cait++ wizzyrea++
22:17 magnuse here's a fun fact for you fine free software fanatics: the organization in norway that handles electronic payments for most of the banks is big on free software, so most times when you pay online to a norwegian shop you will be taken through several steps and redirects and for a few moments you can see the freebsd "demon" mascot in your url bar in your browser :-) i wonder if that ever scared anyone...
22:19 rangi heh
22:21 magnuse oh no, have i been hacked? are the pirates taking control of my computer?
22:26 NateC left #koha
22:34 magnuse cait++ for being a good qam
22:35 * magnuse wishes #koha a good night or other time of the day
22:36 cait good night magnuse :)
22:36 * cait seconds magnus' wishes and wanders off too
22:36 cait left #koha
22:37 eythian wahanui: pony is <reply>
22:37 wahanui ...but pony is <reply>$who wants a pony! Someone give them a pony....
22:37 eythian no wahanui, pony is <reply>
22:37 wahanui okay, eythian.
22:38 Dyrcona pony?
22:38 wahanui
22:38 Dyrcona heh
22:40 Dyrcona Turns out that it isn't a good idea to document a shell script with POD.
22:41 eythian haha
23:11 edveal left #koha
23:19 BobB joined #koha

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