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03:44 phlunk Hey guys, I have just been asked about moving from musac to koha. Was just wondering if there is some tool for doing this, or if anyone can recommend someone in New Zealand to handle such a migration?
03:45 eythian well, I've heard of this one place..
03:45 wizzyrea they're pretty good
03:45 wizzyrea support providers
03:45 wizzyrea support providers?
03:45 jcamins They start with a C.
03:45 phlunk haha yeah, just wasnt sure if you guys would take it on for a small school :P
03:45 wizzyrea of course :)
03:46 eythian it'd depend on a number of things
03:46 eythian your best bet is to email us :)
03:46 wizzyrea well, yes, there are a number of considerations
03:46 eythian koha at
03:46 eythian kathryn (who is currently hopefully not being blown into the harbour) will answer with info.
03:46 phlunk yeah, I will have my boss get in contact when he is back from holiday if they're keen enough to go for the move. Seems quite likely though.
03:47 eythian cool
03:47 cjh_ \o/
03:47 wizzyrea \o/
03:47 eythian -o-
03:47 cjh_ wizzyrea: get your own
03:47 wizzyrea how about
03:47 jcamins phlunk: didn't you just do a migration?
03:47 jcamins Or was that just a test to see what your data looked like?
03:48 phlunk Just had another employee of the TCC in today to setup another koha demo machine for her next trip to fiji to try and get more of their councils on board too.
03:48 wizzyrea \o/ ^o^ /o/ /o\
03:48 wizzyrea we're gonna stay at the....
03:48 cjh_ pretty good
03:48 * cjh_ is impressed
03:48 phlunk no I don't think I have ever done a migration to koha before, to be honest I don't know enough about the db schema to want to start on it myself haha.
03:48 cjh_ sure beats my mexican wave...
03:48 wizzyrea winning.
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07:30 WaqarAzeem hello! i have a glitch in configuring the ICU option... what i understand is that there is a default.idx file in 'zebradb' folder that should not be there (i think). As i copied the icu.idx from /usr/share/idzebra-2.0/tab/  ... not sure
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07:36 reiveune hello
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07:47 marcelr good morning #koha
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08:10 gaetan_B hello
08:10 wahanui hey, gaetan_B
08:11 marcelr hi gaetan_B
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08:34 mib_tm Hello. I've got a question.
08:35 * magnuse waves
08:36 magnuse fire away mib_tm - if you are lucky someone will have the answer :-)
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08:39 mib_tm i've set 'useDaysMode ' to 'the calendar to push to the due date on the next open day' expecting that a due date that falls on a holiday which i've set in the calendar but it doesn't work. Any idea what went wrong?
08:46 magnuse hm, i don't have much experience with the calendar, but the standard followup question is: which version of koha?
08:46 magnuse woohoo, we have dates for kohacon13![…]KohaCon13_Summary
08:59 mib_tm ver Do you think this is a bug?
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09:06 kf good morning #koha
09:19 marcelr hi kf
09:23 kf hi marcelr
09:39 * magnuse waves
09:53 * kf waves too
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10:00 magnuse someone needs to update for 2013 - would that be gmcharlt?
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11:23 magnuse dpavlin around?
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11:25 drojf good day #koha
11:32 magnuse hiya drojf
11:32 drojf hei magnuse
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12:05 kf hi drojf and magnuse
12:05 drojf hi kf
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12:19 H   a package install think i have a permission problem ... anny tips how to solve that
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12:41 jcamins_away H: `sudo chown -R oe-koha:oe-koha /var/*/koha/koha-oe`
12:42 kf morning jcamins_away
12:42 jcamins Good morning.
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13:17 oleonard Hi #koha
13:21 jcamins Dyrcona: did you get to have bisque for dinner?
13:21 Dyrcona No.
13:22 jcamins Aww. The rutabaga bisque was superb.
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13:22 H Annyone here who can help with zebra permissions ?
13:22 jcamins H: `sudo chown -R oe-koha:oe-koha /var/*/koha/koha-oe`
13:23 jcamins You must have timed out before I sent that.
13:23 H sorry logged out a few times
13:23 H was sitting on other spot
13:23 H i made a new package server this morning
13:23 jcamins I'm a little baffled how you could have gotten permission errors, though.
13:25 H well i first created a library ... withe the name library and then with my server name a new one maybe that did it
13:25 H first one was a copy paste
13:26 H sudo chown -R oe-kohae-koha /var/*/koha/koha-oe
13:26 H hmz did i type something wrong
13:27 jcamins It should be oe-koha:oe-koha
13:27 jcamins I think.
13:27 H i get a smiley here
13:27 jcamins A smiley?
13:27 jcamins Hm.
13:27 H in your text
13:28 Dyrcona H: Turn off graphical smileys in your IRC client.
13:28 jcamins I will put spaces between each letter: "o e - k o h a : o e - k o h a"
13:28 H sorry
13:31 H i looked up the username koha-oe-koha
13:31 H cause he gives wrong username
13:33 H i did sudo chown -R koha-oe-koha:koha-oe-koha /var/*/koha/koha-oe
13:33 H did give no error but also no result
13:33 jcamins Oh, you called the instance koha-oe. Got it.
13:33 H well the admin did
13:33 jcamins Now try reindexing using koha-rebuild-zebra --full koha-oe
13:34 H that did reset permissions if i am correct
13:35 H ok done it with sudo
13:35 H no errors
13:35 jcamins Yay!
13:36 H but also no output (maybe normal)
13:36 H :)
13:36 jcamins Yeah, there's usually no output.
13:36 H and now ...
13:37 H reindex ?
13:37 jcamins That's what you just did.
13:37 jcamins koha-rebuild-zebra --full = reindexing
13:38 jcamins You should never run directly on a package installation.
13:38 H ah but no results in my search engine
13:38 jcamins Try restarting Zebra.
13:38 jcamins sudo service koha-common restart
13:39 H i did sudo /usr/share/koha/bin/ restart got that from yesterday
13:39 jcamins Wait, you had a package install yesterday?
13:39 H no
13:39 H other server
13:39 jcamins Ah.
13:39 H as i did not find a sollution i went for a new server
13:40 jcamins Right, running that script directly will have just screwed up all the permissions.
13:40 H oh god sorry
13:40 H i redo the first part ?
13:40 jcamins Yeah.
13:41 jcamins You'll probably need to kill zebra using the kill command after you find out the pid from `ps ax | grep zebrasrv`
13:43 H i redid the previous steps no error
13:44 H
13:44 H i have results
13:44 H yay
13:45 jcamins Excellent!
13:45 H still need to put a lot of extra files in it
13:45 jcamins Packages are a lot easier.
13:46 H true
13:46 H i did put this in cronjob is that ok ?
13:46 H or dont i have to do that with packages ?
13:47 jcamins You don't need that with packages.
13:47 jcamins The packages take care of everything.
13:47 H ah is it a problem i did it ?
13:47 jcamins Yes.
13:47 H :(
13:47 H redo the previous ?
13:47 H removing cronjob first
13:47 jcamins Yeah, that'd be my recommendation.
13:48 H lol wel fighting koha is becomming my middle name :)
13:48 jcamins Most likely it didn't make a difference, but it's easy enough to change the permissions and reindex that it seems safer to just do it.
13:50 H what is the delay for reindexing in koha now 1 min ?
13:50 jcamins I think it defaults to 5 or 10 minutes.
13:51 jcamins You can adjust it in /etc/cron.d/koha-common
13:52 H ah there are 2 lines
13:52 jcamins Yeah, one for bibs, one for authorities.
13:53 H remove the /5 ?
13:53 jcamins If you want a 1-minute interval.
13:53 H yes
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13:53 H we dont like waiting
13:53 H :)
13:53 jcamins The problem with a 1-minute interval is that if you change a lot of records at once, your server can get bogged down.
13:54 H normally if i do not import data we are librarians we type slow ;)
13:54 jcamins Heh. In that case you should be fine.
13:57 H i gonna test it
13:57 H i'm already happy i got some data back
13:59 H well i'm learning linux in the proces thats a bonus (still got lots to learn)
14:01 H thx a lot jcamins now i gonna import the big bulk off data from yesterday ... hope it works
14:01 jcamins Good luck.
14:01 jcamins You might want to temporarily disable the cron job.
14:01 jcamins Or change it to every ten minutes.
14:01 wahanui jcamins: that doesn't look right
14:01 H ehm how ?
14:02 H ah back to 5 min
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14:02 H ye ok
14:02 jcamins Yup. It's probably not really necessary, but it's a wise precaution.
14:02 H it takes 10 min or 15 that import its a big one
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14:34 * jcamins takes a stand against VM proliferation, and begins deproliferating his VMs.
14:35 Dyrcona jcamins++
14:35 oleonard "Please remember to spay or neuter your VMs?"
14:35 jcamins oleonard: exactly.
14:37 magnuse they do take up a lot of space...
14:38 jcamins I'm archiving them into .ova files on my external hard drive then deleting them from my laptop.
14:38 jcamins Then, when I run out of space on the external hard drive, I'll delete them from there.
14:40 magnuse yay
14:42 magnuse anyone know anything about koha and SAML (as in[…]Markup_Language)?
14:42 jcamins I know a lot of people have asked about it.
14:43 jcamins But you probably wanted to know a little more.
14:44 magnuse nah, all news is good news :-)
14:44 * oleonard is on the edge of his seat!
14:45 gerundio[…]iblionumber=32210
14:45 magnuse says "User management: Koha manages your users, including integration with systems like LDAP, Radius, Active Directory and SAML, to allow single sign-on."
14:46 gerundio I have the same info in the Series and the Subject(s) fields
14:46 gerundio I can't find a reason for that
14:46 gerundio any ideas?
14:46 wahanui any ideas are welcome :)
14:47 jcamins gerundio: I don't know anything about the UNIMARC display, but perhaps someone from BibLibre would be able to advise.
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14:58 gerundio where are the opac templates located?
14:58 jcamins koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/*
14:59 gerundio inside the respective lang dir?
14:59 jcamins Right.
14:59 gerundio the xsl files?
15:00 jcamins koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/*/xsl
15:00 oleonard jcamins: Weren't you saying something the other day about the right way to merge bugfix branches into master?
15:00 oleonard jcamins: Related to enabling easier reverts?
15:01 jcamins oleonard: yes. You have to always use --no-ff with merges.
15:01 oleonard "git merge --no-ff <branch>" ?
15:01 jcamins So `git merge --no-ff bug_whatever`
15:01 jcamins Yup.
15:01 oleonard And how does that differ from doing it without?
15:02 jcamins Without you get all the patches from the bug_whatever branch directly on master, which means that they have to be reverted one at a time, and it's easy to miss things.
15:02 oleonard Ah, that makes sense.
15:03 jcamins With, you always get a merge commit so that you can simly revert the merge commit (telling it which parent was master prior to the merge) and all the patches from that branch will be reverted.
15:04 oleonard Thanks. I'm trying to improve my git management of a non-Koha project here.
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15:11 slef oleonard: hope it's going better than the one I just tried!
15:12 slef oleonard: refs/heads/master on the git server is missing and I don't know why
15:12 * slef sulks at it
15:15 slef fixed... for now...
15:15 jcamins slef: I hope not
15:16 slef jcamins: no, one of the projects on
15:16 jcamins Good.
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15:17 slef jcamins: that reminds me ;) where should bugs with the git-bz on be reported?
15:20 jcamins slef: wherever you like.
15:21 jcamins For that matter, you could just go ahead and push your fix.
15:21 H jcamins its imported and works ;) thx
15:21 jcamins Yay!
15:22 jcamins I'm pretty sure you have push access.
15:23 H still got to get the mail working but thats for tomorrow ... well no monday cause we have a party tomorrow ... we gonna drink and dance to much all day :) (it's a late work new-year party) till then ;)
15:31 gmcharlt magnuse: thanks for the catch; I've added to 2013 to the index page
15:31 magnuse gmcharlt++
15:36 slef jcamins: no fix yet. If I'd had resources to fix the proposed features, I would have fixed them instead of QA-failing them when offered to me.
15:37 jcamins The git-bz repository is there as a convenience, not because I am volunteering to spend lots of time maintaining it.
15:37 slef jcamins: not sure my key is on - don't remember sending it. Any way to check?
15:37 jcamins Try pushing.
15:37 jcamins Or ask gmcharlt.
15:38 slef pretty sure my checkouts are git:// ones
15:38 jcamins Well, pull requests are good.
15:38 slef I'd quite like to note/publish the bugs so maybe someone else can fix them before I get resources...
15:39 gmcharlt slef: your key isn't registered there; if you send it to me, I can add it and give you push access to the git-bz repo
15:39 jcamins I don't have any particular place for that.
15:39 gmcharlt as far as reporting bugs ... maybe added a git-bz product to the main bugzilla?
15:39 slef jcamins: two suggestions: wiki page or bugzilla product
15:40 slef gmcharlt: preferred email address?
15:40 jcamins Well, the wiki page already exists, and since I don't expect a lot of people are going to be squashing bugs in git-bz.
15:40 gmcharlt slef:  gmcharlt [at] gmail [dot] com
15:40 slef gmcharlt: ta
15:40 jcamins Let me try that as a sentence.
15:40 jcamins Well, the wiki page already exists, and since I don't expect a lot of people are going to be squashing bugs in git-bz, perhaps we might as well just use that.
15:41 jcamins Woohoo! Almost 50GB of free space!
15:41 slef There was never 50GB in that sentence.
15:42 jcamins I've been archiving VMs in an attempt to clear out some space.
15:46 slef[…]ration#Known_bugs
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15:50 datadoctor Hi All!  Quick question: Does Koha
15:51 oleonard Koha does!
15:51 datadoctor s self-checkout generate print slips?
15:51 jcamins datadoctor: there is a patch adding that feature for 3.12.
15:51 datadoctor cool! I will look for that.
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16:24 reiveune bye
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16:40 jcamins Hey, cool! I just thought of a way to do true browsing easily.
16:43 * oleonard assigns Bug 569 to jcamins
16:43 huginn Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=569 enhancement, P2, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Searches need 'browse' option
16:43 jcamins oleonard: it's already in the search rewrite.
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16:47 vfernandes hello
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16:58 vfernandes bug 9376
16:58 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9376 minor, P1 - high, ---, vfernandes, Needs Signoff , Problem with dateexpiry display in
16:58 lms hello
16:59 vfernandes if someone signed off this little bug I would be thankful :D
17:01 lms I'm trying to enable labels with barcodes  in Koha. Does anyone know if you can add barcodes to spine label?
17:05 vfernandes lms you can always use label creator to do that
17:05 vfernandes I don't know if quick spine label can print the barcode
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17:07 lms thanks
17:07 lms vfernandes, do you speak portuguese?
17:08 lms I'm from Portugal
17:08 vfernandes yes... PM me :D
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17:28 jcamins Wow. Did you know that we take twice as long as we need to for every search?
17:29 oleonard You know, we like to take our time, linger over the process. Dawdle.
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17:56 gerundio do the MARC Framework settings reside in memcached?
17:56 gerundio we changed field 610 from mandatory to non-mandatory
17:56 gerundio in the MARC framework editor it looks good
17:57 gerundio but when adding or editing a record it still shows up as mandatory
18:08 gerundio got to go
18:09 gerundio btw, restarted memcache daemon and the edit form now shows the field as non-mandatory
18:09 gerundio so I guess that the MARC framework settings are stored there
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18:43 jcamins_away khall: there's a regression in the test plan on the latest version of the plugin code.
18:44 jcamins_away I wasn't able to look to see if it was an artifact from an old version or an actual regression, but I figured I'd point it out either way.
18:44 jcamins_away The test plan instructs the user to make the plugins folder directly accessible to Apache.
18:52 * cait waves
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19:18 aircamperman Greetings from Phoenix, AZ USA
19:18 aircamperman anyone around?
19:19 jcamins_away Greetings from New York.
19:19 jcamins_away I am not.
19:19 aircamperman :)
19:19 aircamperman I've got a Koha setup question, willing to help?
19:20 jcamins_away You should go ahead and ask.
19:20 jcamins_away If it's quick, I might answer despite not being here, and there are lots of other people who wander in and out.
19:22 aircamperman Background: trying to convert a small private school library to Koha from Follet - have patrons and marc records imported - I can search and find books with barcodes, but when I try to check them out to a patron Koha tells me that it can't find the barcode
19:23 aircamperman I've tried to do a fast catalogue straight from there and it still doesn't find the record
19:23 jcamins_away What version of Koha?
19:23 aircamperman can't check anything out - obviously something is missing
19:23 aircamperman 3.8.8 I believe
19:24 jcamins_away And the searches work when you scan the barcode using the circulation desk barcode scanner?
19:24 aircamperman yes
19:24 cait hm
19:25 cait is one of the barcode filters set maybe?
19:25 aircamperman moved them into 952p from 852p with Marcedit and all that seems to be fine
19:25 jcamins_away cait: barcode filters?
19:26 aircamperman hmm not sure
19:26 aircamperman I even created a new record with a newly generated barcode and the same issue happens
19:27 cait jcamins_away: one of the things taht alter the barcode you scan to fit some scheme
19:27 cait hm I will search for the pref
19:28 cait aircamperman: could you check your setting for itemBarcodeInputfilter?
19:28 cait it's one of hte systempreferences under administration
19:29 aircamperman sorry not at the terminal right now, but I will check that when I'm back - sorry
19:29 aircamperman What should it be set to?
19:29 aircamperman I remember seeing it, but I don't remember what it's setting is
19:29 cait don't filter
19:30 aircamperman ok
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19:30 cait but it's set to tht by default
19:30 cait it's the only idea I have tho :(
19:31 aircamperman would that only impact the check out though, since I can search and find with barcodes normally
19:31 aircamperman thanks for the idea
19:31 cait yes it would
19:32 oleonard aircamperman: Have you confirmed that the barcodes are in the items table?
19:32 cait it seems some systems have different barcodes than what is saved with the record
19:32 cait oleonard: good idea!
19:32 cait and the pref changes the barcode on input acccording to some special rules, like adding a prefix - so that could do it I thought
19:32 aircamperman in Koha, yes - they are in the accession spot
19:33 oleonard aircamperman: I mean can you confirm that the items table in the database contains the barcodes you have catalogged
19:33 aircamperman the T might be added as I have seen that show up when the checkout says barcode not found
19:34 aircamperman I'm not sure how to check the database directly
19:34 aircamperman are you talking in SQL?
19:34 oleonard Yes
19:35 oleonard You could do it in a report if you don't have access to the database directly
19:35 aircamperman not sure how to do that - tech background, but not in linux and not in SQL
19:35 jcamins_away aircamperman: wait, these are T barcodes from Follett?
19:35 jcamins_away Did you do the T barcode conversion?
19:35 aircamperman these are from Follett
19:36 aircamperman I did not do a conversion
19:36 cait aircamperman: accession spot?
19:36 aircamperman is it a script
19:36 jcamins_away No, I just happen to know that Follett doesn't always store their T barcodes in a way that matches the actual barcode.
19:36 aircamperman Follett has barcode in 852$p and I copied it to 952$p and imported
19:36 jcamins_away Missing check digits or something like that, I think.
19:37 aircamperman ah,  I'll have to check that out
19:37 aircamperman Does Koha not like the T or is it a matter of spaces and zeros and stuff?
19:38 cait your 952 sould match exactly what the scanner scans
19:38 cait you can scan into a text file for example and check
19:38 jcamins_away Koha doesn't care, but Follett removes parts of the barcode, I think.
19:39 aircamperman ok, time for some more research - thanks for the leads
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19:47 oleonard Hi rambutan
19:47 rambutan hi hi
19:49 * wizzyrea waves
19:49 rambutan waves 2
20:08 wizzyrea rambutan: regarding your missed scans
20:08 wizzyrea or incorrect ones
20:08 wizzyrea do you ahve the autocomplete  off on your browser?
20:08 wizzyrea we found, at NEKLS, that when the browser autocomplete was on
20:08 wizzyrea we would have that problem.
20:09 wizzyrea turn it off, problem went away
20:11 rambutan Interesting. Truly. I'll have to check that.
20:13 oleonard wizzyrea: We don't have autocomplete on and I still hear reports of the problem
20:13 wizzyrea hmm, i feel like there were two places I had to turn it off. When you type in a box does it prompt for anything?
20:13 wizzyrea but that's just a feeling...
20:14 oleonard Actually I shouldn't say that. We're not *supposed* to have it turned on, but with the branch in question all bets are off.
20:14 wizzyrea yea, we only had it in one branch, and they definitely had autocomplete on
20:15 wizzyrea I'm pretty sure browsers come with it on by default
20:16 wizzyrea and upgrades sometimes blow away your settings
20:17 wizzyrea[…]ing-form-entries/
20:18 wizzyrea there's autocomplete, plus this stored form entry thing
20:18 datadoctor I believe it is disabled in the self-checkout, not sure how.
20:18 wizzyrea rambutan ^
20:18 oleonard It is disabled on some input fields, but I'm not sure in what versions of Koha
20:20 datadoctor Master branch
20:20 oleonard Bug 5009
20:20 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5009 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dpavlin, RESOLVED FIXED, add autocomplete="off" to borrowernumbers and barcode forms
20:20 wizzyrea right but you might still get the stored form history?
20:23 wizzyrea we didn't hear about it anymore after deploying a version of firefox that had that turned off
20:26 rambutan I'm changing some of my circ terminals right now. Will see if that helps. It's a perfectly logical explanation, so I'm hopeful.
20:26 * cait waves
20:26 * wizzyrea crosses her fingers for you
20:29 oleonard rambutan: Does it happen often enough that you'll get a sense of it soon?
20:29 wizzyrea yea it's hard to work with your fingers crossed :)
20:33 rambutan oleonard: not soon probably. Maybe after a couple of weeks.
21:11 oleonard Later, squares!
21:15 nengard left #koha
21:55 khall the Koha plugin system is new feature complete and ready for serious testing. If you tried it out yesterday, try it again. They new edition makes that one look like garbage! Bug 7804
21:55 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7804 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Needs Signoff , Add Koha Plugin System
21:58 Space_Librarian joined #koha
21:58 wizzyrea hehe i like your enthusiasm :)
21:58 wizzyrea (really)
21:58 Space_Librarian hey! :)
21:58 wizzyrea if I have a bit of time I"ll have a look
21:58 wizzyrea oh hey Space_Librarian :D
21:58 Space_Librarian :D
21:58 cait wizzyrea: me too :)
21:59 Space_Librarian looks like you guys are about to get busy if the nz-libs list is to be believed. :D
21:59 Space_Librarian hi cait!
21:59 wizzyrea hehe we can hope
21:59 cait hi Space_Librarian
21:59 cait Space_Librarian: what does it say? *curious* :)
21:59 Space_Librarian wizzyrea: have you seen the queries from 3 specials on the list?
21:59 wizzyrea I did!
22:00 Space_Librarian There is suddenly interest from a few specials looking for information on how to shift to koha.
22:00 Space_Librarian which is awesome.
22:00 cait oh cool :)
22:00 wizzyrea very awesome :)
22:01 Space_Librarian (and it's quite varied bunch too)/
22:01 kathryn cool eh Space_Librarian :)
22:01 wizzyrea the army museum, which looks like it would be a fun one
22:01 eythian hi
22:01 Space_Librarian looks like you have some serious work to do there, kathryn - and the army one looks awesome!
22:02 Space_Librarian hey eythian happy new year!
22:02 cait morning eythian
22:02 eythian Space_Librarian: same to you :)
22:02 eythian cait: howdy
22:02 kathryn yep! yay!
22:03 sophie_m left #koha
22:36 cait night all :)
22:36 cait left #koha
22:44 eythian wahanui: night all is <reply>goodnight $who. You'll be back.
22:44 wahanui OK, eythian.
22:45 Space_Librarian lol. good one.
22:47 gmcharlt wizzyrea: would you mind terribly if I amended your patch for 9360 as part of signing it off?  I noticed that "borrowers" is mentioned on tools-home in the descriptoin for the job, and that may as well be changed to patron
22:50 wizzyrea not at all
22:50 wizzyrea I'd be grateful, in fact :)
22:51 gmcharlt wizzyrea: thanks!  I was afraid you would start throwing things at me if I pointed out more nits
22:51 * wizzyrea hopes that is a nice cleanup of that utility
22:51 wizzyrea nawww :)
22:51 jcamins khall: around?
22:51 * wizzyrea doesn't usually throw things, except possibly hands in thair
22:51 wizzyrea s/thair/the air
22:52 * jcamins liked "thair" better.
22:52 gmcharlt jazz_hands++
22:55 eythian wahanui: thanks #koha is <reply>thoha.
22:55 wahanui de nada eythian
22:55 eythian wahanui: thanks \#koha is <reply>thoha.
22:55 wahanui no worries eythian
22:56 eythian wahanui: that is not a standard response
22:56 wahanui ...but that is in march?...
22:56 eythian oh, I see what it's doing
22:56 eythian wahanui: \thanks #koha is <reply>thoha.
22:56 wahanui eythian: pas de quoi
22:56 eythian hrmph
23:00 maximep left #koha
23:08 thd-away joined #koha
23:12 BobB joined #koha
23:17 papa joined #koha
23:23 wizzyrea every time I see package syck go by, I think it says "suck"
23:24 jcamins Installing Koha?
23:24 wahanui i heard Installing Koha was one thing. Doing development with it is something else.
23:25 wizzyrea it's soon to be a lot easier to gitify a package :P
23:25 jcamins What?
23:25 wizzyrea turn a package install into a developer install.
23:25 jcamins Ah.
23:26 jcamins Excellent!
23:26 jcamins What are you doing?
23:30 eythian wizzyrea: I think cjh_ wrote a script for that
23:30 jcamins Yay!
23:30 jcamins cjh++
23:31 wizzyrea >.> he did
23:32 * cjh_ whistles innocently
23:32 wizzyrea eythian: on a package install, what causes this?
23:32 wizzyrea # see[…]n_Debian_Squeeze$
23:32 wizzyrea deb squeeze main$
23:32 wizzyrea gr no
23:32 wizzyrea one sec
23:32 cjh_ heh
23:32 eythian wizzyrea: bad pasting causes that :)
23:32 wizzyrea /etc/mysql/koha-common.cnf: no such file or directory
23:33 wizzyrea now, I haven't done antying special
23:33 wizzyrea just apt-get install koha-common
23:33 eythian wizzyrea: you haven't installed mysql-server?
23:33 wizzyrea ^^^ this is it, thanks
23:33 wizzyrea duh.
23:33 wizzyrea just curious, why isn't it a koha dependency?
23:34 eythian because you can run that on a database server
23:34 eythian like we do :)
23:34 jcamins Loving her... loving her... is what causes that!
23:34 wizzyrea well yea ok smartypants.
23:34 wizzyrea :)
23:34 cjh_ wizzyrea: you are a good testerer :)
23:36 wizzyrea O.o why is there an "amazon" icon in a generic desktop install of ubuntu 12.10
23:36 wizzyrea random.
23:36 cjh_ hahaha
23:36 cjh_ selling out :)
23:37 wizzyrea frackin sellouts.
23:37 eythian affiliate codes
23:40 jcamins My RPi is so cute and tiny!
23:43 cjh_ nawww!
23:59 ibeardslee wizzyrea: apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping

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