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18:17 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software The next general meeting is 9 January 2013, at 10:00 UTC
18:17 libsysguy oh so you don't like the parts that were already there
18:18 * libsysguy feels like that most of the time :p
18:18 jcamins Right.
18:19 * libsysguy carries on
18:20 * libsysguy wishes I had a nickel for every line in Koha he didn't care for
18:20 jcamins lol
18:20 jcamins Me too.
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18:27 mmm45 hey libsysguy
18:27 wahanui libsysguy is Koha's hottest developer or partying with swedes on his deck or koha's youngest developer
18:29 mmm45 i'm trying to correct an invoice number in mysql but UPDATE `koha`.`aqinvoices` SET `invoicenumber` = '<num>' WHERE   `aqinvoices`.`invoiceid` = <id>; is not working for our version
18:29 mmm45 i believe you correct invoices on the mysql side
18:29 mmm45 in koha v 3.9
18:29 mmm45 can you guide me where the invoice numbers would be and what command you used?
18:30 libsysguy is that in some code I wrote?
18:31 mmm45 i don't think so
18:31 mmm45 you used to do this for one of the librarians
18:31 libsysguy this is the schema for aqorders http://schema.koha-community.o[…]les/aqorders.html
18:31 mmm45 when she made mistakes
18:31 libsysguy you mean the librarians at UTT haven't achieved perfection yet?
18:31 libsysguy :p
18:31 mmm45 nope
18:31 mmm45 not ye
18:31 mmm45 t
18:32 mmm45 we don't have aqinvoices
18:32 mmm45 do you remember where you used to go
18:32 mmm45 and change that for Jan?
18:32 wahanui mmm45: that doesn't look right
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18:33 libsysguy are you using the mysql shell or something else?
18:33 mmm45 mysql shell
18:33 libsysguy I'm wondering why you're referencing the db koha and have all the backticks
18:33 mmm45 do what?
18:34 mmm45 when i go into mysql
18:34 cait_away libsysguy: heya
18:34 libsysguy hey cait_away
18:34 wahanui cait_away is sorry
18:34 cait_away mmm45: you want to look in aqorders
18:34 jcamins wahanui: forget cait_away
18:34 wahanui jcamins: I forgot cait_away
18:34 cait_away aqinvoices was introduced with 3.10
18:35 mmm45 i do not have 3.10 yet but am working on upgrading
18:35 libsysguy yeah it should be the invoiceid in aqorders that needs updting
18:35 libsysguy err
18:35 libsysguy wait
18:35 cait_away i think it has a ridiculously long name
18:35 cait_away you should be able to find the right column name with a
18:35 cait_away describe aqorders;
18:35 cait_away I think it was something like booksellverinvoicenumber
18:35 libsysguy ^^ thats it
18:36 libsysguy ugh I remember cursing that long column
18:36 mmm45 ya, cuz i do not have invoiceid
18:36 * jcamins promptly aliases it as "fred."
18:37 libsysguy yeah i think it is the booksellerinvoicenumber
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19:19 * oleonard summons the Koha 2.2.9 on windows auto-responder bot
19:20 jcamins lol
19:20 jcamins oleonard: does it still work? It ran on Windows 95...
19:21 oleonard The auto-responder bot?
19:21 jcamins Yup.
19:21 oleonard That's the problem, it never worked!
19:26 jcamins I never thought I'd say this, but... I wish we had 40-character barcodes.
19:26 * tsbere wonders why now
19:27 jcamins (allowed them, anyway)
19:28 jcamins tsbere: if you're using a SHA-1 hash for a transaction identifier, you can't really use it as the barcode of the item the transaction is connected to.
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19:31 tsbere ahhh
19:34 jcamins Hey... git uses a 7-digit short identifier for SHA-1 hashes.
19:34 oleonard Could dodgy internet cause a Koha staff client user to see an Internal Server error?
19:34 jcamins oleonard: it seems unlikely, unless there is a proxy.
19:35 jcamins Or if they were in the middle of uploading or downloading something, I suppose.
19:35 oleonard That's what I thought too. We aren't using a proxy. We have one branch which is complaining of slow performance and they keep telling me it's Koha's fault.
19:35 oleonard (as opposed to an internet problem,not that they can tell the difference)
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19:36 jcamins If it's just one branch, I'd look at their workflows.
19:38 tsbere jcamins: More like "git hopes that the smaller chunk of the SHA-1 is unique". I have run into a couple in the past that were dupes in the 7 char form.
19:39 jcamins Eww.
19:41 jcamins The shorter the input to a SHA-1 function, the lower the chances of a collision which is not an exact match, right?
19:41 tsbere I believe so, yes
19:42 tsbere But the 7 char version is just a truncation, not a different hash, and as such has a bit higher collision rate ;)
19:43 jcamins Right.
19:43 rambutan Not infrequently we have problems with the Internet connection (and thus Koha) between our two branches. That will show as bad Koha response times at the remote branch.
19:43 rambutan We pipe our koha connection over a VPN between the two branches.
19:43 wizzyrea bad performance was almost always = poor bandwidth at NEKLS
19:43 wizzyrea so they'd hit the 3pm slowdown
19:43 wizzyrea koha wouldn't be any "busier"
19:43 rambutan yep, know that
19:43 wizzyrea but the library would be.
19:44 wizzyrea where "library" = the rest of the computer usage/internet usage in the library
19:45 rambutan I typically use to check the connections at those times, and it is generally slower than normal
19:45 jcamins I'm using the SHA-1 not for security but for generating identifiers that are unlikely to have an inherent meaning.
19:45 wizzyrea in NEKLS case, you coudln't tell anything from speedtest - the problem was that the upstream provider didn't have enough bandwidth.
19:45 oleonard rambutan: The results were fine... when they checked it before they opened X(
19:46 wizzyrea oleonard: you have other branches using the same system with no problems, correct?
19:46 rambutan well, for us I generally can see a correlation
19:46 oleonard wizzyrea: Yes.
19:46 wizzyrea (but the upstream provider was on the same network as the speedtest node being checked.)
19:47 rambutan speed tests can vary over short periods of time, I'll sit here an run it 3-5 times per minute
19:47 wizzyrea well anyway I have to jet. going to teach librarians about reports
19:48 rambutan Our ISP actually setup a speed test site for Missouri entities (possibly after my posts??).
19:53 oleonard Our internet may be slow, but I'm sure that's nothing compared to the rest of the world with their inferior non-American broadband
19:54 jcamins lol
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20:48 eythian hi
20:48 wahanui what's up, eythian
20:49 eythian bag: happy birthday! (apparently, and in NZ time, anyway :)
20:49 bag sweet libsysguy and paul_p also share that day with me too
20:49 bag :P
20:49 libsysguy bag we share a bday with paul_p too?
20:50 libsysguy awesome
20:50 cait_away wow
20:50 libsysguy jan 9, the day of awesome
20:50 cait_away i will wait a little longer then with the wishes - as I am in europe :)
20:50 cait_away so it's the 9th?
20:50 libsysguy yup
20:50 eythian today is the 9th, yes :)
20:50 cait_away irc meeting day too
20:50 libsysguy exactly
20:51 libsysguy so I will be expecting all the karma :p
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20:54 oleonard meeting in 13 hours or so?
20:56 cait_away hm not sure
20:56 cait_away I always mess them up
20:58 eythian cait_away: aren't you just 1 hour off UTC? It should be easy for you :)
20:58 cait_away I don't care if it should be :P
20:59 cait_away well, or my brain doesn't
21:00 cait_away 11 am?
21:02 cait_away eythian: work time, should be hard to miss it :)
21:07 oleonard Dragging-myself-out-of-bed time, easy to miss.
21:07 cait_away hope I won't be there alone then?
21:07 cait_away quite late in nz too
21:07 oleonard ...but better than sleeping-soundly-time.
21:08 jcamins I intend to be sleeping soundly.
21:09 libsysguy what time is the meeting?
21:09 oleonard 5AM tomorrow if you're in Eastern time libsysguy
21:09 jcamins 5am my time.
21:09 libsysguy ack 4 my time
21:10 libsysguy sorry guys I probably won't be joining you for my bday
21:10 * oleonard gets up at 5 anyway :P
21:10 libsysguy you're a monster oleonard
21:10 libsysguy :p
21:10 oleonard Gotta have myself and 3 kids out the door by 7:15
21:11 libsysguy 3 kids! holy schmoley
21:11 * libsysguy just has a cat
21:11 oleonard Set your cat to wake you up then!
21:11 libsysguy correction:
21:11 * libsysguy has a lazy cat
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21:14 cait_away oleonard: quick, we should think about some things we always wnated to vote on :)
21:15 cait_away like naming the releases after cookies
21:15 oleonard Or never having another meeting at 5AM! Except you'd out-vote me.
21:16 cait_away no, I am ok with moving the itmes
21:16 cait_away if we can get rid of my 4 am meeting
21:16 cait_away I am open for negotiations
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21:17 oleonard Your 4AM meeting is my 10PM meeting, so no objections there
21:17 eythian I think that'll be 11pm for me. That's cutting close to bedtime. I'll probably forget anyway, I usually do :)
21:18 libsysguy we should starting having meetings on google angouts
21:18 libsysguy hangouts*
21:18 jcamins So... basically it will be cait, if she isn't busy.
21:18 cait_away oh yay
21:18 cait_away ...
21:18 oleonard libsysguy: Requiring a Google+ account is too high a barrier to entry
21:18 cait_away well and france i guess, norway is travelling
21:18 cait_away and it's too hard for non native speakers
21:19 cait_away too many people talking at the same time or trying to
21:19 cait_away *shudder*
21:19 libsysguy okay so it was a bad idea
21:19 libsysguy :p
21:19 eythian g+ hangouts are quite nifty, but the objections are correct.
21:20 eythian Also I'm not sure of a free software way of integrating with them.
21:20 jcamins And you can only have a limited number of participants.
21:21 libsysguy oh?
21:21 libsysguy i thought it was only limited in skype
21:21 libsysguy i thought g+ could have as many as you wanted
21:22 jcamins I thought that was "theoretically."
21:22 jcamins Ten.
21:22 libsysguy I've had a chat with 10
21:22 libsysguy but I didn't have any more firends
21:22 jcamins So not even theoretically as many as you want.
21:22 jcamins Exactly ten participants, maximum.
21:22 libsysguy maybe they up it for celebrities
21:23 cait_away ah, I have the killer argument. someone would have to WRITE minutes
21:23 oleonard So we can cross updates on 3.8, 3.10, and 3.12 off the agenda? Probably Kohacon2013 too.
21:23 cait_away ugh.
21:23 cait_away what's left then
21:23 cait_away ?
21:24 oleonard "Cleaning bugzilla?!"
21:24 oleonard 'A "Developer's handbook" on the wiki?'
21:24 jcamins drojf might be around.
21:24 jcamins magnuse won't be around for the latter.
21:25 oleonard Whoops, just realized I'm supposed to leave. See you in 12 1/2 hours cait_away
21:25 cait_away now he did that fast leaving thing again...
21:25 * cait_away tells the empty spot that was oleonard
21:25 cait_away have a nice evening!
21:29 rambutan wahanui: meeting?
21:29 wahanui meeting is in an hour, right?
21:30 rambutan uh, are u sure?
21:31 cait_away 12.5
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21:39 wizzyrea 12 hours?
21:39 cait_away hm 12:40 mins
21:39 wizzyrea so... did I miss the memo on the circ reports wizard being broken?
21:39 cait_away 12 hours, 20 mins...
21:39 cait_away numbers.
21:39 wahanui numbers are per library?
21:40 wizzyrea forget numbers
21:40 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot numbers
21:40 wizzyrea forget meeting
21:40 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot meeting
21:40 cait_away wizzyrea: what's broken about it?
21:40 wizzyrea every result is -
21:40 wizzyrea 0
21:40 cait_away oh
21:40 wizzyrea no matter the reality
21:41 * wizzyrea curses
21:44 cait_away http://thechive.files.wordpres[…]d-art-play-12.jpg ? :)
21:47 * cait_away hands wizzyrea the grumpy cookie
21:47 wizzyrea today has not yet been all I hoped it would be ;)
21:47 cait_away oh no
21:47 cait_away don't spoil tomorrow for me
21:47 jcamins wizzyrea: yesterday is almost over for me, and it's been pretty awful.
21:48 wizzyrea no no, that should not be an indicator of the future foryou all
21:49 jcamins Good. I would like it if tomorrow were better.
21:54 eythian > I' am currently using koha 2.2.9 on windows, my problem is when I' am issuing a book to a borrower by giving a particular date [...]
21:54 eythian no, that's not your problem.
21:56 wizzyrea Seriously, does this work for anybody:
21:57 wizzyrea even if I have circs
21:57 wizzyrea it always gives 0 no matter what
21:58 wizzyrea and this is in 3.6+
21:58 wizzyrea (obv that shot is from master)
21:58 wizzyrea am I doing it wrong?
21:59 wizzyrea I think not but wtf do I know.
21:59 jcamins I always understood that none of the report wizards worked at all.
21:59 wizzyrea I should go back to bed.
21:59 wizzyrea then we should take them OUT.
21:59 jcamins I would think so.
21:59 jcamins The last few times it was brought up, someone or other objected.
21:59 wizzyrea but I think biblibre is still doing patches, so theirs must work
21:59 wizzyrea to the wizars.
21:59 wizzyrea wizards.
21:59 jcamins True.
21:59 jcamins Maybe their patches make them work.
22:00 wizzyrea bug 7679 see the testing notes
22:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7679 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Statistics wizard: circulation (new filters)
22:00 wizzyrea perhaps I ought to test that.
22:00 * wizzyrea grumbles
22:01 jcamins Actually, it works fine for me.
22:02 wizzyrea !!
22:02 wizzyrea !!!!!!
22:02 jcamins Cool.
22:02 jcamins I never knew that those were usable.
22:02 wizzyrea so, what parameters did you use
22:02 wizzyrea and which one
22:02 wahanui i heard which one was 3.6.x?
22:02 wizzyrea forget which one
22:02 wahanui wizzyrea: I forgot which one
22:03 jcamins Circulation statistics with Period selected as the row and limited from 29/12/2003 to 08/01/2013 and Library as the column.
22:03 Dyrcona Seems like your bot is a bit troublesome.....
22:03 wizzyrea no he is a learning bot
22:03 wizzyrea he's fine.
22:03 wizzyrea you just have to teach him.
22:04 jcamins Dyrcona: he's like your young cousin who always says awkward things at family parties. ;)
22:04 Dyrcona :)
22:04 wizzyrea no wahanui! inappropriate!
22:04 wizzyrea well now I see what I did wrong.
22:04 * wizzyrea dies
22:05 wizzyrea seriously. get a coffin.
22:05 wizzyrea fml.
22:05 jcamins What did you do?
22:05 wizzyrea oh you know, didn't pick a radio button for column
22:05 wizzyrea on the limits.
22:05 wizzyrea neat.
22:06 jcamins Oops.
22:13 eythian it should give you an error in that case.
22:13 jcamins It should indeed.
22:13 wizzyrea nah, why would you make it do anything helpful like that
22:13 eythian wahanui: inappropriate is <reply>But I heard $who say it!
22:13 wahanui OK, eythian.
22:13 wizzyrea perhaps you meant that
22:13 eythian wahanui: inappropriate
22:13 wahanui But I heard eythian say it!
22:13 eythian wahanui: inappropriate
22:13 wahanui But I heard eythian say it!
22:14 eythian oh I thought that was random
22:14 eythian hmm
22:14 wizzyrea wahanui: inappropriate!
22:14 wahanui But I heard wizzyrea say it!
22:14 * wizzyrea tries something
22:14 wizzyrea jcamins! inappropriate!
22:15 wizzyrea aw I was hoping
22:15 jcamins wizzyrea: inappropriate
22:15 wahanui But I heard jcamins say it!
22:15 wizzyrea lol now THAT is funny.
22:15 eythian no wahanui, inappropriate is <reply>But I heard rangi say it!
22:15 wahanui okay, eythian.
22:15 eythian that'll have to do for now
22:15 wizzyrea :O
22:16 wizzyrea does he keep track of who said things?
22:16 eythian I don't think so, no
22:16 wizzyrea it would be funny to regurgitate who said the original thing.
22:17 eythian I think if you use 'I' or 'me' or 'you' or something like that, it replaces it with your name when storing the message, but that's about it.
22:17 cait_away wahanui: 77-70*6/20
22:17 wahanui 56
22:17 cait_away ah
22:17 eythian wahanui: 30/0
22:17 wahanui eythian: what?
22:17 cait_away (77-70)*6/20
22:17 wahanui 2.1
22:17 eythian wahanui: 30/1
22:17 wahanui 30
22:17 eythian wahanui: 30/0.0
22:17 wahanui eythian: i'm not following you...
22:17 eythian sneaky
22:20 bartsimpson Hello everyone, I tried running a unit test in a terminal window and got the error"Can't locate C4/ in @INC" last time I tried this it worked and I haven't edited it since, any advise would be appreciated :)
22:21 jcamins bartsimpson: sounds like PERL5LIB isn't set.
22:23 bartsimpson jcamins: Thanks i'll have a look at that :)
22:23 eythian wahanui: perlfaq test
22:23 wahanui eythian: excuse me?
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22:46 jcamins Time to go pick up our veggies.
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22:52 BobB Good morning all.
22:52 BobB @wunder Sydney New South Wales
22:52 huginn BobB: The current temperature in Sydney, New South Wales is 21.0°C (9:30 AM EST on January 09, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 29.50 in 999 hPa (Steady).
22:52 cait_away hi BobB
22:52 BobB Huh, half what it was yesterday.  Phew.
22:52 eythian @wunder nzwn
22:52 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 19.0°C (11:00 AM NZDT on January 09, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
22:53 BobB Decent.  Hi eythian, hi cait_away, happy new year!
22:53 eythian well, it doesn't mention the 40-gusting-to-65-kph winds :)
22:53 cait_away happy new year :)
22:54 eythian also, happy new year :)
22:55 BobB :)
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23:04 * wizzyrea can now say for certain that "this wind is pants... but it could be worse"
23:04 eythian heh
23:04 wizzyrea (having personally experienced "worse"
23:04 wizzyrea )
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23:11 tdattetakere You're enjoying Windy Wellington then wizzyrea?
23:12 wizzyrea :) I'm not much bothered by any kind of weather except "ungodly, hellish, hot"
23:13 tdattetakere Our IRC is 11pm tonight, NZ Time isn't it?
23:14 cjh_ tdattetakere: yes
23:19 tdattetakere Thanks cjh - last month I got my time conversion wrong and was a day early
23:20 cjh_[…]g&iso=20130109T10
23:20 cjh_ tdattetakere: haha badluck!
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23:35 jcamins_away ... we still use CGI::scrolling_list?
23:35 papa joined #koha
23:38 gmcharlt jcamins_away: it's a very persistent zombie
23:39 cait_away i thik it crept back a bit even :(
23:44 bartsimpson joined #koha
23:45 cait_away wow, it even brought back rangi from his vacation
23:46 jcamins Yup.

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