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15:59 lentzs hello
15:59 wahanui hi, lentzs
16:00 lentzs I am interstd in usign Koha for a school envermint. What is the difference from Koha and LibLime Koha?
16:05 lentzs hello
16:09 jcamins_away lentzs: Koha is open source.
16:09 jcamins_away LibLime Koha is a proprietary fork that no one other than LibLime supports.
16:12 jcamins_away Also, you should know that the channel is very quiet over the weekend.
17:03 lentzs thanks
17:04 jcamins_away Also, just in case you were looking at the wrong website, the current version of Koha is 3.8.6, and Koha 3.10.0 is going to be released soon.
17:05 lentzs So this is the main site. not
17:05 lentzs
17:05 wahanui is old, out of date, and under the control of a hostile company
17:06 lentzs that it wrong.
17:08 jcamins_away Right.
17:08 jcamins_away Take a look at
17:08 lentzs That is where I have been looking.
17:09 lentzs Koka look easer to use then evergreen.
17:09 jcamins_away <-- this clarifies which website.
17:09 * jcamins_away sure finds it that way!
17:12 lentzs I am looking in migrating a school that is using Follett circulation.  Has anyone done any migration from Follett?
17:12 jcamins_away Many people have.
17:12 jcamins I have not, but understand it's quite doable.
17:16 lentzs Also witch distros is recommended. I am currently setting up a system with ubuntu 12.04.
17:16 jcamins Debian stable or an Ubuntu Precise.
17:17 jcamins I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 for development.
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17:18 lentzs I like staying with the current LTS.
17:22 lentzs When will 3.10.0 be released?
17:23 jcamins 19 days.
17:23 jcamins Well- possibly 20 or 21, depending on the day of the week.
17:24 lentzs How different will 3.10.0 be from 3.8.6?
17:25 jcamins It will have a bunch of new features.
17:26 jcamins But it will also be a .0 release, which means it may also have a bunch of new bugs.
17:37 * jcamins probably won't even use 3.12.0 when it is released, though, and I'll be it's release manager.
17:41 lentzs INSTALL refurrs to the wiki for setting up Character sets for Apache and MySQL:[…]the_Character_Set  It has nothing about Character Sets.
17:41 jcamins You don't need to do that anymore.
17:41 lentzs OK
17:41 jcamins The INSTALL files have not been updated yet.
17:41 jcamins Also, you should be using packages.
17:42 lentzs So don't use the tar.
17:42 jcamins Right.
17:42 jcamins Packages are vastly superior.
17:47 lentzs Can you point me in the right direction.
17:49 jcamins packages?
17:49 wahanui somebody said packages was at
17:49 jcamins ^^ follow those instructions.
17:50 jcamins Even though they say "Debian," they are suitable for Ubuntu.
17:51 lentzs INSTALL.ubuntu.12.04 file in the tar has me setup the repos but dose not use them.
17:53 jcamins That's because Koha requires some dependencies that the Koha project packaged in advance of the Debian and Ubuntu projects.
18:14 lentzs Ok, That makes it easy.
18:19 lentzs Found this:[…]ubuntu_-_packages
18:27 jcamins That exists, but you should be following the instructions I told you to earlier.
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18:29 jcamins If you run into problems, I might be able to help with the instructions I recommended.
18:29 jcamins With the other, you're on your own.
18:30 jcamins (note: you might be on your own with any set of instructions, since I'm only on IRC as long as I'm working on other things on the computer)
18:52 lentzs I keep getting a 'System maintenance' message. How do I access the admin site.
18:59 jcamins lentzs: do you have DNS set up?
19:00 jcamins If not, you may have to change the port the intranet is listening on.
19:00 jcamins It's easy to do.
19:03 lentzs DNS is setup. Both intranet an OPAC is using the same port.  ex domain  Should I be adding anything to it?
19:06 jcamins lentzs: you probably have it set up as and
19:06 jcamins (the second being the intranet;)
19:07 jcamins Did you configure anything custom in /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf?
19:08 lentzs no, So I need to add to dns
19:10 jcamins You called the instance lib?
19:10 lentzs yes
19:10 jcamins Yes.
19:10 jcamins You can confirm this by looking in /etc/koha/sites/lib/koha-httpd.conf
19:10 jcamins In fact, you could change the VirtualHost directives to whatever you want to match your current DNS configuration.
19:14 lentzs There is no koha-httpd.conf
19:14 jcamins No koha-httpd.conf...
19:14 jcamins Oh.
19:14 jcamins Right.
19:15 * jcamins is on a development machine right now.
19:15 jcamins /etc/apache2/sites-available/lib
19:16 lentzs it created the site as lib-intralib
19:17 jcamins Okay. You may want to adjust that to match your DNS.
19:17 lentzs why did it append lib to the end?
19:17 jcamins That's what your system thought it's fqdn was.
19:17 jcamins *its
19:17 * jcamins sobs in embarrassment over the inappropriate apostrophe.
19:22 lentzs I did not at a '.' with the domain in the sites config.
19:24 jcamins You don't need a terminating period. Just a period in between parts.
19:29 lentzs That was it.
19:29 lentzs Wow installing Koha is easer the Evergreen.
19:30 jcamins It sure is.
19:30 jcamins I installed Evergreen a few weeks ago.
19:30 jcamins I understand it used to be a lot harder, but it still took me a solid two days.
19:31 jcamins That may have been in part because I was expecting everything to be like Koha, of course.
19:34 lentzs I like that evergreen has a staff client.  Will koha have anyting like that?
19:36 lentzs THis is still easer to understand then evergreen. I was looking at evergreen or koha. After this experience, I think Koha wins.
19:38 jcamins Koha is entirely web based.
19:39 jcamins Rather than providing a special web browser (that's what the Evergreen staff client is), you just use a regular web browser to connect to the intranet.
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20:10 lentzs Everything looks fine.  Now is the fun part of migrating data from a Follett System.
20:17 * jcamins can't help you with that.
20:17 jcamins The key is to get MARC records out of Follett, and get item information into 952 fields.
20:18 * jcamins leaves to go grocery shopping.
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