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00:04 halcyonCorsair hmm...
00:06 halcyonCorsair cron for now i guess
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00:14 BobB kathryn about?
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00:30 halcyonCorsair what is z39.50/sru?
00:37 jcamins Two different protocols for harvesting data.
00:37 jcamins Z39.50 is the older protocol used by libraries, SRU is the newer web service-y one.
00:47 halcyonCorsair hard coding....all the things
00:47 halcyonCorsair la, lalala
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01:16 halcyonCorsair jcamins: do you use chef or vagrant at all?
01:18 jcamins halcyonCorsair: not really. On my to-do list is putting chef into production.
01:19 rangi Provide  a data dictionary which allows searches on symbols to be recognised as words (e.g ampersands (&) and hyphens)
01:19 rangi do we need to do that?
01:20 rangi they are search as words by default eh?
01:20 jcamins rangi: huh?
01:20 jcamins Oh.
01:21 jcamins No, Koha doesn't do that.
01:21 rangi from a requirements spec
01:21 rangi ta
02:33 * chris_n steps off of the software raid roller-coaster and tries to figure out which way is up
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02:53 chobbs Hi #koha! Any way to hide patron address info from certain staff? I need a solution between self check-out and staff check out to allow volunteers to help circulate.
02:53 chobbs Hi #koha! Any way to hide patron address info from certain staff? I need a solution between self check-out and staff check out to allow volunteers to help circulate.
02:53 chobbs Ah jeez, sorry for the double post :(
02:54 rangi nope, you'd have to write that, or find someone to do that for yoou
02:55 chobbs Figured it was a long shot :)
02:59 rangi one of these days, when i invent a time machine, i am going to go back and find who invented RFPs and stab them with a rock
03:02 wajasu so if i want someone to decide whether to keep and, or actually fix the existing tests at the nexy meeting(8th i think), how do i suggest that be put on the agenda? an email mailing list?
03:02 rangi thats not really a meeting topic
03:03 rangi the koha-devel mailing list is the best place for that
03:07 wajasu rangi: the other db-dep tests that failed.  one was Serials.t and I was trying to look at related commits.  Like if a coumn was added to a schema or EAN related commits. then it might show what changed to break it.
03:07 wajasu are you familiar with that test?
03:07 rangi nope
03:08 wajasu when was the last time all the db-dep test passed? a release?
03:08 rangi they all pass on jenkins right now
03:08 rangi for 3.8.x and 3.6.x branches
03:09 rangi most likely you are missing data in your db for Serials.t
03:09 wajasu well i must have a bad test setup.  maybe i need the test data from wizzyrea.
03:09 rangi yep, all 34 tests pass currently for Serials.t on jenkins
03:10 wajasu does jenkins load test data, then then run em?
03:10 rangi it just runs it has all the test data in it already
03:12 wajasu so i should be able to pull master fresh, do dev install, run webinstaller with all data options selected, then run prove t/db_dependent without loading test data?
03:13 wajasu jaca and wizzyrea were saying otherwise yesterday.  Reserve.t would fail, because there wasn't a biblio inthe db, etc.
03:19 rangi try it and see, you probably need to create at least one biblio and one item
03:19 wajasu http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]aster/810/console        cearch for   Serials.t
03:20 wajasu i did create a biblio and it worked.  but you must have loaded one before the jenkins test run.
03:21 rangi you answered your own question then
03:23 wajasu so i just wonder if you had a test data load that is in git master that is run on a db install, or are you just running the updatedabase  before each test run on the same database?
03:23 rangi the latter
03:23 rangi 15:08 <@rangi> it just runs it has all the test data in it already
03:24 wajasu oh. thx for your patience :)
03:24 rangi no worries, i have less of it today than usual
03:25 rangi as im having to answer 107 pages of questions in an RFP
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04:38 Oak Ahoy me hearties :)
04:38 Oak magnuse
04:38 Oak cait o/
04:39 cait hi Oak :)
04:39 Oak how long before the meeting starts?
04:39 Oak in hour
04:39 Oak s
04:40 cait hm
04:40 cait not sure
04:40 cait many
04:40 Oak okay cool
04:40 cait I am not good with time zones
04:41 Oak me also
04:41 Oak 'not good' would be an understatement fo me though
04:58 Oak i meant you may be not good, but i'm worse... for example i just googled what utc means.
04:59 Oak this looks fun:
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05:29 Oak Ahoy mtompset
05:29 mtompset Greetings, #koha -- Oak :)
05:29 Oak :)
05:30 mtompset Do you have have reverse proxy setup experience with redis and/or node.js?
05:30 mtompset have have -> have any
05:30 Oak nope
05:39 magnuse Oak
05:39 Oak \o/
05:39 Oak present
05:39 magnuse :-)
05:40 magnuse Oak: te meeting is in 12 hours and ~20 minutes, as far as i can tell
05:41 Oak ah... roger that.
05:41 Oak ten four
05:55 halcyonCorsair hmm, the install doesn't seem to be obeying the WEBSERVER_IP variable...thoughts?
05:59 mtompset WEBSERVER_IP variable?
05:59 mtompset What file is that in?
06:00 mtompset What file is that in, halcyonCorsair?
06:01 halcyonCorsair mtompset: gets used by koha-http.conf
06:01 halcyonCorsair umm, rewrite-something.PL
06:01 mtompset Are you doing a tarball or a git install?
06:02 halcyonCorsair git install
06:02 mtompset What do you mean doesn't seem to be obeying?
06:03 mtompset you've run the perl Makefile.PL
06:03 mtompset you've run the make
06:03 mtompset have you run the make test?
06:03 mtompset have you run the make install?
06:04 mtompset Because once you have the install... that's when the variable should be changed to the value you are expecting.
06:05 mtompset You don't need to edit any files between these four steps (perl Makefile.PL, make, make test, make install)
06:06 halcyonCorsair mtompset: i'm talking about setting the environment variable
06:07 mtompset I know, but I'm trying to understand why you are looking at that variable.
06:08 mtompset And why do you expect Koha to know about it?
06:08 halcyonCorsair i expect one of those four steps to use that variable to create the http config correctly
06:08 mtompset I was convering the case that you were referring to something else.
06:08 halcyonCorsair mtompset: ^
06:09 mtompset Uh, no.
06:09 mtompset I do not believe it does.
06:10 mtompset During a tarball, git install, you end up editing the apache config file that is generated.
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06:14 halcyonCorsair no, rewrite-config.PL definitely uses it
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06:21 koyauni hi guys, how can one create additional normal Admin, I want my system to have one Super Admin and many normal Admin with limited permissions
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06:28 magnuse koyauni: PAtrons > New patron > Staff
06:29 magnuse koyauni: then, when you have added a user, you click More > Set permissions
06:29 magnuse then you can choose what each user is allowed to do
06:32 cait halcyonCorsair: maybe you are looking at the wrong file?
06:32 cait halcyonCorsair: did you do a git dev or standard install? if you did adev, there is a generated file in koha-dev directory, so outside of the git controlled part
06:34 halcyonCorsair mmm, no...i *think* the issue is that the environment isn't correct when make, etc are getting run
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06:43 reiveune hello
06:43 wahanui hey, reiveune
06:46 koyauni Thanks I found an old help page saying the same thing, thank you anyway,
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06:48 cait bbl
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06:50 koyauni[…]nuary/012973.html
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06:53 francharb hello #koha
07:02 matts hi !
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07:19 gaetan_B hello
07:19 kf hi gaetan_B
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07:20 kf good morning #koha
07:21 Dan_T whois Dan_T
07:22 Dan_T oh right... I am
07:22 kf identity crisis? :)
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07:34 kf good morning paul_p and hdl
07:35 magnuse wow, i didnt even know rewrite -config.PL existed, or that it uses environmnt variables
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08:06 drojf good morning #koha
08:10 kf morning drojf
08:11 drojf moin kf
08:12 rangi evening all
08:13 kf evening rangi
08:33 slef magnuse: we needed it to have some way to override the autodetection and that seemed easiest because we already do it with PERL5LIB and KOHA_CONF
08:33 magnuse ok on a scale from 1 to 11, how crazy does this sound: using a TT template to format marc records for display in the digital signs, and storing that template as a syspref, for easy tweaking
08:34 magnuse slef: cool, i just didn't know it was possible to influence those settings with env vars :-)
08:35 slef ooh a library just pulled up at the bottom of my drive
08:35 * slef goes to look
08:35 * slef demolishes a radio on the way out
08:37 magnuse a *library* just pulled up?!?
08:42 kf magnuse: not so crazy :) make it a plugin :)
08:43 magnuse plugin?
08:43 kf ok, don't listen to me
08:44 kf but I am sure there is some nice way to do it with TT
08:44 kf I am still trying to understand what all the parts are for
08:46 magnuse yeah, tt is quite a big system, probably with lots of hidden goodies
08:47 slef magnuse: yes, we still have library vans over here apparently. I did not know that.
08:47 * slef puts it on his calendar
08:49 magnuse like a mobile library, where you can borrow books, right?
09:00 magnuse we have those too, and a book boat to boot[…]tion=static&id=17
09:05 drojf the book boat is cool <3
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09:07 kf morning robin
09:07 eythian hello kf
09:09 kf office in the same place as yesterday?
09:09 eythian yep
09:09 eythian it's a little cooler today though
09:10 kf @wunder Konstanz
09:10 huginn kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 19.0°C (11:00 AM CEST on September 05, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 15.0°C. Pressure: 30.07 in 1018 hPa (Rising).
09:10 kf still no sun here
09:13 * kf blames eythian
09:13 eythian I have sun, but 18°. It'll warm up soon enough though.
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09:15 drojf a little older but i have not seen that before. sounds "great".[…]ytics-for-ebooks/
09:16 drojf hi eythian
09:16 eythian good morning drojf
09:17 eythian drojf: the line graphs should be histograms!
09:17 slef magnuse: the river is too far away, about half a mile ;)
09:19 magnuse slef: too bad :-)
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09:42 Barrc Morning all - would anyone know if it is possible to use KeyAttr with MARC::File::XML as it is with XML::Simple? I have been tasked with extracting/changing some tags in the MarcXML field in bibioitems and wondering how best to go about it?
09:42 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 8478 - Update Ubuntu related files Updated installation instructions, cleaned... <[…]d90d277493bd912dd> / Bug 6886 Follow up for NORMARC <[…]422c4e3a2194b2973> / Bug 6886 - Follow up for UNIMARC <[…]ha.git;a=commitdi
09:45 eythian Barrc: I don't think so, at least, I've not heard of it.
09:46 eythian I tend to parse things into a MARC::Record and manipulate them with that.
09:46 * eythian still needs to experiment with MARC::MIR
09:47 Barrc eythian: Thanks - I am open to options, so I might give that a look!
09:48 kf maybe exporting, using some tool to clean up and reimporting is also an option
09:55 jenkins_koha Starting build #812 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #773 2 mo 2 days ago)
10:04 Dan_T does any one know if there is a way to disable a specific patron messaging preference for all patrons?
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10:10 jenkins_koha Starting build #155 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
10:11 Dan_T would modifying the patron categories default preferences apply that to existing records?
10:12 rangi no
10:12 rangi thats only the default for creating new patrons
10:12 Dan_T that's what I thought. Thanks
10:13 slef you could probably write a script using the C4 API to change existing ones... not the simplest though
10:16 kf slef: I think there is one in misc somewhere
10:16 kf never used it so far
10:21 Dan_T I was thinking that I might be able to touch those fields with a patron import but I don't see a spot for it
10:22 Dan_T I'll look into that thanks slef
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10:24 kf Dan_T: the iformation is scatteres in 4 tables
10:24 kf scattered
10:24 kf can't be changed by patron import
10:24 kf but look for a script in misc
10:25 Dan_T yea I'm on the page now
10:25 Dan_T I think..
10:25 kf[…]d90d277493bd912dd
10:26 Dan_T ah outstanding, thank you
10:26 kf Dan_T: that will give you the perldoc for everything in C4 - I meant a script to enforce the defaults you set :) I haven't used it, but it's maybe worth a try on a test installation
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11:52 jcamins paul_p: could you please push your master branch to
11:52 jcamins I'm trying to resolve the conflict on 8597.
11:52 paul_p hi jcamins. done (it was only 3 patches late)
11:53 jcamins Thanks.
11:54 kf morning jcamins
11:56 jcamins Morning.
11:56 wahanui well, morning is a state of mind. or whenever the cat wants breakfast.
11:57 mbalmer screenshot of a touchscreen point of sale terminal after scanning a Koha patron card:
11:58 mbalmer (in german localization)
11:59 jcamins kf: is the webinstaller translated into German?
12:00 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #812: STILL UNSTABLE in 2 hr 4 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/812/
12:00 jenkins_koha * julian.maurice: Bug 8666: Hide 'New basket' link if supplier is inactive
12:00 jenkins_koha * nengard: update 'onloan' in items and deleteditems
12:00 jenkins_koha * colin.campbell: Bug 8675 Add hours and mins to renewal due date
12:00 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Bug 2553 [Serials report] alphabetize dropdown menus
12:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8666 minor, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Pushed to Stable , Prevent to create baskets for inactive suppliers
12:00 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Bug 8549 - DataTables upgrade broke display of next/previous buttons in table controls
12:00 jenkins_koha * robin: Bug 8594 - prevent the report system from breaking some subqueries
12:00 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6886 - OPAC XSLT respecting single branch mode
12:00 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6886 - Follow up for UNIMARC
12:00 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 6886 Follow up for NORMARC
12:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8675 normal, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Pushed to Stable , Renewing item to specified date creates a due date with HH:MM set to 00:00
12:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2553 minor, P3, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Stable , alphabetize dropdown menus
12:00 jenkins_koha * mtompset: Bug 8478 - Update Ubuntu related files Updated installation instructions, cleaned up, renamed ubuntu*.packages files more consistently, updated files to include missing libraries, corrected incorrect libraries (yaz3->yaz4, mysqlclient v16 to v18, dropped the dev version of the client).
12:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8549 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , DataTables upgrade broke display of next/previous buttons in table controls
12:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8594 normal, P5 - low, ---, robin, Pushed to Master , A report containing a subquery that has a 'limit' will have that limit stripped out
12:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6886 minor, P5 - low, ---, chris, Pushed to Master , Single branch mode should disable showing the branch name in front of all callnumbers
12:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8478 minor, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to Master , Update Ubuntu related files
12:00 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 8623: Move YUI out of prog <[…]aa1ac0d49098bfed0> / Bug 8623: Do not accept "lib" as a valid theme <[…]be6f979fc7dd4ccc8> / Bug 8622: Fix theme fallback <[…]917ce19e26225259d
12:01 jenkins_koha Starting build #813 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #773 2 mo 2 days ago)
12:05 jcamins paul_p: I rebased the last two patches on bug 8597.
12:05 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8597 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, fcapovilla, Patch doesn't apply , New theme for the OPAC with a mobile view
12:09 kf jcamins: yes, why?
12:09 paul_p jcamins OK, will check later
12:10 jcamins kf: I got an error when it automatically went to the installer.
12:10 kf hm
12:10 kf that's not good
12:10 kf and we have seen that at the workhop
12:10 kf did you click back or something like that?
12:10 kf or just forward and choosing de at at the beginning?
12:11 jcamins It was the automatic updatedatabase run.
12:11 kf hm
12:11 * paul_p testing bug 7621 ... will I push it today ?
12:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7621 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, veron, Passed QA , Circulation: Match age restriction of title with borrower's age without using categories
12:11 kf confusing
12:11 kf shouldn't have anything to do with the installer I think
12:12 jcamins updatedatabase uses the installer templates rather than regular templates.
12:12 kf hm yes
12:12 kf which version of koha?
12:12 wahanui which version of koha are you using?
12:13 jcamins master.
12:14 kf hm
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12:15 jcamins I think I probably installed the translation wrong.
12:15 jcamins I get the error: Koha directories hierarchy for de-DE must be created first
12:17 kf ah yeah
12:17 kf I have seen that
12:17 kf I amnot sure why it happens sometimes :(
12:17 kf oh right
12:17 kf german does not work in mater
12:17 * magnuse has seen that too
12:17 kf there is a fatal error in the po file
12:17 jcamins Ohhh.
12:18 kf because I missed the date before release and the error
12:18 kf you have to get a file from pootle or run update on it
12:18 kf or fix the probem :(
12:18 jcamins I will use French.
12:18 kf fatal means the translation process dies and not all files get translated
12:18 kf :(
12:22 jcamins French works.
12:24 jcamins Well, installing the language works.
12:24 jcamins Yeah, the problem was the translator crash.
12:27 kf *sighs*
12:28 kf one more thing to look forward to on the next release
12:29 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #155: SUCCESS in 2 hr 18 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/155/
12:29 jenkins_koha julian.maurice: Bug 8666: Hide 'New basket' link if supplier is inactive
12:29 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8666 minor, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Pushed to Stable , Prevent to create baskets for inactive suppliers
12:29 jenkins_koha Starting build #156 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
12:34 paul_p mveron will be happy, i'm about to push bug 7621 ;-)
12:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7621 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, veron, Passed QA , Circulation: Match age restriction of title with borrower's age without using categories
12:34 kf yay :)
12:34 kf paul_p++ mveron++
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12:39 paul_p is it me or git is slooowww ?
12:40 mbalmer paul_p, thanks for 7621, it is really important over here in switzerland and I guess you just made mveron a very happy man ;)
12:40 * kf guesses so too :)
12:40 paul_p (one of our customer just asked for this feature 2 weeks ago, and he will be happy to ;-) )
12:41 kf happy koha people everywhere :)
12:44 mbalmer even our infokiosk systems and payment stations begin to be friends with Koha ….
12:50 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/new/bug_8293' <[…]3cde20ac1dbef1bc4> / Bug 8293 : Fixing POD to match actuality. <[…]564515c0676689845> / Bug 7621 follow-up DBRev number <[…]8c898e721bc631e32
12:52 BobB @seen druthb
12:52 huginn BobB: druthb was last seen in #koha 5 days, 20 hours, 6 minutes, and 50 seconds ago: * druthb waves from eastern Kansas
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12:53 Joubu Hello #koha
12:54 oleonard Hi Joubu
12:54 * jcamins_away waves to oleonard and Joubu.
12:55 druthb joined #koha
12:55 Oak think of the...
12:55 kf hi Joubu
12:55 kf hi Oak :)
12:55 Oak awesomeness, and awesome is here
12:56 druthb BobB:  you were looking for me?
12:56 Oak hello Miss katrin
12:56 druthb Hi, Oak and kf! :)
12:56 kf hi druthb :)
12:56 BobB hi ruth!
12:56 druthb :D
12:56 Oak hello aweosme Ruth :)
12:56 * kf thinks druthb has her spies everywhere
12:57 druthb :)
12:57 jcamins_away Meeting in five hours.
12:57 kf thx jcamins_away
12:57 eythian how (if at all) do we handle covers from multiple sources?
12:57 oleonard khall++ # for the progress on patron self-registration
12:57 eythian I can't see anything obvious in the JS that causes only the first hit to show
12:57 oleonard That's correct eythian
12:57 kf eythian: currently not really I think, but there are bugs and maybe patches for it in bugzilla
12:58 jcamins_away eythian: we show all of them.
12:58 eythian Hmm
12:58 eythian right
12:58 khall oleonard: thanks! I'll have a new patch ready in moments, just adding some POD
12:58 jcamins_away magnuse, tcohen, and kmkale are all working on the problem.
12:58 jcamins_away Though, kmkale hasn't been doing anything with Koha in the last six months.
12:58 oleonard eythian: Do you observe something different?
12:58 Oak jcamins_away, does not that result in multiple images appearing for a single item? if there are multiple sources available...
12:58 jcamins_away Oak: yes, of course.
12:59 jcamins_away That's why it's a problem. ;)
12:59 eythian we have another cover source to add, and would need to make them behave so that only one shows
12:59 Oak that's bad
12:59 Oak ah yes
12:59 Oak got it
12:59 jcamins_away And not just a happy little accident.
12:59 eythian I thought I had seen it behave differently
12:59 eythian But I may be wrong
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12:59 magnuse yeah, currently you get multiple covers if you turn on multiple sources and more then one gives a hit
13:00 Oak i wish there could be a way to check if result of one source is True, then a all other sources ignored.
13:00 oleonard eythian: Not unless you saw an unintended behavior
13:00 magnuse i am thinking of solving it server-side - have a script that accepts a biblionumber and that returns/redirects to the first image found. with caching
13:00 oleonard I imagine that an AJAX script could roll through each source and stop on first success
13:01 Oak or if two sources have the images, then the one with bigger dimensions gets chosen automatically :)
13:01 jcamins_away magnuse: the problem with that is Amazon. :(
13:01 kf *sigh*
13:01 oleonard magnuse: Caching results violates Amazon's terms of service I think
13:01 kf I know I had a checklist for opac features somewhere...
13:01 magnuse Oak: yeah, that is an interesting twist on it
13:01 oleonard Maybe Google's too
13:01 eythian oleonard: you can cache the success of the request
13:01 magnuse aren't we throwing out amazon?
13:01 * kf blames eythian (habit)
13:01 kf nah, not really... *continues search*
13:01 magnuse eythian: yeah, that might be what i was thinking
13:02 oleonard magnuse: We haven't thrown out Amazon covers yet because they don't require the API
13:02 magnuse ah yes
13:02 jcamins_away magnuse: not yes.
13:02 magnuse cache the others and check amazon last, then
13:02 magnuse kf: search for what?
13:02 kf for my missing document :)
13:02 wahanui joined #koha
13:03 jcamins_away magnuse: ooh, that makes sense.
13:03 jcamins_away search for something?
13:03 magnuse bug 7187
13:03 oleonard You guys, you're making wahanui pass out
13:03 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7187 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kmkale, NEW , Prioritize cover image sources such as Amazon, Google and add fail over i.e. if first source fails, go to next
13:03 wahanui joined #koha
13:04 ago43 joined #koha
13:05 eythian hmm, wahanui needs some reconnection logic, he gets banned for reconnecting too fast.
13:05 jcamins_away Is there anything I need to say about 3.6.x beyond what I already said?
13:05 jcamins_away eythian: if he didn't whenever anyone said "change" or "search," that'd help. :P
13:05 eythian yes, that too :)
13:05 jcamins_away On schedule, new sacrificial lamb found...
13:06 Oak let's have a bar-b-q
13:06 eythian huh, he also has a 60MB log of the channel
13:06 magnuse yeah, sacrificial lamb is yummy!
13:06 magnuse with lots of garlic and rosemary!
13:07 Oak :)
13:10 mveron joined #koha
13:10 mveron Hi #koha
13:11 talljoy joined #koha
13:11 drojf hi mveron
13:11 mveron ...and many thanks to paul_p for pushing my age restriction :-)
13:12 mveron hi drojf
13:13 mveron @wunder Basel
13:13 drojf don't want to spam the channel with off topic links again, but rap news 15 is awesome!
13:13 huginn mveron: The current temperature in Basel, Switzerland is 24.0°C (3:00 PM CEST on September 05, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Steady).
13:14 drojf kf: thanks for the link. so how do we get koha in there? :)
13:15 mveron Hi kf
13:16 kf drojf: not sure yet
13:17 kf drojf: you coudl do something about your special use of koha and how it helps the users? maybe?
13:19 trea left #koha
13:19 kf btw I found it :) (totally off topic... I know)
13:19 drojf kf: i will have a look at what they did in earlier conferences to get an idea maybe
13:19 kf I did a presentation on Koha when the conf was in Zürich
13:20 kf I think 2 years ago?
13:20 kf not sure we matched the cfp back then :)
13:20 drojf heh
13:22 nengard I got this question and I think the answer is yes ? but I don't know what the limit is "is there a limit to the overall size of a MARC record within Koha?"
13:24 eythian nengard: 99,999 characters
13:24 eythian that's a limit to the ISO MARC format
13:24 nengard thank you!
13:25 drojf kf: it would be nice if that conference was half a year later. when we are live and can actually think about doing internetty things to our library
13:26 eythian nengard: as an aside, that value exposes one of the multitude of things wrong with the MARC format :)
13:27 nengard you'll get no argument from me there!!
13:27 nengard :)
13:27 nengard i saw an email on the list artives that says 9999 ? do you have a typo or was that a typo?
13:27 nengard archives
13:27 druthb That was the typo.  It's 100,000 minus 1.
13:27 eythian I think it's bigger than 10k
13:28 eythian yeah
13:28 eythian 5 character field for the size
13:29 eythian wholly chao, it costs CHF58,00 to buy the ISO2709:2008 spec.
13:29 eythian also ha ha 2008, 1965 more like
13:33 mbalmer hallo mveron!
13:33 trea joined #koha
13:33 mveron hallo mbalmer...
13:36 kf eythian: why do you want to pay in CHF?
13:36 drojf kf: found your talk. "koha in action" :D
13:36 * kf hides
13:36 eythian kf: I don't
13:36 eythian It's just what it offered
13:36 kf Interesting
13:36 wahanui i think Interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
13:36 eythian I think that the ISO is based  in .ch
13:41 magnuse the price is yet another reason to get rid of the marc formats...
13:41 eythian hmm, searching for something with '&' in it doesn't work well at all.
13:42 nengard i think there is a bug for that already
13:43 magnuse is C4::Biblio::GetMarcISBN really the best way to get ISBNs out of records in Koha? it seems to be returning things like "91-0-010573-2 9100105732 (inb.)"
13:44 druthb If you're looking for just the ISBN, what I usually do, magnuse, is GetMarcBiblio, then grab the 020$a, and pump it into Business::ISBN, so I can do useful things with it.
13:44 gmcharlt indeed
13:44 gmcharlt good morning
13:44 druthb hi, gmcharlt.
13:44 druthb :)
13:45 gmcharlt hi druthb
13:47 magnuse hm, there is GetNormalizedISBN too, which lives in C4/Koha of all places...
13:47 druthb magnuse:  For the data mashing I do, I treat the marc as the official, authoritative source, and utterly ignore all the database fields that (are supposed to) duplicate those, or any subroutine in Koha that uses those.
13:48 druthb That is not always the easiest way to do things, but my confidence in the quality of the data is much, much higher.
13:48 eythian left #koha
13:48 eythian joined #koha
13:49 maximep joined #koha
13:49 eythian druthb: yeah, I do the same there
13:49 magnuse GetNormalizedISBN get's it from the marc, unless you give it a value from biblioitems.isbn to clean up
13:50 druthb eythian:  Your csvtomarc is freakin' brilliant; I came up with a minor mod that made it do what I wanted in one odd case--I'll turn that into a patch for you at some point, after I figure out how to describe the use case precisely.
13:50 eythian druthb: awesome :)
13:51 eythian druthb: most of that script is handling odd cases
13:52 druthb Was a wierd case of turning something non-MARC-ish (a marriage record) into a MARC, just to make it searchable.  I had   BRIDE NAME, BRIDE DATE OF BIRTH, GROOM NAME, GROOM DATE OF BIRTH, and wanted to turn it into two 600 fields, with different $e, and name in $a and dates in $d.
13:53 tcohen joined #koha
13:54 druthb Since the mappings are handled in the order they are given, it makes sense to me that if you're doing multiples of something--which it did know how to do--you should look at the *last* one of those created, to see whether to add a subfield or create a new field, but the script was looking at the *first*.  I fixed.
13:54 druthb It was doing 600 $aJohn Doe$egroom$dJune 8, 1968  600 $aJane Smith   600 $ebride   600 $d July 19,1969.   Now it does what I expected.  :)
13:56 eythian ah yes, I see
13:56 eythian that does make sense
13:58 druthb That one had me bedeviled for a while.  You don't organise your code the same way I do, so it took me a while to trace down where to fix that.
13:59 druthb That's a *very large* bit of brilliance.
14:00 eythian heh yeah, it's become quite bloated beyond its initial intentions.
14:00 eythian it's also not really organised.
14:00 eythian If I knew it was going to swell like that, I would have split it into modules
14:01 * druthb is debating a refactoring of it, along with adding a few tricks of her own, based on things she's doing in her assortment of MARC mashers.
14:02 * magnuse cheers druthb on
14:02 druthb I haven't worked with it in concert with a running Koha; I use it in isolation--grab CSV, make MARC, and use marc: and multimarc: mappings rather than fieldname maps.
14:04 druthb Don't want to step on eythian's toes, magnuse.  I outmass him by a bit, and that would hurt a bit.  :)
14:05 mtompset joined #koha
14:05 eythian druthb: I tend to work the same way too, the first time I wrote it I used fieldnames a lot, but now almost never.
14:05 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
14:05 eythian refactoring would not be a bad thing at all.
14:05 mtompset Greetings, eythian. Got the proxy settings all nicely sorted out. :)
14:05 eythian mtompset: awesomecross
14:06 mtompset It was the short name vs. long name.
14:06 eythian thought as much
14:07 druthb :)  I'll take a look at possibilities for refactoring, eythian...might be able to modularise some of that, along with some of my stuff, and finally get the migration toolkit started, instead of the disorganized cluttery mess I have on gitorious.
14:07 eythian that's a good plan
14:08 mtompset What is the role of "Bug Wrangler"?
14:12 oleonard mtompset: Test patches, review bug reports, confirm bugs, correct bug details, correct assignment, anything else they can think of?
14:13 mtompset libsysguy++ # Yes, yes writing documentation is exactly like having one's fingernails pulled off.
14:14 nengard i disagree
14:14 nengard i like writing documentation :)
14:15 oleonard Thank goodness for us nengard!
14:15 magnuse nengard++
14:15 oleonard nengard++
14:15 nengard :)
14:15 nengard hehe
14:15 gmcharlt nengard++
14:15 kf nengard++
14:15 mtompset nengard++
14:16 nengard oooo boy :)
14:16 mtompset For a developer. :)
14:16 * nengard is blushing
14:17 kf nengard: and i got a queston :)
14:17 nengard okay?
14:17 kf do we have a description of easyanalytics somewhere? :)
14:17 kf I found the Add host item in the manual, now I am looking for the easyanalytics feature
14:17 druthb left #koha
14:17 druthb joined #koha
14:18 * druthb reaches for the Velcro.
14:18 nengard I have a question too ? can anyone help me with this?[…]ugust/034028.html
14:18 nengard kf yes, let me find it
14:18 nengard http://manual.koha-community.o[…]#cataloganalytics
14:18 nengard now, I think there is a problem with the wording, it's a bit confusing
14:19 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #813: STILL UNSTABLE in 2 hr 18 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/813/
14:19 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8622: Fix theme fallback
14:19 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8623: Do not accept "lib" as a valid theme
14:19 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8623: Move YUI out of prog
14:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8622 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , Koha themes broken
14:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8623 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , Javascript libraries should be outside theme directories
14:19 kf hm I found that
14:19 kf but that works without easyanalyticstoo
14:20 kf aaah
14:20 kf no
14:20 kf I got my mistake
14:20 kf there is something new now
14:20 kf where you can add a child record
14:20 jenkins_koha Starting build #814 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #773 2 mo 2 days ago)
14:20 kf and that is child to parent
14:21 oleonard What frequency do folks set up their process_message_queue with?
14:21 nengard hourly
14:21 kf same here I think
14:21 oleonard That could be a problem for patron self-registration
14:22 nengard oh!
14:22 nengard hmmmm
14:22 oleonard People are going to expect their confirmation email right away
14:22 nengard good point
14:22 nengard khall would know best
14:22 rambutan joined #koha
14:22 khall I had thought about that. We need some kind of "send immediately" sub
14:23 wizzyrea don't the hold notices go immediately
14:23 eythian 15 minutes for the packages
14:23 wizzyrea or… the checkin notices
14:23 wizzyrea one of them goes right away
14:23 eythian We need to use real queue systems, not cron jobs
14:23 khall wizzyrea, thanks, I'll look at the code.
14:23 eythian everything needs to send email the same way, but we need to improve how it gets sent.
14:23 wizzyrea ^^ but this
14:24 wajasu ^^ yup
14:24 eythian also we could do smart things like having them run over a network, so you could have a zebra reindexing machine, and a mail processing machine
14:26 wajasu generic message notification with various transports decouples(sms, email, etc)   an ESB of sorts to decouple.
14:27 * magnuse starts to make some notes on[…]tiple_sources_RFC
14:27 khall CHECKOUT notices use the message queue
14:27 eythian password notifications don't, and there's something else that doesn't
14:27 eythian maybe it was sending lists or something
14:29 rambutan Has anyone looked at what it would take for Koha to have the hooks to services like Dwolla?
14:30 rambutan Seems like I remember somebody (rangi?) mentioning it a long time ago.
14:30 eythian rambutan: hooks to do what?
14:31 oleonard eythian: Sending lists and sending carts
14:31 rambutan OK, a patron has fines or a bill, so you have a button in Koha "Pay amount with Dwolla" and Koha accesses the Dwolla API to process the fine, and when completed Koha credits their account with the payment
14:31 eythian ah yes
14:32 kf claims is also another example I think
14:32 eythian rambutan: oh, good idea. I haven't heard of it, doesn't mean someone hasn't put thought into it though
14:32 kf or some of the claims, but possible it changed with the recent owrk from biblibre :)
14:32 kf claims got redone mostly
14:32 nengard you can't have the checkouts or checkins go immediately cause they might be digested so you need a bit of time between checkin and email sending
14:33 nengard which someone might have said
14:35 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6617 - Wrong first indicator value in test <[…]2f3247906b222a8fd> / Bug 6617: Improve MARC21 enhanced contents display (intranet) <[…]695a1e00ce9b99e76> / Bug 6617: Improve MARC21 enhanced contents display <
14:35 wajasu looking t t/db_dependent/Reserves.t   AddReserve call is missing resdate and expdate in call.   I suspect that is not correct.
14:42 jcamins wajasu: check with libsysguy, he might be working on that.
14:42 jcamins rambutan: someone did some work on that.
14:43 jcamins rambutan: unfortunately, I can't remember who.
14:43 wajasu ok
14:45 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #156: SUCCESS in 2 hr 16 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.8.x/156/
14:45 jenkins_koha * colin.campbell: Bug 8675 Add hours and mins to renewal due date
14:45 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Bug 2553 [Serials report] alphabetize dropdown menus
14:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8675 normal, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Pushed to Stable , Renewing item to specified date creates a due date with HH:MM set to 00:00
14:45 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2553 minor, P3, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Stable , alphabetize dropdown menus
14:45 jcamins wajasu: never mind, he's working on C4::Circulation.
14:46 wizzyrea then it must be the hold notices that go straight away
14:47 kf nengard: sorry about your report - not sure how to do that
14:47 nengard thanks for looking
14:47 wajasu jcamins: ok
14:47 jcamins mbalmer: do you happen to know who was doing work on integrating Koha with online payment services? I know you're integrating it with a POS system.
14:51 mtompset Sorry I'm going to miss the meeting today. With this cold/cough, sleep is probably the better choice.
14:51 rambutan when rangi signs on I'll ask him about dwolla
14:51 mtompset Have a good day (24 hour period) everyone. :)
14:51 oleonard joined #koha
14:58 oleonard_ joined #koha
15:02 kf bye all :)
15:03 mbalmer jcamins, nope, I don't know that.
15:03 jcamins mbalmer: ah well. I was thinking you might've come across it in preparing to work on your POS interface.
15:04 mbalmer actually it would be rather easy...
15:04 mbalmer using saferpay, that is
15:04 eythian oh, there's a meeting today
15:04 jcamins 3 hours.
15:05 eythian 20:00. Hmm
15:05 eythian I should be able to make that.
15:05 kf :)
15:05 kf me too
15:05 kf hope I don't forget
15:05 kf left #koha
15:06 mbalmer jcamins, I can be hired to integrate Koha with saferpay (done it before)
15:06 jcamins rambutan: ^^ useful information
15:07 reiveune1 bye
15:07 reiveune1 left #koha
15:10 rambutan "done it before"  Ah. OK
15:11 mbalmer well, not for Koha, obviously.
15:11 gmcharlt still, half the battle
15:11 rambutan Since very few patrons would have any given service though, to make it worth coding you'd probably have to find the top five services and hook them all in.
15:12 mbalmer saferpay is a well established service and paypal could also be intregated quite easily
15:13 jcamins It seems to me any secure service that allows one-off CC payments would cover the vast majority of uses.
15:13 mbalmer imo, most patrons likely prefer to pay on the spot, aka in the library
15:13 jcamins Right, vast majority of uses of an online payment system, not vast majority of fine payments.
15:14 jcamins The situation changes in an academic institution, of course, where students might want to use their student account card to pay fines.
15:15 Oak logs?
15:15 wahanui logs is
15:18 Oak may I ask something stupid?
15:19 wizzyrea @quote search ask
15:19 huginn wizzyrea: 9 found: #117: "<druthb> basking ? You bask on the", #126: "<rangi> The beauty of Koha is we develop in the...", #13: "<atz> ricardo: ask and ye shall receive.......", #145: "Don't ask to ask, just ask!", #155: "libsysguy: I always hate touching somebody...", #189: "libsysguy: one need not ask why where there are...", #197: "<chris_n> half-baked things are asking for trouble", #45: (1 more message)
15:19 jcamins Of course.
15:20 wizzyrea @quote get 145
15:20 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #145: "Don't ask to ask, just ask!" (added by wizzyrea at 02:37 PM, July 07, 2011)
15:20 wizzyrea :)
15:20 Oak :)
15:20 * druthb perks.
15:20 druthb @quote get 117
15:20 huginn druthb: Quote #117: "<druthb> basking ? You bask on the does not bask in the Potomac River melt or swelter or something, but you don't bask. :P" (added by jwagner at 01:17 PM, January 24, 2011)
15:20 druthb ah, yes.
15:20 Oak listen to the question first wizzyrea ... it's not good
15:20 * wizzyrea refers you to quote 145 ;)
15:20 eythian wizzyrea: shortcut:
15:20 eythian ask?
15:20 wahanui Don't ask to ask, just ask.
15:21 wizzyrea eythian: <3
15:21 wizzyrea awesome.
15:21 druthb eythian++
15:21 gmcharlt Oak: the anticipation is killing us! ;)
15:21 mbalmer may I ask what Oak wanted to ask?
15:21 * druthb waits for it...
15:21 Oak i see the talk about these shiny new features... which are cool. but should not we be first paying attention to things like these:
15:21 eythian wahanui: ask a stupid question is <reply>ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI
15:21 wahanui OK, eythian.
15:21 Oak bug 8418
15:21 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8418 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , Koha::Calendar is_holiday ignores all user data
15:21 wajasu ok. i shored up Reserves.t    i just need to know where how to supply a patch
15:21 Oak bug 8110
15:21 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8110 blocker, P1 - high, ---, kyle.m.hall, Signed Off , Add tests for Calendar modules
15:22 Oak bug 8253
15:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8253 blocker, P3, ---, kyle.m.hall, Failed QA , Fine doubling
15:22 Oak bug 8251
15:22 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8251 critical, P1 - high, ---, colin.campbell, Needs Signoff , Patrons are systematically debarred at checkin
15:22 Oak and make koha as rock solid as we can
15:22 wizzyrea oh that's not a dumb question.
15:22 Oak *then* talk about the shiny stuff
15:22 druthb Oak++
15:22 eythian Oak: if you do that, you'll never reach the shiny stuff
15:22 Oak oh well, i was just thinking
15:23 eythian also, for some of us it depends on what clients want to put money into.
15:23 Oak hmm. good point. but the silly bugs are bugging me
15:23 jcamins Oak: in some cases *cough*search*cough* things are so bad that the only choice is starting over. :(
15:23 gmcharlt Oak: that's the constant tension -- between the sparkly new stuff and eating our brocolli
15:23 drojf fix these things first. and searching. *hides*
15:23 Oak :)
15:23 jcamins On the plus side, there's this lunatic who has decided to fix search.
15:24 wajasu :)
15:24 druthb Something in the water in NYC makes people crazy.
15:24 drojf the question is whether he will be in an insane asylum before he finishes :P
15:24 drojf but i hear they have internet there too these days…
15:24 druthb you mean, he's not already?  He lives in Queens, after all.
15:24 jcamins druthb: it's the radioactive sludge.
15:25 wizzyrea mid-20's mutant ninja coder?
15:25 druthb neenja!
15:25 * druthb booms, in her James Earl Jones-ish voice, "The Force is strong in this one."
15:26 Oak guys who is he??? who are we talking about?
15:26 Oak or she
15:26 * druthb points at jcamins.
15:27 Oak \p/
15:27 Oak oho
15:27 Oak p and o are close... so
15:27 druthb he's the crazy one with the search-fu itch to scratch.
15:27 Oak jcamins++
15:27 * Oak hugs jcamins
15:27 * jcamins gets frustrated every Friday, when he does work for this one client.
15:29 rambutan search is actually a great example of fixing problems. While (IMHO) the search issues don't seem to have been a major concern of many Koha users, it's bugged the heck out of my staff
15:29 Joubu bye ! o/
15:31 eythian @later tell cait KAW!
15:31 huginn eythian: The operation succeeded.
15:31 wizzyrea ok that picture is scary.
15:31 wizzyrea evil bird is evil!
15:32 wizzyrea but strangely cute.
15:33 jcamins Good grief.
15:33 rambutan so now having found somebody to fix search, I want Koha to have hooks to Asterisk so that Koha can autodial patrons with voice announcements telling them when their holds are available for pickup
15:33 jcamins What on earth is the point of a record that can't be used under the current rules?
15:33 wizzyrea the itiva stuff is already done I thought.
15:34 eythian wahanui: pony is <reply>$who wants a pony! Someone give them a pony.
15:34 wahanui OK, eythian.
15:34 eythian pony?
15:34 wahanui eythian wants a pony! Someone give them a pony.
15:34 wizzyrea doesn't asterisk just use csv files for that kind of stuff?
15:34 jcamins wizzyrea: I think it broke again.
15:34 wizzyrea pony?
15:34 wahanui wizzyrea wants a pony! Someone give them a pony.
15:35 wizzyrea eythian: i like that one.
15:35 rambutan wizzyrea: I don't know, I just made that up on the fly. Sounds like a good feature though.
15:35 wizzyrea oh it's a great feature
15:35 wizzyrea right after we get holidays and overdues fixed.
15:36 wizzyrea :P
15:36 wizzyrea you know, circ.
15:38 drojf we could make koha use asterisk to dial jcamins' number and ask how far he is with fixing koha search every time something does not work. that might bring him closer to the madhouse though
15:38 jcamins lol
15:38 jcamins Thanks.
15:41 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #814: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 21 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/814/
15:41 jenkins_koha * christophe.croullebois: SIGNED-OFF] bug 8382: It is not possible to cancel an order on a filtered page in
15:41 jenkins_koha * veron: BUG 7621 [ENH] Circulation: Match age restriction of title with borrower's age without using categories
15:41 jenkins_koha * Paul Poulain: Bug 7621 follow-up DBRev number
15:41 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Bug 8293 : Fixing POD to match actuality.
15:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8382 normal, P1 - high, ---, christophe.croullebois, Pushed to Master , It is not possible to cancel an order when receiving on a filtered page in
15:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7621 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, veron, Pushed to Master , Circulation: Match age restriction of title with borrower's age without using categories
15:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8293 critical, P1 - high, ---, fridolyn.somers, Pushed to Stable , Software error when clicking on first or last result of each page on OPAC
15:41 jenkins_koha Starting build #815 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #773 2 mo 3 days ago)
15:42 mtompset joined #koha
15:42 mtompset Greetings, #koha.[…]ystem_Preferences
15:42 mtompset[…]ystem_Preferences
15:42 eythian magnuse: I'm attempting to rebase the i10n package work btw
15:43 mtompset I was wondering... English idiotism? You mean idioms, right?
15:43 jcamins No, "idiotism" is the right word. If it's not translatable, it's kind of an idiotic thing to put in an international project. :P
15:46 mtompset So, <insert other language> idiotism is okay? ;)
15:46 jcamins Nope.
15:47 jcamins But non-English text isn't allowed, period.
15:47 mtompset It doesn't expressly say that.
15:48 mtompset It should be obvious, but it can't hurt to be explicit.
15:50 jcamins I don't think it's a concern... no one has ever been confused.
15:50 eythian it's all under 'en'
15:50 jcamins An economy of language is devoutly to be wished.
15:51 magnuse eythian++
15:52 Oak heh :-D just read your comment drojf. we can start with the smses now... we can text him everyday with a message 'are we there yet?'. getting text messages having international codes of a dozen countries on his phone might keep him smiling.
15:52 jcamins Hehe.
15:53 Oak :)
15:53 jcamins khall: that's a pretty nifty trick with slips.
15:54 khall thanks!
15:56 libsysguy joined #koha
16:03 melia joined #koha
16:07 mtompset Well, I know I'll missing the meeting in about 2 hours, but I need sleep.
16:07 * mtompset waves bye.
16:08 eythian[…]-for-perl-lovers/ <-- I think this should be the new Koha-recommended distro
16:18 JesseM joined #koha
16:19 gmcharlt eythian++
16:22 gaetan_B bye!
16:24 magnuse @arewethereyet
16:24 huginn magnuse: YES!
16:24 magnuse w00t? next question: where are we :-)
16:24 wajasu i'm just going to submit a bug and patch for the Reseve.t test since expdate was added to AddReserve at[…]fcd965283aa91968e
16:25 libsysguy joined #koha
16:29 speedyrev joined #koha
16:30 oleonard speedy.
16:32 magnuse back in 1,5!
16:35 nexus6 joined #koha
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16:45 ColinC joined #koha
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16:47 hdl joined #koha
16:49 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #815: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 8 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/815/
16:49 jenkins_koha * ruth: Bug 7613: OCLC Connexion web service and desktop client, followup patch
16:49 jenkins_koha * colin.campbell: Bug 8514 Restore Patron Name Display Order
16:49 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Bug 7784 - Improve clarity of batch modification operations
16:49 jenkins_koha * Bug 8704 - Typo in etc/koha-conf.xml
16:49 jenkins_koha * Bug 8706 - Private lists can be accessed by anyone
16:49 jenkins_koha * fridolyn.somers: Bug 8261: Cannot search system preferences from Local Use tab
16:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7613 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, ruth, Pushed to Master , OCLC Connexion Gateway, including extension svc/import_bib
16:49 jenkins_koha * nengard: Bug 8696: Update Export bibs on Tool Menu
16:49 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 8550: restore ISSN field to Z39.50 search
16:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8514 normal, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Pushed to Master , Display of patron results changed display order
16:49 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 6617: Improve MARC21 enhanced contents display
16:49 jenkins_koha * jcamins: Bug 6617: Improve MARC21 enhanced contents display (intranet)
16:49 jenkins_koha * tomascohen: Bug 6617 - Wrong first indicator value in test
16:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7784 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Improve clarity of batch modification operations
16:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8704 normal, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , Typo in etc/koha-conf.xml
16:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8706 critical, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , Private lists can be accessed by anyone
16:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8261 minor, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, Pushed to Master , Cannot search system preferences from Local Use tab
16:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8696 minor, P5 - low, ---, nengard, Pushed to Master , Tools menu says export bibs still
16:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8550 normal, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , Z39.50 searches for ISBN/ISSN problematic
16:49 jenkins_koha Starting build #816 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #773 2 mo 3 days ago)
16:49 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6617 normal, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , table of contents not printing right if entered right
16:50 * oleonard salutes jenkins_koha and huginn
16:50 jcamins @later tell rangi Did Jenkins run out of RAM? Scads of tests failed.
16:50 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.
16:51 jcamins @later tell rangi Never mind, scads of tests failed twice in a row. Probably not a RAM issue.
16:51 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.
16:54 ColinC left #koha
16:54 cait joined #koha
16:54 cait hi #koha
16:55 rambutan hi cait
16:57 wajasu maybe someone can signoff bug 8728  - its  easy.  just run the Reserves.t in master and see it pass
16:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8728 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , t/db_dependent/Reserve.t test doesn't use resdate and expdate arguments for AddReserve
16:58 jcamins @later tell rangi I figured it out. didn't get run. I don't know why.
16:58 huginn jcamins: The operation succeeded.
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17:28 Brooke joined #koha
17:29 Brooke 0/
17:29 Oak hello Brooke :)
17:38 * cait waves
17:38 rambu_lunch joined #koha
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17:55 * slef waves at cait
17:55 cait hi slef
17:55 cait Brooke asked me to chair the meeting today
17:55 mbalmer meetings are overrated...
17:55 cait can you help me get the meetbot sorted? :)
17:55 * mveron waves to everybody
17:56 oleonard Thanks cait
17:56 slef cait: I'll try. after #startmeeting and #topic Introductions I bet it'll come back to you.
17:56 cait I think so :)
17:56 cait looking for the agenda, then we can start
17:56 wizzyrea arg naturally I have a Very Important Meeting That Is Not This One to participate in >.<
17:57 wizzyrea during this time
17:57 * oleonard has only an hour until he must disappear
17:57 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #816: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 8 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/816/
17:57 * mbalmer senses a strong participation from switzerland...
17:57 cait 5 more minutes on my clock
17:58 * jcamins will be leaving imminently.
17:58 slef mbalmer: will you be selling any CDs of confidential data?
17:58 mbalmer please make price suggestions in privmsg, slef...
18:00 ColinC joined #koha
18:01 cait hi ColinC
18:01 ColinC hi cait
18:01 cait 59 persons in #koha :)
18:01 cait ok
18:01 cait let's start
18:01 ColinC the more the merrier
18:01 cait #startmeeting
18:01 huginn Meeting started Wed Sep  5 17:59:26 2012 UTC.  The chair is cait. Information about MeetBot at
18:01 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
18:01 wahanui if there is a meeting then Brooke must want me
18:01 cait #topic Introductions
18:01 wahanui #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
18:02 Topic for #koha is now Introductions
18:02 cait welcome to today's Koha IRC meeting
18:02 cait please introduce yourself with #info at the beginning of the line
18:02 slef #info MJ Ray,, Setchey, Norfolk, England
18:02 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ Germany
18:02 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
18:02 jwagner #info Jane Wagner, LibLime/PTFS
18:02 oleonard #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries
18:02 libsysguy #info Elliott Davis, ByWater Solutions, Houston Texas
18:02 ColinC #info Colin Campbell PTFS-Europe Ltd
18:02 jcamins #info Jared Camins-Esakov, C & P Bibliography Services, LLC
18:02 bag #info Brendan Gallagher, ByWater
18:03 paul_p joined #koha
18:03 Viktor joined #koha
18:03 wajasu #info Walter Sullvan
18:03 mveron #info Marc Véron, marc veron ag (, Allschwil, Switzerland, member of Koha Support Schweiz
18:03 karra joined #koha
18:03 cait hi paul_p and Viktor - we just started introductions
18:03 mbalmer #info Marc Balmer, Koha Support Schweiz,
18:03 gbengaadara joined #koha
18:03 paul_p #info Paul Poulain, BibLibre, France, current Koha Release Manager
18:04 rangi #info Chris C, Catalyst IT, 3.8.x rmmaint - only here until the kids wake up
18:04 slef #link[…]ember_2012#Agenda
18:04 Viktor Viktor Sarge, Regional development council of the Halland Region  - Sweden.
18:04 ago43 #info Albert Oller, Bywater, Worcester, MA
18:04 cait thx slef
18:04 karra #info Kari Blomster, Hailuoto, Finland.
18:04 cait Viktor - if you put a #info in front, the meeting logs will get it right :)
18:05 cait in case anyone wonders - Brooke asked me to take over for today :)
18:05 melia #info Melia Meggs, ByWater Solutions, California
18:05 Viktor cait - Oh, sorry. Thanks!
18:05 cait ok, going to move on
18:05 Viktor #info Viktor Sarge, Regional development council of the Halland region, Sweden.
18:05 cait #topic Announcements
18:05 Topic for #koha is now Announcements
18:05 Oak #info Arslan Farooq, Pakistan
18:05 cait do we have announcements to make?
18:05 gbengaadara #info Olugbenga Adara, Projektlink Konsult, Nigeria
18:06 rambutan #info Greg Lawson, Rolling Hills Consolidated Library
18:06 cait ok, I take there are no announcements? so we canmove on to the next topic
18:06 cait #topic Update on Roadmap to 3.6
18:06 Topic for #koha is now Update on Roadmap to 3.6
18:06 trea joined #koha
18:06 cait word goes to jcamins
18:06 jcamins #info 3.6.9 is on schedule
18:07 magnuse #info Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
18:07 jcamins I was planning on announcing 3.6.x's EOL for October 22, but I've been told that we may have a volunteer to take over as RMaint, which would be good.
18:07 jcamins And that's that.
18:07 eythian #info Robin Sheat, Catalyst IT
18:08 cait jcamins: can you disclose whom we have to encourage?
18:08 cait :)
18:08 cait probably not
18:08 cait any questions to jcamins about 3.6.x?
18:08 jcamins cait: not yet. I just found out yesterday that this person might consider it.
18:08 druthb #info D Ruth Bavousett, ByWater
18:09 cait ok, if noone has questions, we canmove to the next topic
18:09 cait #topic Update on Roadmap to 3.8
18:09 Topic for #koha is now Update on Roadmap to 3.8
18:09 paul_p about 3.6, should we ask on the ML how many ppl are still running it ?
18:09 cait rangi: still here?
18:09 wahanui somebody said here was where I work
18:09 rangi yep
18:10 jcamins paul_p: why? Do you care?
18:10 paul_p so we could see if it's worth the involvement for the RMaint
18:10 rangi 3.8.5 is on schedule, i really want bug 8251 and bug 8246
18:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8251 critical, P1 - high, ---, colin.campbell, Signed Off , Patrons are systematically debarred at checkin
18:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8246 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , can't delete bibs in big batch delete
18:10 cait #info 3.8.5 on schedule
18:10 paul_p jcamins = if no one is using it, maybe the candidate RMaint will reconsider applying ?
18:10 rangi hmm not 8246 the one that is linked to 8251 :)
18:10 jcamins That's his/her decision, I think.
18:11 slef do we have download stats?
18:11 rangi in, but they need to pass qa and be pushed to master
18:11 cait rangi: so we need qa now? or do we still need patches too?
18:11 rangi qa
18:11 paul_p rambutan = still no patch on 8246 ?
18:11 rangi not 8246
18:12 cait rangi: maybe add the correct bug numbers as #info? I got confused
18:12 rambutan ?
18:12 cait wrong autocomplete I think :)
18:12 rambutan yep
18:12 paul_p oops... 2 "ra-something" ;-)
18:12 cait paul_p: I think if someone offers to be rmaint he/she probably has an interest in the version to continue
18:13 rangi #info bug 8251 and bug 8486 are intertwined and i want them fixed for 3.8.5
18:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8486 blocker, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, Pushed to Master , Critical error in Koha::Calendar::days_between calculation
18:13 cait rangi: thx
18:13 paul_p cait = probably, just suggesting asking on the ML. It's not hard to do and can give us usefull informations !
18:13 cait ok
18:13 cait somethng else for 3.8.x?
18:13 rangi i think it would give information, probably not useful :)
18:13 rangi nope thats it
18:14 cait ok
18:14 cait so next topic
18:14 cait #topic Update on Roadmap to 3.10
18:14 Topic for #koha is now Update on Roadmap to 3.10
18:14 paul_p my turn then ;-)
18:14 cait paul_p has the word
18:15 paul_p well, I had 80 patches to push when I came back from holiday. Most of them are pushed now
18:15 magnuse paul_p++
18:15 oleonard paul_p++
18:15 paul_p There are just a few patches related to authorities that I want to test more before pushing.
18:15 paul_p And some that are waiting for feedback i've asked
18:15 Oak paul_p++
18:16 mveron paul_p++
18:16 * jcamins runs off.
18:16 cait I have a question about feature freeze - is it still 22nd september?
18:16 paul_p The "signed off" queue is quite large also. I'll try to work on it next week
18:16 cait and how will you handle it?
18:16 paul_p cait = yep, I still plan FF for sept 22th
18:16 paul_p cait = can you explain your question ?
18:16 cait #info 3.12 feature freeze will be on 22nd September
18:17 cait I think in the past we had some confusion about what it means
18:17 rangi 3.10
18:17 paul_p cait = not 3.12, 3.10 ;-)
18:17 cait oh
18:17 libsysguy heh no new features in 3.12
18:17 libsysguy only bug fixes
18:17 sophie_m left #koha
18:17 cait #info um 3.10 feature freeze will be on 22nd September (last was typo)
18:18 cait won't you push any new featues, or is it the last day for sign off, or qa...
18:18 cait I think it would be good to make that very clear and maybe sent a mail on the mailing list
18:18 cait so people don't complain later
18:18 paul_p To insure the best stability, I won't push any patch that adds a feature that touches the core of Koha.
18:18 cait ok
18:19 cait so it has to be passed qa on that date?
18:19 paul_p yep.
18:20 cait #info so any new feature for 3.10 has to be passed qa on that date
18:20 bag sorry that statement still doesn't make sense to me - but I'm fine with it as is…  Maybe next Kohacon someone can explain feature freeze to me
18:20 paul_p It means I'll will still add Enhancement, but only those that don't deal with the core of Koha. By core, I mean things like,, Circulation, ...
18:20 cait paul_p: so you distinguish between enh and new features?
18:21 slef I think this is sometimes called a light freeze, followed later by a deep freeze.
18:21 druthb left #koha
18:21 paul_p Maybe I should write a list of files that should not be modified after the FF
18:21 cait bag: i am also confused, that's why i am asking, and we shout write it down somewhere
18:21 wahanui okay, cait.
18:21 paul_p cait = nope, I distinguish between "core" and "non core".
18:21 * slef looks at wahanui
18:21 libsysguy so when is the non-core freeze
18:21 cait even if you don't touch C4 you can break stuff badly
18:21 magnuse a quick mail to the list explaining the different dates and what they mean would be good, i think :-)
18:21 libsysguy indeed
18:22 paul_p For example, the "batch biblio modification" is not core = there's no risk it break something.
18:22 cait like breaking the javascript in a template file, breaking the xslt, breaking a simpler perl file
18:22 cait i am not sure that can be dealt with a list of files
18:22 mbalmer and even if you touch C4, you can fix problems.
18:22 slef #agreed paul_p to send a quick mail to the list explaining the different dates and what they mean
18:22 * slef goes to fiddle with the fish
18:22 paul_p I don't say I won't push anything on Circulation ! I mean I won't push any ENH that touches Circulation ! (for example)
18:23 drojf joined #koha
18:23 * paul_p feel i'm a little bit unclear...
18:23 drojf #info Mirko Tietgen, late
18:23 cait paul_p: hm I think a mail to the list would be great
18:23 paul_p will try to be more clear on koha-devel.
18:23 cait cool thx!
18:23 wajasu for a newbie.  when and how do documentation patches get applied?  to align with the expected things that pass QA.
18:23 cait paul_p++
18:23 paul_p maybe I could list ENH that are concerned by the FF, and those that could pass after the FF !
18:24 paul_p s/could/should/
18:25 paul_p I also plan to write & publish my RM monthly newsletter tomorrow
18:25 magnuse yay!
18:25 paul_p Otherwise, things are going well.
18:25 karra :) sounds great!!
18:25 cait #info paul_p is going to publish the rm newsletter tomorrow
18:26 Viktor great
18:26 cait ok, do we need more discussion on 3.10/rlease cycle?
18:26 paul_p to finish with the 3.10 topic, I must say I'm very happy to imagine I've only 2.5 months to wait before not being RM anymore. It's an exhausting task, really !
18:27 paul_p (which does not mean I'm happy to be. But 1 year is enough !)
18:27 karra you work so hard, explaining is tough, feel for you
18:27 cait :)
18:27 karra :)
18:27 cait ok, I would suggest moving on then
18:27 cait #topic KohaCon2013
18:27 Topic for #koha is now KohaCon2013
18:27 paul_p (it's really a lot of responsibility for a single person)
18:28 * oleonard reassures potential future RMs that paul_p is exaggerating and that they'll love it
18:28 cait heh
18:28 thd paul_p: The exhausting parts of the task really need more delegation.
18:28 paul_p thd++ !!!
18:28 cait guess I am too fast as chair today -sorry all
18:28 oleonard Do we have anyone here who is helping plan KohaCon13?
18:28 Oak even paul_p will miss it when he's no longer RM. he'll tell us for sure.
18:28 paul_p oleonard = you haven't seen the pm I've sent to jcamins_away when he applied ;-) I really tried to discourage him, to be sure he was really wanting the job :D
18:28 jwagner cait, you're doing fine -- it's a nice pace as far as I'm concerned :-)
18:29 magnuse cait++
18:29 cait thx
18:29 rangi no kohacon13 people?
18:29 Oak @later tell Brooke cait did great at the meeting :)
18:29 huginn Oak: The operation succeeded.
18:29 thd paul_p: The code base and contributions will inevitable grow to the point where no mere mortal can sanely undertake the task alone.
18:29 cait ok, if noone is here we could perhaps make a short note about the meeting that was
18:29 rangi lets keep on topic please people :)
18:29 Oak oh sorry
18:30 cait thd: I think maybe we can put the general discusson ore to the end?
18:30 rangi i have 2 kids who are gonna climb all over me any minute now
18:30 slef I think I was at a kohacon13 meeting
18:30 druthb joined #koha
18:30 cait yes you were
18:30 thd sorry, missed topic change.
18:30 cait cn you give a short summary?
18:30 slef how long ago was that?
18:30 slef #link http://meetings.koha-community[…]-08-22-15.00.html
18:31 cait ah nice
18:31 bag it was quick IRC
18:31 cait I think Nancy said another meting will be called once they got dates and prices for the places
18:31 bag cait you are correct - that's a decent summary
18:31 slef #info basically 3-1-3 pattern and they're getting bids from venues before fixing more details. More meetings to follow
18:31 cait ok
18:32 cait so warning - going to change the topic :)
18:32 thd wait
18:32 cait :)
18:32 karra :))
18:32 thd slef: What is 3-1-3?
18:32 oleonard Three days conference, one day off, three days hackfest
18:32 slef 3 days conference, 1 day social, 3 days hackfest
18:33 cait it seemed to work well for the last conferences
18:33 slef but I think it may change if one of the bids is brilliant and requires it to change
18:33 * oleonard proposes 3-1-14
18:33 * cait votes for that
18:33 * thd is now ready for topic change.  Thanks.
18:33 * drojf proposed someone sponsoring me for that time
18:34 * druthb proposes founding KohaColony: a place where That's What We Do.
18:34 mbalmer what is -1- good for?
18:34 mbalmer it just means spending more money on hotel
18:34 oleonard Being social, sightseeing, etc.
18:34 cait getting to know each other and actually see something of the foreign place you are at? :)
18:34 drojf that's nothing mbalmer would do :P
18:34 thd and sleeping in case you had lost sleep with all your all night coding.
18:34 Viktor I did not see the point of 1 until attending Edinburgh and missing out on the social by having to go home.
18:35 slef Yeah, well, the Edinburgh 1 wasn't as good as the Wellington/Levin 1.
18:35 mveron was raining...
18:35 rangi i enjoyed riding the bus around edinburgh with my friends
18:35 slef We tried but nothing quite seemed to come together for that day.
18:35 druthb The Mumbai 1 was quite fun, too.
18:35 rangi even in the rain
18:35 mveron we could do some more ad hoc work on Koha
18:35 cait aw
18:36 paul_p mbalmer = Edinburgh KohaCon was different than others. On others, we had an organised event. Very interesting & important for socializing.
18:36 mbalmer sp we should really do 1-7-1
18:36 drojf rangi: don't forget the sea we almost saw :)
18:36 rangi heh
18:36 paul_p mbalmer = that's an option ;-)
18:36 cait ok :)
18:36 paul_p but I would prefer 3-1-14 as oleonard suggested ;-)
18:36 mveron 3 - 1- 361 ?
18:36 wahanui -359
18:36 druthb 1-7-14?
18:36 wahanui -20
18:36 drojf maybe i can do 3-1-14 if i fo koha camping
18:36 paul_p mveron++
18:36 slef At Wellington/Levin KohaCon, there was a bus to Levin for a civic reception and a powhiri(spelling! and maybe the wrong word!)
18:36 cait but now we are going off topic - I am going to make you discuss that in miscellaneous
18:37 mbalmer 90-60-90
18:37 wahanui -60
18:37 cait even if it's fun
18:37 jwagner cait++
18:37 cait topic change warning
18:37 cait #topic Roles for 3.12
18:37 Topic for #koha is now Roles for 3.12
18:37 * slef ducks and covers from the cait topicbombs
18:37 cait can someone #link the proposals please?
18:38 oleonard #link[…]ki/Roles_for_3.12
18:38 rangi we still need translation manager, QA manager and chair
18:38 * jwagner nominates cait for meeting chair!
18:38 cait i already signed up for 2 roles
18:38 mbalmer it hits my eye that there is no QA manager, which seems important
18:38 cait and there are some times that would be pretty hard for me to do
18:38 jwagner cait, it's called multi-tasking :-)
18:39 * druthb seconds jwagner's nomination of cait for meeting chair.
18:39 thd There is a proposal for rotating meeting chair.
18:39 magnuse lots of *Assistant* QA Managers, though
18:39 libsysguy heh
18:39 rangi gotta have people to rotate it too
18:39 mbalmer me not, sunce cait does not want that role apparently, or am I wrong?
18:39 thd rangi++
18:40 talljoy #info Joy Nelson ByWater Solutions
18:40 cait mbalmer: i would do it - but I think there is a word for people with too many roles
18:40 jwagner talented?
18:40 magnuse hehe
18:40 druthb "manic?"
18:40 mveron :-)
18:40 mveron for talented...
18:40 * paul_p think he will just promize to dedicate half a day every week to signoff the 5 oldest patches in the "need signoff" queue. But I still hesitate to join as QA-A also
18:40 thd If you can stretch yourself very thin, that is a talent.
18:41 cait paul_p: that would still be a very good promise :)
18:41 cait and not easy, but would be brilliant
18:41 mveron paul_p++
18:41 mbalmer if mveron is a bug wrangler, I can always try hard to introduce new bugs...
18:41 * druthb would like to help out cait with the TM role a bit; recent work on Arabic has sparked her interest.
18:41 drojf ancient patch signoffer. cool role!
18:41 cait ah right
18:41 cait we are also missing a translation manager it seems
18:41 wahanui okay, cait.
18:41 cait I haven't heard from fredericd if he wants to continue
18:41 magnuse paul_p++
18:41 cait and I am only offering to assist
18:42 rangi the TM manager needs to run pootle
18:42 cait yep
18:42 paul_p cait = we also had another frenchy as TM-assistant, this round
18:42 hdl joined #koha
18:42 * paul_p don't remember his name...
18:42 cait Samuel ?
18:42 drojf i bet pootle runs fine from a raspberry pi inside the bsz headquaters
18:42 paul_p cait, yep, Samuel, thx
18:42 cait drojf: heh
18:43 cait ok
18:43 cait what can we note down?
18:43 jenkins_koha Starting build #817 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #773 2 mo 3 days ago)
18:43 cait # idea: rotate meeting chairs
18:43 rangi i propose someone sends another mail to the lists
18:43 rangi and not me
18:43 cait #info idea: rotate meeting chairs
18:43 cait ok, who can we volunteer for that
18:43 rangi noting the areas we are missing volunteers
18:43 cait not me
18:43 drojf when is voting for the roles supposed to happen? or did i just miss that?
18:43 cait we have to decide about that today
18:44 cait and it should happen well before 3.10 release
18:44 cait drojf: can you send a mail? with the date and missing roles? :)
18:44 drojf well before… is next time?!
18:44 rangi next month meeting
18:44 rangi we should make that the voting day maybe
18:44 cait I agree
18:44 magnuse +1
18:44 cait drojf: persuaded?
18:45 druthb +1
18:45 drojf +1
18:45 mveron +1
18:45 paul_p +1
18:45 oleonard And if we don't have volunteers for each role we take who we can get later?
18:45 drojf cait: ok i'll send an email if it has not to be tonight
18:45 rangi yep
18:45 ColinC +1
18:45 cait #action someone (maybe drojf) is going to send a reminder to the list with missing roles and the voting date
18:45 cait excellent
18:45 cait ok
18:45 cait ok, so we are voting on making the next meeting a voting meeting only?
18:46 drojf i think so
18:46 pikin joined #koha
18:46 slef +1
18:46 magnuse +1
18:46 jwagner +1
18:46 cait ok, please vote if that's ok for you or not, and I am going to check the time for next meeting
18:46 cait +1 for me also
18:46 thd +1
18:46 pikin ok
18:46 rangi +1
18:46 drojf +1
18:47 druthb +1
18:47 Viktor +1
18:47 oleonard +1
18:47 eythian +1
18:47 karra +1
18:47 libsysguy +1
18:47 gbengaadara +1
18:47 bag +1
18:48 cait #agreed next IRC meeting will be voting on roles for 3.12 only
18:48 cait ok
18:48 pikin pls i realy need 2 learn about koha
18:48 magnuse um...
18:48 cait as we are on 18 now and have had 2 before, I think the time fo the next meeting is 10 UTC+0
18:48 pikin am a novice
18:48 magnuse "only" as in that will be the only business at that meeting?
18:49 cait ah, that was my question, sorry
18:49 mbalmer pkin, we are in a general meeting
18:49 talljoy +1
18:49 rangi pikin, we are in a meeting, please wait until it is finished
18:49 cait maybe top priority? but it might get long
18:49 jwagner pikin, give it about half an hour and ask again
18:49 slef pikin: can you wait a few minutes and someone will help you? If not, I'll open a direct chat.
18:49 cait maybe better to have another meeting short after to keep it a bit shorter? or only urgent topics?
18:50 rangi yes it is 10 UTC cait
18:50 oleonard 10/10 at 10?
18:50 rangi easy
18:50 cait sounds good to me
18:50 rangi lets do that
18:50 drojf i like it
18:50 cait someone wants to veto?
18:50 magnuse nope
18:50 pikin k
18:50 cait lets have a vote on 10/10 10 UTC
18:50 cait please
18:51 magnuse +1
18:51 drojf +1
18:51 oleonard +1
18:51 druthb +1
18:51 gbengaadara +1
18:51 cait +1
18:51 karra +1
18:51 ColinC +10
18:51 thd +1
18:51 mveron +1
18:51 Viktor +1
18:51 talljoy +!
18:51 talljoy +1
18:51 rangi +1
18:52 paul_p +1
18:52 cait #agreed next IRC meeting will be on 10th october at 10 UTC+0
18:52 cait ok
18:52 cait now for only or not - magnuse - should we change that?
18:52 rangi what?
18:52 cait if it will be only a vote meeting or other topics too
18:53 rangi i thought that was what we voted for?
18:53 cait magnuse had a question about it, only making sure it's ok
18:54 rangi < cait> ok, please vote if that's ok for you or not, and I am going to check the time for next meeting
18:54 slef we'll be part way through the freeze won't we? So an update would be good
18:54 rangi yeah but not during that meeting
18:54 rangi it will be long enough anyway
18:54 pikin k
18:54 * oleonard thought we were voting on whether the senior lounge should have a foosball table
18:54 pikin am confused
18:54 magnuse ok, i was unsure if i was understanding correctly
18:55 cait I think we can slip a short update in , but probably will have lots of discussion about proposals and votes
18:55 magnuse but if i was the only one wondering i'll keep schtumm
18:55 * slef thought we were voting on next meeting making the decision, not on voting being the only topic. *shrug* Up to the rest of you.
18:55 cait ok, next on the list of topics is...
18:56 drojf so everybody voted for something else? it's nice that we agreed for something :)
18:56 drojf agreed on
18:56 thd slef: At the end of the voting we could vote on including other business :)
18:56 cait ok, speak up if you disagree with "only" - if not I am moving on :)
18:57 * rangi has to go
18:57 magnuse feel free to edit:[…],_10_October_2012 :-)
18:57 cait ok, next topic
18:57 thd I think that voting had at least been understood to be the primary purpose of the next meeting.
18:57 nengard joined #koha
18:58 thd wait one moment please cait.
18:58 rangi and that is why ppl dont want to be chair :)
18:58 rangi you cant tell the chair to wait one minute
18:58 * rangi is really gone now
18:58 thd Sorry
18:59 slef what are we waiting for?
18:59 drojf no idea
18:59 thd I think it is a problem to absolutely exclude all other business
18:59 cait I don't think we have to be as strict, but we should strictly deal with voting first
18:59 oleonard We're human, flexible, and can accommodate necessary changes at the time of the meeting
18:59 cait and if it's only 2 hours by then... maybe make another date for a meeting sooner than in one month
19:00 cait but that's only my opinion on this
19:00 drojf +1 for voting as long as it takes and then other things
19:00 drojf if any
19:00 drojf and if power left
19:00 thd I think that we can see if there is time to make an announcement or something after the primary voting business of the meeting.
19:00 cait yes, that's waht I would suggest
19:00 cait ready to move on now? :)
19:00 mveron +1
19:00 thd oleanard++
19:00 cait #topic Actions from General IRC meeting, 8th August 2012
19:00 Topic for #koha is now Actions from General IRC meeting, 8th August 2012
19:00 cait I see no open #action items on last meeting's agenda http://meetings.koha-community[…]-08-08-02.01.html
19:00 slef move on now
19:00 * oleonard must leave
19:00 cait so is there any action we should deal with?
19:01 slef NAFAIK
19:01 pikin joined #koha
19:01 cait ok, in any case, moving on to next, because any topic will fit there
19:01 cait #topic Miscellaneous
19:01 Topic for #koha is now Miscellaneous
19:01 melia left #koha
19:01 cait ok :)
19:02 cait now - what did we miss before? any new topics?
19:02 slef 365-day kohacons I think
19:02 hdl joined #koha
19:02 cait I think we would have to move into one city altogether for this
19:02 cait and this doesn't mean I am against it
19:02 cait not at all
19:02 mveron Basel?
19:02 cait or we could rotate...
19:02 mbalmer Frick?
19:03 drojf berlin?
19:03 wahanui berlin is too small :)
19:03 drojf heh
19:03 drojf bad bot, no cookie
19:03 cait as we have already decided on a next date - I am going to end the meeting. and then we can talk about this ;)
19:04 cait so - end meeting warning - someone with another serious topic?
19:04 wajasu anyone using  or  cronjobs   they are coded with HTML::Template::Pro.
19:04 pikin hey guys am a novice in koha,pls i need help,this is my email
19:04 cait #endmeeting
19:04 Topic for #koha is now  Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software The Next General Meeting is 5 September 18 UTC
19:04 huginn Meeting ended Wed Sep  5 19:02:07 2012 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
19:04 huginn Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-09-05-17.59.html
19:04 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]2-09-05-17.59.txt
19:04 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]05-17.59.log.html
19:04 mveron cait ++
19:04 cait wajasu: hm maybe file a bug for it?
19:04 talljoy cait++
19:04 wajasu ok
19:05 cait it seems they didn't get updated with the translation scripts then?
19:05 slef pikin: what's the problem? Sorry for the delay
19:05 drojf cait++
19:05 jcamins_away pikin: if you have a question, now that the meeting is over you may ask it. If you want in-depth support, there are vendors you can hire for support.
19:05 cait and why is there template code in a pl file? :(
19:05 slef first question?
19:05 wahanui "What are you trying to do?"  "What is the goal?" or "What problem are you experiencing?"
19:05 pikin just want 2 learn
19:05 jcamins manual?
19:05 wahanui i guess manual is at
19:05 jcamins ^^ that's worth reading through
19:05 slef livedvd?
19:05 slef dvd?
19:05 slef live dvd?
19:05 pikin k
19:05 * slef slaps wahanui upside the dead
19:06 talljoy lol
19:06 cait lol
19:06 cait ouch
19:06 pikin dont hv any
19:06 slef wahanui: TALK TO ME BABAY!
19:06 wahanui slef: excuse me?
19:06 paul_p bye bye everyone. Good day to americans, oceanians and asians. Sweet dreams to africans & europeans ;-)
19:06 eythian wahanui: don't talk to slef
19:06 wahanui eythian: huh?
19:06 Viktor The manual is good for looking up stuff - but do we have any sort of shorter general introduction to Koha?
19:06 slef wahanui: why?
19:06 wahanui slef: i don't know
19:06 eythian paul_p: hey, you missed me in that!
19:07 paul_p eythian = you're oceanians, isn't it ?
19:07 jcamins slef?
19:07 wahanui slef is probably probably busy so please use if you need him for work
19:07 mveron Bonne nuit paul_p
19:07 eythian paul_p: but it's still night time for me!
19:07 paul_p eythian = well, oceanian in europe those days ;-)
19:07 pikin how can i get help
19:07 eythian later paul_p
19:07 jcamins slef is also but I don't want to say anything bad about him lest he smack me
19:07 wahanui okay, jcamins.
19:07 gbengaadara joined #koha
19:07 mbalmer next week will be the BIS Kongress in Konstanz, near Switzerland, with a strong Koha presence
19:07 mbalmer BIS = Librarians in Switzerland
19:08 eythian amusingly, they have it in Germany :)
19:08 * paul_p suggest once again that everyone moves to the same TZ, and will ask UN for that decision. Should be easier than deciding something for Syriah !
19:08 drojf mbalmer: how many koha libraries do you have in ch?
19:08 pikin it new in my place Nigeria
19:08 slef pikin: ask here, see
19:08 jcamins pikin: so far you haven't told us what you need help with.
19:08 mbalmer drojy, a handful
19:08 mbalmer drojf, even...
19:08 pikin an my school is a new unversity
19:09 mveron drojf: We know about 6 libraries
19:09 slef wahanui: what is the difference between a duck?
19:09 wahanui hmmm... the difference between a duck is that one of its legs is the same
19:09 magnuse have fun #koha!
19:09 pikin the whle package
19:09 slef wahanui: download?
19:09 wahanui wish i knew, slef
19:09 ColinC left #koha
19:09 eythian no wahanui, the difference between a duck is that one of its legs is both the same.
19:09 wahanui okay, eythian.
19:09 gbengaadara Pikin: Projektlink Konsult is having a 3 day training on Koha 3.8 in Ibadan 11th - 13th Sept if you are intrested
19:09 Viktor pikin From install to using Koha?
19:10 pikin how to upload data in koha
19:10 pikin ok tnx 4 the infor
19:10 thd nengard: are you here?
19:11 nengard yes
19:11 eythian bye all
19:11 thd The bug about batch deletions ...
19:11 slef pikin: it depends what sort of data, but maybe Tools: Stage MARC records for import
19:12 thd ... Do you know something about the number of records required for triggering the bug?
19:12 pikin yea
19:12 pikin stage MARC records
19:12 mbalmer please, MARC BALMER records...
19:12 pikin how to subscribe
19:12 nengard thd bug number?
19:13 slef pikin: subscribe to what?
19:13 nengard thd from the manual "If your file (or list of scanned barcodes) has more than 1000 barcodes, Koha will be unable to present you with a list of the items. "
19:13 pikin to data
19:13 pikin books etc
19:13 thd nengard: You reported[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8246 .
19:13 huginn Bug 8246: major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , can't delete bibs in big batch delete
19:14 nengard right, over 1000
19:14 slef pikin: I don't understand and now I must go. Maybe others here can help.
19:14 pikin thanks guys u r nice..
19:14 thd nengard: Are you stating that the manual is informing the user how to work around the bug/limitation?
19:15 karra pikin: for a start you could read normal Wikipedia, and Koha has wonderful story form 1990-s.
19:16 pikin tnx man
19:16 gbengaadara A library wants fines implemented this way: N5 for the first 10 days then N10 subsequently. Is there a work around to do this in Koha?
19:16 karra ur welcome, :)
19:17 druthb left #koha
19:17 cait gbengaadara: i think currently not - I think someone had an alternative fines script doing that, but it's not in koha
19:18 thd nengard: Is this strictly a friendly interface functionality issue where the HTML form is not created?
19:18 nengard well i understand the html form not being created with that many titles, but the option to delete the bibs should still be there
19:18 nengard so it's not  design issue
19:19 thd nengard: I am confused about your last sentence.
19:19 gbengaadara cait: Thanks. Any advice on how i can track the script down
19:19 thd nengard: Are you saying that a low level delete of over 1000 records would work fine but the friendly form would not appear?
19:19 cait gbengaadara: i think a mail to the mailing list may make it show up perhaps
19:20 nengard it's not an interface functionality issue like you said - it's a missing feature ? if there are 999 titles you can delete the bibs as well, but if there are 1000+ you can't delete the bib records
19:20 cait gbengaadara: it was a while ago, not sure who it was and if it will work on current version
19:20 gbengaadara cait: ok. will try that
19:20 thd nengard: OK, thanks for the clarification.
19:21 thd nengard: My experiments have only involved smaller numbers of records and when I delete I usually purge everything.
19:21 nengard yup
19:23 * thd does laundry and prays that headache inducing summer weather ends today.
19:23 karra Hey, listen, Another thing. Are there any opac searchable fields in Serial Item records?
19:23 cait karra: sorry, I don#t understand it :( can you give a use case?
19:24 karra Serial collection has, items.
19:24 karra and they have notes
19:24 karra But not to search by patrons?
19:24 karra ok?
19:24 karra :)
19:25 * drojf still has not touched serials in koha
19:25 drojf so no idea from me
19:26 karra As I have item 2011/22 there http://hailuoto.virtuaalitehda[…]litems=1#holdings
19:26 karra with a note, but it or likes of it do not get found.
19:26 karra Can it be worked somehow?
19:26 cait karra: it depends, if its real items they are searchable ai think or you could make them searchable
19:26 cait but not the fields from the subscriptions
19:27 karra ok? but..
19:27 karra from..
19:27 karra THis is an item note, yess??
19:29 karra Further, the selfbrowsing w serials is of no use... :(  --> http://hailuoto.virtuaalitehda[…]=306#shelfbrowser
19:30 karra So, cait,  they are real items, but can serach find the items notes, its not a big deal, but interests me:))
19:31 cait I don't know without testing
19:31 cait but the items information is in th emarc
19:31 cait so you could index it easily if it was not searchable
19:31 karra Ok, thanks.
19:31 cait subscription information is in the database - that wouldn't work so easy
19:32 karra But all in all, it is easily imaginable that you had a issue of a serial with important articles.
19:33 karra How do I make a working note of the content, related to the item/issue. (sorry I have not read all the manual yet..):)
19:33 cait you coudl do analytics records for those articles
19:33 cait or put them in th enotes
19:33 libsysguy joined #koha
19:33 karra hey, im only a librarian.. :D
19:33 jhuu joined #koha
19:34 cait but koha doesn't support that structure right now serial - issue -analytic (article)
19:34 cait it would have to be serial - analytic
19:34 karra uuh, ok, i think i see.
19:34 jcamins cait: one should never create individual bibs for each issue.
19:34 cait or you could use the notes maybe, but formatting would get a bit messy
19:35 * jcamins would use analytics.
19:35 cait jcamins: makes sense to me
19:35 karra or i should catalouge my valuables... :)
19:36 karra I mean remarkable issues separately,
19:36 jcamins karra: no, that's not such a good idea.
19:37 pikin can i install koha on my corei3 window 7 pc?
19:37 jcamins pikin: only by installing Linux in a virtual machine.
19:37 pikin how
19:37 karra thanks jcamins yeaa, i know, im just helping myself. bc items do not..
19:38 jcamins I have terrible lag.
19:38 jcamins Typing is very slow.
19:38 pikin sori
19:38 jcamins karra: if the issues do not have separate titles, you will just end up with a lot of records for the same thing.
19:38 jcamins If they have separate titles, treat them as a monographic series, and give each issue a record.
19:39 jcamins pikin: I can't explain setting up Koha on a VM for you. It's somewhat complicated, and the work I'm getting paid for comes first.
19:39 pikin k  i understand tnx.
19:40 mbalmer get vmware workstation, install debian squeeze, follow the instructions on the koha-community wiki.
19:40 mbalmer invest an afternoon, I'd say.  and you, pikin, get an Koha up and running
19:40 karra The real life here is that I have a copy of a cartoon serial w dialect special issue. Just one. And I can not catalogue it as a serial issue for patrons to find.
19:41 jcamins karra: ohhh. Special issues.
19:41 pikin tnx man
19:41 * jcamins thought you meant "regular issue that you consider special."
19:41 karra Golden!:)
19:41 wajasu jcamins: is karra trying to categorize valuables issues for circulation purposes?  what about a koha item_type?
19:42 rangi I think that is a new record, kids fed, dressed, lunches made and on the bus in 46 minutes
19:42 jcamins karra: in this case, you can do an *issue* analytic and add 773/775s.
19:43 cait rangi: yay :)
19:43 wajasu sweet
19:43 karra jcamins: Oookei, thanks, Ill ask by tech buddy what that means. :) ))
19:44 jcamins karra: it's a librarian thing.
19:44 jcamins It's going to make less sense to a tech. ;)
19:44 jcamins You use NORMARC/MARC21, yes?
19:44 karra marc21
19:44 jcamins Good.
19:44 rangi Where is karra from?
19:44 jcamins NORMARC is crazy.
19:44 karra scares me to chance issue item type to book
19:44 karra Finnboy
19:45 karra Finland.
19:45 mbalmer MARC is fun, actually….
19:45 drojf jcamins: is NORMARC very different from MARC21?
19:45 jcamins drojf: no.
19:45 jcamins Almost the same.
19:45 mbalmer long live ISO 2709… (not)
19:45 drojf i assumed it wouldn't
19:45 drojf okay
19:45 jcamins Having it at all is crazy.
19:45 karra (but why marc, for how long) :)
19:45 drojf ah. yes
19:45 jcamins karra: you receive the special issue as usual.
19:45 jcamins To record it received.
19:46 jcamins Then, you create a new record for your special issue.
19:46 karra ok.
19:46 mveron Good night #koha
19:46 jcamins Give it a 773 referring to the serial record.
19:46 jcamins Then add a 775 to the serial record, pointing at the new issue record.
19:46 jcamins Basically what you suggested originally, but I objected to because I didn't realize you meant special issue (and not "issue that is special").
19:47 karra Okei. .. hrm, actually I thought i meant issue that is special.
19:47 karra :) but im fine here, perfect! to have you with this..
19:48 jcamins A dialect issue is a "special issue." An issue which happens to have an article by your favorite author is an issue that is special. ;)
19:48 karra jcamins, thanks, good stuff, but I doubt I lone public librarian shall take on your advice.
19:49 karra actuqally the issue has a dialect appendix.. :)) bound..
19:49 mbalmer amazing how many museums also have libraries of a kind...
19:49 jcamins karra: it's easy. :)
19:51 mbalmer slowly time to pull out, switzerland is dark...
19:51 jcamins mbalmer: probably most museums.
19:51 cait night mbalmer
19:51 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #817: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 8 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/817/
19:52 mbalmer jcamins, yes, it interesting, since I am doing museum stuff, and this might open doors...
19:52 karra But this is academic question now, since my public library has Donald Duck cartoon extra leaflet moded in local finnish dialects- And I am happy to use IRC for the first time in my life. Thanks for your time.
19:54 karra We have one Koha museum in Finland, btw,
19:56 mbalmer I hope to get some jump on the train in .ch….
19:59 gbengaadara joined #koha
20:05 rangi My stop bbiab
20:05 drojf mbalmer: will you be doing a general koha talk in konstanz?
20:06 mbalmer yes, I hope so.
20:06 drojf nice
20:07 mbalmer it will have nothing to do with my other involvement in switzerland, I plan to even mention BSZ as a "Koha company"
20:07 mbalmer (gives potential users a better feeling when they know there are several "companies" that can help them, and that will help koha to gain "market share"; I hope)
20:08 drojf mbalmer: yes, it seems not that many libraries are as adventurous as we are and just want to do it all themselves ;)
20:09 mbalmer but then your library can be happy to have someone like you...
20:09 jcamins drojf: thank goodness! :P
20:10 * mbalmer pulls out. gn8
20:10 drojf good night mbalmer
20:11 mib_2vf1jy joined #koha
20:11 libsysguy anybody have any experience with t-prefixed barcodes
20:12 libsysguy I am writing the unit tests for C4::Circulation
20:12 libsysguy and I have no idea what is happening for the t-prefix filter
20:14 gbengaadara joined #koha
20:25 rangi back
20:25 wizzyrea wb
20:26 gmcharlt IE--
20:26 gmcharlt IE--
20:26 gmcharlt IE--
20:26 trea ^^
20:26 jcamins IE-- # it cannot be said enough
20:27 libsysguy codebase--
20:27 libsysguy codebase--
20:27 kathryn joined #koha
20:27 libsysguy documentation++
20:27 libsysguy unit-tests++
20:27 libsysguy that is all
20:28 karra joined #koha
20:28 cait IE--
20:28 cait ie--
20:29 drojf is that still a thing?
20:30 drojf @karma IE
20:30 huginn drojf: Karma for "IE" has been increased 0 times and decreased 50 times for a total karma of -50.
20:30 drojf lol
20:30 libsysguy @karma ie
20:30 huginn libsysguy: Karma for "ie" has been increased 0 times and decreased 50 times for a total karma of -50.
20:30 libsysguy i guess case doesn't matter
20:31 drojf in that case it doesn't
20:35 libsysguy @karma libsysguy
20:35 huginn libsysguy: Karma for "libsysguy" has been increased 28 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 28.
20:35 libsysguy @quote random
20:35 huginn libsysguy: Quote #28: "<owen> I'm glad munin doesn't follow me around all day remembering *everything* I say." (added by jdavidb at 01:14 PM, September 01, 2009)
20:35 libsysguy wow that one is old
20:40 trea @quote 1
20:40 huginn trea: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
20:40 jcamins @quote get 1
20:40 huginn jcamins: Quote #1: "<pianohacker> resolve, rather, I doubt it needs lotion" (added by gmcharlt at 03:05 AM, May 31, 2009)
20:40 trea heh
20:41 cait @quote random
20:41 huginn cait: Quote #204: "jcamins: It makes me feel like MARC has failed me." (added by chris_n at 05:37 PM, May 11, 2012)
20:41 cait good night #koha
20:41 trea night cait
20:41 kathryn hi/bye cait  :)
20:41 cait have a nice day kathryn :)
20:41 cait left #koha
20:41 kathryn thanks!
20:42 nengard left #koha
20:46 karra joined #koha
20:58 gbengaadara left #koha
20:59 jcamins You know what LibreOffice needs?
21:00 jcamins vi keybindings
21:00 gmcharlt jcamins++
21:09 libsysguy joined #koha
21:13 rambutan joined #koha
21:16 halcyonCorsair rangi: jcamins: first cut: (node.json for chef solo), and cookbook for chef to work with this vagrant ( box
21:17 halcyonCorsair now... I'm going riding
21:17 halcyonCorsair takes you all the way up to where you can run the web installer
21:18 rangi well done!
21:18 jcamins Cool!
21:18 rangi enjoy the ride, watch out for stopped cars :P
21:19 wizzyrea @quote random
21:19 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #12: "<owen> Every time you check in a book a little video loads and Nancy Pearl recites her capsule review of it." (added by gmcharlt at 06:36 PM, July 06, 2009)
21:19 * wizzyrea giggles
21:19 wizzyrea i forgot about that one
21:22 jcamins Ooh... I've had almost as many lines on #koha as wizzyrea.
21:22 wizzyrea :)
21:22 wizzyrea I haven't been very talkative lately
21:22 jcamins Significantly more words.
21:22 rangi rerunning stats now
21:44 wizzyrea @quote random
21:44 huginn wizzyrea: Quote #149: "mtj: DEVELOPERS!!! DEVELOPERS!!! DEVELOPERS!!!" (added by druthb at 01:15 AM, August 26, 2011)
21:44 wizzyrea ooo, on my birthday!
21:44 wizzyrea snizzle!
21:45 rangi heh
21:46 rangi
21:47 pikin joined #koha
21:52 wizzyrea lol best quote ever.
21:53 wizzyrea kf's quote is pretty priceless too
21:54 * wizzyrea is going to have to work harder to catch kados.
21:54 rangi :)
21:55 rangi well its a static target
21:55 wizzyrea I'LL GET YOU! JUST YOU WAIT.
21:55 rangi thousands of people all over the world echo that sentiment
21:58 wizzyrea wow it's taken 1281 days for people to overtake him.
21:58 wizzyrea i mean, probably less.
21:58 wizzyrea but still.
21:58 wizzyrea he was on top for a while.
21:58 rangi not of me
21:58 wizzyrea ew
21:58 * wizzyrea does not want to imagine that
21:59 rangi kf needs to pass him on 0-5
21:59 wizzyrea it would be hard for anybody to top you in IRC words though
21:59 rangi yeah i talk some crap
21:59 * ibeardslee nods
21:59 wizzyrea lol
21:59 * wizzyrea now considers every word typed a step towards the ultimate goal of topping kados in #koha IRC words.
21:59 wizzyrea I may have to be more verbose.
22:03 trea left #koha
22:05 rangi dangit
22:05 rangi i got caught in the failing tests one
22:05 rangi
22:06 rangi dropped me down
22:06 rangi not as bad as pauls 2nd user tho
22:06 rangi -16
22:08 edveal left #koha
22:17 rambutan joined #koha
22:18 rambutan left #koha
22:20 melia joined #koha
22:22 trea joined #koha
22:31 maximep left #koha
22:38 jcamins What have I done?
22:41 jcamins rangi: are you sure about that patch? It doesn't touch XISBN.
22:42 jcamins Also, both pass on my system.
22:42 jcamins Wait, I already applied all the patches.
22:43 jcamins Right, patch fixes Items problem.
22:56 rangi yes, it does :)
22:59 idreambooks joined #koha
23:01 idreambooks hey guys, i have a question about contributing to koha ils
23:01 idreambooks if a developer wants to make changes to the source code, what is the process?
23:03 jcamins idreambooks: first, you install Koha.
23:03 jcamins idreambooks: then, you file a bug at
23:03 jcamins (you do this whether it is a bug or an enhancement)
23:04 jcamins Then, you write your patch, and submit it by sending it to the patches mailing list and attaching it to the bug.
23:04 jcamins At that point, someone else has to test it and "sign off" that it works.
23:04 jcamins Then it goes through QA.
23:04 jcamins Then it gets pushed into Koha.
23:04 rangi have you used git before?
23:04 jcamins And you get added to the history file.
23:04 jcamins git?
23:04 wahanui git is[…]Control_Using_Git
23:05 jcamins ^^ you should read that either way
23:05 rangi[…]Coding_Guidelines
23:05 jcamins And that.
23:05 jcamins coding guidelines?
23:05 wahanui coding guidelines are[…]Coding_Guidelines
23:05 jcamins Cool, wahanui knew that one.
23:05 rangi[…]nt-patch_Workflow
23:05 rangi and that
23:05 idreambooks jcamins: thanks. i am from a site called and we just released an API ( We aggregate professional critic reviews or editorial reviews from sources like nytimes to come up with a rating of high quality. We were wondering whether we could work with you guys to get our ratings incorporated into Koho
23:05 idreambooks yes, we use github
23:05 jcamins idreambooks: oh, did Greg Lawson contact you?
23:06 idreambooks We were contacted by Liz Rea about a month ago
23:06 idreambooks I just sent her an email too
23:06 papa joined #koha
23:06 jcamins Ah, nifty. Greg was talking about your site a few weeks ago.
23:06 rangi the first thing would be definitely filing an enhancement request at
23:07 idreambooks cool...yeah we'd love to work with you guys
23:07 jcamins Yes, definitely necessary to file the bug.
23:08 jcamins Ooh, you have more reviews now.
23:08 idreambooks yes we are adding more every day
23:08 idreambooks we want to be the go to place for book reviews like rottentomatoes is for movies
23:09 jcamins It's a very cool-looking site. :)
23:09 idreambooks i'll follow the steps you outlined: install koha, file a bug, write a patch and so on
23:09 idreambooks thanks!
23:10 idreambooks what is the difference between koha-community and liblime?
23:10 jcamins File the bug first.
23:10 jcamins is the website for an open source project.
23:10 jcamins LibLime is a company that forked the open source project a while ago.
23:10 rangi liblime forked from the community a while ago, they  run their own project
23:11 rangi what he said :)
23:11 jenkins_koha Starting build #157 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:11 jcamins Their project is now closed source.
23:11 jcamins Well, one is, one isn't. I think. It's hard to know what exactly they're doing.
23:11 rangi or at least, sporadically, and not openly developed
23:11 rangi yeah its hard to know
23:12 jcamins Right.
23:12 idreambooks hmm...yeah their result shows up first on google and I thought I needed to get in touch with them. It was a bit confusing. Luckily found you guys through wikipedia :)
23:13 jcamins Unfortunately they own the domain. Long, unpleasant story.
23:13 rangi yeah, hopefully that google ranking will change, its improving all the time, the more people who talk about Koha (proper) and link to it etc help
23:13 jcamins You should put a sample of the API output on your API page.
23:14 idreambooks jcamins: if you click on the link in the grey box it will show you the output
23:14 jcamins Oh, so it will. I assumed that "example_key" would lead to a broken link.
23:15 rangi you know what they say about assume :)
23:15 jcamins Yes, I know.
23:15 idreambooks jcamins: hmm...maybe we should give it a separate section just to make it clear
23:15 jcamins I might be the only one who gets confused.
23:15 jcamins Then again, I might not.
23:16 jcamins If you already have Javascript that will process that, you could set up a mockup really quickly without modifying any of Koha's source code.
23:17 jcamins (it wouldn't be viable as a solution to the "let's integrate Koha and" issue generally, but a screen capture of cool things you can do is never a bad idea)
23:18 jcamins There's a system preference that allows you to add arbitrary Javascript/jQuery to the OPAC, which is how I'd do the mockup.
23:20 idreambooks hmm...
23:21 rangi yeah if you had a snippet of jquery that would work with the api to insert pretty stuff into a div or span, we could do a mock up really fast
23:21 rangi http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]?biblionumber=325#
23:22 rangi see the box on the right, with the print/add to cart
23:23 rangi a really simple thing to do would be to link to a review on idreamofbooks there, if there is a way to craft a url to get to a review
23:23 rangi eg if
23:23 rangi
23:23 rangi was accessible as
23:23 rangi
23:24 rangi oh look there is :)
23:24 jcamins Ooh, I like the readometer thing.
23:24 jcamins *that* is what you should be embedding.
23:24 rangi hmm or not, there is a way to get the xml via the isbn
23:25 idreambooks yes...[…]3&key=example_key
23:25 rangi yep, for the xml
23:25 idreambooks that will give you the rating, 5 snippets and a bit more info
23:25 rangi but is there a way to get to the html page
23:26 rangi given just an isbn ?
23:26 rangi im think could add a link in the more searches really easy for a start
23:26 rangi and that the rest, you would want to have a tab down by the holdings for probably
23:27 idreambooks yeah html via isbn is not present right now. we can add it though
23:27 rangi cool
23:27 jcamins rangi: definitely, but you could add the tab with jquery for a mockup.
23:27 rangi yep
23:28 jcamins You know what you need? The ability to get a readometer from the XML.
23:29 jcamins I don't think I see one.
23:29 idreambooks hmm...right now there is a way to embed the readometer anywhere through the "Embed Readometer on your site" link
23:29 idreambooks
23:29 idreambooks if you go that page, you will see that link underneath the readometer
23:30 idreambooks it works like youtube embed url
23:30 jcamins Yeah, that's what I was looking at.
23:30 rangi yeah we'd need that as isbn
23:31 idreambooks but it might be better....yeah
23:31 rangi so we could do it dynamically ;)
23:31 rangi that would be cool
23:31 idreambooks we could send the readometer through the xml file too
23:31 idreambooks all the data in the readometer is being sent through xml file right now
23:32 rangi so yeah all we need is some jquery to take your xml, and parse it into some nice html
23:32 rangi for a proof of concept
23:33 rangi even if all we had for a start is the rating
23:38 idreambooks ok...i see what you mean
23:40 idreambooks so ill go ahead and file the bug
23:40 rangi excellent
23:41 rangi jcamins: bug 8622 do we need/want that on 3.8.x, i dont think ill be pushing the related ones moving js libs around and the new theme etc, so it probably is safest to leave it for 3.10 eh?
23:41 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8622 major, P3, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Master , Koha themes broken
23:42 jcamins Agreed.
23:42 rangi cool
23:50 rangi ok so i have clients wanting to shwo the itemtype from 942, instead of the one from the leader+003+006+007 on the xslt/normal view
23:50 rangi so im wondering wether to change
23:50 rangi DisplayOPACiconsXSLT
23:50 rangi or add a new one
23:51 rangi im leaning to a new one
23:51 rangi opacitemtypeimages
23:51 rangi use marc control fields, use koha biblio itemtype
23:51 rangi something like that
23:51 rangi sound mental?
23:53 * rangi assumes not and does it anyway
23:55 jcamins New one.
23:55 wahanui new one is all open?
23:56 rangi cool
23:56 rangi bug 8732
23:56 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8732 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Add a systempreference to allow users to choose to display an icon based on the marc control fields, or based on the koha biblio level itemtype

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